I get a lot of email from people giving me nifty tips, asking for friendly advice, and last but not least… sending me unsollicited compliments!

All compliments below have been published with the explicit consent of the people who sent them.

Thanks for all the kind, words, Boot Bomb fans. Knowing I made a difference helps me keep this up!

I just came across your page after doing a google search for ‘shoes for large people’. I really appreciate the time you put into coming up with a nice list of runners for us larger folks.

— Tom Beckermann

I found your site looking for a good shoe to start walking  with, I was surprised that you have information on shoes for  over weight women that peaked my interest and I want to  thank you for being considerate in your writing. You are  such a truly kind person (and a cutie) for researching this  information and sharing it with so many. I just want to say  THANKS.

— Melissa A. Corley

Hi! Your article on Boot Bomb is excellent!

— Marcia McMillin

Thank you for your advice. It is people like you that the public rely upon for assistance. Thank you for your generosity in putting up and maintaining the site.

— Raymond Peres

Hello again !

I definitely will check back with your blog!

I’ll check out custom insoles too of course- I like taking direction from people of knowledge 🙂

— Deanna O’Docherty

Hi Brian,

Thanks first of all for a great page. In the last few minutes I have learned a lot! The info available from you is much more than everything else I’ve read combined!

— Al Banta

Hi, Just ordered a pair of Columbia North Plains per your recommendation. We’ll se how they work out. Though, I’m a woman, Men’s wide (especially, toe box) is what I need for hiking.

… But what I really wanted to say, was that you have a really nice smile, which brightened my day! Don’t worry, I’m not hitting on you — I have a nice guy, already, and would be too old for you, if I didn’t. I just thought that when a smile and a boot recommendation are both appreciated, it’s sometimes nice to hear about it. 😉 LC

— Laura

Thanks for your sage advice!

— Don L. Watson

First let me compliment you on an excellent site and boot reviews!!

Thanks for your detailed and informative reply. Of course you can use my email on your fan mail page! Your advice about […] is good.

— Steve Solomon

Hi Brian

I am reading through your fantastic website – thank you for all the helpful information.

Thank you so much for your guidance. It can be quite overwhelming to a novice so having the grounded and well-researched advise you provide is extremely helpful with my decision making.

Many thanks for your swift and helpful reply! Have a great day.

— Maryanne Gillespie

Thank you so much for your article on shoes for overweight women. The information provided here has made my day 🙂

— Quinn Vaughan

Hi Brian, I hope you don’t mind me messaging you. I have read your hiking boot review and have found it extremely useful!

— Joanne Parnell

Hi Brian, Believe it or not, I found your Boob Bomb page by typing in ‘how do I find the best walking shoes with a very overpronated foot’ – and up popped your page. And yes, I am overweight, and thank you for saying it’s not the worst thing in the world – the rest of the world thinks so though! And yes, I am starting to try to walk after a year + of dealing with bone-on-bone in the knees and other foot problems making it hard to do ANYthing! So I appreciate your positivity and your information on overweight women’s walking.

— Jan Bryan

Hi Brian… You sound like a boot expert and I could use some good advice.

— Jeffrey Greene

[after purchasing Boot Bomb recommended boots]

Hi Brian, Just wanted you to know I received the Moabs and have been wearing them around the house. They seem to be just perfect. Thanks again for your help.

Also, I wore the Moabs for at least 6hrs (in the house) and they were fantastic – no pressure points and plenty of toe wiggle room. Thanks again.

— Nancy Hajt

You have a wonderful page on workboots for my foot problem.

— Terry Howard

One more suggestion on your website name, “Boot Bomb”. In this world today with horrible terrorist bombings and even a a shoe bomber, I think it’s badly in need of a change. Good website otherwise, easy to navigate and read.

— Jim

Just a note of thanks, Mr. Bradshaw, for the extensively detailed list on the 20 Most Popular Women’s Hiking Boots.

It was extremely helpful. You covered manufacturers we’d never heard of. Appreciate all the effort and the time you put in.

In this virtual world of the Internet, wanted you to get a ‘virtual pat on the back’. Your work made a difference to us.

Hello, Mr. Bradshaw –

Appreciate your reply. Meant every word. Your research was a tremendous amount of leg work to put it all together. Your lists are well-written and it’s easy to navigate through your site.

Best of luck in 2017 with your website & your writing. Glad our paths crossed in these times in our country when if we were just a little kinder with our words to each other, our world would be a better place.

— MR, Midwest

Thanks for your review site – its got some great information.

— Ross Manning

Thank you so much for this fantastic article.

Once again, thank you for the wealth of information. I greatly appreciate it.

— Rachel Mc Gee

Thanks so much for your reply. This definitely helps us out.

— Colleen Wytmar

Great reviews with much helpful info. I am looking to replace my gortex Patagonias that are now giving me shin splints after about 5 years of minimal use. It is always difficult to know where to start. Thanks for the help!

— Nicole Ekelund

Thank you, Brian, especially for taking the time to respond. Your tips are most helpful. Please keep up your blog – it’s fun and insightful.

— Patricia Quiaoit

I like your website and the info you provide and would like to keep in touch.

— Dane Hays

Thanks for your articles on nurses shoes. I am a full time nurse, part time nursing student and full times mother to all species of life and wife. I am always on the go most days and as I’ve gotten older I’ve developed back and knee problems. You opened my eyes to a couple of brands that I was unaware of.

Thank You

— Wenda Blackman

You have been a real champ, thank you. As a result of my research, I had begun to focus on these Vasque boots.

I will keep you posted, and again, I appreciate your assistance.

— Karl. G.

Thank you. Very helpful series of websites for people with different feet!

It looks like your suggestion of the Moab might be a good option. If I can find it in a Wide, I may give it a try. I appreciate your help and insights.

— Barry Goodell

Thank you so much for your very detailed list of possibilities. You are obviously very passionate about helping people get the right boots.

More than happy for you to use my comments on your fan mail. I haven’t come across another reviewer who gives such comprehensive, meaningful advice!

— Samantha Murton

Thanks so much! I will check on all your suggestions.

Very much appreciated!

— Kim Stoddard

Thank you for the RSVP, and for your thinking on a new boot for me. This one is intriguing, so I will give it a try. I spend a lot of time in New Balance sneakers now, so something built for comfort sounds just right.

With appreciation, and all the best in the year ahead! Happy trails to you.

— Nancy C.

Brian I appreciate your article in boots for wide feet. Thank you.

I sure like your web site.

— Ellen Goepfert

Thats really helpful, thank you. I am going to wait until my boots leak till I replace them I think, but at least I am now ready to go with choices when they do!
Thanks very much for your help.

— Liz Carter

Thanks Brian,
I’ve been wearing the Keen Targee shoe for about a year now; it’s best for my wide foot and metatarsalgia. I do thank you for all your recommendations.
Happy Hiking!

— Randy

great page! Really helps me decide on what gear to purchase. Super helpful.

thanks again for all your info … great job.

best wishes

— Brad

Love your site!!!!

— Gina

Your post “An Overview Of Walking Shoes For Overweight Women Currently Available On The Market In 2018” has given me many good shoes to look into. I have had plantar fasciitis in the past and flat feet and am overweight. I’m planning to start a new walking program and really need new shoes, so I thank you for doing a good chunk of the research for me in advance.

You write well, too! (I write professionally and I get really tired of reading illiterate blogs). Keep up the good work!

— Barb Koumjian

Thanks Brian. I took your recommendation and ran with it. I am now wearing a very comfortable pair of shoes. The insoles will follow.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving month

— Pam Palmer

Thanks so much Brian!!! This is very helpful.

— Ryan Rogers

Hi Brian, I’m SO glad I found you!!

What would people like me do without people like you?! Experts who volunteer their time to give insights to novices. Thanks so much!

— Laurie Kersten

Have a great day!

And thank you for helping so many people with their feet!

— Jean Harmon

I love your content!

Your blogs on foot health are so comprehensive.

I’m glad to have made your acquaintance! ????

— Teressa Dinshaw

I’ve been reading your site lately and really appreciate all of the info. Very helpful!

— Ron Housley

I appreciate all the information you supply!! That is very creative of you to put together such a nice ” hikingshoepedia”!!!

— Dorothy Payson


— Sam Cushing

Thank you very much for the fast and detailed reply to my query. I am off to the store for my new shoes.

— John

Thank you so much for the info!

— Aimee Goldberg

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  1. Thanks for this chance to share my story. In 1984, I got plantar fasciitis, went to a podiatrist, had custom orthotics made, got “dress” leather Reeboks (as I was a secretary in an executive office, and was required to wear a dress to work). The orthotics worked wonders. After awhile, I tried to wear regular shoes without the orthotics, and my feet started hurting again. I changed jobs, and casual Friday became “casual every day.” For about 20 years, I have worn SAS Free Time leather walking shoes with newer custom orthotics, and the fasciitis never bothers me. I just checked the SAS website, and they have several styles which seem like they would be good choices for people who have plantar fasciitis (with their own orthotics) and/or if they are overweight or obese: Free Time, Walk Easy, Me Too, Tour, Liberty, and Roamer. Another plus is that they carry the WW size. The difference between Free Time and Me Too is that Me Too has Velcro tab closures instead of laces (to which I recently switched). FYI, I was 402 lbs. in 2009, had gastric bypass surgery and got down to 212, so I know about being overweight and obese. AND I can even wear these shoes in a couple inches of snow, don’t even own boots. Maybe you could steer me to some that are reasonably priced and stable for an “old” woman of 64? P.S. I usually walk with a cane because of a problem disk in my back. Thank you.

    1. Hi Geraldine,

      Thanks for taking the time to share your story with me and my readers!

      If you’re looking for a good pair of boots, I suggest you check out my women’s hiking boots page for 2016.

      It’s a top 20 from 20 different brands. All excellent boots. I don’t have all the prices memorized, so you’ll have to click through to Amazon to see for yourself.

      Good luck!

  2. So I am looking for an Ice climbing Boot to fit a 4E foot size 10. Do you know any company that makes wide Ice Climbing boots?

    1. Hi Steve,

      I have a page up on mountaineering boots. I think I’ve seen a couple of 4Es in there, although I can’t guarantee it’ll also be size 10.

      Good luck!



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