Doesn’t it feel great when, at the end of the day, you get to kick off your work shoes, in which you’ve been standing up all day, and you finally get to put on your favorite pair of lazy slippers, sandals, or… (if it’s hot out) flip flops with arch support?

I understand completely.

I do it too! 😀

But the problem is that too many people don’t take supportive footwear, outside of their every day footwear, seriously enough.

Those $10 flip flops aren’t going to cut it.

Not if you’ve got flat feet or fallen arches, they won’t…

Even for footwear that you wear ‘on the side’, it holds that you’re going to need to provide yourself with the most comfortable support you can find.

It’s no good to be wearing low quality, cheaply built, plastic flip flops as soon as you kick off your super supportive, steel toe work boots. Or your arch supporting nurse clogs. Or your waterproof, breathable hiking boots, for that matter.

Supporting your feet is always important.

Do yourself a grand favor. When buying footwear on the side, come read this guide and rest assured that you will buy quality footwear only, reviewed by the Boot Bomb!

This page currently contains a number of older reviews from 2019. No worries, because flip flops from previous years are still acceptable in this year!

I have just added 20 extra reviews, all of which are way more detailed than the older ones. I also recently added my hands on review of Hari Mari’s Nokona flip flops. Be sure to check that one out, because they’re killer!

The flip flop season of 2021 is going to be here pretty soon. Be sure to check back regularly, because I am always updating my pages. And if you like what you see here, tell a friend!

Best 21 Flip Flops With Arch Support For Women In 2021

1. FitFlop Women's Leather Lattice Surfa Floral

If you are looking for a pair of flip-flops that are easy to wear, comfortable, make you feel good and you can wear them with a wide range of seasonal outfits, then you don’t have to go any further. The FitFlop Leather Lattice Surfa Floral is a match for your needs and preferences. These flip flops with arch support for plantar fasciitis will take care of your feet the entire day while providing relief from foot pain. From your home to your mailbox, these arch support flippers are perfect for tired feet and aching knees, especially for people with flat arches. In short, they are ideal for wearing in the house as well as anytime you want to attend to various chores outside.

Featuring a leather upper, these flip flops come with the American Podiatric Seal of Acceptance, meaning that health experts have already approved them. Apart from being strong and durable, they come with slip-resistant rubber outsole. Therefore, you can walk with them on different surfaces, and you don’t have to worry about slipping or sliding. The perforated leather uppers ensure your feet can breathe comfortably while the seamless in-built arch midsole will conform to your feet for additional comfort and support. You can combine them with different outfits in your wardrobe. These flip flops with arch support for narrow feet might require a few hours to break in. But after that, you will enjoy comfort and support with every step.

  • Superior arch support
  • Excellent fit
  • Cute and comfortable
  • Not recommended for wide feet
Boot Bomb Rating:

2. Crocs Capri V Sequin Casual Lightweight Beach Flip Flop

Crocs is a global leader when it comes to informal footwear. Their sandals are renowned for their comfort, convenience, and style. And the Capri V Sequin is no exception. Just like their name suggests, these flip flops are adorned with elegant sequins, which makes them easy to match with your favorite shorts, dresses or anything else in your wardrobe that you prefer to wear when relaxing. Featuring Croslite foam footbeds and insoles, these arch support flip flops are incredibly comfortable, lightweight, and ready for anything that the day has to offer. Also, they are durable and well made.

In this 5th version, you will get all the great features found in the previous versions, combined with modern technologies. They are thinner and prettier compared to the earlier versions but equipped with a heel mug cradle and a smooth profile to deliver utmost comfort. Their heel is slightly raised to give them a feminine touch. Furthermore, the soft leather straps provide a soft feel against your skin, therefore improving their comfort. And their rubber outsoles provide enough traction, making them suitable for indoor and outdoor applications. Whether you are looking for flip-flops that you can wear after work, or you just want something that can keep your feet comfortable during summer, the Capri V Sequin is versatile enough for all these applications.

  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Sturdy and well-made
  • Incredible arch support
Boot Bomb Rating:

3. FitFlop Lulu Thong Sandal

If you want to purchase only one pair of flip flops for the season, then you should try out the FitFlop Lulu Thong Sandal. These leather LULUS are made from minimalist leather, ensuring that they will not break down within a month or so. They are durable, taking you from one season to the other. They are gorgeous, simple and minimalist, featuring a classic triangle on the top. They give your feet amazing ergonomic comfort. Other features include the micro-fiber lined upper, that provides you with a soothing and comfortable effect during your walk. It also has a height-enhancing midsole. For shock absorption, they come with the biomechanically engineered, ultra-comfortable standard Microwobbleboard midsole. This midsole also gives you diffusion of underfoot pressure instantly. They have a built-in arch contour that provides a generous fit. They don’t even need a break in period, since they fit straight out of the box. The styling is very classic while the broad instep panel keeps it strapped to narrow feet snugly. You can wear them anywhere, since they are pretty dressy as well.

Boot Bomb Rating:

4. OluKai Ohana Sandal

The Olukai Ohana is one of the best flip flops with good arch support. They are highly rated all over the world due to their overall quality, versatility, style, durability and comfort. Whether you are doing short hikes, bike riding, lounging around or just fetching groceries, you can wear these comfortably everywhere you go. They feel broken in when you put them on for the first time. And it will conform to your feet, providing good comfort immediately. They are super supportive and incredibly comfortable. Apart from the footbed that conforms to the foot instantly, it has been lined with a material known as ICEVA for a velvety feel. You can wear them for different occasions. In terms of fit, they have been sized well. If you wear a size 12, it is advisable to maybe go for size 11.5. Although they might start out as a little too snug, they will stretch slightly after sometime, for a perfect fit. Unlike other flip flops, the toe strap fitted on this one is extremely soft. This eliminates the chances of developing blisters pretty much completely. Featuring compression-molded EVA midsoles, together with ICEVA drop-in footbed, you will feel as if you are walking on clouds. The arch is supportive and firm. It provides a personalized feel. Proper lateral and medial support reduces pains and aches, while promoting a healthier functioning of the foot. It has a generous toe box, allowing natural movement of your toes. The OluKai Ohanas are very popular, and for good reason. They give you great balance and excellent comfort.

Boot Bomb Rating:

5. Orthaheel by Vionic Tide Sequins Orthotic Sandals

Adorned with sequins, these sandals are guaranteed to provide you the all day comfort you need, wherever you go. When it comes to fit, they are true to size. They aim to reduce stress on your ankles, knees and feet. They feature orthaheel technology, together with orthotic support for realigning the feet. For traction, they have a durable rubber outsole. It is able to maintain a good grip on different surfaces. If you are looking for flip flops for wide feet, then the Orthaheel by Vionic Tide Sequins Orthotic Sandals are a good choice. They have built in, pronounced arch support, which makes walking very comfortable and easy. These flip flops with metatarsal support, will see to it that you will not suffer from any more pain in the ball of your foot. They are very lightweight as well. The moment they come into contact with water or moisture, they dry very fast in the sun. If you have plantar fasciitis, which negatively impacts the quality of your life, these are good sandals to go for. From the moment you wear them, your heel pain will start to decrease. They have a footbed that has a deep heel cup and a contoured arch support, to improve stability. It supports flat feet and keeps the foot in its natural position. They are very successful in controlling over pronation. Other great features include a woven, soft toe post, built-in orthotic footbed, deep heel cup for alignment and stability and a durable TPR outsole, fitted with geometric tread pattern for reliable traction.

Boot Bomb Rating:

6. Vionic Unisex Wave Toe Post Sandal

Available in different colors, the Vionic Unisex Wave Toe Post Sandal gives you a wide range of options to choose from, in terms of style. It is recommended by podiatrists worldwide, since they have been designed to alleviate discomfort and pain, which is associated with many foot conditions. It has a lightly padded, soft jersey lining, together with a mesh-webbing upper enhanced with top stitching. It features textured dots, which have been intentionally added to enhance grip. On top of that, there is an inbuilt, biomechanical orthotic footbed, featuring a deep heel cup and arch support for cradling the foot. There is also Tri-planar motion control that reduces pronation, because the foot is restored to its natural position. This ensures proper alignment while standing or walking. It gives you good comfort. Featuring APMA recognized orthaheel technology, it has been finished with rubber outsoles. The outsoles have a wave-patterned tread, which provides reliable traction, even on wet surfaces.

Boot Bomb Rating:

7. FitFlop The Skinny Flip-Flop

This Skinny flip flop from FitFlop is ultra comfortable, featuring a beautiful buckle detail, adjustable uppers and metallic leather, for that subtle touch of luxury. They are attractive, gorgeous and stylish. They are very slim and lightweight, making you feel as if you are walking on feathers. The metallic buckle on the upper can be adjusted to accommodate feet of various sizes. The Microwobbleboard midsole provides instant underfoot pressure diffusion, as well as shock absorption. Although the uppers are made of leather, they do stretch after wearing them for some time, reducing the stiffness and preventing the formation of blisters. Once they stretch out, you can adjust the buckle, in case they feel loose. The buckle feature is also ideal for people with narrow feet. These are available in different colors, giving you a options when deciding what to wear with them. if you have foot health issues, then you understand how important it is to buy comfortable footwear. They have one of the most comfortable foot beds you will have ever walked on. The support and performance is top-notch. The durability of the leather upper is second to none. These sandals can be worn on any occasion.

Boot Bomb Rating:

8. Vionic Karina Toe Post Sandal

Flirty and fun is the right description for these amazing sandals. They feature a bold metal ring, taking their style from simplicity to sensational. A podiatrist recommended footbed, featuring orthaheel technology, provides additional comfort. Whether you are going for a night out on the town, or spending a weekend at the beach, they are perfect for different occasions. The upper has been fitted with an adjustable buckle, which allows them to be worn by people with all sorts of foot widths. A flexible, lightweight EVA midsole absorbs shocks and reduces stress exerted on the knees, ankles and feet. The rubber outsoles have been designed with a wave-patterned tread, for offering reliable traction, when walking or standing on different surfaces. The biomechanical, podiatrist design orthotic footbed has a deep heel cup. Its Orthaheel technology provides support and stability. It realigns feet to their natural position. It has been recommended by podiatrists as the ideal for plantar fasciitis flip flop, since it helps in relieving common causes of knee and heel pain, associated with flat feet and over-pronation. The fit is true to size. It also does not require a break-in period. They have been recommended by Dr. Andrew Weil.

Boot Bomb Rating:

9. Rainbow Sandals Premier Leather Double Stack

These sandals are among the most comfortable in the market today. A double Rainbow layer provides your foot with extra room for sinking in when walking or standing. These narrow strap sandals give your feet a feel of comfort, without feeling squeezed or compressed. These have been designed to serve you for a long time, without the need for an extra pair of sandals. They are super comfortable and the construction is top quality. If you are looking for extra padding and support, then the double leather stack will do the job just fine. The break in period is minimal, and you will be able to walk comfortably in them after that, without experiencing any pain or discomfort. They mold to your feet within a short period. On the other hand, the footbed is made of soft and smooth leather, giving your feet a velvety platform to rest on. Leather footbeds are preferred because they breathe easily and do not retain bad odors, like synthetics do. The arch support is great and allows for easy movement.

Boot Bomb Rating:

10. Vionic Floriana Toe Post Sandal

These flip flops with decorations are available in both wide and medium feet to accommodate different feet. The insole is cushioned, featuring FMT technology, which has proved to be very successful in reducing overpronation. They are gorgeous and beautiful, decorated with gems. You are sure to impress the crowd, wherever you set foot. Supporting their style is the unmatched comfort from orthaheel technology. The upper is richly textured, with rivet detailing and earthy stone. The flexible and lightweight EVA midsole absorbs shocks, diffuses underfoot pressure and helps to reduce stress on the ankles, knees and feet. Just like other flip flops from Vionic, these also have a durable outsole that comes with a wave-patterned tread, which offers good traction on different surfaces. Additionally, there is the microfiber-covered podiatrist-designed EVA footbed featuring Orthaheel technology. This helps in reducing over-pronation and providing biomechanical support and stability. This technology also helps in relieving common causes of knee and heel pain, normally associated with flat feet. They fit true to size. However, those whose feet run around a half size, should probably order down. If you are going on a vacation and you plan on doing a lot of walking, then this would be a really cute flip flop to bring along. It is available in six unique designs and colors to match your style.

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11. Vionic Lizbeth Arch Support Flip Flop

At Vionic, comfort is top priority when designing footwear. For resort style or high summer, the Vionic Lizbeth Arch Support Flip Flop features luxurious leather, hammered metal embellishments and an adjustable back strap for a glided appeal. The flexible, lightweight EVA midsole acts as a shock absorber, which reduces stress on the ankles, feet and knees. It features a durable rubber outsole, that has tread patterns for reliable traction on a wide range of surfaces. They look great and provide all-round comfort, especially for people who experience pain in the ball of the foot. They are supportive, comfortable and ideal for relieving foot pain. If you are looking for dressy sandals, which are comfortable, without compromising your style, then these are a good choice for you. Whenever you have them on your feet, you will as if you have slipped on a high end pair of arch support running shoes, that’s just how comfortable they feel! If you want to walk for many hours and remain both dressy as well as comfortable, these are perfect. If you have high arches, then these will complement them well. Your feet will always remain comfortable and properly supported.

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12. Reef Fanning Flip Flop

The Reef Fanning Flip Flop is a versatile flip flop with very high levels of performance and comfort. One of its unique features is the presence of a bottle opener fitted on the outsole. This is great feature for those of you who enjoy the occasional refreshment, but always manage to forget to carry a bottle opener with them. Their fit and overall comfort is something that you will definitely appreciate. They have a soft footbed, which conforms to the foot easily, without having to break it in. They have been constructed with thick material on the footbed, thus cushioning the feet from any shocks, resulting from walking on uneven terrain. Moreover, the heel has been fitted with an airbag, for that extra level heel support. This feature is mostly found in completely different kinds of footwear, such as basketball shoes. These flip flops for wide feet fit securely, minimizing lateral movement when walking. Another great feature is their fantastic stability. The CMEVA technology makes them extremely durable and strong. You should expect them to last for several years. The toe strap, which breaks down fast in most other flip flops, is very thick and properly integrated into the rest of the flip flop. The area beneath the balls of the toes, which is normally worn out fast by most people, has been made very thick. The traction offered is great and dependable.

Boot Bomb Rating:

13. SOLE Sport Flip-Flop

If you are looking for a water-friendly, versatile, and comfortable flip flops, then you should stick to these SOLE Sports. You can wear them to the park, beach, pool or just when you are lounging around in your home. They feature a molded footbed that shapes to the contours of your feet. The footbed has also been treated with antimicrobial agents, which helps to reduce odors. They have been designed with an orthopedic footbed, to provide heel support and maximum arch support. These are two important features, especially for those suffering from plantar fasciitis. As previously indicated, these are waterproof. They have a non-marking outsole, that provides dependable traction on surfaces of various types. They have also been fitted with a forefoot cushioning pad, which is a really great additional benefit. When wearing these flip flops, leg and heel pain is significantly reduced. The construction is high quality, making them durable, whether they are being used outdoors or indoors. They require a minimal break-in period. Their comfort level increases as you continue to wear them. If you have high arches, then the arch support provided by them, will surely be to your liking. They are scientifically designed to support the arch and the heel of the foot. This stabilizes your gait, while ensuring that the structures in the legs and feet maintain a safer, more neutral position.

Boot Bomb Rating:

14. OluKai Paniolo Sandal

The Olukai Paniolo features a full-grain, soft antiqued leather upper, combined with a comfortable lining made of pigskin. To keep your feet comfortable and stable all day, they have a compression-molded, anatomical EVA midsole. The footbed has been designed with a saddle-inspired, double row microstitch feature, making them look stylish. It comes with a gum rubber outsole, featuring fish scale texture. It is enhanced with natural burlap fibers. They are true to size and don’t require any break-in period. They are comfortable enough to be worn all day long, as well as stylish enough to wear them for to different events. The arch support that they offer, is excellent, allowing you to wear them for a long time, without experiencing any foot pain or fatigue. They are functional and comfortable at the same time. You will enjoy wearing these for sure. The seams are tight and the bottoms hold up perfectly. This makes sure that they do not fall apart easily. They come with a unique pattern and they are stylish enough to combine them with different kinds of beachwear. These super cute flip flops are going to make you the star of the beach!

Boot Bomb Rating:

15. Rainbow Sandals Women's Single Layer Premier Leather Sandal

If you are looking for a pair of lightweight and comfortable pair of arch support flip flops, then you should check out the Rainbow Sandals Single Layer. Similar to other flip flops from this brand, these sandals are hand-crafted using utmost precision and high-quality materials, resulting in a pair that is not only comfortable but also durable.

From the beach to the city, Africa or Asia, these flip-flops will keep your feet amazingly comfortable, regardless of where your adventures take you. Unlike other flip flops on the market, these sandals are designed to mold to your feet, thus making sure that your feet have adequate cushioning and arch support. When they are new, they might feel a bit rigid and hard. But with time, they will eventually conform to your feet, depending on your walking patterns. And when that happens, these sandals will feel as if they were custom-made for your feet.

In terms of construction, these rainbow arch support flip flops feature genuine, high-quality leather, double stitching, as well as military-grade ballistic nylon fabric between the toes. Also, all the pieces are triple glued long-term use. They are incredibly stylish, comfy and highly functional. Furthermore, these sandals also feature a non-slip bottom, to ensure safety and security. Whether you are walking along the beach, strolling in town or walking your dog after work, these trendy and modern sandals are perfect for all your summertime escapades.

  • Well built
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Trendy and stylish
  • A bit rigid when new
Boot Bomb Rating:

16. Propet Hartley Sandal

The Propet Hartley Sandals are easy wearing sandals that provide reliable support and comfort, everywhere you go. They feature the Rejuve Motion Technology from Propet. This technology encourages a natural stride and it also relieves and comforts joint pain in the lower body. This technology has been recommended by podiatrists. You can be sure to walk comfortably in these, every step of the way. They are available in medium and wide sizes. Nubuck leather has been used to grace the thong upper. The uppers have also been lined with neoprene to provide soft and breathable comfort. The contoured insole is fitted with microfiber lining. It works well with the EVA midsole for all day cushioning, support and comfort. There is also a high performance rubber, for providing durability and traction. They are available in different colors to meet your personal needs. They have been designed and manufactured to give you the highest levels of comfort. These Propet Hartleys will give you right amount of support, especially in those sensitive areas.

Boot Bomb Rating:

17. Clarks Wave Coast Flip Flop

Clarks is a brand renowned for production of high quality footwear and the Wave Coast does not disappoint. It features a curved rocker sole, which conserves energy, cushions the joints and absorbs shocks. It is a great choice if you are looking for footwear for warm weather. The adjustable strap provides a secure fit. On the other hand, an EVA footbed provides extra cushioning. They are comfortable and lightweight. But they still maintain their stylish look, which makes them suitable for different kinds of events. They provide wonderful cushioning, great support, and excellent pressure diffusion, to make sure that there is not an ounce of pain to be felt in your ankles, knees or feet. They have been designed with Wave technology, which allows for easy motion. They have great traction, which lets you get a firm grip, even on wet surfaces. The adjustable strap also helps to prevent them from slapping against the foot while walking. The Clarks Wave Coast Flip Flop is dressy enough, that you can wear them to weddings and business events. Casual events, too. They can be combined with different outfits. When they have been exposed to water or moisture, they are not as slippery as other sandals. They are highly durable, keeping your feet happy for a long time.

Boot Bomb Rating:

18. OluKai Ui Sandal

Whether you spend your entire time on flip-flops, or you just like to wear them during summer weekends, these flip flops will change your perceptions, regarding warm weather footwear. It provides incredible stability and support, which you’d normally only expect from, say, tennis shoes. The anatomically contoured midsole provides the necessary amount of arch support, while the grippiness of the insert footbed ensures that your foot remains firmly in place. This ensures that these flip flops are highly comfortable and their overall stability is increased. When walking over rocky or rough terrain, they will always maintain their shape while, making sure that your feet do not experience any uncomfortable shocks. The upper is made of metallic or full grain leather straps. They also come with a soft microbial lining, with a hand-sewn leather toe post. The footbed features molded high-character leather, that has been placed over soft ICEVA. It comes with a contour plate to provide long lasting stability and support. The traction provided is excellent, thanks to the non-marking outsole, which features a flowing seaweed tread pattern. These OluKais have all the features that you need in a sandal.

Boot Bomb Rating:

19. Oofos OOriginal Thong Sandal Steel

Not only is this a high quality pair of flip flops for a decent price, but they also come with a free foot roller massager. What’s not to like? They come with a footbed that has been especially patented to provide excellent impact absorption as well as speeding up recovery. The innovative design and the proprietary footbed used in the making of it, provide the wearer with an amazing sensation. If you have plantar fasciitis, you can wear them for a long time, without feeling any pain or discomfort in your feet. They provide more support than your conventional flip flops. They have been fitted with foam beneath the heel and ball of the foot to provide you with ample cushioning, whenever you are walking on hard surfaces. The underside of the outsole features a grid pattern, with two intersecting channels. This has been done to give it super reliable traction. As previously stated, if you have plantar fasciitis, they will help you with your recovery process. They will also help you prevent it in the future. One of their main benefits is the incredible amount of arch support. Additionally, the arches don’t come into direct contact with the ground, giving you reliable cushioning.

Boot Bomb Rating:

20. FitFlop Women's Florrie Toe-Thong Sandal

If you are looking for a pair of flip flops that will provide support, stability, adequate cushioning, and comfort, then the Flit Flop Florrie Thong sandal is a perfect match for your needs. Designed with comfort and style in mind, this pair of arch support flip flops will keep your feet feeling comfortable and looking great. It’s a perfect match for your requirements and preferences.

These orthopedic arch support flip flops come with synthetic leather uppers, featuring microfiber lining. Even if you wear them the whole day exploring a new city, you will not experience any form of discomfort. They also feature a biomechanically engineered footbed, designed to provide the right amount of support, underfoot cushioning, and stability. Also, they come with in-built arch support, making them perfect for people with flat arches.

The FitFlop Florrie Thong sandal also comes with an APMA Seal of Acceptance, meaning you are getting a high-quality footwear product. These flip flops are extremely versatile. You can wear them to the beach, shopping, dog walking or even inside the house. These flip flops with arch support for plantar fasciitis, are designed to offer long-term durability and performance. And with their slip-resistant and skid-resistant rubber outsole, you can walk with them on a wide range of surfaces, and you don’t have to worry about losing your footing and injuring yourself. They are stylish, sleek, lightweight and can be worn by anyone, whether you have narrow feet or wide feet.

  • Superb arch support
  • Comfortable, breathable and lightweight
  • Exceptional slip resistance
  • Stylish, cute and versatile
Boot Bomb Rating:

21. Aerothotic Women's Arch Support

The Aerothotic Orthotic Comfort is a functional and comfortable pair of indoor and outdoor sandals specifically designed for women. These arch support flip flops are made of high-quality straps, designed to stand the test of time. The straps are padded, sturdy and comfortable. At the same time, the PU injected midsole is engineered to target pressure points on your foot, thus eliminating heel and back pain. Besides that, they will improve your gait and posture, making sure the pressure exerted on your feet by the rest of the body is equally distributed.

If you are looking for water resistant arch support slippers, then you should check out the Aerothotic Orthotic Comfort. Apart from being water resistant, these sandals dry quite fast, making them perfect for the beach or other activities that involve water. One of the reasons why people consider the Aerothotic Orthotic Comfort as one of the best arch support flip flops on the market is their versatility. You can wear during your vacation, fetching groceries in the city, beach parties and other outdoor activities. Also, you can wear them indoors after a long day at work, to allow your feet to breathe and enjoy the fresh air.

As one of the top-rated arch support flip flops for outdoor enthusiasts, these sandals are both flexible and lightweight. In fact, they are so light that you will barely notice you are wearing anything on your feet. Also, they are easy and comfortable to wear, cute and stylish. They are a perfect solution for any woman who has flat arches.

  • Great design
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Excellent support for plantar fasciitis
Boot Bomb Rating:

How To Decorate Flip Flops At Home

Top 5 Flip Flops With Arch Support For Men In 2020

1. Vionic Bryce Toe Post

If you haven’t been hiding under a rock as of late, then you will know that Vionic is a leader in the foot health industry. They specialize in motion control footwear. The Bryce Toe Post is one of the best flip flops they have to offer. They are made of leather with a triple density EVA sole, which will give you great stability and cushioning. There is also a VIBRAM outsole with this flip flop, which is going to give you great traction, no matter what surface you are walking on. These are pretty pricey, but you get a good brand for your money. The build quality is pretty solid and they give you really great arch support. These will make a plantar fasciitis sufferer a happy camper again.

Boot Bomb Rating:

2. Vionic with Orthaheel Technology Ryder Thong Sandals

The Vionic Orthaheel Ryder is a pair of versatile men’s sandals, designed to deliver in-built comfort as well as all-day support. Designed by podiatrists, these arch support flip flops will allow your feet to breathe as you enjoy their support. If you have been experiencing pain caused by plantar fasciitis, flat feet or overpronation, then these sandals are highly recommended. The rear part of these sandals comes with a deep heel cup, which promotes motion control while preventing overpronation. On the other hand, the flexible and lightweight EVA midsoles diffuse impact and absorb shock, while reducing stress.

The straps are adjustable for an optimal fit. They are also foam lined to prevent irritation, hot spots, blisters, and any other discomfort. You can use these sandals as your main summer footwear since they are equipped with rubber outsoles that provide incredible traction. You can also use them as indoor sandals to help your feet to relax after a long day. Also, these sandals are recommended for people who are recovering from various foot conditions. For maintenance, you just need to wipe the dirt with a piece of damp cloth, dry them for a few minutes, and you are ready to hit the beach. As much as most men tend to focus on comfort as opposed to style when buying footwear, you can have the best of both worlds with the Vionic Orthaheel Ryder. And with an APMA seal of acceptance, you can rest assured that you are purchasing a quality footwear product.

  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Great cushioning and arch support
Boot Bomb Rating:

3. SOLE Sport Flips

These flip flops have been accepted by the American Podiatric Medical Association (APMA). These flip flops are really good for sufferers of plantar fasciitis. It is lightweight, but at the same time gives you great foot support. It has an orthopedic food bed. Thanks to the heel cup, it has plenty of heel support. These SOLE sandals have non marking outsoles. They have a really great cushion pad in the forefoot as a bonus. They are also waterproof. These sandals have got to be the most versatile I have come across. While the strap might be too tight for some people’s tastes, they do give really great arch support. They look pretty smashing too, although I guess that would be subjective. The are made of a highly durable material and can be worn by people who have narrow feet. Maybe buy these a size bigger. The strap material might cause a few blisters in the first few days. But overall, this one comes highly recommended.

Boot Bomb Rating:

4. Chaco Flip EcoTread

Chaco has designed and engineered these flip flops to be “flips without flops”. They are really great for people who feel driven up the wall by the clacking sound that every step makes when they are wearing regular sandals. These EcoTread flips have a nicely contoured heel cup and therefore great arch support for comfortable wear. They also have a polyurethane foot bed, meaning they do really well at absorbing shocks. They are also slip resistant, so good for wearing on slippery surfaces. You may want to order these 1/2 a size bigger. The footbed could take some time to get used to as well. Other than that, they are good for wide feet. They’re comfortable and give great support for plantar fasciitis. They also score high in the durability department.

Boot Bomb Rating:

5. Spenco PolySorb Total Support Yumi

If you are dead serious about getting great support and comfort, then these sandals are for you. You are getting a lot of arch support with these, considering they have a very nicely contoured footbed, which is compression molded. Spenco has plenty of reputable footwear products. The Spenco name is pretty much a synonym for high quality orthotic inserts, which are known to promote foot health. These might not be the most durable according to some reviewers. They cause scuffing on some floors. Not everybody likes the design, but then again… some people kinda do. They give good support for overweight people, while being lightweight themselves. They will give you stable support for walking and other, more streneous, activities. Medium arch support. Good for flat feet.

Boot Bomb Rating:

Top 5 Flip Flops With Arch Support For Women In 2020

1. Orthaheel Tide Slide

As you expect, Orthaheel once again leads the list. And this is for a good reason, too. People who have bought these and worn these to combat plantar fasciitis and heel pain, are totally in love with these sandals. They have incredibly deep heel cups, giving you excellent arch support. If you are suffering from improper motion control, then these flip flops will stabilize your gait. Orthaheel specializes in super high quality footwear. These have incredibly high arches. They will definitely take some getting used to. Some people need to order these 1/2 a size down. They are on the pricey side, but do offer great quality in return. They will support your heels, knees as well as your back. They are available in a number of designs. They generally receive good reviews from people who suffer from plantar fasciitis. They have a short break in period, but after that… it’s nothing but excellent, comfortable support.

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2. OluKai ‘Ohana

This is one of the most popular arch supporting sandals for women that are currently on the market. They have really great arch support, all the while having a really fashionable design. The EVA midsoles are compression molded. They have a soft drop in footbed. So you can rest assured that these are going ot be really comfortable and supportive at the same time. If you just so happen to be a vegan, then you will be happy to learn that there are 0% animal products in here. You probably don’t want to get these if you have very wide feet. And they’ll take some getting used to for all the rest. However, they are very comfortable and give good support for high arches. They are easy to clean and maintain. Plantar fasciitis sufferers are going to love these for sure.

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3. Spenco PolySorb Total Support Yumi

Orthoheel isn’t the only brand in town that knows a thing or two about supportive footwear. Spenco is also a major player. These PolySorb Yumi sandals come with a very deep heel cup. They have orthotic grade arch support, which really helps you deal with heel pain. These are some great flip flops for plantar fasciitis. These sandals have a cushioned forefoot. The soles are non marking. It is also lightweight. No wonder this flip flop gets a lot of really good reviews. For some,the toe strap can be a little uncomfortable. Some people have complained about the cheap feel and the fact that the soles might be a bit too thin. These are suitable for fallen arches. You have lots of design choices. They’re highly comfortable.

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4. FitFlop Women's Surfa Flip-Flop

Whether you are relaxing by the poolside or running to fetch groceries from the store, the FitFlop Surfa flip flops will provide you with the support and comfort that you need. Lightweight and flexible, your feet will thank you once you get yourself a pair of these orthopedic arch support flip flops. The straps are made of sturdy textile material, while the sole is made of synthetic. With such a combination of high-quality materials, these sandals will not fall apart any time soon.

These flip flops come with the APMA seal of acceptance, meaning they have passed the necessary standards when it comes to foot health. Their base is biomechanically engineered to support your arches while making sure that your feet remain comfortable every time you are wearing them. And with the slip-resistant rubber outsole, you can rest assured that these arch support flip flops for women will protect you from issues such as slipping or sliding. You can wear them with different outfits such as jeans, a wet suit or your favorite pair of shorts whenever you are outdoors. If you are using them for water-based activities, then you will appreciate their fast-drying capabilities. Also, they fit great and you will never experience blisters, hot spots or any other discomfort that may arise from wearing sandals.

  • Reliable support
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Cute and trendy
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5. Chaco Flip EcoTread

Once again, we have a Chaco flip in our list. They flip, but they don’t flop. These have a slip resistant pattern, making them good for slippery surfaces. The polyurethane bed makes them very cushiony. They are really great for outdoors people. They have really great arch support, so you can be sure that your feet are going to be stable and comfortable in these. They are fairly pricey and fit a bit loose on some people. Some have said that the foot bed is on the stiff side. On the other hand, they look really good, have great outsole grip and are very comfortable on the arches. They are really good for long walks and even mild sports activities. They are also very durable.

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Why Get Flip Flops With Arch Support?

If you are suffering from heel pain because of plantar fasciitis, and your pain comes and goes throughout the day, but never really leaves… then you might wanna consider rethinking your foot pain treatment plan. It could very well be that you are already wearing orthotic shoes during the day, thinking this will solve the problem once and for all. But what matters is also what you wear once you get home from work. A lot of people like to wear slippers. But you can also go for flip flops with plantar fasciitis support. Flip flops are much less invasive, but can give you lots of support as well. Flip flops can be very convenient for when it’s sunny outside and you are thinking about going to the beach. Sometimes, it will be too hot to wear anything else than sandals.

If you are serious about relieving your heel pain, then you should really make sure that your feet have support all day long. You will have to avoid all barefoot walking during your day, because your plantar fascia ligament is going to need all the support it can get. I’m going to be honest with you… sandals will never provide you with the same level of support that full blown shoes or boots will give you. But flip flops with arch support will definitely give you an edge over regular, flat sandals.

Whether you are going outside to empty your mailbox, or simply running an errand in your local super market. Flip flops that give your arches good support, can give your painful heels the boost they need.

What Are The Benefits of Wearing Flip Flops?

The trouble with sandals is that they offer no ankle support whatsoever. You’d have to get ankle braces if you wanted ankle support with flip flops. They barely offer any kind of foot support at all. Flip flops, however, can really help you out with your aching arches. But not all flip flops are created equal. It all depends on which ones you buy, ofcourse.

Just like slippers that support your arches, wearing sandals around the home can certainly offer you more than a few benefits:

You will be able to have arch support at moments where shoes or other kinds of footwear are no option, such as going to the store or just walking around the house. They are really great for indoor usage, providing your feet some breathing room after a long day at work. Switching your regular shoes for sandals will save wear & tear on your regular shoes. They are easy to put on and to take off, so they are very convenient indeed. They are even more breathable than slippers are.

What Makes For A Good Pair Of Flip Flops?

There isn’t a whole lot of things to keep in mind when you are searching for the best pair of flip flops for plantar fasciitis, but there are definitely a few key points that you may want to consider before buying.

Naturally, you want your flip flops to have a comfortable foot strap, and they must also provide proper arch support. They have to give you motion stability, using a deep heel cup. They will need to be both functional as well as comfortable (so they must make you comfortable, all the while alleviating your foot pain). You must go for a brand that is known to focus on foot health. Your flip flops must have good reviews, to let you know they will indeed heel your foot pain.

Typical Complaints About Plantar Fasctiitis Flip Flops?

1. They may take a little time to get used to, depending on how much you hate having super strong heel support.

2. You will never get ankle support (or even full foot support) from sandals.

3. A new pair of flip flops can cost more than simply adding an orthotic to slippers or shoes you already own.

Clinical Research Into Plantar Fasciitis Flip Flops

To the best of my knowledge, there have been no studies performed in the area of wearing flip flops for plantar fasciitis. However, there have been a few studies over the past few years, which have shown the efficacy of making use of orthotics in combination with other treatment options.

One study that I recall reading, had been performed in order to find out what benefits foot orthotics would have in those suffering from plantar fasciitis. When this study ended after 4 weeks, it was concluded that orthotic correction has helped participants increase the function of their feet. It decreased their foot pain in a matter of weeks, thereby increasing the quality of their lives. There are plenty of flips flops on the market today, which have been designed with foot orthotics in mind. They will correct your excessive over pronation and give you strong arch support.

There was another trial that I have heard of, which has studied the long term and the short term benefits of wearing foot orthoses in combination with night splints. Based on these studies, I would say that it is safe to assume that, if you are suffering from plantar fasciitis, wearing a night splint in combination with wearing supportive sandals will help you cure your heel pain. I haven’t told you anything you didn’t know already, ofcourse… but now you have it confirmed.


There are plenty of options for those of you want to wear plantar fasciitis flip flops with arch support. A lot of these that I have reviewed, are designed to help you support your high or low arches. There are also plenty of reviews to check out, in case you need some more convincing. While sandals will never give you the same amount of support as shoes do, the once I have reviewed above are definitely comfortable enough that you can wear them for hours on end. Some of them won’t even flop, despite being flip flops. These non flopping flips can be a really great option for people who want their sandals to fit their feet as closely, comfortably and snugly as possible.

Check out my walking shoes navigation page to find more comfortable footwear.

All in all, any treatment plan for heel pain should be focused on providing your feet with constant, non stop support. For those of you who want a bit more comfort and breathability at the end of a long working day, supportive flip flops can really help you out. Thanks to your sandals, you’ll never have to go barefoot (read: without support). Please always make sure that your feet have the support they need, to prevent future foot pain, or heal existing heel pain.

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  1. Christine Carnavale

    where can i purchase

    1. Brian

      Click the links and you’ll be taken to Amazon.

  2. Michael Guterl

    if they dont carry half sizes, should I go up a half size? I am 11 and half and they only carry 11 and 12!

    1. Brian

      Difficult situation! One brand’s 11 might fit you like a glove, but the same could be true for another brand’s 12. If I were you, I would check out the Amazon product pages to see if your flip flops of choice run small or big. There is usually a ‘fits as expected’ score to be found on Amazon pages for footwear products.

      You’ve gotta aim before shooting the hoop. But you can still miss. If that happens, you can exchange them. It’s a bit of a hassle, but keep it up long enough and eventually you will always find something that fits well. Good luck!

    2. Jill Arnstein

      Do you know anything about Archie’s flip-flops? I was thinking about trying them. I really like Vionics but I’m looking for something a little bit less expensive. I have plantar fasciitis and need arch support. Thanx!

      1. Brian

        Hi Jill,

        I’ve got Archies myself. They have insane arch support. A little too much, even… and it doesn’t give way enough.

        I much prefer my Hari Maris.



  3. Pegge

    I purchased the OluKai Ohana Sandal on your recommendation and wore them all day yesterday and my feet have been killing me ever since. I am so very disappointed because I an planning a trip and was hoping to have a pair that were truly comfortable. These are not!!

    1. Brian

      Dear Pegge,

      Sorry to hear you didn’t like your OluKais. Maybe you just need to break them in for a few days. Maybe another pair of sandals will be more comfortable for you. Everybody’s feet are different.

      If you ever find a pair that of sandals you like, will you come back and let me know about it?



    2. Lovey

      That is weird. I can wear my OluKai Ohana’s all day at amusement parks and not have one issue. They are like tennis shoes for me. I own 5 pairs because they are so comfortable. What I like most about them is there is not a break in period. Not sure what happened to your shoes.

  4. Jennifer

    Hi Brian,
    I didn’t see any that had support for the metatarsal arch which helps people with a Morton’s neuroma. Do you know of any that help with that support?

    1. Brian

      Hi Jennifer,

      Try the Orthaheel by Vionics. Click through to Amazon and read the reviews.

      Reviewer ‘Ladybug’ writes that they really do the job for metatarsal pain!



  5. Amanda

    Super helpful article — thank you!! Can’t wait for my new Rainbow Double Stacks to arrive. They are currently have a free shipping promotion on their website if anyone else is interested!

    1. Brian

      Those Rainbows sure are nice! Almost makes me wish I had a pair of those for myself as well!

      Enjoy your Rainbows, Amanda!

  6. Rick

    I’m interested in a pair of sliders or flip-flops for vacay (fyi can’t stand things between my toes). I currently wear Asics with a high level of support (GEL-Kayano 22 & GT-2000 4) size 9 2e. Last year i tried basic crocs and adidas sliders and my feet, ankles, and knees hurt for days. Could you recommend something for me?


  7. Fauzia

    Hiya I have flat feet (arch less) which one can you reccomend ??

    1. Brian

      Hi Fauzia,

      It depends… what kind of support do you like to wear in your regular shoes?



  8. Chris

    What is your take on the brand “Reef”? Do they offer good support?

    1. Brian

      Hi Chris,

      Reefs are good! Amazon offers plenty of them, and with loads of good reviews, too.

      For many of them, the product description states they have good arch support. I believe it. You can tell just by looking at them.

      I would have no reservations at all trying out Reef flip flops!



  9. T.

    Any particular shoes recommended for bunyons?

    1. Brian

      Hi T,

      Bunions are usually located at the side of your feet. Since flip flops don’t have sides, they usually don’t exacerbate your bunions.

      Can you be more specific?



  10. Kaleen

    Why did you leave out Glitterflops? They are amazing.

    If you don’t believe me go to their Facebook page and read all the reviews. Each post has review and some of them have hundreds of reviews and testimonials and good things to say and they are freaking fantastic shoes!

    Pretty sure it has something to do with the half-inch of Orthofoam. It does have an arch support with a tennis shoe bottom. The shoes will last you 3 to 5 years. And best of all they have Swarovski Crystal on them.

    1. Brian

      Hi Kaleen,

      Thanks for pointing those out. I’ll make sure to check them out.



    2. Gwen

      Yikes! I just checked out glitterflops…..they are hideous!

  11. Solowayne

    What Pegge said is true. I,m also facing the same problem.

    1. Brian

      Hi Solowayne,

      Sorry to hear it. Be sure to let me know if you find something more to your liking, so that I can recommend it to my readers!



      1. Mary

        Hi Brian,
        What about Telics flip flops and also Spenco flip flop? . Both have good arch support and are super comfy!

        1. Brian

          Hi Mary,

          Thanks so much for the suggestions. I very well might put them on here soon!



  12. Cheryl

    What sandals to you recommend for high arches, narrow feet and some plantar fasciatis. Irun half marathons.

    1. Brian

      Hi Cheryl,

      I’d go with anything from Vionic myself.



  13. Larkin Hood

    I just developed Plantar Fasciitis. Prob from wearing too many cheap flat Flip Flops.
    Bought my first pair of Olu Kai’s & Love them.

    I would like to buy a pair of Strap Sandals for more Boating hiking, & water sports.
    White soles are preferred, but I guess not mandatory (boat deck scuffing).
    I tried Choco’s, & didn’t care for them (too heavy, strap too long, didn’t feel that good.
    I am looking at either Teva’s Terra-Float 2 Universals, or Vionic’s Nate Fishermans.
    Do you have any thoughts on these or others.

    Thank You,

    1. Brian

      Hi Larkin,

      By the sounds of it, you should probably have a look at our reviews on hiking sandals and water shoes.

      I think you’ll find something there!





    1. Brian

      Hi Golden Arm,

      You mean these?

      Thanks for the tip, I might include them in my reviews one day!



  15. Jainex

    My father has heel pain since last 4-5 yrs. He is standing continuously 6 to 7 hrs at one place since last 25 yr at their work place. I think to buy a good branded flip flop to relieve from this heel pain. Suggest me a good flip flop available in India for heel pain.

    1. Brian

      Hi Jainex,

      If your father has heel pain, then you must find out whether this is plantar fasciitis or not. If it is, you need to find a treatment plan asap.

      As far as good flip flops for heel pain… anything by Vionic would be a great choice. Not sure if they have those in India. I’ve never been there myself. You’ll have to look around for yourself.



  16. Jodee

    We’d love to have you check out Slappa’s Thongs! They’re designed in Darwin, Australia and will soon be available on Amazon US and AU.

    They offer amazing arch support and are made from EVA foam. Each thong is a single solid piece with no plug to pull out or seams to rub your foot wrong.

    We have thousands of customers and testimonials say it has helped their Plantar Fasciitis, back pain, heel pain and much more.

    Thanks for your time and consideration xx

    1. Brian

      Hi Jodee,

      Thanks for the tip. They look like fun flip flops. But I’m not seeing them on Amazon as of yet!



  17. Rebecca

    I have enjoyed your reviews. I would love to see some reviews of really good stylish and supportive shoes for women with large feet, 11, 12, 13, and wide in the large sizes. I am a size 12W and it is so difficult to find shoes that are both stylish and comfortable. I find shoes that are very comfortable but I have to buy a men’s size that look, well, masculine. I can’t find pink or purple or pretty cute adornments. If I do happen to come across something that semi looks feminine, they hurt my feet horribly. Would love to see some reviews and/or suggestions on women’s larger size shoes.

    1. Brian

      Hi Rebecca,

      Sorry to hear about your problems finding cute shoes. I agree with you that it is very important for a woman to be able to look cute, so I will help you out as good as I can!

      Sure, it’s hard finding large women’s shoes. But maybe you ought to have a look at diabetic shoes, for which I have a review page.

      Diabetic shoes are non binding, meaning that they are designed to leave room around your feet. For this reason, you could possibly find solance in these. I’ve seen some pretty cute Mary Janeses on that page!

      Although not in pink! 🙁

      Do you think this helps a little?

      Let me know how it goes for you.



  18. Roland


    I have been searching the web for sandals with extra arch support. For some reason, people are calling flip flop sandals.

    So far I have found only 1 pair from Australia that look close.

    It would be good to have something to compare it to. I’d ideally like something harder than a rubber sole eg the Everhealth with heel straps.

    Anyone come across anything like that for men?


    1. Brian

      Hi Roland,

      I have a review page up on hiking sandals. They’re all very sturdy, so it looks to me like it’s exactly what you want!



    2. Vali Suddarth

      For some reason people are calling thongs flip flops…lol

      1. Brian

        Don’t you mean people call flip flops thongs? 😛

  19. Laura McClammy

    Well-written, comprehensive, thorough & informative. Thank you for sharing such in-depth knowledge—you’re the kind of writer I wish I’d had on staff as a former magazine & newspaper editor! Great job!

    1. Brian

      Hi Laura,

      Thank you kindly for your compliment.

      Which magazine & newspaper were you the editor for, if you don’t mind me asking?



  20. KRR

    I was told this week after seeing a podiatrist that my anterior transverse arch (not the side arches, but the one that runs across in the direction of toes) is concave and should be arched in the other direction.
    Do you have a recommendation for me? (I also have bunions, and I sometimes get pain in my feet after way too much standing/walking in a day).
    Thanks in advance!!

    I forgot to say… maybe a few recommendations in case I don’t like the style you recommend… Sequins are not my thing, for example! 🙂

    1. Brian

      Hi Keri,

      A concave anterior transverse arch is a really specific condition. At least to my knowledge it is. I had never heard of it before.

      I don’t think manufacturers create footwear with that specific condition in mind. I have no idea what kind of support you’re looking for.

      Should you be able to figure that out, then maybe I can think along with you. But right now, I have nothing to go on.



  21. Sandra E Kelly

    I would really like to see an article for “flip flops”/beach shoes/sandals with arch support, without those horrid toe straps for all the shoes – except one pair!
    I cannot wear those toe strap shoes. They give me terrible blisters and raw skin between my toes.
    Could you please either include more “slides” or “flip flops” with out the toe straps, that still provide arch support, or do another article featuring these types of shoes with the arch support.
    It is so difficult to find informative articles about arch support in sandals/summer shoes, that do not include toe straps.

    1. Brian

      Hi Sandra,

      Perhaps you should check out Boot Bomb’s hiking sandal reviews here and water shoes reviews here.



      1. KRR

        Hello Brian!
        I see you responded to the posts before and after mine… Was wondering if mine wasn’t actually posted or perhaps not yet seen? 🙂

        1. Brian

          Hi Keri,

          Sorry it took me a little while. I’ve been busy these past few days.



  22. Vali Suddarth

    And why do they call them flip flops instead of thongs…lol…they’ve always been thongs to me, and it’s a nearly ancient reference to what has been called a flip flop since sometime in the 70’s. Thanks for the good review on the Vionics. They seem like a good idea. For plantars fascitiis it’s been my experience when you try a new shoe that has a new arch, it does take some “breaking in” like you said. Back in the day we would wear Dr Scholls (those wood things) to be cool and for about a week and a half it would kill your feet.

    1. Brian

      Hi Vali,

      People probably call them flip flops because they really do do a lot of flip flopping while you walk. Call’em thongs, if you like. I don’t mind much.

      Wooden flip flops sounds painful, man. I’ve never worn anything on my shoes made of wood. I’ve got a pair of rubber Archies flip flops with serious arch support. And, like you said, they killed my feet for the first few week or two.

      After that, they’re a comfortable walk. So totally worth it in the end, though!



  23. Julie

    I just purchased the Aerothotic flip flops. After wearing them all day my feet hurt. They are not comfortable while wearing. They are super hard with no flexablity. My question is, do you think I will just get use to them, or should I return? I really, really wanted to like them they are so cute. Thanks!

    1. Brian

      Hi Julie,

      Well, they are arch support flip flops. Some getting used to is to be expected.

      In my experience, eventually all flip flops will grow on you. The material usually needs time to soften up and then you’ll get used to it soon enough.

      I’ve got flip flops with strong support myself as well. They also hurt me in the beginning. After a days, it was less. After a few weeks, it was as if they had been designed for my feet alone.

      Best of luck with your Aerothotics!



  24. Lisa Godsey

    Thanks Brian for winnowing the field – looks like some likely options here.

    1. Brian

      Hi Lisa,

      You’re more than welcome. Let me know which one you ended up going with!



  25. Norm Bradley

    Please check out my website Cabo Comfort Sandals, patented thong style sandal which allows for you to use your own personal orthotic inserts, high quality leather uppers and polyurethane soles
    Regards Norm

    1. Brian

      Hi Norm,

      Those look good. I wouldn’t mind reviewing those!



  26. Ann

    Hi Brian
    Great website. I have narrow feet and am looking for flip flops and strappy sandals for summer. Any recommendations would be extremely helpful. Thanks for your help!

    1. Ann

      Hi Brian:
      I just posted as Ann. Sorry, but need to add that I have high arches and plantar fascitis on occasion. As stated before I have narrow feet and am looking for flip flops and strappy sandals for summer.
      Sorry for two posts.

      1. Brian

        Hi Ann,

        No biggy about the two posts.

        I’ve got plenty of strappy stuff on Boot Bomb! Check out this page for the water sandals and that page for the hiking sandals.

        I think you’ll find something strappy for summer, which also offers plenty of support for your plantar fasciitis.



  27. Fay

    Thank you for your thorough reviews! I have a pair of OluKai Kulapa Kai Sandals for 4 years this December; the top straps are a bit loose now and it seems like the arch support isn’t as good as it used to be. How long should flip flops with arch support last if worn almost daily from April to November?

    Thank you,

    1. Brian

      Hi Fay,

      It depends completely on the flip flop and the wearer. They might be poor quality or they might be high quality. You might be a underweight and sitting still in them all day, or you might be overweight and running around in them all day.

      Or anything in between.

      Ultimately, you yourself are the best judge of whether or not your footwear is ready to be replaced. By the sounds of it, it is.



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