Shoes are a huge part of our impressions on other people. Wear the wrong shoe to an occasion and see the reaction of everyone around you. Therefore, one finds that they have to buy many shoes to cover for the different occasions. The problem with having a lot of pairs of shoes is how and where to keep them in the house. How you organize your shoe impacts the vibes your space gives off. This article will share some shoe storage solutions by giving you some shoe closet ideas you can try out.

What is a Shoe Closet?

A shoe closet is a space set aside for the neat and safekeeping of all your shoes. People who have a shoe collection require space to display and have a neat arrangement of their shoes. Some houses have a walk-in closet, while others do not want to due to limited floor space. If you lack closet space, there are ideas to help you store shoes and save space for other things. Shoe lovers can have a chance of having their shoes organized without necessarily having a shoe closet.

Shoe Storage Ideas

You can get endless ideas online on store shoes neatly without taking too much space. We might not exhaust all over them, but we will give you ideas on the ones we know areas the best options.

1. Shoe Walk-in Closets

Shoe Walk-in Closets

A walk-in shoe closet is the absolute magical space for any shoe lover. Apart from a satisfying display, you can store your shoes without worrying much about obstructing other furniture or house appliances. You will find walk-in closets already built into the house floor plan, and you do not have to do anything else except neatly arrange your shoes. An empty closet will encourage you to buy more shoes.

A walk-in closet is perfect for families because there is enough room to accommodate everyone's shoes. You will not need more space in the house as all the shoes will be sorted. You can easily arrange the shoes in an orderly manner without mixing them up. Kid's shoes can be in the same space as adult shoes without any unnecessary mix-up. You can use the closet floor when you run out of shelf space when you have a walk-in closet. A walk-in closet is the ideal shoe storage options one can have.

2. Shoe Cubbies

 Shoe Cubbies

Shoe cubbies are some of the best shoe organizers you can ever have. Apart from having ample storage capacity, a shoe cubby gives you an organized life that is easy to maintain. Shoes stacked on each other in a small closet are never a good idea as shoes require breathing space to stay fresh and aerated. A shoe cubby gives each shoe its unique space that anything else cannot take up. A shoe cubby can quickly fit any footwear, from high heels to boots.

A shoe cubby will save you a lot of time because the shoes are easily accessible. Since the shoes are not stacked on each other, you can see the shoe you need to use without digging through anything. In case you have a pair of shoes that you frequently use for running or work, a shoe cubby gives you the chance to organize your shoes conveniently. A shoe cubby is not only a great solution but a genius shoe storage system. You can move a shoe cubby to any room you like, from the mudroom to the entryway.

3. Hanging Shoe Organizers

One way of keeping your shoes off the floor or shelves is by using a hanging shoe organizer. Hanging shoe organizers attach to a closet rod and come in different forms and shapes. Hanging shoe organizers save a lot of space by providing vertical storage for shoes. Nothing saves space better than vertical storage solutions. The hanging shoe organizer is versatile and can adapt to most spaces in your house. As long as there is vertical space, a shoe organizer will come and save the day.

Apart from the closet rod, hanging shoe organizers can attach to the back of the door, empty wall and the closet side. You can get hanging organizers of any kind, depending on the nature of your space. You can get hanging organizers with row numbers as low as one row, giving you the chance to hang the organizer almost anywhere. You no longer have to stack your shoes on top of each other when you can get a hanging organizer for your shoes.

4. Shoe Rack

Shoe Rack

The shoe rack is a celebrity among shoe storage options. You can find shoe racks of almost any kind, and they are the most convenient options because they come in all shapes. Shoe racks are fun because you can DIY one for yourself. The shoe rack is a remarkable piece because you can have other shoe storage options while keeping the shoe rack for your most commonly used shoes.

The door shoe rack is a vital piece in your house because you will store shoes and sandals, flip flops, flats, and other types of shoes that you use frequently. Worn-out shoes do not go on to the shoe rack, while the most worn shoes will. As we mentioned, shoe racks come in all shapes and sizes. You can find any shoe rack from gliding shoe racks to circular, small, long or short. The shoe rack doubles up as a decorative piece and will not make your room look odd. A shoe rack will make shoe storage the best thing you ever came across.

The primary function of the shoe rack is to provide storage solutions and easy access for the shoes you frequently use. The door shoe rack will be the first shoe recipient once you step into the house, and the shoes are not in a condition to be stored in the closet.

5. Shoe Cabinet

Clothes, Cabinet, Interior, Sofa, Carpet

The shoe cabinet is the shoe storage option for the clean freak. The closet space has a door that keeps prying eyes away, while the shoe cabinet stays in positions that are not hidden from anyone. The shoe storage cabinet has genius ways of keeping the shoes from being the first thing you notice when entering a room. For example, the shoe storage cabinets can hide under the bed or couch without attracting attention. Hiding your shoes in plain sight is the best to organize your shoes.

Shoe cabinets are the best in decorative terms. If you want your interior design to be on point, shoe storage will not bother you when you have a shoe cabinet. Cabinets have shoe storage built-in drawers that slide in and out for access. In addition, some cabinets have doors instead of drawers, creating more room for shoe storage and easy access.

Like closets, cabinets provide the privacy required while keeping the shoes organized and neatly kept.

6. Stackable Shelves

Stackable Shelves

Stackable shelves are great for dynamic storage. Using stackable shelves is as easy as adding shoe storage when you have people over and getting rid of it when they leave. Stackable shelves give you the chance to upgrade the storage as time goes and as you buy more shoes. Stackable shelves are lightweight and easy to put together. You will not need a user's guide full of drawings to put the shelf together.

Stackable shelves are easy to move around and can serve purposes other than keeping shoes. Since the shelves are stackable, you can add extra for a plant or anything else.

7. Wooden Crates

Wooden crates are a favorite among DIYers. The wooden crate can take many shapes and forms to blend into a space without attracting so much attention while at the same time giving a visually satisfying look. Wooden crates are great for shoe storage solutions because all you need is a little bit of floor space, and you are good to go. Crates are affordable and accessible hence the favor among DIYers. Crates provide genius storage solutions in several situations. You can never go wrong with wooden crates.

Shoe Storage Tips

Storing shoes is a huge factor in the health of your feet. When you have an extensive shoe collection, you may want to organize your shoes in a manner that ensures no growth of bacteria or fungi and is in a state that will not lead to the shoes getting destroyed. Seasonal shoes require the best shoe storage conditions because they do not see the outside for many months at a go. Good shoe storage will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. Here are some shoe storage tips you can use to keep your shoes clean and healthy for your feet.

a) Avoid the Floor

The closet floor is quite tempting. Most of the time, after a long day, you want to throw your shoes and get some rest. Unfortunately, if you have teens in the house, you will always fight them over shoe storage. Like the entryway, the closet floor is empty and ready to receive stray shoes. Throwing the shoes on the floor will soon lead to a heap, making it harder for you to find the appropriate shoes for the day. Shoe storage is about convenience, and when there are shoes all over, the convenience is greatly sabotaged.

The floor might be too cold for your shoes. You want to keep your shoes in a dry place that does not encourage the growth of mold or fungi. If you have leather shoes, you should avoid the floor at all costs. Leather shoes are difficult to maintain, and a simple act such as keeping the shoes off the floor can save you a great deal of money.

b) Sort into Categories

You know exactly where you put the car keys, your wallet, glasses and other essentials. However, when you put any of those in a different position, you might have a nightmare trying to find your belongings. Placing your shoes in an order that helps you access them quickly saves you valuable time. For example, if you have morning runs, you do not have time to sort through your pile of shoes looking for your running shoes. Instead, you can pick the shoes from the sports-shoe category and get going.

Organizing shoe storage into categories comes in handy, especially when you have a family. Losing aside in a pair is the last thing you want when the school bus is about to arrive. In addition, sorting your shoes is satisfying and gives you an easy time cleaning. Sorting creates a system, and systems that work are the best.

c) Use Clear Shoe Boxes

If you have decided to go for the shoe box option, it might be good to use clear boxes. Clear boxes will give you the option of simply glancing through as you look for shoes to wear. You do not have the time to place labels or take pictures of all the shoes and stick them unless that is what you want to do, to begin with.

d) Store the Fancy Ones on Top Shelves

Storing fancy shoes on the top shelf has many advantages. The fancy shoes capture the most attention and look like trophies on the top shelf. Apart from the visual satisfaction, the shiny heels and the neat sneakers are better placed on top to avoid damage of any kind. If you have ever been exhausted, you will find that all you wanted to do was kick the shoes onto the lower shelf and get your rest. It is better to keep your best shoes out of the way.

e) Do not Mix Shoes with Clothes.

Due to limited storage space, you might be tempted to put your shoes and clothes in the same place. However, shoes and clothes will create a mess you do not want to deal with. There are many ways of keeping shoes, and you can never go wrong if you do your research.

f) Avoid Keeping Dirty Shoes

This goes without saying. Dirty or wet shoes may permanently stain your shoes. Therefore, there is every reason not to store damp shoes. You do not want to deal with the aftermath of storing wet shoes.

Final Take

Shoe storage is one of the most sort out solutions in the market today. Most people who walk into a furniture store of any kind are looking for shoes. You can find what you are looking for if you look close enough. Storing your shoes well saves you time and money after a while.

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