With winter around the corner, there are many steps you should be taking to ready yourself for it. From packing up on the warm clothes and carrying a jacket and umbrella around in your car if you’re headed out around nighttime, to replacing ice cream with hot cocoa in your daily diet.

Winter is no breeze and that is a known fact amongst many. However, there is one side effect of winter that no one seems to be paying attention to: slippery shoes.

They are a huge contributing factor to dangerous slips and falls that result in far bigger complications, such as dislocated hip joints and even the breaking of bones. This is a very big issue that is mostly ignored by the general public, although it shouldn’t be, as it can be life-threatening in certain situations.

There are many working people who are always out and about with their business during the winter, trudging on icy ground and constantly exposing themselves to this hazard.

Now, you can’t possibly go to a shoe store and try to find the one that has the least slippery sole, by rubbing all the soles…can you? Sounds foolish to say the least. You in some way, you’re going to have to be picky about which shoes you are going to put on this winter.

Below are mentioned a bunch of different shoes that are very suitable for winter and that will be your best friend once the sleet and snow has properly set in.

Types of Shoes to Wear in Snow

Just like there are different types of shoes to be worn at different times and in different places, there are also shoes that are designed to be worn in snow. So what makes snow shoes and/or boots suitable for walking around in snow? It depends on a number of factors.


Everyone knows the advantages and comfort of wearing boots during the cold. However, their benefits stack up really high against other footwear, when it comes to protection against the snowy season. Boots offer insulation from the drafty winds and cold temperature outside.

They also reach high up your legs (depends on which length you want to go for, ofcourse), which translates to a smaller chance of snow entering your shoes. Not just that, but just about every type of snow boot is quite sturdy and provides a snug protective home for your feet to comfortably sink in.

This kind of footwear is also very much loved because of its soles. Boot soles are normally thick and heavy which means that you won’t feel the harshness and stiffness of the snow under your feet. The effects of the hard, snowy ground are barely felt when wearing them.

Waterproof Jogging Shoes

Jogging shoes are also another top favorite amongst the people who find themselves milling around outside during a snowy season. These shoes are originally made for lots of walking as they are especially made for joggers.

The soles and inside of such a waterproof shoe, is created in such a way that it will keep your feet feeling snug and comfy. Regular shoes can’t save you from the dampness and moistness of a cold environment. That is why people opt for waterproof joggers instead of regular ones.

Faux Leather/Leather Shoes

Whenever you are in doubt or looking for a change as to what kind of shoes you want to buy in the winter, I’d recommend to go for something made of leather. Regardless of whether it’s leather or faux leather, this type of material offers you some good benefits against the cold.

These types of shoes will keep you warm, while also fighting off all of the moisture and water from reaching the wearer’s feet. On top of that, they look quite classy and offers you a very versatile experience. You can wear them at any occasion, regardless of whether it is an informal or a formal one (depending on the occasion, ofcourse). In most cases, you will look neatly dressed.

The Dangers of Slippery Shoes

However, not many people are careful with their choice of shoes in the winter. And they have a habit of wearing the same old shoes from last year in the snowy months this year.

If you are not aware of the danger of wearing slippery shoes on snowy grounds, then be sure to read on.

Slips and Falls

Slipping and then landing on your back with a thump on hard, icy ground is bad for you. Really bad! As much as some people might brush it off as a little slip and fall, there are way bigger consequences to this seemingly minor mishap.

Young people, like children and teenagers who do not yet have weakened bones, muscle problems or any other kind of deficiencies, generally don’t have to worry that much about slips. However, the lion’s share of all people who are adults, especially the elderly, could be facing a lifelong sentence of pain and a weakened state of health overall, permanently.

During cold weather, you generally can’t move your limbs as easily as you can during the summer. The cold usually has you clamping your arms around your body to share your own body heat. In this case, any trip, stumble or fall could result in a broken bone, dislocated joints, torn tendons and many more problems.

That becomes even more dangerous for elderly people, who can easily become paralyzed from an especially nasty fall that injures their vertebrae.

The Importance of Anti Slipin Snow

Reading this, I’m sure that by now you have already gotten a clear idea as to how dangerous and perilous a slippery pair of shoes can be. For this reason, many companies and brands around the world decide to release “anti slip” or “slip resistant” footwear around winter time.

This kind of footwear has soles that are made of a better material that has a firmer grip on the ground you walk on. When wearing shoes like these, you do not have to worry so much about slipping or falling regardless, regardless of how slippery the ground underneath may be.

Working people who spend a lot of time outdoors, going about their job, should not have to be worried about the cold weather and the safety of their health. With anti-slip shoes, you’ve probably still got 99 problems. But your shoes won’t be one.

How to Slip-Proof Your Own Shoes

Sometimes, a person’s budget doesn’t allow for the purchase a pair of slip resistant shoes. Furthermore, such shoes might interfere with your dress code at work, which can also can make you feel out of place.

For instance, you can’t wear anti slip winter boots to work every day…can you?

However, there is hope. In recent times, a new and more practical option was devised for people with formal lifestyles, which come with certain dress code requirements. Anti-slip shoe covers are an easy fix for all your issues, when it comes to the snowy season.

What Are Anti Slip Shoe Covers?

Think of them as gloves. Just like you protect your hands in the outdoors with a pair of gloves, and then to remove the gloves once you are in indoors… so do you also put on and off these shoe covers.

Made from reliable, durable and waterproof non-toxic silicone rubber, they are like socks but for your shoes. You pull them on, over your favorite pair of shoes and then you can walk around in snow, sleet or mud and still be well protected.

The covers also come with anti slip soles, which means that not only will you get to waterproof your favorite shoes but they also protect you against slips and tumbles. They are small and portable, so you can carry them along with you anywhere you go.

Picture this… you are headed to work on an especially rainy day, where mush lines the streets and your favorite pair of work shoes are in danger of being utterly destroyed by the weather. Simply pull these covers onto your shoes and watch your problems melt away.

When you get to your work place, you can take them off before you enter the office. This way, you’ll enter the office looking stylish and comfortable. Don’t let the weather get in the way of your work routine.

These kinds of covers are 100% reusable. Once dirty, simply pop them in the bathroom sink and give them a good scrub. They will be as good as new.

Benefits of Using Silicovers Non-Slip Shoe Covers

These Silicovers are a great example of such covers. They allow their wearers to wander the world without getting their shoes dirty. Some people don’t want to bear boots. Or they can’t, because the’ve got foot problems, or their work place simply does not allow for them.

These non-slip shoe covers give you the freedom to wear any type of shoes you like. This way you are not limited to a certain type of footwear during the winters.

They are especially great for kids as well, as they can relieve a lot of responsibility from mothers who want their kids to go play outside, but at the same time dread hours of scrubbing mud and snow off all the kids’ shoes.

All you have to do is strap the covers onto the shoes of your kids. They come in various sizes of small, medium and large. Then let them play around as much as they like and wherever they want. Regardless of the weather or the amount of muck lying about on the streets, they will have a good time and you won’t be burdened with the responsibility of having to clean up after them.

It’s a win-win!

Now if only they’d make these sorts of things for dogs as well…

Oh, wait!

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