An Overview Of The Cheapest Military Men’s Boots For Sale Online

There are many different kinds of military boots to be had for the money. There are jungle boots, desert boots, military style (camouflage) boots, etc. Not all army boots are created equal. They come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. And luckily for you and me, many of them are fairly lowly priced. Most of them are well below the hundred dollar mark. Now… I don’t know about you, but I’d say that’s a pretty good deal for a boot that’s built to last. And last it will. These types of boots are well known for their durability. They have to be suitable to be worn by a soldier in combat.

Jungle GI Type Boots By Rothco

cheap1Here’s an example of some really nice & shiny, black leather army boots. The soles are pure rubber, ofcourse. How else are you going to have lastibility. The soles have some very deep cleates as well. You won’t find any pebbles or gravel stuck under these shoes. You’re going to look like an army man walking around in these. These Rothco boots tend to run a size too large. If you’re wearing a size 10, you may want to go with either a 9 or a 9.5. The reason for this is that they are meant to be worn with thick socks… boot socks, actually. Just order a size smaller and you’ll be fine. Other than that, they’re just a couple of really decent and cheap military boots.

Deployment Desert Boots By Rothco

cheap2These desert boots look really nice. I absolutely love any boot that has the desert design and color. And these boots have it and not just a little bit. They’ve got rubber soles and are made of a breathable mesh. It’s marketed as a running shoe. I do not own these boots, or I would’ve gone for a test run so I could tell you more about that. Not that I care, because I’m not a runner anyway. I’m mostly interested in the top trekking boots that are offered online. Trailing and backpacking is where it’s at for me. And I love doing it in style. I’ve never been in the army, but I don’t mind people thinking that I have. This desert camouflage pair of boots would definitely do the trick for me. They’re at a discount available online, so I might get them.

Elite Spider 8.0 Boots By Magnum

cheap3Another pair of boots with a desert tan. I really love these boots just by looking at them. They look rock solid. They’re full leather and they’re cheap. Exactly what you’re looking for if you came to read this post. There’s a composite shank in there. A boot shank is a supporting plate in the outsoles. This plate will make it so that you are able to stand for longer times on narrow bits, such as a peg, a branch or a protruding rock.

Many boots have metal shanks in them. These have composite ones. The upside to composite shanks is that they are more lightweight, and theremore make your boot more comfortable to wear. Another benefit is that composite shanks will easily get through a metal detector, whereas metal shanks will not. If you just so happen to be flying a lot, you will most likely want to get composite shanks. These are a pair of solid military men’s boots.

Warrior Wear Desert Ops Boots By Blackhawk

cheap4If the name hasn’t convinced you that these boots are bad-ass, then let me try to change your mind. At slightly over a hundred bucks, these are the most expensive boots on the list. But boy are these good trailing boots! Like all the others, these are lightweight. They come with large lugs that will easily let you travel lots of rough terrains with lots of debris on them. You will also get darn good traction on all kinds of surfaces. Irregular surfaces too. Especially irregular surfaces! They’re a high quality pair of leather military boots alright. Not the cheapest on the list, but also not the most expensive. But these shoes will likely last longer than the other, cheaper ones on this list. So in the long term, you’ll be saving money. And these boots look so good, I can’t imagine you’d ever get bored with them. They’re made for comfort. They have an extra layer of suede in the heel. You won’t get chafed heels as easily in these boots as quickly as you would in lower priced boots. They’ve got a steel shank for extra stability. Despite the steel shank, they are still lightweight boots. The tongue is fully gusseted. There’s no particle of debris that’s going to get inside this boot anytime soon.

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