Top 9 Best, Affordable Bikepacking Mountain Bikes For Taking A Hike In 2020!

Prefer hiking by biking? You’re not the only one. There’s just something different about enjoying the outdoors with a little bit of wind in your face, isn’t it?

Check out all of these awesome backpacking bikes that I’ve reviewed especially for all of you, my fellow bikepacking aficionados!

Best Bikepacking Mountain Bikes For 2020 Reviewed

1. Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Hard Tail Mountain Bike 29″

The Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive 29er Complete READY RIDE Hardtail Mountain Bike is a good entry level bike, that not only gives you a quality, but also a safe biking experience. Very few bikes available on today’s market are able to offer all the features this bike has. Not at this relatively low price point, anyway. Let’s have a look at this bike’s exceptional features.

Strong, Durable Aluminum Frame

For starters, the bike has a well designed aluminum frame, which has lots of advantages. First off, the aluminum frame gives the bike outstanding strength and resilience. Many long distance bike riders are going to love it because of this. The aluminum frame is also affordable, readily available, and most importantly… it has already stood the test of time. In addition, aluminum is one of the lightest materials available for bike frames. This makes the bike one of the best cross country mountain bikes.

Hydraulic Disk

In recent years, hydraulic brakes have been on the rise. This is mostly due to the benefits they have to offer. Hydraulic brakes have made many manufacturers drop rim brakes and linear pull breaks entirely. They’d rather install hydraulic brakes, because they are so much more efficient. Unlike rim brakes, that used to fail in muddy conditions, hydraulic disk brakes are effective for one simple reason: they are not dependent on weather conditions. The disk brakes installed on this bike, give you great control of the bike. This ensures not only your safety, but also that of other road users.

29-Inch Wheels

The Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive 29er Complete READY RIDE Hardtail Mountain Bike is fitted with huge 29-inch wheels. Over recent years, these have become famous because of their increased grip force and enhanced momentum. These huge wheels will absorb shocks from different surfaces, making your bikepacking bike experience very comfortable. Besides, the large wheels give you greater control over your bike, especially when you are riding fast. Unlike many other bikes that have large wheels, this bike is still lightweight. This makes it easy control. You also do not have to physically exhaust yourself in order to propel the bike forward. Riding this bike is an easy and enjoyable experience.

24-Speed Gearshifts

Another great feature that comes with this mountain bike is the 24-speed gear shifts. The bike is fitted with 24-speed shifters, developed by Shimano. The variety of speed options comes in handy. The more sporty you intend to utilize this bike, the more you will welcome its 24 speeds. The gears shift smoothly, which improves the overall performance of the bike. It really complements the gigantic wheel size very well. When you combine the large wheels together with the 24-speed gearshift in the most tactical way (and this will come with experience), you will find that the bike delivers outstanding performance. You can feel proud riding this baby for sure.

Comes Assembled

Unlike other bikes that you need to assemble, this ‘ready ride’ by Diamondback is hand built and shipped when assembled. You do not have the usual hassles of a DIY assembly process, that can take you hours if you’re not used to having to assemble your own stuff. In addition, a bike that has already been assembled, will save you a few bucks. The saved money could then, optionally, be used to pay a bike expert to finetune it for you. With this bike, you will spend less time assembling the new bike an spend more riding it. This readyride bikepacking bike is hand built and shipped straight to you. The brakes are dialed and derailleur adjusted, all you need to do is to pump the tires and you are ready to go.

Different Sizes

This Diamondback is offered in various sizes, because one size doesn’t fit all when it comes to mountain bikes for bikepacking. You can easily choose whichever size is good for you. Choosing the bike that best fits your own frame, is important. You will have a much easier time on a bike that matches your size. Get one that is too small, and you will be pedalling much harder than you need to. Get one that is too large, and you won’t be able to reach the pedals in the first place. Getting the best size match is important, because it will allow you to ride longer distances without becoming prematurely exhausted.

Front Suspension

The bike also comes with an impressive front suspension, that makes it easy to ride on rough surfaces that have all sorts of obstacles. The front suspension is ideal, especially when going downhill in an area with many protruding things, such as rocks, tree roots and whatnot. The suspension fork will absorb all the shocks you might get from the area you are traversing, creating a much more comfortable bike ride for you.


  • High quality 29-inch wheels
  • High quality tires with great traction
  • Good disc brakes
  • Front suspension
  • Presto valves


  • It is relatively high, inconveniencing shorter people
  • Does not have rear suspension forks


Looking at the features that the Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive 29er Complete READY RIDE Hardtail Mountain Bike has to offer, it is evident that this bicycle is one of the best bikepacking mountain bikes on the market today. And it is offered at an extremely affordable price, too. I would recommend this cheap hardtail bike to anybody who is looking for a durable, fast and cheap bikepacking bike, which also happens to be extremely user friendly.

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2. Diamondback Bicycles Hook

If you are looking for a simple, highly functional, long-lasting and sturdy mountain bike for backpacking, then the Diamondback Hook is a perfect choice. It’s responsive, light and efficient. It can comfortably endure rocks, roots, and bumps while giving you a comfortable riding experience. Its climbing efficiency, combined with an aggressive and slack geometry, makes it one of the best mountain bikes for beginners. Its frame is light yet sturdy. If you are not convinced yet, here are some additional features of this mountain bike.

Sturdy Aluminum Frame

From steep descents to rocky terrains, you will come across a wide range of conditions when backpacking with your bike. Therefore, it needs to be adequately equipped, to handle all these conditions, while giving you a safe riding experience. Luckily, this mountain bike for beginners is equipped with a sturdy, durable and reliable frame. And despite its superior sturdiness, this frame doesn’t add any noticeable weight to your bike. With this bike, you can tackle any terrain or condition with confidence. The frame also features integrated disc brake tabs that supply additional stability, thus making it an excellent mountain bike for backpacking.

Suspension Fork

As noted above, the Diamondback Hook is one of the best mountain bikes for entry-level riders. However, you can also use it for park and trail experience. Whether you are riding in the park, within your neighborhood or in the wilderness, you are likely to encounter bumps, obstacles, rough terrain and other challenging conditions. And this is where a bike’s suspension comes in. Being a hardtail bicycle, the Diamondback Hook features a front suspension mechanism. This suspension mechanism can handle a wide range of conditions while sucking surface imperfections with utmost ease. In fact, you will always feel as if you are riding on smooth pavement, thanks to its ability to absorb rough patches and bumps.

Gearing and Drivetrain

When it comes to cruising in the mountains, you need to have different gear options, so that you can comfortably tackle the ascents or descents. Most of the traditional mountain bikes only came with a single gear. However, Diamondback has taken a different approach and equipped this bike with an 8-speed drivetrain. With so many gear choices, you will find it incredibly easy to maintain your speed regardless of the terrain you encounter. Also, shifting from one gear to the other is smooth and effortless with this gear system.

Reliable Disc Brakes

If the ride is enjoyable, you might find yourself increasing the speed gradually. Combined with a great suspension system, smooth shifters, as well as a wide range of gear choices, you’ll eventually find yourself moving at amazing speeds. And this is where a powerful braking system comes in. Disc brakes play a vital role when it comes to a bike’s braking system. To ensure you have maximum stopping power, the Hook features Tekto Aires mechanical disc brakes, combined with 160mm rotors, both at the front and at the rear. Tekto is a renowned company in the mountain bike industry, and with this combination, you will enjoy a smooth but efficient braking system.

27-Inch Wheelset

Traversing a diverse range of trails and terrains calls for an effective, stable and reliable wheelset. The wheelset features spokes, a rim, and a wheel. All these components work together to determine the riding stability and the roll-over speed. A bike with narrow wheels has less stability and traction, compared to one with wide wheels. The Diamondback Hook comes with a 27.5-inch wheelset, which delivers an incredible roll-over speed, stability as well as traction in different conditions and terrains. This mountain bike for road riding also comes with a comfortable saddle. Also, you can easily adjust the saddle height, depending on your needs and preferences.


The Diamondback Hook mountain bike is designed for both beginner and professional riders. Whether you are riding it casually in the streets or mountain biking, this bike will always deliver a comfortable riding experience. With its sturdy construction, a lightweight frame, smooth suspension, and durable components, you are assured of getting value for your money, if you purchase this bike.

  • Stylish and attractive design
  • Lightweight and sturdy frame
  • Smooth and comfortable ride
  • Easy to assemble
  • Lacks a water bottle cage
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3. Vilano 26" Mountain Bike Ridge 2.0 MTB 21 Speed, Disc Brakes

If you are looking for an entry-level mountain bike that is sturdy, reliable, well-built and feature-packed, then you should check out the Vilano Ridge 2.0. It’s suitable for both on-road and off-road adventures. You can use it as your commuter bike, backpacking trips, or cruising around during your free time.

Materials and Build

This backpacking bike for beginners comes with a frame made of double-butted 6061 aluminum. All the key stress points in the frame have been reinforced, resulting in a sturdy and durable bike. But despite the sturdiness and the rugged construction of this bike, it’s significantly lighter than most of its competitors. Therefore, you will enjoy easier maneuvering and handling, as well as exceptional stability and rigidity. Its wheels are made of magnesium alloy, which are approximately 30% lighter than standard steel bicycle wheels. Apart from helping to keep the overall weight of the bike down, magnesium alloy wheels paired with disc brake systems, tend to grip better, compared to traditional steel wheels – which translates to enhanced stopping power.


Vilano has equipped the Ridge 2.0 with mechanical disc brakes, which are renowned for their remarkable stopping power. Also, mechanical disc brakes require a lesser amount of effort to bring the bike to a stop. Furthermore, these disc brakes function well in all types of weather, whether there is rain, snow, ice, or other slippery conditions. And since disc brakes are not directly connected to the rim, the rims will not overheat, which will in turn help to protect the tires. Therefore, whether you are riding on rough terrain, downhill or on wet and slippery surfaces, you are assured of maximum stopping power as well as precise braking with this bike. Not to mention, mountain bikes with disc brakes also tend to look sleeker and more stylish, compared to those with standard rim brakes.

Suspension System

The Vilano Ridge 2.0 comes with a 26-inch suspension fork, featuring a lockout system. Thanks to this system, you can adjust the flexibility or rigidity of the suspension system, depending on the terrain or topography that you encounter. For instance, if you are riding uphill, you can use the lockout system to make the suspension more rigid. On the other hand, you can make it more flexible when going downhill. Thanks to the lockout suspension system on this bike, you can ride on a wide range of inclines and terrains.


This backpacking bike comes with a Shimano Tourney 21 Speed derailleur, designed to provide maximum speed control while the Shimano EasyFire gear shifters provide a smooth, timely and responsive gear shifting. The chain system features a combination of KMC chain and a Prowheel crank system, which work together to deliver a smooth and flawless riding experience.

Riding Comfort

As noted earlier, this mountain bike for travel is designed to provide a comfortable ride, whether you are tackling trails in the mountains or commuting to work. It comes with a well-cushioned saddle and ergonomically positioned handlebars, resulting in a comfortable, pain-free and fatigue-free riding experience. Also, the handlebars provide firm and reliable grip, which means better control.


The bike is almost fully assembled when it arrives. Therefore, you just need to install a few additional components, and it will be ready for its first ride. When the bike arrives, you will just need to install the front wheel, pedals, the saddle, and handlebars. After that, you should tune the derailleurs, the brakes, and the wheels. You can also take your bike to a local bike shop for assembly for additional tuning.


Featuring a 21-speed Shimano derailleur, powerful and reliable mechanical disc brakes, a sturdy, lightweight frame and a stylish design, the Vilano Ridge 2.0 offers great value for your money. It’s an excellent choice for light mountain trails, daily commutes, and casual urban rides.

  • Powerful braking system
  • Lightweight, sturdy frame
  • Great value for money
  • Comfortable design
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4. Merax FT323 Mountain Bike 21 Speed Full Suspension Aluminum 26"

Are you looking for a lightweight, sturdy, and comfortable backpacking bike for your outdoor adventures? If yes, then you should check out the Merax FT323 road bike. Rated as one of the best backpacking bikes for beginners, this mountain bike is designed to make your journey as enjoyable as possible, while transporting you to your destination in comfort and style. So, what sets this mountain bike apart? Well, this Merax FT323 review will answer all the questions that you might have, regarding this mountain bike.

Materials and Build

This backpacking bike for beginners comes with a heat-treated alloy frame, resulting in a lightweight, yet sturdy bike. The entire bike only weighs 33lbs. In case you have to carry this bike from one point to the other, it will not weigh you down. Also, it’s well equipped to handled rugged terrains and heavy backpacks, thanks to its sturdy frame. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your bike getting damaged.


During your bikepacking trips, you will encounter a wide range of challenging terrains such as rocky paths, loose gravel, sandy trails, and steep descents. Also, it might rain when you are out there in the wilderness, and the trails may become wet and slippery. Therefore, you will need a bike that has reliable and firm brakes. Fortunately, this backpacking bike travel can comfortably handle such conditions. It’s equipped with linear-pull breaks, which deliver reliable and enhanced stopping power, even when you are riding at high speeds.

Riding Comfort

The Merax FT323 comes with full suspension forks, which help to deliver a smooth ride. Even when you are riding on bumpy and rough roads, you will have full control over this bike. The saddle is well-cushioned and ergonomically designed. Also, the saddle is adjustable, which means you can lower or raise it, depending on your preferred riding height. As you can see, this bike is designed and built to deliver a smooth, comfortable and enjoyable riding experience. Therefore, you will not experience any fatigue, soreness, or discomfort, even when you spend the entire day tackling trails with this bike.

Speed Configuration

Speed is an important consideration when purchasing a mountain bike. Considering that you will be tackling different trails and terrains, you will need a mountain bike that has different speed options. The good news is that this mountain bike comes with 21 different speed options. Therefore, you can shift up or down, depending on the typography or surface that you encounter. And with the Shimano Rapid Fire shifter and derailleurs, you can rest assured that you will enjoy seamless, smooth and quiet transitions.


The Merax FT323 arrives 85% assembled. After that, you will only need to attach the handlebar, the front wheel, and the pedals, and then fill the tires with air. After that, you are good to go, and you can start enjoying your new bike. Attaching the front wheel should not give you any problems. You simply need to rotate the fork at 1800 and the wheel will lock into position. Just like other mountain bikes from this brand, the Merax FT323 comes with a quick-release front wheel. Therefore, you will not need any special tools or skills to install the front wheel.After attaching the front wheel, you should then fit the pedals and tighten them. Again, attaching the pedals is easy and straightforward, since they are accurately labeled right and left, which means you will know which pedal will go where. You also need to adjust the brakes and the gears, to suit your preferences. If you are used to riding bikes, then the assembly process will only take a few minutes.


If you are a fan of bikepacking, bike camping and bicycle touring adventures, then you will need a bike that can deliver a smooth, safe and comfortable ride whenever you are on the trail. You will also need a bike that can handle a wide range of conditions, from loose gravel to muddy trails. Well, that bike is none other than the Merax FT323. It’s well built, sturdy, and extremely lightweight, making it ideal for backpacking, bike camping, and other mountain biking excursions.

  • Lightweight but sturdy built
  • Comfortable and smooth ride
  • Easy to assemble
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5. Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle 29 Inch

If you are looking for an outdoor activity that will help you keep fit, a Mongoose mountain bike may be the best tool to help you achieve that goal. The Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle 29 Inch is also a great choice for individuals who love hitting the road for adventure. This bike offers amazing features, abilities and style at an affordable price. In fact, this bikepacking bike has something for everyone, as it can take on paved city streets as easily as it can take on rough, uneven trails. keep reading my mongoose impasse review to know whether this bike is for you.

Dual Features

This beautifully crafted bike is equipped with several stellar features that include a full suspension aluminum frames, SRAM twist shifters, an element front fork, Shimano Gearing, as well as front and rear disc brakes. Let me give you an overview of each of these features for you to narrow down your confusions.

Quality Suspension Frame

The Mongoose Impasse is a full suspension bike that comes with a durable and lightweight aluminum frame. The frame is drastically higher as compared to other mountain bikes. This enhances the comfort and performance of the user. In addition, the frame has an adjustable rear shock suspension allowing the rider to modify their rides and suit the terrain they are on.

Smooth and Sure Shifting

The Mongoose Impasse come with a 21 speed Shimano rear derailleur that makes it easy to shift gears when riding the bike. This derailleur is combined with high-end Shimano shifting components enhancing the bike’s performance to the next level. Many customers have given positive feedback on these features. What they especially like is the fact that the SPRAM twist shifter allows you to change the gears with no trouble at all. This ensures that you have all the comfort you need while riding this bike.

Comfortable Suspension Fork

This bikepacking bike also boasts of a front and rear suspension fork, which works well with the aluminum suspension frame to provide the user with a smooth and controlled ride. Most riders find the uneven routes, holes, bumps and roots on off road trails uncomfortable. The Mongoose mountain bike’s manufacturer understands the needs of its customers and has kindly provided them with an impressive suspension that has the ability to dampen shocks and impacts, which are known to give discomfort when riding on rough terrain.

Superb Wheels

The Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle 29 Inch comes fitted with large alloy wheels, that provide the user with a wide surface contact and maximum traction during riding. In addition, the bike has a quick release function that makes transportation and storing the bike simple and quick. The wheels are lightweight ensuring that the user does not have to use a lot of forc while riding the bike. The massive wheels also ensure that the bike goes at a fast pace without exerting a lot of force. This characteristic has made the bike to be very popular in sporting events and competition.


Another great thing that comes with the Mongoose Impasse is the comfortable seats that are well padded with soft materials. These seats will absorb all the shock that results when riding on rough surfaces that have bumps. When purchasing a mountain bike it is very important to go for a bike that has an adjustable seat. An adjustable seat will take care of your height and body weight as you can adjust it to suit your personal requirements. Apart from installing a comfortable seat, the Mongoose Impasse comes with an adjustable seat that will take care of all your comfortability related needs. However, I would like to suggest gel replacements for both habitual use of the seat and for use for extended time.

Great Breaking Power

The Mongoose Impasse comes fitted with front and rear disk brakes, which are high-end in quality. Unlike other linear pull brakes and rim brakes, the disc brakes provide optimal stopping power when riding the bike at a fast pace so that you do not end up slamming into objects and sliding out of control.


  • Can accommodate cyclists of all sizes
  • Lightweight; combination of mostly alloy and aluminum parts keeps the overall weight down
  • Easy to assemble
  • Seat is comfortable
  • Great ride quality
  • Affordable
  • Quality brakes allow for quick stops


  • Brake levers are cheap quality
  • Tuning is required

Final Verdict

I find the Mongoose Impasse Dual Full Suspension Bicycle 29 Inch an innovation in the world of affordable, stylish and functional mountain bikes. It provides a very good avenue for both entry level riders as well as experienced ones, to experience great outdoor fun.

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6. Schwinn Protocol Mens Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike 26 Inch Wheels

There are hundreds of mountain bikes for bikepacking on the market, each of them offering different functions and features to cyclist aficionados such as you and me. This makes riders, especially beginners, confused on where to start. And that is why am here to help you out. One of my favorite brands is Schwinn, which offer a wide selection of bikepacking bikes to their customers. From this manufacturer, one of the bikes that stands out the most is the Schwinn Protocol Mens Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike 26 Inch Wheels. Make sure you read this review all the way to find out what this bike has to offer.

Who Is This Bike For?

This spectacular bike is made for all you thrill seekers out there, who love hitting the trail on a regular basis. The bike is strong enough to withstand the abuse of rough terrain. It will deliver outstanding performance even when riding off road.


This bike is designed to meet all the needs of beginning, intermediate, as well as advanced riders. I currently do not own this bike. But I have researched and analyzed it extensively and I am impressed from what I see at this price point.

Excellent Aluminum Dual Suspension Frame

The Schwinn Protocol Men Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike comes fitted with a durable aluminum frame that gives the bike strength, support and durability. This strong frame will support your weight during your ride. This baby isn’t gonna bend under any kind of pressure it will have to face. The frame is coated with a rust resistance finish, that allows it to resist damage from dust, dirt and water. In addition, this frame promotes top notch comfort on rough terrain, ensuring a smooth, stable ride, rather than a jerky, uncomfortable one.

Pro Max Front Disc Brake

The Bike comes with Pro Max front brakes, which is perfect for riders who want to enjoy mountain bike adventures out on the trail. The brakes are effective, especially if you are going downhill. These brakes are easy to install and easy to maintain.

Suntour Suspension Fork

If you are looking for a quality bike to ride on a rough terrain, the Schwinn protocol men’s mountain bike is an excellent choice. The bike comes fitted with a high quality Suntour suspension fork that works well to dampen vibrations from rocks, roots and bumps on the terrain that you are traversing. This fork will give you a smooth and comfortable ride and you will have the idea that you are in control of your bike, rather than the other way around.

Alloy High Profile Rims

The Schwinn Protocal mountain bike come with high profile tires, alloy rims and lightweight wheels. These wheels provide the best traction, so that you can maintain control of your bike even on muddy and wet surfaces. The lightweight wheels make it easier for you to steer the bike through all kinds of terrains. In addition, the alloy rims will give the bike that little bit of extra stability you need when riding on roads or on beaten tracks.

The Best Drive Train

When looking for the best mountain bike for your personal needs, the gearing mechanism is one of the most crucial features you will have to pay attention to. Never go for a bike that has limited gears. If you do this, be ready to be stuck at one speed all throughout your ride. Schwinn was smart enough to have integrated a 24 speed drivetrain in this bikepacking bike. This allows you the freedom of riding the bike at different speeds. The bike also comes with a fairly big trigger shifter, that allows you to change the gears quickly for a smooth ride.

Lightweight with Perfect Design

Another great feature that comes with the Schwinn protocol mountain bike, is the unique design that ensures the rider is comfortable. The unique design also gives the bike a beautiful, modern look. In addition, the bike comes with a well-padded seat that keeps the users comfortable. The seat of the bike is also adjustable, making sure that that any user can use it regardless of their weight and height. The lightweight design makes the bike easy to ride since you will not have to use a lot of force when pedaling. In addition, the triangle design as well as the red and white color combination, makes the bike a really great choice for those of you that enjoy bikepacking strenuous trails.


  • Comfortable to ride
  • Quick assembly
  • Great price
  • Shifters work well
  • Tires grip the road well


  • No water bottle mount


If you are looking for a feature rich bikepacking bike that comes at an affordable price, the Schwinn Protocol Mens Dual-Suspension Mountain Bike is the best choice for you. This bike is constructed with high quality materials, that bestow this bike with both great performance and durability. It also has all the features you’ll ever need on any given terrain. In its excellent design, this cheap bikepacking bike does not sacrifice control and comfort. Great bang for the buck!

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7. Mongoose Mens Dolomite Fat Boys Tire Cruiser Bike Blue 26 Inch

The Mongoose Men’s Dolomite Fat Boys Tire Cruiser Bike Blue 26 inch is a rock-solid alternative for experienced riders who are searching for an exceptional bike, which has the ability to achieve what other bikes have failed to achieve. This bike comes fitted with astonishing features that many regular mountain bakes lack. This is why I knew this bike was going to get a thumbs up from me, even before reviewing it. Let us have an in depth look at some of the best features that this bike has to offer.


The Mongoose Dolomite Fat Boys mountain bike has a simple design. The main unique feature being the huge tires. The bike features a thin frame that joins the handlebars, the saddle and the pedals to form a triangle shape. The frame has no special features apart from being an aluminum alloy. This makes it strong, lightweight and durable. The bike has simple beach pedals that allow you to pedal comfortably through snow and sand without straining. In addition, the saddle bars are positioned proportionally allowing for a great riding posture, that preserves your energy, especially when you are riding long distances.

Thick Tires

As stated before, the most eye-catching feature on this mountain bike is the unusually thick tire design. The tires are 26 inches and are made with lightweight alloy rims. These tires come with big advantages, which give the bike an edge over its competitors. If you are a novice in biking, you will find that the thick tires’ stability a big improvement over the stability that regular, thin tires offer. In addition, the tires come with enhanced traction force, which allow the rider to propel the bike over snow and sand easily, without requiring a whole lot of extra physical force.

This is very important, as it minimizes the strength that is needed when riding the bike over loose surfaces. The thick tires also make the bike very suitable for people who, for whatever reason, are unable to give as much physical exertion as most other people can. You might have some sort of disability. Or you might have bad knees. If you suffer from a limiting condition, but can still bike, then these tires are going to make your life a whole lot better than any regular bike ever could.

Great Cruiser Frame

This bikepacking bike is one of the few bikes that come with a unique design in both performance as well as appearance. It features a thin aluminum alloy frame, that has many advantages. For instance, the thin frame design makes the bike lightweight, yet strong. This bike can be used in conquering any terrain you might run into while bikepacking. Even if the frame looks thin, it is one of the strongest frames available on the market today.

Mechanical Disk Brakes

The inclusion of mechanical disc brakes is one of the greatest features that Mongoose has added to the Dolomite Fat Boys mountain bike. The fact that the bike comes with thick tires is a very good reason to also fit it with a highly efficient braking system. The bike’s braking system does not depend on the dryness or thickness of the rims, since they do not come in contact with them. They will work perfectly even in muddy and wet condition, providing maximum stopping force. Even when going at full speed, you will be able to avoid hitting your fellow bikepackers. This is the main reason as to why they would be perfect for this bike, what with it having super powerful tires and all.

7 Speed Gearing With Shimano Rear Derailleur

To support the enormous tires, the bike comes with 7 speeds, that are connected to a Shimano rear derailleur. This helps you traverse various types of terrains with ease. In addition, the bike is fitted with twist shifters, that make changing gears very easy to do. This helps the rider adjust their speeds on various terrains. This is ideal for terrains that go downhill one moment, uphill the next, and then flatten out yet the next. The bike suspension is also great in absorbing shocks that a strenuous trail might throw your way.


  • A strong stable bike that can be easily used in any environment
  • Come fitted with 7 speeds with Shimano rear derailleur
  • Twist shifters that let you change gears easily
  • Has dual disc brakes that provide all-condition braking


  • Some people have complained about the customer service after their bike had a failing


Looking at the customer ratings, the Mongoose Men’s Dolomite Fat Boys Tire Cruiser Bike Blue 26 inch, has many positive customer reviews. Most buyers are satisfied with the design, as well as the functionality of this very high quality, affordable bike. Looking at its design, it is clear that the bike can be used in many different kinds of terrains without the rider facing any issues. Should you decide to make the purchase, chances are good that you’ll be among the satisfied customers. I would recommend this bike especially to beginners, since it offers more stability than bikes with regular tires. It would also be great for experienced riders who are looking for an exceptional bike to conquer terrains they previously had trouble with.

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8. 24 Inch Mongoose Ledge Boys Mountain Bike Silver Red

The Mongoose bike manufacturers have made great strides in manufacturing and designing customized bikepacking bikes that can be used by both men and women. The 24 Inch Mongoose Ledge Boys Mountain Bike Silver Red is a perfect example of an excellent blend of style, quality, and performance. Here are some of the best quality that makes this bike have an edge over its competitors.

Dual Suspension

The 24 Inch Mongoose Ledge Boys Mountain Bike Silver Red comes with one of the best suspensions on both the front and the rear wheels. These suspension forks make the bike very comfortable, since they have a high capacity for absorbing the shocks you might have to endure when you take on rough terrains. With this bike, you can easily ride on terrains that are covered in rocks, roots and other bumpy surfaces, without feeling the disturbing discomforts associated with all the nasty vibrations arising from rough surfaces.

Great Speed

Besides the great front and back suspensions, which smooth transitions across different terrains, the bike comes with an excellent hand gripping shifting that works effortlessly, precisely and smoothly. All this is to ensure that the gears change without having to apply a whole lot of force. The bike is also fitted with a 21-speed gearshift from the reputed company Shimano. Great speed and a lightweight frame elegantly come together in this Mongoose boys bike. Your average twelve year old won’t have to pedal himself a heart attack to gain forward momentum.

Great Stopping Power

The 24-inch Mongoose Ledge comes with powerful linear-pull brakes that give you a relatively high stopping power to avoid hitting objects or your fellow road users. Although most of the recent bikes are using superior hydraulic disc brakes, the linear brakes installed in this model are quite impressive. These brakes are very effective under any weather conditions. They give you very good control of your bike and ensure that you are safe while riding the bike.

Strong Aluminum Frame

One great feature that comes with the 24 inch Mongoose Ledge, is the sturdy yet lightweight frame that is made of aluminum. This frame increases the bike’s ease of control. Aluminum is affordable and is often used in the manufacturing of bike frames. This is because of its resilience… its ability to withstand heavy loads and high impacts. Despite its small frame, the aluminum frame is able to hold weight of up to 330lbs.

24-Inch Wheels

It is going to be hard to find a 24-inch bike, that delivers the same performance as the 24-inch Mongoose Ledge boy’s mountain bike. Especially at this price. This bike will fit the needs of pretty much every young boy. It could also be used by adults (optionally, but not exactly recommended). All you’d have to do is adjust the seat. If your boy is gonna go on a bikepacking adventure, or he simply likes to ride around areas with rough terrain, then this bike is a good choice for him. The small wheels are easy to handle for beginners. They have good stability because they are close to the ground. The bike is meant for boys. Rest assured that your kid won’t have to physically exhaust him/her self when riding uphill. The 24 inch wheels make this bike fairly easy to propel forward.

Impressive Design

The bike is designed with aluminum materials that are not only durable, but also make for a firm and stable structure. This structure makes the bike able to withstand a lot of weight. In the long term, it can take a lot of abuse without breaking. The lowered frame is ideal for boys as well as short adults. The Bike’s horizontal bar on the frame is inclined towards the saddle rod, making it easier for you to control the bike. The inclusion of double walled rims that are made of strong alloy materials, is a nice feature for those who ride on rugged terrain.


  • Comes with a well-built aluminum frame, making it strong and durable
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with a kickstand
  • Easy assembly with basic tools
  • Has small wheels making the bike easy to handle
  • This is ideal for teenagers


  • Some parts are cheap plastic that breaks easily
  • The saddle is too small and uncomfortable for older teens

Final Verdict

If you were looking for a birthday present for your teenage son, I would recommend this bike. The 24 Inch Mongoose Ledge Boys Mountain Bike Silver Red offers incredible features at an affordable price. Most of the customer reviews I have gone through are positive, and many of them are happy because the bike is very affordable indeed. In fact, this bike is one of the cheapest available in the market. And if you look at the low, low price of it… then you won’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that this bike is a really good cheap mountain bike for a boy.

Boot Bomb Rating:

9. 24 Inch Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys Mountain Bike

If you are looking for a bikepacking bike that your boy can ride comfortably on both beaten paths and regular roads, the 24 Inch Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys Mountain Bike is an excellent choice. This inexpensive bike will fit the needs of beginners and still be suitable for experienced riders. The exceptional combination of price and performance makes it one of the best mountain bikes on the market. Let us have a little looksy at some of the features that this mountain bike has to offer.

Rugged Steel Frame and Suspension Fork

As we all know, steel is one of the strongest metals available. The manufacturer of this bike has used high quality steel that offers the most ideal blend of value, durability and comfort. This mountain bike’s steel frame provides a pretty high ride quality, since it will smooth out the road buzz that you get from rugged surfaces. It gives the bike rigidity as well. With this steel frame, long distance excursions or rough short rides will be easier. The sturdy frame will reduce the rider’s fatigue and provide all the comfort needed while riding.

SRAM Drive Twist Shifters

When riding a bike that has speed gears that are hard to operate, it kind of makes the whole experience both annoying as well as unsafe. However, the Roadmaster Granite Peak is fitted with SRAM drive twist shifters, which are very easy to operate. The shifters are supported by an eighteen-speed Shimano rear derailleur, ensuring a smooth transition between gear shifts. The three pieced train crank makes it easy to switch through a wide range of gears.

Front and Rear Linear Pull Brakes

The 24 inch Roadmaster Granite Peak comes with powerful front and rear linear pull breaks, that deliver solid control over the bike. These brakes are great, especially when going downhill at a quick pace. This is a pretty common situation when mountain biking on a bikepacking trail. These brakes are effective even when the weather is very dry or very wet. Another advantage of having a linear pull brake system, is that it is easier to maintain than other braking systems. However, setting it up may be tricky. Most people will be able to pull it off by reading the manual.

24″ Knobby Mountain Wheels and Alloy Rims

This bike comes with 24-inch wheels, that are fitted with high quality alloy rims. The rims give the rider more stability and comfort while riding. This makes it one of the best choices for the beginners and intermediate alike. One of the advantages of having a 24-inch wheel is the size. The small sized wheel enables beginners to ride at a lower height, limiting the chances of losing their balance. Regardless of whether you are riding straight, uphill, downhill or even turning corners… you are likely to maintain your balance on this bike. The wheels are also lightweight. The more parts on a bike that are lightweight, the lighter weight the whole bike itself is going to be. This makes it a really comfortable ride. The more comfortable a bike is, the smaller your chances of losing your balance. In addition, a bike with a smaller wheel will require less strength to pedal. It will give faster revolution, making it easier to ride uphill. But riding this bike downhill or in areas with many obstacles is also safe.

Padded Quick Adjust Seat

This mountain bike comes with a well padded seat, that measures 62″L x 23″W x 27″H. This seat has the ability to support any rider, regardless of their height and weight. The seat is easily adjustable, making sure that the rider remains comfortable through his journey.


With the excellent design and the wide variety of features, the bike will give its rider a stunning performance. It does not matter whether it is used on straight paths, downhill, uphill, or obstacle courses. The gears offer an effortless way of transitioning speeds. The front and back suspensions help you to traverse rugged and rocky trails. It will absorb shocks without problems. Rest assured that your young boy is going to have a blast on this bike.


  • Bumps in the road are hard to notice
  • Combination of suspension fork and linear brakes makes for a smooth ride
  • The tire’s tread has a good grip to conquer pavements and dirt on the road
  • It has a padded and adjustable seat for better comfort


  • Assembling the brakes is tricky


If you are looking for a mountain bike that offers great value for your money, the 24 Inch Roadmaster Granite Peak Boys Mountain Bike is definitely a bike you need to consider. The rich set of features on this bike make it suitable for use on every terrain. All the materials used in the construction of this bike are high quality. It’s a durable bike for sure. And at this price, there’s really no way you could ever go wrong. Amazon doesn’t have many cheap mountain bikes for sale, which are able to offer quality. But one peek at the reviews reveals that this one does.

Boot Bomb Rating:


The above list of reviewed bikes is a careful selection that has taken me many hours to compile. I hope you find these reviews useful.

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