If you have a job where you have to stand up for long hours at a time, then you’ll probably understand the importance of good footwear that gives you good arch support, so that you can stand up in comfort for hours in a row. If you also just so happen to have Morton’s neuroma, then odds are you’ll realize this very well. Morton’s neuroma is a very nasty foot affliction, for which you’ll need special shoes, where the nerves in between your toes have gotten irritated due to constant pressure, and now they have swollen up, making you feel very uncomfortable. This is a painful condition that requires your attention in order for it to not get out of hand.

If you don’t take this condition seriously, then odds are that you are simply going to give out from trying to ignore the pain. If you stand up at work all day long because you’re a nurse, a flight attendant, a bank teller, a clerk, a restaurant worker or a police officer, then you are at a higher risk of developing Morton’s neuroma. Especially if you are not wearing good footwear that gives you good support and that leaves room for you to wiggle your toes around while you are wearing your shoes.

Some of these jobs I’ve mentioned above can sometimes require you to stand up for as much as 12 hours per day. But for many of these jobs, you’re going to have to look professional, which means you can’t possibly wear comfortable slippers or sneakers, unfortunately. So everybody’s situation is different, but there’s always a solution to be found for you if only you look around for long enough. Besides shoes, there are a number of other foot related products that will help you stand up straight for hours a day more comfortably. So let’s have a look at some of those, shall we?

Products For Standing Up At Work Comfortably

Night Splints

Night splints are often used when people have plantar fasciitis, but not so much for Morton’s neuroma. A night splint can’t be worn with shoes, so that’s why you wear it at night. And that’s why they call it a night splint! It will put pressure on your plantar fascia tendon at night, to keep it from becoming too tense, which will make it feel more painful in the morning, when you get up.

Some people who don’t have plantar fasciitis, feel more comfortable when their plantar fascia tendon get stretched a couple of nights per week, so they wear night splints in order to prevent themselves from ever developing plantar fasciitis in the first place.

Anti Fatigue Mats

Not too many people have heard of these, but they exist. An anti fatigue mat is a mat that is designed with the goal to reduce the fatigue that is caused by standing for long hours at a time, especially on a hard surface, such as cement or concrete floors or something similar. An anti fatigue mat can be made of various kinds of rubber, but also vinyl or wood.

You should use an anti fatigue mat when you have no other option to alleviate your foot pain, when the hard surface you are standing on cannot practically be replaced with a more forgiving surface and for some reason you aren’t able to wear supportive shoes with shock absorbing insoles. You’ll need to be careful when installing an anti fatigue mat, though. If they are not properly installed, they can lead to people tripping and falling over them.


Orthotics go a long way in offering you the support that you need in order to be able to take on a whole work day, which for some people can sometimes go up to 12 hours at a time. Thanks to a good orthotic, you can get support in your feet where you most need it. For most people, this will be at the arches.

A lot of people have fallen arches, which makes them over pronate. Other people have high arches, which can make them supinate. Yet other people have other problems related to other parts of their feet. If stock insoles aren’t going to cut it for you, then you can get custom orthotics made especially for you. You’ll always improve your standing situation by getting good orthotics in your footwear.

Compression Socks

Compression socks can help your predicament by improving the bloodflow in your legs. If you often stand up for long, you are at a higher risk for developing varicose veins and other blood vessel related diseases and conditions. By wearing compression socks, you can cancel out a part of the damage your legs are taking from standing up all the time. These sorts of socks will give you the feeling that your legs are being partly rejuvenated, so that you can stand with more comfort for longer periods at a time.

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