Advice On How To Go About Buying Winter Hiking Boots For Men And Women

What Reason Do You Have For Wanting To Purchase Hikings Boots For Winter?

snowy bootLet’s say that you want to go hiking in the winter and you expect to encounter lots of snow. In that case, you will need winter hiking boots. These kinds of boots have some extra layers and are therefore more suitable for hiking in the snow. Naturally, you will want to buy the most you can get for your money. So make sure to have a look at different kinds of brands. Once you’ve decided which brand you want, check out the materials they use in their boots.

The price of winter boots for trekking will vary wildly. It might be best to simply expect to pay the maximum price and select by quality rather than cost. If you expect to go hiking frequently, then you will need a very durable boot. Durable costs more, naturally. But if you just want to try out hiking once or twice, you might as well go with a cheaper boot. But lower priced winter boots are not always lower in quality. Some brands are simply charging you for the brand, while they aren’t even using superior materials. Naturally, people tend to value things more when there is a certain price tag attached to it. But rest assured that some lower priced winter boots are also very high quality.

Trekking boots for the cold season come in all sorts of prices, ranging from far below $100, all the way up to $200, which buys you the hi-tech stuff. Check out the Lowa Echo GTX for example. That’s a good example of a high end boot right there. The GTX boot is one of the most pricey boots that money can buy. If you are planning on doing lots of hiking all throughout the year, then a GTX winter boot is easily going to be worth the investment. Many people I know love to go hiking on the weekends. The GTX is great for frequent trips such as this one. This is especially true if you go hiking in snowy mountain areas. Mountain areas always have a higher chance of snow.

Next to a good pair of boots for treading through the snow, you will also require a whole bunch of other gear for your trip into the wilderness. Many people wear their hiking shoes to their destination and do not bother to pack an extra pair. But sometimes, an extra pair can go a long way. You will be traveling rough terrain and rocky paths. No matter how good your shoes are, they might break. A sole might come off. It’s happened before. In that case, you’ll be glad you have brought a spare pair. Especially if you’re hiking in the middle of the winter. Waterproof trekking shoes can really help you out when you are traversing wet areas.

Women’s Hiking Boots For Winter

footwear winterNothing is more annoying than having to hike using a pair of shoes that doesn’t really fit snugly or is otherwise uncomfortable. Let’s say you’re a woman that enjoys being active outdoors. You’re going to have to get yourself a good pair of trekking boots, especially if you intend to go into snowy areas. It does not really matter whether you go for boots that are marketed as ‘hiking’ or as ‘backpacking’ (or even as ‘trekking’ for that matter), because they are all pretty much the same. All these types of boots have been designed especially for supporting women in their outdoor activities.

When shopping for boots, you will have to make sure to get the right size. Not only does the length of the boot matter, but so does the width. Women tend to have more narrow feet than men. And this is the most important difference between men’s and women’s winter boots. When you are an enthusiastic hiker, you are going to be standing up straight for most of the day, and you will need pretty good support for you and your tootsies.

Make sure to go for waterproof boots if you don’t want to end up with wet feet. There are going to be more than one puddles along your way, especially in areas that are covered in snow. If your feet get wet, you will run a greater risk of developing blisters because it increases the friction. And nobody wants a bad case of the blisters. The added extra benefit of waterproof boots, is that they are more durable and they will last even longer than a regular boot which is not water proof.

Also make sure that you get a good pair of socks for your boots (and feet ofcourse). Socks are available in different thickness. If you get socks that are too thin, they will leave too much room. If you get socks that are too thick, they will leave to little room. The sock that you are going to use, will have to be a really great fit for your feet as well as your boots. If your socks are too thick, you’re going to have a bad time. There will be too much pressure and your foot health will suffer because of it. Bulky socks are going to wrinkle. This will also lead to discomfort and blisters. Be sure to try out your hiking boots before you go out and take a hike. You do not want to discover that your socks are no good when you arrive at your hiking trail.

How To Pick The Right Winter Boots For You

winter footwearAt the time of writing, winter is almost upon us. It is about time that we start thinking about buying some warm winter clothes. For some people, shopping can be a real chore, rather than a fun experience (which is what it is supposed to be). So I’m sure you’ll gladly take any advice I can give you to make it easier on you. Winter requires more clothes, because it takes more clothing items to keep you warm. For that reason, winter shopping is much more difficult than summer shopping.

I’m going to confess that I am a difficult person when it comes to shopping. I am always having trouble picking the right things for myself. Usually I like to have someone with me to give me a second opinion. In the past, I’ve taken along people that did not have enough patience. So that was kind of a nuisance. But they were still of great help.

Selecting the right kind of shoes has got to be the hardest thing there is, for me personally. In winter, you will need some warm boots to keep yourself from freezing over. Especially if you intend to walk around in big layers of snow. I myself did not grow up in a very cold climate. For that reason, I was never very well informed on which boots to buy for cold temperatures. I have learned a lot throughout the years. So I wrote this post in order to inform other people and help them make the right choice. It seems like a nice thing to do.

When selecting the right kind of men’s or women’s winter boot for yourself, please put practicality first and fashion second. Remind yourself of what you need those boots for. If you’re going to go on a hike this winter, then you probably already know where I’m going with this. The same goes for when you are planning on skiing or snow boarding. On the other hand, you may just need a couple of warm, comfortable boots so you can hit the town.

But since you are reading this page, I’m going to go out on a limb and assume you want to go hiking. In that case, fashion is going to come second. You are going to need hiking boots that are extremely tough and durable. You might even opt to go for boots that have spikes. If you don’t have spikes, you might not have enough grip. That means you’re going to slip, fall, and (god forbid) break something! You would do best to invest in a good pair of boots that are going to last you for a decade. While a good pair of trekking boots for winter will bring along a hefty up front investment, they will certainly pay back for themselves in due time.

winter trekkingHowever, if you need boots that will simply keep you warm while you are walking around outside where you live, you’ve got some more leeway. For starters, you will not have to shell out as big time as you should with hiking boots. However, for winter it is always a good idea to go waterproof. Another good idea, is to go for boots that have soles with good grip. Because even when you are not climbing icy mountains, you can still slip on a smooth curbwalk. Not a winter goes by that I do not see somebody slip in the icy city streets, simply because their shoe soles aren’t gripping the pavement enough. Most of the time, a good slip will not give a person a big injury. But the older you get, the more risk you have.

Also consider what kinds of winter clothes you will be wanting to wear with your boots. Are you going to need clothes for just getting around the town on the weekends? Or do you need clothes that will keep you warm indoors because you want to save on radiator costs? Whichever winter clothes you go for, winterboots will mostly come in brown or black. That means you can wear them with pretty much anything. So that makes life easier right there. Despite the fact that fashion comes second, you will still want to keep the matching of colors in mind. You can look ridiculous in a clashing color combination when it comes to your winter wardrobe.

I hope the above tips have helped you in making a decision as to which winter boots you will want to buy for your next hike. Just remember to first consider the practicality and the fashion second. Just so long as you stick to that advice, I think you’re going to do just fine.

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