Foot injuries are common, but not every pair of shoes is suitable after a Jones fractured foot. The best shoes after Jones fracture should have a stretchable upper enough cushioning and support. Most importantly, having a good shoe will help relieve pain, pressure and shock from jones's fracture victims.

Wearing proper shoes for Jones foot fracture will encourage fast jones's fracture recovery and healing. Also, they will help prevent your feet from developing permanent foot problems. However, finding the best shoes for the 5th metatarsal can be difficult, especially if you are doing it alone. For that reason, we have prepared a list of the best shoes after Jones fracture to make it easier for you.

What Is Jones Fracture?

Jones fracture is a type of broken foot that usually happens when one breaks the 5th metatarsal. The fifth metatarsal is a bone that joins the small toe to the base of the foot. It is caused by a sudden impact on the foot while twisted. High arched feet are more vulnerable to Jone fracture because pressure stays on the outside of the foot.

Mostly this fracture is brought about by sports injuries, falls or slips and walking or running on hard surfaces for a long time. Compared to other foot fractures, Jones fracture takes a lot of time to heal due to the poor blood supply. The signs ans symptoms of Jones fracture include:

  • Severe Pain
  • Swelling around the small toe area
  • Bruising or discoloration on the foot
  • Tenderness on the foot
  • Walking and running difficulty

Now that we understand what Jone fractures are, we will analyze some of the best shoes after Jones fracture.

1. BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot

BraceAbility Short Walking Boot - Orthopedic Medical Walker Cast for Broken Toe Injuries, Sprained...
  • BEFORE PURCHASING please view our size chart (the...
  • LOW PROFILE, ROCKER BOTTOM for a more natural step...
  • RIGID, POLYMER PLASTIC reinforced shell provides...

BraceAbility is a brand that offers great shoes for 5th metatarsal fractured foot. The best part is that their shoes come in different sizes and you can easily find one that fits you perfectly. The BraceAbility Short Broken Toe Boot is one of the brand's best shoes for 5th metatarsal fracture.

The first thing that makes this medical shoe amazing is its fantastic design that perfectly fits the size you want. It also has a heel that features a deluxe foam liner that provides enough cushioning and support while walking. Again these medical shoes for 5th metatarsal offer a low rocker sole that promotes natural walking and mobility

Walking with this off-loading healing shoe will ensure that the foot pressure is evenly distributed, promoting fast healing. Additionally, these medical shoes have adjustable straps that help you fit in the shoe properly, even with plaster or when the foot is swollen. Moreover, this medical shoe has a reinforced plastic shell that offers maximum protection to your feet.

  • Pros
  • Offers good foot positioning
  • Boosts natural walking
  • Has a reinforced shell for protection
  • Has a universal fit
  • Easily adjustable straps
  • Clinically proven to be useful
  • Cons
  • The straps tend to be too long

2. Vive Post Op Shoe - Lightweight Medical Walking Boot

Vive Post Op Shoe - Lightweight Medical Walking Boot with Adjustable Strap - Orthopedic Recovery...
  • BEFORE YOU BUY: Please refer to the sizing chart...
  • NONSKID ROCKER SOLE: Non-skid tread provides extra...
  • LIGHTWEIGHT SQUARE TOE DESIGN: Lightweight post op...

The second shoe that is an excellent choice for a fractured fifth metatarsal bone is the Vive Post Shoe - Lightweight Walking Boot with an adjustable strap. The great bit about this shoe is that you can easily wear it on your right and left foot, and it fits securely.

These walking shoes for the 5th metatarsal fracture will also provide the comfort you need while walking, which will promote fast healing or recovery. The shoe also features two adjustable ankles straps that wil hold your foot safely and securely. Additionally, it has a wide toe box to increase blood flow to the foot.

Moreover, this walking boot is made with quality synthetic material that promotes durability and offers comfort and stability. It is also lightweight, essential for bandages or having undergone surgery.

  • Pros
  • Has wide toe bed that offers pressure relief
  • You can wear the shoe on either the right or left foot.
  • Adjustable ankle strap
  • Lightweight shoes
  • Enables natural mobility
  • Made to be comfortable and durable
  • Cons
  • You will need to trim the straps because they are too lengthy.

3. FitPro Adjustable Post-Op Open Square Toe Shoe

FitPro Adjustable Post-Op Open Square Toe Shoe- Men's, Large, Amazon Exclusive Brand
  • Rocker Sole
  • Semi-rigid sole
  • Forefoot closure offers easy on/off and...
  • Square toe design provides better fit for the left...
  • A size Large fits a men's shoe size 10.5 - 12

The third product we will look at in this category is the FitPro Adjustable Post-Op Open Square Toe Shoe. The shoe comes in multiple sizes, meaning you can easily get a shoe that fits you perfectly. Amazingly the shoe is designed for both women and men. This shoe can also come with a square toe design, meaning it can perfectly fit both the left and right foot.

This metatarsal fracture shoe features adjustable ankle straps that allow you to put it on and off pretty easily. Again the shoe will ensure that your fifth metatarsal fracture foot stays comfortable and supported at all times. The shoe's heel is well padded to provide you wil great positioning. It also has a square toe feature that acts as a barrier and protects.

What's more, this metatarsal fracture shoe has a rocker sole that wil give you the stability you need after surgeries. The sole is also stiff enough to promote stability. The only issue with this shoe is that the sole lacks soft curves.

  • Pros
  • Helps prevent stress fractures
  • Has a square toe design that keeps feet from bumping
  • Offers proper foot positioning, which reduces ankle and heel pain
  • Perfect option after a foot or ankle sprain or stress fracture
  • Provides a tremendous amount of support
  • Has a sturdy rubber sole
  • Able to keep feet clean and dry
  • Has enough padding to reduce foot movement
  • Cons
  • The shoe sole lacks soft curves

4. Brace Direct Post Op Shoe

Brace Direct Post Op Recovery Shoe - Adjustable Medical Walking Shoe for Post Surgery or Operation...
  • IDEAL FOR BROKEN TOE HEALING: Our shoe provides...
  • ADJUSTABLE FIT FOR BOTH FEET: Suitable for both...
  • PERFECT FIT PROMISE: Visit Brace.Direct (an...

After a Jone fracture, another shoe you can trust to wear is this Premium Post Op Broken Toe/Foot Fracture Square Toe Walking Shoe from Brace. The amazing bit is that you can wear this shoe when suffering from any toe fracture or even after foot surgery. The amazing bit is that this shoe is lightweight and breathable, promoting proper air and blood circulation on foot.

These 5th metatarsal fracture shoes have a shock-absorbing insole that provides enough cushioning to prevent any skin irritation. Again the shoe has a square toe box that protects your feet against bumping and offers toe protection. The shoe also had non-skid tread support to give you extra support and stability while walking.

This walking boot also features a rocker bottom sole that promotes easy mobility during a broken foot recovery or healing. Additionally, these shoes for 5th metatarsal fracture are well padded to provide proper foot positioning.

  • Pros
  • Offers non-skid tread support
  • Provides balance and stability
  • Offers maximum comfortability
  • Made with durable material
  • Anti-slippage sole
  • Easy to clean
  • Cons
  • Has a more dense foam liner

5. Orthotronix Short Air Cam Walker Boot

Orthotronix Short Air Cam Walker Boot (Small)
  • If you are inbetween sizes, order the Smaller Size

Another great shoe that will help faster healing and still provide maximum comfort is the Orthotronix Short Air Cam Walker Boot. This shoe comes in five sizes, including extra small, small, medium, large and extra-large. The shoe will perfectly fit both the right and left foot

This boot for metatarsal stress fracture features a remarkable design that provides just the right amount of support you need for fast healing. Again the walking shoe is designed to offer maximum support on the lower leg hence quickening the healing process. They also have a rocker sole that will provide a natural position to promote natural mobility.

Moreover, this boot for metatarsal stress fracture has a full inflatable airliner that gives you the ability to get a customized amount of cushioning. The fifth metatarsal fracture shoe
also features air bladders that will help cool down your fractured leg while still enhancing compression and support.

  • Pros
  • A perfect shoe with any foot injury
  • Comes in five different sizes
  • Provides support and comfort from ankle sprains and ankle injury
  • The boots are fundamental for swelling control, reducing pain, and enhancing healing time.
  • Provides extra arch support
  • Universal fit
  • Has a good amount of space for swelling too
  • Cons
  • Some customers say it abit had to get it on

Factors to Consider When Buying the Best Shoes After Jones Fracture

1. Fit

When purchasing any shoe, you must get the one that has the proper fit for maximum comfortability. Getting the wrong fit will cause bruises and blisters, meaning you will need to deal with the fracture pain and blisters simultaneously.

With that in mind, you will need to prioritize getting the perfect fit while purchasing the best shoes for a stress fracture foot. The amazing thing is that even when you get a size similar to your running shoes, there will be enough room for swelling and bandages from the 5th metatarsal fracture shoes.

2. Design

Another very vital element to consider is the design of the shoe. The fifth metatarsal walking shoes are usually available in closed and open designs. The design you choose will vary depending on the type of injury you have.

Most people, especially after surgery, prefer to get an open shoe. The open design shoes will help eliminate hot spots, pressure sweating and heat build-ups. Furthermore, the open shoes wil provide enough space for your foot which fastens the recovery.

The closed shoes will also have their benefits; however, not most people like them. Essentially the closed shoes will keep dirt out, making cleaning much easier. Additionally, closed shoes will straighten the broken feet much faster.

3. Sole Grip and Stiffness

The other element you should think about is the level or amount of grip offered by the shoe you purchase. When getting the best shoe for a broken metatarsal, you should look at the outer sole and bottom to determine the kind of grip it offers. Practically it would be best to look for a shoe with a strong rubber sole.

In addition to the grip, you should also check the stiffness offered by the shoe. Walking with the foot straight will reduce the tension and pain on the foot, making a stiff sole necessary for the injured foot. Additionally, getting a shoe with a firm or semi-rigid sole will provide extra arch support, which reduces soreness.

4. Insole

When purchasing the best running shoes or the best fifth metatarsal fracture shoes, you must check the insole. Essentially, the insole should provide enough cushioning and shock absorption. Therefore, you should get a shoe with the best insole material.

5. Adjustability

When choosing the best shoes for 5th metatarsal fracture, you should consider if the shoe is adjustable or not. Most of these shoes have adjustable straps that allow you to adjust the fitting of the shoe in case of swelling.

You must get a shoe that will offer maximum comfort in terms of fitting, but getting the ones with adjustable straps will be an added advantage.

6. Comfort and Support

Considering the comfortability of the shoe is crucial. The best shoes for metatarsal stress fracture are designed to provide comfort, but they do not have the same comfort levels. Therefore you should get a shoe that has the highest comfort levels.

A shoe that offers enough support is also something you should be looking for while purchasing the best shoes for 5th metatarsal fracture shoe. Mainly the design of the shoe will influence the kind of support the shoe offers.

Frequently Asked Questions On the Best Shoes After Jones Fracture

1. Can I walk with 5th metatarsal fracture shoes?

Yes, you can easily walk with the 5th metatarsal fractured foot shoes as long as your pain allows. However, it would help if you slowly stopped wearing the shoes after three to five-week as your pain subsides. It is important to note that you should completely seek the doctor's approval to stop using the supportive shoes for 5th metatarsal.

2. Which type of shoe is good for a broken foot?

If you have a fractured or broken foot, it is necessary to get a shoe that will provide enough comfort and stability. Most of the best shoes for 5th metatarsal fracture will relieve your pain within three to five weeks, which may vary depending on your injury.

Again, you should go for a softly padded shoe to enhance quick healing. We have listed the best shoes for 5th metatarsal fracture that you could purchase above.

3. How long does it take to recover from a foot fracture surgery?

In most cases, it will take three to five months to recover from a fractured foot completely. However, some complications like refracturing or nonunion can extend the healing time. If there are complications, it can take you up to one year to completely heal.

To enhance quick healing, you must get enough rest. Again using ice on the swollen areas will also help. However, you should only do it for 20 to 30 minutes a day.

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