Do you ever have the feeling like your feet are totally killing you at the end of the day? This happens mostly with people who have jobs where they have to stand up all day, which is something that can really play hell on your arches if you’re not careful about it. You need good footwear, not only when you are at work standing all day for hours at a time, but you also need good arch support footwear for when you get home (slippers), or even for when you go to the beach or on a vacation: flip flops!.

Thankfully, there exist flip flops for arch support that will make all the difference in how much (or how little) pain you feel when you are going about your business when you are chilling out at the beach or simply taking a walk on a sunny day. The thing with flip flops is ofcourse that they can’t accustom custom insoles, because they leave too much open space, which means your insoles would slide around too easily.

If you’re going to be wearing a flip flops that supports your arches during your holiday break, then you will have to go with a sandal that has that support built right into the design. And here we have such a flip flop, so without further ado… let’s dive right into it and see if it can’t help you out with your painful feet, shall we?

Women’s Orthaheel Tide Slide Arch Support Flip Flop Review

Orthaheel strikes again with this amazing looking sandal, which stands out not despite of its simplicity, but because of its simplicity. It could very well be that an all black flip flop for flat feet isn’t exactly your favorite choice of footwear. But for that reason, it is available in various colors.

The sandal itself is entirely synthetic, but the sole is manmade. The woven upper is made of polyurethane, which is the same material that some manufacturers use to build their outsoles. It’s PU for short. And ti’s a very strong and lasting material. Not only will these flip flops last a long time, but so will the upper. What use is a durable sandal with a not so durable upper, after all?

It has an EVA footbed and a TPR outsole, which means thermoplastic rubber. This is a synthetic material that acts like rubber, but it does not contain any natural latex. You can expect roughly the same kind of performance from them that you could from footwear that has natural latex rubber outsoles. The neoprene upper liner is padded to give it that little bit of extra comfort while you wear it. Even for long periods of time.

Podiatrist Design For Support

As you can see clearly with the naked eye, these flip flops come out of the box with excellent arch support. They are really great for women who have flat feet. But they can also help for women who have cavus feet, since cavus feet will stay hollow when bearing weight and never find any support.

They’ve been designed by real podiatrists and contain a biomechanical tri-planar Motion Control footbed. The deep heel cup will help in stabilizing you, making sure that you’ll be able to stand up firmly for long hours at the beach (or at work), without getting uncomfortable or painful feet. You will feel so much better once your heels are aligned back into their natural position!

They are very lightweight and also flexible. They have a medium density EVA midsole, which will absorb shocks well. This will reduce the stress on your knees, ankles and feet. The TPR outsole has a tread which is wave patterned. This helps improve your traction. You’ll think you’re actually wearing a running shoe.

Breaking Them In

When you first start wearing these flip flops, and you haven’t worn any decent flat foot support sandals in a long time, then these are going to feel a little bit weird. However, in a few days, you will break them in. They will likely not stretch. For some people, these Orthaheel Tide Slide cavus foot support sandals will fit slightly bigger than expected. In some cases, you may have to order 1/2 a size down.

Once you’ve successfully broken them in, you will find that they can be worn comfortably for a long time, even when standing up or walking a few miles. Some online reviewers say that they are so comfortable,  it just makes them want to go out and take a walk because they love the feeling of the arch support so much. And as a person with flat feet, who loves himself some support, I can totally relate with that sentiment.


Arch support is incedibly important. Don’t underestimate the importance of your foot health. Take it seriously as soon as you can. And as you can see from this review, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t be well supported even when you are on a sunny holiday!

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