Do you suffer from flat feet?

Not sure what flat feet are, or how to tell if you suffer from this condition? Keep reading and let the Boot Bomb will tell you all about it.

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We are going to discuss fallen arches in further detail to help you better understand this common medical problem. Many people suffer from fallen arches. Many of them aren't even aware.

Truth be told, flat feet can ruin your life without you even knowing it.

But more on that later...

Chances are, if you've come to this page... you already know you've got fallen arches, and are looking for running shoes with good support to help you run your next 5k.

So firstly, we will review a wide variety of footwear that will be ideal for reducing pain and other common issues that arise with having flat feet.

If you get the right running shoes, it's pretty easy to boost your foot support and increase your running comfort!

So ready, set, go!

Best Running Shoes For Overpronating Women With Flat Feet - Reviews

1. ASICS Women’s GEL-Nimbus 16

ASICS Women's Gel-Nimbus 16 Running Shoe, True Blue/White/Neon Pink, 5 M US
  • Running shoe featuring gender-specific cushioning...
  • FluidFit upper
  • FluidRide midsole
  • Rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning system
  • Guidance Line flex groove outsole

The amazing ASICS Women’s GEL-Nimbus 16 shoe is meant for anyone who has issues with pain in their feet. Particularly, these are made for those with overpronated feet and even for those with fallen arches. They are extremely comfortable for all feet-types. The mesh fabric that this shoe is constructed with is made to stretch in four different directions. This fluid stretch system provides extra movement while still keeping your foot 100% stable.

The individual lace holes used are added to give your foot more flexibility and movement while you are running or exercising. The strong structure in the back of the shoe helps with stability in the heel that provides a better foundation for the entire body.

The Sole

On top of these wonderful features, the insole is removable so that you can add your own orthotic to the shoe if you would like. The rubber sole is also designed to bounce back with every step that you take. Inside the rubber sole, is comfort gel technology that absorbs the impact of your foot with added body weight when you hit the ground.

Your Heel

The heel of the shoe is slightly raised to help reduce the strain of pressure on the heel. This is meant to disperse the pressure of your body weight better throughout the entire foot. If you turn the shoe upside down, you will notice a durable plastic base in the middle where your foot arches. The plastic structure is meant to provide the arch of your foot more support for a more comfortable walking or running experience.

The inside of these amazing shoes is possibly my favorite feature. The fabric is so comfortable and allows your foot to breath when sweaty, even though the design is meant to fit your foot like a glove. The wide variety of colors is also one factor that seems to really catch the eye. All in all, they are perfect for almost every type of occasion but are especially excellent for running and exercising!

2. ASICS Women’s GT 1000 2

ASICS Women's GT 1000 2 Running Shoe,Lightning/Dazzling Blue/Hot Pink,7 2A US
  • The GT-1000 gets added cushioning and a sleeker...
  • Mesh and synthetic upper
  • Tie closure
  • Rearfoot and Forefoot GEL cushioning
  • Trusstic System reduces weight and stabilizes the...

The ASICS Women’s GT 1000 2 is one of the best shoes that you can buy for mild pronation. With additional supportive cushioning around the base of the ankle, these are perfect for individuals with pronation issues.

Perfect for Runners Knee

These are also perfect for those with runners knee. The support system that is in place helps provide better stability to the foot’s arch, ankle, and even the pressure points of the feet.

Since they also have removable insoles, for those with more serious overpronation, you will be able to add your own comfortable insole orthotic to the shoe. However, the insoles that come with these are also fitted with amazing foam to cradle your feet with every step you take.

Amazing Mesh Fabric

Extremely breathable mesh fabric allows consistent air flow into the shoe, helping cool down your feet. This shoe also comes with a rubber sole that has pockets of gel inside for a more comfortable experience. This means that the gel-cushioning sole for is perfect for maximum impact absorption when you are exercising.

The pockets of gel are located in the heel and also in the front of the shoe where the ball of your foot will be. So unlike with other running shoes that only focus on the heel, the front of your foot is completely supported by the comfortable gel technology.

Weight Reduction

The ASICS Women’s GT 1000 2 is also fitted with weight-reduction technology that will actually make your running experience like floating on a cloud. You will be surprised at how weightless your shoe and your body feels when wearing them.

The middle of the arch is fitted with added support to keep your overpronated feet in check. Making sure that you are comfortable when you are exercising or running is not the only thing these shoes provide. They can be worn even for everyday activities!

3. Vionic Women’s Motion Venture Active Lace Up

Vionic Women’s Motion Venture Active Lace Up is an innovative piece of running technology!

This piece of amazing fitness technology is designed specifically to work best for runners. Amazing high-performance running shoes, the Vionic Women’s Motion Venture Active Lace Up is made for anyone who is looking for a more comfortable walking or running experience. These are made with incredibly breathable mesh fabric to allow the utmost air flow in while you are wearing them.

First-Ray Technology

They are also constructed with something Vionic calls first-ray technology. This is basically a more flexible area of the rubber sole that is made specifically for the big toe. It provides additional stability to the foot while also allowing better movement for the joints when walking or running.

The Amazing Vionic Insole

Just by looking at the insole, you can tell how comfortable this shoe is. The shape of the insole is meant to hug and cradle your foot like a baby. The padding lifts up the arch and has a heel cup that supports your heel. This maximizes the stability of your foot by allowing you proper movement while hugging your entire foot.

Under the insole is another set of stabilizing pads that add even more support to not only your heel but also the ball of your foot referred to as the strike areas of your feet. This simply means the part of your foot that hits the ground when you walk or run. These points tend to be the first to start hurting or feels serious pain.

This shoe is meant to help realign your ankles and legs so that your body feels less stress on the pressure points that your weight will fall on. When it comes to these nifty, comfortable shoes, anyone can benefit from wearing these.

4. ASICS Women’s GT-2000 3

ASICS Women's GT-2000 3 Running Shoe, Turquoise/Silver/Black, 7 M US
  • Lightweight running shoe with breathable mesh...
  • Heel Clutching System
  • ComforDry sockliner
  • I.G.S (Impact Guidance System)
  • FluidRide midsole

ASICS Women’s GT-2000 3 is perfect for those who suffer from overpronated feet. The high arch comfort fit protection provides more than enough support that most other running shoes don’t provide. The many different fashionable colors also make this shoe super trendy and ideal for any personality.

Comfortable Insole

This particular exercising shoe is perfect for someone with a wider foot. These provide plenty of wiggle room while still hugging the foot for a lightweight and effortless walking experience. Most people find that this design has excellent support for those with high arches without having to use an additional orthotic.

In addition to these features, they are made with Asics wonderfully constructed breathable mesh. This simply means that they provide ample air flow for all day wear without the discomfort of your feet overheating or sweating profusely.

Heel Support

Not only is this shoe ideal for those with wider feet, but it also hugs the heel to support your heel and ankle efficiently in any situation. If you prefer to exercise by running, walking, or just intend to use these as everyday shoes, they will feel like you aren’t even wearing shoes. The light weight design makes these perfect for any occasion while you wear them all day long. You will forget that you are wearing them!

What Problems Does This Shoe Solve?

For those with extra pain in their heels and in the ball of the foot (otherwise known as the strike areas) the ASICS Women’s GT-2000 3 was meant for you! The extremely comfortable fabric on the inside of the shoe is so soft that you won’t have to worry about the pain and itchiness that you’ve experienced with other shoes. The soft and cushioned tongue also provide a soft and incredibly comfortable movement no matter what position your foot is in.

This shoe is great for anyone who is looking for a soft, air like walking experience!

5. Asics Women's Gel-Exalt 4 Runner

ASICS Women's Womens Gel-Exalt 4 Athletic Shoe, Carbon/Silver/Cosmo Pink, 9.5 Medium US
  • Rear foot GEL Cushioning System: Attenuates shock...
  • DuoMax Support System: A dual density midsole...
  • SpEVA Midsole Material: Improves bounce back...
  • AHAR Outsole: Acronym for ASICS High Abrasion...
  • Trusstic System Technology: Reduces the weight of...

The Asics Gel-Exalt 4 is a lightweight but supportive road running shoe, designed for women who are struggling with overpronation. Approved by the American Podiatric Medical Association, these women’s running shoes for flat feet offer remarkable cushioning, a great fit as well as a superb blend of comfort and support. You will also love their vibrant colors as well as their cute, stylish design. Whether you are walking, running or jogging with these shoes, you are assured of all-day comfort and stability. So, why should you opt for these lightweight running shoes and not the other options on the market? Well, here are some of the standout features that these shoes offer.


As highlighted above, the Asics Gel-Excite 4 is designed and built to provide all-day comfort. Their SpEVA midsole, combined with the Blown Rubber outsole and the Molded EVA sockliner, provide cushioning, comfort and high energy return. On the other hand, the Gel Cushioning System, which is one of the best technologies in the footwear industry, provides excellent shock absorption and impact attenuation.


Regardless of how long your walking, jogging, running or training sessions last, you will never experience any excessive sweating when wearing this pair of shoes. Their mesh upper allows fresh air to flow into the foot chamber, thus helping to keep your feet cool and comfortable. On the other hand, the soft interior lining, and the EVA sockliner, help to wick sweat and moisture away. As a result, your feet will remain cool, fresh and dry, even when you wear these shoes the entire day.


From the upper to the outsole, these shoes are built for longevity and durability. Their outsole features Asics High Abrasion Rubber or AHAR, which helps to protect the cushioning unit of the shoe against abrasion. Furthermore, the SpEVA foam that has been applied in the midsole unit, tends to be more durable than ordinary types of EVA midsoles. Also, the upper has been reinforced with synthetic overlays, which add structural durability to the shoe.

Support and Stability

Thanks to their exceptional cushioning, these running shoes for flat feet can support a wide range of feet. They can support underpronators, neutral runners as well as people with various foot conditions such as plantar fasciitis, bunions or arthritic feet. Also, the EVA sockliners are removable, which means you can replace them with custom orthotics, in case you need more support.

6. Brooks Women's Adrenaline GTS 19 Runner

Brooks Womens Adrenaline GTS 19 Running Shoe - Black/Purple/Coral - B - 8.5
  • SHOE SIZE: "B" = Medium width, "D" = Wide width,...
  • FOOT SUPPORT: Ideal for runners with all arches...
  • CUSHIONED FEEL: Soft and protective, these shoes...
  • MODERNIZED FIT: Engineered mesh and the 3D Fit...

Without a doubt, the Brooks Adrenaline GTS 19 is one of the best running shoes for flat feet on the market today. Featuring a sleek, streamlined look, this pair of shoes will deliver a comfortable and stable ride, whether you are doing some aerobics in the gym, doing a trail run or simply doing an evening walk. Also, they are available in different sizes and widths. Therefore, whether you have wide feet, narrow feet, or large feet, you can rest assured that there is an Adrenaline GTS 19 pair of shoes for you.


These trail running shoes for plantar fasciitis, come with an upper made of engineered mesh and 3D Fit Print technology. The engineered helps to keep the shoes, lightweight breathable and comfortable. It also features a smooth interior lining, which helps to prevent excessive rubbing against the skin, which may lead to irritation and hotspots. The 3D Fit Print technology, on the other hand, helps to add structure to the upper. Also, it helps to lock down the foot, thus preventing accidental shoe removals when you are in the middle of your training sessions. Brooks has also outfitted these women’s running shoes for flat feet with a padded collar and tongue, for additional cushioning.


Similar to other running shoes from this brand, the midsole unit of the Adrenaline GTS 19 features the proprietary Brooks BioMoGo DNA technology, which provides lightweight and responsive cushioning to the foot. Also, the midsole unit has further been reinforced with the GuideRails Holistic Support system, which helps to lock down the foot in position, while preventing overpronation. Therefore, if you are looking for running shoes for flat feet and overpronation, then this pair is an excellent choice.


The outsole unit of these shoes is made of blown rubber – a compound that offers excellent traction and remarkable abrasion resistance. Also, this rubber compound provides additional cushioning.


Considering all factors, the Adrenaline GTS 19 is a great choice for runners who are looking for a comfortable, lightweight and stable running shoe. Also, the shoes are highly versatile, which means you can use them across various fitness activities, whether it’s running, jogging, walking, trail running or even short-distance hiking.

7. ASICS Women’s GT-2000 4

ASICS Women’s GT-2000 4 is specifically designed for overpronated feet. They are meant to be used as running shoes but are also ideal for everyday wear and even for exercising at the gym.

Gel Supportive Cushioning

Like the ASICS Women’s GT-2000 3, the 4th version uses innovative gel technology to provide ample support and impact absorption. When they designed this shoe, Asics really went all out to come up with a truly one of a kind running shoe. The gel that is used in this updated version of the GT-2000 is perfect for those who primarily strike the ground with their heel.

Fluid Ride Arch Sole

Fluid ride technology also allows the user of these shoes to feel support in their arch area. They use this tech to provide the utmost comfortability when running or jogging. Your feet will feel like they aren’t even making contact with the ground.

Breathable Mesh Ventilation System

Like most of Asics other running shoes, these are equipt with breathable mesh ventilation for an effortless fit all day long. Don’t worry about overly sweating in these shoes, since the amazingly breathable mesh design is meant to provide more airflow than their previous versions.

Light-weight Cloud Like Experience

These amazing running shoes are perfect for those who are looking for an effortless and light-weight experience. If you have had issues in the past with running shoes that were just too clunky or bulky, the ASICS Women’s GT-2000 4 Running Shoes will be perfect to try out for yourself.

Overall, this product is great for those with overly pronated feet and provide the utmost support of your arch and heel. The padding around the ankle and the tongue are excellent for those who like to wear lower socks because they provide comfortability and soft, all day wear.

8. Saucony Women’s Ride 8

Saucony Women's Ride 8 Running Shoe, Mid/Coral/Citron, 7.5 M US
  • Cushioned road running and training shoe featuring...
  • Padded tongue and collar
  • Lace-up closure

Saucony Women’s Ride 8 is perfect for those with severe foot and arch issues. The fun and innovative style comes in a variety of colors to match any personality. They also have supportive and flexible rubber soles with groove specifically meant to allow average movement and flexibility.

Keynote: These shoes are on the narrow side, so those with wide set feet should be aware of this before purchase. Also, these shoes tend to run a bit small, so if you intend to buy this product, we recommend that you go with one at least half a size larger than your normal shoe size.

Supportive Cushioning

This product is a perfect example of the marriage between cushioning and a responsive, supportive design. The sole is made with a what Saucony calls power-grid technology. This is a design consisting of a rubber sole with a middle comfort grid system, and then the upper cushioning sole. The shoe will distribute your weight along the entire length of the foot. It is meant to cradle the foot and provide maximized impact absorption of the strike areas of the foot.

Lightweight Air Like Feel

If you prefer shoes with a lightweight design, these are ideal. Most other running shoes can tend to feel clunky or oversized in the sole. So if you like to have a shoe that feels like you aren’t wearing anything, these would be a great design.

Mesh Air Ventilation System

The mesh material isn’t as breathable as some other running shoes for fallen arches. However, they provide a more flexible fabric design allowing a wider range of movement for the toes.

All in all, these shoes are perfect for those who are considered a neutral runner. If you aren’t sure what that means, it just stands for someone with an overall average foot style. This shoe isn’t necessarily constructed to fit those with fallen or high arches, or for those with an overpronated foot.

9. Saucony Women's Omni ISO 2 Runners

Saucony Women's Omni ISO 2 Running Shoe, Slate/Pink, 7 M US
  • Successor to the Omni 16 EVERUN topsole...
  • Engineered Mesh

The Saucony Omni ISO 2 is a stability running shoe, designed for women who experience moderate to severe pronation. It delivers a soft but responsive ride, reliable support and cushioning as well as excellent traction on a wide range of pavements and surfaces. It’s without a doubt one of the top running shoes for flat feet.

Upper Unit

Similar to other running shoes from this brand, the upper unit is made of a combination of synthetic and double jacquard mesh. The mesh, which covers the entire forefoot area, provides breathable and lightweight coverage. Regardless of how long or intense your training sessions are, these women’s running shoes for flat feet will ensure your feet remain cool, fresh, and cozy. Saucony has also integrated its ISOFIT design into the upper structure of the Omni ISO 2. This system features a floating support cage and a soft inner sleeve, designed to provide a customized fit for the user. The entire collar and the tongue are both sufficiently padded, for extra cushioning and ankle support. They also come with a conventional lacing closure, designed to give the wearer a customized and secure lockdown.

Midsole Unit

Saucony has equipped the Omni ISO 2 with several features and technologies in the midsole unit, to promote cushioning, comfort, and top-notch responsiveness. There is the EVERUN midsole technology, which runs the entire length of the midsole. It provides shock attenuation and responsiveness, thus helping to minimize fatigue and pain. These running shoes for flat feet and overpronation also feature an advanced type of foam known as PWRFoam, which supplies additional comfort during training sessions, while helping to extend their lifespan. Saucony has also outfitted the midsole of these women’s running shoes with a firm Medial Post which helps to prevent excessive inward rolling of your foot and minimize pronation.


When it comes to training shoes, you will need a pair that delivers adequate traction and grip on different surfaces and pavements. Well, the outsole of these running shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis was specifically designed for such activities. The level of traction that these shoes offer is one of the best in the class. Whether you are running on pavement or in the wilderness, you can hit the ground with confidence, without worrying about slipping or sliding.

10. Brooks Womens Ravenna 9

Brooks Women's Ravenna 9 - Pink/Plum/Champagne - 10.0 - B
  • SHOE SIZE: “B” = Medium width, “D” = Wide...
  • FOOT SUPPORT: Ideal for runners with a flat to...
  • ENERGIZED FEEL: Delivers a responsive and springy...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT, SECURE FIT: The lightweight mesh...

Currently in its 9th generation, the Brooks Ravenna continues to the highest levels of performance that its fans are used to. Unlike the previous versions, it’s now lighter and more responsive. You can now expect these women’s running shoes to deliver a supportive ride and a more energized performance. Apart from that, the Ravenna 9 is more flexible than the previous versions. Whether you are looking for a pair of shoes to hit the gym, or wear as your everyday casual shoes, then you can count on these running shoes to keep your feet comfortable and happy. So, what makes these shoes stand out?

A Flexible Upper

The upper of the Ravenna 9 features a breathable mesh, which provides a customized fit as well as ample ventilation. This breathable mesh is further enhanced with Element Lining, which helps to keep your feet dry and fresh. The upper also comes with a midfoot saddle, which locks down your midfoot while making the shoes visible at night. These running shoes for fallen arches are further equipped with a padded collar, which provides ankle protection and support, without sacrificing comfort.

A Responsive Midsole

Most Brooks running shoes are fitted with the exclusive BioMoGo DNA midsole. And the Ravenna 9 is no exception. This midsole is divided into two sections – the DNA and the BioMoGo. The DNA is the main midsole material. Since it’s gel-based, it generates return energy every time you step on the ground. The BioMoGo material is included in the midsole unit to provide adaptive cushioning. Brooks has also fitted a Diagonal Roll Bar in the midsole of these shoes to prevent overpronation.

Durable Outsole

The outsole of these women’s running shoes for flat feet features a combination of Brooks proprietary HPR Plus rubber and standard blow rubber. HPR Plus is renowned for its durability and high abrasion resistance. Apart from that, it ensures that you have adequate traction whenever you are walking or running on different surfaces. On the other hand, the standard blow rubber supplies flexibility and responsiveness, thus reducing fatigue.

11. Saucony Women's Hurricane ISO 4

Saucony Women's Hurricane ISO 4 Running Shoe, Grey/Black/Vizi RED, 7.5 Medium US
  • Full-length EVERUN midsole
  • EVERUN topsole
  • ISOFIT dynamic upper
  • Engineered mesh
  • Medial arch support

Currently, in its 4th iteration, the Saucony Hurricane ISO is well-built, and adequately cushioned road running pair of shoes, designed for users who require additional arch support. It’s lightweight, comfortable and stable. Besides that, it’s true to size and delivers a responsive feel, making it suitable for both long and short distance running. It’s equipped with a full-length midsole cushioning, designed to soften your foot regardless of the surface you are running on. And regardless of the time you spend running in these shoes, they will always keep your feet fresh and cool, thanks to their remarkable breathability.

Adequate Protection

Whether you are running on the track or in the city, you are likely to come across various objects and obstacles, that might hurt your feet. Luckily, such challenges are non-existent, if you are using the Saucony Hurricane ISO. They are furnished with cushioning from heel to toe, while the rubber outsole provides additional protection as well as traction. On the other hand, the engineered mesh upper will protect your feet against rocks, pebbles, sand and other debris that you might come across when you step outdoors. These women’s running shoes for flat feet are further equipped with a medial post, which prevents the foot from rolling inward – a common feature of over-pronation.

Reliable Traction

You can use these running shoes for flat feet for a wide range of outdoor activities such as road running and trail running, among others. Dirt trails should not pose any problem. Also, the sturdy rubber outsole delivers a decent amount of traction on a wide range of surfaces. The shoes are well built, meaning they are not going to fall apart any time soon. They are flexible from heel to toe, stable and responsive.

12. New Balance Women’s W940V2

Lifetime Adjustable Portable Basketball Hoop, 54-Inch Steel-Framed Polycarbonate Backboard
  • 54 x 33 x 1 inch square Shatter Guard backboard...
  • Pole size – 4” | Adjustment range – 7.5 ft....
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The New Balance Women’s W940V2 is amazing for those looking for an extremely breathable shoe. Making sure that your feet feel open and have a constant breeze is crucial for all day comfort. Providing extra stability for the mid-arch section is also imperative for a comfortable fit.

Reinforced Stability

The arch is reinforced with added stability and support while remaining super low to the ground. The thin sole provides a more lightweight and overall pleasant feel for all day wear. Overall this shoe weighs in at around 9 1/2 ounces to make you feel like you are walking on a cloud.

Improved Flexibility

The outer-sole of the design is made from rubber and reinforced with foam for even more impact absorption. Deep grooves have been updated into the sole of the shoe to add additional flexibility in the toe area.

Top Rated for Diabetics

The fully lined and baby smooth fabric inside the shoe adds maximum comfort to this fantastic New Balance product. The orthotic cushion acts as the inner-sole and can be removed for easy additional support of your own personal orthotic. Since the sole of this particular product is so flexible, it is perfect for those who have diabetes. Being able to flex your foot at any time of the day will give you the much-needed stretch that you may require throughout wearing them.

Added breathability is also a luxurious feature that anyone can enjoy but especially for those with diabetes. Keep your sweat in check to help maintain a pleasant and comfortable feel all day long.

All in all, these shoes are perfect for those who deal with grave heel, arch, and ankle pain. Leave your discomfort and pain in the past with these new wonderful New Balance shoes. They are perfect for anyone who wants to regain their mobility!

13. Mizuno Women's Wave Inspire 16 Road Runner

Mizuno Women's Wave Inspire 16 Road Running Shoe, Dazzling Blue, 8.5 B US
  • This favorite stability trainer is a workhorse....
  • Smoothride support wave brings an ideal balance of...
  • Premium Sockliner for increased cushioning and...
  • All new engineered Mesh upper for a soft and...
  • X10 outersole for increased durability

Currently in its 16th Iteration, Mizuno Wave Inspire 16 is a lightweight, and comfortable stability running shoe, designed for people with mild to moderate overpronation. These women’s running shoes for flat feet are also well built and sturdy, which means they will serve you for many years. It fits snugly around the midfoot and the rearfoot while leaving ample wiggle room for your toes.

Updated Upper

The Wave Inspire 16 features a Waveknit upper – a stretchable fabric material that provides breathable comfort and a snug-like fit. The entire upper is seamless, which helps to eliminate seams and stitches that could irritate your feet when you are running. And unlike the previous version that had a stitched toecap, Mizuno opted for an internal toe cap. Besides helping to lower the weight of the shoe, the internal toecap also gives the Wave Inspire 16 a sleeker, cleaner look. The upper is flexible, comfortable and highly breathable. On the other hand, the internal toecap and the synthetic overlays, add stability and structure to the upper, thus making sure that it doesn’t collapse on your toes during your runs. Both the collar and the tongue are well padded for additional cushioning and comfort. Similar to previous iterations, the Wave Inspire 16 also comes with a traditional lace-up closure provides a custom and secure fit.

Supportive Midsole

The midsole of these running shoes for flat feet features 3 main components - U4ic foam, U4icX, and Mizuno Wave-plate. The U4icX foam is placed at the bottom of the midsole unit. It provides cushioning and shock-absorption to the foot, thus helping to soften the step when your foot strikes the ground. On the other hand, the U4ic foam, which forms the top layer, delivers a more responsive and firmer ride. Also, the U4ic foam helps to ensure smooth transitions while the Mizuno Wave-plate provides structure to the midsole unit while providing a stable ride. Mizuno has also equipped these shoes with a premium sockliner, which provides additional underfoot protection and extra comfort.

Grippy Outsole

Whether you are running on trails, pavements or working out in the gym, you are assured of maximum traction when training with these shoes. Similar to the previous version, the Wave Inspire 16 features Mizuno’s X10 rubber compound, which is renowned for its ruggedness and durability. It also provides adequate traction on a wide range of surfaces.

14. Nike Women’s Lunarglide 7

Nike Women’s Lunarglide 7 are one of the sleekest and stylist design that we have found in a comfortable shoe for overpronated feet. Most other shoes that are available tend to be bulky (even when they are lightweight) in order to provide the heel and forefoot assistance necessary for proper structure.

With the Women’s Lunarglide 7, Nike has once again shown why they are the household name in athletic equipment, specifically for your foundation! Not only have they came out with a fantastic piece of footwear technology, but they have also styled them in more color combinations than any other brand!

Lunarlon Foam Cushion Insole

Get more bounce with every step thanks to this innovative foam insole technology. The additional toe room and maximized flexibility has made these shoes perfect for those with wider feet or extra toe joint pain.

Flyknit Textile Fabric for Breathability

This innovative mesh material is like no other meshing that you’ve seen before. It has a soft almost cotton like feel with still offering the maximum amount of breathability and ventilation that makes this product truly one of a kind.

Ideal for Those with Runners Knee!

The completely flat design of this shoe’s rubber sole gives optimal security and stability to your arch. Most other running shoes for runners knee and overpronation are made to support the arch but will begin to break down and wear over time. Some in just a few uses. With the completely flat rubber bottom, this style was made to last and give optimum support to even heavier or overweight runners and exercisers.

Overall, Nike has done it again! Not only by making a stylish design with an amazing color palette, but they have also given us a perfect example of what a comfortable running shoe for overpronators should be like. If you haven’t tried this one yet and have been struggling to find the right running shoe for you, then you must try the Nike Women’s Lunarglide 7 before wasting another penny on lesser designs!

15. ASICS Women’s GEL-Foundation 12

ASICS Women's Gel-Foundation 12 Running Shoe, Silver/Pistachio/Pink Glow, 9.5 M US
  • Lace-up running shoe with breathable-mesh upper in...
  • ComforDry sockliner
  • Dual-density DuoMax Support System midsole
  • DuraSponge outsole

The ASICS Women’s GEL-Foundation 12 was constructed with severe overpronators in mind. The maximized comfort fit is made ideally for those with higher arches that need more support and functionality.

Reinforced cushioning makes for maximum support and an insanely comfortable fit! These are another Asics original made for running but are also fitting for everyday wear and for exercising at the gym or on the treadmill.

Gel Foundation for Maximum Support

The gel foundational design uses the newest gel tech to provide plentiful support and impact consumption. This foundation of gel and duo-max support is excellent for those who essentially strike the ground or pavement with their heel.

Comfort-dry Sock Lining

Like most of the Asics other running shoes, these are equipt with breathable mesh for a purifying breeze and an all day a smooth fit for extended wear. However, the lining is where this design goes over the top! This shoe has one of the softest and most comfortable inner linings of any other design Asics have come out with.

Duo-max Support for Your Arch

The duo-max tech allows the wearer of these shoes to feel relief and comfort in their arch area. They use this technology to implement the most comfortability when sprinting or jogging. Your extremities will feel like they aren’t even touching the earth as you make contact and push off with every new stride.

Overall, this product is great for those with overly pronated feet and provide the necessary support for the arch and heel of your foot. The stuffing around the ankle bone and on the tongue are best for those who like to wear no show socks. This is due to them providing comfortability and soft lining like never before. Once again, Asics has come out with a running shoe that is ideal for all-day wear.

16. ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 6 Running-Shoes

ASICS Women's Gel-Venture 6 Black/Carbon/Neon Lime Running Shoe 7.5 M US
  • Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System: Attenuates shock...
  • Removable Sockliner: A sockliner which can be...
  • Trail Specific Outsole: Reversed lugs provide...
  • AHAR Outsole: Acronym for ASICS High Abrasion...
  • Imported

The Asics Gel Venture 6 is a versatile trail running shoe, featuring an incredible amount of support and traction. Even if you are not a trail runner, you will enjoy working out with this pair of shoes, thanks to its exceptional comfort. Apart from being comfortable, these women’s running shoes for flat feet are stylish, stable, and supportive. Therefore, if you are looking for an all-rounded pair of shoes for various outdoor activities, then the Gel venture 6 is a perfect choice. Some of its key features include:

Superb Traction

The Gel Venture 6 is specifically designed for trail running. It’s outsole is made of Asics High Abrasion Rubber or AHAR, which is strategically positioned to boost flexibility and durability. And since trail running requires plenty of traction, these shoes are furnished with multi-directional lugs, which provide superior grip on a wide range of surfaces. Therefore, you can rest assured that this pair of shoes will perform well, regardless of whether you are running on even or uneven terrain. Apart from supplying traction, the outsole also protects other parts of the shoe from abrasive elements.

Outstanding Comfort

The upper of these trail running shoes for flat is made of a sturdy mesh material, to provide the desired level of ventilation. Also, this mesh material is flexible. Therefore, it will accommodate the natural contours of your feet. Asics has also fitted these shoes with a fabric lining on the upper, which supplies additional air circulation while ensuring that your feet remain fresh even when temperatures rise. Securing your feet when walking or running should not be a problem, thanks to the traditional lace-up closure.

17. ASICS Women’s Gel-Excite 4

ASICS Gel-Excite 4 Women's Running Shoe, Shark/Flash Coral/Parachute Purple, 7 W US
  • Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System: Attenuates shock...
  • Removable Sockliner: A sockliner which can be...
  • AHAR Outsole: Acronym for ASICS High Abrasion...
  • Reflectivity

ASICS Women’s Gel-Excite 4 is one design that we are especially excited about. Use these wonderfully fun and super comfortable shoes for all day wear and even more! Luxurious fit helps with a number of different issues that overpronated feet and ankles will cause. If you are someone who deals with overly sensitive heels and sharp forefoot pain, then this footwear is a must for you to try! Don’t leave your feet in those uncomfortable cheap shoes that you have been wearing.

Runners Knee

This design is specifically for those who suffer from runners knee. Don’t deal with the pain and discomfort of sharp pain in your knees and legs anymore! The gel technology is meant to provide ample support for impact areas and minimal pressure on your joints.

Mesh and Leather Overlays

The breathable mesh upper that this product has is perfect for providing maximum support and even more functionality than most other running shoes. Leave Asics to come out with such a sleek and sturdy design. The leather overlays also provide additional security so that the shoe won’t start to fall apart after just a few uses.

Innovative Gel Technology

With the innovative gel sole, this shoe will give you bounce in every step that you take. They use a removable insole (so that you can replace it with your own orthotic if you choose) and also use a midsole for optimum impact absorption. If you have looked and looked and still have not been able to find a comfortable shoe for you, then try the ASICS Women’s Gel-Excite 4.

All in all, this style is great for those with knee problems and serious back pain. If you need something to provide your arches with extra support and stability, then use the ASICS Women’s Gel-Excite 4.

18. Brooks Womens Addiction 13

Whether you want to run on the track, treadmill or on the road, the Brooks Addiction 13 has got you covered. If you are looking for running shoes for flat feet with arch support, then you should check out this model. You can wear these shoes the entire day, and you will not encounter any challenges. Specifically designed for overpronators, these shoes will ensure your feet are properly aligned, thus preventing pain. Mile after mile, the Brooks Addiction 13 will give you a cushioned ride as you breathe some fresh air in the woods. Brooks has done a great job of coming up with running shoes that are not only lightweight and comfort.

Breathable and Comfortable

A breathable and moisture-managing mesh upper ensures that your feet have adequate ventilation, comfort and protection whenever you are running. In addition, a moisture wicking lining keeps your feet dry and cool, while preventing build-up of unpleasant odors. These running shoes for flat feet and arch support, are also fitted with tough synthetic overlays around the midfoot area for optimal support and enhanced structural integrity. Both the collar and the tongue are padded to provide additional cushioning.

Cushioned Ride

Brooks has applied its exclusive DNA technology for the cushioning of these shoes. The DNA technology features fluid gel material, which adapts to the impact and stress you place on it. Brooks has then combined the DNA material with another compound known as BioMoGo, for long-lasting and consistent cushioning. Therefore, even if you are running on uneven terrain, these shoes will always deliver a cushioned and responsive ride. These Brooks running shoes for flat feet are further furnished with a progressive rollbar tri-density foam, which control pronation while promoting smooth transitions.

19. Saucony Women’s Redeemer ISO

Saucony Women's Redeemer iso-w, Silver/Grey, 8.5 W US
  • Running shoe for severe overpronators featuring...
  • PWRGRID+ midsole
  • IPR+ rubber outsole
  • Accomodates orthotics

The amazing Saucony Women’s Redeemer ISO is an innovative piece of fitness technology that is ideal for those with serious or severe overpronated feet. Since they also offer a wonderful ISOFIT they are ideal for anyone with major arch pain and heel discomfort.

Do you start to feel sharp painful pricks throughout your feet or your heels only halfway through your day or even sooner? Then you need to try these Saucony shoes for yourself. If you have dealt with pain in your lower back as well, then you must try these!

Upgraded Rubber Sole Tech

The new version of this Saucony shoe is perfect for all day wear. The rubber sole has slits down the side that you can see. These slits are designed to provide your feet with the utmost flexibility and range of motion needed for all day use, every day of the week.

New Updated Power Grid Mid-Sole

The newest version of the midsole power grid design has more comfort and stability than any of Saucony’s previous models. The thick yet lightweight sole acts as an updated supportive purpose that makes these a must have for anyone with serious overpronated feet. Fallen arches are also a great excuse to get these shoes. With all the structure that your feet could ever hope for, fallen arches won’t cause you pain when wearing these.

New Sock Fit Upper

These also offer an incredibly easy to wear upper mesh with synthetic overlays. This makes it hard to notice when you are wearing them and when you’re not. These are meant to show you the most innovative and luxurious feel in Saucony’s history.

Overall, these are amazing for fallen arches and overpronated feet. These running shoes will feel like you are wearing a glove on your feet while allowing the widest range of movement for your feet and joints yet!

20. Brooks Womens Ghost 11

Brooks Womens Ghost 11 Running Shoe - Navy/Grey/Purple Rose - B - 8.0
  • SHOE SIZE: "B" = Medium width, "D" = Wide width
  • FOOT SUPPORT: Ideal for runners with a medium to...
  • SMOOTH, STABLE RIDE: The Segmented Crash Pad is...
  • SOFT, SECURE FIT: The newly engineered mesh upper...

As much as Brooks is known for, producing high quality running shoes, the brand has also made a name for itself in the hiking community. And this can be attributed to rugged line of trail running shoes – the Cascadia. Currently in its 12th iteration, the Brooks Cascadia is designed for running along rugged terrains. They come with durable, rubber outsoles that provide a firm grip on the ground while the ballistic rock plate softens the impact whenever your foot strikes the ground.

Breathable Upper

The Brooks Cascadia 12 features Element Mesh fabric on the upper. Thanks to this breathable material, your feet will remain dry and cool regardless of the amount of time you spend running or jogging. They are further furnished with a moisture-wicking mesh fabric, which supplies additional breathability. Brooks has further applied the Conformable Saddle Construction technology on the upper part of the shoe to give your foot a snug and secure fit for a comfortable running experience.

Solid and Grippy Outsole

The outsole of the Brooks Cascadia 12 is made of environmentally friendly materials, which are both efficient and durable. With this rubber, you are assured of skid-resistant traction and grip, in all terrains and surface conditions. Brooks has further outfitted this rubber outsole with multidirectional gripping lugs, which ensure that your feet have a firm grip on the surface, especially during downward and upward traversals. On top of that, the 3D Hex Lug Pattern provides additional traction, thus giving you the confidence to run or hike even on slippery conditions. These running shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis are further equipped with the exclusive Ballistic Rock Shield, which protects your feet from injuries whenever you step on stones, trail debris or aggressive surfaces.

Sturdy Construction

With its durable and sturdy construction, the Cascadia 12 has the capacity to support plenty of weight. Even if you are carrying an extremely heavy back, these boots will support that weight, without transferring the stress to your joints. These shoes are one of the reasons why modern hikers are abandoning heavy hiking boots in favor of supportive and lightweight trail running shoes.

Best Running Shoes For Overpronating Men With Flat Feet - Reviews

1. ASICS Men’s GEL-Kayano 22

ASICS Men’s GEL-Kayano 22 is one of the best shoes that Asics has ever come out with. The stylish design is great for all personality types and offers plenty of colors for you to choose from. They also have reflective patches to help keep you safe when running late at night or early in the morning before heading to work or school.

Flexibility for Comfort Control

Breathable fabric meshing has never been so soft and flexible. On top of providing incredible breathability and ventilation, this shoe also offers a new flexible fit for your toe joints. This newly updated feature to the Asics Kayano has made these a leading contender for some of the most comfortable running shoes available. The reinforced lining also means that with the movement of everyday wear, you won’t be sacrificing durability.

This fabric also is engineered with ultimate wicking power to keep your feet dry all day long. The outside of the shoes also keep your feet drier while running in the rain, and won’t retain water.

Bounce Fit Gel Cushioning

The outer sole of this Asics product is so comfortable for even the most painful arch and heel problems. These shoes offer a drop from the heel to the forefoot that is ideal for anyone who deals with regular stress and pressure on their primary strike areas. Making sure that you have a lightweight experience, these shoes are incredibly light when it comes to weight hinderance.

This means that with every step that you take, your feet will experience the feel of walking on a cloud.

Exoskeletal Heel Brace

The incredible exoskeletal design of the heel helps provide extra brace for when your feet impact the ground. If you suffer from serious overpronation, the heel will help give your ankles the extra support that you desire while keeping your feet from rolling inwards.

Overall, these are an excellent running shoe that just about anyone would enjoy wearing.

2. Brooks Men’s Beast 20

Brooks Beast '20 Black/Ebony/Grey 12
  • THIS MEN'S SHOE IS FOR: The Beast ’20 is perfect...
  • ENHANCED FIT: Enjoy comfort front to back with a...
  • NEW LOOK: Embroidered saddle and eyestay create a...
  • HOLISTIC SUPPORT: We've shifted our focus beyond...

The Brooks Beast 20 is a high-performance walking and running shoe that offers great stability, enhanced flexibility, and exceptional comfort. It’s well-cushioned, supportive, and lightweight, making it ideal for running, walking, or training on paved surfaces. With the wide range of technologies, materials, and features employed in these shoes, you can expect nothing less than a comfortable and enjoyable training experience.


These running shoes for flat feet and plantar fasciitis feature an upper made of engineered mesh. This upper design allows air to move freely in and out of the shoe, thus helping to maintain a fresh and cool environment inside the foot chamber. Inside is soft mesh lining, which helps to wick away moisture and sweat. Even when the temperatures are extremely high, you will not experience any uncomfortable sweating or heating when you are walking or running in these sneakers.

Brooks has further enhanced the upper of this shoe with external heel saddled, which helps to add structure to the upper, as well as responsive foot support. On the other hand, the plush tongue and collar supply extra comfort and cushioning while the lace-up closure system will give you a customized fit.

Midsole Unit

For the midsole, Brooks has employed its proprietary BioMoGo DNA midsole, to ensure you have the right amount of support, cushioning, and stability. This midsole technology features a combination of GuideRails Support system, S-257 Cushsole compound, and DRB Accel shank unit.

As the name suggests, the GuideRails support system helps to keep the foot locked in place, resulting in a comfortable and secure running or walking experience. On the other hand, the S-257 compound increases flexibility in the midsole while the DRB Accel delivers torsional rigidity specifically in the midfoot. These running shoes for flat feet women also come with a removable sock liner, which supplies additional cushioning and comfort during your training sessions.

Outsole Unit

Brooks has employed its durable HPR Green outsole on the Beast 20 running shoe. This outsole material features a silica compound, which provides decent traction on slippery, wet and dry surfaces. It also provides skid resistance, especially when you are running on slippery surfaces. The outsole of the Beast 20 also features HPR Plus rubber, which is renowned for its remarkable abrasion resistance. With this combination of materials in the sole unit, you are assured of traction, durability, and flexibility.

3. ASICS Men’s GT 1000 4

ASICS Men's GT 1000 4 Running Shoe, Silver/Electric Blue/Black, 10.5 4E US
  • Stability running shoe engineered to support...
  • Rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning
  • DuoMax support
  • SpEVA foam midsole
  • Guidance Line flex grooves in outsole

ASICS Men’s GT 1000 4 is an oldie, but a goodie. A great piece of Asics footwear tech that I am proud to present to you. If you have been looking for an all-inclusive design that will provide the bounce, light wear, and support that you need, then look no further. With multiple different sporty colors, you will easily find one that will fit your personality to a T. So what exactly makes this shoe so great? We will tell you!

SpEVA Middle Sole Foam for Bounce

The amazingly comfortable and luxurious SpEVA midsole is made to give you the bounce and support that you’ve been needing. With every step the foam conforms to the specific shape of your foot, meaning that you will never again deal with a shoe that fights your foot. Instead, the memory foam cradles and will even rock your foot back in forth when you strike the ground and step off.

Flexible Grooves in the Sole

The grooves that have been inserted into the outer section of the sole will give you the much-needed flexibility required for all day comfort when wearing them. If you suffer from moderate to severe pain in your heels and in your ankles, these are perfect for relieving stress and pressure with every step you take.

Newly Designed Upper for Maximum Movement

The new upper that Asics has introduced is meant to allow the most movement out of any of their shoes yet. If you have been dealing with major pain from your feet feeling cramped inside your shoe all day, then check out this model! Even if you have a little higher of an arch, this style is made for comfort and stability while allowing the most movement possible.

Overall, these are a wonderful addition to the Asics family and will be a perfect fit for your closet of shoes. They stand out with the fun and sporty colors and will leave you wanting to purchase a pair for everyday of the week!

4. Asics Men's GT-1000 8 Runner

ASICS Men's GT-1000 8 Shoes, 12, Peacoat/Black
  • AHAR Outsole - Acronym for ASICS High Abrasion...
  • I.G.S (Impact Guidance System) Technology - ASICS...
  • SpevaFoam 45 Lasting - Employs 45 degree full...
  • DuoMax Support System - A dual density midsole...
  • FlyteFoam Midsole Technology - Our FlyteFoam...

If you are looking for a lightweight, stable and durable pair of men’s running shoes for flat feet, then you should check out the Asics GT-1000 8. Whether you’ve developed fallen arches over time or you were born with flat feet, these shoes will provide you with the support, cushioning and stability that you need, to enjoy a comfortable and pain-free running, walking or jogging experience.

Upper Construction

These Asics running shoes come with an upper made of engineered mesh. It’s breathable, flexible and lightweight. Also, this mesh upper is designed to conform to the motion and shape of your foot, to ensure a smooth and comfortable ride. The upper also features 3D printed overlays on the sides, the toe box, and the heel. These overlays help to add structure and reinforce the upper unit of this shoe. They also come with a traditional lace-up closure, designed to provide a custom and secure fit. On the other hand, the padded collar and tongue help to cushion the instep and ankles, while helping to lock down the foot.

Responsive Midsole

The midsole unit of the Asics GT-1000 8 features 4 distinct components. All the four components work together to deliver a responsive, cushioned, lightweight and springy ride. The four components include SpevaFoam 45, FlyteFoam, DuoMax Support System and Gel cushioning system. The SpevaFoam 45, which is the topmost layer, provides a cozy platform for your foot to sit on while the FlyteFoam component helps to enhance the midsole unit, without adding unnecessary weight or sacrificing softness. Also, the FlyteFoam component helps to add responsiveness to the entire midsole unit. On the other hand, the DuoMax support system helps to stabilize the arch, thus preventing your foot from rolling inwards.

Flexible Outsole

Asics has employed its proprietary Asics High Abrasion Rubber or AHAR for the outsole unit of these trail running shoes for flat feet. This rugged rubber compound helps to protect the cushioning system against hard and abrasive surfaces. It also supplies the required traction, thus helping to accidental slips during your training sessions. The outsole unit also features several flex grooves in the forefoot area, which help to enhance the flexibility of the outsole unit. The flex grooves also help to reduce the weight of the entire shoe.

5. Brooks Men’s Beast 18

Brooks Mens Beast '18 - Grey/Navy/White - 10.0 - D Medium
  • FOOT SUPPORT: Ideal for runners with a flat to...
  • MAXIMUM CUSHION AND SUPPORT: Super soft and...
  • ENHANCED FIT: The improved fit of the soft,...
  • GUARANTEE: With Brooks’ True Blue Guarantee,...

Are you looking for heavy-duty and comfortable running shoes for overpronation? If yes, then Brooks Beast 18 is a worthy consideration. These motion control running shoes are designed to support runners with severe overpronation and provide pain relief. Their plush and super soft cushioning makes standing, running and walking more comfortable while their grippy rubber outsole offers excellent traction over different types of surfaces.


Brooks has slightly redesigned the upper of this running shoe, to make it more comfortable and supportive. The forefoot and rearfoot areas of the upper unit are made of engineered mesh, which helps to keep the foot well aerated. At the same time, a 3D Printed Support Saddle that has been fused to the midfoot section helps to provide a snug, firm and secure fit to the foot. And unlike other saddles, this one is not too thick. Therefore, it will not make your shoes feel heavy. These running shoes for flat feet with bunions, also come with an external heel counter, which secures the foot in position, thus preventing twisting, wobbling or slipping.


If you are in the market for running shoes for flat feet and overpronation, then you should get yourself a pair of the Brooks Beast 18. Brooks has equipped these running shoes with its Super DNA midsole – a foam material that is renowned for its excellent cushioning and responsiveness. This foam conforms to the contours of your foot, thus making sure you have adequate underfoot support. The midsole unit has been further outfitted with an Extended Progressive Diagonal Rollbar, which helps to add stability while helping to correct pronation as well as other gait problems. Also, the midsole comes with a Segmented Caterpillar Crash Pad, which helps to align the foot into its natural position, regardless of how you land.


The upper of these Brooks running shoes, features 3 distinct rubber compounds, to ensure maximum durability and reliable traction on a wide range of surfaces and terrains. The 3 compounds include Flextra rubber at the forefoot, HPR Plus rubber at the rearfoot and HPR Green rubber at the forefoot. The Flextra rubber promotes natural flexibility of the foot, HPR Plus rubber provides maximum abrasion and wear-resistance while HPR Green rubber provides traction on wet, dry and slippery surfaces.

  • Pros
  • Comfortable and breathable
  • Excellent traction
  • Stylish design
  • Cons
  • None

6. ASICS Mens Gel-Kahana 8 Running Shoe

ASICS Men's Gel-Kahana 8 Shark/Black/True Red Running Shoe 10.5 M US
  • Rear foot GEL Cushioning System: Attenuates shock...
  • SpEVA Midsole: Material Improves bounce-back...
  • DuoMax Support System: A dual-density midsole...
  • Trusstic System: Reduces the weight of the sole...
  • Trail Specific Outsole: Reversed lugs provide...

Without a doubt, the Asics Gel Kahana 8 is one of the best running shoes for flat feet. It’s designed for athletes who tend to display overpronation and neutral tendencies. It can handle tough and aggressive terrain, while keeping you light and comfortable on your feet. It’s furnished with plenty of advanced features such as gel technology for shock absorption, the SPEVAFOAM midsole for return energy and a DUOMAX dual density system for stability and support. With such a wide range of top-notch features, these shoes are adequately equipped to handle the demands of a challenging run.

Superb Cushioning

Asics has used SPEVA foam as the main midsole material. This high-quality foam is renowned for its springy feel and high energy return. Also, it doesn’t break apart easily, even after using the shoe for a long period. This material cushions your landing, thus preventing transfer of impact to the joints and muscles. Asics has further applied its Gel Cushioning System on the rear part of the midsole, for shock absorption especially when your foot lands on the ground. For the outsole, the Kahana 8 uses Asics High Abrasion Rubber or AHAR, which protects the midsole unit against abrasion while delivering reliable traction on different terrains. If you are looking for running shoes for flat feet and overpronation, then you will appreciate this model.

Breathable Upper

The Asics Kahana 8 is primarily a running shoe. Therefore, it’s designed in a way that will ensure maximum breathability. Breathable mesh is the main upper component. It features open construction, which facilities adequate ventilation into the shoe chamber, thus keeping your feet dry and cool. The breathable mesh has further been reinforced with stitched-in synthetic overlays. In addition, the interior wall is lined with smooth textiles, which prevent chaffing and irritation.

7. Under Armour Men's Charged Assert 8

Meet all your running and physical activity goals when you have the Under-Armour Men's Charged Assert 8 Running Shoes. These are the right shoes if you want you want to run like a pro and to find it easy to burn all those extra carbs. Let us a look at some of its unique functions. The overall design of the shoe is perfect for those who want optimal flexibility and cushioning. From the first glance, these shoes ooze the ruggedness and comfort runners need to take on long trails.


You can forget about blisters or sprains when you have these pair of shoes with you next time when you have to take a jog. The shoes come with a compact mesh upper, that has a unique 3-colour digital print. It's a mechanism geared towards providing optimal comfort, especially during intense physical activities. Even more, the durable leather overlays on these shoes provide stability, and it also offers a snug fit around the midfoot. A physical enthusiast will know the importance of having a shoe that provides a snug fit. Even if these running shoes are durable, they won't add weight to your feet – which is suitable for running long distances.


Comfort is a crucial component of any good running shoes, and it's evident in all aspects of this Under-Armour men's runner. Responsiveness is equally vital in any good pair of running shoes. Thus, this is why the Under-Armour Charged Assert 8 come with a charged cushioning midsole. What is this exactly? Well, it's a midsole that features a compression moulded foam, for optimal responsiveness and durability.

  • Pros
  • Lightweight mesh upper and three-colour digital print
  • Durable leather overlays provide optimal stability
  • Charged cushioning midsole for responsiveness and durability
  • Cons
  • None

8. Saucony Men’s Guide 9

The Saucony Men’s Guide 9 comes in some fun color pallets with ones perfect for every occasion. Whether you are running on the track or going to work, you can find a color design that will fit your wardrobe and personality. When your eyes first fall upon this beautiful piece of art, you will wonder what this product is all about. Well, we will tell you!

The Flex Film and Breathable Netted Upper

Saucony always outdoes themselves with a beautiful and creative look without sacrificing efficiency. Their new Guide 9 comes for both men and women. The upper is made for maximum ventilation like they always ensure, however, the flex film adds security and durability. Flex film might seem light at first, but once you’ve tried these shoes for yourself, you will be able to see just how strong and durable this textile fabric truly is.

EVERUN Cushioning for Your Every Step

These are designed with a mild to moderate overpronator in mind. Their innovative all day comfort fit and cushioning means that your feet will rock back and forth with every step while cradling your toes for those with joint pain. The new Everrun feature that was updated to the midsole means that you won’t be sacrificing comfort for durability. This cushioning conforms to your feet. Since it is also lined entirely from the heel down to the toes, even your toe joints will be cradled in the steps that you take throughout your day.

XT-900 Carbon Rubber Innovative Technology

The XT-900 Carbon is lighter than anything that Saucony has used before. It provides great flexibility while remaining durable. Your weight will be properly distributed throughout the entire shoe from heel to toe, so you will feel the relief of pressure as soon as you take these shoes on their first outing.

Overall, these were perfectly designed for anyone with foot pain. They also have the same fit as the previous models.

9. New Balance Men’s M940V2

We were excited to review the New Balance Men’s M940V2! They offer an optimal support for almost every arch type and even more comfort than previous New Balance models! Even if you suffer from fallen arches, you can enjoy the luxurious cloud-like feel that this product will offer your feet. They come in pretty standard colors for almost every casual outfit, but what we are excited about is the mesh netted fabric these are made with. So let’s get into it!

Mesh Netted Textile Fabric

The toe and upper of the shoe provides standard mesh materials similar to ones that we’ve seen from New Balance in the past. However, the real surprise is in the back and mid-upper fabric design. They have maximized the breathability of their New Balance Men’s M940V2. With the large netting that is used in the construction, there is nothing more satisfying than taking that next step. With every step that you take the shoe will contract to “breath” air into and out of the shoe. So if you suffer from serious perspiration of the feet, then these are a must-have for your footwear collection.

Antimicrobial OrthoLite Insole for Max Comfort

These are ideal for overpronators that also suffer from wide feet. If you have struggled with finding proper footwear to fit your wide foot, then you have to try out these! They offer cushioning support that most professional orthotics provide but with the added comfort of the bounce back this sole has.

All in all, this is a perfect shoe for those with overpronated feet who also struggle with a wider foot size. Don’t take our word for it though, try them today for yourself and let us know what you think.

10. Mizuno Men’s Wave Inspire 12

Mizuno Men's Wave Inspire 12 Running Shoe, Dark Shadow/Black, 10.5 D US
  • Double Fan Wave Technology
  • U4icX strobel board for more underfoot comfort
  • Breathable Upper
  • 8.9 oz 12 mm ramp
  • Available in widths

Mizuno has done it again with the Men’s Wave Inspire 12! They come in several sleek and stylish colors for a cool run. Impress your friends with the Nike style design with the added comfort of a Mizuno brand shoe.

Double Fan Wave Supportive Tech

The double fan wave provides optimum heel protection and comfort for you not just your heel, but your arch as well. The overpronation friendly style is ideal for those who need extra support. Ample room isn’t sacrificed for the support that you need. For those who are looking for a more comfortable fit, these offer great movement and flexibility for all day comfort.

Extremely Breathable Upper Double-Diamond Mesh

The durable upper is meant to hug your foot like a glove to add that extra support you need while running. As well as offering this added security, there is an extremely breathable new double-diamond mesh design for those with even the sweatiest or feet.

Supportive Platform Sole

The winged platform this shoe is made with offers more support and sturdiness when running even the most torturous paths. For those who deal with sprained ankles and foot pain due to overpronation and rolling of the ankles, these were made with you in mind. The increased platform is accompanied by a beautiful blown rubber that provides even more impact absorption for when you strike the ground. The added heel support also makes this ideal for those who crave flexibility and durability.

All in all, these are perfect for you to use and will provide you with more support that you could ask for. Mizuno’s Wave Inspire 12 will inspire you to get out and run more!

11. Saucony Liberty ISO Men's

Saucony Men's Liberty ISO Shoes, Blue/White/Black, 11.5
  • 4mm - shoes with a 4mm heel-to-toe offset deliver...
  • Everun - a breakthrough in cushioning, livelier...
  • IsoFit - a revolutionary fit system that morphs to...
  • Cushioning - the underfoot feel and amount of...
  • Support - the level of pronation control built...

When Saucony released the Freedom ISO, outdoor enthusiasts from all over the globe quickly grew to love and embrace the versatile and unique running experience that it provided. The full-length Everun midsole was springy and light enough for high intensity training. It also delivered a soft, consistent and responsive ride. The good news is that the newly released Saucony Liberty ISO comes with all the above features and even more. This men’s running shoes for flat feet are designed to deliver a supportive, cushioned and responsive ride on your daily and long-distance runs. It provides more energy return, responsiveness, and shock absorption, compared to the Saucony Freedom.

Cushioning and Comfort

Featuring plush interior lining and a full-length Everun midsole, the Saucony Liberty ISO is arguably one of the best running shoes for flat feet. It supplies an exceptional level of comfort, especially for long-distance runners. Saucony claims that their proprietary Everun midsole technology is more durable and less temperature sensitive compared to midsoles made of EVA foam. Apart from their cushioned ride, these shoes also provide corrective comfort as well as support, for wearers who have moderate to mild supination. And if you have a natural gait, these shoes will deliver a comfortable running experience. It locks your foot securely in place while preventing over-pronation that might occur as a result of muscle fatigue.

Protection and Support

The Saucony Liberty ISO is one of the most breathable running shoes for flat feet. It comes with a stretch mesh upper, which allows free movement of air. If you’ve used the Freedom ISO previously, then you will notice that the Liberty is somehow lighter. These running shoes for flat feet and supinators also offer an impressive amount of protection against dirt, gravel, rocks, and sand. Equipped with an extra-dense outsole and a slight vertical plate, these shoes will minimize metatarsal pain, thus allowing you to run longer. When it comes to comfort, durability, support, and protection, you will struggle to find a pair of running shoes that come close to the Saucony Liberty ISO.

  • Pros
  • Highly responsive
  • Lightweight structure
  • Excellent upper construction
  • Durable rubber outsole
  • Cons
  • None

12. Brooks Men’s Ghost 12 Runner

Brooks Mens Ghost 12 Running Shoe - Black/Grey - D - 14.0
  • THIS MEN'S SHOE IS FOR: Neutral runners looking...
  • SUPPORT AND CUSHION: The neutral support type...
  • SMOOTH, STABLE RIDE: No matter how your foot...
  • SOFT, SECURE, FIT: The newly engineered mesh and...

Similar to previous iterations, the Brooks Ghost 12 continues to deliver a responsive and smooth ride, reliable comfort, and superior traction. If you are looking for running shoes for flat feet and neutral pronation, then the Ghost Runner is an ideal selection. It delivers what it promises to do. Whether you are doing a short run or a longer run, you will glide effortlessly, comfortably and smoothly through your runs.

Upper Comfort

The Brooks Ghost 12 is arguably one of the most comfortable shoes currently on the market. Brooks has eliminated stitching overlays and replaced them with seamless construction. With the minimized stitching on the upper, you will rarely have to deal with issues of chafing or hot spots. They also come with ample wiggle room for the toes in the toe box, which translates to more comfort. Adjusting these shoes to suit your preferred fit is easy, thanks to their lace-up closure. Their level of breathability is equally exceptional. The newly engineered mesh on the upper allows fresh air to move seamlessly into the foot chamber, thus keeping your feet fresh, cool, and comfortable.

Cushioning and Support

As noted above, these Brooks running shoes for flat feet and overpronation deliver outstanding responsiveness and a smooth ride. And this can be attributed to the BioMoGo DNA and DNA Loft technologies, which work together to deliver just the right amount of underfoot cushioning, without sacrificing responsiveness. A segmented crash pad has also been integrated into the DNA midsole, for additional cushioning.


In terms of value for money, these shoes are a great investment for people who maintain a healthy lifestyle. When you purchase them, you can rest assured that you will get value for every dollar that you spend on these premium sneakers. They are not your ordinary run-of-the-mill training sneakers. Whether you are sprinting, jogging, or walking, these sneakers will provide unmatched stability, comfort, support, and protection to your feet.

  • Pros
  • Stellar cushioning and responsiveness
  • Smooth and stable ride
  • Durable construction
  • Extremely versatile
  • Cons
  • None

13. ASICS Men’s GEL-Fortify

ASICS Men's Gel-Fortify Running Shoe,Lightning/New Navy/Charcoal,12 4E US
  • Stabilizing running shoe featuring transluscent...
  • Impact Guidance System
  • Cushioned 8.5mm footbed
  • Forefoot GEL cushioning
  • AHAR+ high-abrasion outsole

ASICS Men’s GEL-Fortify isn’t just for men. They come in a women’s version as well and provide more support for anyone’s feet! If you have been looking for an innovative design that offers maximum support for your overpronation problems, then look no further! This shoe design offers you more flexibility while remaining as sturdy as possible.

AHAR+ Rubber Sole for High Impact Reduction

The Rubber sole is fitted with gel technology on the inside. This provides your entire body with better impact absorption with ever step you take. So if you deal with painful heel, ankle, back, or neck problems, they could all be solved with this single purchase. If your body is falling out of proper alignment, you will suffer from all sort of body pain. This particular shoe is made to help prevent additional body pain by keeping your alignment in check.

Double-Diamond Mesh Overlay Throughout

Most shoes that provide the amount of security that your body requires won’t have the ventilation that most runners need. Not these babies. They offer a double diamond netted upper to improve breathability in your feet, keeping them from sweating.

When you over sweat in your shoes, even if you are just using them as everyday footwear, it can lead to serious problems. Not only will you deal with smelly feet and body odor, but you will also deal with athletes foot. So if you regularly have issues with perspiration and athletes foot, then you should try these!

Heel Impact Guidance System (IGS)

The IGS system that is fitted across the back of this shoe will offer you more support and functionality when standing or running. They fit perfectly snug, so they won’t fall off while on the go.

Overall, ASICS Men’s GEL-Fortify is a perfect fit for almost every foot type and provides flexibility for all day maximum comfort.

14. ASICS Men's GEL Venture 5 Running Shoe

ASICS Men's Gel-Venture 5 Silver/Light Grey/Royal Trail Running Shoe 9 XW US
  • Outdoor-ready runner with mesh and...
  • Rearfoot GEL cushioning
  • Removable sockliner accommodates medical orthotics
  • Trail-specific outsole with reversed traction lugs
  • AHAR outsole rubber in critical high-wear areas

Asics has already made a name for itself when it comes to training footwear. However, the GEL Venture series is one of the best shoes it has ever designed. Currently in its 5th version, the Asics Gel Venture is designed to deliver exceptional performances, superb traction and plush cushioning. Therefore, if you are looking for trail running shoes for flat feet that will not weigh you down, then the Gel Venture 5 is an ideal choice. It will adjust to your natural pronation tendencies, thanks to its comfortable and innovative design. From fit to size, the benefits it offers as well as the durability of the materials used, these shoes are just perfect for your training needs. Key features include:

Adequate Ventilation

The Gel Venture 5 comes with an upper made of a breathable mesh material, which ensures that your feet have adequate ventilation. This mesh material is securely woven to ensure it maintains its structural integrity for a long period. Synthetic overlays have then been stitched on the upper to provide structured support. Apart from providing structured support, these synthetic overlays also help the upper to wrap around your foot snugly and securely. These running shoes for flat feet are further fitted with a synthetic heel and toe cap, which protects the shoes against trail debris. On the other hand, a rear pull-on tab makes it easy to slip them on and off.

Reliable Traction and Cushioning

Asics Gel Venture 5 is equipped with adequate traction to give you a secure ride. The outsole features multi-directional lugs, which provide a firm grip on all surfaces. Asics has also incorporated its exclusive high abrasion rubber or AHAR into the outsole unit to protect your feet against the hazards of the trail. As for the midsole unit, the Gel Venture 5 has used molded vinyl acetate, which is both responsive and lightweight. Apart from that, it provides shock absorption, therefore making your landings softer. Whether you are running on urban pavements or jogging in the mountains, you are assured of a comfortable experience, as long as you are wearing these shoes.

15. ASICS Men’s GEL-Foundation 12

ASICS Men's Gel Foundation 12 Running Shoe, Carbon/Electric Blue/Black, 11 M US
  • Stability running shoe built to support...
  • Dynamic DuoMax support
  • Rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning
  • Guidance Line flex groove outsole
  • Maximum Support Last accommodates orthotics

The ASICS Men’s GEL-Foundation 12 is another reason why we love Asics! These are one of the most comfortable and luxurious riding shoes that you will find on the market. They offer more support and stability for anyone who uses them. If you have issues with fallen arches (flat feet), then you need to keep on reading about what these shoes can offer you.

First, we want to talk about the sleek style and colors that these come in. For those of you who don’t prefer to use footwear with flash or fancy colors, the ASICS Men’s GEL-Foundation 12 have an option for you too. The design has been perfectly integrated as well with the comfort fit that these shoes can offer your foot pain.

Rubber Winged Sole for Step Security

The winged sole offers more stability for your running experience. The ASICS Men’s GEL-Foundation 12 was built for those who tend to roll their ankles inward when they walk or run. Don’t worry about taking another misstep ever again. These will give you more support and comfort than most other running shoes can offer those with mild to moderate overpronation.

Mesh Netting and Synthetic Overlays

Amazing and innovative technology in mesh netting materials were used in the construction of this footwear. For those who exercise or do a lot of running and jogging, these were made to give you maximum air flow all day long.

Even for those of you who deal with mild to severe perspiration, you can find excellent ventilation with this product. Don’t deal with having to constantly change your socks or bring another pair with you where ever you go. The ASICS Men’s GEL-Foundation 12 has you covered.

Overall, we have found these to be incredibly comfortable and breathable for all day wear no matter what time of the year it is. So look for this model the next time you are shopping for shoes!

16. Altra Men's ALM1937F Torin 4 Road Runner

ALTRA Men's ALM1937F Torin 4 Road Running Shoe, Black/Red - 13 M US
  • Weight: 9.1 oz / 258 g
  • Insole: 5 mm Sculpted Footbed
  • Midsole: Quantic
  • Outsole: FootPod
  • Cushion: Moderate

If you are looking for a lightweight, responsive and comfortable running shoes for flat feet, then the Altra Torin 4 Road Runner is perfect for you. These shoes are designed to support your arch and cushion your feet, thus helping to prevent potential injuries even during long runs.

Comfort and Cushioning

With its ample and responsive cushioning, zero-drop design and a wide toe box, the Torin 4 remains one of the most comfortable shoes for roadrunners, trail runners, and other fitness enthusiasts. It comes with a 26mm stack height, which offers adequate cushioning against harsh surfaces. On the other hand, the wide toe box provides adequate wiggle room for your toes, while the lacing system helps to keep your foot securely locked down. These shoes also come with a redesigned midsole unit known as Quantic, which feels more responsive and softer than the one found in the 3.5. Whether you are running on the track, road, gravel or in the wilderness, these running shoes for wide feet will provide you with all the support, comfort and cushioning that you need, while improving your running performance.

Stability and Support

Despite their soft cushioning, stretchy upper and wide toe box, you will not experience any stability or support-related issues with these shoes. Their midsole unit is reinforced with a firm underfoot structure known as the Natural Ride System, designed to bolster the natural alignment and positioning of the foot. Therefore, you will not experience any wobbling, even when you are running on uneven ground or terrains. Altra has also outfitted these shoes with its proprietary A-Strap lacing system, which allows you to lock down your foot.


The outsole unit features Altra’s FootPod technology, which helps to prevent slippage. You can confidently run on unmaintained trails, loose gravel or wet roads, and you will not experience any slipping or sliding. The tread pattern resembles the foot bone structure, designed to help the foot move and bend naturally. With plenty of responsiveness, top-notch cushioning and remarkable support, the Altra Torin 4 remains a great choice for anyone who is looking for a decent pair of running shoes for flat feet.

17. Altra Men’s Provision 5

Altra Men's Provision 1.5-M, Blue/Red, 14 D US
  • Lace-up mesh running shoe featuring minimal-seam...
  • Zero Drop platform with natural ride system
  • Dual-layer AltraBound EVA midsole
  • Blown rubber speedpod outsole
  • Weight: 10.5 oz

Altra Men’s Provision 1.5 is the perfect design for those who are looking for a more natural running experience. Even for those who suffer from fallen arches (flat feet) or overpronation, sometimes you just want to feel like you are running barefoot. However, for individuals with these foot problems, running constantly with no support isn’t really an option. That is until now.

The Altra Men’s Provision 1.5 is made to feel like you are naturally running without sacrificing comfort and stability.

Speed Pop Sole

The sole of these shoes are incredibly constructed to be flat and make complete contact with the ground. This means that your shoe won’t start to fall in or dip overtime. It also provides a more natural feel when you wear them. If you turn the shoe upside down and look at the sole, the strike points for every toe and joint have been taken into account.

Dual EVA Midsole

The dual EVA midsole supports the arch and the strike points while you are running or walking all day. If you deal with standard heel, ankle, or joint pain in your feet, these can provide the cushioning and comfort that you’ve been looking for. No matter what kind of arch or level of overpronation you suffer from, you can just insert your own orthotic to additional support.

Mesh Synthetic All Over Design

When looking at this product, it’s pretty easy to see that it was made for maximum breathability. The entire shoe is fitted with a breathable mesh ventilation material to give you more air flow. This will further the natural running experience without leaving your feet sweaty and uncomfortable.

All in all, these shoes are perfectly designed for any runner who needs a little extra support but prefers a more natural feel. Take your first steps in these bad boys, and you will never want to use another shoe again!

18. ASICS Men’s GEL-Surveyor 3

ASICS Men's Gel-Surveyor 3 Running Shoe,Black/Lightning/Green,12 M US
  • Stability running shoe engineered to support...
  • Rearfoot and forefoot GEL cushioning
  • Impact Guidance System
  • Stabilizing DuoMax support
  • SpEVA foam midsole

The amazingly fun and striking ASICS Men’s GEL-Surveyor 3 are climbing the charts in Asics number one running shoes. As more and more people start to try these for the first time, they find they just can’t wear a more comfortable running shoe for overpronation.

Foot Gel Cushioning

Asics staple feature of the gel cushioning soles is added to this form as well. They have never gotten it more right! With every step, you can feel the bounce that is given with the initial strike and push off. If you prefer to use a shoe with the maximum amount of support when impacting the ground, you can’t go wrong with the ASICS Men’s GEL-Surveyor 3!

SpEVA Foam Midsole

Asics uses the SpEVA foam sole to offer you the most comfortable and luxurious ride so far. By making sure that your foot is cradled with every step, you will feel the rocking motion the foam insole provides. It will conform to your every move and even starts to match your curves the more you use them. Kind of like memory foam, it remembers the shape of your particular foot. This is even more ideal for those who have two separate foot types.

Maximum Support by Impact Guidance System

The impact guidance system, or IGS, is used to give more stability to your foot’s foundation. The heel. With this additional heel stabilizing technology, you won’t need to be concerned about your ankle rolling or slipping out of the shoe at all.

Overall, we love this product introduced by Asics. If you suffer from moderate overpronation and like what you’ve heard, then give these a try. We ensure that you won’t be disappointed!

19. Saucony Men’s Redeemer ISO Road

Saucony Men’s Redeemer ISO Road Runner is one of the sleekest designs we’ve reviewed yet. The crackle design in the sole is also a dead giveaway that these were produced by Saucony’s brand. They offer not only style but also stability.

Perfect for Wide Feet!

They are perfect for those of you who have wide feet since they offer sizes for a wider set step. Even those with the widest feet who struggle to find good fitting shoes can easily relax with all day comfort. Since these also tend to run a little wider in the toe area, if you typically order wide sizes be careful not to get one that is too wide for you.

ISOfit Heel Liner

Saucony Men’s Redeemer ISO Road Runner has a perfect fit heel and sock liner to provide maximum all day comfort. Even the most difficult feet can melt into the comfortable heel and sock lining pad. They also wick away moisture to prevent rashes and chafing. So if you tend to sweat a lot when you run or exercise, then you have to give this product a go.

Insole Comfort Fit

Your heel and forefoot will feel like you’re stepping on a cloud with each new stride that you take. The comfort fit cushioning makes these an ideal product for those with severe heel pain and discomfort. The raised midsole gives your arch more stability and prevents ankle sprains from overpronation. Even if you have flat feet, this design is a perfect fit.

All in all, these shoes are wonderful for anyone with discomfort when running. If you are looking for just a simple walk around shoe, you can be sure that this product will provide you the most luxurious fit possible.

20. adidas Performance Men’s Ultra Boost Street

We haven’t discussed much about the Adidas’s brand but just had to mention the Adidas Performance Men’s Ultra Boost Street Running Shoes. These are Adidas’s top notch product when it comes to high-performance running shoes. For those of you who are looking for an extremely lightweight yet incredibly durable piece of athletic footwear then you must take a look at these.

STRETCHWEB Outer Sole for Maximum Impact Disbursement

The stretch-web design of the outer sole makes this product one of a kind. They have basically engineered this product with a webbed structure that will pull and push without tearing. This also means that you will be able to get the most comfortable and flexible fit with minimal struggle. Your feet will feel like they aren’t even in a shoe which also provides an optimal natural feel when running or jogging.

Ergonomic Heel Design for Optimal Ankle Support

The ergonomic heel design in perfect for ankle support while providing the most movement possible. You can see the structure holding your foot in place while remaining free from obstruction. This adds to the natural feeling you will get from the time you strike the ground until the time you lift off for your next stride.

Primeknit Mesh Netting for Ventilation and Breathability

In order to offer their customers a more breathable running experience, Adidas Primeknit fabric was invented. They constructed this textile fabric with your comfort, and sweaty feet in mind. This wonderful ventilation system was a perfect fit for us and will be for you too.

Overall, they have made a top-notch high-performance shoe that won’t leave you wanting. Try them out for yourself and see what you’ve been missing.

21. Nike Men’s Free Rn Distance

Nike has really outdone themselves with this one. The Nike Men’s Free Rn Distance comes in a wide variety of colors and is styled like a textile cotton fabric that is one of their coolest looking designs yet. With still providing breathability, these shoes also provide style. The tongue of this product is still made with an incredible fabric but allows more air flow for the top of the foot.

Insole Cushioning and Comfort

They really show that they know what they are doing when it comes to shoes. Not just by offering fun and unique styles but by also providing maximum comfort for their runners. The Nike Men’s Free Rn Distance is fitted with a heel to toe inner lining that is made from a cushioning plush material that will conform to your feet.

This means that no matter what type of curves your feet have, even if they are different on either foot, these produce separate supportive cushioning for both individually. That’s why we recommend these for anyone who has two different types of feet.

Phylon Wedge for Superior Arch Luxury

The phylon wedge located in the center of the shoe gives maximum support for those with overpronated feet. It is also ideal for those with fallen arches or flat feet. If you are not sure what type of foot you have, refer to our guide at the top of the page for an accurate way to test your foot type.

Overall, these shoes are probably the most stylish that we’ve reviewed and definitely offer ample support for just about any foot type. Let us know what you think about these shoes after you’ve used them for a while. We love to hear other experiences that our friends have too.

What Are Flat Feet?

Take your feet to the beach so they can chill out.

Flat feet, otherwise known in the medical world as pes planus, are known to be a serious deformity to the body. When you look at someone's foot, typically you will be able to easily distinguish the middle of the foot due to the arch. Some will have higher arches than others, and some won't have an arch at all. Feet with no arch in the middle are considered to be flat. This will cause the foot to make complete contact (from the tip of the toes to the back of your heel) with the floor everytime you take a step. Roughly one-fourth of the population suffers from this medical health condition.

Typically, you will see these issues start around birth. Most children will appear to have flat feet for several years until their arches develop properly. The appearance of a flat-foot in infants is often due to extra body fat that children carry around until they are toddlers and sometimes even longer. Some of the other major causes of flat feet come from wear and tear of the body throughout your life. Most people don't know this, but you can actually begin to develop flat feet as you grow older.

Medical Conditions that Cause Flat Arches

Feet at the water.

One of the other primary causes of this medical condition is broken bones in the foot. If you break one of the main bones in your feet that are used for posture, it can cause your arches to fall, resulting in flat feet. Another influence on the development of this condition would be dislocation of your bones. Diabetes, a known case of major foot problems, is a huge factor of fallen arches developing in adults.

Arthritis is an uncomfortable and painful joint condition that can often contribute to this medical ailment. One of the most unfortunate of these medical illnesses is nerve damage. Having issues with the nerves in your lower extremities cause less support for your bones which will eventually result in flat arches.

There are some cases in which flat arches are not seen on both of the patient's feet. This is most commonly seen in youth and is caused by the lack of development of the arch in one foot.

How Can You Tell If You Have Flat Feet?

Feet in front of shoes. Will they put them on?

The first of many symptoms of this ailment are if your feet start to feel tired constantly throughout the day, even when you have not been walking around. Another serious symptom is shooting pain that can feel all throughout your legs. In serious cases, the lack of posture can cause the pain to reach your back and spine. If it starts to affect your back, then you must see a doctor about proper treatments.

The easiest way to tell if you have flat feet is by using the water test. It is incredibly simple to complete. All you must do is dip your foot into a bowl of water or a pool. Then simply plant your foot firmly back on the ground using a piece of paper to test the print. Make sure that you are not dripping water or you will not get an accurate print.

If it shows an entirely solid footprint, then you have flatfeet. Those with arched feet will only be able to see the print of their toes, the ball of their foot, their arch, and their heel. If you notice that you can only see the ball and the heel of your footprint, then you have what's called a high arch. There you have it, an immediate diagnosis without even having to go to the doctor!

What Is the Difference Between Low Arches and High Arches?

Feet like playing with sand.

Some may not have flatfeet, but still, have issues with foot-related pain. This can cause issues with back pain, leg pain, and even poor posture. There are three basic types of arches that you can develop. Low arch (otherwise known as flat feet), medium arch (which is by far the most typically seen), and high arches which these can lead to medical problems just like flat feet can.

High arches tend to cause more problems with heel, leg, and back pain. The higher the arch, the more pressure is being placed directly on the heel of the foot. The purpose of an arched foot-bone is to displace the pressure of your body weight over a larger surface area while maintaining balance and proper posture.

How Can These Problems Affect Runners?

One extremely common issue that we see with those who regularly exercise is runners knee. Fallen and high arches are both a grave cause for this painful ailment. This can also be caused due to a serious yet rather unheard of condition called Ehlers Danlos (EDS).

Ehlers Danlos (EDS)

Feet playing in the water.

EDS is a serious tissue and ligament disorder. It causes hyperextension of the joints and muscles and is known to be extremely painful to live with. This disease often goes undiagnosed due to the lack of knowledge. It is also genetic, so if you have Ehlers-Danlos, your children are very likely to have it as well. For this medical disease, you must be tested by a doctor or clinic.

Another major issue that this can cause is dislocation of the joints. If you regularly feel your arms, shoulders or hips popping, then you are at risk for dislocation. Running or exercising with this disease can heighten your risk for dislocation. Making sure that you have the best footwear available to support your body properly is one way to help combat this. Making sure to stretch before you start your workout routine is just as important!

For those who have painful knee joints due to fallen or high arches, one of the best things you can do is look for proper footwear. If you like to exercise frequently, then you will need to find the best running shoes for runners knee. Don't worry; we will discuss further what some of the best running shoes for runners knee later in this guide.

Find the Best Running Shoes for Bow Legged Runners

Admit it. You've done this as a kid.

Bowlegs, also known as genu varum, are another serious ailment that flatfootedness can cause. This is where your legs start to 'bow' inward around your knees. This is becoming a more and more common issue among many, even for those without fallen arches. The biggest help for this medical problem is once again, finding the right shoes.

Making sure to wear proper footwear with these types of problems is crucial for your body! You would be surprised how much pain and achiness that the right shoes can help with. So finding the best running shoes for bow legged runners is a necessary venture for those with bowlegs.

If you are exercising or even just walking throughout your day without the proper footwear, your thighs and leg muscles will start to tighten and ache profusely. This will cause your legs to become weaker and weaker over time. If you suffer from Ehlers Danlos as well, losing the strength in your leg muscles will lead to more severe medical problems. Overactive twitching of the muscles, arthritis, and dislocation can occur all due to simply not using the necessary footwear needed for those with this condition.

What Is Overpronation?

Feet need some fresh air every once in a while.

This medical condition is very similar to bowlegs with some key differences. Overpronation is when your ankles roll inward towards each other. Some deal with overpronation more than others, but they can both cause serious injury for runners. When you do not have the full support that you need from your ankles, you can roll and sprain your leg more easily.

You can also deal more with conditions like runners knee that we discussed earlier. This ailment is often confused with fallen arches due to the flat footprint it will provide with the ankle bending inward, towards the inner leg.

Overpronation also causes more stress to the muscles, the joints, and the ligaments in the foot. When this kind of strain is added to the ligaments in your lower extremities, then all the joints and muscles throughout your legs will suffer. Feeling pain all throughout your calfs, knees, thighs, glutes, and serious pain of the joints in your feet are all common symptoms.

Obesity's Effects on Your Feet and Legs

These ladies need good shoes.

Like you have probably already guessed, obesity is something that can adversely affect all the above discussed medical conditions. When talking about your feet and legs, being overweight can cause serious problems to occur. The excess pressure that your lower extremities are dealing with is tough for them to handle.

Our bodies are designed to handle a specific amount of weight according to our skeletal structure. Since everyone's bodies are different, it is understandable that not everyone's bodies are able to handle the same amount of pressure. Some are meant to handle more, and some are meant to support less.

When you begin to add additional pressure to the support points in your legs/feet, you are overworking your body. That is when you will start to notice pain and achiness in these points like your knees, ankles, your heels, and the arches of your feet.

These problems make it even harder for you to get the exercise you need. So how do you start to lose the weight? You will need to find the best shoes for obese runners! We will also go into further detail about these types of shoes and what the best kind of shoes for obese runners are.

Should you be interested in finding good shoes if you are overweight, then please have a look at our overweight men's shoes and overweight women's shoes pages. Obesity is a serious condition that you'd do well to address properly. Walking around on bad footwear when you are obese, can lead to the development of plantar fasciitis, a painful foot condition for which you'll need shoes that support PF.

What About Those with Wide Feet?

Pretty wide, I'd say.

If you are someone who has wide feet, then making sure to pick the perfect shoes is imperative. When you try to jam your foot into a shoe that is too small, there will be serious negative repercussions that your body will have to deal with. Serious back pain is one of these. If you are using shoes that don't fit you, you are basically subjecting your body to unsafe conditions that you will end up suffering for.

Making sure that your footwear is the right size for you will keep your feet from being squished and uncomfortable in a number of different ways. The joints will not be able to move and function properly. Your toes will not be able to help support you either, which can lead to additional pressure being added to sections of your feet that will start to ache as well.

The issue with wide feet is finding the right sized shoes that will fit you!

What Can Proper Footwear Actually Do for Your Pain?

Sandy feet in dire need of some water.

The right footwear can help with all of these issues. Of course, it isn't a magical fix for your problem, and it will take some time for your body to get used to having the proper support system in place. However, this is the best thing that you can do for any of these medical problems that we have discussed.

Most of us don't think about how our shoes can affect our bodies. However, we must remember what our feet actually do. Just like the foundation of a home, our feet are the base structure of our entire bodies. Without protection and stability, the rest of the structure is at risk. This is why using the best shoes available for our bodies is crucial for obtaining great health!

Using shoes that don't provide the support and stability that you need will cause a plethora of painful problems. Dealing with poor footwear can lead to aches and pain in your legs and can even lead to a syndrome known as restless-leg syndrome. This is where you feel tingles or pricks all throughout your lower extremities and is most common when you try to lay down to sleep at night.

So basically, you need to make sure that you are using the best footwear possible for your particular feet. Let's discuss what kind of shoes are best for different feet!

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