Here’s a nice review for my male readers. And I know you’re out there, because I’m watching my Google Analytics. Roughly half of my readers are male, while the other half is female. The men are in a slight majority, however. And this review is for all you tough guys out there who love the Boot Bomb’s take on boots. And boy, oh boy, do I have a boot for you. This right here is one of the most bad-#ss combat boots that today’s money can buy.

If you’re a fan of combat boots and you’ve been browsing around, odds are that you’ve already come across Maelstrom. This brand is well known for coming up with really tough lookin’, stylish combat footwear. And their TAC FORCE boots are no exception to the rule. While these combat boots may not be designed for soldiers, they certainly do have an air of authority to them. I’m pretty sure you’re going to have a much easier time getting people to listen to you while wearing these. Thanks to Maelstrom and their TAC FORCEs, you get to look like a regular tough guy that people need to listen to.

They have a zipper, which automatically disqualifies them for wearing them in the army. But while they’re not meant to be worn for soldiers, they are, in fact, designed with law enforcement personnel in mind. So that makes these puppies very suitable police boots, if you ask me.

Men’s Maelstrom TAC FORCE 8 Inch Combat Boot – Review

These boots are made of a combination of leather and fabric. The sturdy leather build around the lower end of the boot, protects your feet from the outside elements while you go about your day. But the upper part of the boot has a bit more fabric to it, making it more flexible than it normally would be if it were all leather. The fact that it’s part fabric makes the boot more comfortable, but at the same time also a bit less waterproof. I wouldn’t be trudging through the snow with the TAC FORCE.

The upper is both leather and a bit of nylon, and it is polishable, so that you can keep it looking shiny in order to impress those who require the law to be enforced upon them. The lining is moisture wicking, so you won’t suffer from wet, cold feet in these boots anytime soon. The high performance cushioning insert absorbs the shocks from the steps you take. This insert is also removeable, so you may replace it with something of your preference if you desire to do so.

Since law enforcement personnel’s life is already hard enough as it is, these boots need to be lightweight. And thanks to Maelstrom’s excellent understanding of the law enforcer’s needs, they are. They are meant to help get through your day, after all… not work against you by making it hard on you to wear them for long hours. They are also slip and oil resistant, thanks to their excellent outsoles. It would make no sense to come up with a tough looking boot, only to have the wearer slip and slide around, looking like a fool.

These boots are designed to return your own energy to you. This is the rebound effect, that puts some extra spring in your step. The highly durable rubber outsole will give you the traction and stability you need, while you enjoy every single rebound you get from every step you take.

They have an athletic, cemented construction. A cemented construction makes boots more durable. Not all footwear has a cemented construction, because making this construction is a time consuming process. It would make footwear in general more expensive, if this were the norm. When a boot has a cemented construction, the shoe maker has to pull the shaft over the last and then downwards over the insole, in order to create a single unit. You can tell if a boot has a cemented construction by lifting the footbed out of it. If you can’t see any stitches on the insole, then it’s cemented.

This boot also comes with the YKK heavy duty zipper on the side, which you can use for taking them off fast and putting them on fast. Thanks to the composite shank, you can enjoy superior support and stability. The manufacturer is also kind enough to give 1 year of warranty. So if you just so happen to be one of the extremely unlucky ones who sees the sole peeling off in less than a year, then you’ll get a replacement from Maelstrom.

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