Biking is considered a moderate exercise with positive results. Many people prefer mountain biking for their recreational activities because of its effectiveness in various goals like muscle building, keeping fit, and improving general body health. If you are an adventurous traveller, you may want to experience more challenging sports as you explore the world.

As an adventure fan, you will want to ensure that your trip is full of new adventures to fulfil your desires. In this post, you will learn about some of the extreme adventure sports to add to your list. You can try each of them, or as many as you can, on your next trip. But remember that they are quite extreme, and you need more than courage to engage in these sporting activities.

1. Desert Camping

Camping is a nice adventure. Many people camped at least once while in their school life or during their scouting training. But have you ever imagined what it is like to camp in the desert? You would wish to test out this amazing adventure at least once in your lifetime.

Something to note is that there are no trees in the desert. Whenever there are winds, they come with full force and are unstoppable. You, therefore, need to pitch your tent firmly in the desert sand. You also need to understand that there is a drastic change in weather conditions. It is too hot in the day and chilling cold in the nights.

Try desert camping to test out how much your body can withstand harsh conditions. Remember that extreme cold conditions can harm your respiratory system, especially if you come from the tropical area. Carry something to keep you warm through the night.

2. BMX Racing

Since you already love bicycles, and maybe you have done some mountain biking to build up your body, it is time to introduce a more challenging biking sport to your adventure life. BMX racing is a derivative of motocross racing, but all you need is bicycle meant for racing. It needs to be sturdy to withstand the hurdles on the way.

BMX racing helps you to train your muscles to overcome obstacles on your way, negotiate sharp bends, and keep up with sudden bumps on the trail. It is, however, a challenge you should not take without training yourself to ensure you are fit. In some cases, the bikes do break while you are in the middle of the race. You need protective gear to ensure you are safe riding at high speeds.

3. Dirt Biking

Another fascinating sport for adventure fans is dirt biking. Unlike motocross, you will have to ride a dirt bike at the maximum speed you can in off-road trails. The routes may be through forests and valleys. You, therefore, need to learn how to overcome various obstacles on your way like roots, stumps, stones, and ditches.

The sport gives you the opportunity to explore the remotest parts of the place you are touring. But you need to ensure that your bike is ready to go through the strenuous exercise. Before leaving, ensure your fuel tank is full, and if you are going on a long ride, carry some extra fuel in a reservoir tank. You also need to carry your motorcycle helmet among other protective gear and clothing.

4. Glacier Climbing

The thrill of climbing up an ice block is unavoidable. You can go for a glacier climbing sport if you feel that you need something to activate your nerves. But you must be prepared. You cannot just go for the sport out of nowhere. Training is mandatory and you need to employ a number of safety precautions (think ice grippers) before you embark on the mission.

To start you off, you need at least some rock or mountain climbing techniques, then you can specialize for glacier climbing. Have it in mind that ice changes the state as the temperatures change. You cannot go for the sport during a warm day because of the dangers of the ice melting off and you risk falling off the cliff.

5. Kayaking/ Canoeing

Experiencing the movement on water bodies is another fascinating adventure you should try out. Whether you are used to travelling by water or land, you need to sit on the “steering” of the water vessel to feel the complete power of being in control. Canoeing and kayaking are related sports you should try out on your adventure trips.

Kayaking is common in Europe and Australia. In Australia alone, there are many beaches where sports take place. You can either hire a kayak or canoe from the participating sports companies and locally registered kayak businessmen or bring along your own. Strong roof rack accessories are necessary to offer optimum support when carrying your canoe on a vehicle.

6. Trekking

“Trekking is an easy recreational activity. It is all about walking.” That is what you will hear people say, or something related. But climbing up mountains, crossing valleys, down through very narrow pathways, and sleeping out in the forest is not easy for many people. Not to mention the danger of meeting wild animals.

Does that sound like sending a chill up your spine? Then trekking is an incredible sport to try out. You can join other people from various parts of the world who are into the sport. Trekking allows you to explore the cool nature of forests, valleys, or even deserts. Remember to be cautious in everything you do. Carry along your water bottle and snacks to use on the days you will be out exploring the wonders of the world.

7. Skydiving

Do you want to feel like a bird? I mean to see the world with the eye of an eagle. Skydiving is an extreme sport where you get to fall freely from a helicopter or aeroplane. As you come out, you do not need to open your chute to fall slowly. The adventure is doing all forms of acrobatic movements and tricks as you come down through the air by the gravitational pull.

As a skydiver, you only open the parachute when you are about to land. I know it is kinda breathtaking. The game requires that you should have enough courage to do everything possible before you reach the ground. However, not so many people love the sport. Some may faint before they move a few meters below the plane.

8. Downhill Mountain Bike Racing

When you were young, you liked the thrill of racing your bike down the slopes, and you were happy for yourself for riding the bicycle at high speeds. The activity requires little effort – nothing more than balancing your bike and maintaining steadiness. All you care about is whether the brakes are working fine.

The mountain bike downhill racing is a sport where you will have to ride your bike down slopes and reach the bottom within the minimum time possible. The maximum speeds recorded in Pietermaritzburg was about 80km/hr. Can you beat that? Before you set out to try this, ensure your bike is in good condition, have protective clothing, and your heart and mind are relaxed. Finally, be flexible.

9. Kite Wing

Many of us flew kites when we were in kindergarten and elementary schools. The wind is the source of power to fly kites. What if you could as well fly like the kite you used to play with? Not exactly flying, but moving along with the aid of wind power. The kite wing is an instrument that uses the force of the wind to move. You can use it to sail over the water, ice, smooth glass, or pavement.

The kite wing can gain speeds of up to 90km/hr depending on the wind currents. You are advised to take precautionary actions and wear protective gear to avoid any accidental crashes. If you are new to this, and you have no water skiing skills, you may want to stay away from water bodies when engaging in the sport.

10. Zorbing

In this sports activity, you are supposed to roll down a hill inside a ball. Yes, a spherical ball made of plastic and is transparent. The ball contains shock absorbing materials, and you have no need to fear the racing because it is not common to get hurt if you follow the guidelines correctly.

This sport is amazing and attracts many people. You do not need to do any work like pedalling or braking. The movement is all dependent on gravity. But take the precautionary measures before you start zorbing to ensure you are safe in the ball.

To Sum Things Up

There are many adventurous sports you can join. Some of them are dangerous while others are not. But in whatever you want to do, make sure that your safety comes first. If you are new to a sport, get the help of a guide. Do enough exercise and be confident before you join any adventurous sporting club.

Should you feel that you are ready to embark on an extreme sport, then perhaps Boot Bomb’s top 50 outdoorsy places list might help you decide where you want to go.

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