The Top 20 Top Rated, Most Comfortable Shoes For Standing Long Hours, All Day, At Work

Top 5 Women’s Best Shoes For Standing All Day

1. Professional Renova Slip-On by Timberland

Timberland has established its reputation as one of the largest and highest quality boot manufacturers. However, they are also now making their mark in providing some of the best shoes for women for standing in all day. One excellent example is the company’s Renova Slip-On shoe.

Featuring a micro suede upper and constructed out of premium leather, these shoes are intended to last for a very long time and hold up to long hours on the job. What really stands out is the shoe’s special Anti-Fatigue Technology, which include several different features that help to keep your back, legs and feet supported all during the day and helps to absorb the shocks that come from walking around for many hours at a time.

To help you stay even more comfortable over the course of your day, a Tri-Density foot bed has been created by Timberland that includes Outlast Adaptive Comfort, to ensure that you receive the proper amount of support and to regulate the temperature so that your feet don’t lack in the right type of protection or over heat.

If you are concerned with safety, and you should be, rest assured that a SafeGrip outsole is utilized securing your footing in both dry and wet conditions, which allow you to move fast without ever needing to sacrifice your personal safety.

For one of the finest options available in today’s market place, this Timberland pair of shoes certainly fits the bill. These are easily some of the best shoes for standing all day that money can buy. They have definitely put in the necessary research and have all of the experience needed so that you can be assured that you are dealing with a trustworthy company.

2. Debra Slip-On by Alegria

If you are searching for shoes for women to stand in all day, you have probably noticed that many of them tend to be lacking in fashionable aspects in terms of how they are designed. That is exactly why these shoes have been made by Alegria to look as good as they perform. Several different designs are available, which means there is something for just about everyone to choose from.

To begin with, high quality leather has been used by Alegria to create this shoe’s upper, in addition to the highest quality man made sole. To help ensure that the leather properly fits around your feet, the instep has an elastic part that helps to keep your feet secure without squeezing them throughout the day.

The foot bed uses memory foam to provide your feet with comfort. This provides these shoes with an excellent fit and helps them standard apart from the competition. The sole on the bottom of the foot bed uses a rocker style, which makes it easy to maintain proper posture throughout the day. Most shoes really don’t concern themselves with your posture. However, when you stand on your feet all day it is actually one of the more important things for you to consider.

Perhaps you are not familiar with Alegria. However they are a major manufacturer of some of the best women’s shoes for standing in all day. If you’re searching for this type of shoe, definitely check them out.

3. Mercy Clog by Crocs

No matter what you might think about how Crocs look, you can’t deny the fact that these shoes are some of the most comfortable that are available. They consistently rank as one of the best kinds of shoes for women who stand all day.

The Mercy line provides a high quality comfort level and have been designed to protect your feet completely even on the longest of work days. With its signature slip-resistant tread that Crocs are so well-known for, it is very easy to understand why these shoes are so trusted by so many individuals. In addition, the special nubs inside the foot bed provide a massage like feel to your feet as you walk around.

These shoes are also always very odor-resistant and easy to clean. Those might appear to be minor details. However, when you are wearing your shoes all day long, this is actually very important. Especially since they have the appearance of regular shoes now, there really isn’t any reason why they should be overlooked.

4. Loving Life Fashion Sneaker by Skechers

Skechers has been in the shoe business for over thirty years, so they know what works the best and also what doesn’t work. They have put lots of time into fully understanding the footwear that they make and definitely includes the Loving Life Fashion Sneaker. Just from appearances along, it also obvious that they know how to make a shoe that looks cool.

When it comes to these shoes, what really stands out is that memory foam is used for keeping your feet comfortable for as long as you are on your feet. They are even more comfortable, given that these are slip on shoes. Although the shoes’ pure comfortable level may not be the only important factor, it’s definitely not something you want to deny.

The shoe’s Flex Groove outsole is slip resistant as well, and has been designed to prevent you from sliding around even on your worst days. Other brands may have better grip power, however it still is very strong.

This is your best option if you are looking for affordable shoes. Skecher is always a dependable brand, despite whatever the competition may be doing. So if you have passed them by in the past, give them another look.

5. WX626 Slip Resistant by New Balance

New Balance produces some of the finest slip resistant shoes that you stand round in all day long at work.

The Slip Resistant 626 comes with a foot bed that is made out of EVA foam. It is firm enough so that it supports your feet for many hours but is also flexible enough so that you can move around freely. Having the arches in your feet properly supported is among the most important things to look for in shoes. It can help you repair the bad habits that you may have developed over the course of many years.

The shoe’s leather upper has been designed so that it will stay strong and last for many years. For people wanting shoes that will last longer than just a couple of months, natural leather shoes are a great option to consider.

To complete the design, a slip resistant sole has been included that helps to secure your footing whether you happen to be on a day or wet floor. To stay safe on the job, don’t ever accept anything less.

Top 5 Men’s Best Shoes For Standing All Day

When you’re standing at work all day and dealing with a potentially slippery environment at work, it’s important that you make sure you get comfortable, quality shoes that will last long, and protect you from pain and discomfort. Read up on this list to learn more about the best options currently on the market.

1. Dansko Pro XP Clog

Most people have not heard much about Dansko. Although it’s not a very popular shoe brand, this company has developed various great shoes – some of the best ones around. The Pro XP Clog is Dansko’s flagship shoes – one of its all-time best.

First of all, this shoe features excellent quality leather uppers – those are really built to last. It has the benefit of fitting into your feet’s natural contours, making it very comfortable. These Danskos are some of the best shoes for standing all day when you’ve got long hours at work. Natural leather is great because it becomes more and more comfortable as time passes.

The shoe also features a PVC inner frame which does a great job at keeping your feet stable. It has a stapled clog outsole, which is sleep resistant — protecting you from slipping regardless of any conditions –, as well as a Rocker bottom. It’s one of the best combinations in the marketing – something you certainly won’t find anywhere else.

With it’s great safety features, excellent quality construction and great levels of comfort, this is a very solid choice that’ll serve you for years and years on. Dansko Men’s Pro XP Clog is one of the best choices for men who need a great shoe for standing all day.

2. Crocs Bistro Mario Batali Clog

Over and over, Crocs has been coming up as one among the leaders in the market. Their clogs are easy to recognize as some of the best shoes in the market. You’ll seldom see people working at a hospital without wearing those, and for a very good reason. They provide unparalleled comfort, and the Mario Batali Edition is exceptional at that.

Mario Batali has became famous for being among the most prominent chefs in the whole world. He has now lent his name and popularity to this amazing piece of footwear from Crocs — and this goes beyond lending his signature to the shoe’s heel. The clog offers a wide array of amazing features which come together and make it one of the best choices available.

With the Croslite custom fit material, Crocs Lock slip-resistant tread, and the ability to be cleaned using only water and soap, the Mario Batali edition has won awards from the American Pediatric Medical Associating and the World Culinary Championship.

All in all, this clog is easily one of the best options available for you. Make sure you take a look, so you don’t end up making a mistake and choosing the wrong shoe — you’d sacrifice the support you’re supposed to have when standing up on your feet all day.

3. Crocs Tummler

Once again, Crocs makes it to the list of the best men’s shoes for standing all day. We’ve told you all about Crocs already, so we’ll skip to why and how the Tummler is among the best choices around.

This great yet casual loafer is great at keeping your feet perfectly comfortable, supported, and free of any sort of pain. With a 100% synthetic construction, the material is incredibly easy to clean — especially when compared to other natural ones such as leather, which may be more durable, but takes a lot of work to properly clean.

Featuring a slip resistant outsole as well as high quality footbeds, you won’t have to worry about slipping on wet floor when wearing these — and you won’t feel any discomfort whatsoever. This is an excellent combination which is very important to take into account. It’s not at all easy to attain lightweight cushioning, but Crocs has truly managed to do it right.

You won’t regret picking Crocs as the perfect option out there for those who’ll be standing at work all day. The Tummler has proved to be one of their finest options, and it’s really, really worth its affordable price – so make sure you check them out today!

4. Timberland PRO Five Star Meurice Shoe

In the past decades, Timberland has managed to build up a highly respectable name for themselves. They are a high quality shoe brand, with incredible craftsmanship which is unparalleled in the whole industry – and this is especially true if you’re searching for the best men’s support shoes.

With an amazingly durable, full-grain leather upper that is made to last, these are going to last a lot more than most other shoes. While the leather may be hard to clean, they have included a protector from Scotchgard which makes them highly resistant to stains, making sure they don’t get dirty too often.

One can also take advantage of the Meurice’s Anti-Fatigue Technology – which gives you both support and cushioning, with leather lining as well as TPU outsole which grips really well. Combining its unique comfort levels with its stability, you’ll be able to tackle about anything at work. This is why this is one among the most recommended shoes for hospitality and restaurant industry.

If you’re working on your feet all day, there aren’t many options around which will be able to beat the excellent quality provided by Timberland.

5. Dr. Scholl’s Harrington Work Shoe

You can’t review a whole bunch of high quality footwear without ever mentioning Dr. Scholl. So here he is, and what a shoe it is! These Harringtons have been out for quite a while. They were popular right from the get go. This company delivers quality time after time, and its loyal customer base knows this all too well.

The shoe is made of a high quality leather that is made to last. They shoes are not expensive to begin with, so you can be sure that you will get lots of bang for your buck. And next to lots of bang, you’ll also get lots of massage. Because that’s what the gel insole does to your soles all day long: massage them gently and make them feel comfortable.

Next to being high quality, low price and very comfortable, these shoes are also very skid resistant. You can stand around in a puddle of slippery oil for as long as you want. You’re not going to slip and fall unless you’re gonna try really hard. But it won’t happen accidentally for sure, thanks to the excellent manmade sole.

Why Do You Need Standing Shoes And How Do They Differ From Regular Walking Shoes?

All shoes that you can buy serve a different purpose. A good example of a shoe made for standing would be nursing shoes or clogs. When you stand for several hours on a daily basis, your feet need special support that you can only get from specific shoes.

Shoes manufactured for standing will come equipped with a number of design elements and features that you wouldn’t normally find in fashionable footwear. These shoes will have quite a few differentiating factors which we will attempt to describe below.

The Importance Of Proper Footwear For Standing All Day

The right pair of shoes will eliminate the pain of standing on your feet all day. The pain you generally feel after spending hours on your feet usually comes as a result of a poorly fitted shoe. As you can see, you can draw simple parallels between the quality of your footwear and the level of ease you feel when standing. So, next time you go shopping for a pair of shoes, don’t just grab something that looks good but buy a pair of shoes that actually supports your feet as needed.

Blisters are a common occurrence in individuals that spend long hours standing at work or at home. Poorly fitted shoes can make blisters worse as friction rubs against them, eventually causing the small bubbles to pop. Since blisters are small bubbles filled with fluid, popping them can lead to a painful infection, so once again, the right pair of shoes is important.

Poorly fitted shoes that offer no support, don’t just lead to blisters, but form rough and painful callouses as well. Though it doesn’t sound pretty, it can be the least of your problems. Many people that wear poor quality footwear eventually suffer from bunions and corns as well that lead to misshapen feet. These skin problems aren’t just unflattering to look at, but can also be the cause of permanent nerve pain that results in swelling and inflammation.

In most people, the heel and the arch of the foot is what causes the most problems. Over time, shoes that don’t have proper cushioning and arch support lead to foot pain. Your heel is responsible for carrying most of your body weight, but without cushioning, it can cause pain and suffering. Apart from your heel, your arches also help your body with the stress of walking and standing all day. Shoes without arch support can result in your arches hardening and become permanently damaged.

When you think about the future state of your feet, you need to consider long-term injuries as well. For people that ignore the quality of their footwear, they may face long years of painful muscles, sprained ligaments as well as a misaligned spine, hips, and knees. Oftentimes, such injuries require physical therapy and may lead to lifelong problems that can’t be eliminated. The importance of a quality shoe for standing for long hours, simply can’t be stressed enough.

Tips For Finding The Right Pair Of Standing Shoes

Choosing the right shoes is not easy, especially if you’re unsure how to even get started. The perfect pair of shoes will contain slip resistant soles, quality construction materials, proper support, and padding to help eliminate painful feet. By following the advice here, you can find the perfect pair of shoes that can ensure the health of your feet for years to come.

Non-Skid Soles

You need solid footing if you’re going to spend your entire workday standing. Slip and fall accidents are hands down the most common workers’ compensation claims that employees file. Most of the time, these types of accidents can be avoided with the right pair of shoes that feature non-skid soles. Slipping on the job isn’t just embarrassing, but it can be extremely dangerous. You can seriously injure yourself or those around you. This is especially something to take to heart if you deal with heavy machinery on a regular basis.

Slip resistant or non-skid soles are a must in shoes that are manufactured for people standing all day at work. Though this feature will not help your comfort levels at work, they can prevent serious injuries. The slip resistance in quality shoes ensures that the rubber prevents slip and fall injuries whether you’re walking over an oil spill or a puddle of water.

Construction Material Choices

The construction quality, as well as the materials used to manufacture standing shoes, is important to consider. There are numerous options when it comes to materials, and some may be more common than others. On our list, genuine leather is the first choice as it is hands down the most popular option. Of course, that doesn’t mean you need to opt for leather shoes right off the bat, but it definitely helps to understand the different options out there.

Quality Genuine Leather

For hundreds of years, genuine leather has been the most commonly chosen material to manufacture clothing goods. It is without a doubt the hardest wearing option that ensures perfect fit and durability for years to come. In fact, leather can stretch to accommodate the size and shape of your feet, making them a completely comfortable option. A good pair of leather shoes can last for years, and though it can’t provide adequate protection against chemical spills, it does provide optimal comfort. Additionally, leather can be worn in all types of weather conditions and can keep feet from sweating excessively.

Rubber And Synthetic Leather

Rubber is the second most popular choice of construction material, followed by the ever popular synthetic leather. Fake leather is a great alternative for vegans or people that are specifically against wearing animal products. With that being said, leather is still the best choice and offers the most comfort, therefore, when looking at the overall quality of the shoes, it’s worth taking into consideration. Shoes for standing all day should be manufactured with you in mind, so it’s always important to choose the best materials your money can buy.

If you work in a place where your feet get dirty, shoes constructed with synthetic materials and/or rubber will help to protect them. As any nurse will tell you, these shoes are easily cleaned with soap and water, which is a real advantage. On the downside, even though they are not very breathable when compared to other types of shoes, they are quite durable.

Arch And Heel Support

The right kind of support for your heel and arch helps you get through the day when have to stand during your shift. Good shoes have an impact even after you have taken them off at the end of the day. There are very few clothing items that have the impact on your body that a pair of shoes can have.

Runners are increasingly turning to a barefoot style of shoe, but you need to pay attention to the heel-to-toe differential when looking for a comfortable shoe. Even if you are just standing, there isn’t a raised heel when you purchase a barefoot type of shoe, which can lead to health issues. The problem is that they place too much tension on your feet.

In addition, in order to keep your feet strong throughout your shift, the right amount of arch support is important. Of course, the support you require depends upon the type of arch you have.

Shoe Padding

The majority of people think about deep padding when they head out to look for a pair of comfortable shoes. When they know that they have a long day ahead of them, padding is often the first thing that people want. However, if you have too much padding, there is an entirely different set of problems that can arise. The right type of padding is equally important as having padding can be.

Steps To Find The Right Shoe For Your Needs

Not every shoe will be the right type when you are looking for a shoe to get you through your workday. While some shoes may be comfortable for short periods of time, they may not be able continually provide that same support throughout an entire shift.

Keep Your Workplace Conditions In Mind

Because we spend so much time on the job, your work can have a major impact on which type of shoe is best for you. Don’t fail to take what you do for a living into consideration when you shop for shoes. Do you have a job in a hospital? Or, in a food establishment? Both types of workplaces have the same requirements when it comes to shoes. Shoes like the Mario Batali edition Crocs are specifically designed for these types of working environments.

Understand Which Type Of Arch You Have

You will need a different shoe type depending upon whether you have flat feet, normal arches, or high arches. You can take advantage of the many ways that shoes are designed to help you feel better just by doing a bit of research. A knowledgeable shoe salesman can fill you in on the details.

Understand Your Walking Gait

The manner in which you walk determines how healthy and strong you feel because of the way in which it affects your posture. That’s why shoe choice is so important. If you make the wrong choice, your shoes will wind up supporting bad habits instead of your body. Evaluate your walking gait. Are your feet straight when you walk? Look for shoes that will help you to create new walking habits in order to fix problems with your gait. This type of shoe choice will pay off for many years.

What Is The Difference In Shoes For Males And Females Manufactured For Standing All Day?

At first glance, it appears that the only differences you will find in shoes made for standing in all day long is whether or not they are made for males or females. However, there are other options available that you should be aware of in order to make the right choice.

The Shape Of The Shoe

Men and women often require shoe widths that are completely different. When compared to the types of shoes designed for men who have to stand all day, women’s shoes are typically wider in the area of the toe. They are sized differently for these reasons.

The Q-Angle

Most people have never heard of this, but it is the angle that the quadriceps make in relationship to the kneecap. In general, women have a wider Q-Angle than men do because of their wider hips.

There is so much to write about this not so well known topic. However, it falls out of the scope of this review page, so I would like to cordially invite you to visit this page at the Sports Injury Clinic site so that you can learn more about it. It’s quite a fascinating topic, actually.

Are you sure your Q-Angle is okay? Don’t be surprised if this will make you find out about a problem you didn’t know you had!

Shoe Weight Matters

Different males and females require shoes with varying weights. However, the same shoe type made for men will typically be heavier when compared to the shoes made for females. The reason for this is that women have an average of 15% less muscle mass. It may become a major issue in individual cases.

Consider The Fit Of The Shoe

How shoes are fitted depends on the overall shape of the body, which is one reason that women and men have different requirements. Women require a different fit than men. Keep in mind that your personal preferences will affect the shoe that you ultimately select. In general, women have narrower feet, while men generally have wide feet that require a different type of fit.

It is not hard to understand the reasons that these shoes are made the way that they are once you start considering these kinds of differences. Even though the differences are not major, males and females have different requirements when it comes to the shoes they wear. When you have to stand all day, there is a major positive impact on how you get through your day with just these small changes.

The 10 Most Comfortable Men’s, Women’s Shoes For Standing All Day

(This is a top 10 I had compiled earlier, before the other ones above here… but I didn’t want to throw it away, so I am leaving it for historical purposes!)

Drew Shoe

The Drew Shoe is available in multiple styles and has several advantages over other shoes. These shoes are proudly endorsed by Jungle Jack Hanna and as man who spends a significant amount of time standing, his testimonial is especially important. The Drew Shoe is made with a therapeutic design to provide comfort and assist with various foot problems. They are also breathable, which is a secondary concern if you have sweaty feet.

Bearpaw Moccasins

People with low arches will appreciate the comfort from Bearpaw Moccasins. Those with more pronounced arches will need additional support, which can be easily fixed with the help of inserts. These moccasins are rather cozy, even with their flat-soled design; they continue to be comfortable over an extended amount of time. Bearpaw Moccasins give you the illusion that you are walking barefoot, but with the wonderful protection of an actual shoe. You do not have to wear sandals at work to feel comfortable and protected with these shoes.


Uggs boots are rather popular among many younger, trendy women, even all year round. These boots shine during the winter months and in colder climates. Although many shoes on this list help with sweaty feet, this is a good option if you often find your feet are often cold. They will keep your feet warm and comfortable indoors and outdoors. Many women swear by them because they are also quite comfortable and cute.


Having wide feet can be a concern. Rockport shoes might be just the shoe for you because they have one of the vastest selections of wide-width shoes. When you have wider feet, it can be difficult to find a nice pair of shoes, which makes standing on your feet all day even more difficult. These shoes mold to your feet and can help keep wider feet comfortable over a lengthy day. Rockport uses advanced technology to improve comfort, while making the shoes lighter. This company has a focus on comfort and makes several attractive styles. When considering the various needs of people with different food concerns, it is no wonder why these comfortable shoes can fit almost any need.

Bates Tactical Boots

Although these shoes sound like they are military gear, they are often worn in many different industries due to their superior comfort and foot protection. These shoes are quite popular among mail carriers and delivery workers. Additionally, anyone who has to walk a lot throughout the day can benefit from these boots. Bates Tactical Boots are not only hiking boots, but they provide excellent support for your feet, ankles and arches. Additionally, they have special vents to keep your feet dry and cool. This helps diminish the likelihood of unpleasant odor that can plague your shoes and ruin them.

If you’re the kind of guy or gal who would look really good wearing these, then be sure to check out my combat boot page!


Seriously! Although Crocs are not considered highly fashionable and they are not appropriate for every workplace setting, they are a good option for many people. You can frequently find Crocs worn by nurses. Cooks also swear by them. These shoes are durable and comfortable. The best part is they allow your feet to have adequate ventilation, which keeps them dry and cool. It is almost as if you are not wearing any shoes. Crocs are also popular among people with foot pain and various forms of arthritis.


Many nurses and chefs also swear by options from Dansko. This puts them in a class similar to Crocs, but with more variety and attractive choices for different work settings. These shoes are also on the pricier side, but they are still affordable when you compare them to other options available. If you want similar advantages to Crocs, but with a more professional and fashionable appearance, Dansko can fit your needs. They also have clogs, which are a good, attractive option and appropriate for most settings.

Dr. Scholl’s Orthotics

When people think of comfortable shoes, they often think of Dr. Scholl’s. They have built their reputation around shoes that are great for wearing over extended periods, due to their comfort, but they can increase the strength of your feet. Although Dr. Scholl’s is an obvious option, it is still one of the best and continues to rank highly out of most brands available.

New Balance

New Balance shoes were originally designed to help with the problem of having tired feet. Their line of shoes includes both shoes for walking and running. New Balance running sneakers are some of the best shoes for standing all day and can help reduce or eliminate the problem of sore and tired feet. Many of their shoes are made to look like runners, but their collection is rather broad. You are certain to find a pair of shoes to fit your own taste, needs and style. New Balance also has a good selection of wide-width shoes and other hard-to-fit sizes.

Nike Shox

This is a futuristic-looking shoe, but it is not just about marketing, it has real benefits. The Nike Shox is designed with comfort in mind. They are also engineered to help with shock absorption, which makes a significant difference in how your feet feel after a long day. These shoes can be rather expensive for some people, but when you want the best shoe to decrease pressure on your feet, you will not find a better shoe. The Nike Shox is perfect for standing and walking, making it ideal for a long day.


I have spent hours and hours researching all the shoes mentioned above. I hope you have enjoyed reading this guide. I look forward to hearing from you. Didn’t you like some of these? Or did you? Did I miss a few? Let me hear what you think.

In the future, I will expand on this article with a top 10 for best tennis shoes for standing all day. Because some people like to look sporty, ya know!

Be sure to check back in the future and thanks for reading!

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