What Are The Best Hiking Boots That Provide Good Ankle Support?

dannerPicking the correct pair of boots is absolutely essential for your hiking trips. If you pick the wrong pair, you are going to suffer because of it. There is nothing worse than having foot pain while on a many mile long walking trip. There are plenty of reasons why you could accidentally pick the wrong boots for yourself. Some will not be the right type or the right size. Others will simply be poorly made. Buying a pair of good boots for hiking is worth investing in. Because if you are cheap on this, you might end up with boots that will quickly fall apart and you’ll just have wasted your money. It is not that hard to do your research to find out which hiking boots provide good ankle support, so that you can rest assured that your hard earned cash will not go to waste. I have written down a couple of tips for you that are going to help you select the best boots for yourself.

I have recently taken a liking to real leather shoes. So when you’re out shopping for leather, make sure not to get duped by imitation leather. Imitation stuff is cheaper. So for that reason, it has become a very popular material with manufacturers to make boots from. A lot of people can simply not tell the difference by having a look at a pair of (imitation) leather boots. Some of them can’t even tell the difference when touching them. The fact of the matter is that you would do well to learn the difference. Because imitation leather does not last nearly as long as real leather does. If you can’t feel the difference, check the product tag to see if the leather is indeed real.

meindlAlso think about the clasps on a good pair of boots. Some ankle support boots will have a zipper at the side of them. Yet others are going to have clasps that completely wrap around the top as well as the front. When you are trying on your boots, make sure to get a feel for where your body weight naturally falls within these shoes. It is always best if your weight naturally rests on solid leather. You do not want it resting on the clasp buckles, nor do you want it resting on the zipper seams. If your body weight rests on the wrong parts of a hiking boot, then this is going to cause more wear and tear on them than strictly necessary.

Since you are buying boots that have to support your ankles, also be sure to check if they do, indeed, give you a lot of support for your ankles. You will also need support for your archs, by the way. If you are planning on wearing them infrequently, you could potentially be okay with having less support. After all, you won’t be straining the boots all day, every day. But let’s say you go hiking on the weekend, then this would be a reason to go for support big time anyway. If you are going to be wearing them very frequently, you will definitely want to choose a pair of boots that give you a lot of support. You will just have to try shoes on to see how you like them. That might be harder when you are buying online, so make sure you can return them.

Shoes Vs Boots

Whichever the best pair of ankle support hiking boots (or shoes) is for you, will depend on many things. It helps to know the difference between shoes and boots. It is going to make it easier on you to make your choice. You might even want to go for sandals, although not many people do that.

When you are going hiking, your boots are going to be the very most important part of your backpacking equipment. So let’s dive into the essentials to see if we can’t teach you what you really need to know.


Shoes are always lightweight footwear that will usually give you good support around your ankles. They are most suitable for walking on a groomed trail. They also don’t really require a lot of breaking in. The reason for this is simple. Shoes are usually very flexible and they are low cut, which is why they give you a lot of freedom of motion. Shoes can still you give you good support around the ankles, though.

Hiking shoes are, most of the time, made of leather and other lightweight fabrics. It will still help to check if they are also waterproof. At the least they have to be water resistant. You also need to keep in mind what the main usage for the shoes is going to look like. Hiking footwear isn’t just for hiking anymore. If you look closely, many people walking around town are wearing hiking shoes, simply because they look pretty darn good. It’s a fashion statement these days. However, some of these fashion hiking shoes aren’t going to give you the support you require when you are going hiking. If you are going hiking, keep looking for shoes that give you support. Fashion comes second in a hike.


ankleIf you are looking for a pair of good hiking boots, then you will have to look for boots that offer you lots of ankle support, flexibility, water resistance, comfort and durability all in one.

Roughtly speaking, there are two kinds of boots. There are the midweight ones and the heavyweight ones.

When you are looking at midweight boots, then you are looking at what is currently considered the most popular choice. These can be worn on pretty rough hiking trails. Naturally, they can also be worn on maintained trails. Midweight boots are heavier than shoes. But they will also offer greater support for your foot as well as your ankle. Especially your ankle, because midweights go around the ankle bone. Naturally, this also means that they will be slightly less flexible than shoes. They also require a bit of breaking in.

The downside to getting a pair of new boots is that they require breaking in and this might give you blisters. If you want to prevent blisters, then you can do this by complimenting your boots with high quality hiking socks. This way, you will hardly ever develop blisters. Especially if you stay active frequently, in the long run, without any long breaks between hikes.

There are also very heavy, high cut hiking boots. These are meant for the absolute roughest of trails. They are much heavier than either shoes or midweights. They are also of technical design. Heavy duty hiking footwear is going to give you maximum water resistance, durability, support (for ankles as well as feet andknees), shock absorbency, etc. They have a lot of support, so they are going to be even stiffer than midweights. It goes without saying that they also require the most breaking in.

Having a good understanding of the difference that there are between all this hiking footwear (boots and shoes), then you will be able to make a much better decision than you would have if you had not known all of this.

The Importance Of Good Hiking Footwear

palladium pampaThese days, the noble sport of hiking is gaining much popularity. As soon as the sun starts coming through, people like to take a hike throughout nature and take in all the gorgeous scenery that our country has to offer. Montana, Utah and Colorado are among the most popular states for taking excellent hikes. But the fact of the matter is that almost every state has hiking trails. And almost every other country in the world has them, too. Some dare to wander off into the mountains without having packed a proper amount of gear. If you are going to take anything with you, then please let it be a good hiking shoe. Because this will make all the difference in the quality of your hike.

If you are going to be hitting a rough trail without good shoes, you are going to come back with a twisted ankle. Or two, if you’re unlucky. But there is no need for any of these kinds of injuries. You can prevent ankle problems by buying good shoes that will give you the support you need for rough hiking trails. A good pair of boots are definitely going to be the most important item in your entire inventory when you are going for a hike. You will have to protect your feet, your ankles, as well as your knees if you are dead serious about hiking for miles and living to see the next hike.

There are many different kinds of boots that you can choose from. A very standard boot is the day hiking boot. These standard boots are very good for your ankles, because they provide great support. You will not get a rolled ankle in one of these. They also have very good traction, which means you won’t be slipping over a smooth rock any time soon. They are also fairly light. But if you want to hit the roughest trails for many days in a row, then you will require something heavier than a regular day boot. Heavier boots are, by definition, heavier. But that’s alright, because the support is more important. You can easily take a bit of extra weight on your feet. It’s a trade off. And for multi day hikes, you absolutely require the extra support to prevent serious and long lasting injury.

cheapHeavyweight boots for multi day hikes, are also referred to as backpacking boots. This kind of footwear is highly durable. Because of the fact that they are higher cut, they will always be heavier than midweights. By default, they are also totally waterproof. And you’ll be glad for it, because the longer your trail is, the greater the chance of you encountering a puddle somewhere. You will get the most incredibly support from backpacking boots. Not only are these kinds of boots very well suited for long and rough trails… you also see mountain climbers make use of these kinds of boots. Since they require extreme durability, they will almost always be made of real leather.

There is a difference between shoes and boots, when it comes to hiking, trailing, trekking and backpacking. Some manufacturers have the nerve to market their shoes as ‘hiking shoes’. But trust me when I tell you that these shoes will not be good enough to wear on an actual hike. Many of these shoes are purely a fashion statement. Know the difference between the wannabe shoes and the real deal shoes. The most important thing is the support for your ankles. Shoes can never give a whole lot of support around the ankles, because they are low cut. They will usually only have thicker and more durable soles. Boots, however, are higher cut by definition. They wrap around the ankle to cover it, protect it and support it. So whenever you are going on a hike, whether it be an easy, small one or a tough, big one… be sure to get a decent pair of ankle support boots!

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