My Take On The Most Comfortable, Waterproof Leather Boots

Let’s Have A Look At Timberland’s Chocorua Trail Hiking Boots (Gore-Tex)

There’s a bigleather1 number of boot brands out there, all trying to trump each other when it comes to the quality of their merchandise. But right now, I’d like  you to have a look at these trailing boots from Timberland. Because this company really knows how to outperform the competition with their excellent taste in design, as well as the build quality of the shoes and boots that they are putting out on the market these days. These are 4.5 out of 5 star boots right here, so hold onto your butts!

When it comes to boots, there is nothing better than the feel or real leather. No material is quite like it. Sure, rubber boots are nice… but leather ones? Ten times as awesome! And these Chocorua boots are easily the best trailing boots that have been put out there in a long time. They are especially designed for backpacking. If you’re looking for good shoes for hiking, then you need to look no further. These babies are very breathable and very waterproof. They have been made with Gore-Tex technology. And if you’ve been paying attention in the past few decades, you know that’s good news!

leather2Gore-Tex was named after its inventor, Bob Gore. This guy invented the Gore-Tex material by rapidly stretching poly-tetra-fluoro-ethylyne under specific conditions. This resulted in a super strong material that has micro pores in it. This is what we now know as Gore-Tex. It makes for very waterproof, yet breathable footwear. It’s also used in ski jackets and other clothing items, by the way. The micro pores are 20,000 times smaller than a drop of water. Yet they are 700 times larger than an oxygen molecule. So you see… water can’t get in, but air can still get out.

I have used these myself and must say that these are the best trekking boots I’ve had in a long time. They look really good, for starters. But a boot is no good if it’s not functional either. These are lightweight boots, so you may not expect them to support you throughout some heavy duty backpacking activities. Rest assured that you can, in fact, rely on these boots to get you through even the longest of trails. For all the years that I have used them, they remained waterproof until the very end. Even when they started coming apart a little.

The trails that I’ve gone on with these shoes, were medium ones mostly. These boots perform excellently on these types of trails. When you are going rock climbing, you will have to find something a bit more heavy duty. You can definitely feel the rocks through the shoes. It’s not that you can’t use them on hard trails… it’s more that you will wear them out quicker. They only need to last a few years, though. They’re pretty cheap and you can always get another pair of boots. And if you’re like me… you enjoy getting a new pair once every few years. Hey, the hobby is more fun if you can change boots every once in a while. All you fellow campers out there probably understand me.

leather3The greatest downside about these cheap Timberland hike boots is that the insoles are a tad bit on the low quality side. You don’t get a lot of support from them. I recommend that you get a high quality pair of insoles with these shoes. This is especially true for flat footed people such as myself. I can’t walk a few miles in any kind of footwear without busting my knees. And I wasn’t planning on having knee surgery anytime soon. I’ve heard the stories and am totally not looking forward to wearing out my cartilage and my joints permaturely.

All in all, I highly recommend these low priced backpacking boots by the Timberland company. I’ve owned many boots by this company and they have never let me down. Especially at this price point, you can’t really go wrong. Just keep in mind that you’ll need insoles if you’ve got flat feet. These boots simply feel right! You are such a snug fit that you won’t want to take them off once you’ve had them on. If it were up to me, I’d even wear’em to bed. I even tried to do so, but my girlfriend got pissed and wouldn’t let me.

So now I have to choose between her and the Timberlands. I told her I chose her. But in reality, I’m still doubting!

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