Recommended, Comfortable Hiking Shoes Made In The USA For Trekking Trails

altitude1Hi-Tec Altitude Backpacking Footwear For Outdoor Camping And Climbing

One of the most well known trekking boots on the market today, is the Altitude IV. As you probably suspect, it’s aimed at mountain climbers. But trust me, any shoe that is well suited for climbing a mountain, is also well suited for trekking along a trail. The reason why this is a good quality boot is because it is made of both leather as well as textile. It’s a really great mix.

But the soles are made of rubber. And the soles are pretty thick, too. And they need to be. If you’re going backpacking or climbing, then you’ll submit your shoes to quite the beating. A thick sole will last a long, long time. This ensures you get top quality for the money. Hi-Tech is known for giving you bang for the buck.

These comfortable hiking boots are waterproof, as you might expect for a shoe which sells for around a hundred bucks. They are seam sealed, as it is called. That means extra care has been taken to ensure that the seams will not let any water through. When a shoe, or any other piece of clothing for that matter, is not waterproof… it’s pretty much always because of the fact that the seams are letting through liquid. It’s not hard to select a waterproof material for creating a boot out of… it’s sealing the seams that’s the hard part. And Hi-Tec has mastered this art very decently.

altitude2The fact that no water can ever get into them, also makes it so that they are also very durable. These trailing shoes are not going to break down on you within the first couple of years. The Altitude shoe is a rugged boot, which combines style and durability all in one. It looks rough, but it’s very lightweight. And this makes it comfortable to wear. The leather collars are padded. The leather tongue is fully gusseted. The brass hardware is rustproof.

Extra rigidity is added because of the integrated steel shanks. The EVA midsoles will give you great support exactly as they are. Chances are you will not need to replace the stock insoles of these already cozy hiking shoes, unless you are an outlier and your feet require the utmost precision when it comes to insoles. If that’s you, then you’re not going to get around having to have insoles measured to your personal feet. For me, it wasn’t necessary. I’m amazed at how comfortable these shoes are. And I certainly can’t understand how incredibly low priced these are, when you look at the quality that you get back for it.

altitude3It goes without saying that I wear these boots whenever I go out for a good trail trek. But not only are they good for use on rough terrain, you can also wear them in every day life. My feet are so flat that I can’t walk normally on them without having proper support. When I go barefoot or I am wearing shoes without proper insoles… I’m slowly busting my knees through normal daily activities such as walking downtown for groceries. That’s why I’m pretty much always wearing my Hi-Tecs nowadays.

They’ve done me well on all sorts of non trekking terrains, such as wet beaches, muddy forests and last but not least… my own backyard. I also do gardening work in these. They get muddy, but the dirt washes straight off these boots. I pretty much wear them the whole day. The only reason I take them off when I’m inside the house, is because I’m the type a guy whose feet swell up at the end of the day. Sometimes, I gotta give myself a little breather. But if it were up to me, I’d be wearing these all day long. I don’t think I’ll ever change to any other type of boot than Altitudes, now that I think of it.

For most people (and I’m one of those people, thankfully) these boots perform exquisitely for a long, long time. I’ve had mine for two years now and I’ve gone hundreds of miles in them already. If you’re one of the people for which the rubber soles deteriorate quickly… don’t give up on these Altitudes straight away. You may not have had an insole that’s good for you personally. Try out another pair of these boots and try them out with quality after market insoles. Good insolves won’t have to cost you more than twenty bucks. If you’re shelling out for these… might as well shell out for good insoles as well… if you feel you really need those.

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