The process of taking a vacation has many components to it. From planning to packing, vacationing can seem a little stressful to do. The planning process is an in depth one. You must research and create budgets to be prepared for what’s to come on your trip. You must also take into account transportation and hotels. But the main part most people dread the most is packing. Packing can be tedious as you rummage through your clothes to find the right outfits and items.

Sometimes it can be easy to forget things too while you are packing. Because there are so many things you have to pack for a vacation, creating a list will be helpful. There are items we all know should be included in our vacation bags, and there are items we don’t really consider that we should. For any vacation there are items that should always be included no matter what. Here is a list of some of those items.

1. Lightweight Jacket

One of the things you must pack to be prepared for anything is a lightweight jacket. You want to be ready for any weatherized condition that may occur. Having a lightweight jacket will make it easier to pack and carry around if need be. You don’t need to bring any heavy coats or jackets unless your destination requires it, such as when you go hiking on a snowy mountain or something like that.

Most hikers won’t take it to those kinds of extremes. So if you mostly hike casually or mildly strenuously, then no heavy jackets will be required. Light down jackets are perfect for those destinations you know may have varying weather conditions, ranging from very cold to a little bit chilly. A jacket such as that is capable of keeping you dry and warm and it folds into tiny burrito size that you can fit into a small bag. These kinds of jackets are perfect for travel in general.

2. Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo is great for those days you must skip washing your hair. Whether your hair feels dirty or looks dirty, using dry shampoo can revive your hair to the way you like. This is great for the times you have nights out or must dress up but don’t have the time for a full shampoo and conditioner.

Dry shampoo absorbs any excess oils in your hair and gives you a fresh look and feel you want. It even adds volume to your hair. Though this can act as a substitute to shampoo, it is temporary and only lasts a couple days. If you feel you must wash your hair thoroughly, I would shy away from dry shampoos. They are good in their convenience and how they get the job done.

3. Unlocked Cellphone

An unlocked cell phone means a phone that doesn’t necessarily need access to data to work properly. This is definitely ideal if you are traveling to a different country. You will need certain apps and service on your phone even if you are overseas. Things like GPS, Airbnb connections, basic browsing, and other situations that cause for sell phone use can make your trip smoother and less stressful.

You must get a SIM card for your unlocked phone to work. You’ve also got to make sure that your phone is fully charged before you begin your trip. And if your trip takes longer than a few days, you’ll have to learn how to conserve the battery on that smartphone as well. Your average smartphone will drain over the course of a few days when it’s not in use. When it’s used intensively, it will drain much faster. If you want to conserve that battery, then stay away from CPU intensive tasks such as watching videos, as these will most quickly deplete your battery.

When your phone is not even in use, just turn it off completely. A turned off phone with a full battery can last as much as many months. I’ve tested this with a phone of my own, that I hadn’t touched in a long, long time. The battery was near full when I turned it on. So, on a hiking trip, only use your phone sparsely. Turn it off when not in use. Sure, it’s a hassle to have to turn on for every little thing. But you shouldn’t want to play with your phone anyway. Rather, enjoy your hike. For photos, just take a dedicated camera with you.

4. Solid Shoes/Boots

It’s always good to pack a solid pair of shoes or boots. The whole gist of packing is being prepared for the time you are going to spend away from home. You want to have comfortable and reliable shoes with you in case you do lots of walking and exploring. Some vacations require certain gear and if you intend on participating in outdoor activities while you are on vacation you must pack a solid pair of quality hiking boots. Most vacations include lots of activity and you will be moving around more than you think, so try to take your body and feet into consideration.

5. Credit Card Without Foreign Fees

Having a credit card on hand when you are on vacation is ideal for you to be prepared for unexpected events or emergencies. If you are traveling overseas its crucial that you get a credit card that doesn’t charge you fees for foreign transactions. There is no need to have to pay more money to spend money somewhere else, so try to make this a must before traveling to a different country.  Here are a few companies who offer credit cards without foreign fees:

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred Card
  • Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card
  • Discover It Card
  • Capital One VentureOne
  • Bank of America Travel Rewards

6. Portable Camera Lens

Portable camera lenses are great for the artistic traveler… the ones who enjoy capturing every moment in the sharpest detail as they possibly can. To capture every moment, you must be ready for every moment. Investing in a portable camera lens is ideal for on the go photography. You connect the lens to your cell phone camera and begin taking photos. Many brands of portable lenses are of quality and take good photos.

If you’re going down the portable lens route, then be extra careful not to drain that battery on your cell phone. Either that, or bring a spare battery to use when you’ve exhausted the first one on taking pictures. Taking pictures isn’t the most taxing on the battery. Video recording, on the other hand, is pretty darn taxing on a cell phone battery. Especially if you’re going to be playing back your recordings right away and for minutes at a time.

Bringing a portable lens and a second cell phone battery is in most cases more efficient than taking a dedicated camera with you to use for photos, so you can preserve your cell phone battery. But then again, some cameras are very small, so you may want to just go down the dedicated camera route, instead. Only you can judge that situation. Just so long as you plan for it.

7. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are a must-have when it comes to vacations. You want to look and feel like you are enjoying yourself and the sun, and how else to do that than with some cool shades? Sunglasses are always good to pack because of the convenience they have and the fashionable sense they come with.

8. Portable Streaming Device

Portable streaming devices are perfect for packing on vacations for the days you want to relax and do nothing. Streaming devices like Amazon Firesticks, Roku Streaming Stick and Apple TVs are becoming the new way to watch popular TV shows and movies. They are also portable and people enjoy taking them everywhere they go. Some are good for travel and some aren’t. If you want to travel with your streaming device I would suggest getting a good VPN service to provide you with both security and freedom when you are streaming in a new place.

Me and the girlfriend recently went on a hiking vacation and we wanted to relax with some of our favorite shows at the end of the day. It took me some time to figure out how to get a VPN on our Fire Stick, but thanks to this useful guide, we managed to pull it off quite quickly. Once you’ve got it running, it’s pretty much hands off for the rest of the streaming stick’s lifetime.

9. Reusable Water Bottle

Reusable water bottles not only save the planet but they save you the hassle of multiple bottles of water and money. Reusable water bottles are great for travel because you can easily refill them and you are good to go. There is no need to purchase water while you are away unless you want specific flavors of water. Carrying one central container for your water is ideal for travelers and those who are active in their daily life.

10. Battery Pack

Battery packs are always useful when it comes to vacations. There will be moments when you aren’t able to find a power source for your electronics. Having a battery pack will help you charge your devices and stay prepared for what’s to come next. We don’t like to live without our personal gadget sand when they die it becomes an inconvenience. Consider packing a battery pack for all of your electronics.

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