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How comfortable is your day to day walking?

More and more people are saving money on the one thing they ought to be heavily investing in: their footwear.

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Not taking proper care of your feet is one of the worst things you can do to yourself. It can lead to so many medical problems down the road. The worst of which has got to be the dreaded plantar fasciitis.

Possible causes for uncomfortable walking can be:

  • Cheap footwear
  • Worn footwear
  • Footwear without support
  • Footwear of the wrong size
  • Not exercising enough
  • Being overweight

The first few can be fixed with relative ease.

The last one takes the cake, though.

Adding 50 pounds takes a long time to do. Losing 50 pounds also takes a long time to do.

Physical exercise, including walking, becomes harder the more you weigh.

The irony of the whole situation?

Overweight people are the ones who need comfortable walking shoes the most!!!

It’s no secret that America has been having some weight problems during the past years. The number of obese adults and children has been steadily increasing, with the percentage of 2-19-year-old obese children now at 17.2 percent in contrast to 13.9 percent in 1999.

Although the rates of national childhood and adult obesity has been leveling off and beginning to slow down, the rates are still alarming, and millions of Americans are still considered obese. Obesity poses a host of health risk to those affected, including but not limited to increased risk for hypertension, coronary heart disease, diabetes, stroke, and even some types of cancer.

Excess weight also makes daily lives a chore – something to survive and always to struggle with. Moving around with excess weight to drag you down is tough, and obese patients need all the help they can get to deal with these difficulties.

Plantar Fasciitis among Overweight People

One of the toughest problems affecting overweight people is plantar fasciitis, a condition of the feet which causes excruciating heel pain and requires treatment. When you have plantar fasciitis (PF), a thick band of tissue that connects your heel bone to your toes (plantar fascia) and runs across the bottom of your foot becomes inflamed, so each step, usually the first steps in the morning, triggers a stabbing pain in the heel.

The pain may decrease throughout the day, but it might return after rising from sitting or extended periods of standing on your feet. This condition may also happen to runners and those who wear shoes with inadequate arch support and cushioning.

A literature review from 2014 found that several studies show the significant correlation between body mass index and the degree of pain of PF. The weight of a person is the most significant factor affecting the pain intensity of PF, even more influential than age, gender, time spent weight-bearing, and whether the condition was chronic. This goes to show that obesity causes serious pain among PF patients and needs to be addressed effectively to completely eliminate plantar fasciitis associated pain.

Common Treatments for Plantar Fasciitis

You'll be needing a lot of this once you develop a nasty case of the PF.

Plantar fasciitis affects millions of American adults every year, and while these shooting heel pains are stubborn, there are simple ways to make them go away. The treatment for each person differs because we all have varying cases, but here are some things you can try when you start feeling symptoms of plantar fasciitis

1. Rest Your Feet

If you’ve been having quite intense physical activities in the past days which you’re not used to, consider slowing down and cutting back on these activities. Engaging in strenuous activities which our bodies are not used to shocks our system and forces our feet to do too much at once, causing the heel stabs associated with plantar fasciitis. Avoid walking or running for too long on hard surfaces since these produces the most pressure that hurt your heels.

2. Stretch Your Toes

You can also do stretches such as towel stretches, calf stretches, and to stretches multiple times a day. Try to do it upon waking up first thing in the morning, in the afternoon, and in the evening. The key here is consistency. Do these stretches every day for a sustained period until you notice that the symptoms have gone away.

3. Put Ice on It

Ice is known to help relieve pain, so wrap some ice in a piece of cloth and place it on your heel for a few minutes. You can also take over-the-counter pain relievers.

4. Consult Your Doctor

If the symptoms do not go away after doing these things, it’s time to consult your doctor. Your doctor might suggest splints which you have to wear at night or even medicine or shots for your heel. Most people do not need to undergo surgery for this, but if the pain does not go away after 6 to 12 months of active therapy, then it might be time to consider it.

In most cases, the symptoms usually go away after a few weeks. This will depend of course on your particular case, and it’s a common thing to have the sharp stabs return after a few weeks of complete peace. Don’t panic if this happens; symptoms typically go away 100% after a few months or even a year.

How to Treat Plantar Fasciitis among Overweight People

Shove an apple down the piehole every once in a while. It helps.

Most of the traditional ways of treating lessening pain caused by PF don’t work among overweight people. Some therapists tell people with normal weight to stay off their feet for a day or two, and they’ll start to see a significant difference. However, the thing is, overweight people can stand and walk for 10 minutes and already have hellish heel pain. The methods that usually work for normal weight people won’t work as well for obese people.

The long-term solution for plantar fasciitis among overweight people is losing weight. This will lessen the pain associated with PF by reducing the force exerted on your heel every time you stand and walk. The two best ways to lose weight is to exercise and have a proper diet.


Exercising can be a bit tricky for overweight people with PF, however, because having severe foot pain makes it so difficult for overweight people to exercise. When you’re in the moment of pain, the last thing you want to do is to jump and run around trying to drop a few pounds. So what you need is physical activities that won’t involve your heels such as swimming or stationary cycles. These exercises provide the intensity you need to burn fats while not hurting your heels.

Reduce Calorie Intake
You also need to tweak your diet. Reduce your calorie intake gradually. This is key to losing weight, a very important lifestyle change that can address a host of other problems you’ve probably been feeling for some time now.

Losing weight by exercising and reducing calorie intake is effective in dealing with obesity itself and its consequences like a more severe case of plantar fasciitis, but this often takes a while – a few months or even years. During that period, you need all the help you can get to stay comfortable enough to be able to commit to your weight losing regime.

One of the best things that can offer immediate relief to overweight people dealing with PF is a good pair of comfortable walking shoes for overweight people. These shoes have special features that cushion your feet and lessen the pressure on your heels. You would be surprised how a pair of good walking shoes worked wonders for people with the same problems that you are having right now.

What to Look for in Comfortable Walking Shoes for Overweight People with Plantar Fasciitis

The type of walking shoes that will fit you perfectly will vary depending on a number of factors such as your foot arch type, what you plan to be doing in your shoes, and if you plan on using orthotics. Here are the things that you need to consider in looking for comfortable walking shoes for overweight people

1. Foot Arch Types

Playing around in sand, sadly does nothing to improve your arch situation. You’ll need good support, even after a visit to the beach.

There are three types of foot arches: neutral pronator, over pronator, and supinator. Neutral pronator or normal arches are the easiest type of arch to find fitting shoes for because feet with neutral pronation are well balanced and roll almost perfectly. These feet absorb shock easily and have good overall stability. For neutral pronators, the best type of shoes are stability shoes with combines support features and cushioning features just to keep your stability healthy and well-maintained.

Next is overpronator arches. Overpronators are high arches that tend to walk more on the outsides of your feet. These types of feet are stable but don’t absorb shock as well as how neutral pronators do because they’re rigid and don’t lengthen that much when you stand. For this type of feet, the best type of shoes is motion shoes that will help avoid overpronation. These shoes should have adequate cushion to absorb shock and have enough flexibility to let your feet roll forward. You also need to get shoes with spacious upper to accommodate your high arch.

Lastly, supinators or flexible, low arches with flat feet will roll inward too much when you walk. These types of feet are unstable but absorb shock better because they spread out. If you have this type of arch, you need a shoe with less space between the sole and the laces. Cushioning is not that important because your feet will absorb shock well enough, but you need a good arch support to prevent your feet from completely flattening when you step. A lower-heeled shoe will also keep your feet more stable while walking.

Before you buy your shoes, you need to determine exactly what type of arch you have. If you don’t know what arch type you are, you can do the simple wet test to find out. Simply dip your feet into a pan of water. Then step onto a piece of brown paper with your full weight. This should give you an image of your footstep and therefore your arch type. The neutral arch type will have about a 1-inch strip of wetness in the arch area, the overpronator arch will barely have any imprint on the arch area, and the supinators will leave the fullest imprint in the arch area.

Important: Plantar fasciitis is actually also caused by excessive pronation and having high or low arches, making it all the more crucial to get comfortable walking shoes for overweight people that are suitable for your arch type.

2. Hard or Soft Impact Exercises?

The type of exercises should also influence your shoe choice. If you’re going to do a lot of hard impact activities like running and jumping, you want to have a shoe that has shock absorption, strong arch support, and good cushioning. These will lessen the impact on your heel as you land, thus reducing the stabbing pain that you’ll get.

3. Enough Space for Your Orthotics

If you are experiencing plantar fasciitis, getting your own orthotics will give you comfort as these will cushion your feet and provide more arch support. The most comfortable shoes should have enough depth to accommodate orthotics.

4. Durability

The heavier the person is, the faster the shoes will tend to wear out. This general rule of thumb spells out the need to get durable, comfortable walking shoes for overweight people. Because of the excess weight, shoes that normally last a year for normal weight people may last just a half year or even shorter than that for overweight people.

Things to Look for in Any Walking Shoes

Good walking shoes share common qualities that you need to look for no matter what type of arch you have or what activity you’re planning to do. These are the following.

1. Comfortable Soft Upper

Uppers are usually made of mesh or synthetic material that allows for maximum ventilation. The materials should also be light weight to avoid unnecessary pressure on your feet.

2. Wide Toe Box

Having a wide toe room will avoid problems like calluses and blisters on your toes, keeping your feet well protected from any other toe complications.

3. Cushioning

Since walking exerts less impact than running does to your feet, walking shoes don’t require that much heel cushioning. Instead, high-quality walking shoes often focus on giving adequate cushioning under the ball of the foot, so see if the pair you’re considering provides adequate cushioning for the ball of the foot.

4. Heel Collar

Heel collars ensure proper fit of the shoes and cushion the ankle.

5. Foam, Gel, or Air Midsole

These materials provide cushion and reduce the impact when your foot lands on the ground. This is especially important if you’re going to engage in high-impact activities.

6. Good Traction

Those soles will get you some traction.

The outsoles of the walking shoes should provide strong traction since you may find yourself walking on polished or wet surfaces. Strong traction will keep you from slipping and hurting your back.

These features make walking shoes a great ally while you’re aiming to lose your weight. Walking shoes should feel comfortable around your feet, fit snugly, and lessen the pressure on your feet to help with your plantar fasciitis.

One helpful thing to remember is that your feet are unique with its own shape, preexisting conditions, and other nuances. Walking shoes that worked for others might not work the same way for you because no two pairs of feet are entirely the same. So while some people may claim that a particular pair of shoe is no good for plantar fasciitis, you don’t know for sure if it’s really ineffective for YOUR plantar fasciitis.

Finding the perfect walking shoes for you will take a lot of trials and errors.

Are you ready to search for your next best pair of walking shoes?

Having plantar fasciitis makes the lives of overweight people extra challenging as if having to deal with various health implications is not enough. Luckily, there are plenty of comfortable walking shoes for plantar fasciitis available to overweight people, and these shoes can make the difference of whether you will spend your days lying on your couch because of too much heel pain or if you will get up, stay active throughout the day, and consistently work towards a healthier lifestyle.

If you’re ready to get the best pair of comfortable walking shoes for overweight people, look no more. Here, we will present to you lists of the top 40 most comfortable walking shoes for overweight people with plantar fasciitis. We provide opinions of real-life users giving unbiased opinions on which shoes deserve a place in your shoe cabinet and which shoes do not.

Are you ready? Get set, roll!

Most Comfortable Walking Shoes For Overweight Women With Plantar Fasciitis - Reviews

1. KEEN Presidio Shoe

KEEN Women's Presidio Casual Comfortable Oxford, Black/Magnet, 9.5
  • CONSCIOUSLY CREATED: Environmentally Preferred...
  • COMFORT: Cushioned collar reduces irritation and...
  • TRACTION: High traction rubber outsole providing...
  • DESIGN: The leather walking shoe for comfort...
  • CARE TIPS: Gently brush leather with a soft...

First up on our list is Keen’s Presidio Shoe for women well-known for its sporty oxford feel perfect for casual wear.


These shoes are known to provide great arch support given by the Keen Metatomical EVA footbed which perfectly fits into your feet contours. This technology makes these shoes great for any arch type, so if you’ve got a high or low arch, these shoes might work for you.

Anatomical Comfort

Some nerdy things you might want to know: “Metatomical” is a combination of “metatarsal” and “anatomical,” hinting that this footbed focuses on providing anatomical comfort to the first metatarsal joint (big toe). This footbed also works fine in providing cushioning for shock absorption purposes as well, so you can wear these if you’re planning to engage in hard impact activities.

Plenty of Room for Your Toes

These shoes have a wide toe room that allows your toes to stay comfortable and move around. You can freely flex them up to avoid cramping. There is also enough depth to accommodate orthotics.

Durability and Functionality

The upper nubuck leather is water-resistant, so the Presidio won’t take much damage when they get wet by chance or on purpose. Many overweight customers have been using these shoes for several years with few signs of wear and tear, so we’d say these shoes are pretty durable.

Rubber Soles

The rubber soles provide strong traction so you can wear them on the streets, at the mall, and other types of terrain. The soles are non-mark as well.


These shoes come in narrow and wide sizes and stay true to size. There is also no break in period, so you should feel comfortable with it the first time you wear it.


These are casual, comfortable walking shoes for overweight people with plantar fasciitis problem because of its cushion, arch support, and durability.

2. Skechers Performance Go Flex Slip-On

Skechers Performance Women's Go Flex Muse Walking Shoe,Navy Ombre,8.5 M US
  • Innovative sole design for maximum flexibility and...
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Virtually seamless upper forms to your foot
  • Resalyte outsole twists, turns, and bends with...
  • Goga Mat energy return insole energizes every step

Skechers’ Go Walk shoes are known to be comfortable and sturdy, adding a bounce to your every step. The Go Flex Slip-on Shoe is a casual, day-to-day slip-on walking shoe that comes in a wide color range.


These shoes come with padded linings and soft materials that many people say wearing them feels like walking on clouds. The cushy feel it gives helps with dealing with heel pain and other foot problems as well. These sneakers are also very lightweight and will give you soft step.

Arch Support

These shoes do not have much of an arch support and are too soft for concrete and gravel. However, you can easily remedy this by using your own inserts as these shoes are roomy enough to accommodate your orthotics. These shoes won’t make you roll at all, so these are great for women with low arches who need more stability.

Plenty of Toe Room

The toe box is wide enough and does not feel tight at all. This will allow your toes to move more freely. All of these features make this one of the most comfortable walking shoes for overweight people.

Durability and Functionality

These shoes are highly durable according to many satisfied customers with weight problems who have been using these shoes for several months. Some have seen stretching in the materials, but other than that there’s no other sign of wear and tear.

Smooth Soles

The soles are made of disconnected strips of foam that give great traction. This Goga Mat model sole can trap stones or pebbles while you’re outside, though, so they’re not recommended to be used for hiking or walking in sandy areas. Before entering your home, remove any stuff that got stuck in these soles to prevent them from scratching your floor.


These sneakers tend to be a bit small, so try order one-half size up. There are no wide sizes, though.

Others Key Factors

These are also machine washable. Put them in a mesh wash bag and wash with the rest of the laundry. Be sure not to use fabric softener or bleach. Don’t put them in the dryer, though. Some customers found that the uppers shrank a bit after being in a dryer.


These sneakers are excellent comfortable walking shoes for overweight people since they provide cushion and stability, making them perfect for plantar fasciitis for women with low arches.

3. Propet W3851 Wash & Wear Slip-On

Propet Women's Wash N Wear Slip On ll Shoe, Brown, 6.5 2E US
  • Washable
  • Removable footbed for Orthotics
  • Internal heel counter
  • Padded stretch collar
  • Removable orthotic cushion

Propet’s Slip-On is a comfy pair of easy-to-slip sneakers that you can use at work or while running errands. These shoes are very lightweight.


These shoes come with great interior cushioning with their padded collars and soft materials. The removable cushion orthotics are super comfy and soft on your feet, which helps in shock absorption and reducing pressure while walking.

They also provide excellent double arch support that allows overweight women to stand on their feet for long periods of time. Even nurses in long shifts find these shoes comforting, and their feet don’t hurt at all. There is also enough space for your own orthotics.

Durability and Function

Propet is known to produce durable shoes, and these slip-on sneakers are one of them. These shoes get raving reviews because they last long and stay comfortable and supportive on your feet for a long time. The rubber sole gives excellent traction, making them safe to use even in polished and wet surfaces.


Customers suggest ordering one-half size up because these shoes tend to run small. There are also wide sizes available.


These are also machine washable and may require a soft period of breaking in.


These Propet slip-on shoes are easy to wear, soft all-around sneakers that are perfect for overweight women who need to stand and walk for long hours.

4. Skechers Performance Go Step Challenge

Skechers Performance Women's Go Step Challenge Walking Shoe, Black, 7.5 M US
  • Walk shoe-minded ballet flat featuring round toe...
  • Goga Mat energy-return insole

If you’re looking for comfortable walking shoes for ladies that will go nice with skirts, jeans, shorts, and even dresses, Skechers’ Go Step ballet flat shoes are perfect for you. The uppers are made of soft fabric that is comfortable to the skin, and the sole is rubber.


These shoes are one of the most comfortable ballet flat shoes you’ll get for your plantar fasciitis because of the generous padding on the inside. These paddings make walking very easy and painless and enhances shock absorption. The padding doesn’t leave much room for an insert, though, so if you want to use orthotics, you might have to go up a size. Overall, these shoes are so soft, breathable, and comfortable, making them a great option for women who need to walk and stand for an extended period.

Some customers shared that the heels of these flats tend to be a bit too high, so they rubbed on their heel the first few times they wore it. However, after the breaking in period, the shoes stretched out and stopped rubbing against their heel. If it does rub your heel, get some band-aid and use those temporarily to avoid blistering on your heel.

Durability and Functionality

These shoes last a few years from many customers with moderate use. Try rotating it with other shoes to extend its life. These flats also have the Goga Mat soles which as said before tend to suck in tiny stones or pebbles. Other than that, the soles provide excellent traction. They are easy to slip on and do not require you to bend over to fit things in place.


These Skechers ballet flats stay true to size, so there’s no need to adjust your size order. These are also good for narrow to medium foot as they don’t dig into the ankles or slip off the back. There are no wide sizes, however.


Some customers note of a clicking noise from the heel of these shoes, probably from the round shapes at the bottom. This is one factor to consider if you need absolutely quiet shoes for work.


These are comfortable walking shoes for overweight people with plantar fasciitis because of the adequate cushioning, shock absorption, and overall comfortable features.

5. Grasshoppers Janey Twill Lace-Up Sneaker

Grasshoppers Women's Janey Twill Lace-Up Sneaker,Navy/White,5.5 W US
  • Classic low-top sneaker featuring lace-up vamp,...
  • Removable Purefit cushioned outsole

If you love Keds style shoes and are dying to get one with a superior level of comfort and support, Grasshoppers’ Lace-Up Sneakers can work for you. These low-top sneakers have lace-up vamp, rubber bumper, and padded topline. It has a removable Purefit cushioned outsole that adds comfort to every step.


These shoes offer top-of-the-line comfort features all the way from its insoles that provide great arch support to the padded collars. Customers with low arches, bad hips and knees, and back problems have found comfort in these shoes and have been wearing these when they need to stand and walk for hours.

The incredible level of comfort makes these sneakers great for traveling and working even if you have plantar fasciitis. They are also highly breathable, so your feet won’t sweat too much.

Durability and Functionality

These low-top shoes slip on very quickly, making them a great option for on-the-go women. These are also built to last, making it possible for customers to use these regularly for walking for over two years with minimal signs of wear and tear. One customer shares that it took two years for the ankle support to break through the fabric, but the soles are still good as new. These shoes don’t lace up too high on your foot, so you won’t get the feeling that you’re stepping out of them with each step.


These sneakers tend to run a bit big according to some users, so try to order one or one-half size down. There are also wide sizes available.


Some users spray these shoes with any fabric protectors to keep them looking clean and new. If you’re allergic to these sprays, try to look for organic or all-natural protectors which may be safer for you.


These trendy, Keds-style sneakers are definitely a good choice for women with heel, knee, and leg pains because of the outstanding comfort and durability.

6. Easy Spirit Women's Cave Sneaker

Whether you are an athlete recovering from an injury, a high-mileage walker or just someone who wants to start walking for fitness, you will need a high-quality pair of comfortable walking shoes. You will also need a pair of shoes that offer the right amount of cushioning, arch support and stability. Well, that pair of shoes is none other than the Easy Spirit Cave sneaker. If you are looking for comfortable walking shoes for plantar fasciitis, heel pain, arch pain or knee pain, these shoes are perfect.


Easy Spirit leads the way when it comes to comfortable walking shoes. Whether you are walking your dog at the park, strolling with your kids in the neighborhood after work or you are exploring a new city, you will not experience any fatigue, blisters, irritation or hot spots when you are walking in these shoes. They come with a leather and textile upper, which is not only lightweight but also flexible. Instead of a traditional lace-up closure, Easy Spirit has equipped these shoes with zipper closure. Therefore, you can move the zip up or down, depending on your preferred fit. Furthermore, these comfortable walking shoes for women also come with a cushioned collar, which prevents irritation and chafing in your ankles. The cushioned collar also helps to lock down your foot, thus preventing accidental removals in the middle of your walks. Slipping these shoes on and off is easy, thanks to the pull-on tab that has been attached at the top of the collar.


The Easy Spirit Cave sneaker has been equipped with a molded, dual-density EVA footbed, which provides cushioning and arch support. Furthermore, this footbed is removable, making it easy to wash it. Also, you can replace the EVA footbeds with custom orthotics in case you have a foot condition that requires extra cushioning or support.


Whenever you are walking, your feet will definitely sweat. Walking with sweaty feet is not only uncomfortable but it can also lead to irritation, hot spots, and blisters. Furthermore, if the foot chamber is hot and damp, it can create a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, which can lead to various infections. Fortunately, you will never experience such issues with the Easy Spirit Cave sneaker. These comfortable walking shoes for wide feet have superior breathability and ventilation. They are outfitted with a breathable interior lining, designed to keep your feet fresh, cool and odor-free.

7. Adidas Women's Cloudfoam QT Racer

adidas Women's CloudfoamQT Racer Xpressive-Contemporary CloudfoamRunning Sneakers Shoes, clear...
  • Knit textile upper
  • Women's-specific fit
  • Lightweight feel
  • Mesh upper for breathability
  • Combined Cloudfoam midsole and outsole for step-in...

The Adidas Cloudfoam QT Racer is a versatile pair of outdoor shoes, which you can use for running, walking, or jogging. These comfortable walking shoes for knee pain feature a stylish, simplistic and lightweight upper design.

Lightweight and Plush Upper

The upper is made of a combination of textile and synthetic, which not only keeps them lightweight but allows ample ventilation. Regardless of the amount of time you spend walking or working out with these shoes, you will never experience unpleasant foot odors. At the same time, the 3 black stripes located on the sides give these sneakers a fashionable, timeless and elegant touch. Both the tongue and the collar have enough cushioning to support your ankles and prevent chafing while allowing maximum mobility. Whenever you step outside wearing these good-looking walking shoes, you are definitely going to turn some heads.

Cushioned Midsole Unit

If you are looking for comfortable urban walking shoes, then you should check out the Adidas Cloudfoam QT Racer. They are furnished with a Cloudfoam memory sockliner , which conforms to the shape of your foot, thus giving you superior comfort whether you are walking, standing, running or jogging. The interior is so comfortable that you will feel as if you are walking on pillows.

Adidas has further equipped these shoes with a durable rubber outsole, designed to protect the upper and the midsole while ensuring that you have enough traction, regardless of the surface you encounter. Also, the outsole has been finished off with a feminine touch, designed to appeal to ladies who love maintaining an active lifestyle. From the upper to the outsole, Adidas has used high-quality materials. As a result, you can expect these shoes to protect and keep your feet comfortable for many years.

8. Skechers Performance Go Walk 4 Kindle Slip-On

Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 4 Kindle Slip-On Walking Shoe,Black,9 M US
  • Radically lightweight
  • Innovative and highly responsive 5GEN midsole...
  • New Goga Max high rebound footbed energizes every...
  • Soft mesh upper and virtually seamless...
  • Bamboo lined foot bed for odor control

Here’s another slip-on from Skechers that has been making women with all sorts of foot pain feel like they’re walking on clouds. These slip-on shoes are very lightweight and have a soft mesh upper for maximum breathability. These shoes look great on pants, shorts, and skirts, with the black one almost passing as a loafer. Some users wear the black one at work with a more formal attire.

Comfort Fit

The upper mesh is super soft, so you won’t worry about abrasion like how you might with other slip-on shoes. The midsole provides enough cushioning, and the Goga Max footbed add bounce and energy to your step. The cushioning also lessens the pressure on your feet, thus helping with your heel pain. Some users even share that these shoes help with their ankle pains, leg pain, and knee pain. These shoes also provide adequate stability, making them great for those with low arches.

Durability and Function

The durable materials give these shoes a very sturdy feel, and some users have been wearing these pairs for months with little to no signs of wearing. You can wear these shoes with or without socks provided you choose the correct size. The footbed is also lined with bamboo linings to fight bacteria accumulation and odor.


According to users, these shoes tend to run big, so it’s best to order a half size smaller. The shoes may feel a bit too tight at first, but wait until after the breaking in, and they will start to fit just fine. These can also accommodate very wide feet and even those with flat feet.


These casual Skechers Slip-On shoes provide enough shock absorption and comfort to lessen plantar fasciitis pain among overweight women. They even do wonders for other types of foot-related pains.

9. Asics Metrolyte II Women's

ASICS Women's Women's Q850N Metrolyte II Running Shoe, Black/Silver/White - 8 B (M) US
  • Seamless Construction: The use of seamless...
  • Memory Foam Sockliner
  • ComforDry Sockliner

Building upon the previous version, the Metrolyte II is a lightweight and sleek pair of comfortable walking shoes for women. You can wear them while traveling or walking, and you can wear them the whole day without experiencing discomfort or pain on your feet. Also, they are so versatile that you can pair them with almost everything in your wardrobe, from leggings, casual tanks, jackets, and t-shirts. And once you slip them on, they hug your feet comfortably to an extent that you might not feel like removing them once you are back indoors.

Ample Cushioning

These good walking shoes for plantar fasciitis come with a breathable mesh upper, featuring an intricate design. The upper is designed to conform to your foot while allowing maximum flexibility. A padded tongue and collar supply cushioning and ankle support while the traditional lace-up closure gives you a personalized fit. Similar to other outdoor shoes from this brand, the Asics Metrolyte II is equipped with Ortholite moisture management technology, which keeps your feet fresh and dry. At the same time, the low profile, and flexible midsole absorbs impact whenever the foot strikes the ground, thus preventing knee, ankle and back pain. These stylish and comfortable walking shoes for overpronation are further furnished with a memory foam sockliner, which gives you a comfortable and plush underfoot feel.

Reliable Traction

There is a high chance that you will be encountering different surfaces, whenever you step outside for a walk, The good news is that you don’t have to worry about slipping, sliding or losing your footing, thanks to these shoes. Their outsole features the proprietary Asics Wet Grip technology, which supplies superior traction on slippery and wet surfaces. If you are a fan of Asics walking shoes, then you will love the Metrolyte II. It’s lightweight, stylish and extremely comfortable. It’s definitely worth your money.

10. Skechers Performance Go Walk 3 Super Sock 3

Skechers Performance Women's Go Walk 3 Super Sock 3 Walking Shoe,Navy/White,9 M US
  • Radically lightweight
  • Goga plus return energy insole
  • Soft 360 knit upper
  • Two piece midsole constructed of resalyte and goga...

Here’s another Skechers Go Walk shoe that promises a balanced combination of convenience, comfort, and style. These slip-on sneakers are lightweight and made of very soft fabrics that won’t chafe your skin.


As for comfort, the Super Sock 3 does not disappoint. The main difference it has from Super Sock 2 is that it has more structure yet it still feels so comfy it’s like you’re wearing socks. Super Sock 3 also provides a bit more cushion than Super Sock 2, which is good news for those who found Sock 2 a bit lacking in this area. It has Goga plus return energy insole that is a staple among the Go Walk shoes.


The cushioning is excellent, giving your feet protection from pressure and from developing sores, blisters, and even calluses. You will also get plenty of toe room, and there’s enough depth to accommodate custom orthotics. Plantar fasciitis patients use these shoes because of the comfort and innersole molding that helps support their feet. These even work for patients with nerve damage on their feet.

Durability and Functionality

These shoes are easy to put on, very light on your feet, and versatile in style so you can wear them at the gym or to the mall. The traction is excellent so no worries about slipping. As for durability, many customers have been using these shoes for some months, and the only sign of wearing they see is some lose threads here and there. Otherwise, they’re still good to use. They’re also sturdy enough for heavier people.


These shoes tend to run a bit small, so try to order one-half or one size up. These sneakers also tend to be wide in all sizes, so if you’ve got narrow feet, you might find these shoes a bit too wide for your taste. However, you can offset this by wearing thicker socks, especially during cold weather.


The Super Sock 3 offers more cushion and support than Super Sock 2 but comes with essentially the same trendy style, so these are definitely a must-try.

11. RYKA Dash Stretch

Ryka Women's Dash Stretch Walking Shoe,Jet Ink Blue/Steel Grey/Chrome Silver/Diver Blue,8.5 M US
  • Stretch fabric upper with leather overlays
  • Fitness walking shoe
  • Lightweight and sleek design
  • Removable precision-return footbed for comfort and...
  • Full rubber outsole provides great traction,...

RYKA has been making waves in the walking shoe department as they have been releasing walking shoes that are comfortable enough to relieve some of the worst foot pain there are. RYKA’s Dash Stretch shoes are comfortable walking shoes for overweight people that have fabric upper and leather overlays. These are tie shoes and best used for mild walking.

Comfort Fit

These shoes come with soft materials that won’t hurt your feet a bit. The tongue is padded and the collar is elasticized, preventing these parts from blistering your feet. It also comes with a cushioning insole and EVA midsole that offer cushioning and shock absorption, which many customers credit for reducing the pain they experience from plantar fasciitis. The cushioning insole is removable, so if you prefer to use your own orthotics, these shoes can definitely accommodate.


The shoes are flexible and stretchy on the side, and the materials are breathable. They also provide great arch support, another factor that makes them great for PF and heavyweight. These shoes are being used by nurses, doctors, teachers, and other professionals who need to stand the majority of their shift.


These shoes have durable materials that can last given proper maintenance. The rubber outsoles also don’t chip off easily and give excellent traction on any surface. The shoes are strong enough to handle the additional weight. As these are tie shoes, you might need to bend over when putting them on.


These sneakers stay true to size so just order your regular size. They also come in wide sizes, but the regular sizes are a bit narrower than normal. They also fit well for women with narrow heels and wider toes.


Although the shoes fit properly and the materials are generally soft, an interior course seam connecting the medial side to the heel may cause a slight blister on your heel while breaking-in. If this happens, you can always wear socks until the breaking-in is done.


Many overweight women with PF have experienced great comfort with these shoes due to their excellent cushioning and sufficient support.

12. Serene Leather Cowhide Casual Lace Up Flat Driving Loafers

UJoowalk Womens Black Leather Cowhide Casual Lace Up Flat Driving Shoes Boat Slip-On Loafers - Size...
  • Man made material
  • Heel measures approximately 0.78"
  • Slip-on with a bow lace up design
  • Durable anti slip rubber outsole for a pleasurable...
  • Casual design is great for all occasions

Serene’s Flat Driving Loafers are a great combination to your wardrobe if you’re looking for a casual yet comfortable pair of loafers that you can use in casual events and day-to-day activities. They come with a cute bow lace-up design, and you can match them with jeans, skirts, and shorts.


These shoes may look flimsy on the outside, but on the inside, they are a cushiony, extremely comfortable haven for your feet. They are lightweight and soft, so your feet won’t hurt after hours of using them. They don’t provide much arch support, but this is offset by the incredible level of comfort for such low a price. The heel measures about 0.78”, so they’re low enough to stay comfortable.

Durability Functionality

These loafers are one of those shoes that found its charm from being “unconstructed,” so these are great for light use like doing an errand to a nearby store or short walks but not for long, heavy walks. Rotate these with other shoes to avoid overusing them and wearing them out sooner than normal. It has anti-slip soles.


These shoes stay true to size. Some customers found these a bit too snug at first, but after a while of wearing them, the leather stretched and started to fit them perfectly. There are no wide sizes.


Some batches may come with a strong chemical odor which is probably from the chemicals used in finishing the shoes. If you do receive a pair with this scent, air it out for a while to let the scent dissipate. If you’re particularly sensitive to chemicals, it’s best to wear a mask when opening the package.


These are very affordable, casual, and comfy loafers that will keep your feet pain-free despite hours of standing and walking.

13. Skechers Performance Go Step Untouched

Skechers Performance Women's Go Step Cheery Walking Shoe,Black Suede,6.5 M US
  • Lightweight and flexible
  • Goga mat return energy insole
  • Two piece midsole constructed of resalyte and go...
  • Soft comfortable suede upper
  • Soft fabric lining

Another Skechers Go Walk Shoes we have here. Skechers’ Untouched Walking Shoe look more dressy than the other Go Walk sneakers, so some users use these shoes (especially the black suede) with their dress slacks. These stylish, comfortable walking shoes for overweight people have synthetic leather uppers and soft fabric lining that make the shoes so soft.


As what we can expect from a Go Walk shoe, these shoes are a pleasure to wear. The synthetic leather breathes nicely, so your feet won’t sweat too much. They are light, soft, and extremely comfortable to walk with. The cushions inside provided by the two-piece midsole and Goga mat insole are certainly doing their job; these shoes are so soft it would feel like you’re wearing slippers.

Stress and Pressure

Overweight women with stress fractures and plantar fasciitis can also have a great time with these shoes because of the supportive cushioning that absorbs shock and pressure on your foot. They can walk and stand for hours without hurting their feet. Despite the cushioning, the interior is not crowding at all.

Durability and Functionality

These shoes are made with top-of-the-line materials you can expect from a Skechers shoe, so with careful maintenance, these shoes should last long. The soles are slip-resistant.


These Go Walk sneakers stay true to size but do not come in wide sizes. Some users found the shoes to be a bit too tight around their big toes, so if you want more toe room to let your toes relax, you can order one-half size up.


We have another great option for stylish, comfortable walking shoes for overweight people with PF. With the cushioning and support, these sneakers can help you and lessen pressure on your feet.

14. Sloggers 5116CAD11 2016 Floral Collection Rain & Garden Shoe

Sloggers Women's Waterproof Rain and Garden Shoe with Comfort Insole, California Dreaming Size 11,...
  • Made in USA from 100% recyclable material. Non...
  • Includes Sloggers' exclusive "All-Day-Comfort"...
  • Heavy duty lug tread for excellent traction.
  • Fit info: Whole sizes only. Fits true to size....
  • Easy Hose Off

Looking for a garden shoe for the coming spring? Look no further because Sloggers really outdid itself this time. The Sloggers Garden Shoe come with attractive floral designs that will put you in the mood for some garden time, and they are very easy to put on.


These waterproof shoes come with Sloggers’ All-Day-Comfort-Insoles, their patented insoles that provide such great comfort which is also used for their other products like boots and shoes. The upper material is soft and flexible and is made from an odorless and recyclable plastic. At least this puts our mind at ease about what’s next to our skin! Some users, however, find that their feet hurt a bit after extended use, but this can be easily remedied by using your orthotics. This should be enough to add comfort to your feet and reduce the pressure on your heel.


These shoes are great for gardening, walking in the rain, or just taking a morning stroll because they’re waterproof and will keep all the dirt and debris out. These are a great alternative if you find boots too hot and slippers too prone to making your feet dirty. These shoes would not make your feet sweat too much because of the insoles that keep your feet dry. They also do not flop around your feet like how some slip-on shoes do. These shoes also have heavy duty tread for traction that can take you in any terrain.


These shoes run true to size, but if you plan to wear thick socks on them, order one-half size up. If you have a high arch, you’d also have to order a size up. Further, Sloggers offers their exclusive 1/2 size insole which will make any size your perfect size.


An interesting detail about this product is that once they’re worn off, you can return them to Sloggers and they will make them into another shoe. Definitely a radical take on “reuse and recycle.”


The Sloggers Garden Shoe does its job in providing comfort, support, and convenience for outdoor activities, making them a great pair of comfortable walking shoes for overweight people with PF who want to get some things done in the backyard.

15. ASICS Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes

ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 6 Black/Carbon/Neon Lime Running Shoe 10 M US
  • Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System: Attenuates shock...
  • Removable Sockliner: A sockliner which can be...
  • Trail Specific Outsole: Reversed lugs provide...
  • AHAR Outsole: Acronym for ASICS High Abrasion...
  • Imported

The Asics Gel Venture 6 is a versatile pair of shoes that you can use for occasional trekking in the wild, weekend shopping around the city or light jogging or running. If you are looking for a pair of comfortable walking shoes for plantar fasciitis, then you should not look any further. These shoes will protect and support your feet while delivering exceptional comfort. The upper is breathable, the midsole is adequately cushioned while the outsole supplies enough traction to give you a firm grip on different surfaces. The key features of this pair of boots include:

The Upper

Designed to provide maximum comfort, these shoes come with an upper made of durable mesh material. The use of mesh ensures that the shoes have sufficient breathability, thus helping to keep your feet cool, dry and fresh. Also, the use of synthetic mesh gives these shoes flexibility as well as durability. These shoes also come with a padded tongue, which enhances their fit while protecting your instep against pressure exerted by the laces.

Midsole Unit

Asics has employed its proprietary Rearfoot GEL cushioning technology across the midsole unit of these shoes. Shoes equipped with this system provide better cushioning, shock absorption and energy return, compared to foam cushioning. These shoes also come with a removable sockliner, which allows you to use custom or medical orthotics.


Similar to other running shoes from this brand, the Asics Venture 6 features a durable outsole, made of Asics High Abrasion Rubber. Popularly known as AHAR, this rubber has been strategically positioned across the outsole to ensure maximum flexibility and durability. And since walking shoes need traction, Asics has used multi-directional lugs, designed to provide grip on various surfaces. Also, the outsole is sturdy enough to withstand extended periods of walking. When you have these comfortable walking shoes, you can walk confidently on various surfaces without experiencing painful ankles, knees or heels.

17. Dream Pairs Women’s Lightweight Sneakers

DREAM PAIRS Women’s Purple Slip On Sneakers Lightweight Walking Shoes Size 8.5 US DHF19004L
  • TIPS: Run Small ,order half size up
  • Stretch Breathable knit fabric upper allows better...
  • MD outsole with traction offers...
  • The lightweight stylish sneakers with soft insole...
  • Suitable for daily walking errands, dog...

Whether are going out for window shopping, you are taking your dog out for a walk or you simply want to burn a few calories, you need to be armed with the right pair of shoes before you head out of your house. You will need a pair of lightweight and comfortable shoes, to ensure you don’t end up with blisters, fatigue, and discomfort. Well, if you are looking for such a pair of shoes, then you should check out Dream Pairs lightweight sneakers. So, why should you choose these shoes and not any other pair?

Lightweight Comfort

These comfortable walking shoes for plantar fasciitis come with a knit fabric upper, designed to allow air to move freely into and out of the foot chamber. Thanks to their outstanding ventilation, these shoes will keep your feet cool, fresh, and cozy, even during the hot summer days. They have also been furnished with a soft interior lining, which will help to wick away moisture thus ensuring your feet remain comfortable.

Plenty of Underfoot Cushioning

Cushioning is extremely vital when it comes to walking shoes. Without ample cushioning, the impact will be transferred to your ankles, knees, and back, every time your foot strikes the ground. Fortunately, these comfortable walking shoes for heel pain are equipped with a flexible foam footbed, which will supply excellent cushioning on all pavements. They also come with a flexible MD outsole, which provides additional cushioning as well as traction – so that you can move freely.


Whether you are walking to exercise, running errands, or going to work, these shoes will keep your feet comfortable at all times. And they are incredibly stylish and versatile, meaning you can wear them with a wide range of outfits. Get yourself a pair of these shoes and enjoy a comfortable, fatigue-free, and pain-free walking experience.

18. ASICS Gel-Excite 4 running Shoe

ASICS Gel-Excite 4 Women's Running Shoe, Indigo Blue/Indigo Blue/Orchid, 8.5 M US
  • Imported
  • Rubber sole
  • Shaft measures approximately Low-Top" from arch
  • Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System: Attenuates shock...
  • Removable Sockliner: A sockliner which can be...

The Asics Gel Excite 4 is a perfect choice for moderate hiking, light running and walking. These comfortable walking shoes for women with arthritic feet are fitted with the Gel cushioning system, which supplies incredible shock absorption for efficient landings and softer steps. On the other hand, the upper has been designed to provide maximum breathability and flexibility. Traction will never be a problem as long as you are wearing these shoes, thanks to the rubber outsole. Some of its outstanding features include:

A Breathable Upper

Designed to give you a comfortable walking experience, these shoes come with a synthetic mesh upper. Unlike the previous version, the mesh upper features bigger holes, which allow more air to flow in and out for optimal breathability and comfort. The upper is also equipped with stitched overlays, designed to provide comfort and responsiveness. Also, these shoes have been fitted with 3M reflective materials in the back and sides, to provide better visibility especially when you are walking in the dark.

Cushioned Midsole

Are you looking for comfortable walking shoes for long distances? If yes, then you should check out these shoes. They are fitted with Asics SpEVA midsole, running from the heel to the toe. Apart from providing cushioning and shock absorption, the SpEVA midsole also supplies lightweight protection as well as durability. The GEL cushioning system has then been added around the rearfoot area for extra cushioning, responsiveness and additional impact protection. With the combination of the above technologies, you will enjoy one of the best walking experiences.

Durable and Grippy Outsole

The outsole of the Asics GEL Excite 4 features advanced technologies, designed to supply maximum traction, whether you are hiking on loose terrain or walking on slippery surfaces. One of the standout features is the use of multi-directional lugs, which provide reliable grip on wet ground, sharp cuts and challenging slopes. The entire outsole is made of Asics High Abrasion Rubber or AHAR, for enhanced flexibility and maximum durability. In addition, this durable and flexible outsole will keep these shoes in great condition for a long time while ensuring a smooth transition.

19. Soda Round Toe Faux Suede Stacked Heel Western Ankle Bootie

Affordable, killer boots that won’t kill your feet. Sounds like a dream? It doesn’t need to be! Soda Ankle Booties are the boots to die for. Made with faux suede and having an easy-to-use inner zipper, these boots look more expensive than it actually is. With these boots, even plus-size women with PF can look every bit like a queen!

Comfort Fit

These boots come with a cushion that hugs your feet and keep them comfortable. The heel is not too high (1 3/4”), so they won’t put too much pressure on your heel. You can also insert your own orthotics here. The linings are also soft and won’t chafe your skin even if you use them for several hours. Many women love these boots because of its slipper-like, zero-blisters level of comfort.


The faux suede does not ruin easily and doesn’t get stained when it gets wet. They are easy to put on and take off, and very versatile as you can use them with straight leg and boot cut jeans, skirts, shorts, etc.


These boots run true to size. There are no wide sizes, although many women share that they fit well into these boots despite their wide feet, so maybe you’ll get lucky too!


These boots are for plus-size women with PF who need an affordable, attractive pair of boots that are comfortable enough to reduce pressure on their heels.

20. Soda Chelsea Faux Leather Elastic Side Panel Ankle Dress Boots

Soda’s not done yet! Here is another set of boots that will not only go great with that summer dress you just bought, but will also keep your feet nice and comfy despite hours of standing. These heels come with Soda’s mark of comfort and style.

Comfort Fit

These boots have sturdy outsoles that will support your feet to keep it comfy even through prolonged wear. It also has cushioned insole that supports your feet and reduces pressure on your heel. Speaking of the heel, these boots come with low heels that won’t put excessive pressure on your heels. These are also very light, so you won’t have to drag your feet at the end of the day. These features make these boots great for work, school, and any events that would require you to stand for an extended period.


These Chelsea boots are sturdy and made of high-quality materials that will last long given proper care. These are easy to slip on and off, so these are great if you often find yourself rushing out as you start your day. The heels also do not make any clicking sounds, so it’s great to use in quiet environments. The soles give enough traction to keep you steady even on polished surfaces.


These boots stay true to size. If you want tight boots, order your true shoe size. However, if you want a little bit looser pair, order one-half size larger. There are no wide sizes.


If you are environmentally-conscious, you might be pleased to know that these Chelsea boots use 100% Vegan fabric.


Another affordable yet comfy pair of boots from Soda that can keep overweight women with PF looking great with zero worry about heel pain.

21. Dansko Women's Peggy Waterproof Sneaker

Dansko Women's Peggy Black Waterproof Outdoor Sneaker 9.5-10 M US
  • Waterproof leather uppers
  • Removable triple-density footbed with arch support...
  • Accommodates most standard and custom orthotics
  • DuPont Sorona fiber for moisture management
  • CleansportNXT for odor control

If you are looking for a pair of walking shoes that are lightweight, well-made, and incredibly comfortable, then the Dansko Peggy waterproof sneaker is a great choice. These comfortable walking shoes for women are designed to provide cloud-like cushioning, adequate stability, and ample support, so you can wear them the entire day. Furthermore, they are waterproof, which means they are ideal for hiking, among other outdoor adventures.


These sneakers were built and designed to deliver a comfortable walking experience. They come with a waterproof leather upper, which means, they can handle a wide range of wet conditions while keeping your feet dry and toasty. Dansko has also equipped them with a traditional lace-up closure, designed to provide a secure and snug fit. On the other hand, the proprietary DuPont Sorona fiber helps with moisture management. These lightweight walking sneakers are also furnished with CleansportNXT technology, which helps with odor control.

Cushioning and Support

A triple-density footbed supplies cushioning, impact protection and arch support, thus helping to prevent foot pain that comes with prolonged walking. These sneakers also feature a padded tongue and collar, designed to provide additional cushioning and comfort. It’s important to note that the triple-density footbed is removable. Therefore, you can replace the footbeds with your custom orthotics, in case you have pronation issues or other foot conditions that may require orthopedic footwear.

Best Applications

The Dansko Peggy is a versatile pair of shoes that can be used in different settings. Whether you need a casual sneaker for wearing around town, a comfortable pair of shoes for standing all day or you are looking for comfortable walking shoes for hiking, these sneakers are perfect. And since they are waterproof, you don’t have to limit yourself to going outside only in dry weather.

Most Comfortable Walking Shoes For Overweight Men With Plantar Fasciitis - Reviews

1. New Balance MW577

New Balance Men's 577 V1 Lace-up Shoe, Black, 9.5 X-Wide
  • Abzorb cushioning in the heel for exceptional...
  • Leather upper
  • Medicare / HCPCS code = A5500, may be eligible for...
  • Polyurethane Midsole for stable cushioning
  • Reflective accents designed to catch the light

The first item in our list of the most comfortable walking shoes for overweight men is New Balance’s Walking Shoe, a classy looking pair of shoes with perforated overlays and logos that are embroidered at the side.


These shoes have midsole cushioning and comfort footbed that cushion men’s feet, making each step effortless. The collars are lined and the materials are generally soft to avoid abrasions. These is also a wide toe box for your maximum comfort, and there is enough space for PF orthotics. The heels also have more padding which will definitely help with your PF problems. These shoes are so comfy that men who’ve had recent surgeries on the heel operations. People with flat feet also feel great when using these shoes.

Durability and Function

The materials of this pair are sturdy, and its overall durability is superior. It is a tie shoe that will let you adjust the tightness to your preference. The rubber soles give excellent traction, so you can use these as walking shoes if you’re going to walk on various types of terrain. These shoes are also waterproof which is great for outdoor walks during rainy weather.


These shoes stay true to size, and there are also wide sizes.


These are casual, waterproof walking shoes that you can wear outdoors even on rainy days. Great for overweight men with PF problems and flat feet.

2. Brooks Addiction Walker

Brooks Mens Addiction Walker Walking Shoe - Brown - 2E - 12.0
  • SHOE SIZE: "D" = Medium width, "EE" = Wide width,...
  • MAXIMUM SUPPORT: Our Extended Progressive Diagonal...
  • SLIP-RESISTANT, SECURE FIT: The forefoot MC Pod...
  • SOFT CUSHIONING: BioMoGo DNA adapts to your...
  • LONG-LASTING: Both comfortable and durable, this...

Brooks’ walking leather shoe for men promises the fit and feel of running shoes in casual walking shoes, and do they deliver? Absolutely! These shoes effectively cushion your feet throughout the day, preventing feet and leg fatigue.


These shoes are great for people with low arches and provide control for overpronation made possible by its dual density post at the medial arch. So if you’ve been having problems with looking for comfortable walking shoes for overweight people with low arches and over-pronation, give these a try. These are also great for people with plantar fasciitis because they take the pressure off the heel and distributes it more evenly across the entire foot.

Superior Cushioning

There are midsole cushioning and shock absorption qualities. The MoGo midsole provides a soft, cushy feel to your every step. You can remove the factory insole with your own orthotics without having any problems with space. The toe box is a little tight, and to work around this you can order a one-half size larger. The incredible level of comfort these shoes give make it popular among people with jobs requiring them to stand or walk for hours.

Durability and Function

Customers attest to how durable and sturdy these things are. These are well built and the soles last very long. Very easy to put on and you can use these on wet and dry surfaces because of the great traction.


These shoes are a bit small and narrow, so it’s best to order a wider size than normal and order one-half size up as well.


These shoes are great for overweight men with plantar fasciitis, flat feet, and even knee pain.

3. Rockport Men's Encounter Walking Shoe

If you are looking for a pair of shoes that will tie your outfit together without killing your feet, then these shoes are a solid choice. A comfortable and well-designed pair of shoes, the Rockport Encounter is designed for men whose work and lifestyle involves plenty of walking or standing. Furthermore, these shoes are multipurpose, which means you can use them formally or casually. They combine style and looks, with the comfort of an everyday work shoe.


For the upper, Rockport has used 100% genuine leather. The premium leather construction lends them a stylish look while providing a comfortable fit. These comfortable walk shoes for travel also come with a padded collar and tongue, which add cushioning and support to your feet. Their upper also features a lace-up vamp, which provides a customized fit. The upper is highly breathable. They also come with a synthetic rubber outsole, which provides a firm and reliable grip over different surfaces.

Best Applications

The Rockport Encounter is a highly versatile shoe. For instance, you can use them as your work shoes, travel shoes, or casual shoes. Whichever way you choose to use them, you can rest assured that your feet will remain comfortable at all times. Furthermore, they are exceptionally durable, which means they will not need a replacement any time soon.

4. Rockport We are Rockin Chranson

Rockport Mens Chranson Walking Shoe Fashion-sneakers, Dark Brown/Black, 11 US
  • GENUINE LEATHER: Genuine leather nubuck offers...
  • SOFT, BREATHABLE INTERIOR: Textile footbed cover...
  • SHOCK ABSORPTION: truTECH is Rockport's...
  • STABILITY AND TRACTION: Rubber outsole offers...
  • EASY TO FIT, EASY TO WEAR: Adjustable lace closure...

If you want the highest quality, top-of-the-line, dressy walking shoes, you go to Rockport, no questions asked. This brand has been providing excellent walking shoes for men that can easily be considered the premium industry standard. All these for an affordable price.

Comfort Fit

Rockport’s We are Rockin Chranson shoes are so comfortable that they don’t require any breaking in. Just wear them on day one and experience the full level of comfort it can give. The shoes have suede and synthetic upper that are breathable and wick away moisture.

Cushioning Support

The latex footbed cushions your feet, minimizes pressure on your heel, and prevents foot fatigue, so you can stay on your feet for work or other activities without feeling like your legs are going to give up on you. They also provide great arch support. The shock absorbing heel cushioning is the final protection for your heel to keep your plantar fasciitis and even ankle and knee pain at bay.

Durability and Functionality

The outsoles are designed to give you stability without limiting your movement, making these shoes great for people with flat feet. The rubber soles provide stable, durable grip on different kinds of surfaces. Since these shoes look great, you can wear them even when you need to dress a little nicer like when you need to wear dress pants and a button up. This pair won’t kill your look, so you can keep your fashion on point without sacrificing comfort.


These shoes stay true to size, and wide sizes are also available.


These are undeniably one of the most stylish and most affordable walking shoes out there that will work even for overweight men with plantar fasciitis. They will also be great if you have knee pain and other foot pain.

5. Rockport Men's Rock Cove Fashion Sneaker

Rockport mens Rock Cove fashion sneakers, Pinecone, 14 US
  • Rubber outsole provides a durable grip on a...
  • Latex footbed cushions the foot to help reduce...
  • Mesh lining provides enhanced breathability and...
  • A lightweight comfort system designed to provide...

If you do a lot of walking every day or if your job involves prolonged standing, you will need a pair of shoes that is comfortable, lightweight and flexible. It should also provide adequate support, stability, and shock absorption. If you are looking for such a pair of shoes, then you should check out the Rockport Rock Cove fashion sneaker. Apart from being lightweight and comfortable, these comfortable walking shoes for travel are also amazingly stylish. Therefore, they will keep your feet feeling and looking great.


The Rockport Rock Cove fashion sneakers come with a rugged rubber outsole, which provides grip and traction on different surfaces. Therefore, you will not experience any slips and falls, even when you are walking or standing on wet or slippery floors. Also, the rubber outsole has adequate flexibility, designed to give you the freedom that you need to move around.

Midsole and Footbed

One of the best features of these men’s comfortable walking shoes is their latex footbed. Thanks to this footbed, you will enjoy adequate cushioning, support and shock absorption. If you are looking for comfortable walking shoes for flat feet, then this pair of shoes is ideal for your situation. Its footbed will provide a cushioned base that envelopes your feet, resulting in stress-free and pain-free walking or standing experience. Also, the latex footbed is removable, meaning you can replace it easily when it’s worn out or swap it for custom orthotics.


For the upper, Rockport has used a combination of synthetic leather and mesh. The mesh material helps to keep the foot chamber well-aerated, while the synthetic leather overlays add structure and stability to the shoe while making it more durable. These comfortable walking shoes for plantar fasciitis also come with an internal mesh lining, which wicks away sweat, perspiration and other forms of moisture, thus helping to prevent the build-up of odor-causing bacteria and fungi. They also come with a rear pull-on tab, designed to make your work easier when it’s time to wear or remove these shoes. On the other hand, the padded collar and tongue will supply additional cushioning and comfort.

6. New Balance MW813

Here’s another pair for New Balance fans out there. These shoes look sharp, almost like a business shoe, but with the comfort of a sneaker. Sounds great, yes?


The level of comfort these shoes provide is amazing. The light foam midsole reduces pressure and shock on the feet and the heel in particular, and the soft collar and leather upper protect your feet from blistering. The insoles are comfortable enough to support your feet, but if you want more support, use your own orthotics. These shoes are lightweight, so you won’t have sneakers that drag your feet. The toe room is wide enough to keep your feet comfy even if you have bunions or hammertoes.

Durability and Functionality

The rubber soles are durable and will not wear out easily. The stitches are made well and don’t come loose after a few use. Since these shoes look almost like a business casual office shoe, you can use these in your office. If your job entails constant running and walking around the office or visiting other sites, these shoes will give you the style and comfort that you need. They look great in khaki pants and polo shirts.


These shoes fit true to size and great even for extra wide feet. There might be a break-in period of at a few days to one week, so just be patient, and your shoes should start feeling comfortable.


These comfortable walking shoes for overweight people are your all-around sneakers great for plantar fasciitis and other feet complications, and you can use these for casual to business casual attires.

7. Rockport Banni Mocc-Toe Rugged Oxford

Rockport mens Banni Oxford, Dark Tan, 12 W US
  • Mocc-toe oxford with lace-up closure featuring...
  • adidas adiPRENE sport cushioning
  • Rockport logo at heel counter

Rockport also offers an Oxford-style pair of shoes that give the same level of comfort that sneakers do but still look sharp, perfect for business casual.


These shoes have a lace-up closure with padded tongue and collars. They also come with forefoot flexibility and sports technology and fabric that adds flexibility and stretch to your movement. The interior also has generous padding and footbed to cushion your feet. You can insert your own orthotics for maximum comfort. Since these shoes are well padded and cushioned, the pressure on your heel will be minimized, reducing the risk of having stabbing pain at the heels.

Durability and Functionality

A lot of people have used these shoes as normal walking shoes with even as much as 5 miles a day. After years of using these shoes this way, the shoes are still in good condition. The soles are still intact and still supportive, and the threads are not breaking. With proper maintenance, this is surely possible. The soles also give great traction and are thick enough to protect your feet in case you step on something wet. And since these shoes look so great and semi-formal, you can wear them as business casual at the office.


These shoes are a little bit big, so it’s best to order one-half or one size smaller. There are also wide sizes, so if you’ve got extra wide shoes, these will work great for you.


These are another pair of casual comfortable walking shoes for overweight people that are great for business casual and will help you manage your PF symptoms.

8. Reebok Work ‘N Cushion KC 0

Reebok Men's Work N Cushion Kc 2.0 Walking Shoe, Black/Black, 10.5 4E US
  • Leather upper
  • Kwik-close strap design
  • EVA midsole
  • Bevelled heel construction
  • Oil- and slip-resistant outsole

If you loved Reebok’s lace up walking shoes, then you would surely love these slip-on, Velcro strap shoes. Yes, these shoes use Velcro straps, but no, they won’t make you feel that old. Their Work ‘N Cushion KC 2.0 walking shoes are one of the most comfortable shoes for overweight people with plantar fasciitis.

Comfort Fit

The low-cut design of these shoes will fit comfortably around your ankles. Its leather upper also gives you more support for more stability. It also has memory foam that keeps your feet comfortable and well-cushioned all day. There is also plenty of space for your own PF inserts.


These shoes are lightweight so you won’t have an added weight that makes walking more tedious for you. The tongue which is soft and cushy is easy to move when you need to put on and take off the shoes. The collars are also nicely padded to keep your ankles safe from blistering. Many customers use these shoes all day as they work or go to school since these are great for people with PF, neuropathy, and other feet-related pain.

Durability and Function

The soles are oil and water resistant, so you’d have added protection from slipping on wet surfaces. The shoes are also built from premium materials, and a lot of pairs which have been used extensively for more than a year remain usable and showing only a few signs of wearing. You can use these shoes for walking and weight training. These shoes use Velcro, making them incredibly easy to put on and take off, but unlike the common misconception that Velcro is an old guy’s thing, these Velcro shoes look hip and stylish.


These shoes stay true to size, so you can order your original size for this one. Wide sizes are also available. If you want to wear heavier socks, you might have to buy the extra width. The Velcro straps also make the shoes easy to put on and secure in place. These straps make these shoes adjustable, perfect if you’re having swollen feet.


These Velcro shoes are great for men who have plantar fasciitis, swollen feet, and even neuropathy.

9. ASICS Gel-Foundation 13 Running Shoe

ASICS Men's Gel-Foundation 13 Running Shoes, 9.5, Dark Blue/Black/White
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL Technology Cushioning...
  • Guidance Trusstic System Technology - This...
  • Guidance Line Midsole Technology - Vertical flex...
  • Seamless Construction - The use of seamless...
  • SpevaFoam Midsole Material - Improves bounce back...

The Asics Gel Foundation 13 running shoe is designed for people who use custom orthotics. These comfortable walking shoes for overpronators are equipped with enough cushioning to deliver a remarkable walking experience. It features a breathable mesh upper, a durable and protective outsole as well as a seamless interior construction. Meanwhile, the midsole unit features technologies that will support and stabilize your feet. If you are looking for a comfortable walking partner, you can never go wrong with these shoes. So, why should you buy these walking shoes?


Similar to previous versions, the Asics Gel Foundation 13 features a DuraSponge rubber outsole. This specialized rubber is renowned for its exceptional durability and supportive comfort. Asics has also employed its exclusive AHAR around the heel section, to protect the rest of the sole from wear and tear. The Asics High Abrasion Rubber also helps the outsole to maintain its structure, especially after walking for long distances. Finally, the flex grooves enable flexibility as well as easy transitions.

Midsole Unit

Without a doubt, the Asics Gel Foundation 13 is one of the most comfortable walking shoes on the market today. Most of this comfort comes from the various materials and technologies in the midsole. For instance, the full-length SpEVA foam provides a bouncy feel, therefore minimizing foot fatigue. On the other hand, the Dynamic DuoMax Support System beneath the media side of the foot corrects overpronation while stabilizing your posture. Meanwhile, the Guidance Trusstic System helps the entire cushioning unit to maintain structural integrity while the removable sock liner provides extra underfoot cushioning. Also, the removable sock liner features anti-microbial and moisture-wicking properties, which help to keep your feet fresh.

10. Reebok Work N Cushion Leather KC

Reebok Men's Work n Cushion LTH kc-m, Black/Black, 13 4E US
  • Leather walking shoe featuring hook-and-loop...
  • Oil- and slip-resistant outsole

Here is another pair of comfortable walking shoes from Reebok, and like Work ‘N Cushion KC 2.0, these shoes use Velcro to adjust the fit of the shoe. These are also stylish just like how you would expect Reebok shoes to be.


These shoes have padded tongue and collar, so your ankles and feet will be extra protected from blisters and abrasion. The leather upper is also so soft and has good quality. The interior lining is fabric and has an added cushioned footbed for maximum comfort. The lightly cushioned midsole is also great for support and comfort, so your feet won’t easily get tired after hours of working and walking. There is also plenty of room for your own orthotics. The great support, stability, and comfort that these Velcro shoes give make these great for people with PF, neuropathy, swollen feet, and other feet conditions that require maximum levels of comfort.

Durability and Function

These Reebok shoes don’t fall short in this department, either. Customers have been using these shoes for years without any problems about the soles coming apart after just a few months of use, torn fabric, or threads breaking. If you’re a heavy user, these shoes would be great for you. The outsoles are also resistant to oil and water, giving you excellent traction on both dry and wet floors. The ease of putting on these shoes makes these great for seniors who find it too tedious to bend over to tie their shoes.


These shoes stay true to size, and wide sizes are also available. If you plan on wearing thicker socks especially if your feet get cold easily, you might want to order one-half or one full-size larger.


These Reebok shoes with Velcro straps make them perfect for both young and senior men with plantar fasciitis and those who need to stay on their feet all day.

11. Cosidram Men's Casual Summer Loafers

COSIDRAM Men Casual Shoes Loafer Sneakers Slip on Moccasins Comfort Walking Shoes Luxury for Male...
  • BREATHABLE UPPER----Breathable material with...
  • HANDMADE----This casual shoes is a pair of...
  • CUSHION INSOLE----Cushion insole can protect your...

If you are looking for a pair of walking shoes for men that combine endless comfort, outstanding design, and durable construction, then the Cosidram Casual is a great option. Whether you walk to relieve stress, maintain a healthy weight, or distract your mind, these summer loafers will keep you moving from one point to the other, in premium comfort and style. Read on to learn more about the key features of these shoes and why they are a great fit for your active lifestyle.

Durable and Comfortable Upper

These comfortable walking shoes for plantar fasciitis come with a genuine leather upper, which is extremely supple and flexible. It can withstand all forms of twisting, and it will not deform in any way. The leather used to make these shoes is also resistant to scratches, meaning they will remain to look great for long.

All-Day Comfort

Walking shoes should be as breathable as possible, to prevent the discomfort that comes with excessive sweating. Fortunately, the upper of these shoes features several ventilation pores, designed to allow unrestricted airflow into the foot chamber. Even when you spend the whole day walking or standing in these shoes, your feet will remain dry, comfortable, cool, and odor-free. And considering they don’t have any laces to tie or untie, slipping them on and off will be easy and fast.

Great Cushioning and Traction

The Cosidram Casual summer loafer has also been equipped with a cushioned insole, designed to protect your feet from the impact generated by hard floors and surfaces. The cushioned insole also helps to prevent pronation issues and provide arch support. If you are looking for comfortable walking shoes for problem feet, this pair will serve you well. They also come with a slip-resistant and skid-resistant rubber outsole, designed to give you a firm grip on a wide range of surfaces.

12. Dr. Comfort Mike Men's Therapeutic Diabetic Extra Depth Shoe

Dr. Comfort Mike Men's Therapeutic with Velcro Closure-Diabetic Extra Depth Leather Shoes,...
  • MEN’S CASUAL BOAT SHOE - A casually cool boat...
  • CONTACT CLOSURE - Single hook and loop fastener...
  • LEATHER UPPERS - Natural material to help regulate...
  • PROTECTIVE TOE BOX - Protective toe box provides...
  • REMOVABLE INSOLES - Footbeds can be removed to...

Walking is one of the most convenient methods of exercising your body. Furthermore, it’s perfect for all ages. However, if you have a foot condition such as plantar fasciitis, or aching knees, then you have to choose a specially designed pair of shoes, which will protect your feet while ensuring that you don’t experience any form of pain when you are walking or standing. That pair of shoes is none other than the Dr. Comfort Mike therapeutic shoes. They are among the most comfortable shoes for plantar fasciitis, diabetic feet, painful ankles, and neuropathy.

Sturdy and Stylish

Featuring a premium, full-grain leather upper, these shoes are designed to protect and keep your feet comfortable the entire day. Apart from being well-constructed, they are also stylish and versatile. You can use them as casual or office wear shoes. They feature a spacious designed, with a Velcro strap that makes it easy to slip them on and off. Just like their name suggests, they have a roomy interior. Therefore, your feet will always breathe comfortably, regardless of how hot the weather is. These comfortable walking shoes for heel pain, also come with a soft interior leather lining, which provides additional comfort.

Comfortable and Lightweight

These classic boat shoes feature a moccasin toe as well as detailed stitching, designed to enhance their style. A slightly padded tongue prevents chafing while a soft, interior leather cushion keeps your sensitive feet super comfortable. They are further equipped with a leather rubber outsole, which shock absorption and additional comfort. Also, this outsole supplies superior grip and traction, thus preventing slipping or sliding hazards when you are walking on tricky surfaces. As much as these shoes are made of durable and sturdy materials, they are lightweight. Therefore, you can walk as much as you want with them, and you will not experience fatigue on your feet.

Great Arch Support

If you are looking for comfortable walking shoes with good arch support, then these shoes are a worthy choice. They are furnished with plush footbeds, which ensure that you have adequate arch support. Also, these footbeds are removable. Therefore, if you need additional cushioning or arch support, you can always purchase customized footbeds and insert them in these shoes. And with their extra depth design, you have the freedom to use different Orthotic inserts, based on your needs and preferences. Designed as a therapeutic pair of shoes, these shoes are perfect for any person with painful or sensitive feet.

13. PhiFA Distressed Genuine Leather Wingtips Oxfords Lace-ups

PhiFA Men's Leather Classic Oxford Dress Shoes Lace-up US Size 12 Brown
  • PRICE NOTE- $37.49 is just for promotion, it will...
  • FASHIONABLE STYLE- Elegant retro oxfords with cap...
  • COMFORTABLE EXPERIENCE- Pure Handmade Classical...
  • ABIDINGLY BREATHABLE - Comfy cowhide lining and...
  • OCCASIONS FIT: Durable Italy style shoes for adult...

PhiFA’s Oxford-style lace-up shoes are an affordable choice if you need a dressy shoe without spending a fortune. These shoes are also very comfortable and no doubt great for plantar fasciitis.


The primary goal of these shoes is to give users a stress-free shoe experience after long hours of use. The interior leather lining is soft and won’t chafe your skin at all. There is enough arch support, but you can use your own if you have. The footbed is fixed, but they’re cushy enough to give you maximum comfort. The lining is made of mesh and leather, making them breathable to keep your feet cool. Your heel won’t have that much pressure because of the good cushioning.

Durability and Functionality

These shoes are made of high-quality materials that stay functional after a long period of use. Some customers have used for some months quite heavily and share that the shoes still look like brand new! The soles also give excellent traction on dry and wet surfaces, and the design,
hoo boy. The design alone, considering its affordable price, makes these shoes a must-have.


It’s very modern and stylish and would look great for any occasion whether formal or casual. You can wear these at work, parties, mall, school, travel, and just about any light activities. The laces have the right length and are easy to tie, so you can easily adjust the fit.


The shoes stay true to size. There are no wide sizes, but many customers with wide feet fit into these shoes nicely.


If you get a pair with a strong petrochemical smell, just ventilate it for a while and the smell should go away. Another interesting detail of these shoes is the stamped impression of a bicycle on the sole. Such a dainty detail they added there for cycling enthusiasts.


These dressy, oxford-style shoes are great in reducing heel pain while staying sharp on any occasion.

14. Skechers Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-up Sneaker

Skechers mens Afterburn M. Fit fashion sneakers, Brown/Taupe, 9.5 US
  • Lace-up
  • Skechers Memory Foam comfort insole
  • Flexible rubber traction outsole
  • Articu-Lyte shock-absorbing supportive flexible...
  • Skechers logo detail

The Skechers Afterburn is a classic lace-up sneaker, designed to provide a comfortable walking experience. Apart from enhancing your comfort as you walk, these comfortable walking shoes for wide feet will also reduce the level of muscle fatigue by wrapping your feet in ample cushioning. Also, they are lightweight and flexible, while their aggressive tread pattern ensures you have adequate traction to tackle whatever surfaces you come across. Designed for all-day comfort, these shoes come with the following main features.

Lightweight Upper

Featuring an upper made of leather, mesh fabric and synthetic, these shoes are designed to keep your feet as lightweight as possible. Apart from that, the upper features perforations, which ensure adequate ventilation. Therefore, even if you spend an entire day wearing these shoes in hot weather, your feet will remain cool and comfortable. On the other hand, the padded tongue and collar provide additional cushioning while ensuring proper alignment of your ankles.

Comfortable Interior

Skechers is a renowned brand when it comes to comfortable walking shoes. And with the Afterburn, you will enjoy luxurious comfort throughout the day. The entire interior features a soft fabric lining, which prevents friction, hot spots and blisters. These shoes also come with a memory foam insole for shock absorption and cushioning. If you are always on your feet, then you should get yourself a pair of these comfortable walking shoes.

15. ECCO Soft 7 Fashion Sneaker

ECCO Men's Soft 7 Sneaker, Black/Black, 13-13.5
  • Uppers made of rich full grain leather for a light...
  • Full anatomical last shape provides a supremely...
  • Removable leather covered inlay sole with ecco...
  • Direct-injected, two component pu/tpu outsole is...
  • Kindly refer to last Image to know how to measure...

ECCO’s Fashion Sneaker boasts of premium materials and features that give maximum comfort even for special foot conditions like plantar fasciitis, and these are being offered for a price lower than the other high-grade comfortable shoes in the market.


When it comes to comfort, ECCO makes sure their shoes don’t fall short. These sneakers have uppers made of full grain leather with a light feel, and the inlay sole allows for an increased ventilation to keep your feet cool. These shoes also come with wide toe boxes to let your toes spread more naturally to support your weight. The inlay sole has a leather surface, and underneath that is a soft foam that absorbs moisture efficiently. This is responsible for odor control. It is also deep enough for your own orthotics and gives adequate arch support. People with high arches also fit nicely into these shoes.

Durability and Functionality

Interestingly, ECCO has its own tanneries where they process their own leathers and hides, so they get a tight control on the quality of their materials. This gives us the assurance that the raw materials of the shoes undergo highly advanced treatments and processes. True enough, customers comment on how long these shoes last looking brand new and undamaged at all.

Polyurethane Sole

Also, the soles are made of polyurethane (PU) which often lasts 2-3 times longer than rubber and other sole materials. The soles of ECCO’s fashion sneakers absorb shock, sparing your heels from too much pressure, and are flexible to help keep your feet stress-free after a long day.


As for size, customers advice to order one-half or one size smaller than recommended. There is also ample width for a wide foot even though there are no wide sizes available.


The ECCO fashion sneakers are a great addition to your collection of comfortable walking shoes for overweight people that will effectively reduce heel pain.

16. Skechers Performance Go Outdoor-Voyage

Skechers Performance Men's Go Outdoor-Voyage Walking Shoe,Natural/Black,11 M US
  • Suede and ballistic mesh upper
  • Skechers gotherm 360 keeps you warm and dry
  • Goga mat high rebound footbed energizes every step
  • Rugged and durable resagrip outsole

Skechers’ Go Walk Outdoor-Voyage shoes are great sporty, rugged feel to it with the standard level of comfort you’d expect from walking shoes.

Comfort Fit

Promising industry standard level of comfort, these shoes come with suede mesh upper that lets your feet stay cool even during warm weather or intense activities. So if you’re particular about the odor and moisture of your feet, these shoes are a good start. Customers also love the Goga Mat inside the shoes. These mats make the shoes feel very soft around your feet and makes every step pain-free. These are also lightweight shoes, so they will work great if you don’t like heavy shoes.

Added Padding

Customers with heel pain also found that these shoes eliminate or reduce their pain because of the cushion that absorbs the pressure or shock when their feet hit the ground. The soft linings also keep your feet comfy without additional padding. There is enough room to accommodate your own PF orthotics. The outside soles are firm but still flexible, so your feet won’t struggle with every struggle. The heel is hard but cushioned and comfy on the inside.


In terms of durability, let’s just say that many users use these shoes for years in various physical activities such as running, walking, jogging, and even hiking. The rugged and tight-grip outsoles will keep you confident when exploring different terrains. These shoes are not waterproof, though, so be careful not to get them too wet while in use. These tie shoes also come with laces that have just the right length and easy to tie.


These shoes stay true to size and also come in extra wide sizes.


Skechers delivers comfort and style in their Outdoor-Voyage Walking Shoe, making this pair a viable option if you want to engage in high-impact activities without feeling those stabbing heel pain.

17. Rockport Men's Northfield Oxford

Rockport Men's Northfield Waterproof Oxford, Black, 9.5 Medium
  • GENUINE LEATHER: Leather upper is easy to clean...
  • SHOCK ABSORPTION: truTECH is Rockport's...
  • SHOCK-ABSORBING OUTSOLE: EVA outsole offers...
  • WATERPROOF: A combination of waterproof leather, a...
  • STYLE BY DESIGN: A plain toe front, lug sole, and...

Rockport shoes are synonymous with comfort and style. And the Northfield Oxford is no exception. These comfortable walking shoes for men are designed to deliver top-notch performance in a wide range of conditions. They are rugged, well-built and most importantly, comfortable.


The Rockport Northfield oxford comes with an upper made of 100% leather, resulting in durable and sturdy shoes. The leather used is also supple, and flexible, which means it will not limit the movement of your feet in any way. Its outsole is made of durable rubber, which supplies adequate traction and grip. These shoes are also waterproof, thanks to the use of Hydro-Shield waterproof construction, waterproof materials, and seam sealing. They also come with a specially formulated waterproof insole. Therefore, they will keep your feet dry and toasty, even when you come across wet conditions.


These comfortable casual walking shoes for men feature Kinetic Air Circulation technology, which keeps them highly breathable. With these work shoes, your feet will remain odor-free, cool and fresh. Also, they come with a traditional lace-up closure, which you can tighten or loosen, depending on your preferred fit. The rear part of the collar is well padded to prevent chafing and irritation around your ankles. These comfortable walking shoes for work, also come with an EVA outsole, which supplies lightweight shock absorption, thus helping to reduce leg and foot fatigue.

18. Rockport Colben Oxford

Rockport Men's Sharp & Ready Colben New Tan 11.5 M (D)-11.5 M
  • GENUINE LEATHER: Leather upper is easy to clean...
  • FATIGUE-FIGHTING FOOTBED: Latex foam footbed...
  • SHOCK ABSORPTION: truTECH is Rockport's...
  • LIGHT-YET-STABLE OUTSOLE: Lightweight EVA outsole...

Here’s another one of Rockport’s signature trendy, dressy shoes that come with top-of-the-line features that lessen the impact on your foot.

Comfort Fit

These shoes come with all the standard features of Rockport shoes that make their shoes so comfortable on your feet. The Eva outsole has a lightweight shock absorption capacity to held reduce leg and foot fatigue after several hours of use, and the latex foam footbed acts as an excellent cushion to the feet. All of these features work together to absorb shock and spare your heels from much of the pressure upon hitting the ground.


These shoes are also built to last. Many customers use these shoes 3-5 times a week and still see them good as new after some months of consistent use. Since the design is versatile enough, not too dressy but not too casual either, you can dress it up or down whichever way you need and prefer. They’re a perfect addition to your wardrobe if you’re looking for a go-to pair in case of unannounced formal and semi-formal events,


Many customers found themselves having to return these shoes because they run at least a half size too large than their true size, so it’s best to order one-half size down. There are also wide sizes.


This is another must-have from Rockport that delivers style, durability, and comfort all for a reasonable price.

19. Orthofeet Proven Pain Relief Sorrento Plantar Fasciitis Orthopedic Diabetic Flat Feet Outdoor Shoes

Casio Men's XL Series G-Shock Quartz 200M WR Shock Resistant Resin Color: Matte Olive Green (Model...
  • DETAILS: 200 Meter Water Resistant, Super...
  • GREAT LOOK: Men, women, young, old, teens or...
  • GREAT FIT: Comfort is so important, and the key...
  • GREAT QUALITY: This timeless quality item comes in...
  • G-Shock is, designed to resist mechanical shock...

Painful feet can sometimes prove to be a huge problem. Apart from preventing you from enjoying a normal lifestyle, you might find yourself spending thousands of dollars, trying to find the right medication. Luckily, you now have a cost-effective solution to your painful feet, thanks to the Orthofeet Proven Pain Relief Sorrento. These comfortable walking shoes for foot pain are perfect for people with arch pain, heel pain, feet pain, metatarsal pain, ball of the foot pain, and knee pain. They are also recommended for people with plantar fasciitis, arthritic feet, Morton’s neuroma, hammertoes, bunions and corns. So, what makes them so effective in alleviating feet pain?

Ample Cushioning

These walking shoes come with premium orthotic insoles, which provide anatomical arch support. They are further fitted with a cushioning heel pad, which conforms to your foot’s contours as you walk. Also, the cushioning heel pad absorbs underfoot impact whenever your foot strikes the ground. As a result, it alleviates pain from the knees, heel and back. On the other hand, the Ortho Cushion System is engineered to eliminate stress exerted on the joints while enhancing foot stability. Furthermore, this system facilitates foot motion for a pain-free walking experience.

Extra Depth Design

If you have sensitive feet, then you will enjoy the experience of walking with these shoes. They come with a spacious toe box, as well as an extra depth design, which alleviates pressure on hammertoes and bunions. Meanwhile, the plush, seam-free interior lining eliminates pressure points while providing superior protection and support, especially for people with neuropathy, diabetes and rheumatoid arthritis.

20. Rockport Men's Eureka

Rockport Men's Eureka Walking Shoe, Black, 10.5
  • GENUINE LEATHER: Leather upper is easy to clean...
  • FATIGUE-FIGHTING FOOTBED: Latex foam footbed...
  • BREATHABLE LINING: Moisture-wicking mesh lining...
  • IMPACT-ABSORBING: EVA midsole provides flexible,...
  • STABILITY AND TRACTION: Rubber outsole offers...

If you are looking for a multipurpose pair of shoes that you can use both formally and casually, then the Rockport Eureka is a solid choice. Whether you are going to the office or attending a dinner with your friends, these shoes combine sleek sophistication and style. They will keep your feet comfortable and tie your outfit together. And as much as they are recommended for walking, nothing should prevent you from using them on light or smooth trails, thanks to their rugged and durable construction.

Sturdy Construction

Made of leather and suede, these shoes can comfortably withstand daily use. However, it’s advisable to avoid prolonged exposure to moisture or rain. They also come with a moisture-wicking mesh lining, which prevents the build-up of moisture while promoting breathability. The latex foam footbed and the rubber outsole supply cushioned and comfortable walking experience. On the other hand, the EVA midsole provides impact absorption and additional cushioning. If you are looking for comfortable walking shoes with good arch support, then you can never go wrong with a pair of these.

Great Support

If you spend a considerable amount of time on your feet, either walking or standing, these shoes are ideal for your lifestyle. Besides that, you can walk with them on different terrains and surfaces, thanks to their superior traction. On the other hand, the lace-up vamp gives you a customized fit while the heavily padded tongue and collar provide additional cushioning and ankle support. Whether you are looking for good walking shoes for plantar fasciitis, or you just need a supportive pair of shoes for standing all day, the Rockport Eureka is highly recommended.

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