Top 20 Best Lightweight Walking Shoes For Men And Women In 2017

My Top 20 Best Lightweight Walking Shoes

1. Merrel Intercept

lwws01These shoes have a very casual design, that is bound to be to anyone’s liking. They look totally classic and have a very decent construction. These will surely be very comfortable during a long trek in a warm month. These Intercepts have high quality leather uppers, like most Merrell shoes do. They are very water resistant, but have tongue and mesh sections to guarantee good breathability. If there is anything you need, it is good internal moisture regulation. You don’t want to be drowning in your own shoes, after all. They also have an Aegis treated lining that will prevent microbe odour from building up. These shoes are known for their super reliable performance. They have a rubber outsole, made of Vibram. The soles have 4. 5 mm lugs, so most people will have plenty of grip and traction on very rough terrains. On the inside of these shoes, your feet will meet an anatomically shaped Ortholite footbed, so you are guaranteed a snug fit. The moulded footframe will keep you supported at all times.

2. The North Face Hedgehog IV GTX

lwws02These are absolutely fantastic for light hikes all throughout the year. But you can also use them as regular walking shoes. They have a lot of technical features that makes them suitable for traversal through any terrain. There are lots of supportive and protective features on these shoes, so it is a surprise that they are still lightweight. They have a Northotic Pro and Cradle Pro footbed that wrap neatly around your feet. They have great cushioning on all ends, making every step on the trail a comfortable one. Since they incorporate a GoreTex membrane, you can rest assured that water is not going to get inside these shoes. They will also wick away the moisture that builds up inside. They are water resistant in both summer as well as winter. They have Vibram soles which ensure really good footing. It does not matter whether you are walking on loose, rough or slippery terrain. You will have lots of grip for sure.

3. Keen Targhee II

lwws03Keen has always been a favorite of mine. And these are some of the greatest best sellers there are. They are very sturdy and you’d think they would be pretty heavy on the foot. But the moment you put them on, you realize that, yes, this is indeed a very lightweight walking shoe. The metatomically shaped footbed will conform to your feet, no matter what shape they are. They have a very breathable exterior, so they are suitable for trails and treks throughout all kinds of different terrains. With KEEN, you can be sure that you are going to have the exact right combination of leather uppers and mesh for optimimal breathability. The DRY membrane will prevents water getting in your shoes, whether it be from rain or snowfall. Damp air is nicely wicked away, ensuring that the internal climate of your shoe remains cool, dry and comfortable. These Targhees will help you lessen the strain on your feet, preventing potential damage from shocks, thanks to their great suspension and stability. Their shock absorption will dissipate the effects of impacts, thereby relieving your entire foot with every step.

4. Jack Wolfskin Vojo Hike Texapore

lwws04Jack Wolfskin is an underrated brand, that not everybody knows about. But sometimes, the underdog can be a really good dog. And that is exactly the case with these lightweight walking shoes with arch support for flat feet. They have a very unique styling. The paw print logo is a truly awesome design choice, if you ask me. They are ready made for whichever trail just so happens to be your favorite. If you are hiking with a light pack and you want to also have a light walk, then this is probably the best brand that you can go with. They have water resistant polyester and suede on the exterior. It is a waterproof Texapore membrane. And there you go thinking GoreTex was the only player in town. Texapore does a really great job at wicking away all the moisture build up inside your shoe. They dry up really fast. They may not be ideal for heavy rainfall and snowfall. But generally speaking, they will keep you dry in moist environments. They are fitted with Traction outsoles, which keeps them light and flexible all throughout your walk. They will get great grip and because of their great cushioning, they will also protect against impacts, stones and other stuff that a rough terrain might throw at you. Feel free to stub your toe against everything that comes in your way. The toe box areas have very strong caps to ensure that you won’t feel a thing. The heel area also has a cap, to protect you from abrasion.

5. Meindl Vegas

lwws05These are a pair of shoes that kind of look like they are sneakers or trainers as some people call them. But they are actually fairly lightweight technical shoes, which are both greatly functional as well as fashionable. These shoes offer comfort for three seasons, which are autumn, spring and summer, as I am sure you had already guessed. They have a very breathable mesh and their GoreText membrane works very well in order to wick away the moisture from your footbed. Any perspiration you might have, will easily be taken care of. Your footbed and midsole will certainly stay dry. The Vibram outsole is another great plus for this pair of shoes. They will give you great traction. This is a gender specific fit, which guarantees tailored support and comfort for the ladies.

6. New Balance Men’s MT101

lwws06This particular brand is hard to have missed, because it has kind of a formidable reputation when it comes to lightweight footwear. New Balance is always striving to make their shoes very comfortable. They make use of very modern materials in the making of their shoes, which makes them both sturdy, as well as comfortable (and light!).

These New Balances only weigh 215 grams / 0.47 pound.

They come with interlocking Sure-Laces, which make it a breeze to fasten your sneakers. They are very comfortable and are also easy to put on and take off. That’s just the quality you can expect from New Balance. They aren’t too pricey either. It’s hard to go wrong with these guys. They are also suitable for guys and gals with wide feet, because they come in varying widths.

7. Nike Men’s Free 4.0 Flyknit

lwws07This is a truly iconic brand. You must have heard of these guys, unless you’ve been hiding under a rock. They are very comfortable and also very light. You get some serious bang for your buck as well. You can wear these with either your casual or your formal clothing. They are available in sizes 6 to 15, so you’re bound to find the right size for you.

These Nikes only weigh 210 grams / 0.46 pound.

Reviewers are saying that these shoes are very light, but at the same time they provide great support for the arches, which makes them really comfortable. You can get these in a wide variety of colors. But black or white is also an option. Based on what I’ve read, I would totally recommend these shoes.

8. Rockport Crafted Sport Casual Fashion Sneaker

lwws08These are a pair of lightweight lace up sneakers, which have that classical and well recognizable Oxford design. They go really well with pretty much all outfits. These shoes have incorporated Adidas’ ADIPRENE technology (and EVA midsole), which helps absorb shocks in the heel and revert that bounce energy right back to your forefoot. Next to being springy, these shoes also have great traction.

Thanks to the leather footbed, it is very comfortable and the fit feels almost personalized. If there was every a stylish walking shoe with arch support, then this one has to be it.

Commenters have said that putting on these shoes is almost like putting on a glove. They are very comfortable to wear. They aren’t the cheapest shoes on this Top 20, but they are well worth their price, if you can afford it.

9. Merrell Men’s Moab Ventilator

lwws09All serious walkers that I personally know in real life, are familiar with Merrell. The Merrell company has made great improvements in the past years when it comes to combining both comfort as well as design. These guys have always specialized in making outdoor activity shoes, which are appealing to both men and women alike. This is a really great comfort shoe with arch support.

These are some seriously light hiking shoes, which are also comfortable as well as highly durable. You can take these with you on every trail that you intend to go trekking on, because they were made to last. They are priced fairly low, and that makes them extra attractive.

10. Mephisto Men’s Match

lwws10This company makes claims of making the finest walking shoes known to man. Not exactly the most modest opinion, but after having tried their shoes… I must confess they are not lying. Their range of lightweight footwear is fairly impressive, and other brands should watch out for Mephisto. A lot of their shoes are hand made. So depending on which model of theirs you are going for, footwear from this company can set you back a few hunge. But the fact of the matter is that shoes from this brand are some of the best orthopedic shoes for men/women for the money.

This model denotes class, elegance and even a tad big of sophistication if you don’t mind me saying so. They are totally worth your money, especially because they are just so darn comfortable. You can wear these casually or formally, since they are so stylish and well finished. I’ve worn my Mephistos both on regular walks as well as to business meetings!

11. Asics Gel-DS Trainer

lwws11If you are looking for shoes that give you a lot of stability, then this is a really great lightweight training shoe for you. The DS Trainer has long been a fan favorite and remains a hot shoe even today. This one is called the golden standard in the performance trainer by Runner’s World. This model keeps getting lighter and lighter with every generation. These ones are just over 7 ounces. Your chances of getting blisters and irritation are minimized, because the uppers are completely seamless. It has a Wet Grip outsole that will give you really good grip and traction, even on wet pavement. No amount of rainfall is going to make you slip. These Gel-DS trainers, as well as other Asics shoes, have won many reader’s choice awards all over the internet.

12. New Balance 890

lwws12If you are serious about lightweight sneakers for walking, then you’ve gotta take a look at these puppies. They give you a really great amount of cushioning, thanks to the REVite midsoles, which are really light. Walking around on these shoes is such a pure joy, that you will never want to take them off. They walk very light indeed. So light even, that you can almost feel the speed-up in your walk! They come in various widths, too. So that’s good news for those of you who have flat, wide or narrow feet. However, keep in mind that these shoes are changing model and shape with every new iteration that is brought out onto the market. These models have seen V2, V3 and now V4. They all differ a bit from each other. But generally speaking, they just keep getting better. New Balance is always changing stuff up from one year to the next. If you have the chance, be sure to try them on. The new V4 is really light. These shoes have earned the best update award from Runner’s World. When it comes to running shoes with arch support, it does not get much better than this.

13. Brooks Ghost

lwws13When I first tried these one, I was really impressed to find out who incredibly comfortable and lightweight these walking shoes are. This one has gotten some editor’s picks around the web in the past few years. These are the Ghost 6 model. They are even better than the earlier models. It is designed with heel strikers in mind. If you need a shoe that is also waterproof, then this one is a good choice. It has GoreTex to keep the rain out once and for all. I have done a couple of 5 to 10 mile hikes and they have never let me down. They really are a lot of fun to wear.

If you were looking for comfortable, stylish running shoes for men or women, then look no further… because you are bound to attract some attention and get a few compliments with these puppies on your feet!

14. Mizuno Wave Precision

lwws14The Wave Precision has a very springy feel to it, which makes it a big fan favorite. People like to wear these shoes for long distances, such as marathons, or simply really long jogs. The Running Network gave these lightweight sneaker trainers a gold medal for great performance.

And rightfully so, because whether you are walking or running… it’s going to make you feel like you’re doing it in the clouds. That’s just the kind of performance you can expect from a shoe that’s designed with laser targeted precision.

15. Avia Avi-Lite Guidance

lwws15Now these sneakers are something different. They come in a variety of models, catering to those with a neutral gait (Avi-Lite Guidance 4), those with a mild overpronation (Avi-Lite Guidance 6), and those with severe overpronation (Avi-Lite Guidance 9). They have motion control and the 6 and 9 models. But they still keep the shoes very lightweight. There is a lot of cushioning for those of you that want to walk many miles without getting uncomfortable. These shoes got a gold medal with top honors in the lightweight walkers category, from The Running Network. These lightweight walking sneakers for men and women are going to blow your socks off.

16. Saucony ProGRID Kinvara

lwws16These shoes have a very lightweight construction. They are almost minimalist shoes. Even if you are doing a short, high intensity workout, then you will have plenty of support. They are light and very flexible indeed. These are best suited for walks between 5 and 10 miles, by my guestimation.

Saucony’s are not for everybody. Either you love it, or you hate it. Personally, I kind of like their style. It takes a certain amount of guts in order to bring shoes like these to the market. Anybody who has ever seen (and liked) Back to the Future 2, will certainly appreciate this design.

17. New Balance 1080

lwws17This is a really nice flexible and comfortable shoe for neutral walkers. I once did a marathon in these and they never let me down. They have great cushioning for long mileage. The greatest thing about New Balance shoes is that they come in a wide variety of widths. People with wide feet can have a real field day in a New Balance store. This model I am reviewing here, is the 1080v3 model. It is flatter and lighter than previous versions. The 1080v4 is on the PL-8 last. With New Balance, you will always have to try on an upgrade to a pair of shoes to make sure they fit well.

18. Nike Air Pegasus

lwws18This flexible and lightweight Nike shoe comes in a number of versions, all of which are compatible with the Nike+ footpod shoe sensor. These Pegasus shoes are available for both men and women. They also come in narrow, normal and wide widths. There’s a good Nike shoe for literally everybody. This Pegasus 31 (2015) has had its upper completely redesigned. The lower heel has been made 10mm shorter. That makes it even better suitable for lightweight walkers than previous models. This shoe has lost a lot of weight over the past couple of years, now that I’m thinking about it. It is very suitable for longer walks, because of the fact that it has such fantastic cushioning. Runner’s World gave this one the best buy award, by the way.

19. Saucony ProGrid Triumph

lwws19This shoe has fantastic durability and cushioning. Despite this, it is still very lightweight. Some people love Saucony, others hate them. For some, they are a great fit, for others, not so much. They have a very specific fit. These Triumph 9s have dropped the heel by 8mm. Lower heels are often appreciated by long distance walkers. The Triump 10 has dropped the heel even more. However, the 10s are a more expensive model. It is best to get these when they are on sale.

20. Brooks Pure Flow 2

lwws20Brooks caters to those who know what kind of shoe makes for a good, lightweight walk. Brooks offer rounded heels and flatter shoes. They come with a so called split-toe design, which allows a walking afficionado to toe-off with more force. You can get a very powerful stride because of these kinds of properties. But rest assured that they still have plenty of cushioning for good shock absorption.

What Are The Benefits Of Lightweight Footwear?

Have you ever heard the expression ‘being light on your feet’? It denotes a certain agility and grace in your gait. Most people I know would certainly be interested in being light on the feet, because heavy shoes dragging your feet down is always an unpleasant experience. Heavy shoes are not only uncomfortable, but they can actually harm your feet, ankles and knees in the long run. Most guys and gals that have taken up walking as a hobby, are always looking for shoes that are comfortable, sturdy and lightweight at the same time.

Shoe manufacturers are making great strides (pun intended) in the manufacturing of shoes. There are many brands out on the market that offer some really great options as far as lightweight running shoes are concerned.

It is possible that you prefer to wear lower profile and excellent lightweight walking shoes in general. Or you may prefer to wear them during warm weather condition, because the warmer the weather is, the greater breathability you require.

A good walking shoe should not only give you good performance, it should also be very lightweight. It should also have great cushioning so that you can easily put in the miles for your trail. The shoes I have reviewed below are really great for both male as well as female walkers, although sometimes you will have to follow the link and search for the same shoes of the opposite gender. It does not matter what kind of gait you have, the shoes in this Top 20 are going to be a great match for you. There is currently a trend going on that leans towards minimalist shoes. These are the kinds of shoes that have great cushioning and structure to protect your feet.

Most of the technical walking and hiking shoes out there, have a similar feature set in comparison to their boot counterparts. Ofcourse, with shoes you are always going to have reduced ankle support, because they are simply not as high cut as boots. Shoes also usually have thicker uppers, and are usually designed with greater flexibility in the forefront of the shoe. There are a lot of aspects that you want to bear in mind when you are looking at a pair of shoes. Think about grip, breathability, support, comfort, weather protection, style, design and last but not least… pricing. I have compiled this top 20 best lightweight walking shoes for men and women so that you can more easily find the best pair of shoes for you and your outdoor adventures this summer.

Best Value

The Jack Wolfskin Vojo shoes are some of the best value for money in my Top 20. If you are looking for some decent walking footwear for very warm condition, and you want your feet to stay dry and comfortable… these are great shoes to buy at their low, low price point.

Best Performance

The Keen Targhee II shoes offer some of the best performance there is to be had for the money. There is a good reason for why these shoes are so immensely popular and. People are eating them up like hotcakes. They will give you lasting comfort and support.

Best Design

The Meindl Vegas shoes are some of the best looking ones in this Top 20. Their overall appearance goes beyond your expectation at this price point. I really do love this contrasting color scheme. They are easily visible in low lighting situations, which can make you feel safer, next to looking darn good. They are styled like a casual technical sneakers, and they will look good on you no matter where you go.


If you are looking for low profile shoes in order to tackle all sorts of conditions and terrains throughout all the seasons, then this top 20 lightweight walking shoes will probably have helped you out a bit. For this particular top 20 guide, I have decided to highlight a couple of them for various reasons, which you will find below. Some people look at the cost, others look at performance, yet others look at the design.

If you happen to be interested in reading more, please visit my over of best walking shoes. Also, for all you boot lovers out there… I am planning on doing a buying guide about lightweight winter and hunting boots later on. And after that, I am going to do a top list about lightweight military, tactical & hiking boots as well. So there’s plenty of stuff coming. Please check back later!


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