Although the best over-the-knee boots are essentially cold-weather shoes, they can be worn all year round. Every girl should have a pair of these beauties in her wardrobe to rock with any outfit she chooses. In addition, the best thigh-high boots are perfectly snug and will never threaten to sag southward.

After researching which over-the-knee boots are durable, fashionable, comfortable, and can make you look good no matter the season or the outfit, we've selected the best boots for you. Whether you want a faux leather pair or a grey suede pair, we've got you covered. So let's look at the best thigh-high boots that the market has to offer.

1. Shoe'N Tale Women Suede Over The Knee Boots

Shoe'N Tale Women Stretch Suede Chunky Heel Thigh High Over The Knee Boots(5,Black)
  • 100% Man-made
  • Heel measures approximately 3.5 inches"
  • Shaft Length (without heel): 26"
  • Top Opening Circumference: 14"
  • Stretchy Material,Made with a full elasticated leg...

Starting us off is this sexy pair of knee boots with thousands of people pleased with their purchase. These best over-the-knee boots have a unique design that features a sculpted forefoot and a delicate T-shaped seam spanning the front. In addition, you can choose from the 31 available colors to find the boot that best fits your style. So whether you're rocking skinny jeans or any other in-style fashion outfit, you can be sure that you'll get the color to go with your outfit.

Some common finishes include stilettos, block heels, snakeskin, boots in faux suede, and leather finishes. Each pair of these thigh-high boots has a tailored fit and a discreet zippered calf that ensures that the boot will stay in place no matter how much walking around you do. In addition, the sole offers you quality support without ever weighing you down, thanks to its thin and hard nature.

The cushioned insole makes this best over-the-knee boot very comfortable and easy to move around in. One of the best things about these thigh-high boots is their ability to stay up no matter what, thanks to the fact that they are fully elasticized. This best over-the-knee boot is available in sizes 5-10, and you can also find several wide calf options.

  • Pros
  • Very comfortable
  • Fully elasticized to stay up all-day
  • Affordable
  • Durable rubber sole
  • Fashionable
  • Cons
  • Not water-resistant

2.  N.N.G Women Winter Over Knee Long Boots

N.N.G Women Over the Knee Boots Black Size 5.5 Block Suede Thigh High Chunky Long Winter OTK Comfort...
  • Heel height:3 inch
  • Over-The-Knee Women Boots:Boots Use New wedge...
  • Thigh-High Boos:New comfort lining makes comfort...
  • OTK Bpots: Featuring a comfort chunky heel outsole...
  • Long Boots:The fabric has increased thickness for...

These thigh-high boots are perfect for the winter season to keep you warm and to look stylish as ever. Although they look expensive and classy, they are very affordable and can give even the expensive boost a run for their money. One of the best things about these boots is that they fit into the fashion world with ease, thanks to their unique design.

These knee boots have a walkable block heel, a sleek fit and can stretch a little for your comfort. You can choose from the available heel options, including two inches, three inches, and either a Weitzman-esque lace-up or an elastic gore at the back of the thigh. You can also add an extra insole if you want added comfort. This is made possible because the lightly padded footbed leaves enough room for an extra insole.

The sole is hard and rubberized to provide you with enough traction as you walk on a wet surface. These knee boots come at an affordable price, given their level of fashion and style. This best knee boot is also durable and made of high-quality material. The material feels supple and soft, and the toe box is also sleek. The book heel is comfortable and gives you enough stability and support.

  • Pros
  • Very comfortable
  • You can add an extra insole
  • Affordable
  • Available in 16 different style options
  • Made of a soft and supple material
  • Cons
  • Does not have size 5

3. DREAM PAIRS Women's Over The Knee Flat Boots

DREAM PAIRS Women's Upland Brown Suede Over The Knee Thigh High Winter Boots - 5 M US
  • Strech faux suede, Rubber TPR outsole
  • Heel Height: 1", Platform Measures: 0.25"(approx),...
  • MULTI-WEAR design: Over the knee, Push down for...
  • Top opening circumference: 14.5"(approx)
  • Padded faux fur lining and insole

These knee boots are great if you are not a fan of heels and want something to wear with your skinny jeans any day. However, if you want a heel, you can get the one-inch heel knee boot that this boot offers. Some of the variations you can get include the buttery imitation or the iconic faux suede knee boot.

This over-the-knee boot comes beautifully lined in deep-pile fleece that adds to its comfort and class. You can wear this knee boot in the winter, and you'll be sure to keep all the cold away. Also, because of their fashion style, you can wear these knee boots at work and on a casual weekend, and they will complement your outfit beautifully.

The drawback of this best over-the-knee boot is that it can get slouchy after several months of wearing them. However, you can expect them to give you great service, especially at their price point. Another great thing about this best over-the-knee boot is that you can walk in it for miles without getting exhausted. They will always remain cute and comfortable no matter how many times you wear them.

  • Pros
  • Comfortable
  • Warm enough for winter wear
  • Stylish
  • Stay up no matter how long you walk
  • Affordable
  • Cons
  • Only available in 9 colors

4. Chinese Laundry Women's Uma Over The Knee Boot

If you are a fan of wedges, this is the best over-the-knee boot for you. These knee boots can be worn with skinny jeans, dresses, and any other outfit you can think of. If you are a fashion fan, you'll love the discreet zipper inside of each boot that ensures that these best over-the-knee boots don't slide down under any circumstances.

This 3-inch wedge heel gives you the support and stability that you need to walk anywhere you like. If you don't like very high heels or even the traditional block heel but still want some height, go for this best knee boot. Unfortunately, these boots are only available in two colors. Nonetheless, you can still rock them with any outfit you like, as black goes with almost anything.

You can get these knee boots in sizes ranging from 5.5-11. So no matter how tall you are or if you struggle with hip or back issues, you'll still be able to wear these comfortable knee boots. Skirts, jeggings, leggings, or even tight-fitting dress pants go great with these knee boots. These knee boots can also be worn with no socks and still offer you the comfort and protection you need.

  • Pros
  • Have a stylish slouchy look
  • Affordable
  • Can complement any outfit
  • Comfortable
  • Have a great fit
  • Cons
  • Only available in two colors

5. RF ROOM OF FASHION Women's Knee Riding Boots

RF ROOM OF FASHION Wide Calf Stretchy Over The Knee Riding Boots (Medium Width) Black SU (8)
  • Heel Height: 1.25". Model Size: Shoe Size: 9; Calf...
  • FEATURES: High quality stretchy faux suede, pull...
  • 100% vegan material. TPR rubber out-sole, finished...

These best over-the-knee boots are made of a stretchy material that allows them to go above your knees. If you have wide calves and have been looking for knee boots to suit your feet, these are the boots for you. The calf measurements go up to 21 inches and make these knee boots great for plus-sized women.

The low heel makes these knee boots perfect for walking long distances and terrains that require more stability. The drawback of these knee boots is that they come in only two colors. However, you can walk in these shoes for miles without getting tired.

If you prefer high-heeled knee boots, you can browse other options by this brand. Unfortunately, these knee boots are only available in sizes 7-10.

  • Pros
  • Great for people with large calves
  • Good for walking long distances
  • Made of 100% vegan material
  • Comfortable
  • Cons
  • Only available in two colors
  • Don't have size 5 and 6

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Over the Knee Boots

1. Leg fit

One of the most important factors to consider the buying knee boots is whether or not they fit your legs. However, when it comes to the knee boot, it's not just about whether or not it fits your foot; you also have to consider your leg.

The best thing is to ensure that the shaft of the knee boot fits well to your leg so that you can get a nice elongated appearance. Also, ensure that the best over-the-knee boots you choose are not baggy or ill-fitting at the top.

Wearing knee boots that don't stay up can make your whole appearance look untidy. Better to buy a pair of knee boots that fit perfectly and cost higher than to have boots that will ruin your mood.

2. Material

Some people love the faux leather material for the knee boots, while others are okay with other materials. The critical thing to note is that the material can affect your comfort, especially during extreme weather conditions.

You also want to choose a material that won't sag with time or lose its shape. If you are on a budget but still want to slay in your knee boots, getting ones that are made of synthetic material will serve you well. Whatever kind of boots you choose, ensure that you get comfortable boots made of durable material.

3. Type of Heel

We've looked at various knee boots that come with different types of heels. Whether you want a block heel or no heel at all, ensure that you get one that suits your foot and lifestyle. Because most of our options are affordable, you can choose to get more than one pair.

4. Length

The length of the knee boot you choose can affect how you feel. Therefore, ensure that you choose the best length that goes with what you have in your wardrobe. Whether you are wearing a cool sweater or skinny jeans, consider the length that goes well with your outfit.

The world of fashion has always adored knee boots that add a little spice to your outfit. First, ensure that your legs are comfortable in whatever you choose. Then, choose the OTK boots that speak to your personality and mood.

5. Color

Our first three OTK boots above come in numerous colors that you can choose from. This gives you the freedom to choose as many OTK boots as you like to match your wardrobe. The most common OTK boots come in black, brown, white, or light brown.

You can also get other finishes that are more stylish. Choose the OTK boots that come in the color that you want. Whether it's bold colors like purple, red, blue, or pink, you can always get the OTK boots that you want. Ensure that you also choose the heel that works for you, whether it's a block heel or higher.

6. Details

We've looked at the various colors. Now, let's look at some of the details that come with many OTK boots. For example, you can go for OTK boots with a lace tie at the top for added security that your boot won't slide down.

Other details are zippers, buckles, and even fringes. If you want simple OTK boots, you can also get those. Whether it's a leather or suede knee boot, ensure that you pay attention to the other details so that you can determine that it is indeed the boot for you.

7. Circumference

Always look at the circumference of the OTK boots you are choosing before settling for them. This ensures that they don't end up slouching after a few weeks or months of you wearing them. You can also choose OTK boots that have laces on them so that you can adjust them as you see fit.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Should I size up in the best over-the-knee boots?

Ensure that the top circumference of your boots always remains snug around your calves for the best appearance. Don't leave more than a quarter of an inch of space at the very top of your knee boots.

2. Is your boot size the same as your shoe size?

No. Your knee boot size can be different from your shoe size. More often than not, you'll find that the size of your OTK boots is bigger than your average shoe size. Therefore, keep this in mind as you choose your knee boots above.

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