Women’s Hiking Boots Reviews – Part 4

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Hi-Tec Women’s Altitude Glide WP Light Hiking Boot Review

16-bhbwDo you want to climb to new heights while keeping your feet dry all the way to the top? This pair of boots might be the best one for you. After considering these footwear’s wonderful features, I’m sure you won’t be able to wait to pick a hiking trail. Keep reading to learn all about them. It will be worth your time, I guarantee it.


  • Comes in dark chocolate color (yummy, chocolate!).
  • Made of leather.
  • Has a sole made of rubber.
  • The shaft has an estimated measurement of 4 1/2″ from its arch.
  • The heel has an estimated measurement of 1″.
  • The platform has an estimated measurement of 3/4″.
  • The boot’s opening has an approximate measurement of 9″ around.
  • Designed to look good on females.
  • To add support and rigidity, the boot is fitted with and extra steel shank.
  • Waterproof construction.
  • The lining wicks moisture.
  • The hardware has a rust proof feature and is an ultra-weight.


The boots are lightweight and rugged. Nobody wants to be carrying lots of extra weight along on a trail. The boot has a highly supportive cushion and, most importantly, as described in the features, it has a capacity to wick away moisture. They’re amazingly waterproof. The sole, that’s made of rubber, is heavily treaded to give loads of strong traction. With its top-quality make, you’ll be fully equipped for adventures outdoors.


To add a classy look, the uppers are made of full grain rubber. The latter keeps your feet dry all day long. Moreover, its customized cushioning provides comfort for every foot. The Altitude is contoured with a sockliner that’s very comfortable, considering the fact that it’s made of memory foam. The durable rubber that the outsole is made of gives you great stability. It’s a very reliable boot indeed.

Minor Issue

The women’s Hi-Tec Altitude Glide boots have the tendency show wear and tear and come apart when you use them for super extreme (read: intensive) hiking. Some customers expressed their feedback about this. They’re sturdy, waterproof and will provide great comfort. But because this is a lightweight boot, it is not suitable for many super heavy series of hiking trips. If you’re going on frequent hikes with these, then make sure you aren’t picking the most strenuous of trails. Overall, it gives you great comfort and keeps the feet fresh all day.


The majority of the buyers have confirmed that the boots undeniably served their purpose. The fact that they are waterproof, really helps in crossing those streams and hiking when it’s raining. Another thing that people liked about this boot, was the fact that it gives good ankle support, which also makes it stay on your foot really. It never slides off.

Most of them didn’t have any issue at all and were very much satisfied with the boots. All in all, you can say that it’s a pretty good buy. The boots are accurate in size, they’re water-resistant and quite sturdy. Can’t wait to work through your bucket list of hiking adventures? Almost all of the buyers gave good and even excellent feedback on these boots. So what are you waiting for? Grab a pair now and pick your trail already!

Lowa Women’s Renegade GTX Mid Hiking Boot Review

17-bhbwFor almost 90 years, LOWA boots have been handcrafted in Europe. Mountaineers, climbers and hikers alike have claimed that these are the best of the best when it comes to boots we can use outdoors. They mean the best all over the globe… not just Europe. The design tells you right away that these have had a superbly thoughtful touch from a guy who obviously knows his footwear. The materials are processed cleanly with fair trade standards in the labor that produced these. Wear LOWA boots now and be more confident outdoors right from the moment you slip these onto your feet. These boots are famous for talking the talk and walking the walk. Incomparable performance, quality and sustainability. That’s what these are all about. And on the trail… you’re going to need the best hiking boots you can get.


  • Made of leather.
  • Vibram sole.
  • The shaft measures 4.75″ approximately from the arch.
  • Each heel has an estimated measurement of 1.5″.
  • The platform measures 1″ approximately.
  • The Gore Tex membrane has a breathable and waterproof feature.
  • The footbed has a climate control that’s breathable.
  • The midsole has a frame with PU Monowrap feature.
  • Nylon shank for extra stability.

Vibram Outsole

The upper leather is Renegade’s nubuck leather. The foot is securely held in place. This reduces the strain when going through downhill areas. The advanced midsole technology increases the stability while keeping the overall weight to a minimum. These boots are very suitable for outdoor activities like hiking, etc. You will need lots of grip and traction when undertaking activities such as these. And these will be the perfect gear, even in the most intense situations. To give optimal comfort and a great fit, these shoes are built specifically for sporty girls such as yourself.

Wicking moisture With Climate Control Footbed

The women’s LOWA Renegade GTX boots will keep feet very dry, cool and blister-free. The lining of the boots has perforations, which allows air to effectively circulate. It wicks the moisture and minimizes the fatigue and friction.

Waterproof Gore-Tex To Keep Feet Dry

In wet, cold and even warm conditions, the lining will cool your feet’s hot spots, so they are guaranteed to stay as cool and comfortable as they can be. The soft glove lining will fit itself to your feet and fit like a glove.

Nylon Shank

To provide extra stability, these hiking boots feature a full length nylon shank. This pair promises the feel of a customized fit for every lady’s foot out there.

Minor Issue

Although the Renegade GTX boots come in various sizes so they can fit on every foot, there are some customers out there who needed to return their first set of boots in order to get back a different size. But since Amazon has no problems exchanging one pair of boots for another, it’s a pretty low risk.


These are class A, high quality boots. The price pretty much gives it away. But you truly do get what you pay for. These boots are LOWA’s best hiking boots. And they are known for their legendary comfort and fit. Hikers all across the globe have given this footwear the praise they so rightly deserve. Just make sure you choose the right width for your feet, and you’ll be good to go in no time.

Dream Pairs Convoy Women’s Lace Up Casual Ankle Rugged Fur Lining Flat Combat Booties Review

18-bhbwAre you looking for the cutest booties out there? These boots are definitely for you. If you’re feeling like looking a little stylish then these booties will be right up your alley. You’ll be looking as good as you’ll feel. These are the boots for you if you don’t mind wearing them mostly casually. Keep in mind that they are extremely low budget boots. They will not last long when you take them onto rough terrain for days on end. But they sure look cute, though.

To give the greatest comfort, the insoles are lightly cushioned. The collars are padded, the front is laced up, the heels are chunky flat, and the seams are stitched.


  • Synthetic.
  • Available in half size and full size.
  • The materials are man made.
  • The platform has a measurement of approximately 1”.
  • The height of the heel has a measurement of approximately 4.5”.
  • The insole has a faux fur that’s padded and finished.
  • The circumference of the opening at the top has an approximate measurement of 11.5”.

Minor Issue

Some customers are having problems with the sizing, because these women’s Dream Pairs Convoy combat booties certainly run a little small. Order a size larger than what you’re used to, to avoid having to return it. Another one is the quality of the boots. These are low priced. And like with expensive boots, you will get what you pay for. Like I’ve mentioned, they are synthetic. Don’t expect these to have the same appeal as nubuck leather boots. They may not last very long, but they’re perfect for wearing casually during the winter, or very light and short hikes. Day hikes are a good idea for these.

The size problem happens often, and most of the buyers end up returning these cute booties. However, since I’ve just told you about the sizing problem, you can keep this in mind. You can easily exchange the boots for another pair with Amazon.


Boots of this kind of style are normally fairly heavy. However, this pair is fairly lightweight. Compare its weight to common and conventional sneakers and you’ll see this is a light footwear. The majority of the customers have stated that these stylish booties are warm and super cute. Some of them say they even wanted to buy an extra pair. Some said the booties are quite nice and definitely fit well. They’re very functional for the low, low price you pay for them. They’re so cute, you might even get unsollicited compliments!

These super cute booties are famous for being such a lovely gift idea. Some customers have gifted these boots to friends and families. All the recipients were quite happy about them. They’re stylish, cheap and are comfortable to walk in. These women’s combat booties may not be suitable for long, heavy hikes… but they hold their own during snowy times.

Admittedly, sizing can be a big problem with these booties. But I’ve let you know about this problem up front, so now you can take it into account. Be aware of the size problem and you can order the right rize right away. Despite the sizing problem, this bootie is well received.

KEEN Women’s Marshall WP Hiking Shoe Review

19-bhbwThe ‘outdoors’ is a pretty wide concept. Although in reality, any place that doesn’t have four walls and a ceiling can be considered ‘outdoors’. It could be the city streets, beaches, or mountains. To live a rewarding outdoor lifestyle is the vision of KEEN. KEEN wants you to be part of the ever growing community of hikers. In said community, there will be people who proactively get themselves out there, always looking for another trail. Once you get yourself onto the trail, there is no going back. These hiking shoes give you protection from all the outdoor elements that you will encounter when you are going onto the trail. Get ready for action!


  • Made with synthetic materials.
  • These hiking shoes are imported.
  • The sole is made of rubber.
  • The lugs are multi-directional and measures 4mm.
  • The midsole has a PU that has high-rebound.
  • Its membrane is breathable but waterproof; it will keep feet dry.
  • The lining wicks moisture.
  • The outsole is made of rubber and it’s non-marking.
  • The boot is mildly cut and can help you tackle trails that require high flexibility (you will be protected from the elements really well).

Minor Issue

Some buyers are of the opinion that there isn’t enough arch support and that they seem pretty flat. You can easily fix this buy purchasing an insert along with these boots. One buyer complained that her boots were too wide. Tying it as tightly as she could dit not help. She had to return them in exchange for another pair. Another buyer had wrinkles in the boot lining. For this person, an exchange was also readily made. Some buyers have run into minor problems with this boot. But all in all, it’s still a really good boot with mostly favorable reviews.


According to most of buyers, these women’s KEEN Marshall WP hiking shoes are pretty solid. The soles are good, too. They are waterproof, as you might expect from boots in this price range. Keep in mind that these are not heavy duty boots. You will have to use them on moderate trails only. Taking these with you on super heavy hikes will make you regret the decision. If you intend to wear these for moderate hikes, then they are certainly worth the asking price.

They are also a great fit. One buyer had tested them out on a 5 mile hiking trip in Hawaii. It was a muddy location. Pretty wet and with varying terrain. But with these KEEN Marshall boots, she managed to get a good grip and good support. They worked well on uprooted paths and rocky areas. These KEENs gave her a smooth trip.

Overall, these hiking shoes are pretty darn feet friendly. There’s enough room to wiggle your toes. It’s very waterproof indeed. You can play in wet puddles all you like and your feet will remain dry for sure. They also let themselves be cleaned up real easily. Based on what I’ve read, I  highly recommended these. For upcoming trips and travels, you might as well try these lightweight, waterproof and super comfortable lady’s hiking shoes. They come in a variety of interesting color combination, so there’s something to go around for everybody. These are also suitable for wearing casually.

Merrell Women’s Grassbow Sport Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot Review

20-bhbwWith the high performance that these boots promise you, you can push yourself to the limit. It has a very breathable air mesh and an upper part made of synthetic materials (M-Select Dry engineering, to be exact). It seals water out, but at the same time lets moisture escape. They will keep your feet dry. The lining of the mesh is breathable, so the formation of odor is completely prevented. They have a removable footbed (EVA) that can be washed. Long lasting freshness is pretty much guaranteed if you bother to take care of your boots every once in a while.

For additional support when going off road, there is an air cushion in the heel. The pad is a ‘Trail Protect’ and it will absorb the biggest shocks for you, so your feet won’t have to endure them.


  • Made with synthetic materials.
  • They are imported.
  • The sole is made of rubber.
  • The footbed foam is an EVA.
  • It has a grip-tread that’s M-Select.
  • The waterproof membrane is an M-Select DRY.

Minor Issues

On buyer complained that she thought the sole was too thin, resembling a sneaker too much. Another buyer complained of becoming overheated in these shoes, but that seemed to be an isolated incident. Yet another buyer claimed the laces were too short, although she did admit that they were cute. If you don’t mind having to deal with minor hassles such as these, then these shoes are a good option for you.


Some buyers have described the women’s Merrell Grassbow Sport hiking boot as the prettiest ones they have ever seen. Women state that they feel feminine and sporty in these, without feeling too girly. These boots prove that it’s possible for mature women to wear pink footwear without looking like a teenager or a barbie doll. They are both waterproof and vegan. They provide sturdy ankle support and they will make your feet appear slender and small. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone.

Plenty of Grassbow owners have expressed their their joy with these. They have reported that this boot’s lightweight structure will make you feel as if you are only wearing socks. They are being heralded as being extremely comfortable. They give you great support, balance as well as protection. Your feet will not tire easily in these boots. They are comfortable as if they are running shoes. But in the meantime, you can actually go on a pretty rough hike with these and you can rest assured that they will take you all the way to the end of the trail!

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