Whether you’re just a kid spending his/her time playing outside, or you’re a grown up having to raise said kids through a demanding, standing job all day long, then you’re going to need some good support for your poor feet. Everybody of all ages and in all situations needs to have decent quality footwear. As far as I’m concerned, quality shoes are a god given human right.

Too many people, when it’s sunny outside and they decide to go to the beach, go at it barefoot. Now why would you ever want to walk barefoot, when you’ve got such excellent slippers such as these Crocs available to you to give you the best support a flip flop possibly can?

Way too many people this day and age are suffering from foot pain, which is entirely preventable. The more foot pain you have suffered in the past, the more important it is to start taking your foot health very seriously in the present and the future. Foot pain is something that you do not want to see get out of hand. So take it seriously if you have it. You have only one pair of feet, so you need to treat them with respect.

It’s great if you wear highly supportive shoes to your work and in your every day business. But if you’re spending time walking around barefoot or on otherwise shoddy support outside of your work, then you are still screwing yourself over. So now you know: even when hitting the beach during your off time, you require great support. And these Crocs flip flops will give you precisely that.

Crocs Women’s Capri IV Arch Support Flip-Flop – Reviewed

Crocs is a very well known brand this day and age. They made a reputation for themselves by coming up with their trademark synthetic clogs that some people love and others hate. There doesn’t seem to exist a sentiment in between. It’s very black & white. But if you’re one of the many Crocs lovers out there, then I’m pretty sure you’re also going to love these flip flops. They’ve got that distinct Crocs style, but are missing the clogginess of a, well… clog. And for those of you who enjoy simplicity, that’s a good thing. Because these flip flops are stylish by simplicity, in my humble opinion.

But being stylish isn’t going to cut it. They need to be good arch support flip flops, otherwise they’re no good to you. Thankfully, these sporty flip flops come with Crocs’ signature comfort footbed. Their thick, rubber sole is going to make sure they’ll last you a long time, before you need to purchase another pair.

Thanks to Crocs’ closed cell resin called Croslite, Crocs is capable of producing footwear that is soft, lightweight, comfortable, has great grip, is non marking, and is odor resistant. It’s the perfect material for making casual wear such as these flip flops. They are durable and versatile enough that you can use them for activities such as gardening, easy hikes, boating, fishing, playing around water, going to the beach and whatnot.

Overall, reviewers online are of the opinion that these are great flip flops for flat and wide feet. They provide really great support straight out of the box and also give your feet plenty of room. With flip flops inheritently having an open design, I guess the roominess is kind of obvious! But flip flops can be narrow too! These aren’t, though. They’re wide. So go ahead, my wide footed sister, try these on.

Thanks to the soft strap, you can be sure that they’ll fit comfortably on your wide, flat feet. One other thing that’s very comfortable about these flip flops, is the heel. If you look closely at the picture, you’ll see that there’s a fairly deep and well rounded heel cup that will cradle your heels like never before. It kind of has to have this form, since it’s a flip flop and therefore it won’t accommodate third party insoles.

Some reviewers who hated Crocs because of their cloggy crimes against humanity, are now completely coming around and are becoming Crocs fans. They’re even saying they’re wearing them around the house, because they’re just that attractive and comfortable. They are great flip flops for plantar fasciitis, and some people purchase multiple pairs in a row. Because when you go Crocs flip flops, you simply don’t go back, apparently. You won’t have to take my word for it though. Try them out for yourself. You’ll find yourself converted into the Crocs army of flip flops lovers soon enough!

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