What to Consider When Buying a Men’s Gym Bag

Whether you are just an occasional exerciser or a fitness enthusiast, a gym bag is a great accessory to own. By organizing your shower, gym clothes, towel, grooming items and other necessities in a single convenient place, a sports bag makes fitting your exercise routine, such as weight lifting, into your day much easier. Naturally, you’ll want to own the coolest, best men’s gym bag that you can find. Most of you will think about Nike or Adidas when thinking of sports bags. But these guys aren’t the only players in town. This review will show you the most stylish, cool training bags for men I was able to find.

Gym bags must meet certain requirements that are not found in other luggage bags. Depending on how often or where the bag is to be used, it must withstand much harsher treatment than conventional traveling bags or briefcases. They often carry liquids that could spill, wet towels and clothing, and post-workout snacks. Therefore, training bags must be resistant to mold and easy to clean. Here are other considerations to make when purchasing a bag for taking to the gym.


bag1A gym bag should be large enough to accommodate all the items needed by a man at the gym, while at the same time compact enough for travelling in a car or fitting into a gym locker. You just need to make a list of all the items that you need to carry in a sports bag such as toiletries, towel, change of clothes, gloves, extra shoes and spare socks so that you can have a rough idea of the ideal size. Depending on the use you want to subject the bag to, it is advisable to go for bag of appropriate size. On the other hand, choosing a sports bag that is too darn small, is just asking for trouble. On the other hand, a bag that is too big, might not fit in the locker. Therefore, go for one that can comfortably accommodate your items, without leaving too much space.

Check for Exterior Pockets

Exterior pockets provide a great means of staying organized. You are sure where to place each additional item with easy access, without interfering with the main compartment. However, don’t purchase one that has too many external pockets. It will appear bulky, while adding unnecessary weight to your shoulders. It also implies that your gym bag might be having difficulties fitting into your gym locker, because of the unnecessary external pockets. Again, you need to have a clear idea of the things that you intend to be carrying with your gym bag, and you will have a clear idea, of how many you need on the bag.

Presence of Shoulder Straps

bag2Although it is not a major consideration, presence or shoulder straps, or lack thereof, can turn out to be a major decisive factor. This depends on the quantity of your luggage and your lifestyle. For example, if your leisure center is located quite a distance from your place of work or home, then you definitely need a gym bag that has shoulder straps. When the bag has been worn across your body, there is an even distribution of weight, which lessens the fatigue and strain on your arms. However, if you own a luxury car, this is not a necessary feature. In fact, it might turn out to be a health hazard, trailing behind after you have locked your car doors. In such a situation, it is advisable to go for a strapless gym bag. If you still insist on having a shoulder strap, then you need to make other considerations, including whether the strap is adjustable. The shoulder strap should also come with a shoulder pad for comfort. The pad goes a long way, preventing the strap from straining your shoulders too much.

Water Resistant Bottom

bag3If you often encounter wet environments in the course of your workouts, then you need to consider a gym bag that comes with a water resistant bottom. Such a bag will ensure that the contents of the bag remain dry and safe. This is one of the main factors considered by the majority people who go to purchase sports bags. For extra protection and to keep the bag dry and clean, some bags are fitted with feet at the bottom. With these feet, the bag is slightly raised, minimizing chances of damaging the contents and liquid things seeping. Some training bags are designed to by fully waterproof, not just the bottom. This is a very useful feature, especially if you live in those areas where rain comes down frequently. If you are looking for a bag with waterproofing features, make sure that its specifications literally say ‘waterproof’. Water resistant is not the same as waterproof.

The Closure System

bag4When buying a men’s gym bag, the closure system is an important consideration. The closure system should always remain reliably shut in order to ensure your gym equipment is always protected. On the other hand, it should not be very stiff and uneasy to open. The draw-string system stands out among the most reliable closure systems. It is mostly used in smaller gym bags. It is easy to use, efficient, and easy to close and open. However, the main issue with this system is that it is mostly applied to cheaper bags that have few(er) compartments. If you want to buy a training bag that has a secure closure system to keep your gym equipment safe, then you should look out for a classic zipper can. It can prove to be a reliable choice that is both simple and easy to use, when made properly. It is also advisable to go for a sports bag with a standard buckle clip, for additional protection. When tightened, it will keep your gym equipment secure, ensuring that nothing will fall out. A magnetic closure system is another one that is commonly used on messenger bags. Apart from making the bag look stylish and trendy, magnet fastenings are an ideal way to keep your items contained.

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Best Gym Bags For Men For Training, Sports & Travel – Reviews

1. Bago Foldable Duffle Bag

If you have been faced with a damaged suitcase during your trip, then you understand the frustrations of this. However, all of that will come to an end, thanks to this amazing duffle bag. With the Bago Foldable Duffle Bag, you don’t have to pay for overweight charges anymore or travel with a separate bag. All your items and stuff can fit easily in this spacious bag. This bag is reliable and highly versatile. You can carry it along, wherever you go. You can even fold it and stuff it inside your bag, so you can carry an extra bag with you, just in case something turns up that needs additional space. It can act as your shopping bag, your gym bag, or even your extra suitcase to avoid carrying a single overweight bag. There are certain travel suitcases that can weigh up to 3 kilos. However, this folding bag is lightweight. In fact, it weighs less than 60% of your average luggage. This implies that it will not add significantly to your additional traveling weight. With a variety of trendy colors to pick from, this bag is functional while allowing you to travel in style. Other functionalities that you can rely up in this bag include the RipStop fabric that is highly durable, high quality zipper, multiple pockets, a shoe pocket that is both odor and water resistant. And, ofcourse, double handle straps.

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2. Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 Duffle, Black (001)/Silver,

If you live in an area where it rains or snows a lot, you need to invest in a quality, water resistant duffel bag, for carrying your items. The same case should apply to your gym bag. And the Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 is ideal for such situations. Simple, durable and effective, this gym bag for work clothes comes with all the features and qualities that you would need. It features the Under Armour Storm technology, which provides protection against the elements. Whether you encounter rain or snow, this gym bag for men will ensure that all your valuables will not become wet.

This roomy gym bag comes with an abrasion-resistant and tough side and bottom panels. Therefore, even if you use this bag every day, you can rest assured that it will not fall apart any time soon. It’s designed to withstand all forms of abuse while protecting your clothes and other accessories. It comes with two hand straps, as well as an adjustable shoulder strap, thus giving you several options when it comes to carrying your items.

Also, it’s equipped with a large, vented pocket, which you can use for carrying shoes or laundry. There is also an extra, large zipped pocket for storing additional items. Apart from using it as a gym bag, the Under Armour Undeniable 3.0 is also perfect for weekend camping and backpacking trips. It’s spacious enough to accommodate your items, yet small enough to carry comfortably.

  • Durable build
  • Spacious interior
  • Versatile, functional and comfortable
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3. Everest Gym Bag with Wet Pocket

Carry your necessary items with the Everest Gym Bag with Wet Pocket. The bag has been crafted using polyester, making it durable and reliable. The bag also comes in different colors, that you can match with your clothing. On top of that, the bag is scuff, tear, rust, fade, scratch and stain resistant, including an exterior that is mildew resistant. For convenience, the bag has a soft-sided and solid pattern construction. A waterproof side pocket has also been included, that can be used to carry liquid bottles. The main compartment features a zippered clamshell, for carrying clothing. This sporty men’s gym bag comes with several dual front zippered pockets that can be used for keeping small items. The shoulder strap is removable and heavily padded for convenience and comfort. The external material and the lining are both made of 100% polyester, making the bag waterproof. This training bag can be used by either gender. Its main color is black, although you can find it in four different accents. It is the perfect gym bag, since it separates your clothes from your shoes, ensuring that your clothes don’t take dirt off the shoe soles.

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4. Nike Team Training Gymsack

This Nike men’s fitness bag allows you to organize your gear, thanks to a bonded zip pocket and an interior divide. A PU coated bottom and a water resistant exterior fabric ensures that your items remain secure and dry. Apart from being a great gym bag, it can be used for a whole range of other purposes. The colors are stylish and the material used to make the bag is highly durable. Therefore, you can be guaranteed that this bag is going to serve you for years on end. This small gym bag for men also comes with a separator inside, which helps to keep your clothes and shoes apart. As such, you can travel with them, without having to worry about your clothes ending up with shoe dirt on them. The quality is great and the bag comes with bottom vents that allow air circulation and ventilation, so that your sweat soaked clothes don’t stink. If you like carrying foodstuff to work, then you will appreciate this bag for sure. The two interior compartments allow you to separate the two, ensuring that they don’t mix. If you like to carry around your clothes or belongings around, then you will definitely love this bag.

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5. Puma Evercat Contender 3.0 Duffel Accessory

If you are looking for a sleek, roomy and versatile modern gym bag, then the Puma Evercat Contender 3.0 is a decent choice. This duffel bag for the gym offers a sturdy, compact, and well-built structure, which can comfortably endure the stress and impact that comes with fitness, gym, travel and exercising and other similar areas where it can be used.

As much as this gym bag may appear small from the outside, it’s surprisingly roomy inside. In fact, it will hold a lot more accessories and fitness gear than you might expect. It comes with one main compartment, one zippered pocket, and two smaller side pockets. You can use the main compartment to carry your change of clothes, while the zippered outside pocket can carry your keys, wallet, phone, and similar items. You can then use one of the side pockets for your shoes and the other one for towels and toiletries. The zipper is sturdy and easy to zip.

Whether you are going to work, to the gym or you are traveling, hauling this bag is easy and effortless. It’s equipped with two carry handles and a shoulder strap. The shoulder straps are adjustable and removable, which means you can customize their fit and comfort, depending on your preferences. On the other hand, the carry handles are well padded, to minimize strain and stress on your hands, while adding convenience and comfort. Considering all the factors, this is one of the best gym bags for work, weightlifting, bodybuilding, and other fitness activities. It’s perfect for everyone in the fitness and sports arena. You can also use it as a travel bag, thanks to its versatility.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Extremely comfortable to carry
  • Elegant and stylish design
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6. Adidas Defender II Duffel Bag

This duffel bag is the perfect companion for the athlete who is always on the move. It is a multi-purpose bag, which offers loads of value. It is available in different sizes, such as medium, small and large. On top of that, you can find it different colors, allowing you to choose the one that matches your preferences. Whether you are heading to a weekend college game, or simply going to the gym, this gym bag for men is versatile enough, to meet all those demands. It comes with one major compartment that is zippered. Other additions include a key fob and mesh valuables pocket. The end cap of this fitness bag has been designed with freshPAK antimicrobial material. This compartment can be used to store the shoes, ensuring that the bad odor is separated from the rest of your items. A mesh panel ensures that your gym clothes are adequately ventilated, to keep away moisture and dampness from the bag. The front pocket is easy to access, making it very suitable for those items that you need quick access to, such as a smartphone.

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7. LC Prime Chest/Shoulder Sling Satchel

This multipurpose shoulder bag comes with two large zippered compartments and small inner pouches. Each zipper has been fitted with a plastic pull on, allowing you to easily grip it. The larger, zippered compartment can comfortably accommodate a bottle or even a tablet. The smaller, zippered compartments can accommodate items such as purse keys, phone, diabetes supplies, first aid gear, a power bank, a camera, and business cards. The construction is quality and lightweight, as well as strong, versatile and sturdy. The material is not easy to scratch. It is water resistant and high quality. This gym bag for men is stylish, fashionable and comes in a practical design. The back and strap are adequately padded, providing you with very welcome comfort levels when you are on the road. There is a little clip cord running across the fore pockets, for adding security and stability on top of the zippered pockets. This bag can be used as a shoulder bag or a chest strap. You can wear it any way you like. Its strap is adjustable, fitting both regular sized as well as a plus sized person. It is fashionable and is of good quality. It comes in attractive, vibrant colors. It is a casual bag, which allows you to keep your hands free. The usual bulk that is associated with normal backpacks is a thing of the past. It can be used for outdoor sports, climbing, running, bike riding, vacations and hiking or other similar outdoor activities.

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8. Nike Brasilia 6 Duffel Bag

Head off to team practice or to the gym with this great nike gym bag. It features a roomy compartment and a U-shaped opening to allow for easy access to your gear. The VELCRO brand and multiple zippered closure pockets ensure that your small items are always close at hand and organized. It also comes with a pocket that can be used to store wet items, or shoes. The pockets are sufficient to carry around everything that you need. The construction is great and the bag is lightweight. It allows you to stuff enough items in there as you possibly can, while at the same time keeping the weight minimal. The Nike Brasilia 6 Duffel Bag is available in different colors that you can easily be combined with your favorite shoes. It is perfect for different forms of casual travel as well as gym goers. The material used is polyester fabric, featuring a printed bottom panel. It has a classic shape, padded shoulder strap and two top carry handles. The shoulder strap is well padded to prevent stress and fatigue in your shoulders. This is especially important when hauling heavy items. You can use this bag to store socks, shirts, underwear and four pairs of shorts, which is perfect for a gym aficionado.

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9. Ogio Endurance Duffel Bag

If you work out frequently, then you will need a solid, duffel bag, which can hold all your gear, both wet and dry. Also, it should be sturdy enough to protect your valuables, when it’s pushed into a gym locker, thrown in the trunk of a car or tossed around the gym. Also, a great gym bag should make it easy to access all your equipment, from shoes, clothes, keys and cell phone, among others. Well, the OGIO Endurance duffel bag comes with these features and much more.

As much as it looks like a duffel bag, you can easily convert it into a backpack, making it comfortable to carry over long distances. You can use this gym bag for your cycling gear or boxing gloves. Also, you can use it to carry wet, dirty or dry clothes, since it comes with different compartments. At the top of the bag, you will find a sewn-in EVA molded compartment, commonly known as Ogio Vault. This lockable and crush-resistant compartment protects valuable items such as smartphones and tablets.

Along the sides, this gym bag for bodybuilding features various organization and nutrition pockets. A spacious and ventilated shoe compartment resides at the bottom of this bag. The shoe compartment can comfortably accommodate at least two pairs of shoes. At the back, you will find the wet-dry compartment, which is also ventilated. You can use this compartment to carry a wetsuit for your swimming sessions. Also, the wet-dry compartment is perfect for storing your sweat-laden, post-workout clothes. It also comes with additional storage that you can use to carry water bottles, among other accessories.

  • Sturdy construction
  • Adjustable and comfortable shoulder straps
  • Plenty of pockets for organization
  • Highly versatile
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10. adidas Diablo Duffel Bag

Whether you are a gym rat or you just visit occasionally, you will need a durable gym bag, which is roomy and functional enough to carry your gear. That gym bag is none other than the Adidas Diablo Duffel Bag. This gym bag for clean and dirty clothes is made of 100% polyester. As much as this material might appear thin and lightweight, this gym bag will serve you for many years. Polyester is a sturdy material, which doesn’t get torn easily. You will be surprised to note that this gym bag will even last longer than options that are more expensive. Adidas has equipped this gym bag with a strong zipper, designed to withhold pressure and tension. You can open and close it as many times as you want, and it will always function seamlessly.

The Adidas Diablo Duffel Bag comes with a shoulder strap, as well as two additional hand straps. The shoulder strap is sturdy enough to support your items. Also, you can adjust it to suit your preferences. As much as this bag is not as big as others out there, it will serve its purpose perfectly. You can use it for a quick trip to your local gym or for international travels, as a carry-on bag.

You can also use this Adidas gym bag for cycling gear, basketball, dance, martial arts, and camping. Its compact size makes it easy to fit into most locker rooms. Its main compartment opens wide, making it easy to pack your stuff. If you are looking for a compact, durable, stylish gym bag, then this one should be perfect for your needs.

  • Versatile and spacious
  • Stylish and durable
  • Lacks extra pockets
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11. S-ZONE Oversized Canvas Leather Weekend Bag

The S-ZONE Oversized Canvas Leather Weekend Bag features top quality, soft canvas leather trim for an added touch of durability. It has a large main pocket that can hold extra daily necessities and clothes. The pouch pocket on the main compartment can be used to secure your wallet and a phone, while the small front pocket can be used for carrying small things. The bag is heavy duty and properly constructed. The stitching is well done, ensuring that the bag can carry heavy items, without being ripped apart under the sheer weight. Whether you are going for a weekend walk, or simply a stroll out of town, this bag will accommodate everything you need for the trip. It can fit a pair of shoes, four jeans, a warm and light hoodie, four shirts, one pair of shorts, a laptop and five tshirts. Easily. And even when you’ve got all that stuff in there, the bag can still accommodate many other items, such as toiletries. Weighing less than 1kg, the weight of the bag allows you to carry as heavy a load as possible. The handle, zips and straps are very sturdy. The bag is as durable as it it is chic.

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12. CrossLandy Canvas Gym Bag for Men Women Leather Overnight Bag Travel Carry on Duffel Sports Weekend Tote Bags

If you are looking for an ultra-spacious gym bag, which will keep all your gear in one place, then the CrossLandy Canvas Gym Bag is just what you need. You can use this gym bag to carry all your essentials. It’s made of sturdy canvas material, making it durable enough for everyday use. It also features a front micro-leather flap, making it both stylish and functional. You can also use this gym bag for travel or martial arts, depending on your needs.

It comes with a grab handle, which is adequately padded. Therefore, the straps will not exert too much tension or pressure on your hands. It also features an adjustable shoulder strap. The shoulder strap is also padded, to ensure comfort whenever you are carrying your items with this bag. You can always remove the shoulder strap whenever you don’t need it. The main compartment opens wide, making it easy to pack your stuff.

This gym bag for men comes with two extra compartments on the sides, as well as a micro-fiber compartment on the front. You can use the side pockets for carrying your tablet, water bottle, or umbrella. Whether you are going on a business trip, a climbing trip, an overnight camping trip or a fishing trip, this gym bag is versatile for a wide range of activities. It also comes with enough space to pack all your clothes, gym gear as well as travel accessories.

  • Roomy interior
  • Stylish and comfortable
  • Durable and sturdy
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13. AmazonBasics Lightweight Durable Sports Duffel Gym Bag

Stuffing your sweaty and dirty gym clothes into a draw-string bag was perfectly fine when you were in high school or college. But as a fully-grown man and a respectable member of the society, you may need something a bit more stylish and classy. You will also need something durable and comfortable to carry around, whether it’s from home to the gym or from work to the gym and vice versa. And that gym bag is none other than the AmazonBasics Duffel.

This gym bag for men is made of 100% sturdy polyester. The bottom and side panels are abrasion resistant, which means it can comfortably withstand being dragged or placed on hard and rough floors. And with a 60L storage capacity, you will have ample room for all your gym bag essentials. It comes with 2 large zippered pockets, which you can use to separate dirty gym clothes from your other valuables. There is also a vented pocket for shoes as well as an interior zippered pocket, which is perfect for smaller items like keys, wallet and cellphones.

Carrying this bag from one point to the other is comfortable and effortless. It’s equipped with a shoulder strap as well as a top grab handle. Therefore, you can choose to sling it over your shoulder or just carry it using the top grab handle. The shoulder strap is adjustable, which means you can customize it to suit your preferred carrying height. Whether you need a gym bag for bodybuilding, weightlifting, basketball or CrossFit, this one will be perfect for all your training sessions.

  • Sturdy and well made
  • Comfortable carrying
  • Stylish and classy design
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14. Sports Travel Duffel Gym Bag for Men Women with Shoes Compartment - Mouteenoo

The Sports Travel Duffel bag is a super durable gym bag, designed for daily gym usage, air travel, sports activities, and camping expeditions. It’s made of a water-resistant material, which means that it will protect your valuables from any form of moisture. A combination of sturdy polyester and strong nylon makes it resistant to wear and tear. The company has further used durable SBS metal zippers for all its pockets. Therefore, you will not experience any issues with the zippers. Also, the straps are equally strong and sturdy, making this bag perfect for traveling, and sports activities.

If you are looking for a gym bag for basketball, cycling or martial arts, you cannot go wrong with this one. With a storage capacity of 45 L, this bag comes with enough room for all your travel-related accessories. Apart from the main compartment, it also features a side compartment, which you can use to store wet stuff. There is also an additional side compartment for shoes, a mesh pocket for storing water bottles, as well as several internal compartments for storing personal effects.

Are you looking for a gym bag for clean and dirty clothes? If yes, then you already have a solution. This gym bag comes with a ventilated, side-zipped compartment. You can use this compartment to separate clean and dry clothes. Besides that, there is a waterproof material on the side pockets, which means you can use this gym bag to carry wet clothes. You can either use the hand straps or the shoulder straps when carrying this bag. And since the shoulder strap is adjustable, you can always wear it to your preferred length. Also, the shoulder strap comes with a pad, which makes it comfortable to carry this bag, without pressure or pain on your neck.

  • Durable and sturdy
  • Stylish and comfortable
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15. Under Armour Hustle-R Small Duffle Bag

This small gym bag for men is made using 600-denier, DWR-treated polyester, in combination with tarpaulin, to provide durability. Its bottom panel is coated with PU for abrasion and water resistance. Adjustable HeatGear shoulder straps ensure that you will remain cool, even carrying this bag around in high temperatures. The DWR finish helps to repel water, while at the same time retaining breathability. The main compartment can accommodate two pairs of men’s size 11 shoes, while still leaving plenty of space to pack a towel, water bottle, and an extra set of clothes. Although the bottom appears soft, it is sturdy and durable enough, to withstand wear experienced on concrete floors. The color is great, allowing you to match it with the rest of your outfit comfortably. Time to kick your suitcase to the curb. This duffle bag is spacious enough to accommodate all of your traveling items. It is lightweight and ideal for short people. The padding inside the shoulder strap, allows you to adjust the strap length to fit your height. If you are looking for a durable gym bag, then you will not be disappointed by the quality construction of this Under Armour duffle.

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