brian-bradshawHi, I’m Brian Bradshaw. I’m a super duper mega hiking enthusiast, with a love for everything that has to do with outdoors, hiking, gear, footwear and more.

I’ve lived all over the place, because I love travel and there’s no end to my love for just getting around. I currently live in Ventura, California. But you never know when that’s going to change.

Mission Statement

Over here at the Boot Bomb, I do my utmost best to write the most helpful reviews of all sorts of footwear. It started out with hiking only, but I soon expanded into reviewing other kinds of footwear, such as shoes for playing basketball, cross training, nursing shoes, shoes for standing up for long hours, working shoes, etc.

I go out of my way to make sure that the information I provide you with is correct. If you read something on my site that is incorrect, please let me know right away. When I discover erroneous information, I always correct it straight away!

The Boot Bomb has grown a lot. That’s why I am now relentlessly increasing the quality of my pages. This website must become an authority site that does hands lots of hands on reviews all the time, keeping up to date with all the latest products!

Operating Principles

The Boot Bomb aims to be in full compliance with the ToS of all its advertising partners, as well as with Google’s webmaster guidelines.

If you are reading this and represent a party with whom I am somehow not in compliance, please contact me about it. I always resolve incidents in a friendly way.


Since I have set up a contact page, I have received lots of email from people asking me questions and advice. I have also received a number of very nice compliments, leading me to become even more motivated to write more and more on this website.

I thank all of those who have taken the time to contact me personally. I won’t name names, but you all know who you are. Due to the fact that the Boot Bomb (and by extension: me) has fans, I currently feel very motivated to expand my website with many more useful reviews!

Do you want to ask me something? Do you want to give me a few handy tips? Got some nifty advice? Wanna set something straight? Got a question about anything you read on the Boot Bomb? Don’t like my haircut?

Feel free to contact me for anything that you have in mind.

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