A Slippers That's Both Supportive As Well As Comfortable?

Having suffered from plantar fasciitis many years ago, I'll pretty much go out of my way to prevent it from ever coming back. When it comes to footwear, I never buy anything but the best when it comes to both regular walking shoes, for going about my regular day, as well as hiking boots, for going about my many hikes. However, when it comes to plantar fasciitis prevention, something was missing in the slipper department. So I decided to browse the web to see if I couldn't find something that would help my feet relax in the evening. Not that I do a lot of walking once I've planted myself and the girlfriend on the couch, but still... it's nice to have something warm & fuzzy on your feet for when you've got to get up and get something from the fridge.

The slippers' support pockets in clear view. A helicopter view of the arch support pockets.

ComfyChoices Hands On Slippers Review

My old slippers started to get holes in them, so I decided it was high time that I'd try something else. That something else turned out to be ComfyChoices Fully Adjustable Orthotics Compatible Slippers. I always wanted to be able to put my own insoles into my slippers, but up until now, I never could. You don't often see slippers that take orthotics, and I figured I'd try out something new.

These ComfyChoices slippers are capable of accommodating your very own orthotics. It has especially designed pockets at the heels, to keep them in place. It also has such a pocket right underneath your arches, so that you can put one of those smaller arch supports in there, if this is what you prefer. If you don't know what I mean, check out my Soul Insole review, because those are the kinds I'm talking about. Except don't put Soul Insoles in them, because those are sticky. Get non sticky ones. Those will work fine with ComfyChoices.

See them in action for yourself:

These slippers are:

  • cushioned in the midsole
  • 100% cotton
  • lightweight
  • adjustable
  • machine washable and dryable
  • outfitted with nylon spandex fabric pockets for orthotics

What Do They Offer Besides Support?

It isn't just that these slippers are capable of taking orthotics. They also have adjustable straps at the back of your heel, so that you can strap yourself in as comfortably as possible. The slippers' tops have velcro straps, which you can use to wrap them around your feet as loosely or tightly as you prefer.

I like to wrap them pretty tight myself. I've noticed that, during the day, they loosen up and there's nothing much you can do about this. It's only a minor nuisance, because you don't notice this when you're sitting still. And I sit still for hours, working on Boot Bomb behind my computer, in the evening. When I get up to take a walk around the house and I feel they are now too loose, I just rewrap the velcro a little more tightly. It's no big deal, really.

They are marketed has having great support. And they do. Their support even feels great straight out of the box, without any of my own orthotics inserted. But an added bonus to their great support for support (yes, I meant to write that), is that they keep my feet very warm, as well.

In Conclusion

So all in all, at the very respectable price tag of $45, I do recommend these slippers. They're good for people who suffer from foot pain, or those (like me) who have suffered from it and would like to prevent it at all costs from happening again in the future. Bear in mind (and I'm sure you already noticed this), that these slippers are optimized for comfort, rather than style. Not that they're ugly or anything... far from it. But these are substance over style. Not that a foot pain patient will complain quickly about style, anyway...

If you're still not convinced that these slippers are good for you, then I invite you to have a look at this video where their creator, Michelle Hung, tells you her story. She suffered from foot pain herself and needed a good solution for it. From her burning desire to walk comfortably, her ComfyChoices slippers were born:

If you're interested in also having warm, comfy, cozy & well-supported feet after a hard day of work, then you can get your own ComfyChoices slippers right here!

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