The Top 12 Boots for Outdoor Recreation

The Top 12 Boots for Outdoor Recreation

Anyone who loves the outdoors knows the importance of good equipment. A camping trip isn’t enjoyable without a sturdy tent, just like kayaking isn’t fun with a leaky boat.

Even something as deceptively simple as a hike requires a certain degree of diligence. Hikers often wear a backpack with compartments for a water bottle, snacks, supplies and other items. You may need a heavy jacket and gloves for a late fall or winter hike. In short, preparation is key.

When you’re getting ready for your next expedition, you’ll need to search for a reliable pair of boots. If you haven't replaced them recently and you’re starting to notice issues, you should probably upgrade to a pair that will help you to safely and comfortably navigate the wilderness.

Read on to learn about the most popular boots for outdoor recreation. After you find a pair that's right for the hike you’re planning, you'll never look at your boots the same way again.

Best Recreational Outdoor Boot Reviews For Men, Women In 2019

1. Dream Pairs Women's Mid Calf Snow Boots

Plenty of people go hiking every winter, so if you have plans to do the same, make sure you leave your home in the Dream Pairs fur line snow boots. They're made of sturdy material above the sole that's also completely waterproof. If you walk through snow or rain, your feet will stay completely dry.

You'll also find that they're seam sealed. Loose seams are a common way that snow and water can seep through hiking boots. These insulated boots will protect you in temperatures as low as -25 degrees Fahrenheit.

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2. Salomon Men's Quest 4 Lightweight Canvas Boots

Hikers who have been in the game for a while have probably seen the Salomon brand in different stores. It's a popular brand for hiking boots, which is why they've been one of the top sellers for 60 years.

These GTX boots are made for cool to cold weather hiking. Above the sole, the boots are made with seam-sealed Gore-Tex membranes. This makes them waterproof while also ventilating your feet.

Another notable feature is that these boots are made with thermoplastic urethane, which helps stabilize your feet and reduce ankle strains in rocky or uneven terrain.

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3. Keen Women's Durand Polar Boots

Made in Portland, Oregon, the Durland Polar winter boot was made with winter hiking in mind. It will keep your feet warm with its insulation and faux fur collar. A thermal heat shield footbed protects feet from cold terrain while also adding extra cushioning for comfort.

The lugged rubber sole provides more grip for hikers in slippery conditions, protecting the toes with a solid top cap. Anyone wearing these boots in the freezing rain or snow will have dry, warm feet all day long.

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4. Polo Ralph Lauren Men's Dover III Boots

Ever find yourself yearning for a quick hike when you’re out on the town? You don't need to worry about switching shoes if you wear the Ralph Lauren Dover III boots. They're made to fit in with any street fashion but still be your best bet on an afternoon hike.

They're designed with a high top silhouette for maximum ankle protection and a deeply treaded rubber sole for traction. These boots can withstand colder temperatures and are water-resistant, so they'll work on most trails. The cushioned insole returns energy for each step for additional comfort and wears up to seven years.

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5. Xpeti Women's Dimo Waterproof Outdoor Boots

Women who want to hike during the fall will love trying out the XPETI outdoor boots. They're made of synthetic fabric and a waterproof mesh, along with a Hydroshield waterproof membrane. An aggressive lug design in the sole provides extra grip on loose terrain.

There's also a molded TPU that will ensure your ankles are properly aligned in your boots no matter where you hike, preventing possible injuries. Shock absorption soles and moisture-wicking lining are some other enjoyable features of this boot. You’ll also like the EVA midsoles that make cycling on hiking paths a breeze.

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6. Sorel Men's Conquest Boot

If you need some extra support during your hikes, slip into a pair of Sorel Conquest boots. They have a firm upper build that provides extra ankle support, resulting in a tight boot that's great on tough terrain.

The extended rubber bottom halves, offer 100% waterproof protection, even when you are wading through deep water puddles or mud. You'll also find your feet warm and cozy in up to -40 degrees Fahrenheit temperatures.

The Thinsulate Ultra Insulation makes winter hiking easy, resulting in few stops to warm up. That leaves you free to stop and check your navigation apps to keep you on track on the trail.

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7. Columbia Women's Heavenly Omni Breathable Winter Boot

Sometimes when you’re hiking in winter terrain, you need to wear thicker insulating pants or coveralls. That's when you'll need an ankle boot like Columbia's Heavenly Shorties, which provide style and comfort all in one.

The Omni-TECH seam-sealed booties are waterproof but still breathable, so you can walk comfortably and have ventilated shoes. They're made with a quilted outer style that make them stylish and practical, considering that the quilted material is made out of 200g insulation.

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8. Carhartt Men's Hiking Boot

Hiking during the spring to fall months, means that you don't need the heavy insulation of winter hiking boots. Instead, you'll need the Carhartt hiking boot, which was designed to pair well with any casual or hiking clothes.

These 100% leather boots have a rubber sole and a six-eyelet design, followed by speed hooks. These secure the laces in place for long after the start of your hike.

Cement construction ensures extra durability, while still containing an Ortholite insole for comfort. This lightweight and waterproof boot will help you navigate trails, as well as your daily life.

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9. Women Men Hiking Boots Winter Warm Lining Snow Boot Outdoor Anti Slip Water Resistant

If you are looking for a pair of cute and comfortable outdoor boots for walking, light hiking, fishing and other outdoor activities, then the Women Men Hiking boot is perfect. Their upper features 50% full-grain leather and 50% wool, resulting in a boot that delivers comfort, warmth, as well as reliable trail performance.

These outdoor boots for winter also come with a wrap-around lace-up closure, to give you a customized fit. The upper is water-resistant and seam-sealed, to prevent moisture from seeping into the foot chamber while the full-length gusseted tongue ensures sticks, sand, rocks, and pebbles don’t get into the shoe. Their collar is sufficiently padded, to keep your ankles warm while helping to prevent excessive rubbing and friction.

Unlike other winter hiking boots, these don’t require any break-in period. They are comfortable straight out of the box. As long as you choose the right size, they will conform to your feet right away. Plus, they are also super stylish and trendy. In fact, you will get compliments wherever you go with these boots. From walking around town to running errands during winter, short hikes to going to school, these boots are perfect for almost all winter and spring outdoor activities.

  • Solid construction
  • Cute and stylish
  • Warm, lightweight and comfortable
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10. AMIDEWA Men’s Snow Ankle Boots Fur Lined Warm Anti-slip Outdoor Work Shoes for Cold Weather Hiking Camping Backpacking

These AMIDEWA boots are made with AMIDEWA standards in mind. That means you'll buy a pair of boots that will keep you dry, stay fresh, insulate your feet and grip slippery terrain.

The upper boot suede is stylish, waterproof and comes in two different colors. The boots are also made with fleece lining for insulation in addition to the Thinsulation that the AMIDEWA brand makes. For extra comfort, the boots also include a AMIDEWA air cushion in the soles. This level of comfort will keep your feet from getting sore too soon into your hike.

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11. Timberland Women's Keele Leather Winter Boot

Women who are looking for something a little different in their next pair of winter boots should try out the Timberland Keel Ridge boots. It's a top-rated hiking boot because they don't require a break-in period and are made of premium leather.

Extra cushioning around the ankles means that you'll have all the ankle support and comfort you need for long hikes. The laces can be adjusted with the D-rings design, which makes them more easily tightened and formed to your feet. All of these features are in addition to being waterproof and lightweight, so you can continue wearing them during the warmer months.

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12. Much Boot Men's Arctic Excursion Winter Ankle Boot

The Muck Boot Arctic Excursion boots taking hiking boots to a whole new level. They're naturally waterproof because of their rubber exterior, but they also have 5mm of neoprene. That allows for shock absorption and heat retention, without adding bulk or weight to the boots.

The rubber boots are also designed to mold to the shape of your feet during your first wear. No more blisters and chafing when you take them out on your first hike. Your feet are also safe from cold temperatures, since the fleece lining and sockliner can insulate in temperatures as low as -40 degrees Farenheit.

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Plan Out Your Hikes

The easiest way to narrow down your hiking boot options is to plan out your hikes. What terrain will you be covering and how long will your hikes be? Will the expedition be hard on your boots?

The answers to those questions will decide a number of things. They’ll essentially decide what type of boots you will have to choose, what material they are made of, and so on. Research your future hikes and their requirements, in order to be able to make a good selection from the list above. In doing so, you’ll feel more confident, more safe and more comfortable.

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