Protalus M100 Max Series– Patented Stress Relief Replacement Shoe Inserts, Increase Comfort,...
  • High Arch Support: Provides cushioning and support...
  • Comfort Insoles: Features patented insole...
  • Anti-Fatigue Design: Reduces fatigue and...
  • Alignment Correcting: Helps correct foot alignment...
  • Recommended For: Ideal for men with foot problems...

Although there are many products in the market, from over-the-counter inserts to custom-designed orthotics, the Protalus M100 has proven to be one of the best insoles. While the best thing is to seek professional advice from your physical therapist or podiatrist, this article will provide a review of the M100 to help you decide if it is the best one for your needs. So, keep reading to find out.

Why Protalus Insoles?

Protalus, founded by Christopher Buck, is arguably the best orthotics brand in the market. They have a range of insoles with a design that provides an even distribution of body weight across the joints. In addition, they feature a patented Tri-planar technology that improves the ankle alignment and supports the foot.

The Protalus insoles shift off your weight to weaker areas that might be experiencing pain because of misalignment. The main goal of their insoles is to increase the efficiency of each step. These insoles have been scientifically proven to improve ankle alignment by 31% in comparison to other generic socks.

Additionally, the insoles are designed to help people with different conditions like plantar fasciitis, knee pain, lower back pain, hammertoes, calf, and Achilles tightness, shin splints, Morton’s neuroma, and heel spurs.

1. Customer Service

From online reviews, their customer service is great. You get a guided quiz to assist you in finding the perfect insole depending on your arch type, shoe style, and the kind of pain you're experiencing. You also get a downloadable guide that indicates how to install your insoles, a stretching guide, how to trim them when necessary, and what to expect when it comes to results.

2. Cost

Although Protalus insoles have a higher price point compared to the over-the-counter insoles, they offer a 90 Day Money Back Guarantee. There are also quite durable and long-lasting, providing you with great value for money.

3. Available Options

Protalus sells both non-removable and removable insoles for almost all styles of shoes, including heels, work boots, slip-ons, athletic shoes, dress shoes, etc. These shoes are divided into four series, including Max, Thin, Heel, and Extra Thin, with each one having one or two length options available.

Protalus M100 Reviews

The M-100 model is a high-quality Protalus insole that is designed for high-volume shoes like work boots and athletic work boots. A number of reviewers have said that they felt almost instant relief from plantar fasciitis and heels. So, here is an M100 protalus insoles review.

1. Arch Support

The M100 is one of the best when it comes to arch support. It boasts a greater degree of support since they provide more support than the typical over-the-counter support.

They are also well constructed with a high arc to ensure proper support is given to the foot. This Protalus insole has been designed for both high arch and low arches to ensure the greatest degree of arch support to different people.

2. Ankle Joint Alignment

These premium shoe insoles align the ankles and have been proven to have one of the best alignments. Furthermore, the insoles are aligned with a Kinetic chain that provides better performance and greater comfort for a long period.

The strategically designed ridges anchor the insoles to the shoe. These anti-slip ridges won't slip during use, and by reducing the movement on the shoe, the insoles will be offering higher degrees of alignment and comfort the whole day.

3. Cushioning

The M100 shoe features a white molded EVA foam and blue Poron to provide maximum cushioning. The thickness of the Poron at the heel is 4mm and 3mm at the forefoot. Thus, the total thickness of the Poron and EVA is 10.5mm at the heel and 5.8mm at the forefoot.

This shoe features a molded heel cup that is substantially higher to stabilize the heel for maximum cushioning and comfort. Thanks to the Tri-planar technology that provides better shock absorption to ensure a better walk or run throughout the day.

4. Size and Fit

While most inserts on the market today are not a great option for people with wider feet, these M100 insoles are specifically designed for them. In addition, it comes in a wide range of sizes for both men and women.

5. Comfort

Since the protalus insoles improve alignment and support of the ankles, hips, and knees, you are assured of better comfort. This helps align your body to support the subtalar joint preventing over supination and overpronation.

Additionally, the innovative combination of high-quality materials ensures that the insole has moisture-wicking capabilities and excellent impact reduction for improved comfort. These insoles have been designed with the understanding that the human foot is a robust and complex structure that requires maximum support.

6. Break-In Period

With this insole, the re-alignment of your joints won't happen overnight. As a result, training your feet to align properly might take some weeks. For best results, it is important to walk on the new insole for less than two hours at a time, especially for the first week.

7. Cost

While these inserts are a bit more expensive than what you would find at your nearby store, they are a great option for people looking for premium shoe insoles. They also come in handy for people seeking relief from foot pain and plantar fasciitis.

Pros and Cons of Protalus M100

  • Pros
  • Better alignment reduces stress on the hips, knees, and ankles
  • Plantar fascia support
  • Made with high-quality materials
  • Anti-slip ridges for stability
  • Full-length insoles
  • Molded heel cup design for unmatched comfort
  • Great at preventing overpronation
  • Great moisture-wicking capabilities
  • Cons
  • A bit pricey
  • Less flexibility

Alternative Options

From the protalus m100 reviews above, it is worth noting that although the shoes are amazing, different people have different feet types and sizes, and the insoles might not fit everyone. As a result, here are some great alternatives from the same company and other insole companies.

1. Protalus T100 Insoles Thin Series

Protalus T100 Thin Series– Patented Stress Relief Replacement Premium Shoe Inserts, Increase...
  • PROVEN BETTER ALIGNMENT: Our premium shoe insoles...
  • LESS PRESSURE MORE COMFORT: Our innovative...
  • SCIENTIFICALLY PROVEN: Protalus insoles improve...

The Protalus T100 Insoles is a great option for lower volume shoes like flat women shoes, vans, keds, etc. This is because it has a slightly thinner profile than the M100, which means that you will get a moderate degree of arch support.

It has 3mm of cushioning in the heel, unlike the M100 option, which has 4mm of heel cushioning. It also has a unique heel cup and body shape that helps correct your alignment. So if you're looking for a moderate correction and level of support, then this might be the best option for you.

2. Tread Labs Insoles

Pace Insoles Arch Supports for Flat Feet to High Arches - Extra Firm Men’s and Women’s Orthotics...
  • TAILORED TO FIT YOUR ARCHES. Tread Labs has...
  • MILLION MILE GUARANTEE. Pace's 2-part insole...

These insoles feature a polyurethane foam cover which is 5x sturdier than the standard EVA foam. They are made using a Pure™ antimicrobial treatment that helps to kill up to 99% of bacteria. The molded heel cup and arch support ensure maximum comfort.

This insole is designed to be adjustable and replaceable, which means you can remove the top part of the sole and trim it to fit the shoe. You can also replace this part once it wears down. Its no-frills design is practical and works quite well.

3. Powerstep Original Arch Support Insoles

If you're on a budget, the Powerstep Original Support Insoles are a great budget pick for a quality shoe insert. They provide semi-rigid arch support to give more flexibility and a strong cradle for people with high arches.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Protalus Insoles

1. Are Protalus insoles worth it?

With many years of experience and research, as well as great patented technologies, the Protalus insoles are definitely worth it. This is because they help alleviate lower limb issues and many other foot-related problems. However, it is important to note that all people have different feet, and the insoles might not fit everyone.

2. How long do Protalus inserts last?

When worn on a daily basis, the anticipated life expectancy is about six months. However, the company high recommends changing them regularly to ensure that you still get the support you need.

3. Which one is better; Full or there quarter length protalus insoles?

The two types of insoles are designed for different applications and shoes. Ideally, the full-length insoles are designed as a replacement for factory inserts, while three-quarter-length options are used on top of existing insoles.

4. Will an Insert Cure Plantar Fasciitis?

A shoe insert won't be able to cure plantar fasciitis alone, but it may help reduce the pain that comes with the condition. This is because the body has adapted to the stress, which in turn has irritated the fascia and heel of your foot.

To resolve the cause of plantar fasciitis, you will need to address the proper and specific stretching, focused exercises of the ankle, and the hip and activity modification. These three, together with great shoes and insoles, will help reduce the symptoms of plantar fasciitis.

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