Soccer is a great game, which is gaining more and more popularity every year. If you are a big fan of the sport, then you may feel the need to hit the soccer field yourself and kick some balls around yourself. However, for soccer it is very important that you've got good footwear on your feet. So make sure to get the best soccer cleats you can find on your feet. You really can't afford to play this game on your regular sneakers, or your game will suffer because of it. It can be hard to pick the right ones.

There are various types of playing grounds and playing conditions. If you expect to be playing indoors rather than outdoors, then that means you'll be looking for a whole different kind of cleat. And vice versa of course. This pages features cleats which are studded. This makes them suitable for outdoor play. If you're looking for indoor soccer shoes, then you don't need the studs. And then there are various stud configurations, all of which can make a cleat very suitable to a certain playing position.

Without further ado, let's have a look at the things you need to keep in mind when buying soccer cleats.

How To Find The Best Pair Of Soccer Cleats For Yourself?

Cleat Material

best soccer cleatsDepending on whether you are looking for entry level cleats or professional cleats, you should keep in mind what material they are made of. Some of the cleats on this page have kangaroo uppers, making them more durable and also more pricey. What type of material you prefer and are willing/able to pay for, completely depends on your personal situation.

If you've been a long time soccer player and you know you'll be playing the game for the time being, then it would be a good idea to invest in kangaroo leather cleats. If you're just trying out the game as a first timer, then it would be a good idea to go with calf leather instead. It's less durable, but also much cheaper.

Playing Position

In the game of soccer, every player has their own position and their own role. You'll be required to move your legs a certain way for every given role. Generally speaking, you've got mid fielders, defensive players, forwards, wingers and goal keepers. Depending on which one of these you are, you need to get a pair of cleats that matches your position on the field.

Stud Types

You'd never guess that the type of studs beneath a cleat would actually matter. But it does matter. There are many different kinds of stud configurations out there. A cleat that must be used across many different kinds of surfaces, should have around 10 studs underneath it, spread uniformly across the cleat's outsole. Some cleats feature removable studs, so that you can fit your own stud configuration on them.

Surface Type

Roughly speaking, you've got soft ground (SG), firm ground (FG) and hard ground (HG). Soft ground means muddy terrains. Firm ground means firm natural surfaces, such as dry grass. Hard ground means indoor surfaces. Depending on the surface you are going to be playing soccer on, you should get cleats that best match your playing surface.

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Best Soccer Cleats For Men Reviews

1. Adidas Performance Mundial Team Turf

The Mundial Team Turf is part of the popular Adidas classic. It features full-grain kangaroo leather, a suede reinforced toe and it is stitched for additional durability. They also come with multi-studded rubber that provides grip and excellent traction on different surfaces. What makes them stand out is the very comfortable fit and high quality materials. Like previously highlighted, they have been made using soft kangaroo leather. As such, the upper is super comfortable and soft straight from the box. It comes with a thin heel liner and a leather tongue that keeps on-field debris out of the shoe. Although the insoles are non-removable, they have been crafted with plenty of padding, which does not move around. One unique feature about them is their level of traction. They have been designed using an aggressive turf sole plate. This produces a shoe that has the ability of providing dependable traction on different playing surfaces. The studs are spaced closely together, giving you the best possible grip without grabbing the turf or clinging to it too much. They can also be used on hard grounds. On top of that, this soleplate is very beneficial for those recovering from injuries, since it is more supportive and stable than most other stud patterns. Ball control and shooting is easy when wearing these. Their durability is one of the best in the cleats market.

2. Adidas Performance Copa Mundial

adidas Performance Men's Copa Mundial Soccer Shoe,Black/White/Black,14 M US
  • Legendary soccer cleats for stability on firm...
  • Leather upper with premium K-leather in the...
  • Move with explosive speed and traction on dry...
  • Die-cut EVA midsole for lightweight comfort
  • Soft, durable synthetic lining

Despite the release of several generations of cleats in the market, the Copa Mundial has still managed to be one of the top selling. They come with a very unique tongue, which tends to be longer than that of other cleats. You can leave it loose, or cut it off at the ankle. Additionally, you can tuck it beneath the cuff of the cleat. Whichever way you prefer. The tongue is there to provide additional protection to your lower shin. The upper is made of premium kangaroo leather. This might be one of the reasons why it has remained so popular throughout the years. Kangaroo leather is more durable than synthetic materials or calf leather. The leather upper gives the cleat a great last and feel, giving you even better performance than some other, recently released cleats. It has retained the proprietary soleplate, giving you a good grip on different playing turfs. The leather is flexible, and stretches to accommodate people with wide feet. They are able to maintain their fantastic shape, even after prolonged use. You can use them for up to five seasons, without falling apart, which makes them good value for money. Overall, they offer superb ball feel, ball control and great kick velocity.

3. Adidas Performance Messi 15.3

These Lionel Messi soccer cleats come with speed and high performance, just like their name suggests. One of the best features with these cleats is their unique fit. They come with a sleek design, while the new cage system on the side provides a snug locked in fit. The upper material is soft and flexible, while molding across your feet delicately. With such detail, the shoe will give you a great touch on the ball, especially when shooting from tight angles. The tongue flushes your ankle line, giving you a comfortable feel, while the insoles provide a grip feel together with nice padding. Outside the cleat is the MessiFrame cage system. It gives the impression of a plastic material, secured to the upper, for a secure and supportive fit. The cage system wraps around your feet when you tighten the laces, giving you a cradled, snug fit. One more thing, the cage system provides additional support to the lace holes. This means that you will not tear through them during your constant adjustments. The stud design brings you to a completely new level, when it comes to traction. It features a Dynamic messiGAMBETRAX stud configuration, so you can have Messi like speed explosions. They can be used across different surfaces, providing a very smooth transition. It ranks high among the best soccer cleats for attacking.

4. Adidas Performance X 15.3 Artificial Turf

adidas Men's X 15.3 FG/AG Black/Shock Mint/White Sneaker 13.5 D - Medium,Black/Shock Mint/White,13.5...
  • Lace-up soccer shoe featuring fitted mesh skin...
  • Reinforced mid-foot cage
  • Molded foam insole
  • Non-marking rubber outsole

If you are looking for the best soccer cleats of your life, then these are worth a look. They are highly recommended by professionals in the industry. Perfect traps, precise passes and lightning speed come easily, with these soccer cleats. They feature a close fitting, comfortable upper that is lightweight for speedy movements on the pitch. They have also been designed with artificial lining to provide that comfortable and lockdown feel. On the other hand, the midfoot cage has been strengthened to provide game-changing steadiness while the advanced X-Claw stud configuration provides greater acceleration and better cuts. The outsole provides the necessary traction giving you explosive motion on artificial grass and company surfaces. The close fitting mesh on the upper allows the shoe to be breathable, ensuring that your feet don't sweat or stink, when playing during a hot summer afternoon. Another main benefit is that they don't require any break in. they are ready to wear straight from the box, and you will not get any hot spots or blisters. If you happen to have wider feet, just order a half size larger and you will get a shoe that will fit you comfortably. They have great traction that allows you to change direction easily, especially when tackling.

5. Adidas Performance Messi 15.3 FG/AG

adidas Performance Men's Messi 15.3 FG/AG Soccer Shoe, Matt Ice Metallic F12/Bright Yellow/Core...
  • Streamlined soccer cleat with 3D synthetic leather...
  • Messi logo on heel
  • Raised 3-D DRIBBLETEX and TRAXION outsole

These were developed to tap the explosive movement, unbelievable quickness, unmatched ball control and incredible touch of the great footballer Lionel Messi. He was involved in the design of these cleats that can be used for turfs and indoors. They feature two specific features. These are the grip enhancing upper and the messiGAMBETRAX outsole. They come with a synthetic and soft upper, which gives a better contact with the ball when passing, shooting or dribbling. In combination with the soft and leather-like forefoot, this will give you perfect ball control on every side of the cleat. A synthetic inner lining offers a lockdown fit for improved comfort and added stability. Don't worry about ever being short on traction, because the raised 3D dribbletex and traxion outsole have got you covered. These outsolves make these shoes really great for doing some super high speed dribbling in whichever condition you can think of. Some buyers on Amazon have stated this shoe is a tad bit on the narrow side. So you might want to think twice before ordering in case you have a wide foot. The construction quality, on the other hand, is really great. You will definitely be able to tell that these shoes were made to last. You can rest assured that you'll be tearing up the grass and leaving your opponents in the dust, when you've got these on your feet. You will get great speed and agility, all combined into a very balanced performance.

6. Adidas Performance P Absolado Instinct Firm-Ground

adidas Performance Men's P Absolado Instinct Firm-Ground Soccer Cleat, Light Flash Yellow/Running...
  • It takes fierce instincts to run the pitch and...
  • Soft and high abrasion resistant synthetic...
  • Tetra polyurethane engineered zones for optimal...

The Absolado Instinct are among the best soccer cleats money can buy. The main highlights are a lightweight build, a synthetic sole, and a synthetic upper. High quality materials have been used to guarantee durability. Due to their rigid construction, they can be used on artificial turf and firm ground, and still retain their shape and structure. When it comes to looks, they are available in unique color combinations as well as variations in sizes. It has a great body and an attractive outside look. However, what matters most is the inside, which determines whether you can play comfortably in the shoe or not. The rubber insole ensures that you get a good grip inside the shoe, while the rubber studs on the outer ensure great traction, when transitioning from one surface to the other. They have been lined with a synthetic material, which keeps your feet comfortable and germ-free. They are ultra soft and great for entry-level players. They are highly durable and very comfortable for your feet. The insole is breathable and soft enough to provide the additional cushioning and support needed by every player. The forefront has a leather finish to protect your feet and withstand an entire season of hard play.

7. Adidas Men's Kaiser Team Astro Turf Soccer Boots

Adidas Kaiser Team Astro Turf Soccer Boots - 9.5
  • full grain freekick leather upper This upper uses...
  • Moulded EVA insole for anatomical fit and great...
  • TPU plate for lightweight performance and...

If you are looking for a pair of soccer cleats that can take your game to the next level, then the Adidas Kaiser Team Astro Turf is a nice choice. Lightweight, comfortable and sleek, these Adidas soccer cleats are designed to provide superior ball-handling, excellent control as well as top-notch performance. They come with a sturdy rubber outsole, which delivers superb grip and traction in all directions. Also, the round nubs beneath the soleplate supply optimum grip, especially when you are playing on synthetic surfaces.

Adidas has equipped these soccer cleats for synthetic turf with a pre-molded EVA midsole, which provides lightweight cushioning and shock-absorption. For the upper, the Kaiser Team Astro Turf employs soft, full-grain leather, which molds and conforms to the shape of your foot, resulting in a comfortable fit. The upper also features a quick-drying synthetic lining, which helps to wick moisture and sweat away. Also, they come with a traditional lace-up closure, which you can use to customize the fit of these shoes.

The forefoot section of these shoes features additional stitching, which helps in enhancing ball touch and control. The additional stitching also helps to reinforce these shoes, thus making them more durable. These soccer shoes for artificial turf tend to run narrower. Therefore, as much as they may stretch slightly after a few wears, it’s highly advisable to get a pair that is one size larger than your ordinary size. But if you have narrow feet, then you can simply order your actual size.

8. Adidas Performance Kaiser 5 Liga

adidas Performance Men's Kaiser 5 Liga Soccer Cleat, Black/White/Red, 8.5 M US
  • Traditional fit and performance inspired by the...
  • Full grain leather upper for fit and comfort
  • Direct inject firm ground round stud outsole
  • Die cut ethylene vinyl acetate sockliner
  • Direct inject polyurethane outsole

These are premium quality cleats made of natural leather. They offer a traditional fit that result to an improved performance on different surfaces. They are very durable and superbly built. They have been built with the player's comfort in mind. Therefore, you are unlikely to experience pain or blisters, even after playing for 2 hours. The outsole has been designed using firm ground rounded studs, to ensure that you can run and change direction easily. Die-cut EVA insole offers padding and cushioning, while minimizing impact that you encounter on the pitch. The shoe is durable, thanks to the use of leather instead of synthetic applied in other brands. They are very comfortable, giving you a perfect fit. A tongue and collar has been included to protect the ankle area. They are very suitable for people who prefer a laid back and less flashy look. They resemble the Copa Mundial, in terms of durability and comfort. Their performance is excellent, whether you are playing soccer on grass fields or parks. On the other hand, they are low cut, which means that you will not end up with twisted ankles. They are true to size and lightweight.

9. Adidas Performance Ace 15.3 FG/AG

adidas Performance Men's Ace 15.3 FG/AG Soccer Cleat, Solar Orange/White/Core Black, 7 M US
  • Low-cut cleats featuring foot-shaped upper in two...
  • Stay in contact with every strike thanks to the...
  • Ball-control traction outsole
  • Built for firm ground or artificial grass

These soccer cleats are designed for the attacking player, who values finesse and speed. They feature a design that resembles the Predator Mania. These soccer cleats for wider feet are versatile enough to fit different feet types and width. They are true to size as well as ensuring a secure and snug fit, inside the cleat. The upper features TotalSkin, which is a three-layer construction, which feels soft and light. They are comfortable, just like the Predator Instinct but their wide feet makes them more popular all round. They are ready to wear straight from the box. You don't require any break in period. Although the sole might appear stiff at first, it loosens and settles to your feet, once you've worn them for a few days. They are very light, which allows you to cut across the pitch at lightning speed. With the three-layer construction, the upper is very thin, bringing your feet closer to the ball. This gives you greater control, so that your shooting and passing becomes more precise. The stand out feature in these cleats, is the TotalControl technology applied in the outsoles. The combined stud configuration is designed to offer extra control beneath the feet as well as enhanced traction and control, meaning you can wear them on AG or FG surfaces.

10. Nike Men's Magista Onda II DF FG Soccer Cleat

Nike Men's Football Boots, Orange Laser Orange Black White Volt White, 9.5 UK
  • Synthetic leather upper with allover texture for...
  • Dynamic Fit collar wraps your ankle for a...
  • Firm-ground (FG) cleats for use on short-grass...

If you are looking for a pair of firm ground soccer cleats that offer comfort, acceleration as well as enhanced traction, then you should check out the Nike Magista Onda II. These soccer shoes feature a high-quality, synthetic leather upper, which provides a responsive touch as well as optimum ball control. The upper unit also features Dynamic Fit control, which provides a secure fit around your ankles, thus minimizing slippages while enhancing maneuverability. The Dynamic Fit also protects the ankles from twisting while providing additional support whenever you are passing, shooting, running or making sudden directional changes.

These soccer cleats for firm ground also sport the unique asymmetrical lacing system, which enables better and cleaner striking of the ball, while providing an adaptive fit. This lacing system also results in a larger strike zone, which leads to greater shot accuracy. They are also equipped with a sockliner, which provides additional cushioning, and helps to wick away moisture and sweat. Their outsole features a sturdy rubber compound, which delivers excellent traction and grip on hard surfaces. And as much as the outsole is made of sturdy rubber, it’s also quite flexible. With its excellent ball control, decent flexibility, and optimal comfort, the Nike Magista Onda II is a high-performance soccer cleat that should be always present in your soccer backpack.

11. Adidas Performance X 15.2 FG/AG

adidas Performance Men's X 15.2 FG/AG Soccer Cleat, White/Semi Solar Slime/Black, 9.5 M US
  • Synthentic
  • Imported
  • Synthetic sole
  • Soft, close-fitting synthetic skin upper
  • Reinforced cage for gamechanging stability

The Adidas Performance Men's X 15.2 FG/AG features a synthetic skin upper together with reinforced cage for that game-changing stability. The synthetic upper is also soft and close fitting. However, they are very breathable, keeping your feet fresh and cool, throughout the game. The X-Cage midfoot reinforcement provides additional stability without too much extra weight. Additionally, the Non Stop Grip gives the upper a nice texture for that incredible ball control and touch. Featuring the advanced X-Claw stud configuration, they allow for greater acceleration and quicker cuts. On the other hand, the traction outsole produces explosive movement, on firm and artificial grounds. The ultra-light material on the upper allows you to control the ball, even at greater speed, to create chaos on the pitch. These soccer cleats are true to size and ready to wear straight out of the box. The quality is great and the construction is solid. You will definitely get several seasons of play out of them.

Best Soccer Cleats For Women Reviews

1. Adidas Performance Ace 15.4

adidas Performance Women's Ace 15.4 Soccer Shoe, White/Silver/Orange, 11 M US
  • Get max performance from the wider construction of...
  • Never worry about traction - the flexible outsoles...
  • Feel the comfort of the lightweight upper and soft...
  • Perfect for firm ground or artificial grass
  • Show off your style with a pop of color

These are designed for players who love controlling the game. Players, who want perfect ball control and touch, demand a cleat that can deliver that. This is where these cleats come in. the upper features synthetic material, which gives a better ball control and touch. They also come with an external heel counter, that offers added stability while the simulated honeycomb pattern, gives them a stylish look. They give each soccer player maximum performance, due to their wider construction. Therefore, if you have wider feet, you do not have to try squeezing your feet in other narrow cleats. These are perfect for you. With these soccer cleats, traction is nothing to worry about anymore. They have flexible outsoles, which have been designed to provide incredible ball control. The soft lining gives your feet that velvety and comfortable feel while their lightweight implies that you can play at top speed. They can be used on artificial grass or firmer grounds, thanks to the stud pattern. They have been made to dominate and control the game.

2. Adidas Women's Goletto VI FG W Soccer Shoe

adidas Women's Goletto VI FG W Soccer Shoe, White/Energy Blue/Easy Coral, 10 M US
  • Synthetic leather upper
  • Lace closure
  • Flexible ground outsole for maximum traction on...

The Adidas Goletto VI is one of the best soccer cleats for defenders. It features a sturdy built and a classic design. As much as these boots don’t have any groundbreaking features, they are functional and reliable. Once you step out on the pitch with them, you can rest assured that they will get the job done. Adidas has used a simplistic approach when designing these boots. They have taken the best and most reliable features of other soccer cleats and then combined them into one impressive package. They are comfortable, lightweight and sturdy. Apart from that, the upper ensures that your feet have adequate breathability.

Their upper is made of sturdy, synthetic leather. If you are a defender and you are looking for a lightweight pair of soccer cleats, then the Goletto is a great option. You can recover the ball with ease, guard your position, and even launch an attack from the back with speed. You can run with these cleats the entire length of the pitch, and you will not feel as if you are dragging bricks on your feet. And with a sturdy rubber outsole, this is one of the most durable women’s soccer cleats you can find on the market today. The rubber outsole also features sturdy studs, which provide maximum traction on the pitch. From dribbling to ball control, these shoes will deliver a match-winning performance on the pitch.

3. Leoci Women's Firm Ground Soccer Cleats

LEOCI Men's Women's Firm Ground Soccer Cleats Outdoor/Indoor Boys Girls Professional Futsal Football...
  • Synthetic leather
  • Synthetic sole
  • Shaft measures approximately low-top from arch
  • Comfort and high performance - Superior material...
  • Flexible ground outsole to move with high-speed...

Whether you are a beginner, an entry-level player or you play soccer casually, you will need a comfortable pair of soccer cleats that can deliver optimum performance, support, protection, and traction. If you are looking for such a pair of shoes, then you should check out the Leoci training sneakers. This soccer cleats for beginners are designed to provide a firm grip on the playing surface while putting you in full control of the game.

Made of lightweight synthetic leather, these soccer shoes provide excellent ball control, while making sure your feet remain comfortable throughout the game. They are also equipped with a soft, honeycomb outsole, which provides underfoot cushioning while helping to keep your feet dry, and cool. The entire collar is padded to prevent irritation and chafing around your ankles. On the other hand, the flexible rubber outsole provides a firm grip and stability on different playing surfaces, thus helping you to move the ball around with ease and accuracy.

From wingers and strikers to defenders and midfielders, these soccer cleats are made for everyone and you can rely on these shoes to take your game a notch higher. Also, they are available in children’s sizes. Therefore, if you are looking for soccer cleats for kids or teenagers, you can never go wrong with these.

4. Adidas Performance Women's F10 Firm-Ground W Soccer Cleat

adidas Performance Women's F10 Firm-Ground W Soccer Cleat, Black/Metallic/Silver/Flash Red, 5 M US
  • The spirit of speed lives in this women's boot....
  • Revolutionary 3 stripes: totally new branding on...
  • Soft, high abrasion resistant bravo synthetic...
  • Ethylene vinyl acetate pre-molded inlay with super...
  • Speed stud configuration: new second level of...

The Adidas Performance F10 is a comfortable pair of women’s soccer cleats, designed to enhance your speed, ball movement, and control. Featuring an upper made of synthetic leather and textile, these soccer cleats for women will keep you light on your feet while making sure that you enjoy the highest levels of comfort. The outside part of the upper is sturdy and abrasion-resistant. Therefore, even if the game is demanding, these shoes will maintain their shape and structure, while making sure that your feet have adequate protection. Inside, they are lined with soft vinyl-acetate, which makes sure that your feet are comfortable at all times. When it comes to traction, these soccer cleats for girls will not disappoint you. Their stud design and configuration ensures that you have adequate traction at all times, whether you are running, braking or changing direction.

These women’s soccer cleats for narrow feet are so comfortable that you don’t need to break them in. In fact, once you receive your pair, you can wear them straight on the pitch, and you will not experience any signs of irritation, blisters, hot spots or any form of discomfort. Apart from that, they come with a traditional lace-up closure, which gives you a snug and personalized fit for better ball control. They might feel tight at first, but they will eventually adjust and conform to your feet after a short period. Whether you are training for an upcoming match or you are competing, these soccer cleats with arch support will always deliver exceptional performance.

5. Adidas Performance Predito Instinct Firm-Ground

adidas Performance Women's Predito Instinct Firm-Ground W Soccer Cleat, Black/Flash Red/Night Flash,...
  • Untouchable players play without thinking, and...
  • Soft, high abrasion resistant synthetic material...
  • Silhouette for an outstanding posture of the shoe
  • All over predator skinny print giving the product...
  • Firm ground outsole for outstanding value

The Predito Instinct gives women instant control, thanks to great high-performance features, all packed into one shoe. It comes with a synthetic upper, designed using HybridTouch. This material provides a leather-like feel as well as maintaining the benefits that come with pure synthetic. The upper of these cleats is also able to flex and move naturally as the foot bends. This gives it a very comfortable feel on the ball. A Velcro-like material has been fitted on the underside part of the tongue providing a grip on the sock while locking the tongue securely in place. The liner has been made using smooth synthetic leather material to provide comfort as well as lock the heel in position. The insoles are removable, featuring a smooth mesh liner together with a thin layer of foam. With such a blend of materials, you will get interior cushioning as well as a breathable shoe. They are true to size and fit straight out of the box. In terms of traction, they have been designed with the innovative Control Frame soleplate with a stud pattern that can provide traction on different playing surfaces. A gel pad has also been included towards the medial side of the shoe, to provide an extra dimension of control.

6. Adidas Performance F5 TRX Firm-Ground

adidas Performance Women's F5 TRX Firm-Ground W Soccer Cleat, Samba Blue/Glow Orange/Collegiate...
  • Move fast on firm ground pitches with this f5...
  • Die-cut ethylene vinyl acetate insole for light...
  • The synthetic upper is extremely light and easy to...
  • Traxion fg for grip and comfort on firm natural...
  • Speedfoil optic in the heel area

Own the game with these ball controlling soccer cleats from Adidas. They feature a lightweight synthetic upper, together with kicking surface that is clutter free, enabling you to position the ball where it should be. The sole is made of rubber, with properly spaced studs, to provide good traction. With these cleats, you can move fast on those firm ground pitches. The traxion outsole and the semi-glossy mesh upper ensure that you can produce quick maneuvers, to evade the opponents and score that match-winning goal. The insole has been made using die-cut vinyl acetate to provide cushy comfort and lightweight. With the semi-glossy finishing on the upper, you get soccer cleats that are easy to clean and lightweight. For comfortable grip on firm surfaces, you have the Traxion FG technology on the outsole. The speedfoil optic on the heel area produces a forward motion, giving you speed and agility that you need to control the game. They are available in different colors such as collegiate purple, glow orange and samba blue. They are some of the best soccer cleats with arch support due to the generously padded midsole.

7. Diadora Maracana MD PU

Diadora Women's Maracana MD PU Women's Soccer Cleat,White/Cl Navy/Silver,5.5 M
  • Women's last construction provides proper fit for...
  • Flexible Axeler frame in the outsole
  • Touch Control zone
  • Double action cushion

Featuring a leather exterior, these cleats give you the confidence of playing like a pro. They feature a last construction design as well as providing an optimal fit, for all female soccer players. The double action cushion as well as the flexible axeler outsole provides more stability and traction control when playing indoors or outdoors. They are designed to take you to the next level of your game. The breathable mesh lining on the upper ensure that your feet remain fresh and cool, while preventing bad odors and build up of sweat inside. Padding at the insole, tongue and collar provide a comfortable fit while the low entry ensures stability and movement control on the pitch. For enhanced ball control, they come with elastic-secure-strapped lace while a hard casing around the heel provides protection. The outsole is molded, with sturdy rubber studs, to give you control over your movement and swift change of direction. The design is sleek and stylish while the leather upper is easy to wash and dry. Their interior is lined with a soft material, which prevents bruising, blisters and hotspots. Break in is not required and the soles are removable.

8. Adidas Performance X 15.3 FG/AG

The Adidas Performance Women's X 15.3 FG/AG W Soccer Cleat feature a very close fitting upper made of mesh. This is good news for the woman who really wants to give it her all out on the soccer field. A good upper goes a long way in keeping a cleat comfortably snug on your feet throughout the entire game. The midfoot case is reinforced and will really help you in standing very stably throughout the entire game. The stud configuration is the revolutionary X-CLAW. This configuration has been designed to allow you to have better acceleration and make greater cuts. If you're looking to outplay and upstage your opponents, then these shoes can help you do that. The outsole has been designed with maximum traction in mind. And it doesn't matter whether you are playing on artificial grass, or on a firm surface indoors. Like with most soccer cleats, it can help to order them half a size larger in order to get them to fit comfortably right away. Good value for the money, considering this is a fairly inexpensive soccer cleat.

9. PUMA Evo Speed 5.3 Firm Ground

This cleat has been engineered with details and features of delivering a durable, lightweight soccer cleat. The synthetic upper is durable and easy to clean while the front lace closure allows you to adjust to the desired fit. Its collar is lightly padded, giving you the right amount of cushioning, without stressing your arches, knees and feet. On the other hand, the insole has been cushioned, to give you comfort and reduce impact, that is associated with hard surfaces. Designed with Puma speedCELL technology, you are assured of a responsive and lightweight ride, allowing you to move around the pitch faster. The outsole, featuring injected TPU material together with a mixture of bladed and conical stud configuration, provides you with sufficient traction and grip, for swift change of direction and easy acceleration. The cleats are nice looking and particularly suited for women, since most of them tend to have narrow feet. They give a great fit, with no incidences of bruising or blisters. The cleats are affordable and great for women with flat feet.

10. Adidas Originals Women's Nemeziz 18.4 Firm Ground

Are you looking for a pair of soccer cleats that will unlock your agility, attack with speed and unleash your creativity? Well, the Adidas Nemeziz 18.4 is just what you need. These soccer shoes for hard surfaces will help you to weave through your opponents, as you keep everyone guessing about your next move. The entire upper is made of synthetic material, which is flexible and soft. It provides a responsive touch and optimum ball control.

The low cut upper allows maximum ankle movement, for swift turns and dribbles. On the other hand, the lacing system gives you a snug and comfortable fit. And once you adjust the laces, they will not become loose in the middle of a game. Similar to the upper, the outsole is also made of synthetic materials. The use of synthetic materials on the outsole helps to keep theis pair of shoes light. Also, the synthetic outsole is highly flexible, allowing you to move around the pitch with maximum ease.

These soccer cleats for beginners are functional, comfortable and their fit is great. They are just what you need if you want to take your shooting or dribbling to the next level. Whether you are striking or running, the Adidas Nemeziz 18.4, you will enjoy playing soccer with these shoes. They are highly responsive, lightweight, and they offer a nice touch. And most importantly, they are made of high-quality materials, which means that you will get value for your money.

11. Adidas Performance F5 Firm-Ground

adidas Performance Women's F5 Firm-Ground W-W Soccer Cleat, Flash Green/Lucky Blue/Metallic/Silver,...
  • The kind of fast that strikes fear on the pitch....
  • The synthetic upper is extremely light and easy to...
  • Revolutionary 3-stripes: totally new branding on...
  • Soft, high abrasion resistant bravo synthetic...
  • Traxion fg for optimum grip and comfort on firm...

A trusted brand when it comes to sports in general and soccer specifically; Adidas is a popular company with numerous innovative products in the market. If you want a new pair of durable and comfortable soccer cleats that offers value for money, then the Adidas Performance Women's F5 Firm-Ground is the right one for you. Designed for outdoor, firm surfaces and turf, they feature synthetic leather, together with a rubber sole. They are stylish too, with a unique hexagonal pattern. It is lightweight, soft and easy to clean. It comes with molded EVA midsole for additional comfort and a lace-up closure, for providing a comfortable fit. the rubber outsole flexes with the foot to provide better control and support. Additionally, its textile-lined interior is soft, while preventing the occurrence of blisters and bruises. The outsole also provides firm grip on hard surfaces, giving you all the confidence you need when dribbling or shooting.

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  1. Look at the incredible difference in womens cleats vs. men. It’s ridiculous. Nike and Adidas are completely ignoring or clueless about the needs and wants of their female athletes.

    1. Hi Scott,

      What differences and/or problems do you see?

      And since you’re (presumably) a man, how would you know about the needs and wants of female athletes?



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