What Are The Best Shoes For Playing Basketball In 2018?

If you wanna play some bball, then you better make sure your game is totally up to snuff.

One good way of ensuring that, is by getting some high quality stuff on your feet, before anything else.

So, without further ado… here’s some bball shoes for ya.

I hope you’ll become the next Michael Jordan!

The Top 10 Best Men’s Basketball Shoes

1. Nike Men’s Air Jordan Retro 11

The Air Jorden Retro is a new member from the Nike Air Jordan line. The Retro neatly combines a variety of great features from other Jordan Shoes – it is a combination of various Jordan as well as Air Force Once Sneakers. The sneakers’ design is based on the type of shoes Michael Jordan Himself would wear to practice games.

They feature a rubber sole as well as a rubber tongue, and they come in many different colors. The purpose of Air Jordan Retro Sneakers is to become the ultimate sneaker which combines many of the consumers’ favorite features in other sneakers. The Jordan shoes begin my best basketball shoes list in the number one spot.

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2. Nike Air Jordan Kids’ Retro High

Sometimes your best choice is going retro — for this reason, the Air Jordan High takes the second spot in mylist of best basketball shoes. These babies have really great support around the shoe’s top, giving you very stable ankles, and it does not agitate or rub them.

It features a rubber sole that provides excellent grip on the court, allowing you to move easilyv and effectively. It also features an air sole unit whic provides great cushioning on the heel, reducing the impact of running and jumping. The Air Jordan I kicks it old school, although it still ranks high in both comfort and quality.

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3. Nike Hyperdunk

A shoe that’s supposed to be the best in the market has to truly shine, and help you play like a professional — this is exactly what the Hyperdunk does. Not only it provides amazing ankle support, it is also very lightweight and makes moving around the court easy. The shoe utilizes flywire technology which combines the athletics involved in basketball and the dynamics of space in order to create a basketball shoe which moves like a dream.

The Hyperdunk examined various consumer reports on other shoes by Nike and adjusted its cushioning in the sole, on the tongue and around the shoe’s top, making for amazing protection and comfort when running and jumping. The outside sole has the newest traction technology which provides the best grip possible.

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4. Nike Overplay VII

Those basketball shoes are incredibly popular among consumers, since not only they provide optimal comfort paired with an highly stylish design. These shoes have a great rubber sole that improves your grip. The shoes’ tops utilizes synthetic materials which make it comfortable to wear on your ankles.

The mid sole utilizes nike air units in order to provide cushioning, and the Herringbone pattern has a pivot point at the outsole for your multidirectional moves, making sure you’re upright when quickly changing directions. These are very durable shoes, which have a much longer lifespan than the majority of basketball footwear. Consumers really enjoy this products’ comfort and style both on and off courts.

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5. Converse CONS Aero Jam (Larry Johnson Retro)

These retro Aero Jams get the number five spot on the list of the best men’s basketball shoes. They combine color, style and new technology, in order to provide great performance as well as comfort. Its leather top creates good support for your ankle, helping avoid discomfort or injury.

The tongue is padded for comfort just like the collar, and the cushioning utilizes very recent technology that creates a support system for the feet’s soles, for comfortable running and landing.

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6. Nike Huarache Run Prm

The Huarache sneakers ensure a strong Nike presence in this basketball shoe countdown. They are less bulky than most, and consumers report moving very easily while wearing them. its high top as well as cut out detail provide great ankle support when out there on the courts.

Located on the heel, its Nike air unit provides excellent cushion inside the sneaker, which protects your feet from soreness and pain alike. The Huarache sneakers are nicely ventilated, making for great airflow, and prevent moisture buildup when you’re playing – so they can be a great choice, too.

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7. Nike Zoom Kobe III

The Zoom Kobe III takes the seventh spot in the list for their lower tops, which provide both comfort and support. These shoes are made out of highly durable leather, which prevents wear and tear, allowing them to last a lot, even in tough court conditions.

Its thick sole makes for strong traction, which improves speed and motion on the court. A good choice for anybody that wants to shoot some hoops in both comfort as well as style.

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8. Air Jordan Melo M11

These shoes strike through the top ten list due to their air flow and impact support. The shoes are made of full-grain leather, which keeps them from wearing too much on the court. Its max air cushioning eases the impact of running and jumping on your feet.

The sneakers’ synthetic upper section makes for comfort and flexibility around the ankles as you move around on the court. The shoes are built mostly for comfortable moving on the court, which makes them a top competitor among those on the list.

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9. Converse Men’s For Three

This is one of the few models which is optimal for playing basketball but not made by Nike. Its leather uppers are very smooth and provide excellent support with no agitation. The shoes’ mid top section is designed for the purpose of secondary ankle support, but it doesn’t cut into the air system for breathability.

Its midsole is designed in order to absorb shock from running and jumping on your feet. The inside lining is made of textile fabric which adds more comfort and prevents agitation on the skin. Converse Men’s For Three are stylish and very comfortable to wear, both on and off courts.

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10. Reebok Men’s Zig Pro

This is the number ten in my list due to its unique zig zag sole and great airflow technology. It provides pretty good ankle support, along with optimal breathability that protects the user’s feet from moisture.

Its zig zag sole provides a good, strong traction which makes it easier to move around the court. This is a very good choice for those looking for a great basketball shoe, since its cushioning provides good support for landing and jumping, overall protecting the user’s feet.

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What Are The Benefits Of Basketball Shoes?

Basketball is one of today’s most popular recreational sports. Most towns provide their residents with plenty of opportunities to play basketball, whether in the street or drive, play on a local YMCA team or shoot a few hoops at the park with friends. Shoe companies have been making an absolute fortune from basketball shoes due to marketing claims that you can move just like Shaq, run just like Kobe Bryant and jump just like Michael Jordan. B-ball footwear has helped some shoe companies make a name for themselves such as Adidas and Nike. The promises made have people rushing into their local malls to purchase the finest basketball footwear that can be bought. There is nothing ordinary about B-ball shoes. They come with many special features that help to contribute to such basketball skills as balance and jumping. People will spend more than one hundred dollars on the ideal basketball shoe that promises to improve their skills and overall game.

When it comes to shoes for playing basketball, branding is of great importance. Air Jordan’s are among the top selling basketball shoes in the entire world, and not just in the United States. For Nike, this shoe line has created a long-term fashion trend in addition to a specific line of shoes. At this point, Michael Jordan hasn’t played basketball in a very long time. However, new players have taken the sport by storm and represent various shoes for shooting some hoops. In today’s marketplace, do Air Jordan’s still hold the number one spot as the best basketball shoe? The following is a top ten list of today’s best shoes for playing ball, that are currently available in the marketplace.

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How To Select The Best Basketball Shoes

There are so many different brands out there for just this one sport. It can be very difficult to select the best ones when there are so many different ones for you to choose from. However, getting the right shoes can really benefit your style of play and overall experience. In this article we will be detail what you need to do to pick the best B-ball playing footwear for you to wear.

Your Style Of Play

Every basketball player has his own style of play. What that means is that different kinds of brownball shoes will suit them better. You want to get a basketball shoe that is well-suited for your personal style of play. Your shoes should make you feel confident and comfortable as you are playing. When it comes to playing styles, there are three major kinds.


An aggressive player focuses on his strength and build to help his team and win the ball. That means he will need a kind of shoe that will help to ensure he can move powerfully and provide him with protection. For this kind of player, protection is very important, since he is going to be in various situations where there is conflict with other players. Hoops shoes like the Reebok Zig Flash are great at making sure the feet are protected with their comfortable insides and strong rubber.


A speedy player likes using his speed and pace to maneuver around larger players and give his team scoring opportunities. With this type of playing style, the player will want to have basketball trainers that are comfortable and lightweight. Lightweight basketball shoes assist a speedy player by allowing him to move at an even faster pace and be even better at what he is used to. A good shoe for playing B-ball, such as the Nike Air Max Turnaround helps to ensure that a player gets the the lightest possible run.


The runner is the heart of the team and is at the very center to help keep it functioning smoothly. Runners do lots of running and therefore want to have good shoes for shooting some hoops, that will provide them with lots of breathability and keep them comfortable. The Adidas Adipure is well-suited for center player runners since it is made out of very comfortable materials and makes very good use of air mesh to help you run longer and safer.

Your Skill Level

The way you view your hoop shooting shoes and the things you want from them is also determined by your skill level in addition to your personal style of play. If you are a new basketball player and are just wanting to get to play as soon as you can, you will want to look at footwear that provides you with all of the basic necessities and are cheap.

One great example of this type of shoe is the Adidas Tip Off. They are inexpensive but also offer great comfort without being really heavy.

A basketball player with medium skills with club level experience probably plays for a local team every weekend. Players with this level of skill will have a tendency to go for a type of shoe that will help to ensure they get a bit more from their playing style. One shoe that is very popular with club level players is the Reebok Pump Omni Lite.

Highly skilled basket players are those playing at high levels like professional and semi professional levels. They need the very best shoes that the market can offer them. They also need to provide them with the best opportunities and advantages that good players have. There are some Adidas shoes like the Adidas Adizero Rose that is endorsed by professional players like Derrick Rose that make them appealing to the public.

Read Lots Of Reviews

Reading plenty of hoops shoes reviews is a very good idea if you are in the market for buying a new pair. It will provide you with a better idea of whether a certain shoe will be a great match for you or not. Reviewers take the time to conduct research on specific products. That means you don’t need to. Some of the reviews even link to the most inexpensive merchants as well. If there is a particular shoe that you are interested in, be sure to check the reviews out to see what other people think about it before making your final decision. Compare plenty of basketball shoes that you are interested so that you have plenty of options and time to think.

The information provided in this article should be more than enough to help you make a great choice. Also don’t forget to make sure that your hoops shoes fit properly. It is something that should not be overlooked.

Basketball Playing Shoes For Overpronators

Millions of people all over the world suffer from overpronation. It is a common foot condition that refers to excessive inward rolling of the foot on landing. Overpronation can cause huge discomfort to basketball players as basketball requires a plot of running and jumping. People who suffer from this foot condition usually have lower arches.

If you are wondering what the best basketball shoes are for people with flat feet… then keep reading. Because people who suffer from fallen arches, usually face problems that are similar to problems faced by people suffering from overpronation. You need to check the wear and tear of soles of your shoes to find out if you are suffering from overpronation. If the inside of your shoes have more wear and tear as compared to other parts of the shoes, it is possible that you suffer from overpronation.

In this article, we will take a close look at some of the best fitting basketball shoes available in the market for people suffering from overpronation along with some of other options that can help in reducing the effects of overpronation.

When you are looking for good shoes for playing, you should choose a shoe that has a thin sole and is lightweight. You may also try running shoes that have been specifically designed for overpronation. Another option available to you is to buy a pair of insoles that can help in reducing the effects of overpronation.

Choosing The Right Basketball Shoes for Bad Knees

Players make a lot of big movements while playing basketball. You need to be confident while performing these movements such as jumping for a rebound or driving up for a layup.

Most of the movements in baseball impact your legs and most of this impact is absorbed by your feet, ankles and knees. In another article, we have already discussed about suitable shoes for ankle support. In this article, we will take a close look at the B-ball shoes designed for bad knees. In addition to basketball shoes specifically designed for bad knees, we will also take a look at some of the other options for people suffering from bad knees.

To play basketball comfortably, you need to buy shoes that offer good cushioning and are lightweight. A lightweight shoe provides stability and better control. Good cushioning protects you from the impact on landing. These two are the most important qualities to look for when buying shoes for bad knees as well as for general sports.

Various Types of Shoes For Playing Some Ball

Different types of shoes are available today for different positions in the game of basketball. Some of the shoes available today can be worn for playing in a variety of positions. As far as choosing the right shoe is concerned, you should buy a shoe that is designed for your playing style.

It will help you in enhancing the level of your game. You will be able to run faster and jump higher with the right shoe. It will also enhance your confidence when you are playing.

Basketball shoes are typically categorized into three different types namely low top, mid top and high top.

Low Top Basketball Footwear

These shoes look similar to the standard athletic shoes but these are designed for better traction, extreme movement and higher speed on the basketball court. These shoes are specifically designed for allowing more ankle flexibility for basketball players as there is no ankle support in these shoes.

The shoes allow you to dodge players quickly and get to the goal. These shoes are the best choice for players who want to cut down on fatigue and are more concerned with the speed.

Mid Top Basketball Footwear

This type is more suited for a player who wants to jump for the ball and counts on bursts of speed on the court and is not afraid to get physical. These shoes come with an upper rising below the ankle. This design offers some ankle support.

This design does not restrict ankle movement and comes in handy while landing. The ankle remains unhindered and allows for faster running and greater reach. These shoes are extremely suitable for players in the forward position and for players who want speed and balance.

High Top Basketball Footwear

These shoes are best suited for players who want more power. Since these shoes offer excellent ankle support, these are very popular among the basketball players. These shoes can be worn for any position on the court but are considered best for the center position. In this design, the ankle is completely covered as it rises from the sole and covers the ankle. It is also the heaviest type but it offers great stability, power and ankle support.

Material Used for Basketball Footwear

Earlier, the upper part of the basketball shoe was made with leather to provide stability to the foot. Leather is durable and lasts for a long time but it also has certain disadvantages as it is heavy. To overcome this disadvantage, other materials are also used these days for making the highest quality B-ball playing shoes. Synthetic mesh is often used for the upper part of the shoe.

The advantage of synthetic mesh is that it is durable, strong, light weight and offers stability for the foot. The basketball shoes available in the market today are made with synthetic mesh, leather or a mix of both materials. Soles are usually made of rubber. There was a time when shoes made of leather offered some advantages for basketball players but these days, shoes made from a combination of leather and synthetic material offer great durability and comfort.

Summing It All Up

The role of closure on shoes fors shooting hoops is to keep the foot balanced and secure. It should also offer high flexibility to allow players to run and move at a fast pace. Some of the types of closures used today include Velcro, laces, zippers and straps.

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