If you’re a fanatical hiker like me, then you’ll likely want to stay active all throughout the year. Even when wintertime comes. Truth be told, I also feel the tendency to just stay inside on very cold days and crank up the heater, and then just sit there with a cup of hot coco and have a sugary snack. But then my adventurous urges take over and they force me to take action in order to achieve what I truly want to achieve: and that is to prove my own manliness to myself by going outside on a really tough winter trekking trail (such as Swamp Canyon) and force myself to finish it, too!

Afterwards, I’ll have plenty of time to chill out and have my coco. But in my mind, you’ve gotta work for it. That cup of coco has never tasted sweeter than at the end of good old fashioned winter hike. Don’t even think for a second that couch potatoes have it as good as you and I, my fellow manly hiker pals. Sure, we’re tough on ourselves. But in the end it’s all worth it, isn’t it? Especially if you get to have your winter hike on a totally manly winter hiking boot, such as these Columbia Bugaboot Plus IIIs!

Men’s Columbia Winter Hiking Bugaboot Plus III Omni-M – Review

These boots are made of a combination of textile and leather. Their thick soles are made of rubber, giving you a lot of traction and endurance in these boots. And if you’re actually planning on using them, then you’re going to need it. These are pretty high boots, with the shaft running about 7″ from the arches. If you’re looking for a good winter boot that will give you ample protection for your ankles, then these Columbia Bugaboots would be a really nice option for you.

They have been designed to be cold weather boots that will keep your feet warm. They are waterproof because their seams are sealed. That’s a really great, solid construction, which features the Omni-Heat reflective lining, which has 200g of insulation.  It is rated at -25F/-32C. So how’s that for a good winter hiking boot that will keep your feet warm all throughout your wintertime snow hike?

Thanks to the so called Techlite midsole, you’ve got yourself a pretty lightweight boot, despite its size. It will give you long lasting comfort. Its cushioning properties are absolutely superior. You get some seriously high energy return from the cushiony midsoles of these boots.

Thanks to the non marking, Omni-Grip outsoles, you can expect to have loads of traction wherever your hiking journey may take you. These boots bring together the best out of all worlds. It’s made of a combination of webbing, nylon, leather and metal hardware.

There are a lot of winter hiking boots out there that start out warm, but they’ll gradually become colder and colder once you actually hit a snowy trail with them. When it comes to winter hiking boots, you’ll generally get what you pay for. These boots are in a higher price bracket than any ole’ budget boot you may have considered purchasing in your search for the best cold weather boot for you. Cheap budget boots will basically be done for when they get wet, but these boots are waterproof and are capable of taking some heat, er…. cold!

Wearing the Columba Bugaboots, you can stomp around in mud pools, or icy sludge pools all you want. A couple of drops of moisture aren’t going to get through these boots any time soon. I can’t guarantee you’ll stay dry if you manage to completely submerge your feet, but then again… if that’s your goal, then you should take up deep sea diving and buy flippers instead.

Note that these boots do require a bit of breaking in. Don’t buy them and wear them for the first time on your winter hike. In the first few days of wearing them, you might notice that the shaft is a bit on the stiff side. Instead of taking a few days to break them in, you can also simply grab them by the shaft and twist them around in a every single way you can manage. Keep this up for a few minutes and you’ll ‘break them in’ one heck of a lot quicker than when you’d only be wearing them.

Other than this, these boots are going to be very warm and comfortable straight out of the box. You can put on a couple of socks that are equally as long as the boots themselves, then slap on those boots, and you’re going to be surprised by a whole new world of comfort when you do!

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