If you’re a nurse, you’ve got your veritable pick of the litter when it comes to footwear. A lot of nurses wear clogs, because clogs are easy to put on and take off. They also protect your feet from fluid spills, which occur on a frequent basis when you are running around in a hospital from room A to B, or even when you are working in a laboratory to analyze samples and what not. Some nurses, however, don’t like clogs because they can’t move around in them as fast as they’d like. For nurses who don’t need to protect themselves from fluid spills so much, and who don’t have to constantly take shoes on and off, there are white sneakers, sometimes referred to as tennis shoes.

There is this unwritten rule that says tennis shoes for nurses have to be white, because it kind of matches the hospital setting, after all. You hardly see a nurse walking around on brightly colored sneakers, or even black ones. For a nurse, it’s okay to wear sneakers, but they still have to give a nurse a bit of a professional charisma. And in order for the shoes to do that, they’ll have to be white, or at least lightly colored. As you can see in the picture below, these Gravity Defyer’s are pretty lightly colored. While not designed to be used as nursing shoes, they are in fact very suitable for nurses to use them as such. Let’s dive in, shall we?

Women’s Gravity Defyer G-Defy Super Walk Nursing Shoes – Review

These shoes are made of fabric and synthetic, which is not uncommon in sneakers these days. Being designed as athletic shoes, they have a very thick rubber outsole, meaning they will not only make you bounce around as if gravity doesn’t exist, but they will also give you lots of traction and last you a long time, even when using them intensively.

Their breathable mesh fabric upper lets your feet breathe, even when you are wearing them the whole day long. Thanks to the so called web-last technology, the lightweight upper is essentially turned into a rugged exoskeleton. It’ll almost be like wearing a couple of robot shoes, but without the discomfort of cold, hard metal… a material that is thankfully completely abscent from this shoe.

Thanks to the padded collar and tongue, you won’t be suffering from any chafing anytime soon while wearing these Gravity Defyers. Thanks to the reinforced heel and toe guards, you will not see a lot of wear and tear anytime soon. These shoes have been made with walking comfortably in mind. They will absorb harmful impacts and return some energy to your steps, thanks to the VS-2 VersoShock Reverse Trampoline Sole. You’ll get around 3x the shock absorption that most other footwear comes with, and no less than 2x the energy return.

Thankfully, they also come with removable insoles. That’s always a good thing to have, because it means you can replace the stock insoles with a custom insole of your own choice. I like to wear Tread Labs insoles myself, but it’s up to every individual to see what they like the best. There are as many feet as there are people. Well, actually there are (roughtly) twice as many feet as there are people, but you know what I mean.

In an online review, a plantar fasciitis sufferer has stated that these shoes required them to wear them a few hours at a time, especially in the beginning. She preferred Hookas to these Gravity Defyers. But then again, there are also reviewers who rate these shoes the maximum score they can rate them at, stating that these G-Defys have really helped her absorb the shocks and spare her bad knees. And she wasn’t alone in this opinion.

All in alll, it looks as though these are some of the best nursing shoes for bad knees out there. For plantar fasciitis, apparently, you’ll need another brand and/or model. How comfortable these shoes are, varies from person to person and from situation to situation. One thing that is perfectly clear, however, is that these shoes definitely need to be broken in before you start wearing them full time.

When purchasing these shoes, keep in mind that you might turn out to be one of those buyers who isn’t comfortable in them and will need to return them or sell them to somebody else. When trying these shoes out, make sure to have a backup pair of shoes with you so that you can always go back to your existing, trusty pair of shoes, while you are taking your sweet time breaking these babies in.

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