Best Women’s Tennis Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet And Wide Feet In 2019 Reviews

Where to Buy Tennis Shoes Online Cheap?

If you are a beginner or a professional looking for a pair of tennis shoes, you’ll always be able to buy a good pair for cheap. There are several places online where you can get a quality pair of shoes, for a low price. Such places include eBay or Amazon. You can find a wide selection of brands and manufacturers. There is also a wide range of color and designs to choose. Other places where you can buy tennis shoes online cheap include tennis express and desert cart. Tennis warehouse and Midwest sports also offer tennis shoes at a discount.

Which Tennis Shoes Are The Most Comfortable?

tshoe (5)Feeling comfortable when playing tennis is very important. The shoe you choose goes a long way in determining your comfort levels. What makes a shoe comfortable will depend on different factors. People have different feet in terms of sizes, pronation and arch. Therefore, what might be comfortable for one person might be very uncomfortable to another individual.

In terms of foot width, those with wide feet should buy tennis shoes that are wide and spacious. This will allow the foot to move comfortably, without any friction. Having said that, some of the most comfortable shoes are Asics Gel Solution Speed 2, Adidas Barricade Court, Asics women’s gel, and Prince women’s among others.

Which Tennis Shoes Are Best For Low/High Arches, Narrow Heels, Wide Feet?

tball (4)When it comes to support, the main thing to look at is the arch configuration. If you have a normal arch, you require minimal support. What you should get is a shoe with excellent traction and stability. People with low arches often suffer from over pronation. Their feet tend to roll inwards, with the potential of creating injuries. They should consider motion control shoes that will help in aligning their feet and legs. The arch support should be moderate or low. If you have high arches, you should look for a shoe with neutral support. The best tennis shoes for people with high arches or supinators, are shoes with a very durable sole and good cushioning.

Which Tennis Shoes Do Podiatrists Recommend?

Tennis shoes recommended by podiatrists come with good ankle support and foot stability. Shoes like that ensure that you get the best support to prevent pain and that your feet can heal from existing pain caused by, say, plantar fasciitis. Some of them include the Asics Gel Nimbus and Asics Gel Kayana.

Who Has Tennis Shoes On Sale?

tshoe (6)If you are looking for tennis shoes, you can buy them from both physical and online stores. Nike, Asics, Adidas, and other manufacturers of tennis shoes have shops and resellers that help them sell their shoes. At Kohls, you can choose from a wide variety of both male and female tennis shoes. The shoes are available in different colors and makes, to suit different tastes and preferences. Whether you are a novice, professional or just an enthusiast player, you are definitely going to find a shoe that meets your needs.

What Tennis Shoes Do The Pros Wear?

tshoe (4)Elite athletes always look for something that can give them an edge during competition. Sometimes, that can be derived from the shoes they wear. All eyes are always on the professional player. He or she is scrutinized from the headgear, to the racket and down to the shoe. It is therefore essential to stand out, and to only wear a shoe that resonates with your personality. Rafael Nadal is a fan favorite. He is fun to watch, and has dominated the tennis courts for quite a while. He is popularly seen donning the Nike Air Court Ballistec 3.3. This shoe is renowned for its amazing support, durability, and comfort. on the other hand, Novak Djokovic prefers to wear the adidas Barricade 6.0. They are lightweight and have a high level of durability and stability. Andy Murray also wears the Barricade 6.0. Roger Federer prefers the Nike Lunar Vapor 8 Tour.

What Tennis Shoes Does Serena Wear?

tball (2)A few years back, Nike and Serena Williams held a conversation about the need for better shoes while she is on the court. She needed a shoe that would keep her feet firmly planted, while offering her ankles added stability. This led to the design and production of the NikeCourt Flares. She has been wearing this shoe since 2014. The shoe features a unique ankle cuff system to give a lightweight but firm lockdown support. The outsole has been with a herringbone pattern to promote traction. It is a shoe designed for precision.

The NikeCourt Flares are no longer sold, to my knowledge. There are, however, the NikeCourt Women’s Greatness these days.

What Tennis Shoes to Wear With Skinny Jeans

tshoe (8)You might be having a nice pair of skinny jeans in your wardrobe and you don’t know what to pair it with. The good news is that a nice pair of tennis shoes can match perfectly with your skinny jeans, letting you step out in style and glamour. When it comes to tennis shoes for skinny jeans, go for those shoes that are low cut and flat-footed. You will be able to walk down the street with high confidence. When it comes to color, there is a wide range of choices available. As such, you can easily match the tennis shoes with your outfit comfortably. You will have a funky athletic vibe, that will have heads turning. It is recommended to wear basic, white ones, for a fresh look.

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Best Women’s Tennis Shoes For Plantar Fasciitis, Flat Feet, Wide Feet In 2019- Reviews

1. ASICS Gel-Resolution 7 Tennis Shoe

If you have previously worn a pair of Asics Gel Resolution, then you will agree that it’s one of the best tennis shoes for plantar fasciitis. These shoes deliver an exceptional level of support, durability and stability, without sacrificing performance and comfort. Well, the Gel Resolution 7 is no different. In fact, it goes a step further to deliver higher levels of comfort and support than its predecessors, thanks to the newly designed upper. Designed for aggressive tennis players, these shoes are comfortable to wear out of the box. Therefore, if you are looking for premium comfort, stability, cushioning and support, then you can never go wrong with a pair of these cool shoes.

As noted above, the upper has been newly designed. It now comes with thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU, placed over a layer of mesh. With this combination, you will enjoy a superior level of comfort, stability, and support. Furthermore, the upper part is equipped with a PGuard toe protector, which enhances durability around the forefoot area. Both the tongue and collar are padded for additional comfort and arch support while the comfortable fabric lining prevents irritation, hot spots, and blisters.

Tennis is a high impact sport. As a result, your ankles, knees, and other joints are likely to experience pain and discomfort, if you are not wearing proper footwear. However, the Asics Gel Cushioning 7 is specifically designed for tennis players. It’s engineered with advanced technologies such as the Impact Guidance System, which ensures that your feet are properly aligned at all times, whether you are training or competing. On top of that, the rearfoot and forefoot gel cushioning system absorbs underfoot impact while allowing a smooth transition from one stance to the other. And whether you are playing on grass or clay, the AHAR rubber outsole, featuring a herringbone tread pattern will ensure that you have adequate traction to launch that forehand.

  • Stable and supportive
  • Excellent traction
  • Flexible and comfortable
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2. ASICS Gel Solution Speed 2 Clay

Put these shoes on your feet and immediately you will be able to tell that it is a stable, sturdy pair of running shoes. The ASICS Gel Solution Speed 2 Clay are the type of shoes that can readily absorb hours of pounding and directional changes on a hard court. You will feel a sense of security and confidence when wearing them and their performance on the court is exceptional. The Speed 2 offers enough cushioning, support and stability to bring out your A-game. Especially for the aggressive movers among you, my dear readers.

These lightweight tennis shoes for women have been designed with speed in mind. They accomplish speed by simply being light, which is very important when playing on clay courts. However, they also perform well on hard courts. The uppers have been crafted with very soft materials. As such, there is no break-in period required. You can wear them straight out of the box and head to the court. The upper also contains a lot of mesh. This mesh promotes ventilation, keeps the shoe lightweight and adds to the overall comfort. They are also great tennis shoes for walking, especially due to the breathability and lightweight make. These tennis shoes for narrow feet also stretch a little, to allow more space for those with not so narrow wide feet. A padded heel collar and tongue, promote instep comfort. The lace-up front provides an adjustable fit. The Flexion Fit technology offers form-fitting comfort, while also maintaining support.

A PGuard toe protector has been included to enhance durability. The forefoot and rearfoot Gel cushioning systems absorb shocks during impacts. On the other hand, the impact guidance system enhances the natural gait of the foot. A Personalized Heel Fit memory foam supplies a double layer of memory foam around the collar, while molding to the athlete’s heel. This creates a personalized fit. The insole is removable and replaceable by insoles of your own choice, for those yearning for additional comfort. The outsole is rubber and non-marking, providing more than enough durability and traction. This is the ideal shoe for playing on different surfaces.

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3. ASICS GEL-Resolution 6

The ASICS GEL-Resolution 6 is a modern classic designed for all-round performance. It is the sixth version in the long line of ASICs stability tennis shoes. The previous boots in the series have all come with exceptional performance. An external heel collar together with an added midfoot support system helps to increase rigidity. This provides greater resistance to the twists that normally occur during aggressive cuts, stops and starts. They give you really great support. As an added bonus, they will also last you a long time.

This tennis shoe for women feels comfortable straight out of the box. The uppers flex with your feet, without any abrasion or excessive rubbing. When it comes to cushioning, the ASICS GEL-Resolution 6 does not disappoint. They offer the perfect blend of court feel and comfort. Your feet will be protected from the hard court play abuse all day. The tremendous amount of cushioning under the feet protects them from hard shocks when you land on the hard court. The upper part of the shoe comes with more mesh than its previous versions did. The ventilation and breathability of these shoes are really good. You will never find yourself in a rush to remove these shoes once your game is over. You’ll feel like you’re wearing a pair of comfy slippers, and you’ll likely want to keep them on.

When it comes to arch support, this shoe continues to impress tennis players. They are great tennis shoes for high arches. The stability and support is another excellent feature that comes with this shoe. There is sufficient room in the toe box area for your toes to wiggle and move freely. The deep cut featured on the outsole provides a great amount of traction, as well as durability. The sole is made with Super High Abrasion Rubber while an Ortholite Sockliner offers additional cushioning.

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4. Prince T22

The Prince women’s T22 tennis shoes are designed for playing tennis on grass or clay courts. However, you can also use these plantar fasciitis tennis shoes if you spend a considerable amount of your time walking or standing on hard surfaces. Featuring a new and improved design, these tennis shoes will keep your feet light while ensuring you have adequate cushioning and protection. And just like the previous version, this model features excellent durability, traction as well as excellent underfoot padding.

Whether you participating in a competition or you are just training, your foot is exposed to underfoot impact and shock. But as long as you have these shoes, you don’t have to worry about any of those issues, thanks to their plush cushioning. Apart from that, they have a roomy interior. Therefore, if you are looking for tennis shoes for wide feet, you now have a solution. And as much as these shoes have a wide feet and ample cushioning, they remain light on your feet, thus preventing issues of fatigue.

The Prince T22 tennis shoes come with a roomy forefoot, which gives your toes enough room for splay. Apart from that, their level of support is one of the best on the market. Their midfoot ensures that your foot is properly aligned. On the other hand, the padded collar and tongue supply ankle support. In addition, the tongue protects your instep against pressure exerted by the laces. Their upper is lightweight and breathable, while the TPU shank provides support and stability during lateral movements. As for the outsole, the PRC 100 compound featuring a herringbone traction supplies traction for a wide range of surfaces.

  • Spacious toe box
  • Adequate stability and support
  • Reliable traction on various surfaces
  • Comfortable and stylish
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5. New Balance WC1005 Stability

These tennis shoes are great for the female tennis player who values all-round performance on the court. They are suitable for high arches, because of their good support. Therefore, if you have high arches and you feel that a normal tennis shoe leaves your arches feeling painful and tired, then the New Balance WC1005 Stability is a shoe that you may want to consider. The wide fit of these tennis shoes is also something you are bound to enjoy.

What you should be aware of is that these shoes tend to be a little longer than the size you wear normally. Should you make the decision to buy them, then you won’t have to bother breaking them in. They are comfortable right away. You don’t have to stretch them before playing, either. In order to make these shoes cool, dry and comfortable as much as possible, part of the construction involves a breathable mesh material on the upper. The toe area has been reinforced to make sure that scrapes and scuffs do not appear on the toe. A lightning dry lining has been fitted on the inside of these shoes to ensure that they dry effectively and quickly. This lining also ensures that accumulation of moisture does not create undesired odors.

Shock absorption has been taken care of by a non-cellular midsole. The midsole comes with the S-Curve technology for fast action cuttings movement, while keeping your ankle stabilized. This ensures that your feet remain stress-free and comfortable as much as possible. The outsole has been designed with a herringbone pattern to provide reliable traction all the way through. It allows you to move with optimal agility and easy movement on the court. The Ndurance rubber compound used to make the outsole, ensures good durability even with high intensity use.

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6. Adidas Performance ASMC Barricade 2015

For more than ten years, the Stella McCartney series has brought polished feminity, tailored details and confident silhouettes, to the world of tennis. The Barricade collection has continued with the unique approach of designing sophisticated tennis shoes used by elite players. This shoe makes a presence on the court with a distinctive heel counter and a sculpted midsole. It also features an engineered mesh for supporting your fit. Additional open panels allow the upper material to breathe while a tight knit in key areas ensure that your feet are evenly supported.

Popularly known as the Stella McCartney tennis shoe, this Adidas shoe is super flexible, as well as attractive. If features an interior lycra bootie together with ADIPRENE padding. The TPU and the cross section provide good breathability. The Adiwear 6 outsole and the Torsion Framework keep your feet stable, while also giving your shoes the solidness they require. The shoe is sturdy and superb. This shoe is lightweight and perfect. It does not require any break in period. Its ankle support is also great. The visual appearance of these shoes, might make you to think it was meant for lighter duties, such as the occasional jog. They are available in several other colors, so there is something to be found for you, too. The shoe is stronger than it looks, though. And you’re going to find out all about that when you take them to the tennis court.

They remain the preferred shoes for Caroline Wozniacki, due to their superior comfort and stylish construction. The lyrca bootie and the Kurim upper construction gives breathability, lightweight comfort and support. They are also Micoach enabled. A TPU heel stabilizer provides additional stability while the Adiprene+ in the midsole provides shock absorption to propel the player during impact. With a sleek cosmetic shoe, the Performance ASMC provides you with the confidence you need for aggressive play on the court.

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7. New Balance WC806 Stability

With the 806, New Balance has continued their legendary heritage of creating shoes that come with superior support and stability. The New Balance WC806 Stability shoe has been fitted with ROLLBAR technology that prevents excessive movement of the rear of the foot. This gives you full control of your strides when you are making those aggressive cuts and strides on the court.

The shoe also comes with a full grain leather upper, which givers you a classic style and look. The upper has also been strenghened at the front with extra protection against toe dragging. The New Balance MC806 Stability also features a herringbone non-marking outsole, crafted with Ndurance technology for providing maximum traction and durability. From the sole to the heel, there is a 10mm drop, placing you as close to the playing surface as possible. This shoe also offers a C-Cap, long wear drag tip and a lightning dry lining, that ensures your feet are warm and dry throughout your play.

For cushioning, the shoe has been crafted with the legendary Abzorb technology, while the isoprene rubber and Dupoint Engage provide you with all day comfort. The New Balance MC806 Stability is also a great tennis shoe for plantar fasciitis. You can choose from navy blue, grey or white. The shoes come true to size and do not require any break in period. The shoe also is also roomy on the inside, so that it allows you to third party insoles, if you desire more cushioning. The 806 has also addressed most of the issues that had been raised in the 800 series shoes. It is one of the most comfortable, stable and supportive tennis shoe for women.

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8. ASICS Gel Resolution 4

This shoe provides superior ground contact, while keeping the player on her feet. This allows the tennis player to remain on top of her game. It features a lightweight upper, constructed using a supportive synthetic leather and a breathable mesh. The breathable mesh lining keeps your feet warm and dry. The Personal Heel Fit, designed with a double layer of memory foam lines the collar and molds to the athlete’s heel. This creates a personalized feel. The forefoot and the rearfoot cushioning system absorb impacting shocks, but never get in the way of your mobility. You can expect to get good support and durability from the Resolution 4s.

The Solyte midsole, which is significantly lighter than the standard EVA used in most shoes offers comfort and additional cushioning on top of long-lasting wear. The AHAR rubber has been placed on different sections of the outsole, for optimal durability on high wear areas. A Trusstic system ensures the shoe is lightweight, for enhanced mobility. The tremendous cushioning under the feet, gives them protection when they land on the hard court.

The heel clutching system and the impact guidance promote stability, especially for aggressive players. The modified herringbone pattern provides an excellent choice, for playing on different surfaces. It is a great tennis shoe for women.

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9. Adidas Performance Barricade Team 4 W

If you want to maintain control and performance on your next match, then the Adidas Performance Barricade Team 4 W is what you need. Just like the Barricade Team 3 its predecessor, the Team 4 maintains a lightweight feel and impressive comfort. The adiWEAR 6 outsole has been included for improved durability while the ADIPRENE+ in the midsole offers a plush feel during harsh landings. The 3D Torsion System inclusion stabilizes the foot, during swift directional changes.

The breathable mesh added to this shoe, gives the upper a more modern look. The fit of the shoe follow the contour of your feet perfectly, while providing great arch support at the same time. The toe box is medium and the midfoot region fits snugly. Comfort is one of its greatest attributes, especially when compared to the earlier versions of shoes in the Barricade series. The ventilation is great. It is provided by the small circles on the upper. These circles ensure that the underlying mesh is able to breathe comfortably during play.

The outsoles provide reliable traction during court movement. It also allows you to change direction easily without slips. The sole holds up well, considering how lightweight this shoe is. The outsoles are durability and wear resistant. You will enjoy the comfort and lightweight nature of this shoe. They also come with lace closures, to give you more flexibility when it comes to fit. The integrated forefoot straps provide additional support.

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10. ASICS Gel Challenger 10

The ASICS Gel Challenger 10 comes with a stylish design for providing stability and exceptional comfort for the highest level performance. The upper has been crafted with a lightweight leather and mesh, which provides exceptional breathability. Additionally, there is a Personal Heel Fit featuring a memory foam lined heel, which gives the tennis player a personalized fit. You will also love the patented forefoot and rearfoot GEL cushioning system that has been fitted in the midsole. This provides superior shock absorption and comfort, when you make high impact movements.

These shoes have also been approved by the American Podriatic Medical Association. These shoes also feature the Solyte midsole material that provides lightweight cushioning while maintaining comfort. The extended Trusstic System on the outsole, offers full contact with the ground while providing responsive support and retaining structural integrity. A toe protector has been added to offer more durability against wear and tear from toe dragging.

The Flexion Fit on the upper provides an enhanced form-fitting environment, without compromising the necessary support needed during high-performance tennis play. Thanks to the excellent midfoot stability, you will have an added confidence boost during the game. You will also enjoy the comfort and cushioned feel, during movement. The Personal Heel Fit on the upper uses a double memory foam layer, lining the heel collar and molding to the athlete’s heel. The padded heel collar and tongue enhance comfort while the lace-up front provides an adjustable fit. The spEVA midsole material helps to decrease midsole breakdown and improves bounce back characteristics. A removable sockliner offers added comfort. The sole is non-marking for durability, support and enhanced traction. The shoe works well both on hard as well as soft courts. They are light, stable and provide great arch support. The ASICS Gel Challenger 10 is one of the best tennis shoes you will ever wear. You can also use orthotic inserts if you prefer.

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11. Bonus Shoe: Z-CoiL Freedom Slip Resistant Fuchsia Leather

Before even having read this sentence, I’m sure you’ve noticed something special about this shoe. Keep reading, because it really is something special!

The Z-CoiL is one of the best shoes for pain relief. It features full-grain, genuine leather, while blending fit performance and exceptional style into your daily schedule. The heel collar and tongue, that are sufficiently padded, offer plenty of comfort. Impact is greatly reduced by the patented coil. This helps to relieve pain in your lower back, legs and feet. the in-built Z-Orthotic offers protection to the plantar ligaments, while helping to equalize pressure. Z-CoiLs are specifically designed to help you win the war on foot pain, back pain and leg pain.

Every shoe from this line has been fitted with a spring coil beneath the heel, which works like a pumped up shock absorber on steroids. With this shoe, you are putting such minute amounts of pressure on your joints, muscles and bones, it will make you feel like you are floating on a cloud. Cloud 9, to be exact. This patented pain relief footwear comes with an inbuilt rigid orthotic, that provides your feet with greater support and stability. The forefoot has been filled with soft cushioning for shielding the ball of your foot from excessive strain. A round rocker bottom outsole, assists with forward motion. When you combine all these great features into one neat little package, you get a very special shoe that improves stability and posture, super boosting your ability to defeat lower limb joint and muscle pain once and for all.

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  1. I play tennis on a clay surface. I have very wide feet due to bunion, a high arch, and also have a heel spur.
    I’m looking for a fairly light weight sneaker, which will be supportive and comfortable. Do you have a suggestion?

    • Hi Arlene,

      I review nothing but the best shoes that I can find, because I have no interest in bothering my dear readers with sub par footwear.

      Any of the shoes reviewed on this page are good. The Asics Gel 5 listed up top is suitable for wide feet, so I suggest considering that one.



    • Hi Nathan,

      I have no particular favorite tennis shoe for a narrow foot. All tennis shoes reviewed on this page are good stuff, because I’m not interested in wasting my readers’ time with sub par shoes.

      You can go with anyone of these that is available in your daughter’s size.



  2. I play tennis and I am looking for a sneaker that will take the pressure off my Morton’s neuroma. I have a wide foot and use a custom orthotic. Even with the custom orthotic, I am in pain. I find most sneakers raise the heel shifting weight to the ball of the foot. I also supinate so that may also be contributing. I tend to slice and dice the shoe’s insert to help elevate the pressure points, add additional mid sole padding and counter my supination. Prince T22 help a little, is there anything else I can try? Thanks!

  3. This is a good review but so outdated. I loved the Asics Gel Resolution 5 when it came out and had 3 pair until they no longer made them. The Asics Gel Resolution 6 had a much narrower toe box and was difficult for my foot.
    Please provide an update of shoes that are currently available with a wide toe box and the cushioning of the Asics Gel Resolution 5.

    • Hi Pat,

      Believe it or not, but I was just updating this review page on the same day that you posted this comment. The Prince T22 was updated with a newer model, because the old model was no longer available.

      Good advice on the newer Gel Resolutions, though. I’ve made a note of it. Who knows, I might review them soon.

      Anyway, thanks for your valuable feedback.



  4. I have been wearing Asics Gel Resolution 10’s and also wear Addidas Barricade 5’s but both have worn out but I really love my Asics. Do you have any suggestions for the best Asics substitution.

    • Hi Valerie,

      If you love Asics Gel Resolution so much, then why simply not stick to them?

      It’s a popular series and they bring out new versions all the time.

      The Gel Resolution 7, right here on this page, is in the number #1 spot for a reason. 😉



    • Hi I have wide feet…tore my tendon last year from planters plate playing picleball…wrong sneakers…healing but developed hammer toe…want to play pickleball again but need court sneaker high toe box front toe cushion for impact…any suggestions

  5. I need a woman’s tennis shoe for narrower, higher arch support. I really miss my Fila leather Vantaggios. Which tennis show is best that doesn’t feel so low to the ground or not wide?

    • Hi Sally,

      If it’s arch support that you need, then you’d best get a third party, after market pair of insoles to go with your tennis shoes.

      I’ve discovered Tread Labs years ago and haven’t worn anything else since. They go in my walking shoes, my sports shoes as well as my hiking boots!



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