Sometimes, a woman simply needs some super cute Mary Janes so she can show her strut. These Springfield Mary James by Orthofeet are going to help you accomplish just that. But these aren’t your average Mary Janes… these are therapeutic Mary Janes, meaning they’re suitable for people with foot conditions.

One particular foot condition I get asked about a lot via email, is Morton’s neuroma. This is a condition whereby your common digital plantar nerve gets irritated due to you excerting too much pressure on it for too long. This is usually caused by wearing shoes that have a narrow toe box, that do not provide good enough support, and that do not have a good heel to toe drop.

Too many people aren’t taking their foot health seriously. They’d rather renew their favorite magazine subscription, rather than invest in a pair of good shoes. Not too bright, since your foot health is insanely important.

Women’s Orthofeet Springfield Mary Janes For Morton’s Neuroma

This super stylish Mary Janes are synthetic and have a super cute strap that is fastened with a simple buckle.

Mary Janes gives you a classic look, that is at the same time timeless. They have a certain je ne sais quoi, which is hard to pinpoint.

These would go great with a pantyhose (or socks), a dress, a skirt or a blouse! You can’t go wrong with a good pair of Orthofeet’s doll shoes!

Non Binding & Extra Depth

These Mary Janes are non binding and have extra depth. This makes them some of the best Morton’s neuroma shoes. Let’s dive into the details of this a little bit more.

The fact that they are non binding, means that they will not constrict your foot in any way. You can tell just from looking at the picture: these are solid shoes that know exactly what shape and form they need to be. They are roomy and have a wide toe box. Just what you need in order to deal with your Morton’s neuroma.

The fact that they have extra depth, makes it so that you can put in whatever orthotic support you could want. They have so much depth, that if you wear them without any insoles in them, you will likely be of the opinion that they are way too big. Other Amazon buyers report the exact same thing. But then again, they come with 2 pairs of insoles included in the box. So you can try both pairs and see which pair you like the most. If you don’t like any pair at all, then maybe you’d be interested in trying custom insoles of your own choosing instead. Have a look at my Tread Labs review, for example.

Arch Support

As I’m sure you are used to from the Orthofeet company, these Mary Janes have very good orthotic support. Their insoles are contoured, meaning they will follow the natural shape of your foot, thereby giving you really good support that you can rely on, straight from the box.

Their anotomical arch support has been designed to alleviate pain and sensitivities. The heel seat is padded with gel, to make sure that your heels remain solidly placed in the heel cup while you go about your daily business, strutting your stuff like it’s all you know.

Thanks to their excellent support, they will relieve pain not only from your feet, but also up to the ankles and even your knees.

Cushioning & Easy Gait

For a good pair of therapeutic shoes for Morton’s neuroma, it is important that you not only have good support, but that the shoes also encourage and promote healthy foot motions. These Mary James have Orthofeet’s Ergonomic Stride design, which means that they will faciliate a healthy stride, leading to a natural gait, that will make you feel like you are walking on clouds. They add some spring to your step, due to the fact that they have a lightweight sole, which contains air cushioning.

These comfortable Mary James arch support walking shoes are also very stretchable, leading to further comfort for you. They are designed to give you plenty of room. But no shoe should leave air gaps between themselves and your feet. So when your feet do come in contact with the shoes, they will stretch along and feel like a second skin.


If you have painful feet, but still want to look hella cute, then you may want to consider these arch support Mary Janes for Morton’s neuroma.

Even if you don’t have this particular affliction, and you are only suffering from sensitive feet, then these Mary Janes are still a great go-to for you. Because let’s face it… is there ever a situation where you don’t want to be wearing supportive footwear?

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