Are you a woman who believes in girl power?

If so, then you might want to set out to prove this to the rest of the world!

And with the Columbia Newton Ridge Plus hiking boots for women, I think you stand a very good chance of managing to pull that off.

It’s one of the best hiking boots currently available for a very affordable price. It gets lots of online reviews that are, for the most part, very flattering.

Columbia is one of the better brands when it comes to all sorts of outdoor equipment. It’s no different with their hiking boots.

Columbia Women’s Newton Ridge Plus Hike Boot Review

The Columbia hiking boot for women is a leather synthetic hybrid, which isn’t really expensive at all. It is built very sturdily, and it comes with a waterproof construction that is going to protect you from morning dew all the way up to a big, unexpected rain shower.


It has a rubber sole which isn’t going to wear out easily or quickly. It will give you loads of traction and you’ll be able to go on for hours at a time. The shaft is around 5.25″ from the arch, which in my opinion makes this a boot that chooses the golden mean when it comes to ankle flexibility and ankle protection.

The rubber soles give these boots great grip on the ground. It doesn’t matter whether you are walking on gravel, wet stones, sandy rocks, etc. With a sole pattern like these boots have, you are sure to stay standing up firmly and proudly during your hike.

Comfort & Support

The Columbia Newton Ridge Plus has a triangular D-ring and a clamshell styled lacing system. You can tie it in such a way that it will be comfortable on your foot, no matter what kind of foot you are. A versatile lacing system is a girl’s best friend when she chooses to go down the hiking trail.

Mind you that some online reviewers are of the opinion that the laces are a tad bit on the short side. This can make it so that this boot gives you an uncomfortable fit. However, you can always replace the laces with longer ones if you so desire. So this isn’t really a deal breaker.

The compression molded EVA footbed is going to give you plenty of support. According to some online reviewers, these are not suitable for women with wide feet. As a matter of fact, one online reviewer even stated that these Columbia Newton Ridges are actually pretty narrow hiking boots. If you have wide feet and need great hiking boots, then check out my reviews of boots for wide feet instead.

They are very lightweight, so they won’t make you feel like you are carrying a pair of bricks strapped to your feet. They also don’t require a whole lot of breaking in. This means you probably won’t develop any painful blisters in the first few days of wearing them. This helps in case you forget to break them in for their first hike.

They very comfy and provide you with a snug fit. In fact, they are so comfy that you can wear them for a number of days in a row. Most people who review this boot online, are of the opinion that these boots fit as expected if you order them half a size up. But it’s different for everybody.

Quality Control

Columa takes its quality control very seriously. Thanks to their quality control, they only use the best technology and the best materials in order to create their products. They provide you with innovative products that will give you a sense of style, and yet are highly functional.

Weather Resistance

With the Columbia Newton Ridges, you can trample through rain, mud, dessert, water and these boots are going to hold up just fine. While they are not officially wintertime footwear, I’m confident they could easily take on a little bit of snow, since they are known to be very waterproof.


If you want to be sure that you’ll get these boots in the right size for you, then follow the following instructions.

Place your heel against a a wall on a surface that is entirely flat. Mark the end of the longest toe with a pencil. Do this for both of your feet, and then go with the larger measurement.

Once you know your measurement, you can use the size chart that Amazon displays for this boot in order to figure out what size you should order.


The Columba Newton Ridges are easily one of the best women’s hiking boots that money can buy today.

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