If you’re going hiking in a place where the sun don’t shine, then you had better make sure that you are properly clothed for the occasion.

If you’re going to a wet place, you’re going to need a waterproof jacket. If you’re going to a cold place, you’re going to need a down jacket. But what’s most overlooked, are the pants!

Too many hikers don’t realize they could save themselves from crappy weather by simply going for a good pair of pants that will keep you warm and dry, even when it’s wet out on the trail.

We here at Boot Bomb have got you covered. We’ve selected some of the best pants for hiking that you can currently find online. Just have a look at our selection and you’ll be on the trail in no time.

Best Women’s Hiking Pants

1. 4ucycling Windproof Athletic Pants for Outdoor and Multi Sports

These comfortable pants for hiking have been crafted using polyester and spandex knitting. This makes them one of the strongest athlete’s pants. They are well built, industrial and durable making them a great choice for camping, hiking, backpacking or other outdoor activities. Featuring double layer synthetic material on the front, this 75% polyester makes them highly water repellant without being too tight or clingy. This means that you are given more flexibility in terms of mobility. The back contains breathable material. The combination of spandex and polyester is designed to give you extra comfort levels with the help of exceptional cushioning and padding. This material combination also enhances aeration, which is very important in preventing sweating, especially during those rigorous hiking trips. Interior is thermo-lined with fleece, a feature which is very essential in preventing heat loss from the body. Therefore, the pants will be able to keep warm, even when you are hiking in snowy conditions. Thermal retention abilities are also enhanced by the padding in the knee area. Ankles have been zippered, which makes it easy to put over the boots, thus reducing loose fitting and flapping. Reflective hiking keeps you secure when you are out there in the darkness. They can be worn outdoors or even as indoor comfortable wear, when it is chilly and cold.

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2. Columbia Women's Anytime Outdoor Boot Cut Pant, Water and Stain Repellent

The Columbia Anytime Outdoor Boot Cut is a great pair of outdoor pants for hiking. They offer freedom of movement, comfort as well as the versatility to perform a wide range of activities in different conditions. These outdoor pants are made of 100% nylon, making them lightweight and durable. Also, they are resistant to rain and stains. Furthermore, they are machine-washable. Therefore, cleaning them will be easy and fast.

These pants are also resistant to UV rays, making them perfect for outdoor or indoor use. Whether you are just strolling around the city, or you plan to spend a considerable amount of time outdoors, these pants will protect you and keep you comfortable at all times. The shell features the proprietary Omni-shield technology, which repels water and moisture. Also, this technology ensures that these pants dry within the shortest time possible.

These women’s outdoor pants are designed to provide as much comfort as possible. They feature a body-skimming fit, which means you can wear them to run daily errands or during outdoor activities. Whichever way you choose to wear or use them, you will always feel comfortable and look great. They are fitted with a drawstring, which you will be using for closure. Thanks to this design, you can adjust them according to your preferred fit. Also, they are available in all sizes, from XS to XXL.

  • Universal fit
  • Adequate protection against the elements
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Versatile and breathable
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3. Columbia Sportswear Storm Surge Pant

Featuring breathable and waterproof Omni-tech fabric, these hiking pants can be used in every wet situation. Seams have been firmly sealed to make sure that water does not penetrate, keeping you warm and dry even during heavy storms. They are light enough to be fitted inside your golf bag, and versatile enough for a wide range of outdoor activities. The pants are very functional. Regardless of how strong the storm is, these pants will withstand the splashing, the mud, and even sitting on wet grounds and you will not encounter any wetness issue. Drawstring closure allows you to adjust according to your waist size. It can also be loosened when you need some breathing around the waist area. The elastic waist is also weatherproof. The fit is great and they feel comfortable overall. Interior is highly breathable, thanks to the mesh lining. They are light enough to be worn during any weather, whether fall or summer.

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4. Columbia Sportswear Saturday Trail Pant

Hiking pants should be comfortable and lightweight, and that is exactly what these ones have to offer. Featuring Omni-Shade UPF 50, you are guaranteed of advanced repellency and sun protection. They can be easily rolled up, and then converted to Capri knee pants. Security pockets have a zippered closure to ensure that your valuables remain safe and secure from pickpockets or falling down. The fit is comfortable, but still flexible enough not to constrict your movement. The material used to make them is great. It also stretches a bit to give the body enough breathing space, especially during the hot summer weather. The pants take a very short time to dry. Therefore, you can even wash them when you are taking your lunch, wear them and proceed with your hiking trip! Side pockets are firmly sewn to the main fabric. This means that they don’t bulge out. A zippered knee pocket has been added, which comes in very handy, when you want to store little things that can easily get lost such as hotel keys. There are two additional backside pockets, which you can use to store your wallets.

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5. 11 Tactical Taclite Pro Pants

Fashionable and stylish, the 5.11 Women’s Taclite Pro Pants are created using lightweight poly-cotton fabric. The crotch is fully gusseted to allow easy movement. Pockets are located in such a way that you have quick access to your gear, anytime you need it. The right front side has an external knife pocket, where you can easily store your knife with the hand that is not engaged. The pocket knife is strengthened with 100% cordura nylon. Slash pockets are designed in the rear. Created using 35% non-fading poly-cotton ripstop and 65% lightweight polyester, you get pants that are highly functional. The combination of the two materials also maintains a clean, neat professional look. They also feature HT Teflon Wear-Resistant Finish for soil and stain resistance. Therefore, they are able to retain that crisp look regardless of the hiking conditions. They come with thick belt loops, which are strong enough to support the weight of any side equipment. The fit is nice, just what you would expect in tactical pants for hiking. They can be used for both long and short hikes, and you will always remain comfortable.

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6. Columbia Sportswear Saturday Trail II Knee Pant

The Trail II Knee pant is one of the best hiking pants for hot weather. The UPF 50 sun protection ensures sufficient sun shielding. Combined with Omni-shield moisture and stain repellency, you get the protection needed, as you hit the trails. A zipper is added on the security pocket to make sure that your items remain safe, wherever you are. The fit is slightly smaller. Therefore, you can order one size up. Again, this depends on the body type. Designed using lightweight material, they will dry fast on the go. The styling and cut is nicely done, just the kind of pants you need for the weather in the tropics. They are easy to clean and maintain, and easy to pack as well, whenever you are travelling. The elastics fitted at the knees work nicely. They stretch well to fit the curves of the avid hiker. They are comfortably loose without feeling buggy. Therefore, you get flexible mobility, while maintaining your style even when you are out there in the woods. Although they are designed for the hot weather, they tend to be water resistant, just in case you get caught by light showers.

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7. prAna Regular Inseam Halle Pant

Moisture managing, reinforced at the knees and durable, these versatile Halle pants are just what you need for desert bouldering, mountain climbing or whatever outdoor activity you have in mind. They will always push you to the limit. Created using 97% nylon and 3% spandex, you get lightweight and comfortable pants. There are different colors to choose from, depending on the weather or even personal preferences. The material used to make them is light, making it easy to wash them. They are also easy to pack and stuff inside your bag, without taking too much space. The knees are articulated to give you a more comfortable fit, as well as freedom of movement. The pants are also water resistant. Fit is great, and also tend to be flexible, without sticking to your body. A drawcord inside provides for a more fitted waist. The cut is great and the sizing is perfect. They are also abrasion proof. Therefore, just expect them to handle the rugged outdoor conditions comfortably, without easily getting worn out. The pants are reliable and great, don’t stain and they can be easily cleaned. These nylon pants are just what you need as you plan your next hike.

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8. Columbia Sportswear Cascades Explorer Pant

If you are searching for breathable, packable and lightweight travelling options for your next hiking trip, these Explorer pants should be worth considering. The fit and sizing are great. However, if you want something that is not too tight at the waist, order a full size up. They are thick and sturdy to handle tough trail conditions. Breathability and ventilation has been taken care of, to make sure that you don’t over heat, even when hiking at the Grand Canyon where temperatures can be extreme. Made using light fabric, they are easy to wash and quick to dry. You can even wash them every night and wear them when they are fresh and dry, the following morning. They also wick away sweat, keeping you cool during hot days. They tend to expand during hot weather, just as your body expands, to provide a comfortable and breathable fit. You can fit your point-and-shoot camera, or even the cell phone inside the cargo pockets on the legs, and they will not feel snug. Velcro closure on the back helps to keep the flaps down.

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9. Columbia Anytime Outdoor Bootcut Pant

Treated against the harmful effects of UV rays and extreme rain, these flattering and durable cut pants will keep you comfortable and protected, throughout your hiking trip. Featuring 96% nylon and 4% elastane, you get a pair of lightweight and comfortable pants. These quick dry pants for hiking are available in more than 5 colors, giving you a wide range of choice. Closure system is zipper, snap and drawstring. You can therefore adjust them easily, based on the fit that you prefer. Featuring Omni-shield advanced repellency; these pants will keep you protected against the harsh outdoor weather. The fabric used is 2-way stretch. Therefore, they will not stick to the skin when the body expands during hot weather, but they will stretch accordingly. The stretch factor also makes them perfect for mountain climbing. When you are travelling, these lightweight hiking pants will simply roll and pack, taking a very small space. Since they are nylon, you can even wash them in a kitchen sink, ready for another great hiking day. The fabric is soft, smooth and flows nicely. They also have a small pocket on the rear, which you can use to carry your IDs, credit cards and such smaller items.

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10. Columbia Anytime Outdoor Full Leg Pant

Featuring a classic outdoor style, these full leg pants are made from lite fabric for all-season comfort. They are designed with rain-resisting and sun protection properties, to ensure that your hike is very comfortable. The fabric used to make them stretches, thus giving you a wider range of motion. The closure can be adjusted through a zipper, drawstring or snap. It all depends on the combination that gives you a nice fit. Another great feature is that they don’t shrink, even if you put them in the air dryer. These pants are comfortable and lightweight, easy to travel with and the maintenance needs are just minimal. You can choose from four different colors, which are black, tusk, nocturnal and pulse. Versatility is another benefit that you get from these pants. Apart from hiking, they can be worn to the gym or even for date nights. They are true to size. As much as they might feel snug when you first put them on, they will eventually stretch within a short period.

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Best Men’s Hiking Pants

1. Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pant

These quick-wicking and durable pants feature plentiful storage and built-in sun protection, making them perfect for warm-weather hiking. Made from 100% nylon, they are easy to clean and dry. Travelling with them is equally easy, since they fold into a miniature pack that does not consume space in your travelling bag. Side cargo pockets can be used to carry your quick access accessories like a pocket knife. Their advanced evaporation technology ensures that you always remain cool and fresh. No buildup of heat or perspiration inside regardless of the prevailing temperatures. The width and length are true to size while the material used is of high quality. They can be easily converted into shorts during hot weather. They are great for long-distance hiking and travelling, as well as various other outdoor activities. The pants are durable and lightweight. They allow free and easy movement, whether you are hiking, or mountain climbing. They can be worn all-year round, without exposing you to extreme weather elements.

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2. Columbia Big-Tall Silver Ridge Cargo Pants

These cargo pants for hiking are made from ultra-lightweight fabric, just like parachutes. During high winds, they inflate. This billowing is designed to enhance interior cooling and billowing. Since you will be buying them for hiking, you should go a size higher, to give you that flexibility and ease of movement. They have six pockets. One has been secured with a zipper. This is perfect for storing most of your valuables like keys, credit cards and other smaller items, which can easily get lost in the woods. The remaining five pockets are Velcro-secured. Cargo pockets don’t appear bloated since they are low profile, unless you have stuffed them with large items. The pockets also feature mesh lining, which is perfect for breathing. The paper-thin fabric ensures that you travel light even when you get splashed by a downpour. The benefit is that they dry quickly. Even when you are rained on, they will just require an hour or so, and they will be dry. Additionally, you can clean them every evening during your hiking trip, and they will be dry be the time you wake up. It is a nice pair of pants for hiking, camping or fishing, especially during the hot summer months. They are feather light, cool and protective.

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3. The North Face Men's Freedom Insulated Pant

The North Face Men’s Freedom Insulated Pant is a great pair of pants that are highly popular among outdoor enthusiasts. Whether you are bushwhacking, scaling rock faces or trekking in remote wilderness areas, these outdoor trekking pants will provide you with comfort, freedom of movement as well as ample protection from the elements. In short, they are designed to perform well in a wide range of environments.

Featuring a nylon DryVent fabric shell and seam-sealed construction, these outdoor pants will protect you against water and moisture, thus helping you to remain warm, and comfortable. Furthermore, they can easily accommodate layers underneath, for extra warmth and insulation. These outdoor winter pants also feature strategic venting, which allows proper airflow. Therefore, your body will remain cool, yet toasty and warm. You can also wear them alone without layers, in case the weather is friendly.

Adjusting these pants is easy. You just need to use the StretchVent gaiter and the waist tabs to adjust them according to your preferred fit. Furthermore, they are designed to allow free movement, making them ideal for a wide range of outdoor activities. From trekking to traveling, skiing to snowboarding, these pants will give you the freedom of movement that you need, to perform your moves.

  • Waterproof and insulated
  • Warm and comfortable
  • Extremely versatile
  • Nice fit
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4. Arc'teryx Men's Gamma Lt Pant

The Arc’teryx Gamma LT is an ultralight pair of outdoor pants, designed for performance, comfort and superior weather protection. They perform and look great, in both the front country and backcountry settings. In short, they are perfect in almost all outdoor settings, whether you are fishing, hunting, or shoveling snow in your yard.

If you are a mountain climber and you are looking for outdoor climbing pants, the Arc’teryx Gamma LT is a great choice. The four-way stretch fabric used to make these pants flexible and lightweight. Therefore, you will enjoy the freedom of movement all through. And considering their lightweight build and excellent breathability, you can replace your ordinary hiking or backpacking pants with these, without sacrificing comfort and protection. They are water-resistant, remarkably comfortable and amazingly soft against the skin.

You will also love their exceptional water resistance capabilities. As much as they may not protect you fully during a heavy downpour, they will hold up well when exposed to light showers or consistent rain. Furthermore, these outdoor pants for cold weather dry extremely fast after getting wet. Also, they bead water quite well, which means they will protect the layers underneath, thus helping you to remain dry, warm and toasty.

  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Excellent weather protection
  • Highly versatile
  • They lack rear pockets
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5. Columbia Rebel Roamer Pant

The Columbian Rebel Roamer is one of those outdoor pants for wet weather. They should be the first thing you pack, when you are heading for trails that experience frequent raining. These technical pants provide protection and comfort, from the city to the wilderness. They have high breathability and waterproofing rating, which makes them ideal for hiking under different weather conditions. Featuring 70D nylon fabric, Omni-Tech double layer waterproofing, and fully sealed seams, they will ensure you remain dry, regardless of the weather conditions. Interior lining is 100% nylon, reinforced with 210T taffeta for additional warmth, especially when it gets cold. They are designed with a wide elastic waist band, as well as modern classic fit. This makes it easy to adjust, for a perfect sure fit. The leg openings are adjustable. They are also fitted with hook and look cuff tabs, allowing easy adjustment of the pants, over the boots. They are windproof, waterproof, lightweight, breathable, durable and easy to pack and wear. These hiking pants will ensure that you remain dry, even when the trail conditions involve heavy rainstorms.

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6. CQR Men's Tactical Pants Lightweight EDC Assault Cargo TLP104

Sturdy, comfortable and lightweight, the CQR Tactical is one of the best outdoor pants for outdoor running, hiking, and hunting. They are designed to keep you cool and comfortable while ensuring you have adequate mobility. These outdoor pants are made of rip-stop fabric and polyester, making them comfortable, durable and flexible enough for different activities. Also, they are highly breathable and lightweight. If you are looking for outdoor work pants for summer, then you should check out the CQR Tactical.

These pants are wrinkle, shrink and fade resistant. Also, they are designed to repel dirt, liquid as well as other contaminants. Therefore, they will remain as good as new, even after many years of use. Furthermore, they are fitted with 8 cargo pockets, which you can use to carry different items. For closure, you will be using a high-strength snap button, together with a zipper. Also, they fit well. From hunting, camping, to running errands, these outdoor pants are perfect for different activities. They are snug and comfortable, the workmanship is exceptional, and they breathe well.

  • Well made
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Cargo pockets are quite tight
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7. Outdoor Research Ferrosi Pants

The Outdoor Research Men’s Ferrosi Pants are highly stretchy and mobile, designed for all your hiking-related activities. Although they lack a convertible feature, you can easily roll them up, and then secure them using the drawcord above the calf. They are highly breathable, which makes them among the best hiking pants for hot weather. Their design is minimalist and the pockets are very few, which makes them highly packable. With a borderline snug and sleek fit, they stretch and fit your form without any issues. They feature DWR coating as well as quick drying material, thus suitable for hiking in wet weather climates. They are a great option for someone who is looking for a reasonably-priced pair of durable outdoor pants.

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8. Columbia Sportswear Silver Ridge Cargo Pant

Mile after mile, these cargo pants will wrap you in comfort, as you hit those trails. With ripstop nylon fabric, you are assured of long-lasting wear. On the other hand, the Omni-Wick fabric treatment helps to wipe or pull sweat away from the body immediately. Featuring a UPF rating of 50, the fabric is designed to offer reliable protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. Featuring side cargo pockets, you can easily store your travel and trail items. Two rear pockets and front hand pockets provide additional space to store you hiking essentials. The crotch is gusseted, thus providing freedom of movement for that extra comfort. For a comfortable and secure fit, the pants have an integrated elastic and webbing belt on the side.

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9. ExOfficio Nomad Pant, Regular

With the ExOfficio Men’s Nomad Pants, you are ready for your hiking adventures. They resist water, stains and wrinkles, keeping you looking good, even in the wild. The nylon fabric used to make them offers a breathable and cool comfort. When combined with easy-care and durability, you get one of the best materials for hiking pants. The fabric used in making them features Teflon treatment that repels water and stains. Additionally, the fabric provides UPF 30 sun protection. This is very effective in protecting the skin, against harmful effects of UV rays. A full in-seam gusset as well as a partial elastic waistband provides a comfortable fit. You also get a wider range of motion. The rear and leg pockets are zippered to secure your travel accessories. They are perfectly suited for warm weather hiking.

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10. Columbia Silver Ridge Convertible Pants

These Silver Ridge Convertible pants are lightweight and thin. They are just perfect for hiking during hot conditions while still providing adequate protection. With three lengths and 11 waist sizes to choose from, they are able to provide many sizing options. The face fabric is soft and smooth against the skin while the elastic waist allows easy adjustment. These breathable hiking pants will ensure that you remain cooler, especially during hot trail conditions. Their durability is unsurpassed, which can be attributed to the ripston nylon material. They offer sufficient pockets for storing and securing your items when on the move or hiking. Their convertible legs provide an easy transition to shorts, especially when the weather gets hotter. Back pockets have covering flaps that stick to the Velcro tabs. This feature helps to secure your valuables inside the pockets. They are perfect for backpacking, travelling, and hiking especially in warmer climates.

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All About Pants For The Hike

Jeans look great. They are rugged and even last for many years. However, have you ever tried wearing jeans for outdoor activities? They are hot, heavy and even useless when they get wet. In fact, you would require some scissors or even a knife to convert jeans trousers into a pair of shorts.

The good news is that, you can leave those jeans at home. Hikers require versatile, comfortable and functional pants for backpacking or hiking. There are many considerations to make when selecting the appropriate backpacking pants for you.

Especially for those of you who don’t have a lot of experience with hiking yet… keep reading!

This, right here, is the stuff you wish you could tell your past self to spare him/her from becoming soaked all the way up to your belly button.

Types of Hiking Pants

Pants can be divided into different categories depending on their respective designs. One of the main features considered when buying a pair of pants for hiking, is whether to go for one that converts into a capris or one that converts into a pair of shorts. This guide will help you to select the right hiking pants, specific to your adventure.

Convertible Pants

hiking-pants-1These are hiking pants with a zipper on both legs. The zipper is usually fitted above the knee. This feature allows you to remove the lower section of the legs, thus ending up with shorts. Many hikers prefer this versatility, instead of carrying a separate pair of pants or hiking shorts. The leg bottoms can be easily washed once they get dirty, without removing the pants entirely.

Roll up Pants

These ones provide an alternative option to the convertible hiking pants. The pants can be rolled up or the bottoms can be buttoned, thus converting them to capris. They can promote breathability and good air movement just like shorts, without any extra weight.

Sizing, Mobility and Fit

Form-fitting is usually the best fit to go for, when looking for a pair of outdoor pants. However, avoid pants that are too tight, as they will limit your mobility. Some people go for a looser fit. Baggy pants are not perfect for hiking, since you will have to bear with extra material hanging around. On the other hand, pants that are too tight will lead to chaffing on your legs. Outdoor pants with gusseted crotches and articulated ankles are the most flexible, comfortable and mobile when trekking. Pants designed with a certain portion of stretch material like spandex will also provide a comfortable fit and easy travel.

Climate and Destination

The last thing, and a very important consideration to make when buying hiking pants, is the prevailing weather where you will be hiking. Different pants are ideal for different weather conditions, as you will find out below.

Cool or Temperate

hiking-pants-2For fall and spring hiking, or hiking at higher elevations, go for pants that can provide sufficient protection against cold as well as strong winds. Although some days might be hot, you can always counter this by rolling up your pants. If you encounter a rainstorm, the ability of your pants to repel water and remain dry should be an important consideration. Nylon fabrics repel water and also dry faster, once they become wet.

Hot and Dry

If you will be hiking in low elevation summer or desert conditions, you might find it challenging to identify the appropriate pants. Excessive heat might tempt you to go with hiking shorts. On the other hand, you still require sufficient protection against strong sunshine as well as wind. There is also foliage to consider. Convertibles are the most appropriate in these situations.

Final Tips

If you will be hiking for many days, and you are limited in terms of what to carry, ensure that your hiking pants are multipurpose. Convertible pants are more preferable for thru hikers or backpackers. The most important consideration is to choose a fitting pair of pants, comfortable and durable to last you the entire time in the wilderness.

Author Biography

This page was authored by , who represents the Boot Bomb. Brian is backed up by an expert team, made up of experienced family and friends, all of which are knowledgeable in the ways of footwear and/or hiking. His ancestors used to own a shoe store for almost a century. He has lived and breathed footwear for as long as he can remember.

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