The Orthofeet Charlottes are so called therapeutic slippers. That means they’re suitable for people with foot problems. That doesn’t mean you can’t wear them if there’s nothing wrong with your feet. Hey, if they’re good enough for people with foot problems, imagine how comfortable they’d feel on you if you didn’t have any foot problems at all!

One common foot condition is Morton’s neuroma. And these slippers just so happen to be very suitable for people with that condition.

Morton’s neuroma is an awful affliction of the foot, that you’ll want to prevent at all costs. If you do a an Internet search on this condition, you will find descriptions of it, stating that it can feel like there’s a marble stuck between your 3rd and 4th toe. This ‘marble’ is actually an irritated and swollen nerve, called the common plantar digital nerve. It runs very close to the transverse intermetatarsal ligament.

If the wrong kind of pressure is repeatedly excerted on this nerve, the irritation will become chronic and it will set off a chain reaction that only makes matters worse the longer you ignore it. For that reason, it’s very important that you find good Morton’s neuroma shoes that will give you adequate arch support, a nice toe drop and a wide toe box.

Women’s Orthofeet Charlotte Slippers For Morton’s Neuroma

These slippers by Orthofeet are designed with comfortable wear all day long in mind. For a woman who is suffering from Morton’s neuroma, it is very important to buy footwear that is non binding. Thankfully, this slipper is non binding: precisely what you need when your foot is swollen because of Morton’s neuroma. You need to take the pressure off, and these arch support slippers will do that for you.

Support & Room

There is plenty of room for moving your toes around, thanks to the wide toe box. You will have great protection against all the well known pressure points that need protection so much once you are already suffering from a swollen common plantar digital nerve. These are wide toe box slippers, which are never going to feel like they constrict you in any way. This makes them a great candidate for curing your Morton’s neuroma.

To cure your Morton’s neuroma (or at least to prevent it from getting worse), you’ll need footwear with a wide toe box, a high toe drop and good arch support. These comfortable arch support slippers from Orthofeet give you all that. It not only makes them suitable for Morton’s, but also for a whole range of other foot afflictions, such as:

  • arthritis
  • metatarsal pain
  • knee pain
  • arch pain
  • heel pain
  • diabetes
  • plantar fasciitis
  • bunsions
  • corns
  • hammer toes

So as you can see, on top of offering everything that you need for your irritated nerves, these slippers will also help you prevent a whole slew of other foot problems that may be developing, and you never even knew about it!

Extra Depth

These Orthofeet Charlotte slippers have a so called extra depth design. This means precisely what you think it does, namely that they have a little bit more depth relative to most other (non extra depth) footwear. This leaves extra room for you to put a custom orthotic in. Ayup, the insoles are removeable, meaning that you can customize your arch support as you see fit.

Some women are of the opinion that the supports in these slippers are too hard for them. While it’s true that their supports are indeed fairly hard, it is entirely possible to break these in and get used to them. Good support is supposed to be a little hard. But if you truly can’t manage to get accustomed to it, then you can always remove the stock insoles and put in insoles of your very own choosing.

Comfort & Cushioning

The Charlotte slippers have been designed with cushioning in mind. They will add some spring to your step. They come with an Ergonomic Stride design that will give you greater stability, because it facilitates natural, healthy foot motions.

Their contoured insides will follow the natural contours of your feet. The interior lining is extremely soft and comfortable. This is in part due to the fact that it doesn’t have seams. They are padded with foam, which helps in eliminating any pressure points.


The materials used are of high quality. The workmanship put into the making of these Morton’s neuroma slippers is excellent. They will last you a long time.

If you take care of them well, then they will still seem like new after months of usage. Sure, the fleece at the heel might flatten a bit, but that is to be expected with constant use.

Once you put these on, you’ll never want to take them off again. If you’re spending much time around the house, then you’ve just found your new best friend in these extremely comfortable Charlotte slippers by Orthofeet.

Everything put together leads to the undeniable conclusion that these slippers very suitable to be used as therapeutic slippers for just about any foot condition!

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