Women’s Hiking Boots Reviews – Part 5

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Stumptown by Danner Women’s Mountain Light Cascade Hiking Boot Review

21-bhbwA classic designs from the 70s. That is what makes this pair of boots so extraordinary. The craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, and the top quality materials used in the construction of these, is quite remarkable. They’re from Portland and these light mountain boots feature a leather that’s full grain, vibram sole and even flat laces, red in color. Be sure not to miss these beautifully designed backpacking boots. You’d better try them on and be amazed by their extraordinary quality.


  • They are imported and is made in the United States of America.
  • The sole is made of rubber.
  • There’s a pair of laces for closure.
  • There’s a 65 EDD Danner last, that is supportive but roomy.
  • The shaft is 5 inches in height.
  • The upper material is made of leather that’s full grain.
  • They are recommended for backpacking, camping and even hiking.

These are incredibly high quality boots that are totally worth the asking price.

Minor Issue

On single buyer reported that it appeared to be very narrow, moreso than she expected. Other than this, she found these trekking boots pretty and very well-made. She tried to exchange them for a wider pair. Not sure how that ended, but I hope she got her way. These Stumptown Danner Mountain backpacking boots are the perfect gift, either for yourself or for a friend or family member. Just make sure the girl you are giving these too, does not have very wide feet!

Not too many people will run into this problem, as the vast majority of people have feet widths that fall well within normal ranges.


The majority of buyers found these boots amazingly well-made. They are saying that they’re beautiful, but that its design hasn’t taken anything away from the functionality. Stumptown by Danner promises you that they shall fit you like a pair of gloves, and the buyers have confirmed this. Moreover, they provide great support and there is a lot of room. Precisely enough that you can still wiggle your toes.

These are among the best hiking boots on all of Amazon. They are Amazon’s bestseller. And that’s for a reason. They are suitable for you if you’re into classy, iconic and quality designs. This footwear offers the complete package of design and functionality. The price is reasonable, considering the extraordinarily high quality that you get in return.

You wouldn’t be the first to impress your friends and family members by wearing these. Buyers also mentioned that they would highly recommend these trekking boots to pretty much everybody else that wanted advice. They are very comfortable indeed. There have been no reports saying that these boots are easily worn out. They last longer than the manufacturer states. I guess the manufacturer wanted to over deliver. And that is exactly what he has done.

What you sometimes see with ordering footwear online, is that the sizing is sometimes off. Luckily, that is not the case with these women’s Stumptown by Danner backpacking boots. Sizing is a common problem that you’ll most likely encounter at one point in your online shoe shopping activities. But Amazon lets you exchange footwear, no questions asked. Even when ordering online, you will be able to  get the perfect pair and they’ll be exactly what you need. Take your hiking to a new level with this pair of top quality, sturdy boots. Exceed your limits!

Ahnu Women’s Sugarpine Boot Hiking Boot Review

22-bhbwTo inspire a life that’s more balanced by going outdoors more often. That pretty much sums up the manufacturer’s intention when he designed this brand. Today, there are more and more people who prefer traveling rough trails to staying indoors and, every so often, hit the treadmill. These boots are powered by Numentum technology. Numentum is a positioning system that’s neutral and it’s been engineered to support to the natural biomechanics of your feet. These camping boots were made for an active lifestyle. They will allow you to firmly plant your feet, so that you can accomplish a balanced and efficient stride. Wherever you hike, you will guaranteed to be comfortably supported and balanced on your trip. Ahnu’s passion for good footwear drives them to create these kinds of boots.


  • Made using synthetic materials.
  • Imported.
  • The sole of this hiking boot is made of rubber.
  • The measurement of the shaft is an estimated 5.5” from the arch.
  • The heel has an approximate measurement of 1”.
  • Has a waterproof construction.
  • Utilizes Numentum technology.
  • The heel clip has TPU stability.
  • Has a gusseted tongue.
  • Contains a toe protector that’s made of rubber.
  • Has an EVA dual-density.
  • The outsole is a vibram and it’s non-marking.
  • Has lugs that are self-cleaning.

Ahnu’s signature design is very much present in this boot. It is available in many vibrant color schemes, however. This sets it apart from all the rest.

Minor Issue

Some buyers claim there is a small waterproofing problem. At first, some people seem to think that these Ahnu’s Sugarpine trekking boots aren’t waterproof at all, and gave them a low rating for it. However, one buyer came back to leave a follow up comment to her review, which added further insights. She wore them the next day when it rained, but her feet remained dry. Even when she was splashing around in puddles. It kind of matters which part gets wet. When the water stays below the ankle, the feet stay dry. Some water can still get in if it hits you above the ankle. But I think most boots have that. Windy days might make the rain sway sideways, making the upper part of the ankle wet. And that is pretty much where the water resistance stops. And so, some water can soak down inside the shoes. This buyer left a suggestion to Ahnu regarding this problem. She thought that it would be a good idea to extend the waterproof part above the ankle. Aside from this, there were no issues mentioned.


The vast majority of these boots’ buyers have given the Sugarpine boots a really great rating for excellent overall performance, despite a minor waterproofing issue. One buyer went on a 70 mile hike in 10 days. And 90% of the time, she was wearing the Sugarpine hiking shoes. She was pleasantly surprised to see that her feet were free of blisters after that hike. The shoes accommodated to every different kind of hiking area she encountered; both downhill and steep uphill areas. These hiking shoesby Ahnu have a perfect fit, are lightweight and highly breathable. They are highly recommended for vigorous hiking. They’re very comfortable and fun to wear right from the start, as they do not require breakingin.

KEEN Women’s Koven Mid WP Hiking Boot Review

23-bhbwYou will be enjoying many a day of adventurous hikes when you’re wearing this excellent pair of KEENs. Plan adventurous trekking trips to mountain tops, jungles or rough trails. These shoes will turn you into a well-rounded, professional hiker overnight. They’re perfect for daily hikes. Got a long distance to walk? Get these KEEN Kovens. The PU non-marking outsole provides a ground-gripping traction, not often seen in any other kind of footwear.


  • Made in leather and other synthetic materials.
  • Imported and made in the United States of America.
  • The soles are synthetic.
  • The shaft is an estimated 4.5” right from the arch.
  • These boots contain a mesh that’s breathable and features overlays of leather and also logos at the sides and heels.
  • It has pull-tabs at the heel and tongue.
  • The outsole is specifically made for traction.
  • It has laces for closure.

When you look at the price performance, they’re pretty good, actually. KEENs Koven hiking shoes are made of leather that’s waterproof, and they have a mesh that’s breathable. They are very convenient and comfortable. The membrane is waterproof and dry, which will leave your foot well protected from the outdoor elements. They have a removable footbed (EVA) cushion. Don’t forget to leave those in when you’re going for a hike, as they will give your feet the comfort they deserve, all day long. They also give you a lot of stability for better balance. For overall support, an EVA midsole that’s compression molded, is added to the mix. The lugs are multi-directional, so they provide some serious traction. These shoes are a pretty ideal companion for an active, outdoor spirit such as yourself. Engage in numerous fun, outdoor hiking adventures with one of KEEN’s best hiking boots. Explore nature as comfortablye as you possibly can.

Minor Issue

One concern that one buyer mentioned, was that these boots cause a bit of irritation because the ankle bones rub up to the side. She didn’t give a perfect rating for that. And also because she wished that KEEN had put in more bottom padding and arch support. These were just minor concerns to her. Overall, she found that the positive outweighed the negative. Overall, the purchase was totally worth it and she considered the money well spent. If you are considering purchasing these boots, you may want to order an extra pair of inserts as well. Just to be sure.


If you want something that’s waterproof, sturdy, rugged and comfortable… than these women’s Koven backpacking boots are for you. For the money you’re paying, you’re getting a lot of value. The shoes have enough room to fit one finger at the back, assuming you don’t have extraordinarly thick fingers. Buyers have confirmed that they’re incredibly comfortable. For most people, there is no tightness or rubbing whatsoever. Another important thing to consider is that you’ll have no blisters after your first hike with these. It’s almost as if KEEN has found a way to completely circumvent the adjustment period. It’s always handy to not have to break in new shoes. One buyer described these as her very first pair of decent tramping boots. And she had tried many before. They’re rugged, yet comfortable. They noted that these Koven boots are ideal for anyone who has a medium to wide size.

KEENs Kovens for women have proven themselves, as they are praised by the majority of buyers. Many people have tried them out on hill climbs, both up and down, and have found that they work perfectly. Even during snowy seasons, these boots are a great pick. It seems snowy trails worldwide have met their match with these boots. They’ll keep feet warm and dry, even when mother nature is giving you her worst!

KEEN Women’s Koven Mid Hiking Boot Review

24-bhbwThe versatile look of these backpacking boots have undoubtedly caught your attention. It doesn’t matter what kind of trail you will be hiking on, these boots will be giving you support all the way. This footwear is considered to be all-season and they are made of premium leather, with a mesh that is breathable. Moreover, they include a ghillie style lace and the topline is generously padded. The lining on the mesh wicks away any moisture that might be present inside, in order to provide interior comfort.

Together with the stability shank on the midfoot, the footbed (which is metatomical) offers a cradling support to the foot with every step you take. But it can also be removed and replaced with your desired personal orthotics. This incredible pair of Koven hiking boots for women are finished with a rubber outsole that’s non-marking. They also lugs that are multi directional. These lugs dig themselves into the terrain to keep the wearer balanced.


  • Made of leather and some synthetic materials.
  • Imported and made in the United States of America.
  • The sole is made of rubber.
  • The shaft measures 4 inches approximately from the arch.
  • The midsole is compression-molded and an EVA.
  • The footbed (EVA) is metatomical and removable.
  • It has a TPU shank that’s supportive.
  • It has a toe bumper that’s a KEEN. protect.
  • The outsoles are multi-directional.

Minor Issue

Some buyers have complained of getting blisters after the first hike. So these Koven’s might definitely require breaking in for some people. However, if you wear a good pair of socks with these, then this can easily take care of this minor issue. Aside from this complaint, there was no significant amount of negative feedback. The boots look nice and they they’re made from high quality materials.


Overall, buyers buyers were quite happy with these hiking shoes for women. They reported that they’re great for hunting season, too. One buyer bought these as a gift for his girlfriend, who never complained about them at all. They looked awesome on her and the fit was just perfect. So the sizing on these is just fine. Buyers report that they look exactly like they do on the Amazon website and that the colors are correct. That guy was considering buying another pair of the same brand for himself. Go figure!

Most of the people who have bought these boots, absolutely love them. They are of the opinion that they look really attractive. And also that they are comfortable, because they are light in weight. Moreover, they look superb and are a dream come true for girl hikers all around the world. Buyers have stated that they have saved lots of money by buying these Koven boots, because they last so long. High durability is always a nice feature to have. For a boot in this price range, high durability is a big extra bonus.

Most buyers have given these boots perfect ratings. One reviewer came back and took one star away, due to the fact that she experienced a little discomfort. But like I mentioned before… this problem can be remedied by wearing decent socks to go along with your boots. The overall functionality of these Keen Kovens is quite remarkable. Don’t miss the opportunity to try them on, and be the judge of whether or not these are KEEN’s best hiking boots.

Merrell Women’s Azura Mid Waterproof Hiking Boot Review

25-bhbwMerrell’s Azura is just what you need to have if you were planning on going on an adventurous trip. This footwear is pretty lightweight, allowing you to actually reach the end of your trail more easily. Thanks to the light outsole, they do not make you feel like you are carrying a pair of heavy bricks on your feet. The arch support has a butterfly shape and the footbed is made of eco-friendly foam. Moreover, the treads of these shoes are very well suited for winter. Cold and wet conditions are certainly not going to be a match for its tread (M-Select Grip).


  • Made of leather.
  • Imported.
  • The sole is made of synthetic materials.
  • The membrane is waterproof and dry (M-Select).
  • Keeps the debris out thanks to the bellows tongue.
  • Has an odor control feature that’s fresh (M-Select).
  • Features a footbed that has an EcoRight foam with a memory foam

Minor Issue

One small concern that some buyers encounter is the length of the shoe lace. When you tie it into a bow one single time, you will be left with less than an inch. So you might as well forget about double tying. The lack of lace is too bad, so you’ll have to replace it with laces of your own if you so desire. Another buyer was concerned that they seemed pretty tight for what was anticipated to be a wide fit. But as time passed by, this buyer noticed that the insoles had formed to each foot, which pretty much solved the problem. Another buyer mentioned that they weren’t as waterproof as she had hoped. For most people, waterproofing was not an issue.


Most of the buyers on Amazon have have confirmed that these Merrell Azura hiking boots for women posess incomparable comfort. It truly is a great design, which has addressed joint related problems in the ankles. Some buyers suffered from bunions and are making use of custom orthotics. But they found that these boots were very comfortable and they were quite happy with them. Many women are wearing these around the house as well.

With great support, a perfect fit, a lightweight design, and toe box that’s roomy, Merrell Azura has made everybody happy. The Amazon reviewers are comparing these with other pairs of boots they have owned in the past, and they are saying that these don’t come close to causing any discomfort. They fit really well and the support is very satisfactory.

Although some buyers experienced minor issues, most of them said that these are the best boots that they have ever worn. These are not even the most pricey boots on the market, but you’re getting lots of bang for your buck. The beauty of what are perhaps Merrell’s best hiking boots, is that they can be very helpful to people who have special foot conditions. The amazing comfort that they provide will give you an awesome hiking experience. Don’t let your hiking pleasure be disrupted by a bunion or two. Go with Merrell Azura and tread those trails proudly!

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