To the true sports aficionado, there is nothing like the rush that comes over you right after a good physical exertion, whether it be from hiking, soccer, tennis, or just a good ole' fashioned workout at your local gym. If you've been reading the Boot Bomb, you'll know that I'm mostly about hiking. But that doesn't mean I don't practice other sports as well. Because I do! I've done it all, soccer, tennis, basketball, skateboarding, cross training at the gym... you name it, I've done it.

Take your sports game to the next level by making sure you're equipped with the best gear. If you are serious about your performance, you really can't afford to gear up with gear that is not among the best. Who wants to blow his/her hard earned cash on sub par products anyway, you know what I'm saying? So for that reason, I proudly present you my reviews on a whole bunch of sports gear. Enjoy!

Weight Lifting Shoes

These days, you'll be hard pressed to find a person who is not hitting the gym. We all aspire to become the next Hafþór Júlíus - The Mountain - Björnsson. But you won't stand a chance if you don't first invest in your lifting gear. A good pair of weight lifting shoes are going to give you the edge you need. Why leave results on the table? Invest in good shoes and you'll gain some percentage points in your performance. Percentage points that might make the difference between being the best at your local gym... or not.

Boxing Shoes

Boxing. Either you love it or you hate it. While this entertaining pastime might not be particularly beneficial for brain health, it is certainly beneficial to our entertainment. As brutal as it is in nature, that's how hard it is to master it as a skill. Like with all sports, you're going to have to train hard if you want to rank among the stars. Give yourself a fighting chance (pun intended) by first going for a pair of really great boxing shoes to make sure your footwork isn't going to stuffer. Your stance is everything in boxing, so don't neglect it.

Golf Shoes

Golf is always an enjoyable pastime. But only if you're carrying the right gear to the green. Don't think for one second that a good golf club alone is going to cut it. As always, you're going to need good footwear. How else are you ever going to become the next Tiger Woods? Don't underestimate the importance of good golf shoes when you're teein' up for a hole in one. There are many different kinds of golf shoes and it can be very hard to choose the right one. Should you go with spiked shoes or spikeless shoes? That question, as well as many others, is going to be answered on our golf shoe review page.

Bowling Shoes

Bowling is one of the greatest hobbies you can possibly have. What works better than rolling heavy balls down a smooth lane and violently knocking over a set of perfectly innocent pins, in order to get rid of your pent up aggression? Nothing, I say! That's why I frequently head on down to the bowling alley with my closest friends. And we're wearing the best shoes while doing it as well. Because that's just how we roll.

Indoor Soccer Shoes

Soccer is a great game. But also a very demanding one. You really can not afford to go barefoot, so you will have to invest in a solid pair of shoes for playing the game and giving the performance of your life. Soccer can be played inside as well as outside (just not at the same time! :P). This page will show you all the best indoor soccer shoes that are currently available. A lot of research went into this. But if it helps only a single Boot Bomb reader take his or her indoor soccer play to a whole new level, then I definitely think it will have been worth it.

Men's Tennis Shoes

Tennis is also a great game. It requires the proper footwear. People often don't know the difference between running shoes and tennis shoes. But the differences are definitely there. Running and tennis are two completely different activities. Running is a motion that mostly happens forward. It requires lots of cushioning. For this reason, running shoes are outfitted with lots of cushioning (no surprise there!). Tennis is a game where players often make side to side cutting moves with their feet. These types of shoes require more lateral (read: sideways) support. On top of that, the lower a player's feet are to the ground, the more stable the player will feel. Tennis shoes are therefore outfitted with less cushioning and more lateral support.

Women's Tennis Shoes

The modern day woman wants to stay on top of her game. And tennis is a great way to do so. There is no other sport known to mankind that works so well to keep you in shape and doing it in style. It's no secret that you women are all about shoes. So it stands to reason that, when you're playing tennis, you have to have the best women's tennis shoes on your feet that you can find. And they've gotta look cute, too! If you're a big Serena fan, than you'll probably want to wear the sames ones that she's wearing. Hop on over to my review page and you're going to find out what shoes she wears. I'll give you a hint. It's a familiar brand. And the good news is... you can buy'em too!

Gym Bags For Men

If you're the manliest man at your gym (and who isn't?), then surely you must realize that sporting a totally rad gym bag is absolutely essential. Gym bags are a dime a dozen. But you didn't seriously think that this means you can just buy any ole' bag and expect it to not let you down? A sports bag might be a simple thing. But don't let this fool you; there is much ado about gym bags. You've got to ask yourself what kind of bag suits you. Do you need a big bag, or a small one? Does it need to be waterproof, or not? Could your gym bag do with a number of exterior side pockets, or don't you have any idea on what to do with these? Do you want to be able to sling it around your shoulder and look totally cool, or don't you? The list goes on and on. When it comes to gym bags, one size doesn't fit all. So by all means... check out my reviews!

Best Soccer Cleats

If you're going to be kicking some balls outdoors, then you better get some real soccer cleats your feet. I'm talking about the studded stuff. Especially when playing on grass, or worse... wet grass, you can't afford to not have studs beneath your shoes. You have to get a good grip with the surface you are playing on, otherwise you might as well stay home. Soccer is no fun if you can't even get decent traction when you're turning on the afterburner in attempt to spacerocket yourself towards that goal. Get good cleats, and you'll be dominating the soccer pitch in no time. Watch your opponents bite the dust. Your team mates will envy you. Live the dream of being the next Messi or Ronaldo by getting the absolute bees knees of cleats on your feet before your next outdoor soccer game!

Outdoor Basketball Hoops

If you're going to become the next NBA super star, then you better get started. And what better way to get started than to bring the action next to your own home? Hardly anybody lives nearby a court, and even if you do... there isn't always somebody there to play. So what do you do? You make a solid investment in a portable b-ball hoop and plant that sucker right in your own backyard. Every single time you'll look out the window, you'll see it standing there... beckoning you to come over and shoot some hoops. Increase your field goal percentage fast with your very own porta-hoop!

Outdoor Basketballs

Those basketball hoops aren't gonna do you any good unless you've got something to shoot through them. Hey, I have an idea. How about a ball? I know, it's a genius idea. Don't thank me for it. So yeah, a basketball. You'll need one that's worth its weight in salt. So spend a little over $5 and you'll likely get something that doesn't need inflating every other day. If you're gonna buy a hoop, don't skimp on the ball you intend to slamdunk into that baby. You wouldn't want your friends to think you're a cheapskate, do ya? Besides... a good ball can help you ramp up your shooting percentage!


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