An airsoft pistol gives you all the fun of shooting a gun without the dangers. These guns can be made into replicas of their real counterparts, and they shoot harmless plastic pellets, often referred to as “BBs”. Although getting shot with an airsoft pistol might give a bit of a sting, it is not metallic and is unable to pierce the flesh or cause harm. They are essentially toys and won’t help you one bit out in the wild. In this comprehensive guide, those new to the sport of airsoft will discover all the information they need for choosing the right pistol.

A Brief History of Airsoft Guns

Many people are surprised to learn how airsoft guns became popular. In the early seventies, Japan had strict gun control laws so gun enthusiasts could not partake in the pleasure of shooting a powerful weapon. Out of their frustration, the Japanese were able to create airsoft weapons that allowed them the thrill of shooting guns while conforming to the strict laws of their country.

In the beginning, these guns were primarily used for target practice, but somewhere along the way, it was discovered humans could be shot by these sport weapons without harm, so the guns started being used in fun war games. The rest is history. Today, people of all ages enjoy shooting airsoft pistols for target practice or a fun round of war.

What Are the Benefits of Airsoft?

There are many benefits to participating in airsoft shooting, practice, or special war events. Let’s face it; one of the biggest benefits is fun. Most people are not going to participate in a sport they do not enjoy, and airsoft is attractive to people of all ages and levels of society. The following are some other benefits these replica guns offer.

  • Shooting an airsoft pistol involves your entire body. Whether you are target practicing are running around dodging pellets from opponents, this sport helps you get in great shape.
  • Playing in airsoft war matches increases your instincts and helps you to learn to better rely on them. You will learn to be able to recognize where movement is coming from, when to expect fire, and how to let nature keep you hidden. Your mind will become sharper with each event.
  • When working in team events, communication is everything. Playing war truly increases your ability to communicate effectively with others.
  • With each win in war or bullseye on the target, your self-confidence will grow.
  • Airsoft events are fun for people of all ages and many friendships begin to blossom on the battlefield. The airsoft community is family and everyone gets involved in the action.
  • There is nothing more exciting than the rush of adrenaline when you get a “kill” in battle.

Tips for Choosing an Airsoft Gun

There are many types of airsoft guns and new shooters can sometimes find it difficult to choose the right one. Before you purchase, it cannot be stressed enough – you must research. Learn as much as you can about the options. Try them out at shooting ranges to get a feel for each weapon type. The more you know, the better equipped you will be to decide. First, it is important to know the different types of airsoft guns.

  • Pistols
  • SMG
  • Assault rifles
  • Sniper rifles
  • Machine guns
  • Shotguns

It is important to note that these guns are made to look highly realistic so you should be mindful carrying them out in public. You could alarm other citizens or even gain unwanted attention from the police. Always treat these guns as if they are the real thing and use them responsibly while having fun.

Aside from the differences in appearance, there are different mechanisms that distinguish airsoft guns. Having a full understanding of the different mechanisms in each gun and how they work is important for making the best decision for your needs.

Spring-Powered Airsoft Guns

If you are on a tight budget, a spring-powered airsoft gun is going to be your best bet. This gun is less expensive than many other types of models because it requires no gas cartridge and there is no need for a battery.

The gun’s ability to shoot a pellet comes from the spring-loaded action. In a spring-powered airsoft gun, there is a piston that is attached to the mechanism that allows the user to cock the gun. In the front of the piston lies a nozzle that loads the pellets in different ways, depending on the model.

The spring is powerful at first and you will see impressive fire, but it will begin to weaken over time. As the spring weakens, it will need to be replaced. The springs will typically last up to two years, depending on how much time you spend using your gun.


  • Spring-action guns are plentiful and inexpensive. They are easy to use and ideal for beginners.
  • This type of airsoft gun is highly reliable and is less likely to fail on you in wet conditions.
  • A spring-action airsoft gun is accurate and is ideal for target shooting.
  • This gun produces a silent shot which is why so many snipers prefer them.


  • Spring-action guns are not as durable as some types of models. Over time, the spring will weaken and eventually need to be replaced.
  • When using this gun, you must manually cock the trigger every time you want to fire which makes this one of the slowest types of airsoft guns on the market.

Gas-Powered Airsoft Guns

This type of airsoft gun is a step up from the spring-loaded models and it has more power. It uses a gas chamber to propel the plastic pellets it shoots. Because they run on gas cylinders, it is important they are stored and used properly. Gas canisters can rupture and should never be stored for long periods of time without use.

This type of airsoft gun is ideal for fast shooting with multiple pellets. Through the power of blowback from the gas chamber, you will not have to wait for the next BB to enter the chamber and be ready to fire. This allows you to shoot a barrage of pellets at your opponents.


  • Gas-powered airsoft guns are much more powerful with a higher level of velocity than their spring-loaded counterparts.
  • Gas-powered airsoft guns are much more accurate than spring-loaded weapons so they are ideal for target practice or hitting your human targets in battles.


  • These guns are more expensive than other types and they require more maintenance. The gas chambers can be expensive to replace because they do not last long.
  • Liquified gas usage can sometimes slow down the rate of fire which could cause problems in a competitive match.

Electric-Powered Airsoft Guns

This is one of the most common types of airsoft guns on the market and it requires a battery to produce its powerful shot. This type of gun will often offer selective fire options where you can switch between full, automatic, semi-automatic, and a single-fire mode.

This type of airsoft gun comes with a rechargeable battery so you will always be ready to fire. Keeping the battery charged and stored properly will help to prolong the life of your electric airsoft gun.


  • Electric-powered airsoft guns are super-powerful and can reach an incredible 500 FPS.
  • Because the batteries are rechargeable, there is less expense involved because no replacements need to be purchased.


  • These guns can sometimes lack power when using them in wet weather.
  • If the battery dies down in the middle of a battle, you can end up being taken out by your enemy.

Which Airsoft Gun Is Best for Beginners?

Choosing the right airsoft gun can be tough for beginners. If you are just getting started, the number of choices may be a little overwhelming. Most airsoft experts agree an automatic electric airsoft gun is going to be ideal for beginners.

Gas blowback guns are better for advanced airsoft gun users. While gas guns are more expensive, they are also more powerful and will give you a competitive advantage in the war field.


Airsoft is an amazing sport that will allow you to have fun while gaining skills. Shooting an airsoft gun is much the same as other types of weapons, minus the major dangers.

With this guide, you should now have the information you need for making the best choice. An airsoft gun offers ease of use, along with the ability to advance your skills with ongoing practice.

Taking the time to learn as much as possible about the selection available to you is important. If you have access to a friend’s airsoft gun or can use a few at a shooting facility, this will be the best way for you to try out different guns so you can decide which one you like using best.

All of them have their pros and cons, but as a novice, you will likely find an electric automatic to be your best bet for getting started. Learning to shoot this gun will allow you to eventually become more advanced in your weaponry.

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