If you have ever gone for a hike, then you’ll realize what a hard activity this is. I’ve gone on many hikes myself. I estimate that I’ve seen somewhere around a few dozen hiking trails in my entire life, most of which in the US. As a matter of fact, many of the hiking trails I have been on, I have also written about right here on the Boot Bomb!

There are all sorts of hikes that you can go on. Short hikes, long hikes, simple hikes, complex hikes, easy hikes, hard hikes, hikes where you have to climb ascend, hikes where you have to descend, hikes where you have to climb rocks, and so on and so on. The variety of hiking trails here in the US alone is mind staggeringly high. There truly is good hike to be found for everybody.

Before you go on a hike, make sure that you know what kind of footwear you’ll need in order to properly enjoy it. If you are going for a hike and don’t know up front what kind of hike it is, then you have poorly planned your hike and need to revisit the drawing board. Take it from me when I say that your hiking boots are some of the most important hiking gear you’ll ever need on a hike. So let’s review a good pair of boots, shall we?

KEEN Men’s Targhee II – Best Hiking Boot Review

First of all, these KEEN Targhee IIs are some of the most popular men’s hiking boots that you can find on today’s market. Has been for a few years already.

They’re simply the best. Nothing like all the rest!

See what I did thar?


They are made of leather and textile, meaning that they are combining the best out of both worlds from these two materials. Meanwhile, the sole is made of rubber, which will give you good traction when you are out there hitting those trails like nobody’s business.

Tongue & Collar

The tongue and the collar are padded, as you can expect from any modern day hiking boot that is worth its salt. If your’re a hiking boot manufacturer and your stuff is not padded, then these days you don’t even have to bother entering the market. But the Targhee IIs have it, and you won’t be disappointed with it.

This well padded boot will make you feel comfortable in variety of temperatures. It breathes well. However, it isn’t particularly suitable for winter hiking. If you’re going to be prancing around in the snow, then you’ll need a whole ‘nother type of hiking boot. The Targhee IIs are still great for autumn, though.


The upper is pretty low profile, meaning it is kept simple in design. It has a ghillie lacing system, which is going to give you a secure, yet comfortably snug fit. This is what everybody always wants: a sturdy boot, that is comfortable on the feet at the same time.

Heel Pull

They have a nice heel pull, which lets you put them on real easily. Taking them off is also not a problem. You can easily loosen the lacings if you want to be able to take them off quickly.


Not only is the outsole made of rubber, but it also highly lugged. The lugs are multidirectional to boot. Thanks to all these lugs, you are going to have such a fantastic grip that you’ll wonder where the Targhee IIs have been all your life!

Ghillie Lacing

Thanks to the ghillie lacing system, this boot is one of the most comfortable hiking boots you can get.

Ghillie lacing is a system of loops or rings that are used to secure shoe lacings. The term ‘ghillie’ finds its origin decades ago, when it was used to describe a soft dance shoe, which had a type of criss cross lacing. To this very day, ghillies are used on dance shoes in Scottish Highland dancing sessions. Athletic shoes and outdoor shoes (such as the KEEN Targhee II) are also a big fan of the ghillie lacing system.  You can have a look here to see how to properly tie ghillie laces.


The manufacturer himself is of the opinion that these shoes run 1/2 size too small, and therefore he recommends ordering 1/2 size up in order for you to have a comfortable fit. Most Amazon reviewers, however, are of the opinion that these boots fit really well, as expected. But perhaps that’s because they’re following the manufacturer’s recommendations!


The Targhee IIs are waterproof, and have been designed to make sure that your feet stay dry, while letting them breathe at the same time.


The KEEN Targhee IIs are truly excellent boots, that will most likely serve you for a long time to come. There are a few unlucky buyers, for whom these boots fell apart too quickly. But you’re always going to have a complainer, even with the best product. You should assume you’re going to be one of the many lucky ones when buying these boots. After all, how else can these boots receive the rating they currently do in reviews all over the Internet?

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