Top 50 Best Camping Hammocks For Camping Or Backpacking In 2019

hmck-1A good camping hammock can provide a cozy and enjoyable sleep at night, close to nature. They have gained popularity in recent years, especially with campers, scouting groups and backpackers. Apart from lifting you off from the wetness and dirt on the ground, they also provide protection from the elements and pests. With hammock camping, you will also have a unique outdoor experience, as you lighten your load. However, if you are still not sure whether you will like it or even whether you should leave your trusted tent behind. This guide provides you with information on how to choose the best hammock for your needs.

The hammocks reviewed below are, as of writing this, the 50 most popular ones for sale online on Amazon, well into 2019. They all have a huge amount of reviews and high star ratings. Say about the Boot Bomb what you will, but we sure are dedicated to helping our readers achieve the best possible camping and/or backpacking trip you’ve ever had! 😉

Best 50 Camping Hammocks In 2019 Reviewed

1. Eagles Nest Outfitters – DoubleNest Hammock

Eagles is one of the best camping hammock brands. The DoubleNest gives you an all-access pass to relaxation. It is large enough for two, and compact enough for one. It is a high-strength hammock, with the ability to support up to 400lbs of weight. This is made possible by the 70D high tenacity nylon taffeta, as well as the triple interlocking stitching. It is designed with the highest safety standards, to ensure you relax without worries. You should note that hammock straps are sold separately. However, you can combine it with the ENO atlas hanging system, and you will have one of the convenient and versatile hiking hammocks. Despite its large size, it easily folds up into its compression sack, thus compacting it into something portable.

The hammock can also fit inside your backpack without taking up too much space. It is easy to set up and take down. It tends to be much heavier than others in the market are. This can be attributed to the use of superior components such as the use of carabiners, the high strength nylon material, as well as the marine grade cord. You also get more durability, more weight capacity, and more value from a product with great flexibility. Its versatility and compactness makes it ideal for several uses such as camping, hiking, backpacking, fishing trips, or just relaxing. Just take it anywhere, set it up, grab your drink, and just relax. If you intend to use the hammock in an area where there is frequent rain, then you should consider investing in one of the best tarp for hammock camping.

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2. Bear Butt #1 Double Parachute Camping Hammock

You can forget about your worries with this huge awesome hammock. Comfort is one feature that makes the Bear Butt one of the best portable camping hammocks you can find today. Made from some of the best cotton, there are no false expectations here. What you see is what you get. It can accommodate two adults, with a combined weight of around 500 pounds and over 6 feet tall. Nylon parachute material is used for the hammock. This guarantees you high quality. You already know that nylon parachute material makes lightweight hammocks. Once you are done with your relaxation, you simply fold it into a small and compact size, throw it in your backpack and head home. You can easily take it with you, wherever you want to go and relax.

The use of some of the best nylon provides the necessary reliability and comfort to please everyone, whether you are using it for the first time, or whether you are a hammock enthusiast. Extended camping trips can be tiresome. However, with the Bear Butt #1 Double Parachute, you can have a relaxing and refreshing evening, as you count the stars. This hammock is also easy to clean and dries fast. It is perfect for individuals who are always on the go. The good part about it is that, you do not need any hardware to set it up. Two posts or trees are enough to attach your hammock to them. No beams, or stands needed. Unlike other companies, the straps are provided together with the hammock. You can sleep in whichever angles you like, thanks to this spacious and sturdy outdoor hammock.

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3. Yes4All Double and Single Hammocks – Ultralight Portable Nylon Parachute

If you are looking for a convenient, quality and comfortable hiking hammock, you should seriously consider this one. It is designed for people who love outdoors. Apart from providing relaxation, this one will also protect you from creeping animals, which can bite you and ruin your outdoor fun. No tools are needed to set up this hammock. You just tie the straps to two poles, then throw yourself inside, and relax. It is foldable into a backpack size, providing portable travel, wherever your adventures take you.

Sleeping in an outdoor hammock can be fun. However, to enjoy the best experience, you require a comfortable hammock like Yes4All Double and Single Hammocks. It is spacious enough to accommodate several people at a time. The single type can accommodate up to 275 lbs while the double ones can accommodate a weight of up to 450 lbs. crafted using parachute nylon material, this backpacking hammock is mildew-resistant and breathable. For different tastes, the hammocks are available in a wide range of colors. This ultralight hammock is perfect for everyone craving outdoor relaxation and comfort.

It is easy to setup, which can be done within a couple of minutes. Once you are all set up, you are introduced into another world of beautiful life, fresh air and sunshine. Safety matters when it comes to outdoor hammocks. With that reason in mind, this one features high-grade nylon, triple interlocked stitches, for your ultimate safety. Whether it is a single or double hammock, there is plenty of room for everyone. As much as the fabric looks thin, it is sturdy and strong. The hammock also stretches more than you would expect. Therefore, if you intend to fit two people, ensure that it is higher up above the ground, for a better experience.

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4. Portable Parachute Nylon Fabric Travel Camping Hammock

This is an adequately compact hammock, which can be used for hiking, camping, backpacking and other outdoor leisure activities. It is also convenient for parks and beaches. With a capacity of around 400 pounds, it has plenty of space for everyone. Made using high strength durable nylon, you do not have to worry about the hammock breaking apart, as you sway in the winds. The nylon material is also easy to clean and dries easily. Once it has been rained on, you only need to hang it where there are some winds and sunshine, and you will have it dry in a moment.

This backpacking hammock also features, straps, carabiners and ropes, which makes the set up process easy and fast. You do not have to be an avid outdoorsman to know how to set up this portable camping hammock, thanks to its tree-friendly setup. With its triple interlocking stitching, as well as quality workmanship, this product is able to great weights. It is available in both silent and vibrant colors. You can easily blend in to your immediate environment during your backpacking trip, or even stand out, during a group camping.

The quality is great and it is incredibly comfortable. A built in storage bag allows for easy portability, while making you travel more convenient. If you intend to go camping in area where there are lots of crawling animals, this hammock lifts you off the ground, offers protection and provides relaxation. Featuring interlocking stitching at the edges, the hammock is able to keep you fully safe and secure, as you enjoy the beautiful sunset and the amazing views from above. A drawstring stuff sack is included in the package to for perfect and convenient storage. It can support up to 150kgs, making it ideal for a single person. It is quick drying and resistant to mildew. You certainly get value for money once you purchase this hammock.

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5. Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock

Hammock camping is an awesome way to experience outdoor adventure in a totally different way. The Grand Trunk is a great option for hikers and backpackers, who prefer lightweight and increased durability. This best rated camping hammock is long and spacious enough to fit most campers. Due to its lightweight nature, it is ideal for warm weather camping or hiking. The material used to make this one is quality. Although there are no carabiners included but hooks instead, you will still find its setup process easy and straightforward. It is even more comfortable than majority of the expensive brands.

Additionally, it does not pinch inwards, which makes sure that your relaxing experience is not interfered with. For campers, just use a single line between the points, when you are setting it up. For assured tension, use a prusik knot. Once you have done that, allow it to drape on its own, from that single line. You can then use the same single line for your mosquito netting or rain fly. This means that you won’t cut your rope, and you also save on weight. You can utilize any sleeping angles, and your comfort levels will not be affected in any way.

It is also spacious in a way that you can wrap yourself around, and keep out mosquitoes and bugs. The ends are secured and nicely bound while the edges come with a nice finishing. Overall, you get a product that is sturdy and strong. In terms of size, it packs to almost nothing. Even your toddler can carry it comfortably, with minimal signs of fatigue. Quality, lightweightness, comfort and durability, is what you get when you purchase the Grand Trunk Ultralight Hammock.

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6. Legit Camping – Double Hammock – Lightweight Parachute Portable

Nothing compares to the slumber you get from a gently swaying hammock. In fact, it can only be compared to that sleep you get when cruising on a gently rocking boat. That is the exact feeling you get, when relaxing on the Legit Camping Double Hammock. It is very comfortable, providing just the needed amount of give. Additionally, it is spacious enough to accommodate two people, allowing you to stretch out and even change positions. In terms of appearance, this portable camping hammock comes in vibrant colors, making it very attractive.

It is also one of the best portable hammocks. Strength is another outstanding feature of this backpacking hammock. It can carry up to 400 pounds on a regular basis, and you will rarely notice any signs of wear or tear. Whether it is your hiking or camping trip, you have everything you need to relax, thanks to the Legit Camping Double Hammock. It is also designed in a way that you can include a mosquito net or bug net, to make your slumber even more comfortable.

This is one of the few hiking hammocks that come with nylon sleeves. This feature makes it better and easier to hang it on a tree. You only have to run the ropes through the sleeves and there will be minimal dig-in from the ropes, when you are using it. In terms of quality, you get great seams, fabric and ropes. The entire construction is something that you can rely on. When it comes to grab-and-go camping, this hammock redefines the whole experience. You do not need to carry along a heavy sleeping bag or a bulky pad any longer. Just stuff it inside your backpack, and your sleep is fully taken care of. Once you have identified the correct camping spot, just set up your hammock, climb in and have a peaceful night. Won’t you?

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7. Eagles Nest Outfitters – SingleNest Hammock

There are all forms of camping accessories and items out there. However, very few are comparable to the quality you get from Eagles Nest Outfitters. This single nest hammock is designed to withstand the rigors of wear and tear, as well as windy nights, to ensure that nothing spoils your outdoor adventure. Say goodbye to poor performance and shoddy construction, with this hammock. It will work perfectly for many years, with minimal signs of wear. It is available in a wide range of colors, making it ideal for backcountry and designated camping.

This single camping hammock, strikes a nice balance between weight, comfort and durability. It provides extra comfort and space, especially for light sleepers. If you will be camping in rainy weather, just bring along extra accessories like a rain fly. All its seams are triple stitched while the stretchy nylon performs great under different conditions. It is ideal for 3-season backpackers, who will be camping in warm weather. You will never have problems finding a nice spot for this hammock, due to its versatile setup procedure. With more than 20 colors and color combination to choose from, you will definitely find your match.

Featuring 70D high tenacity nylon taffeta, it can safely support up to 400 lbs. Due to strength considerations, straps are sold separately, to ensure that you can get the high-strength varieties, to keep you supported and suspended. It is light enough for the backpacker and robust enough for weekend camping. Aluminum wiregate carabiners have been included to make the setup process fast and quick. Due to its durability and versatility, it has multiple uses, including camping, hiking, travelling, backpacking or just relaxing. Its nautical grade line, together with stainless steel snap connects safely to secure the hammock to trees, masts, poles, or whichever upright present in your campsite.

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8. Wise Owl Outfitters Ultimate Single & Double Camping Hammocks

Sleep like a baby, enjoy better rest, and help your back, with the Wise Owl Outfitters Ultimate Single & Double Hammocks. The cost of camping and hiking can really put you off. However, with this one, you get the best outdoor hammock for the money. The quality is the same like high-end brands, but the price is more affordable. Weighing only 16 ounces, this one has sufficient room to fit anyone below 9ft long and 4½ wide. Once it is packed, it achieves a compact size, making it easy to throw it inside you backpack. You will not even feel like you are carrying it, until you start unpacking.

It stows inside its own attached bag. A set of carabiners and ropes have been included to make the setup process a breeze. You do not have to stare at a tent any longer. If you will be sleeping outdoors, you need to enjoy the beautiful gaze of the stars, as you enjoy some nighttime breeze. It is perfect for camping, travelling and even hiking. Your family will love it, and even your dog might want to jump in and experience the fun. Featuring 210T nylon, this hammock is very sturdy. In fact, it is the same material used by skydivers. You can therefore rest easy, knowing that you are securely supported.

Since it is made by outdoor enthusiasts, a lot of care and thought has gone into the functionality and design of this product. This makes it one of the best hammock camping gear. You might be wondering whether you will actually need the straps provided. Well the straps are just excellent. That time that would have otherwise been spent tying knots can be used to organize something else at the campsite. The straps also protect trees since the webbing does not damage trees as much as ropes. The included straps are also safe and since they are sturdy.

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9. Neolite Double Camping Hammock – Lightweight Portable Nylon Parachute

If you are an avid outdoorsman and you have been looking for an easy-to-pack and portable hiking hammock, then you got this one. Once you purchase it, you will immediately realize how compact it is, once it has been stowed inside its stuff sack. It is multifunctional design that allows you to either store it in your backpack, or even carry it on your hands. Two strong carabiners are securely attached at either end. Moreover, there are two 6-foot, high quality ropes, which are used during the setup process.

Installing this one is easy, once you have identified two sturdy trees or poles. Clipping the carabiners to the poles is effortless, and once you secure the hammock, you are ready to enjoy a relaxing time. Once you climb inside, you can instantly feel the comfort it provides, as you are cradled by the velvety parachute material. It is perfect for a night-camping trip, or just an afternoon camping nap. It is one of the best outdoor hammock tents for two. Overall built is great while the seams are triple-stitched. The included stuff sack can also be used to carry extra personal effects like phone, flashlight, and cool beverage among others.

Since it is a double hammock, it can comfortably accommodate two adults, and still leave some extra material for covering yourself from those nagging bugs. The fabric stretches comfortably, allowing two people to change sleeping positions. If you have been looking for a hammock that can accommodate two people, this one should be perfect for your needs. It is versatile, and sturdy, making it perfect for all manner of outdoor activities including camping, backpacking, and hiking. With the hooks already attached, the setup process will be quick and fast. With more than 20 color combinations to choose from, you can easily find one that matches your tent.

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10. Himal Outdoor Travel Multifunctional Camping Hammocks

Himal Outdoor Travel Camping Multifunctional Hammocks is a versatile and high-quality hammock, offered at a great price. It is the perfect hammock, for the cost-conscious hikers and campers. With a life-long warranty, you can be sure that you are purchasing a quality product, which will see you through those rugged outdoor conditions. Made from high-quality 201T nylon, it can accommodate up to 500 pounds. This means that it can accommodate several people at once. Material used to make this hammock is breathable, ensuring that you will have a comfortable and relaxing experience, as you unwind in the woods.

The material itself is soft to touch, and you get the same soft experience on your body. You can obtain it in different colors, based on the surroundings that you expect. The included suspension nylon ropes are secure. They are also recognized by UIAA. With such an assurance, you can climb in and relax, with the knowledge that your weight is properly supported. The inner core of these UIAA recognized ropes is strengthened, giving them the ability to support a weight of up to 1100 lb. Galvanized stainless steel is used to make the carabiners. Therefore, whether they are exposed to wet or dry conditions, the carabiners will be able to hold up well, throughout the hammock’s life.

This multifunctional hiking hammock can be used for various outdoor adventures. It is also a nice alternative to sleeping mats, pads, cradles and yoga mats. This Himmal hammock is strong and lightweight. It also comes with its own storage pack, offering extreme diverse usability. The reason for its diversity can be attributed to the incredible strength on all parts. This starts from the hammock itself, the high-tensile rope, and the carabiners. This waterproof camping hammock also dries quickly. The good news is that, despite all these features and functionalities, it will not break the bank.

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11. Tribe Provisions Single Person Adventure Hammock, Rip-stop Nylon

Featuring 210T ripstop nylon, with diamond lock construction, hammocks do not get better than this. Despite being strong, it is lightweight and silky. It can support a weight of up to 400 pounds without any stress. Forget those cheap nylon hammocks that rip and stretch unevenly after a few uses. This one holds up perfectly well, even when exposed to different weather conditions. The total weight of this one is around 21.5 ounces, meaning that you can comfortably carry it, especially when going for car camping.

The material used to make the hammock is breathable. This makes it perfectly suited for those hot weather camping conditions. Once you climb inside, there is sufficient material that remains, which can be used for covering yourself up. This one makes you feel as if you are in a parachute cocoon! It does not empty your pockets despite the quality workmanship and the materials. It is also built for taller people. It allows your neck and spine to acquire natural positions, as you enjoy your sleep.

With triple-stitched seams, you can be sure that this hammock will not let disappoint you, as you enjoy the great outdoors. With a rounded bottom stuff sack, you can pack it inside your pack without taking up too much space. The packing is also designed for quick deployment. When you are ready to hammock, you just hammock right away. Featuring spring-gate, spring carabiners, you can run your pack up a tree, to secure them from a bear. There are more than 5 colors to choose from, depending on your needs and preferences. The durable rip-stop nylon is mildew resistant. It does not stretch and is easy to clean and dry.

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12. Double and Single Camping Hammocks Ultralight Portable Nylon Parachute

With a carrying capacity of 600 lbs, this one can comfortably accommodate two people. It comes with two carabiners, and two short ropes. For a better camping experience, it is advisable to buy longer straps. In fact, straps provide better tree protection. Ropes are also banned in some parks, that is why you will need to invest in straps. Stronger and softer than most hammocks in the market today, the silky and soft tactility, gives you a relaxing and comforting experience. The hammock is compact, making it easy to carry from one place to the other. The pouch can also be used to hold and secure your sunglasses, keys and water bottle. It is super strong.

It has been made from high quality materials, giving you long-term service, with no need for a replacement. Despite its durability, the material is easy to clean and dries fast. You can use it in several ways, including hiking, camping, travelling, and boating. It can also be a great alternative to a ground mat, yoga mat, sleeping pads or even a cradle. The hammock is easy to fix with two binding strings, which are then tied to poles or trees. The strings are thick and sturdy. They are also strong enough for your safety, as long as you tie them properly. It can comfortably support two individuals, without stretching or losing proportions. If you live in a warm place, this hammock will be a great addition to your accessories since it helps you cool down with the sweeping breeze.

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13. Rusee Mosquito Net Outdoor Camping Hammock, Travel Bed, Lightweight Parachute Fabric

If you are searching for a camping hammock with mosquito net, then the Rusee Mosquito Net Outdoor is just what you need. It is easy to use, compact and versatile. You can use it in so many different ways, as well as in different environments, whether with the net or not. It is strong, durable and robust. This one is designed for the rugged backpacking conditions and environment. Therefore, you will never have to worry about safety, whenever you are using it. The hammock gives you sound and sweet sleep during your adventures.

You do not have to worry about insects, mosquitoes and such biting insects. Once you are set in and the net is drawn, you will have a peaceful night. It is one of the top outdoor hammocks for backpackers. Even better is the fact that it can be used as a tent replacement. It is compact, which means that it can be used everywhere. As much as it is compact, it tends to be very spacious. When folded, it is weightless and small, when it is unfolded, it is spacious and highly comfortable just like your sleeping bed at home.

It comes with a shock cord, which makes sure that the mosquito covers you properly, as you enjoy a restful sleep at night. The mosquito net can also protect you when there are light drizzles. Made of durable and strong rip-proof parachute nylon, this hammock always resembles a queen-size bed. It is perfect for camping, hiking, trekking, backpacking and various outdoor uses. You can also flip it over and use it as a conventional outdoor hammock, for a relaxed afternoon nap. It comes with eyes, which are included in the netting. All you need to do is to run the nylon through the eyes, while tying the end of the ropes to the trees. This helps you to elevate the net well above the hammock, thus giving you more headroom when resting inside the hammock.

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14. Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock

No bugs allowed! The Grand Trunk Skeeter Beeter Pro Mosquito Hammock was designed with a mesh mosquito net, to make sure that you can enjoy a bug-free peaceful night. This camping hammock with zippers, seals you in to ensure that you can enjoy a clear view of the stars, without worrying about mosquitoes and such insects. The fine mosquito net on this hammock ensures that, regardless of how persistent the mosquitoes are, they will never wiggle their way in. the stitching throughout the hammock is top quality.

Setting up is easy, using the parachord and the carabiners. The grey mosquito net is designed in a way you can read a book or even sip some coffee, without feeling claustrophobic. Once the coast is clear and you do not require the netting, you just flip it over, and use it as a conventional hammock. That is how versatile it is. Featuring triple-strengthened reinforcements on the fabric and mesh, the overall strength of this hammock has been given a boost. It is available in three different colors, which are navy forest, olive green and woodland camo. Therefore, regardless of your camping location, there is always a color to help you blend in.

The main difference between this hammock and others is the use of silky fabric. It allows you to pull yourself up, so that your feet can touch the ground first. Additionally, the silky fabric has a smooth texture, making sure that it does not collect pet hair or lint. Set up and take down is easy. You do not require complicated or fancy straps as well as other hanging material. The carabiners and the two ropes provided are just what you need, to hang this hammock, and enjoy the sway. If you anticipate cold weather, it is good to carry along some mat, which you can place underneath it.

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15. Neolite Trek Camping Hammock – Lightweight Portable Nylon Parachute

If you are planning a hiking, backpacking or camping trip this hammock by Fox Outfitters can be your perfect companion. It is one of the most suitable hammocks for camping and hiking. It allows you to swing around and relax in your best surroundings, without the both of crawling insects and as well as small animals. Whether it is daytime or naptime, you will enjoy your time, thanks to this secure hammock. It is easy to set up on trees and poles while its strong poles ensure that you remain suspended, with no risk of falling.

It is compatible to different natural surroundings and environments. This one comes with easy to follow set up instructions, which means that you can even set it up on your own. Once it has been firmly secured, it takes up your weight. Additionally, its attachments do not have sharp objects. Therefore, there are zero chances of hurting yourself through metal spikes or abrasion. It is made from nylon material, which is easy to clean and dry. The accompanying straps do not harm the trees and there will be no noticeable abrasions on the tree.

The steel accessories are rust-resistant. They will not rust even after being exposed to wet or salty conditions. Due to the smooth nylon surface, the hammock does not pick up dust or other particles easily. Additionally, stains on its surface are not permanent. All you have to do is to wash it with a detergent, and it will appear as good as new. The quality of workmanship is great, and you will not encounter any loose stitching anywhere. It is both attractive and appealing. With its compact pack, you can stuff it inside your backpack, and it won’t consume much space.

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16. Ohuhu Nylon Fabric Travel Camping Hammock

Crafted using 100% breathable nylon, this Ohuhu Camping Hammock allows you to lounge in and enjoy some refreshing quite time. It is ideal for all forms of outdoor activities including car camping, backpacking, thru hiking, and trekking. Created using 100% high strength nylon fabric, it can support a weight of up to 600 lbs. The hammock can comfortably accommodate two adults, without feeling crumpled together. It is easy to carry and very light. Even if you are hiking for 10,000 miles, you will barely notice its extra weight.

Each end of the hammock has strings, which can hold a hook. It is reliable and sturdy, and you do not have to worry about it splitting down the middle like other brands. The carabiners and the ropes included, ensure that it remains suspended throughout. The carrying case can also be used to hold other smaller accessories such as glasses, mobile phone, or even a can of beer. Its tie ends are also nylon-made, which makes the waterproof. For cleaning, you simply toss it into the machine. It dries fast. You can even wash it today and still go for your hike with it.

The material is also smooth on your skin, which means that you will not encounter any rough sensation. The Ohuhu is also roomy. If you are camping alone, it leaves sufficient space around you. This allows you to use the extra material to cover yourself, as you unwind in the woods. The nylon used on the hammock is also mildew-resistant. This feature helps it to remain in great condition for long. It comes with a hook holder, which provides convenient and easy use. You can also purchase separate tree straps for the hammock, if you feel the need. It is available in two distinct colors; blue and a combination of orange and gray.

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17. Serac Classic Camping Hammock with Suspension System

If you are a laid-back person who wants to relax over the weekend with nothing much to think about, then you need something more comfortable. Something more relaxing than the portable chair you carry for your camping trips, and that is the Serac Classic. It is one of the best outdoor hammocks on the market today. You will no longer have to endure the discomfort of sitting on a hard chair when you can lie and relax. The quality of this one is excellent and the suspension handle included in the bundle makes it even easier to set up.

Whether you will be gone for a whole week, or you will away just for the weekend, this is what you need, to bring your outdoor memories to life. As much as it appears like an inexpensive choice, comfort has not been compromised. It offers a certain level of comfort that surpasses the expectations of many users. It can be used for both overnight sleeping and short afternoon naps. However, when you are camping outside, ensure to bring along a good tarp, to ensure that rain does not spoil your outdoor adventures.

If you intend to go camping in a cold environment, you can simply add a sleeping pad or bag to stay warm, as you enjoy the laid-back feeling provided by a hammock. It is spacious enough to accommodate two medium height adults. When relaxing alone, this one leaves enough room, and you can even wrap around yourself in it, as you soak in the experience of relaxing in a natural setting. Versatility is another feature of this outdoor hammock. With the 10 anchor points, you can set it up easily and adjust to the preferred height. You do not have to encounter a bad posture or sleeping position again. It comes with a stuff sack for carrying.

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18. TNH Outdoors Premium Camping Hammock & Straps

Are you tired of those companies that charge you double for the straps and the hammock? If so, then you should consider the TNH Outdoors Premium Camping Hammock & Straps, which comes as a complete package. Instead of ropes, which will just leave you disappointed after a few hours, this one comes with straps. Once you adjust the height, it remains that way, until you either want to change the setting, or location. Each of the included straps is 9 feet long. They are also strong, to support a considerable amount of weight.

It accommodates two sleepers just fine. Better yet, if you are sleeping alone, you can wrap yourself around, and keep away those mosquitoes and bugs. Crafted using 75D nylon, this material is much thicker than majority of the others in the market, making it more durable. Being 10 inches long and 6.6 inches wide, it can accommodate even an oversized individual, and still leave some space. The included straps do not damage trees, unlike ropes. Additionally, the straps come with adjustable loops, which are used to hook the hammock.

With these adjustable loops, you can secure your hammock even on thick trees. The straps also give you a nice and secure grip around the trees. They do not stretch or slip, even when you spend an entire night inside the hammock. If you have used a hammock before, you will notice that the parachute material used on this hammock is of high quality, as compared to other brands. It compresses well and folds into its own pouch. For a better sleeping angle, secure the hammock at 30 degrees from the tree. This way, you will not wake up with an aching back. Do not tie it too tight. Find a balance and let it sway. That way, you will be able to relax in this hammock, and enjoy the stars.

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19. Outpost Camping Hammock, Adjustable LiteSpeed Cinch Buckle Suspension System

This is one of the longest hammocks there is, and top rated too. Measuring 11 feet long, even the tallest individuals can comfortably using, without feeling squeezed or crouching. It can support up to 400 pounds, which means two adults or even an adult and two young ones. However, it is created using high quality nylon, which can support up to 1,000 pounds. It is durable, strong and dries quickly. Everything you need to set it up is included in the nifty carrying case. These included suspension traps, carabiners and tree straps.

It is a great value for money. Depending on your preferences or needs, there is a single and a double. However, it is always advisable to go for the double if you are camping alone, so that you can have enough space to place a sleeping mat or bag for extra warmth. The hammock is tree-friendly, quick to setup and comfortable. They are designed for the end-user. Unlike other hammocks, you do not have to purchase anything separately. Everything for the set up is included in the kit. It is one of the most suitable outdoor hammocks for the big guys.

As previously indicated, it is 11 feet long. The extra space creates room for movement. This way, you are able to spread yourself fully, change sleeping positions or even lie flat on your back, whichever way you like to relax. Despite it being longer and bigger than most others are, it still manages to be compact and lightweight. It is suitable for all forms of outdoor activities. The hammock, together with the litespeed suspension system fit perfectly into the included stuff sack for portability and stress-free packing. Its litespeed suspension system remains one of the best in the market today. With this system, you can adjust the your hanging angle in a countless number of ways. It is available in 2 different sizes and 4 colors.

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20. SueSport HC011-B/G Hammock Quilted Fabric with Pillow

This is one of the few hammocks in the market, which can be spread flat like a carpet. It comes with an adjustable bar at the end, as well as chains, which help to keep it extended instead of wrapping around. This hammock with stand requires a span of at least 10 feet. With the help of a stand, you do not have to suspend it between trees. It is crafted using quilted polyester fabric, which is dye treated against UV rays. A solid wood spreader as well as a unique design, goes a long way in accentuating your surroundings with beautiful color combinations.

The stripped pattern design adds to the relaxing effect of the hammock. It is a premium hammock designed to offer comfort and relaxation, at the highest level. It can be used by a single person or even two individuals and still leave considerable room for movement. Just like the hammock itself, the ropes are crafted using 100% polyester, and they are UV resistant too. It can withstand a combined weight capacity of at least 450 lbs. you can purchase the hammock straps and the stand separately. The quilted polyester fiber ensures that you are properly cushioned and supported, as you enjoy the great outdoors.

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21. Double Camping Hammock Set – Lightweight Parachute Silk Portable

The Golden Eagle Double set is one of the best outdoor hammocks with a Swiss design. It is stronger and softer than most other hammocks. Experience the soft silky touch, as you unwind following a tough week. You do not have to worry even when using this hammock in hot conditions, since the material is highly breathable. There is good air circulation, as you relax inside. The integrated pouch can also be used for holding your keys, sunglasses, cell phone and even a water bottle.

Everything needed for setting up the hammock is included in the package. This includes the steel carabiners together with the nautical grade ropes, with ready loops. Set up will be accomplished in less than 3 minutes, leaving you with enough time to relax and enjoy the outdoor freshness. It is large and strong enough for two adults to cuddle, with a carrying capacity of 270kgs. It is ideal for hiking, backpacking, trekking and all forms of camping. The material used is very durable and strong. It is also lightweight and dries fast.

The hammock can also be washed easily using a machine. As much as it stretches a little bit, it still manages to maintain its shape. Triple stitching at the seams ensure that the hammock remains put, even when subjected to pressure. Workmanship is great and you will not encounter any broken thread or missed stitches. It also comes with two extra lengths of cordage, for enhancing the ease of setup and speed. The extra cordage is also designed to adjust the anchor point spans. With a warranty of up to 5 years, this one is more durable than the high-end varieties that give a surety of 2 years. You can also purchase extra straps from the same company, which give you versatility and flexibility, when it comes to spot selection.

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22. Trek Light Gear Double Hammock – Lightweight Nylon

The Trek Light Gear Double Hammock is a really great hammock to be carrying around in the world of outdoor adventure. It is also one of the most comfortable ones, which can be attributed to its workmanship and design. Despite being extra-wide, it is ultralight. This makes it popular with thru-hikers and backpackers, whose main aim is travelling light and keeping weight to the minimum. Commonly known as the double, is bigger and larger than most double-sized hammocks. This does not mean that you have to use it with a friend. In fact, you will be more comfortable using it alone, as you enjoy the extra room.

You can stretch horizontally or even diagonally, whichever way you prefer. You can also change the sleeping positions at your discretion or even use the extra material for covering yourself up. This double hammock can support a weight of up to 400 lbs, while weighing less than 20 oz. It is much lighter and much smaller than any camping chair or tent in the market. Moreover, it is easy and quick to set up. You can even do it alone within a couple of minutes. Despite being lightweight, it is durable. It also dries fast, once it has been washed or rained on. There are more than 10 color combinations to choose from, depending on your preferences.

It is also anti-rot and mildew resistant, which means that it is able to retain its color and design, throughout its lifetime. Engineered for maximum durability and breathability, it does not get sweaty or hot in the sun. The no-flip design ensures that you can relax without struggling to balance. The soft fabric ensures that the hammock is not rough on your skin, allowing you to relax comfortably. When it’s combined with accessories such as a bug net, rain fly, gear loft and others, you have everything you need to abandon your tent and join the happy world of hammock camping.

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23. Double Outdoor Camping Hammocks – Weather Resistant Lightweight Parachute Nylon

If you are looking for a comfortable, soft and reliable hammock for your next camping trip, this one is highly recommended. It is perfect for desert camping, mountain camping, car camping or even camping in the woods. Whichever way you prefer, this one fits all conditions thanks to its quick-drying and weather resistant design. Despite being inexpensive, it is crafted from high quality materials, with interlocked triple stitched designs to ensure safety and comfort. You can use it for a whole night’s sleep, or even shorter afternoon naps.

If you will be camping in the woods, bring along a mosquito repellent, and there will be nothing to stop you from relaxing and unwinding out there. When using this hammock alone, it wraps around you giving you assured warmth while making you sleep like a baby. Made from good quality weather resistant 210T nylon, it can comfortably support up to 450 lbs. It also comes with stainless steel carabiners, which are already attached to nautical grade nylon rope for quick setup. The anti-flip design makes it safe and convenient for everyone to use.

Color matched tree straps provide the ultimate level of flexibility. Each strap has a load rating of approximately 250 lbs. The straps are also tree-friendly, which makes sure that they do not dig in or damage the trees, while you relax and enjoy. The colorfast nylon makes sure that there is no bleeding or fading when you use wash it using a machine. It easily folds into a compact size, making your travelling even much easier. The attached gear pouch can also be used to stash your additional hiking accessories like keys, cell phone or even a can of beer. Overall, it is well made and with good maintenance, it can serve you for long.

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24. Grand Trunk Double Parachute Nylon Hammock, Carabiners

The Grand Trunk Double hammock does it well and does it all. It is very comfortable, spacious and built from high quality stretch nylon. It comes with all the setup accessories, including the cord and carabiners. With more than 25 fun colors to choose from, you can take this hammock anywhere. It is one of the best outdoor hammocks for beginners, especially if you want to start small. A comfortable hammock should both be wide and long. The length provides extra space for the feet. With 10 feet and 5 inches long, and 6 feet 5 inches wide, the Grand Trunk Double is one of the longest and widest hammocks you can find today.

It is also one of the most comfortable, when compared to the others. Even taller campers will have no trouble sleeping in this one. It can comfortably accommodate a couple for a lounge session. With its size, it can comfortably work with any sleeping pad or mat, whether it’s the traditional foam model or the thick inflatable version. Once you are all set up, there is enough material to wrap you in. whether you are lounging or camping, this is great investment with minimal cost commitments. Compared to the other doubles, the Grand Trunk Double is one of the least bulkiest and lightest.

One of the best things about the Grand Trunk Double is its versatility. It can be used at home or in the backcountry. It can be used by a family for kids to play in, as well as a serious hiking gear for the outdoorsman. If you are looking to buy something that will last you for long, this one fits the bill. It is designed with a small stretch amount. Once it is occupied, the material gives instead of tearing. Although it is not insulated, you only need a light layer against the skin, and you will enjoy your nap even during inclement weather. It is a convenient all-round hammock, which can be used in different conditions.

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25. Neolite Single Camping Hammock – Lightweight Portable Nylon Parachute

Designed for the outdoor lovers, the Neolite Single is compact and versatile, allowing you to relax anywhere. Its quality is much better than higher-priced models and varieties. With a limit of 400 lbs, any person can sleep in this one comfortably and soundly. It is also much longer, providing more hanging options, as well as leaving extra material to wrap you up. It is also large enough to allow a natural sleeping position. The suspending ropes are good quality.

As opposed to others that come with preset loopholes, these ones are fitted with movable knots, allowing for length and height customization, as you set up your hammock. This feature makes your work a lot easier, especially when your hanging options are limited. If you are camping in an area with large trees, you might feel as if the ropes will not be sufficient. However, the company has considered this, and produced much longer hammocks. Outdoor gear can be pretty expensive. The good news is that this hammock is almost half the price of other hammocks with similar features and quality.

Weight makes a very huge difference, especially when you are on the trail. This one weighs slightly below 19 oz, even with the ropes and carabiners included. It is not too shabby or heavy for your backpacking thru-hike. With the triple stitching design, you are assured to use this one for many years, without worrying about gear failure or flawed design. With an included stuff sack, you can comfortably carry it throughout your hiking trips. You do not have to worry about getting sweaty or stuffy, thanks to the breathable material used to make this one. The Neolite Single can provide a great sleeping bag alternative.

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26. Tahoe Tribe Outfitters Backyard to Back Country Suspension Double Size Camping Hammock

Hang out with practicality and durability, with this double size hammock. This portable and lightweight nylon hammock is the real definition of comfort. With the help of high tensile strength ropes, as well as steel carabiners, you can rest assured that you will be hanging securely, whichever place or spot you choose. If you need company, then this one is large enough to accommodate two adults. Created using 210T nylon, this material is strong enough to support a weight of up to 400 lbs. When combined with the no stretch, triple stitched straps, you can relax comfortable, either alone or even with a friend.

No one wants to waste their precious outdoor relaxing time, dealing with complicated knots. This has all been taken care of, thanks to the simple opening carabiner. It allows easy and quick setup, while the pulling down the hammock is equally straightforward and fast. Whether you are camping in a wet or dry area, you do not have to worry about the straps shrinking or expanding. The polyester straps for this hammock do not have such problems. You just set up, sleep and you will wake up in the same spot.

Once you let this hammock out of its bag, its stuff bag provides storage for cell phones, keys, ipod, sunglasses and even some beer. The straps are durable and well stitched. Moreover, the hammock itself has great stitching and the hooks are very durable. With a wide range of color combinations, you can use this one in different areas, whether you want to blend in or stand out. The nylon material dries easily and does not bleed. Therefore, the hammock is able to retain its original colors, during its lifetime. Straps come with many loops, which allow you to select and adjust the preferred fit.

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27. Youphoria Outdoors Double Parachute Camping Hammock with FREE Tree Straps

This is one of the top portable camping hammocks. It is portable and lightweight. It was initially used in South America, since the ground underneath was wet. Since then, these hammocks have gained massive popularity. With a length of 10 feet and a width of approximately 6 feet, this one can comfortably accommodate two campers. Made from 210T nylon, this material is not only durable, but highly breathable too. Its durability is also enhanced by the triple stitching. Nautical grade 6mm rope is also provided, to give you a secure fit.

The fabric used on this one is also non-irritable, giving you the comfort levels that you deserve. Daisy Chain Polyester Tree Straps together with 12 Attachment Points provide an easy set up. It has a maximum reach of 28 feet, even without stretching. With the ultra lightweight material used to make this hammock, you are able to pack small and travel light. The included straps are tree-friendly, which makes sure that you do not harm the trees during the course of your camping. No snag is experienced at the edges. A lot of time has gone into the research and design of this one to make sure that comfort and problematic issues are solved.

Comfort is guaranteed without compromising on strength while space has been improved, without using cheap and poor quality nylon materials. The yellow color used in the design of this hammock is also a plus. It almost shimmers, which means it can be used to signal for help, in case of an emergency. Sizing is also generous. If you intend to use this one with another individual, it is advisable to lay head to toe. This ensures even weight distribution. If you are using it alone, then the extra fabric will act as a sunshade. When you bring along a pillow and a blanket, this one can be very comfortable.

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28. Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series

If you have been looking for a hammock with mosquito net and rain fly without much success, then you should try out the Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series. It is a versatile and multi-purpose hammock for camping, backpacking, and even hiking. If you are a hammock camper headed to wet conditions, do not leave this one behind. It is one of the few hammocks in the market, which comes with a rain tarp. The Hennessy Hammock Expedition Series is a very comfortable hammock, mainly due to the asymmetrical design. It comes with guy lines, which provided additional shoulder space.

The unique zippered bug net does not obstruct your field of view, even when it is hoisted. You will never have problems finding a nice hang for this one. The ridgeline also includes a mesh organizer, which can be utilized for storing a headlamp, a book or other smaller accessories which can be hard to stash. The heavy, stiff fabric is not rough on the skin, as many people would assume. When the weather is clear, the fly can be removed, which significantly reduces the weight of this hammock. Although it is slightly heavier than other hammocks, it is perfect for camping in miserable, cold or wet conditions.

If cold and rain are likely to be experienced, do not leave this one behind. It is ideal for any camping situation, where weight is not a main consideration. They are available in different upgrades and designs, including a floor and zip entry. The zip entry is more versatile, since it can be opened up during clear nights and good weather, for stargazing. This hammock with a suspension system, can be used on a ridge line. It is one of the few with this advanced feature. The friction knot as well as the small clip is strong, which make it fast and simple to make micro adjustments.

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29. Single Camping Hammock Set – Lightweight Parachute Portable

Available in 3 unique color combinations, this hammock set is stronger and softer than most others. The breathable materials ensure that the hammock is not too stuffy or sweaty, even when camping in extremely hot conditions. Created using a silky material, you will no longer encounter that rough sensation associated with other hammocks. It also comes with a stuff bag or pouch. Once you are all set up, this pouch can be used to hold keys, a can of beer, sunglasses and more. It is ideal for travelers and hikers, as well as family yard relaxation.

With its compactness, it can be carried over long distances since it fits inside the backpack easily. Created using premium quality materials, it is designed for longevity. It also dries fast after being washed. The fabric is also super lightweight and very sturdy. The hammock comes as a full package, complete with the straps and the carabiners to set it up. Everything fits nicely in the bag, and the total weight is around 500 grams. The setup process is quick and fast. All you need is a few minutes, and you will be enjoying great outdoor views and fresh air.

The single is spacious enough, leaving sufficient space on the side, to wrap you up and keep the bugs out. If you are looking for a good quality outdoor hammock, this one would be a great addition to your hiking gear. With this one, you do not have to carry those bulky and burdensome chairs any longer. You can sit, relax, and sleep in it. It is both a chair and a bed at the same time. The only problem you will have is that you will not want to wake up, once you are settled inside! Carry along a pillow and you will have completed the comfy feeling.

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30. #1 Ultralight Camping Hammock with Free Ropes

This is a great midrange hiking and camping hammock, designed for a single person. You can drink a beer, read a book, or even snuggle with someone, thanks to the comfort levels provided by the hammock. It can be used by the whole family for camping trips. It conforms and adjusts perfectly around the body, ensuring that you remain in position, without sliding or even struggling to balance. The material used is soft, giving your skin a velvety touch as you relax and enjoy your surroundings. Carabiners and ropes are also provided, which means that you do not have to dig deeper into your pocket. These are all the tools needed to set it up. Once you have identified a place to hang it, you are set for the weekend.

Made from super strong nylon material as parachutes and hot air balloons, it can safely support up to 400 lbs. It also has good air circulation and breathability, ensuring that your back remains cool and not sweaty. The material is also beautiful and fade resistant. In addition, a pocket is located on its side. The pocket is conveniently located towards the middle. Therefore, regardless of the direction you are facing, the pocket will always be within comfortable reach. Carabiners on each end make attachment and detachment from the ropes very easy. When you purchase this one, you get comfort, compactness, value for money and longevity. If you adventure in humid and wet environments, you do not have to worry since this one dries fast. Similar to other high quality backpacking hammocks, it features triple stitching to make sure that you are always securely supported.

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31. ProVenture Double Camping Hammock & FREE 9ft straps – Lightweight & Compact

With the ProVenture Double, the outdoor is yours. It has everything you require to relax in total comfort. Built using high quality and strong materials, it is built to last a lifetime. Compact and lightweight when folded, it is perfect for ultralight backpacking, hiking, camping and various outdoor activities. Although it was originally designed for a single person, this great hammock has a capacity of 400 lbs, while approximately 10 feet long and slightly over 6 feet wide. Therefore, it can comfortably accommodate two adults.

Made from breathable, strong and quick drying nylon, this one is ready for all forms of outdoor activities from camping to backpacking. It also comes with useful instructions, which can be used to set it up, if you happen to encounter any challenges. Unlike other models and brands where you have to purchase the straps separately, they are included in this one. It is a full package, which is ready for setup. The straps tend to be durable. Therefore, you might notice some extra weight as compared to other models.

Hammock stitching is neat and tidy. You will not encounter any loose, broken or misplaced stitches. Straps are pre-friendly and come with 18 pre-formed loops, which mean that even your kids can set up this hammock. The solid steel carabiners are designed to last throughout the life of the product. Whether you are camping, hiking, or just want to enjoy a cool breeze with your loved ones, this comfortable hammock works great. If you will be camping alone, the hammock is very roomy and spacious. You do not even have to carry a bug net, since you can cover yourself up with the extra fabric.

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32. Sawtooth Double Camping Hammock with Straps and Carbiners

The Sawtooth Double comes with great features for a memorable camping adventure under the stars. It is one of the best double size outdoor hammocks. It is versatile, and easy to carry along as part of your hiking gear. This one is also durable enough, to endure exposure to strong weather elements. It can comfortably accommodate two adults not exceeding 400 pounds, and still leave plenty of space to fit in a pillow or even a sleeping mat. You might notice that the sides of the hammock tend to fold inwards, especially when hosting two people. To correct this, just stretch the hammock a little further.

With eight attachment points, you can easily use in different settings. All the essential set up items are included in the packaging. The nylon material used is durable and the entire product is highly versatile. With the suspension straps and wire carabiners, you can easily adjust its height, without changing the position of the tree straps. All you need to do is to clip the carabiner onto one of the loops. Created using triple-stitched nylon, you can use this one in different weather conditions, and you will observer minimal signs of wear or tear.

It packs down into its small sack, which makes portability a breeze. Apart from serving the purpose of a hammock, it can also be used as a sunshade, beach blanket, or even tent shelter, thanks to the various utility loops, which can be used for various setup configurations. Carabiners are made from anodized aluminum, which is known for strength and durability. The straps included in the hammock are 10 feet long. Therefore, they can be used to set it up in different locations, without the need for additional ones. Due to its ability to trap heat, it can be a great winter hammock.

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33. Ultra-Durable Double Camping Hammock, Nylon Parachute Fabric

This is one of the biggest hammocks currently in the market. It is extra large, designed to fit two adults comfortably, and still leave some fabric on the side for wrapping around. Despite its large size, it easily compresses down to fit comfortably in a backpack. Set up will not take more than three minutes. All you need to do is to use the sling straps to suspend the hammock between poles, trees, or even boat masts. The included sling straps measure around 11 feet. These are much longer than the conventional ones, giving the user the flexibility of hanging the hammock on trees with various thicknesses. The colors are great, especially for campers who are very picky when it comes to colors.

Construction wise, this one equals some of the well-known brands, and even exceeds some in terms of workmanship and quality of materials. You will rarely encounter any flaws or loose threads on the nylon while the stitching on the straps is spot on and accurate. When you are not using it, just stuff it inside the included pouch. It also comes with set up instructions, as well as best use practices, to make sure that you do not damage the trees. Whether you lie crosswise or lengthwise, it is very comfortable. Crafted using breathable nylon, this one will feel great, especially during the hot summertime. You will never encounter any accumulated sweat, when using this hammock. If you love the great outdoors and you love being comfortable, this hammock is just for you.

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34. Rallt Camping Hammock – Ripstop Parachute Nylon, Lightweight & Portable

If you have ever used a faulty hammock, then you understand how disappointing it can be. Some will take forever to setup, while others split down the middle, spoiling your outdoor fun. However, you do not have to worry about those experiences any more, thanks to the Rallt. It is an ultralight outdoor hammock, which can support up to 400 pounds. This strength can be attributed to the use of 210T parachute nylon fabric, which has been used to make this one. This nylon is also tear-resistant and abrasion resistant. Therefore, regardless of how rugged your camping conditions are, your hammock will always maintain a great shape and condition.

Being one of the best portable hammocks money can buy, you are assured of top quality workmanship, and quality materials. Triple stitching has been applied throughout the structural seams. For suspension, this one uses nautical grade ropes, which are the same ones used on sailboats. With the use of non-stretch polypropylene ropes, and soft and breathable nylon, the Rallt is very comfortable. The use of non-stretch ropes ensures that your hammock does not sag, to the point of touching the ground.

With a length of 9 feet and a width of 4 feet and 7 inches, these comfortable dimensions strike the ideal balance between weight and size. Most campers who are over 6 inches will find it very comfortable. The hanging accessories provided for this one are just sufficient. It includes two sections of hanging straps, with each strap measuring 10 feet long. This makes it possible to hang it, even in camping spots where trees are further apart. the Rallt is comfortable, secure, and comes fully furnished with the necessary hanging accessories, for your camping adventure.

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35. EIALA Camping Hammock, Mosquito Net Outdoor Travel Bed

The EIALA is one of the few hammocks on the market with a mosquito net. It is created using 100% parachute cloth. The result is a durable, lightweight and breathable hiking hammock. It comes with a hook holder, as well as strong ropes, to make sure that you enjoy many years of adventure, with either family or friends. This one is easy to use, compact, and versatile. It can be used in different camping environments. You can also remove the mosquito net when camping during the day since it is attached with a zipper. This allows you to enjoy a clear view of your surroundings, while enjoying some cool, fresh air. Similar to other backpacking hammocks, this one is portable. It comes with a storage bag where you stuff it inside when it is not in use.

If you will be camping alone, there is a lot of space that remains, which can be used for a sleeping bag or even a pillow. Set up will not take more than 5 minutes, even when you have never done it before. The interior is very comfortable. You do not experience any rubbing or even those stretching noises that sometimes make you feel as if you are hitting the ground. You can recline back, change your sleeping positions, stretch and move around in this one. Guy lines ensure that the mosquito net remains suspended, so that it does not take up your sleeping space or even rub against your face. If you are looking for an outdoor hammock with mosquito net, this one is a great option. The nylon material used is water resistant to an extent. When you encounter light showers, just pull the sides over, and you will be able to remain dry.

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36. Premium Camping Hammock – Large Double Size, Portable & Lightweight

This premium outdoor hammock is comfortable like a thick sleeping bag. Even better is the fact that you will not be sleeping on the floor, but suspended. It protects you from crawling insects and small mammals, which could otherwise spoil your outdoor adventure. It is one of the best hammocks for camping, backpacking, hiking or hanging out with friends at the beach. The hammock can comfortably accommodate two adults and still leave sufficient room for a pillow or a sleeping bag. it comes with an attached compression bag with buckle closure, to keep it secure when it is not in use.

When it is unfolded, it measures slightly over 9 feet long and 6 feet wide, to accommodate even campers with big bodies. Made from high quality premium 210T nylon, this one can support a weight of up to 400 lbs. The nylon material is also breathable, making it suitable for hot weather camping. Extra strength, nautical grade ropes have been included for suspending it. It also features the triple-stitching design, for high durability and safety assurance. Also included in the package are premium wiregate carabiners. These aluminum carabiners are among the strongest and most durable you can find today.

The carabiners are also lightweight, and do not have sharp edges, which might damage your hammock. Despite weighing only 21 grams, these wiregate carabiners can support up to 3500 pounds of brutal force. Suspension straps are not included, giving you the freedom to choose the length and quality that you prefer, for your hammock. The bag is attached to the hammock and dangles underneath, once it is set up. It can be used for storing items like sunglasses or even some beer. Additionally, there are no chances of losing the bag.

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37. Premium Outdoor Nylon Camping Hammock, Tree Straps, Lightweight

Outdoors can be fun and enjoyable, especially if you have the right camping gear. However, if you have not been having a comfortable sleep, then you should consider this hammock. Some hammocks are too small, leaving your feeling cramped up inside. However, with this one, space will not be an issue any more. This one is designed for ultimate outdoor comfort and relaxation. Measuring 112 inches by 55 inches and a weight capacity of 396 pounds, it can comfortably accommodate even the burly campers. It can be used in different outdoor adventures. A unique feature about this one is the inclusion of safety straps.

Heavy-duty straps that come with 16 loops ensure that the hammock is safe and secure. Also included are nautical grade ropes, together with high strength steel carabiners, for setting up the hammock. With such premium accessories, you can have a peaceful night knowing that your hammock will not be touching the ground the following morning. Similar to other lightweight outdoor hammocks, this one also comes with a compression sack, which also doubles up as a storage bag for your accessories, when this hammock is in use.

Everything fits perfectly in this sack, making sure that nothing gets lost along the way. It washes and dries easily, thanks to the nylon material. It also sheds extra water quickly, which prevents color bleeding. The storage bag is also moisture resistant, keeping your hammock, clean, fresh and mold-free at all times. The inclusion of hanging straps makes sure that you do not damage the trees. The straps are heavy duty, with considerable stitching all round to ensure your family is safe and secure.

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38. COMMANDO STEVE Camping Hammock Set – ULTRALIGHT Military Grade Canvas

Just like its name, Commando Steve Set is crafted using military grade canvas material, to give you something unique and strong. It is a top of the line hammock, renowned for remarked durability. Durability is also assured by the reinforcement agent, which is applied throughout the hammock. It can support up to 450 pounds. Unlike other hammocks that are machine made, this one features handmade reinforced stitching thus allowing it to absorb strain and stress.

This one is constructed from a heavier and more expensive Oxford canvas fabric, with an added layer of water resistant material. Therefore, if you are looking for a water resistant camping hammock, this is the one to go for. The material used also dries three times faster than conventional nylon fabric. With that in mind, you can wash it and go camping with it on the same day. Moreover, once it is rained on when you are camping, it dries up fast, allowing you to continue enjoying your time out there. You do not have to worry about smelly stuff sacks when hiking on rainy trails any longer.

Weighing less than a pound, it is the perfect tent replacement, especially during summertime camping. If you are looking for a compact, extremely durable, and ultralight hammock, the Commando Steve Set is the one to consider. The top quality stitching ensures that you can use this one continuously, and you will not notice signs of stress or strain on the canvas or stitching. With a length of 8 feet and a width of approximately 4 feet, it is one of the best hammocks for big guys. The carabiners are hardy, and work well with the provided ropes, to ensure that you will not encounter any problems when setting it up.

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39. Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock – Lightweight Nylon Portable

With a weight capacity of 500 lbs, this double hammock can comfortably accommodate 2 adults, and still leave space for changing positions. For even weight distribution, it is advisable to sleep head to toe. Crafted using 210T nylon, this one is easy to wash and dries fast. It can be used for hiking, trekking, backpacking and camping. It also comes with everything you need, for quick and easy set up. Set up should not take more than 5 minutes, since the loops are already created. The edges of these carabiners are smooth and flat, unlike others which are sharp. Therefore, you are assured that these ones will not snag your ropes and most importantly your hammock.

The included straps are tree-friendly. Therefore, you can camp in different spots, without facing any limitations and restrictions. This one is much bigger than most of the double hammocks in the market. Apart from being spacious, it also feels soft and comfortable on your skin. The included straps have a diameter of 0.3 inches, as compared to the majority ones that come with a diameter of 0.1 inches. With that, you can relax knowing that your hammock is safe and secure. Apart from being strong and lightweight, the 210T nylon material used in making this one, is mildew-resistant and breathable.

Triple interlocked stitching has also been applied, to ensure that the hammock is safe and secure at all times. Once you have finished camping, it is equally fast to pull it down, and return it inside the stuff bag. You can sit in this one and still have a lot of fabric material to support your back. You can also lie straight, diagonal or whichever way you prefer, and you will still have some space to store some extra camping gear.

The straps are 24 inches long, which means that they can go around trees of different sizes and thickness. The stuff bag comes with a bottom buckle, together with adjustable straps. With these features, you can hook into onto your backpack and hike with ease. The carabiners are already pre-installed and feature a non-snag design. You therefore do not have to worry about waking up with your hammock touching the ground. It is available in sky blue for the beach lovers and khaki grey for those who love the woods.

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40. Rip Resistant Parachute Camping Hammock With 2 Tree Straps Included

After a long hiking day, you need a comfortable place to relax, not shifting uncomfortably against rocks and hard ground. That is where this hammock comes in. Once you are elevated from the ground level, you are protected from those crawling insects and small mammals, as you relax your mind and body, ready for another hiking day. It is designed for outdoor lovers, who appreciate a compact and lightweight hammock while still offering premium comfort. Unlike the regular parachute material used in other hammocks, this one features ripstop nylon fabric. With this one, the fabrics are crafted using reinforcing technique, making them resistant to ripping and tearing.

During the weaving process, reinforcement threads are regularly interwoven to form a crosshatch pattern. In regular nylon, a rip will continue tearing through while in this one, a rip does not extend beyond the tearing point. This feature makes this one of the best outdoor hammocks for thru-hikes and backcountry camping, where you expect rugged conditions and surfaces. The technology used also adds strength to the hammock without additional weight. Using the triple interlocking stitching design, this one is strong and secure.

It can support a weight of up to 400 lbs, which means two adults. It is flexible and light, keeping you dry, comfortable and cool, as you enjoy the fresh open air. With the buckle design on the stuff bag, you can easily clip it on your backpack. Additionally, you can also stuff it inside your backpack, since it is slightly larger than a can of beer or soda. You do not have to go back to the market to purchase straps, since they are already included in the package. They are 9 inches long, triple stitched and strong; making sure that your place above the ground is always secure.

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41. Snugpak Jungle Hammock with Mosquito Net, Olive

If you are looking for one of the best camping hammocks with a mosquito net, you should consider the Snugpak Jungle Hammock. It provides great protection especially when camping in an area prone to biting bugs and mosquitoes. You do not have to carry a separate net or tent, which can add weight to your hiking gear. Strong, reliable and simple, this one provides the perfect solution when you want to enjoy a peaceful sleep at night, when you are out in the jungle or woods.

Also included in the package are four 10-inch long guy ropes, together with a suspension attachment system, giving you flexible anchoring options. The mosquito itself is crafted from 210D polyester to ensure that mosquitoes do not wiggle their way in, and disturb your sleep. With such a durable mosquito net, it is not worn out before the hammock’s life is over. In a situation where you want to enjoy a nice afternoon breeze without the mosquito net, you just flip it over, and use it as regular hammock. It is that versatile.

This one is also spacious, even for taller guys. When you are fully stretched, it still leaves a couple of inches above your head and below your feet. Inside, there are several pockets for your glasses, light and other handy items. Set up is pretty fast, and the straps can be adjusted to fit several trees. Also included in the pack is a tree protector or saver. Material used to make the net is breathable, ensuring that it does not get stuffy or too hot inside. For more comfort, bring along a blanket and a pillow, and you will have a moment to remember.

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42. Yukon Outfitters MG10501N Parachute Hammock with Net

This Yukon hammock can be used as a regular hammock when the coast is clear, or with a mosquito net, to protect you from bugs. If you do not want to use the mosquito net, you just flip the hammock over. The integrated mosquito net is wide to make sure that those mosquitoes do not come anywhere near you. For easy access, it is fitted with double zippers while two interior pockets provide convenient storage space for your handy items. It is quick drying and lightweight, but this does not mean that it is not durable. Because it is!

Featuring high-test parachute nylon material, this one has a weight capacity of 275 pounds on the lower side. All weight-bearing points are triple stitched. With this reinforcement, you place above the ground is always secure and safe. Featuring non-stretch parachute material, the hammock is able to maintain its position once you set up. The attached stuff sack is mildew resistant to keep the hammock protected. The tie-down line or straps are marine grade. Combine with the S-hooks, you can swing from timber posts, boat or trees, and maintain stability and position. With the included support line, the net lifts away from the hammock, ensuring that it does not get into your face, when you are sleeping or even relaxing.

It packs light and small. This is exactly what you need when going for a backpacking trip. With this one, you do not have to carry a sleeping bag or even tent. It is a nice and lightweight alternative. The quality of this one is almost similar to others in the market, which cost more than double. If you intend to hike in wet conditions, you can bring along a rain fly and use with this one. For those who have never used a hammock before, this one is a good entry-level one, to get you started into hammock camping.

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43. HomEco Single Camping Hammock, Lightweight Nylon Parachute Multifunctional

This multifunctional hammock can be used in various outdoor activities. From hiking to camping, to backpacking and trekking, as well as other travel adventures, it comes with all the necessary features, making sure that your outdoor stay feels at home. No more waking up on rocky or hard grounds with aches and pains. After you have set it up, it remains suspended in the position, as you enjoy a restful sleep at night. Although it was initially designed for a single occupant, it is spacious enough to support an adult and a kid.

Once you are inside, there is extra material on the side, which wraps around your whole body. It is also easy to clean. Therefore, after your camping trip is over, you just toss it inside your machine, rinse and dry it and it is ready for your next adventure. Sturdy hooks are provided on each end, to secure it to the straps used for suspending it. Since it is lightweight, it takes up minimal space inside the pouch. The remaining space can be used to carry other things that you might need during your camping trip.

Similar to other durable hammocks, it features triple stitching, especially at the pressure-bearing points, to ensure that you remain supported throughout. Made from durable, lightweight nylon, you will not be going to your local store any time soon for a replacement. If you will be camping in an area where trees are staggered, then you can opt for an extra set of straps. The included ones are 9 inches long, which might not be sufficient for all camping areas. Ends are not tied to the carabiner. This gives you the flexibility to choose the knots you intend to use.

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44. Yukon Outdoors MG10502 2 Nylon Parachute DBL Hammock

This is simple yet versatile outdoor hammock can be used in several areas. From your yard to the backcountry, it comes with all the necessary features to give you ultimate relaxation. With a maximum load of 350 lbs, it was designed for one person. However, it tends to be very spacious. In fact, it is extra large, leaving you with enough space to include a pillow, a blanket or a sleeping mat. Crafted using lightweight and breathable material, you should carry a sleeping bag if you plan to camp in cold areas. When it is packed in its stuff bag, it compresses down to the size of a grapefruit.

Quality workmanship, including lock stitching has been applied to ensure that you get a durable hammock that does not disappoint. Also included is a marine-grade tie down line. This down line is then combined with an S-hook during the set-up process, giving you a secure and stable hammock. Whether you tie it on your SUV, timber, trees or fishing boat, it will always remain in position. You do not have to worry about the stuff sack getting lost, since it is already sewn in. Nylon used to make this one is mildew-resistant and dries fast. Fabric used comes with some texture. It is not rough or sticky on the skin. You will note that this one is pretty wide. You can sleep either straight when you are fully extended or even across with your legs hanging out. Whichever way you prefer, you will have all the comfort and relaxation you need.

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45. Blue Sky Outdoor Mosquito Traveler Hammock with Free Tree Straps

If you live in an area where mosquitoes are everywhere, then you might feel as if it’s not a good idea to go hammock camping. However, that has been taken care of by this outdoor hammock with mosquito net. The Blue Sky Outdoor Mosquito Traveler Hammock is great, comfortable and affordable. You will not have to struggle with bugs and mosquitoes any longer. The good thing is, once you have set it up, the mosquito net remains way above the hammock, giving you sufficient room inside.

Additionally, the net does not obscure your vision. You can even watch the stars, as you relax after a grueling hike. The provided tree straps are sturdy. They also remain in position throughout, without sliding down the tree or whatever material the hammock is attached to. This one is also much wider than others of equal price are. It allows you to get a good wide angle so that you can lie nice and flat. To keep mosquitoes completely away, just put a sleeping bag beneath you and they will not bite your backside.

With the addition of earplugs, you will not hear their buzzing. After that, you can sleep until you smell some frying bacon in the distance, that’s when you know it’s time to wake up. Otherwise, it is a very comfortable hammock. You will not experience those uncomfortable rope marks or pressure points. Every square inch of the mosquito net has more than 2000 holes. You can rest assured that even the smallest mosquito cannot fit inside those holes. When it manages to go through, it is already dead. Its convenient carrying case can also be used as an equipment pouch. When there are no insects to concern you, you simply flip it over, and use it like a normal hammock.

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46. Camping Hammock by Moxie Outfitters – Best Quality Hammock Available

This Moxie Outfitters is a portable and good quality hammock, which can be used for various outdoor camping activities. It can easily replace your tent, and with a significant reduction in weight and cost. It is super strong, featuring triple-interlock stitching, nautical grade line, as well as fast drying nylon fabric. The nautical grade line is the same as that used on sail ships. Measuring 8 feet and 6 inches by 4 feet and 7 inches, it is designed to be big enough for two people, or to wrap around when used by a single person.

Everything needed for setting it up is there in the package. This includes lightweight carabiners and adjustable straps that do not harm the trees. It is tight and light. Everything fits into the integrated stuff bag, for portability or convenient strapping to a backpack. Whether you are hiking, fishing, backpacking, camping or even relaxing in your yard, this is the perfect companion for all your outdoor adventures. Crafted with heavy-duty nylon, it can support around 400 pounds.

The high quality straps come with 14 adjustable loops, allowing you to find the optimum comfort levels of your hammock with ease. Unlike other brands, the included carabiners are sleek and come with rounded edges. Therefore, they will not snag or catch the hammock, while attaching them is straightforward. Additionally, the carabiners are already attached at the end of each hammock. Therefore, you do not have to worry about them getting lost. With the 9 inches straps, you can hang this one almost everywhere. The parachute material used is very comfortable. The texture is smooth and cradles you up. You rarely notice when you are falling asleep. Its quality is similar to other major brands but is much cheaper.

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47. Ohuhu Double Camping Hammock, Tear-resistant Nylon

Comfort and quality are two attributes of the Ohuhu Double. As the name indicates, this one is tear resistant. What this means is that, if it is pricked by a stone, a thorn or any other sharp material, the tear does not extend beyond that point. This goes a long way in preserving the integrity of your hammock. Just like other hammocks from Ohuhu, it is lightweight, dries fast, and the nylon fabric is mildew-resistant. This one is machine washable, making your cleaning work easy and fast.

Measuring 120 inches long and 55 inches wide, these dimensions can accommodate most campers, including the burly ones. Despite its huge size, it compresses down to such a small size that, you can even confuse it with a can of beer! It has a silky and gentle feel on your skin. With a weight capacity of 600 lbs, it can accommodate two adults, or even one adult, and two kids. Your canine friend will also enjoy spending a night in this comfortable backpacking hammock. It comes already equipped with a hook holder, which provides a convenient and easy use. The design is attractive and you can use it with a stand. The stitching is consistent and clean. There are not those loose edges, fraying or missed stitches.

The ropes are durable and adjustable. You can tighten or loosen them depending on the fit you prefer. For comfortable sleeping in a hammock, you need to assume a diagonal posture. With this one, sleeping is not a problem whichever posture you assume. Even the side sleepers will find it very comfortable and convenient. It does not wrench your back or sides. The lanyard clip on the stuff sack provides an easy attachment to the backpack. Carabiners are also included for quick clipping to the tree straps. For those windy days, you simply wrap yourself with the material on the side. It can also keep out light showers. It dries within a couple of minutes, which is particularly great if you encounter wet weather. The color combination is safe and highly visible, especially if you are camping in the woods.

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48. WoneNice Light Weight Outdoor Travel Camping Multifunctional Hammocks

Hammock camping is one of the best outdoor adventures, to enjoy with family and friends. However, it can be very disappointing to go camping, only for the hammock to split down the middle, releasing you to the hard ground below. Apart from spoiling your adventure, you might end up with injuries. That is why you need a quality and durable hiking hammock, such as the Light Weight Outdoor Travel Camping. With this one, you do not have to worry about such incidences. Crafted using high quality 210T nylon, this one has a capacity of 500 pounds.

It is versatile and multifunctional. Can be used by a one or two people, and does not compromise on quality, in any way. The parachute material used is breathable, and lightweight, making this a very compact hammock. it is also machine washable and dries quickly. When the hammock is in use, you can use the stuff sack as a handy storage area for your extra accessories. The colors are laid-back while the design is attractive. It comes with carabiners and two hanging ropes, to make your work easy, during set up.

The hanging carabiners are sturdy and strong, created using 7075 Aerospace Aluminum Alloy. These aluminum alloy carabiners are able to bear a weight of approximately 2500 lbs. With such strength, you can always feel safe. They are built to last and durable. In terms of comfort, this one does not disappoint. Breathable nylon body is used during construction. Additionally, it comes with some give. The result is a very durable and comfortable body. Although the hammock is much cheaper than what you would expect, it does not feel cheap in any way. It measures 106 inches by 55 inches, creating a good balance between weight and size. For additional accessories, you only need an insect repellent, and some beer of course, then you can sit back, swing, and relax.

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49. CUTEQUEEN TRADING Nylon Fabric Hammock

Available in more than ten color combinations, the Cutequeen Trading Nylon Fabric Hammock can suit all camping environments. Its high-quality steel carabiners are galvanized to protect it from rust and other damaging conditions. Featuring breathable nylon fabric, this backpacking hammock is lightweight and comfortable. No one loves waking up in a pool of sweat. You can wash it by hand or a machine. Whichever way you prefer, it is easy to clean and dries quickly. For easy carrying, it comes with a drawstring sack.

The sack is already stitched to the rest of the canvas thus eliminating any chances of it getting lost during the course of your camping. Nautical grade ropes together with a hook holder, makes the setup process fast. You can even do it alone within a couple of minutes. Straps are 10 feet each, giving you quite a bit of flexibility, when selecting a spot to set up your hammock. They are also tree-friendly and environmental friendly. The steel carabiners are lockable, keeping the ropes securely in position. Straps come with loops at the end. All you need to do is to insert the carabiners, adjust the ropes, and hoist the hammock.

You will also notice that the stuff sack is located at the middle of the canvas, when the hammock is in use. This means that you can conveniently access whatever you have stored inside the stuff sack, from whichever side you are facing. This one is also wide enough, and does not fold over at the sides, unless you want to cover yourself when sleeping alone. All items fit conveniently in the sack, when you are done with your camping. The stitching on this one is also somehow heavier than other hammocks you might have used before.

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50. Eagles Nest Outfitters Double Deluxe Hammock

The Eagles Nest Outfitters Double Deluxe Hammock is one of the best two person camping hammocks on the market. You can either hog the whole hammock and feel like a boss, or even invite a friend, laugh together and stretch together in this double deluxe thanks to the added width. It provides quality relaxation time, for someone who wants a perfect getaway from the polluted city. With the soft nylon cradling you the entire night, you will drift off to sleep unaware. With its breathable nylon fabric, this one will make sure that you have a super comfortable bed, which is off the wet surface.

Nautical grade lines, as well as strong-interlocking stitching ensure durability and security, regardless of how much you turn and toss throughout the night. It is very easy to use and super roomy. You can comfortably stretch as you enjoy the surroundings. To make your camping even better, buy a rain tarp and you can use this one on different camping conditions. Combined with a warm sleeping bag, you will feel as if you are in a cozy tent. When using the hammock alone, the excess side material tends to hang over your face. However, you do not have to worry, just stretch it tight. The excess material also comes in handy when you want to protect yourself against those strong winds.

Featuring 70D high tenacity nylon fabric, this one can support a weight of up to 400 lbs. It is super light and super durable. Aluminum wire-gate carabiners are included in the package, to make sure that the entire set up is stable and secure. The nautical grade line adheres securely to trees, without causing any damage. The interlocked triple stitching and reinforcement at the weight bearing areas makes sure that you can relax with a peace of mind. With more than 10 different color combinations, you will always get one that fits you camping preferences and surroundings.

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How To Choose The Best Camping Hammock?

Hammock or Tent?

hmck-2Making the switch from a tent to a hammock is not easy, especially if you have been using a tent for camping throughout your life. What you need to know is that, you will not be sacrificing comfort for minimalism. It is more of the opposite. Once you get into hammock camping, you will realize that it is very comfortable, easy to set up and pull down, more enjoyable and you don’t have to make the sacrifices that come when backpacking with minimalist gear. The hardest part is convincing yourself to head to the woods, without your good old tent. A hammock is also a cheaper alternative to your heavy tent. Additionally, you will be getting 360 views of your surroundings, something that is not possible with a tent. Of course, a tent is more preferable in hardy weather. However, if you will be camping in mild weather, hammocks are more durable and equally sufficient to protect you from cold and bags. If you combine your hammock with a nice insulating material, a bug net, as well as a rain tarp, you get yourself a nice alternative to that 3-season tent. A hammock is more than just a place to sleep.

Types of Camping

hmck-3Hammocks have been around for many years, and come in different designs and styles. Some are specifically designed for home use, especially those that come with a stand and spreader bars. For the purposes of this guide, we will focus on how to choose a hammock for camping. This guide will therefore focus on those ultralight models with single concentration points at the end, which are durable and can handle the rugged backpacking conditions. Unlike those flimsy home models, it is very hard to fall off these kinds of hammocks as long as you set it up correctly. Outdoor hammocks can be divided into four main categories. These are parachute nylon singles, parachute nylon doubles, ultralight models and the backcountry or expedition models. Each model comes with unique and specific features, making it suitable for a specific use. However, there are those hammocks that can be used across the board, but tend to be more expensive.

Expedition or Backcountry Models

These models are created using high-denier nylon. This is the same material that you will find in most high-end backpacking tents. They are designed to last and withstand the rough handling associated with backcountry camping or hiking. Expedition models are designed with additional features such as guy lines for creating extra space inside the hammock and hanging bug nets.

Ultralight Models

hmck-4Ultralight models are created using a wide range of lightweight materials. Since they are designed for thru-hikers, much emphasis is placed on them being light and compact. This makes them easy to fit inside the backpack or even carry along. Therefore, they make a great option when going for a fast and light backpacking trip. Although they may not be as durable or comfortable as the parachute full-sized models, they can still accommodate average-sized to small campers. If your main priority is reducing your pack weight, these are the models to go for.

Parachute Nylon Doubles

These are much bigger and stronger than the ultralight models. Although they are designed for two people, they can only accommodate one person comfortably. When it comes to sizing options, there is a certain rule to follow. If you are two people and you want to use the same hammock, go for the extra large varieties like those measuring 8 feet by 7 feet. These ones can comfortably accommodate two people, and still leave some space for turning and movement. Parachute nylon doubles come with extra width. This makes them perfectly suited for camping in wetter climates or cold conditions since your feet or shoulders will not be exposed. They also tend to be more comfortable for burly campers, or even those ones who prefer to have extra space.

Parachute Nylon Singles

Just like the nylon doubles, these are designed with durable material and they are extremely strong and sturdy. They also feature a bit of stretch, making them very comfortable, especially if your stay will be extended. If you are a single camper, then you will fit inside very comfortably, and even spend several days out in the woods, just enjoying their comfort and relaxation. Any model measuring 7 feet by 5 feet is suitable for a single camper. If you are tall, then you should go for hammocks measuring over 8 feet in length. This way, you will leave some space above the head and below the legs.

Choosing the Right One


hmck-5Location is the first thing you need to consider, when selecting the best camping hammock on the market. You need to determine where you are going to use it. A bigger one will most likely suit most of your camping needs. If you want to use it overnight, then you will need to select a hammock with mosquito net. Additionally, larger models can also accommodate a sleeping bag together with a pillow. It feels like you are sleeping in your own bed at home, but here you get extra comfort of being suspended and raised from the ground. On the other hand, if you just want a hammock for relaxing at the campsite, then you don’t need one with a bug net. You just need a small and lightweight one, which can easily fit inside your daypack, without displacing other important accessories. Hammocks provide a unique way of relaxation, unlike those heavy camping chairs.

Weight Capacity

You also need to consider the fit and weight capacity. Most hammocks have a weight capacity ranging from 150 to 600 pounds. Therefore, before you buy one, you need to check these specifications. This will enable you to purchase one in line with your body weight. If you intend to be using it more often, then it would be advisable to go for a heavy-duty one. This way, you will not need a replacement any time soon. You should also remember that its weight capacity is measured in static terms. This means that any form of jumping up and down or heavy swinging in the hammock will definitely reduce its performance and life span.

Weight and Insulation

hmck-6Most hammocks weigh less than 7 ounces, when you consider the entire set up. Lighter models will be narrower and shorter than normal-sized models. Therefore, consider the size as much as you want to cut down on weight. If you add set up system, the weight can double up. However, you will always find an ultralight version of the common models, although they are more expensive. Insulation will also determine the overall weight of the hammock. Most are created using breathable, lightweight nylon, designed to keep you cool during summertime camping. Hammocks have better air circulation and ventilation than an enclosed tent. If you intend to be hammocking in windy or chilly conditions, you will need additional accessories like sleeping pads, topquilts and underquilts.

Hammock Accessories

Setting up or pitching is always easy and straightforward. If you do it right, you will have the best hammock camping experience. Set it up wrongly and you will wake up with the hammock touching the ground. Most backpacking hammocks come with all the necessary set up accessories. This means that they are ready for use straight out of the box. For others, you will need to buy the straps and carabiners separately. The main accessories needed for set up are straps and carabiners.


hmck-7Climbing grade carabiners are the most ideal for setting up hammocks, once they are connected with the straps. Most come with a short cord at either end where the material gathers. Before you purchase a carabiner, you should determine how the hammock should be set up. This way, you will avoid buying a carabiner that is too weak to support your weight. Others are too small to gather the hammock material at the end. In short, if you are buying carabiners separately, size and strength are important considerations.

Hammock Straps

Regardless of your camping location, it is always advisable to carry extra length of straps. This way, you will still be able to set up your hammock, even if the trees or poles are not as close together as you would have wished them to be. Hammock straps, commonly known as webbing straps are available in different sizes and varieties. When buying webbings, avoid thin ropes or such material, since it may damage trees. In fact, many camping parks and forest reserves have banned the use of ropes to hang hammocks. One inch nylon webbing is the best option, since it can be used in different scenarios. It is wide enough not to damage trees. For lightweight backpacking, ¾-inch nylon would do just fine.


Unexpected rain can dampen your camping trip. Therefore, it is always good to be ready for it, before you leave home. Most hammock makers provide optional waterproof tarps, which are specifically designed to protect you from elements, whenever you are sleeping inside your hammock.

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