Which Shoes Are Best For Cross Training In 2018?

Sometimes, you’ve just gotta do some cross training.

And what better way to do it with an excellent pair of shoes that will support you throughout your training session.

Cross fit is hard enough as it is, folks. You can’t afford to skimp on the footwear!

Best Men’s Cross Training Shoes In 2018 – Reviews

1. New Balance Men’s MX608V4 Training Shoe

Give your legs a great treat with the New Balance Men’s MX608V4 cross training shoes. As a brand, New Balance does not need an introduction. These shoes provide the perfect balance of support, value, and comfort. They have the Medicare / HCPCS code = A5500. These cross trainers for over pronation are available in both suede and leather versions. Therefore, just choose what you feel comfortable with. New Balance has something for everybody!

Their cushioned footbed is made of EVA foam and ABZORB. They also offer you proper midfoot support, thanks to their injection-molded EVA midsole and internal shanks. This level of support and cushioning allows you to transition from one sport to the other, without strain or stress on your feet. Both the tongue and the collar are sufficiently padded. You might be asking yourself why this is so important.

The dual-density padding on these areas minimizes friction and chafing on the rear and forefoot areas. This allows you to train in comfort and enjoy whichever sport you are participating in. Remember those days when you wake up only to find out that it rained at night? Well, you don’t have to worry about slipping or sliding during your outdoor training. The flex grooves on the synthetic soles are flexible and grippy, providing you with all the traction and stability you need. Although your feet might require a short while to get used to these shoes, you will ultimately appreciate their design, perfect fit, balance, comfort, and functionality as you work out.

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2. New Balance Men’s 623v3 Training Shoe

Training comes in different ways. You can be walking, running at full speed, or even jogging, right? The good news is that these cross-trainers can comfortably handle all these situations, due to their remarkable design. To start with, 623v3 are one of the best cross trainers for wide feet. They also among the most durable cross trainers currently on the market. So, what separates them from the competition? The uppers are made of supple faux leather. When combined with the EVA foam on the midsoles, you get assured comfort throughout your work out sessions.

These are designed to handle challenging tasks. They also come with stable and supportive uppers. The upper material is also breathable, which helps to keep your feet odorless and fresh. Cross trainers are designed for different levels of activity. That is why you need flexible shoes like the New Balance 623v3, which allow a smooth transition from a Zumba class to jogging. They also provide great support around the toes and ankles. The last thing you need is slipping during a group exercise class. However, don’t worry about that. With the traction provided by these shoes, you can focus on your exercise and worry less about your feet.

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3. Adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift.2 Trainer Shoe

In terms of athletic-based footwear, most sports including baseball, soccer, and basketball are well represented. However, most shoe companies tend to overlook weight lifting. Adidas has taken care of this through the launch of a series of power lifting shoes. If you are a power lifter, these shoes provide you with everything you need, and make you feel like a real Olympic champion. With a wide and solid base, these training shoes offer the needed stability, as you swing the weights from one point to the other. They also come with a lightweight mesh on the upper, which keeps your feet cool and fresh.

A high-density midsole offers the required support as you engage in competitive weight lifting. To provide the right amount of support, these are fitted with a power strap that fastens across the laces. The power strap acts as an anchor while providing additional support to the lacing system. You know how dangerous it can be when laces come loose in the middle of a lifting session. Also included is an instep strap to provide a secure fit for those insane weight lifting sessions.

A secure foot translates to confident lifts. The slightly lifted midsole, which is made of high density EVA material, increases their longevity. You can trust this strong material to support both you and the weight you are lifting. The insoles are removable, which means that you can place custom insoles in there, to fit your arch. If you are looking for the best cross trainers for weightlifting, the Adidas Powerlift 2.0 should be in the top of your considerations. They are designed and built to withstand the punishment inflicted on them by serious athletes. With these shoes on your feet, you will be wearing a brand of shoes preferred by some of the most successful Olympic weightlifters.

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4. New Balance Men’s MX20BS4 Cross Minimus Training Shoe

The New Balance MX20BS4 is one of the best cross trainers for high arches in 2018. These shoes are specifically designed for weightlifting, or power lifting for that matter. They are so lightweight you will sometimes feel as if you are barefoot. However, that is not to say that their support and comfort is compromised in any way. In fact, they are among the most supportive weight lifting shoes currently on the market. These are stable enough to provide good foot and arch support when you are participating in compound lifts like bench presses. As long as you have these shoes on, your feel will always be where you need them to be. That is, grounded flat as well as hugging the floor, with toes spread out for optimal balance.

It has a wide toe box. This gives your toes some room to wiggle, and that is exactly how it should be when weight lifting. In fact, the wide toe box design is perfect for deadlifting. Created using synthetic material, they allow flexibility and easy movement. These shoes also come with a 4mm drop as well as stabilizing overlays. When you combine these features with a durable Vibram outsole, you get a pair of shoes that is ideal for running, and a host of other forms of workouts. With its wide range of color combinations, you can always find something to match with them. Who said you should not be stylish when working out? You can even use them as watershoes!

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5. adidas Performance Men’s Speed Trainer 2 Training Shoe

The Speed Trainer 2 is an all-round athletic shoe, which keeps your feet comfortable when you are working out. Apart from their grippy outsole, these shoes feature air mesh uppers, for breathability and added comfort. The padded tongue and collar and the synthetic overlays enhance functionality and performance. This means that when you are wearing them during your training sessions, you will always perform at your highest levels, without experiencing any form of foot strain.

They are so light that foot fatigue will never disrupt your Zumba classes. These cross trainers for narrow feet also come with a great arch and heel support. If you suffer from plantar fasciitis and you always have problems finding the right training shoes for your feet, then you have just found the right one. They are lightweight and very cushioned. They might appear snug when you first wear them. However, once you get used to them, your feet will always be happy. When your feet are happy, you will definitely enjoy your training sessions. This gives you greater motivation to work out even more.

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6. Reebok Men’s R Crossfit Nano 5 Training Shoe

The Nano Crossfit series has always gotten positive vibe over the years, and it is easy to understand why. Reebok continues refining and fine-tuning the design of the Nano series, to blend a comfortable and light fit with maximum durability and optimal support. As an athlete, you might be asking yourself where you fit in, in all this. To answer that, this is a high performance cross training shoe, which can be used for weightlifting as well as various track and field games. With the advanced Kevlar infused mesh upper, you are guaranteed breathability and protection.

An updated midsole, combined with precision contouring, locks your foot down in position while preventing unnecessary movements that often lead to hotspots and blisters. In terms of the design, these are extremely nice-looking shoes, which are also available in great designs and colors. Weighing only 269 grams, these shoes are lightweight. This is exactly what you want during functional fitness workouts.

While they are not the lightest on the market, you will fly through rebounding box jumps and double unders as if you’re wearing shoes made of air. If you are a rope-climbing enthusiast, the grip on the sole works really great. Unlike others in the Nano series, the 5.0 comes with a flat sole, which makes them great for deadlifting and heavy squatting. Being endorsed by CrossFit stars like Amanda Allen and Chad Mackay is a guarantee that you are buying a quality product. Unlike the previous models, these come with more arch support, ideally making them running shoes.

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7. New Balance Men’s MX409 Cross-Training Shoe

Cross trainers for extra-wide feet are not easy to find. However, these New Balance shoes fit like a glove, for men whose feet run large. The craftsmanship and the quality in these shoes is hard to come by. It is rare to come across loose stitching and the shoe is solid overall. These super comfortable shoes provide excellent arch support, especially if your ankles roll in and your arches are low.

They are true to size and you just need to order your actual size. Just like a hiking shoe, these are strong at the base and much thicker. Therefore, you get to wear them for a longer period, without exposing your feet to the hard surfaces beneath. Although the upper material is not leather, it is tough enough to withstand the rough conditions experienced during workout sessions. If you are hard on your shoes, if your feet run wide, and you are looking for training shoes with arch support, then you have just found your companion. You don’t have to punish your feet anymore with sub par footwear. They deserve better treatment, and that is what you get with the New Balance MX409 cross training shoes.

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8. adidas Performance Adipower Weightlifting Trainer Shoe

The best weightlifting shoe can accelerate your lifting performance, while ensuring safety under the bar. As you would expect from one of the best manufactures of athletic footwear in the world, the Adidas Adipower is not going to disappoint. Featuring a rock solid base, the Adidas Adipower makes it easier to retain good form throughout a clean and jerk powerlift. Their solid base ensures that your feet remain stable on the ground with each lift. Apart from that, they enable you to maintain a steady poise especially when you are attempting heavy weights. Their solid construction also adds to their overall longevity.

Most weightlifting shoes from this brand tend to have a narrow fit, and that is designed on purpose. The narrow fit helps to keep your feet stable on the ground, especially when lifting heavy weights. Regardless of how small or your big your feet are, you will definitely find a pair that fits nicely, thanks to the Adidas Adipower. Sizing options are flexible and available. When it comes to functionality, these can also be used for general resistance exercises. This includes deadlifts and squats. Since they are cross-training shoes, they can also be worn during a host of other exercises. If you are looking for weightlifting shoes, the Adidas Adipower makes a good fit. Word on the street is that if you take lifting seriously, you will realize that these among the best cross training shoes for weightlifting.

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9. Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 0 Training Shoe

With the Nano 3.0, Reebok had already done a fantastic job. Therefore, it would take a lot to make any noticeable changes. However, Reebok managed to achieve just that. Although the changes were subtle, the 4.0 revised the negative qualities that customers had pointed out and slightly enhanced the positive qualities. The result is an amazing shoe that can be used by different athletes, during the course of their training. Specifically, this one is built for performance and function. Some of the key improvements were made to guarantee lightweight breathability for extended endurance workouts as well as abrasion zones for durability and protection.

It also comes with Kevlar aramid fiber, which ensures they are lightweight but extraordinarily strong. Other design improvements include a rubber toe wrap for durability and protection, open breathable mesh on the upper for breathability and improved range of motion, flexible cushioning on the midsole for comfort and flexibility, RopePro protection wrap which provides additional benefit area. This feature protection protects them from shredding during rope climbing. The outsole features metasplit flex grooves and a finn pattern for increased traction, grip, stability and balance. The Reebok Nano 4.0 is one of the best cross training shoes. It can be used for running, weightlifting, and gymnastic movements.

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10. Nike Men’s Free Trainer 0 V6 Training Shoe

The Nike Free Trainer 5.0 V6 offers a weightless and natural experience during intense training sessions. With these shoes, you almost feel as if you are barefoot. The only difference is that your feet are supported and protected from the hard surfaces beneath. For ventilation and support, they come with a lightweight upper mesh, which does not have even a single sew overlay. The low-profile Phylite midsole is durable enough, which enables it to double as an outsole. The waffle outsole pistons absorb impact and shock, giving you a comfortable ride during all training sessions.

For enhanced support, the molded sockliner conforms to the curvature of the foot. It also features a ¾-length bootie, which wraps the foot in absolute comfort. The breathable upper mesh allows sufficient breathability. On the other hand, the welded flex zones provide you with a wide range of motion during lifting and training. An internal support structure keeps the foot firm and strong while the hexagonal pods on the midsole allow multi-directional movement. Grip and traction is guaranteed regardless of the surface, thanks to the traction pattern on the durable rubber outsole.

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11. Vibram Men’s KSO EVO Cross Training Shoe

The Vibram KSO (Keep Stuff Out) offers a great combination of protection and impressive ground feel. It offers an enhanced running experience with remarkable grip and impressive flexibility. What is great about these shoes? The stretch upper crafted with polyester is breathable and drains well too. This means that you will never encounter the discomfort of sweaty or smelly feet. Heel and collar are reinforced with leather, which gives you a snug feel. After breaking in, they will fit nicely without slipping, which is exactly what you need when it comes to a barefoot shoe (aka: Vibram FiveFingers). This one also features a nice grippy sole.

At first, you might feel as if they are too sticky when moving around. However, that feature is intentional to prevent you from sliding around. There is also a rubber material between the running surface and the foot. This protects the foot against underground impacts and any form of abrasion. The sole is thin rubber. This makes them flexible enough while giving you a lot of ground feel. This minimalist and lightweight shoe enables you to cover longer distances than you would when wearing a normal running shoe. Apart from that, the force needed to attain proper running technique translates to stronger and bigger leg muscles. It also comes with a speed lacing system. All you have to do is to toggle to tighten and you will get them snug on your feet. This simplifies their design while making lace adjustment easy and fast. If you are seeking a minimalist cross training shoe, the Vibram KSO Evo is a reliable option.

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12. ASICS Men’s GEL-180 TR Cross-Training Shoe

Do you find yourself postponing training sessions because your shoes hurt your feet? If so, the ASICS Men’s GEL-180 TR is highly recommended for your specific needs. With these shoes on your feet, you can run, jog, squat or stretch as much as you want, without any discomfort, pain or strain on your feet or knees. The uppers are secure, sleek and flexible. Breathability is another plus. The tongue is plush. Sometimes you feel as if your forefoot is wrapped in sponge. Does it really get any better than that? Apart from that, the tongue remains in position. No sliding left and right, which might leave your feet bruised.

The ASICS Men’s GEL-180 TR is one of the best cross trainers with arch support. These sturdy shoes can be worn during both indoor and outdoor workout sessions. When it comes to size, these tend to run wide. If you have higher than normal arches and you are looking for greater support, buying a slightly larger size. This will allow you to insert custom orthotics. The price of the shoes as well as the replacement insoles is also reasonable. They provide a good value for money. They are also light. It almost feels like a slipper until you lace them up and experience their great support. Construction is solid and they have plenty of foam, which gives you a comfy bounce as you walk.

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13. Reebok Men’s Royal Trainer Mt Cross-trainer Shoe

Reebok was founded to provide athletes with a better running experience and that is exactly what you get when you slip on the Reebok Men’s Royal Trainer. Featuring a memory tech sockliner for a cushioned footbed and a durable outsole, you get a supportive and comfortable shoe that will see you through all your training. For the money, these are great and comfortable shoes.

Also included in the design is a back tab that makes it fast and easy to slip them on. In terms of sizing, it is advisable to order half a size up. However, if your feet run wide, you can even go a full size up and you will get a nice fit. Unlike most trainers that are designed with a narrow toe box, these ones have roomy one. This allows your toes to move freely and blood to circulate normally. They are not pointed, which gives them a manly appearance and feel. Quality of materials is reliable and their overall construction is solid. They are one of those shoes that never seem to fall apart.

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14. Vibram Men’s KMD LS Cross Training Shoe

The Vibram KMD LS is one of the newest additions to the FiveFinger series. From gym workouts to running, these shoes provide a natural barefoot feel. Their quick closure system, combined with a locking buckle gives you a comfortable custom fit with just a single and easy pull. The seamless, stitch free footbed reduces friction while the performance rubber outsole offers the protection and grip required for various cross-training exercises. A zero drop from the heel to toe enhances a natural forefoot to midfoot strike while promoting forward momentum. It also reduces the heel impact when the foot strikes the ground.

Stretchy and flexible uppers hug the feet while providing quick-drying comfort. Also on the upper are breathable stretch-mesh panels, which keep grit and debris out. Just like other FiveFinger shoes, toes fit into individual slots, thus enhancing dexterity, stability, control as well as delivering a natural motion. They also come with Aegis Microbe Shield for odor control development. These features and others, make it one of the best cross trainers for wider feet and higher insteps. They are recommended for fitness and running, allowing your feet to utilize different muscle groups for overall complete leg and foot development.

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15. New Balance Men’s MX857 Cross-Training Shoe

Have you been looking for training shoes that allow you to train effectively without much success? The New Balance Men’s MX857 is just perfect for you. It offers responsiveness as well as shock absorption, for the best workout. These cross training shoes are designed to provide versatility and support for every form of workout. Whenever you have these on your feet, you will train like a pro and perform like a legend, thanks to their optimum motion control. Its top-notch motion control combined with its soft sole provides all-day comfort, making it more fun to workout.

The internal Phantom liner prevents chafing on your feet, especially when temperatures rise inside the shoe. New Balance is one of the companies that have established a strong reputation when it comes to good quality footwear. These shoes are constructed using breathable leather combined with mesh while the full-length EVA Strobel board acts as a shock absorber. The Encap and the C-Cap helps in feet protection against any form of injury that might occur when training outside. The outsole comes with non-marking features while providing you with traction and grip. With the above comfort and safety features, they are one of the best cross trainer shoes for plantar fasciitis and bunions.

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16. ASICS Men’s Gel-Fortius TR Cross-Training Shoe

If you are looking for durable, premium quality shoes, which are specifically designed for rope climbing, weightlifting, running and different forms of training, then you should consider getting the Asics Gel-Fortius. It is a durable, branded and reliable shoes, which guarantees maximum performance, without losing their shape. Some of the most outstanding features in these shoes include gel cushioning, synthetic sole, mesh, as well as the Rhynoskin toe cap, which provides additional support.

An airmesh upper ensures that you can go about your physical activities, regardless of how demanding they are, without the accumulation of sweat or odor. With an abrasion rubber outsole, you can concentrate on your jogging without worrying about your feet. Other excellent features in these cross training shoes include a quarter platform, which is double stitched for providing maximum foot support every time you take 360-degree turns. They also have a low-to-the ground feel for optimal stability when you are undertaking intense workouts or other physical workouts.

These shoes are specifically designed for high intensity interval training. Their gel cushioning provides maximum protection against shock absorption. When it comes to cross training shoes, you need to look for shoes that won’t let you down. These shoes are none other than the Asics Gel-Fortius. They are designed and built to provide maximum performance, protection and overall comfort. Although they might be slightly more expensive than other brands, you are assured to get value for money.

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17. Reebok Men’s R CrossFit Nano 0 Training Shoe

The Nano 2.0 is the second generation of CrossFit shoes developed by Reebok. Shoes in these series are built to withstand wear and tear during extreme workouts. Their structural stability, combine with their comfort levels make them a favorite among crossfit athletes. Shoes in these series, including the Nano 2.0 tend to be a little wider than your average training shoes. The idea behind this design is to allow your toes to spread out more naturally. This helps in stability as well as proper use of the feet. This feature also enhances their comfort, especially if your feet run wide.

Apart from that, their insole provides your feet with a significant amount of support while allowing you to wear them for long periods, without feeling tired or strained. When it comes to support, it is hard to find another shoe that offers such levels. These shoes have a stiff flat sole, keeping your feet stable on the ground when squatting under heavy loads or performing lifts. Additionally, the soft mesh on the upper secures your feet in position while preventing unnecessary lateral movements. The Nano 2.0 is so well rounded and versatile that you can use it for any crossfit exercise.

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18. ASICS Men’s GEL-190 TR Training Shoe

Shoes should never be an excuse for slowing down your workout. To get the best out of your cross-training activities, you need versatile and durable shoes, which allow you to work efficiently. If you are looking for such shoes, then you should try out ASICS Men’s GEL-190 TR. These are perfect for intense training sessions. They are supportive, comfortable and the cushioning is more than sufficient, partly due to a padded collar and tongue. They are supportive and comfortable.

The ASICS Men’s GEL-190 TR are also equipped with the SpEVA midsole, which provides good support. If you are looking for one of the best cross trainers for men in 2018, you should consider these shoes. The use of mid-foot Trusstic System reduces the weight of the sole as well as the entire shoe. You can find them in a wide range of colors, which means that you can maintain your stylish appeal even when working out. Whether you are a professional or a novice athlete, the ASICS Men’s GEL-190 TR is guaranteed to provide performance and comfort.

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19. Skechers Men’s Equalizer 0 – Settle The Score

The Skechers Equalizer 2.0 are athletic men’s sneakers, featuring a memory foam insole and synthetic stability panels. This design allows airflow while providing reliable support whenever you need it. Their non-slip, traction rubber outsoles provide grip on different training surfaces. If your feet run wide, these are perfect for your cross training activities. Featuring Air-Cooled Memory Foam footbed, these sneakers are designed to add style and comfort to your casual lifestyle.

The main problem with most cross trainers is that they tend to be ill fitting. Some are narrow at the toe box and narrow at the heel while others don’t provide the needed arch support. Before you give up on finding shoes that fit you, just try these. They are built to provide support in all the right places of your foot. Collar and tongue are padded, which gives these shoes additional comfort. Apart from that, they come with a soft fabric lining, which hugs your feet and gives you a velvety feel. Lace-up these cross training shoes and experience comfort throughout the day.

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20. New Balance Men’s MX624V2 Cross training Shoe

Feel fully connected to all your outdoor activities while wearing these unique New Balance cross trainers. With an upper material made of leather and a sole made of high grade rubber, you get a pair of shoes that can withstand the punishment experienced in the training field for a long time. If you have big flat feet, then you know how hard it is to get good shoes.

These are one of the few shoes in the market, which fit people with large feet comfortably. Therefore, if you are looking for comfort, fit and durability, then this is the one you need. Moreover, these are also good for you, if you want good quality shoes, without paying the hefty price quoted by some other brands. New Balance has been making good quality shoes for a long time, and they have managed to retain their consistency of quality. Cross training requires shoes with great support, and the New Balance MX624V2 performs remarkably well on that aspect.

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21. AVIA Men’s Avi-Tangent Training shoe

Add a dependable piece of work out gear to your training sessions with the AVIA Men’s Avi-Tangent cross training shoe. One of its best features is the stability and cushioning you get on your feet, thanks to the Cantilever system. This system provides balance on your feet with every step. Therefore, whether you are lifting, cycling or doing cardio, your feet are guaranteed to remain firm and stable on the ground. Additionally, it features an anatomical cradle, which is located in the heel to provide optimum shock absorption and better heel control. This is achieved through streamlining of your steps. This feature is particularly beneficial to track athletes.

For added stability and support, they have an external shank and a multipart synthetic outsole. Durability is another strong feature of these training shoes, when you consider the lightweight synthetic leather material on the upper. Whenever you are training with these on, your feet will always feel very comfortable. This is achieved through various features that include removable sockliner, removable compression molded EVA midsole, traditional lace closure, padded tongue and collar, lightly padded footbed, soft textile lining, and a faux leather upper. Moreover, they only weigh a maximum of 2 pounds.

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22. PUMA Men’s Cell Surin 2 Cross-Training Shoe

The PUMA Cell Surin 2 is one of the best cross trainers for men, due to several reasons. Being manufactured by one of the world’s most reputable lifestyle companies, you get quality, comfort and durability, all in one shoe. Nothing compares to wearing trainers that are comfortable to the gym. These are one of a kind, which perform well in a wide range of outdoor activities, while still allowing you to maintain your style and fashion. These cross trainers give you a fresh new look while giving you greater motivation to perform better in the gym or track. They are light and sleek, giving you that modern appeal.

They are built to provide proper amount of support, as you go from a spinning class to the running track. These sneakers can be worn before, during and even after every workout. As in, they are so versatile. If you are just getting started in the world of sports and you are on a tight budget, the Cell Surin 2 is a great starting point. With the leather construction on the upper, they are easy to clean. The Puma Cell Surin 2 are durable sports shoes that support your knees, feet and joints. With them on your feet, you can easily change from one sport to the other and still look good while doing it.

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23. Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 0 Cross-trainer Shoe

The battle for the best CrossFit shoe on the market continues with the release of Reebok Men’s Crossfit Nano 6.0. The CrossFit community has already embraced the Nano 6.0 and it is easy to see why. From a looks perspective, there isn’t much difference between the Nano 5.0 and the 6.0. It is like comparing your freshman picture to your senior yearbook picture. The looks are almost the same but you definitely look fresh and slightly more mature in your senior picture, right? Apart from that, the company has kept branding to a minimum on these shoes. You don’t want to appear like a walking billboard for a company and you have already paid for the product.

The Nano 6.0 has retained and enhanced the best features of 5.0 and discarded the redundant features. They are sturdier while the upper gives you that premium feel. Cross trainers will love the way these shoes retain their upper form, keeping the foot stable. Don’t expect the upper to fall apart any time soon. It is super durable and lightweight. When it comes to performance, the Nano 6.0 has taken it to a whole new level. Whether you are training on the road, in the gym, on the beach or on the track, if you are looking for a shoe that stands for cross training, it is hard to find a better one than or even one that compared to the Reebok Nano 6.0.

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24. Nike Metcon 2 Cross Training Shoes 819899-400

The Nike Metcon 2 is a cross training shoe designed for insane workouts. Their toe is slightly wider than the original Metcon 1 training shoes. Apart from that, it is reinforced with sturdy materials around the seams. This prevents ripping around the area, which was common in the initial version. A plastic plate has been added on the heel area, which helps to minimize friction especially when doing handstand push-ups. The friction removal is a great benefit on these shoes, especially during this exercise.

Unlike the Metcon 1 which was quite squishy, for lack of a better word, the heel area has been reinforced. It does not give in anymore. When you combine this with the additional padding on the heel cup, you get great stability that is much needed during heavy lifting and running on hard surfaces. When wearing the Metcon 2, you don’t have to change shoes just because you are moving from one activity to the next.

The inside panel on these shoes offers excellent grip especially for rope exercises. With the additional stability to the back, front as well as base of the shoe, these shoes give you the confidence, knowing that they will hold up regardless of the circumstances. If you are looking for cross trainers that inspire comfort and confidence whilst doing short runs, squats, rebounding box jumps and double unders, then it’s quite hard to find anything better. You simply cannot go wrong with the Nike Metcon 2.

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25. Reebok Men’s Yourflex Train 0 L MT Training Shoe

These Reebok training shoes are built for every athlete who wants to feel better, look better and perform like a pro. With enough room on your toes and a snug fit on the heel, your feet remain stable and comfortable at the same time. If you are suffering from tendonitis and you can’t quite find shoes that allow you to train without the pain, then you should consider these.

You can also use them as your daily casual footwear and you will not experience any form of pain or discomfort on your feet. They also come with a removable memory foam cushioning. In case you require more support on your feet, you can use custom orthotics. These are super light but very sturdy. Don’t expect them to fall apart soon. When you are working out, your feet will obviously generate some heat and sweat. With these shoes, those two will never create discomfort, thanks to the mesh on the upper. It allows ventilation to take place, keeping your feet cool and fresh at all times. These cross trainers with arch support are also great for people with pronation issues.

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26. Nike Men’s Free Trainer 0 Training Shoe

Nike has been manufacturing versatile trainers for a quite a while. The Free Trainer 5.0 is one of their latest additions into this series of shoes. When designing this shoe, Nike wanted to create a lightweight shoe, which gives you the feeling of running barefoot, providing you with a great deal of support in all movements. The company managed to achieve that and even exceeded the expectations. With more than 8 years spent in the design of this shoe, you expect nothing less than great workmanship, superb performance and optimum foot support and protection. Comfort is one of its main features.

With the utilization of the “no sew” construction, the shoe is more flexible and fluid. Eradicating the stitching makes it even more comfortable. However, most of its comfort is derived from the sole. It comes with quite a thick sole when it comes to shock absorption from the impact generated when your foot strikes the ground. These provide a substantial amount of protection, when going through a range of motions. The thick upper mesh, combined with the woven, dynamic fit technology protects your foot against rough impacts. With their solid traction, flexibility, lighter weight and a snugger fit, the Nike Free Trainer 5.0 are among the best cross trainers for running.

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27. Nike Men’s Fingertrap Max Training Shoe

Drawing inspiration from toy finger traps that you might remember from your childhood, the upper of these shoes features overlapping bands, which wrap around the foot and secure it. The result is a stable and comfortable feel. They are also lightweight. With these shoes, you are assured of breaking your personal best time in various areas, including that 40-yard dash. These criss-crossing synthetic bands adapt to all your movements, to give you an optimized fit and feel.

Flex grooves are incorporated in the forefront, which increase flexibility as well as traction, when participating in intense routines. They also come with a mesh inner sock that provides superior breathability. Also included is an air max unit in the heel for optimal comfort. Minimize bulk and improve efficiency and performance, with the Nike Fingertrap Max. They are made of tough and rough leather, which is easy to clean and durable.

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28. adidas Performance Men’s Powerlift.3 Cross-trainer Shoe

The Adidas Powerlift 3 is one of the best training shoes for weightlifting. They allow you to squat, bench press, do cardio and dead lift, without having to change your shoes. It comes with a high-density midsole, together with a grippy sole for maximum foundational stability. Some of its special features include rubber sole, textile and synthetic construction, synthetic lightweight upper for durability, air mesh tongue for enhanced durability, ankle support and hook and loop strap on laces.

For high quality training shoes, the Powerlift.3 are good for your feet. Their best application is Crossfit training. When you wear them, you will always feel secure and confident. The synthetic and textile materials contribute to their overall durability. Their rubber outsole offers the grip needed to perform various exercises. With a hook and loop lace up closure, they will not get loose even during the most demanding exercises. These shoes enable you to balance any barbell or dumbbell without loss of stability. When temperatures soar, their wide forefoot and flexible toe will take care of breathability. They are available in all sizes.

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29. Nike Men’s T-Lite XI Cross Trainer

Get ready for your next workout with the Nike T-Lite XI lightweight cross training shoes. These leather lace-up shoes will provide you with the necessary cushioning and support, as you hit the gym. Their durable build and their lightweight design had endeared them to cross trainers across the world. The lightweight Phylon midsole together with the solid rubber outsole makes sure that the shoe provides lightweight performance as well as great traction and flexibility.

They are available in different color combinations. Footbed is cushioned to absorb all manner of impacts and shock, when your foot strikes the ground. They are quite tough when you wear them for the first time. However, once you get used to them, they are one of the most comfortable shoes to ever grace your feet. Uppers are made of leather and synthetic. Apart from providing protection to your feet, they are also easy to clean. Durability is another great benefit that you get when you buy these shoes. Also included is a pull-tab at the rear, which makes it easy to wear and remove them.

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30. Reebok Men’s Crossfit Sprint TR Training Shoe

The Reebok Crossfit Sprint TR delivers the durability and support of cross training shoes with the natural toe splay and flexibility of a running shoe. Are you looking for sturdy shoes to wear during you high impact exercises? These are highly recommended. They are sturdy and stable, making them better than most running shoes. The upper is mainly built of mesh. It is then enclosed in a plastic cage-like structure. Also called the duracage, this structure enhances the stability of the shoe.

The underlying mesh enhances their breathability. The heel is then reinforced using synthetic leather, which adds to the life of the shoe. A pull tab at the rear makes it easy to put them on. The sole comes in two distinct parts. The midsole, which is mainly made of foam absorbs all forms of shocks when you engage in activities that involve jumping or running. Beneath the midsole, there is a flat rubber sole that provides grip. A propulsion plate on the sale propels you forward during jumping or sprinting. The Reebok Crossfit Sprint TR is a great shoe that allows a wide range of dynamic exercises.

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31. Fila Men’s Disruptor SE Training Shoe

The Fila Men’s Disruptor are light, stylish and comfortable. If you are into cross training, there is no reason why you should not own these shoes, unless you hate your feet of course. They come with a wide toe box, giving your toes room to wiggle. Their design also gives your feet greater control, especially when you are doing high intensity training activities like weightlifting.

The upper contains tiny air pockets, which allow your feet to breathe even during extreme sunshine. The same design helps to keep your feet warm during the cold winter weather. They are comfortable as socks and light as air. The whole shoe provides great support on different parts of your feet. A pull-tab on the rear makes it easy to slip them on and off. The tongue and collar are padded and gusseted, further increasing the comfort of these shoes. With a cushioning rubber outsole, you are assured of traction and stability when subjected to different training surfaces. They are double stitched throughout, adding to their overall durability.

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32. Nike Men’s Free Trainer 0 NRG

If you are a fitness enthusiast or athlete who takes training seriously, Nike has a product that will ensure you excel and improve your performances. That product is the Free Trainer 5.0. If you are worth your stuff, you should be wearing these shoes. Boasting incredible support, unrivaled comfort levels, and a perfect fit, the Free Trainer 5.0 comes with the best features for power sprinting and gym lifting.

With these tough nuts, you will dominate the gym space and take over the court, with performances befitting a pro. One of its most striking features is the gorgeous upper that features criss-crossing nanoply bands, running across the forefoot. The result is a customized fit. Apart from that, it provides natural motion for comfort and maximum fit, during those insane workouts that seem to continue forever. You can trust these shoes to work as hard as you. Superior comfort, enhanced support, and dynamic strength are some of the best features of the Nike Free Trainer 5.0.

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33. Under Armour Men’s UA Micro G Limitless Training Shoes

Just like their name, the number of outdoor activities that you can manage with these shoes is simply limitless. Whether it is jogging, running, weightlifting or cardio, they cut across the board. Days of changing shoes because you are moving from one physical activity to the next are done, thanks to these shoes. So, what exactly do they offer? First, they come with a velvety lining material as well as foam footbed, which makes them very comfortable. Finding sneakers that are both comfortable and can accommodate different activities like exercising, work and walking is not easy.

Their tongue is fully attached, which adds to their overall comfort. However, these ones fit the bill perfectly. They are good looking, well made and durable. Apart from that, they provide good foot support while keeping your feet cool during the hot summer weather. When it comes to sizing and fit, these tend to run a bit narrow. Therefore, if you have wider feet, you might consider ordering half a size up. On the other hand, if you are narrow, they will first appear snug but after breaking in, they will wrap around your feet comfortable. After securing the laces, the foot stays in position, without unnecessary movements.

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34. ASICS Men’s GEL-Unifire TR 2 Training Shoe

Experience the ultimate performance and comfort during your intense training sessions with the ASICS GEL-Unifire TR 2 athletic shoes. It comes with numerous cross training benefits to improve your overall performance. The soles are made of high quality rubber thus providing superior grip even on surfaces that are very slippery. This makes them perfect for cross training, which is always demanding and challenging. The upper features mesh and synthetic. It is both durable and breathable.

Also included is a padded collar and tongue, for safety and comfort, as well internal mesh lining. Weighing only 260 grams per shoe, they are very light and extremely comfortable, even when you wear them for long periods. From agility training to circuit training, you can use them for all sorts of exercises at the gym. For a shoe that is so affordable, they provide a substantial amount of foot support. If you have pronation issues, then you can use your custom orthotics without noticeable reduction in size.

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35. ASICS Men’s GEL-Intensity 3 Cross-Training Shoe

The Asics GEL-Intensity 3 is an extremely durable and tough shoe, which can be used during various cross training exercises. From running a marathon to weightlifting, they can handle almost everything thrown at them, and still maintain an amazing shape. The upper features synthetic overlays, which provide enduring structural integrity. This is one of the reasons why they hold up so well. A great feature in these cross trainers is gel cushioning in the rearfoot and forefoot for shock absorption. They have removable insoles and the shoes can be machine-washed frequently without incurring damage. It provides the best value for money, for athletes who do a mixture of activities.

Instead of buying five separate pairs of shoes for five activities, just invest in these. Another feature is that they don’t retain perspiration and odor. The internal material dries very fast and does not emit bad odors. It is also good to note that it has a certain degree of waterproofing, 80{6228247fdb5e8def87de9c6a7613ed7707af08464b11227abf1add4cdf2cea3f} to be precise. Therefore, if the conditions become suddenly wet when you are training, your feet will remain dry. The non-marking rubber outsole provides excellent stability. Laces are made of good quality material and they are properly aligned and distributed for a firm grip. This good offers great productivity and good value, all wrapped into one.

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36. Reebok Men’s Ros Workout Tr 0 Cross-trainer Shoe

The Ros Workout Tr 2.0 are without a doubt among the best cross trainers available today. Its anatomical shape cradles your feet with support while allowing them to flex and move for better balance. Additionally, underfoot cushioning helps with impact control during hard workouts. When wearing these trainers, your weight is evenly distributed across the feet. This helps to keep the feet, ankles and other joints healthy and pain free. For mountain climbing, these don’t slip. With their secure and snug fit and feel, you can climb even the highest mountains. The grippy sole also makes them perfect for mountain climbing.

They are also light, which makes them great for cardio activities like running and rope skipping. As you can see, you can use them almost everywhere to keep fit. These trainers are designed for athletes who are looking for support, grip and lightweight feel. The upper mesh keeps your feet ventilated throughout your training sessions and gym workouts. Their only downside is that your feet will take a while to get used to them. However, that is only a short-term problem which will be over once you break-in. When that is achieved, you will enjoy a comfortable pair of cross training shoes.

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37. PUMA Men’s Meteor Cross-Trainer Shoe

The Puma Meteor cross trainers are versatile shoes that can be used in the gym, running and CrossFit. They are affordable, comfortable and sleek. The toe box is wide, which leaves play for your toes. Unlike shoes from other manufactures, this one comes with a very clean look. It is not covered in brand badging, which might make you feel like a walking billboard. Most importantly, these are very comfortable. They are also lightweight, which makes you feel like you are walking barefoot.

These are also true to size. The softness of the sole and insole combination is another reason why you should consider these shoes. The minute you slip them on, you feel like they were specifically molded for your feet. Arch support is sufficient. However, if you have higher arches, you can still use third party insoles and they won’t lose their size or fit. The outsole features a multi-surface traction. Whenever you have the Puma Meteor on your feet, you can work out with confidence, knowing that your feet are stable and adequately protected. These are also good value for the money.

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38. Asics Men’s Gel Exert TR Training Shoe

With a pair of these shoes on your feet, you can amplify your agility and speed for all your high intensity training sessions. If your regular workouts involve highly unstable movements and great levels of precision, the Asics Exert TR is just what you need on your feet. Apart from perfectly dealing with insane and high intensity workouts, these are designed to help with agility and speed training. It moves along with each step you make, thanks to its full-length flexion upper. This gives you superior support and more control during your no-nonsense and aggressive workouts. The company was generous enough to include SpEVA midsole, for impact absorption and lightweight cushioning.

For dynamic stability and more responsiveness, these shoes use a forefoot lateral, enhanced with articulated flex grooves. Additionally, the ComforDry sockliner provides a higher rebound, a snug fit, breathability and better moisture management. Its rubber outsole is enhanced throughout, using AHAR material, which is strategically positioned in the high impact areas. This increases the durability of these cross trainers by over 95{6228247fdb5e8def87de9c6a7613ed7707af08464b11227abf1add4cdf2cea3f}. The laceup cross trainers are ready for whatever you may want to put them through. They are true to size, so you don’t need to make any adjustments. With the Asics Gel Exert, you get great performance, good looks, versatility and great comfort.

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39. ASICS Men’s GEL-Acclaim Training Shoe

The Asics GEL Acclaim is a versatile and good looking men’s cross trainer. These cross training shoes with arch support are great for people suffering from various foot conditions such as Achilles tendonitis and plantar fasciitis. Featuring a sturdy upper made of mesh and leather, your feet will remain dry and stable, throughout your WOD. The toe area is enhanced with a sturdy material, to protect your toes against abrasion. It is also slightly perforated for ventilation. On the other hand, the Rearfoot GEL cushioning absorbs shock generated by impact, with every stride.

They also come with a padded tongue and collar, which provides more comfort while stabilizing the foot. Similar to other ASICS cross training shoes, the Acclaim also comes with an AHAR outsole, which provides traction on different surfaces and support in critical areas. These are true to size, although they might feel snug during the first two days. You can use them in various activities including rope jumping, tennis and even weight lifting. Their soles are non-marking and flat, which means that you can use them even indoors. A pull-tab is included, which makes it easy to put them on. They are also stylish.

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40. Nike Flex Show Tr 4 Cross Trainer Mens

Nike is a popular brand worldwide, known for producing quality footwear. Their shoes are among the best in the market and this particular model follows suits. It is rich in numerous features to enhance your performances on and off the field. The balance and support of these shoes is simply exceptional. You can use them for vertical jumps, standing long jumps and various workout sessions.

They are so secure that you can engage in intense Crossfit exercises, without losing stability or form. You will also love their durability and versatility. In terms of versatility, you can perform different exercises using just a single pair. In terms of size, they run a tad small. So, ensure that you order at least half a size larger, and you will not regret your choice. Soles offer good support and they are very durable. With its consistent style and performance, the Nike Flex Show Tr is a great shoe for the price.

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Best Women’s Cross Training Shoes In 2018 – Reviews

1. New Balance Women’s WX608V4 Training Shoe

If you are looking for comfort, performance, and style, then the New Balance WX608V4 fits your bill perfectly. Women are quite picky when it comes to footwear and clothing. The good thing is that these are available in a wide range of color and design alternatives. You are therefore guaranteed to find a design that meets your style. The WX608V4 is the 4th version in this series. It is also one of the best cross training shoes for women. They are sturdy, comfortable and versatile. You can use them both for exercising and walking. A dual density collar brings additional support and comfort while the soft density foam on the midsoles provides cushioning from underfoot impacts. Insoles also come with a lot of padding, which helps in eliminating heel pain while making them comfortable to wear for long periods.

Most women tend to have narrow feet and the design considerations of these shoes have taken care of that. Despite that, they still leave plenty of room in the toe area, which makes them a joy to exercise with them. Cross training requires flexible shoes and this one has the performance and the versatility needed to perform a wide range of exercises, thanks to its non-marking sole, flexible midsole and shock absorbing heel. Cross trainers should provide more support than your normal shoes and the WX608V4 are built to provide just that. Their ABZORB technology provides both shock absorption and cushioning.

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2. RYKA Women’s Influence Cross Training Shoe

The RYKA line of shoes are among the best cross trainers for zumba. They are preferred over others because of their great arch support, pioneering comfortable design, breathability, heel cushioning and a host of other great features. They are highly recommended by zumba instructors and coaches, due to their remarkable performance in high impact and fast paced fitness sessions. Their pivot point and feather light design allows easy, natural movement. Ryka carefully studied the way a woman moves her feet when jogging and running. These observations were used during the design of these cross trainers.

The Ryka Influence is so comfortable that you can wear them throughout the day for various tasks. The middle section of the shoe is sufficiently cushioned to keep your feet stable and comfortable at the same time. Air flow vents allow ventilation to take place, so that you can give your best performance. Fast-paced bouncing, jumping, running or stepping can be quite dangerous to your feet. However, the dual impact cushioning on these shoes keep your feet intact all the time while ensuring your aerobic sessions are as smooth as possible. Some aspects of training require swift change of direction. With the traction outsole on these cross training shoes, you get the grip and stability needed to maneuver whichever way you like, without losing your footing. The rubber outsole also adds to their durability. Finding shoes specifically designed for these tasks is often a daunting challenge. However, with the introduction of the RYKA influence, you can now enjoy your aerobic sessions.

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3. ASICS Women’s GEL-Fit Sana Cross-Training Shoe

If you work out frequently, then you understand the importance of comfortable shoes on your feet. The Asics GEL-Fit Sana is one of those shoes that you want to be wearing every hour of every day. They are just that comfortable. Immediately after you slip them on, they adapt to the configurations of your foot to provide you with all the support you need. It would be fair to state they are one of the best cross training shoes for women, without a doubt. They are so light that you almost feel as if you are barefoot. You will only realize you have them on, due to the support and protection from hard work out surfaces, that they offer your feet.

They are flexible and light, but still manage to provide the necessary support. Their fit can be described as glove-like. In fact, you can wear them without socks and you won’t experience any chafing, hot spots or blisters, leave alone smelling feet. However, if wearing shoes without socks is not your thing, there is still some space, which allows you to wear thin socks with them. Apart from the support they provide, they are also stylish. Women are more into style and fashion, and those aspects were considered during their design. These are available in a wide range of colors, and you will definitely love the petal pink. With the Asics GEL-Fit Sana, your feet will always be happy.

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4. RYKA Women’s Hydro Sport Water Shoe Cross-Training Shoe

The RYKA Hydro Sport is the answer to all your water-related fitness activities. The upper is supportive and quick drying. On the other hand, the outsoles are flexible and come with extra traction. Each shoe comes with drainage holes in the sole. Therefore, if you are participating in high intensity aerobics and water classes, you can rest assured that you will walk home with dry feet. When you step onto the floor of the swimming pool, air bubbles escape. This makes you feel as if you are walking on air cushions, instead of the concrete pool bottom.

They also run true to size. If you have narrow feet, they fit perfectly. Water shoes need to fit tight to avoid blisters. These water sports shoes are supportive, lightweight and they provide good traction. Their design includes a roomier forefoot, a narrower heel, a more secure footbed and an increased instep volume, specifically to suit the dynamics of a woman’s foot. Other features include supportive midfoot webbing for further support, simple lacing system, and stylish design. They upper material is easy to clean they are also durable.

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5. PUMA Women’s Tazon 5 Cross-Training Shoe

The Tazon 5 is a small budget shoe, which provides a lot of comfort and support. What makes it a great cross training shoe is the combination of a breathable design, cushioned footbed and rubber outsole. When you wear it, it molds to your foot, providing a high degree of energy return and comfort. Some of its main design features include a TPU stability shank, Eco ortholite sockliners, synthetic leather upper and a cushioned midsole, just to name a few. The TPU shank improves foot stability, which is something you highly need when exercising.

These shoes are incredibly versatile. You can use them for different activities and they will keep your feet safe, comfortable and protected. They are also breathable. They don’t retain sweat, ensuring that you will no longer have to worry about sweaty or smelly feet. Their soles allow for flexibility while keeping your knees and ankles stable. When it comes to size, these are on the small size. It is therefore recommended to order at least half a size larger, from what you normally wear. Although they can easily get dirty since they are white, they are so easy to clean.

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6. Nike Women’s Free 0 Tr Fit 4 Print

If you are looking for shoes specifically made for cross training, then the Nike Free 5.0 Tr Fit 4 won’t disappoint. They are lightweight, versatile and their design is minimalist. They are built to accommodate multi-directional movement. They also come with a breathable mesh upper, which facilitates ventilation. These are ideal for strength training, cardio and various other gym workouts. As for the fashion aspect, they are available in multiple print color combinations. You are assured of getting the ones that match your personality.

Looking at the technical aspects, they are light, breathable and supportive. One great feature about these shoes is their sole. Apart from providing the needed traction, it is very flexible. This means that you can easily transition from a run, straight into a workout that involves jumping and other fluid multidirectional movements. If you are a cross trainer looking for shoes that are neutral, flexible and high performance, this is the one for you. From zumba, boot camp to piloxing, these shoes are just a winner.

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7. Reebok Women’s Crossfit Nano 0 Training Shoe

The Reebok Crossfit Nano 5.0 is a flexible and lightweight training shoe, which is designed to give you the best performances and experiences during your cross training sessions. They are also ranked among the most stylish and attractive cross training shoes. These are designed to last. Taking a closer look at the outsole, it is designed to offer a perfect grip against slip, regardless of your training environment or technique. The extra resistant and highly abrasive RopePro carbon rubber used in the outsoles makes these fitness shoes very durable.

Apart from that, the asymmetrical design, featuring molded lines on the medial side, provides additional grip to endure the most demanding cross training maneuvers. Lugs on the outsoles are raised to ensure perfect control and grip, especially during weight lifting. The polyurethane material used on the midsole provides the elasticity of rubber, combined with the durability and toughness of steel. The midsole also provides extra support during Crossfit sessions.

The padding provides great cushioning especially during jumps while the rebound compression midsole creates a responsive cushion for stability. The uppers, built with Kevlar, give you the best durability you could ever ask for. A lace loop is also included in the tongue, which helps to secure the tongue in position at all times. These women’s shoes weigh only 8oz, a significant reduction in weight as compared to the men’s line. This is a great plus when participating in demanding exercises. You can always rely on the Crossfit Nano 5.0 to keep your feet comfortable, even when you are training on hard surfaces for long periods.

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8. Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 4 Training Shoe

This is another great fitness product from Nike. The Flex Trainer 4.0 is a cross trainer that comes with a wealth of features to enhance your workout sessions. Built using the Phylon technology, these shoes are very light. On the other hand, the synthetic rubber features rubber pads as well as multidirectional flex grooves, giving you good grip even during fast change movements. The mesh design on the upper is breathable, thus helps in reducing odors from sweat. It also ensures that your feet remain cool.

Training with wet or sweaty feet can lead to blisters. Whether you are training on grass or hard courts, your performance remains top-notch. Since it is lightweight, it improves your speed dramatically, especially when you are playing tennis. With more than 30 different color combinations to choose from, you are definitely going to find one that meets your style. When training with these shoes, ankle pain, calf pain and occasional loss of grip will never be an issue anymore.You might argue that there are cheaper cross training shoes on the market. The truth is, you get what you pay for. If you want something durable, comfortable and fashionable, then these fitness shoes are worth your money. They are built for durability and they are going to serve you for many years, without requiring a replacement.

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9. New Balance Women’s 811 Training Shoe

New Balance offers a wide range of training shoes. The 811 is a great selection for women who want to maintain an active lifestyle. It can be used for weightlifting, running, jogging or whichever activity you undertake, in order to remain fit and healthy. When you combine lightweight upper construction, cushy midsole and traction rubber outsole, you get one of the best cross trainers for overweight women. In terms of appearance, these shoes are beautiful. Just what a woman needs to retain her fashion sense even at the gym.

The inside cushion is removable. Therefore, if you feel the urge or need for more cushioning, you can use third party insoles on these shoes. Due to their lightweight nature, they are designed to handle majority of indoor and outdoor workouts. The upper mesh stretches with your foot. It also breathes well, which helps to keep your feet cool and fresh. These are also great for high impact exercises. They come with a nice heel support, for heel cushioning and impact absorption. The tongue is sewn or attached to the shoe on one side, which helps to maintain position. You don’t have to stop in the middle of your training to adjust the laces. Or the tongue, for that matter. To summarize, these shoes are comfortable, stylish and worth your money.

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10. PUMA Women’s Tazon 6 Cross-Training Shoe

A sleek and streamlined silhouette sets the Puman Women’s Tazon 6 from other cross training shoes. It comes with a midfoot saddle for maximum comfort and fit. It also comes with EVA on the heel, for impact absorption while the leather upper provides durability. Apart from that, the mixture of materials used on the upper, also provides it with a degree of flexibility. It follows the contours of your feet, providing balance and agility, during fast-paced exercises. With a meshed toe box, your toes always have sufficient breathing space. They also remain dry, ventilated and always comfortable.

The Tazon 6 is one of the most aggressive fitness shoes from the Puma brand. Featuring the PUMA traditional lacing system, your shoes remain properly fitted to your feet, while providing incredible safety and balance. Furthermore, they also contain a padded collar and tongue. These protect and support the ankles, which are among the most injury prone bones in athletes. If you happen to land awkwardly and twist your ankles, there is guaranteed support. All athletic movements involve the forefoot and the heels. The Tazon 6 comes with a split rubber sole that provides great traction. This traction design also gives the shoes a really great aestheticically pleasing look.

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11. ASICS Women’s Gel Fit Tempo Cross-Training Shoe

When you choose training gear that shows care, respect and understanding towards you, you have a greater tendency to perform better in your fitness activities. The Asics Gel Fit Tempo is exactly that. It was developed after plenty of research and testing, to give women a training shoe with all the cushioning, support and flexibility needed for all forms of activity. This cross training shoe for women provides all the comfort and support needed, for endurance and speed, during low as well as high impact training. The mesh fabric on the upper provides optimal breathability. This ensures that your feet don’t get sweaty. Apart from that, your feet remain dry and cool, every time you are physically active.

The midsole also provides cushion and comfort. You might notice that support and comfort keep popping up in different parts of the shoe. This is just to reiterate the fact that these shoes are specifically designed for cross training. They also come with a gel cushioning at the rearfoot, which reduces pressure on the ankle and the foot, during heavy impact landing. The rubber sole is non-marking, making the shoes perfect for indoor and outdoor activities as well. The insoles can be taken out, in case you need to replace or clean them. If you are looking for a versatile fitness shoe, the Gel Fit Tempo carries the day.

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12. Champion Women’s Gusto Cross Trainer

The Champion Gusto is a lightweight exercise shoe that guarantees better performances. It features a padded collar, a memory foam insole, and a non-marking outsole. If you ask around, many fitness enthusiasts will tell you that it is one of the best cross trainers for flat feet. You might be worried that your shoes will leave markings behind in your gym. However, that little problem has already been taken care of by the non-marking outsoles. Moreover, the soles don’t produce squeaking sounds even when walking on wet surfaces. Whether you are walking, hiking, running or doing aerobics, these exercise shoes are flexible enough for all those purposes.

Most women love the cool colors on these shoes. They also provide enough horizontal and arch support, which is very important when you are doing weighted cardio workouts. Apart from that, there are many vibrant colors to choose from, and you can always be assured to find a pair that will make you look nice. These cross trainers are so light that you can carry them with a single finger. You can then imagine how it would feel when they are on your feet. Since they are feather light, rotation and movement on a sore ankle is much easier. Price is always a consideration when it comes to training shoes. However, these are affordable and still offer the same features found in high-end models.

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13. ASICS Women’s GEL-190 TR Cross-Training Shoe

Train in luxury and comfort, with the Asics Women’s GEL-190 TR. It is an all-rounded cross trainer, featuring rearfoot Gel cushioning for shock absorption. It also comes with a Duomax support midsole, which gives comfort and support to the shoe. Also included in the midsole is the SpEVA material, for energy return during running and jogging. You are therefore able to cover more miles without too much fatigue in your feet.

The midsole also comes with the advanced Trusstic system, which helps to keep the overall weight of the shoe down, while providing the required support. The trusstic system also helps to maintain the sole’s structural integrity. For durability, the rubber sole contains AHAR or high abrasion rubber, which is strategically place in all high impact areas. If you under pronate and you are looking for neutral training shoes, these are a great fit. They also provide ankle support and arch support, better than most running shoes or sneakers. They are true to size.

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14. AVIA Women’s Avi-Tangent Training Shoe

Feel comfortable and light even during strenuous exercises with the Women’s Avi-Tangent cross training shoes. This lightweight fitness shoe comes with a wide toe box, as well as cushioning from the uppers, insoles and all the way to the midsoles. It is a quality and durable training shoe, which will last you a long time. One of their key features is the trampoline effect, which is very effective in impact absorption.

On the other hand, the cantilever outsole design positions the heel above a concave sole. When you bring these features together, you get foot support, cushioning and comfort. Other comfort features include compression molded EVA midsole, synthetic sole, padded tongue and collar and soft textile lining. A traditional lace up closure keeps the shoes on your feet, while preventing unnecessary lateral movements. If you wear custom orthotics, these shoes have enough room to accommodate them. In a nutshell, it stabilizes the heel, absorbs shocks and reduces ankle fatigue. They don’t require any break in period, since they are ready to wear straight out of the box. The soles are non-slip while the uppers are made of a flexible material. These are great shoes for cardio workouts on hard floors.

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15. RYKA Women’s Dynamic 2 Cross-Training Shoe

If you are looking for a multi-functional shoe that can be used for cross training as well as jazz exercises, then the RYKA Dynamic is one of the best options. They are also perfect for women who are cross training to burn fat, muscle strengthening, as well as attaining a good physique. It comes with supportive overlays on the upper, which you can adjust depending the fit you prefer. These supportive overlays offer balance during training, by keeping your feet secured in their position.

They also feature a breathable mesh upper, for breathability and preventing buildup of fungi that cause infections. A key feature that has been introduced in these shoes is the Anatomical Precise Return. This is a new feature in this line of shoes. It is mainly a molded sockliner, made by combining PU and EVA to provide cushioning to your feet. This technology also features a heel cup and contoured arch, for additional support. High-density foam is also included in these shoes, for additional support and cushioning. Another great feature in these fitness shoes is the high-impact N-Gage midsole, which bounces back upon impact, while providing resistance against shock.

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16. RYKA Women’s Dynamic Cross-Training Shoe

RYKA are designed for specifically for the active woman. They are intended to correct pronation issues, as you engage in your favorite physical activity. These cross trainers are hardworking, enduring and stylish. They provide substantial arch support, and come with thick cushioning around the heel area. This prevents your feet from accidentally turning or twisting, during intense workouts. They are lightweight and lean, but still provide sufficient space at the toe box. Similar to other shoes from the brand, the Dynamics come with a precision-return insole, which provides instant feedback throughout the foot.

Moreover, the N-Gage midsole enables more cushioning while the high abrasion exo-shell outsole makes them very durable. The uppers are entirely covered with mesh, synthetic overlays combined with an X-ray frame design. The X-ray frame design allows airflow while keeping your feet cool and nice. The forefoot and the heel are made using flex groove technology. This makes them lightweight and flexible, which is a great combination for Zumba dancing. Color options are numerous. However, most of them come with a blue color scheme. This color scheme is compatible with various outfits that you may choose for your training sessions. For durability, lateral support and impact protection during cross training, choose the RYKA Dynamics.

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17. K-Swiss Women’s ST329 CMF Training Shoe

Have you ever returned home from cross training with tired and painful feet? If so, there are very high chances that you have been wearing the wrong type of shoes. If you want to overcome that problem, you need to wear the right shoes, such as the K-Swiss Women’s CMF training shoes. The K-Swiss brand has always made some of the most comfortable shoes. They are flexible and lightweight, and come with a striking design. They also give your feet a perfect fit, make you feel like they were specifically designed for your feet.

Their soft cushioning in the tongue, collar and the midsoles, keep your feet relaxed while making you feel as if you are walking on clouds. If your routine involves several hours of training or working out, these are one of the best shoes for your feet. Apart from providing support and comfort to your feet at all times, it also alleviates back and knee pain. Both are common problems among athletes. Apart from being functional, they are also very durable. This is achieved by a sturdy leather upper and a rubber outsole. The durable rubber outsole also enhances traction, with the help of a unique tread pattern. Additional cushioning is offered by a memory footbed. If you are looking for a sturdy and supportive shoe that will keep blisters at bay, buy these K-Swissers.

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18. ASICS Women’s GEL-Fit Sana 2 Fitness Shoe

Asics has a strong reputation of producing some of best and most comfortable fitness shoes. Using the same design as its predecessor, the GEL-Fit Sana 2 are superb and incredibly lightweight shoes, with a sturdy and strong construction. However, Asics has improved the support system on the Gel Sana 2 while reducing the overall weight. These versatile trainers come with maximum mobility and premium lateral support, thanks to their MONO-SOCK construction and Flexible Fit System. Rearfoot GEL Cushioning System and a low profile midsole combine to provide shock absorption during the impact phase while also encouraging a smooth transition.

So, whether you are trucking through weightlifting or you are working through cardio sessions, these shoes are there to support you, from start to finish. The inner soles are firm, but not rigid. This technique provides support to people with flat feet. The outsole is grippy and tough, just what you need to conquer those insane sessions. They are true to size and designed to offer substantial support during angular and high-speed maneuvers. And these shoes last, like, forever. Between the weight machines, boxing ring and punching bag, there is no room for bad or poor performance. If shoes are the problem, change them already and luxuriate in the Asics Women’s GEL-Fit Sana 2 fitness shoe.

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19. RYKA Women’s Tenacity Dance Training Sneaker

The Ryka Women’s Tenacity is a manmade fitness shoe with a rubber sole. If you ask any Zumba dancer, they will tell you that it is one of the best cross trainers for Zumba. It is specifically designed for the dancer who requires more support around the ankles. This quality fitness shoe provides solid support while retaining your stylish look. These are also lightweight, allowing you to make fast movements without fatigue on your feet. Still on that, their grippy sole ensures that you can change direction and speed with the music, without losing your footing. Upper contains a breathable mesh, which helps to keep your feet cool, fresh, and dry during a dance routine.

One amazing feature that you will love about these cross trainers, is the pivot point fitted into the sole. It prevents you from turning and twisting when you are dancing up a storm. Also included on the upper is a Velcro strap running across the top of the shoe. This strap provides a better fit and prevents lateral movements, which could not be possible when using the laces alone. If you have arch problems, just purchase third party insoles and enjoy better arch support with these trainers. Rubber sole is highly durable while the heel padding offers sufficient amount of cushioning and comfort, during your dance moves. Available in various color styles, you are assured of getting a pair that matches your personality.

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20. Brooks Women’s Launch 3

For a shoe that was on the verge of oblivion a few years ago, the Brooks Launch has re-launched and enjoyed quite a resurgence since returning to the market. The Launch 3 has been updated from the Launch 2, using some of the most advanced shoe technology. Most running shoes these days require some sort of break in. However, the Launch 3 is ready to wear straight from the box. Although the Launch 3 is lighter than its predecessor, durability is not compromised. Due to the versatility of these shoes, you don’t have to buy different shoes for different activities. This is a neutral lightweight trainer, which delivers a responsive and smooth ride under various conditions.

It is an excellent option for athletes looking for a cushioned trainer, which can handle the demands of both long and short runs. It is a versatile shoe available for a reasonable cost. The sole of the Launch 3 uses the innovative BioMoGo DNA midsole. This sole offers cushioning depending on the amount of force that has been applied. Therefore, it is tailored to meet the unique demands of every runner. Apart from the BioMoGo DNA midsole, they also come with adaptive cushioning in the midsole. The sole is specifically designed to offer smoother heel to toe transitions and higher energy return. This is what sets them apart from your daily trainers. As an added bonus, it is available in 3 color schemes to choose from, so that you can sport a great look, wherever your jogging sessions take you.

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21. PUMA Women’s Cell Riaze W Heather Training Sneaker

Sheer looks alone are enough to convince you to buy these training shoes. However, looks can be deceiving. The good news is their stylish appearance is complemented by a series of comfort features, to give you a shoe that can handle rigorous training sessions. They are well ventilated and full of padding. They are also light and very supportive. When you bring together these factors, you get cross training shoes that can be used for running, kickboxing, weight lifting and volleyball. Upper features a soft textile material combined with bonded synthetic overlays. The result is a more flexible and stronger shoe.

It also comes with a breathable EcoOrthoLite sockliner that is installed to provide comfort and fit. In addition to that, the midsole features bubble cushioning technology to give you a snug feel. As for the traction, the PUMA Riaze is fitted with a rubber outsole, for better grip. With these shoes, you are able to make quick turns, stops and starts. They are also available at a competitive price. Most features available on these trainers are mostly found in models that are more expensive. You are therefore getting a great deal when you buy them. By the way, you will be looking great when you hit the gym with these shoes.

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22. ASICS Women’s GEL Fit Tempo 2 Fitness Shoe

Cross training shoes should be versatile. That is, you should be able to move from one fitness exercise to the other easily. The GEL Fit Tempo 2 training shoes meet that expectation. It features a flexible fit rubber sole as well as a breathable mesh upper, which is combined with a quarter-panel bracing. This particular upper design provides the necessary stability for lateral movements. Weighing 6.6 ounces, it is one of the lightest cross training shoes currently on the market.

The midsole and the footbed are padded. It also comes with Gel protection around the heel strike. This component protects your joints and feet while the rubber outsole offers traction. These are stable and comfortable, during a wide range of activities. Apart from the panel bracing, they also come with elastic straps running across the top of the foot, giving the foot additional stability. If you have a thin foot, which is the case with most women, you will find these cross trainers very comfortable. Once you have laced them up, you can tighten or loosen them depending on your fit. The GEL Fit Tempo 2 will give you the confidence and performance you need, to outclass your opponents.

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23. Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 235 Cross-Training Shoe

When it comes to functional fitness, it is hard to find a better that performs better than the Inov-8 F-Lite. They are uniquely tailored to meet the demands of CrossFit training. One of the biggest problems with previous models of shoes from this brand, is that they were too tight for women with wide feet. The company took note of the complaints and this particular one comes with a wide toe box. A wide toe box allows you to plant your feet firmly on the ground, resulting into more stability when performing various exercises and movements. These are also airy and light. The main selling point here is breathability.

Additionally, the mesh does not restrict foot movement while remaining snug around your feet. The thin airy mesh makes them so light and comfortable that you almost forget you are wearing anything on your feet. The base of these fitness shoes is very stable. Apart from that, the heel drop is zero. These two features give them extra stability. They also fit like a sock while hugging your feet in just the perfect way. If you are looking for best cross training shoes for bunions, then you have just found yourself a companion. With the F-Lite 235, you can challenge any workout with more versatility, flexibility and durability. These are the ultimate training shoes for serious competitors.

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24. Nike Women’s In Season TR 4 Cross Trainer Running Shoe

A breathable and lightweight training shoe for those summer days, the Nike In Season TR 4 will provide you with all-day comfort as well as better motion control. They are great gym shoes that come with built-in sock feature, which hugs your foot for additional comfort. It is hard to find a pair of cross training shoes that fit better than this one. These are also sleek and tasteful. Although the gym is meant to be used for exercising, it doesn’t mean you’ll have to neglect your style. With the Nike In Season TR 4, you remain fashionable, whether you are kickboxing, weightlifting or rope climbing.

What makes them perfect for fitness activities, is their generous amount of cushioning. They are so comfortable that you can wear them throughout the day, and your feet will never complain. Their construction is solid too. No loose parts, no misplaced stitching. Athletes who have narrow feet and/or high arches, often encounter problems when looking for a good cross training shoe. However, if you fall into that category, these are just perfect for you. They hug your feet and provide sufficient support for all your workouts. Most fitness enthusiasts are obsessed with these shoes and it is easy to see why.

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25. Under Armour Women’s UA Micro G Limitless Training Shoes

Exercise without limits with these Under Armour training shoes. With the UA Micro G Limitless cross trainers, no target is too hard to reach. Whether you intend to achieve a higher speed on the track or lift more weights in the gym, all this is possible as long as you have these comfortable shoes on your feet. Their breathable mesh upper gives you all the ventilation you need, during high intensity workouts. They are light and cushioned, thus allowing you to train longer without ending up with sore feet.

These cross training shoes for tennis are sturdy and they have a snug fit. However, they don’t fit too tight in a way that might limit your movements or cause discomfort. The seamless overlays on the upper give them structure without adding unnecessary weight. These fitness shoes also come with an adjustable heel lock down strap, giving you an improved fit. The footbed is molded to conform to the dynamics of your feet. This feature is particularly important to limit slippage. Outsoles come with strategically placed rubber components, protecting the foot during high impact landings while enhancing their durability. Weighing less than 200 grams, you now understand why they are among the most popular cross trainers currently on the market.

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26. RYKA Women’s Grafik Cross-Training Shoe

It is hard to dispute the fact that RYKA shoes are currently among the best training shoes for dancing and studio activities. These lightweight shoes also come with a pivot point, specifically made for dancing. With the RYKA-Womens-Grafik cross training shoes, you will be able to up your Zumba game and dance with confidence, knowing that your feet and ankles are fully protected. They combine comfort and style, making them a perfect fit for cross training sessions. It also comes with a low profile and lightweight EVA midsole.

Moreover, the midsole has an injected heel design, to give you more heel reinforcement. Their roomy toe box allows you to train, dance or exercise comfortably. Also included is a diamond-shaped rubber outsole, making movement easier and effortless. The diamond-shaped rubber design on the outsole, also promotes an enhanced contoured grip. This allows you to perform studio and dance activities easily. These training shoes also feature an anatomical precise-return footbed, which is also padded, thereby increasing your levels of comfort. As a bonus, you can easily make the material used to make them waterproof with some Scotchgard waterproofing spray.

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27. New Balance Women’s WX711V2 Training Shoe

Highly rated as one of the best cross training shoes for plantar fasciitis, the New Balance Women’s WX711V2 fitness shoes can help you achieve the results you desire. With these shoes, you can weight train with confidence, knowing that your feet have the comfort and support required to get through the reps and sets. The tongue is slightly longer than that of your average fitness shoe. This design provides additional support to the ankles. Apart from that, you can also train outdoors with these shoes, knowing that debris such as rocks or small sticks will not enter the shoe, due to the slightly longer tongue.

The outsole is cushy, and slightly raised off the ground. They are designed this way to handle high impact activities such as running and weightlifting. This means that once the foot strikes the ground, all that impact is absorbed and not transferred to the foot itself. Other support features in these trainers include the foam midsole and the strong and sturdy uppers. When wearing them, your foot feels like it is resting on a pillow. That is just how cushy and comfortable they are. Breathable mesh on the upper keeps them ventilated at all times. Regardless of your choice of training, the New Balance Women’s 711v2 training shoes will help you to achieve your fitness and health goals.

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28. New Balance Women’s 711v2 Training Shoe

Jump, sprint, and lift with confidence. These fitness shoes come with various features to enhance your performances. It is lightweight and breathable, while providing an incredible amount of support to meet your entire cross training needs. Its main features include the cushioned midsole, the crash pad technology on the heels to diffuse shock and the forefoot flex grooves for enhanced traction. Whether you intend to use them for Zumba, aerobics or running, these are guaranteed to help in achieving health and fitness goals.

The upper mesh is breathable and incredibly comfortable. In short, all the features you have been looking for in a cross training shoe have been packed into one. What makes them great dance shoes is their flexibility and support. They enable you to tear through those dance moves and you will not encounter Achilles or heel pain. These are also available in great colors, giving you many options when selecting the outfits to wear with them. In terms of sizing, they run quite small, especially for women with wide feet. Therefore, if you are in that category, just order ½ a size up, and they will fit perfectly.

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29. PUMA Women’s Fierce Core Cross-Trainer Shoe

Bring out your wild side with the PUMA Fierce Core cross training shoes. Known as Kylie Jenner shoes on the streets, even your anti-Kardashian friends will love them! Designed for serious training and inspired by dance movements, no dance move is too hard for these fierce trainers. Sturdy on the material but light on the weight, they are the perfect shoes for any training challenge. These are definitely a game changer. If you want to take your cross training to the next level, these are the shoes for you. Designed to be both functional and versatile, the Fierce Core are light on your feet and very comfortable. You will sometimes wish they were only made for you, since people will eventually note how good they are and copy you.

On the aesthetics side, these are very fashionable. They slip easily and hold your foot in position, regardless of the activity. These are also true to size. It is hard to find cross training shoes with such a perfect fit. You might be worried that they are flimsy due to their considerably lower price. However, you will be surprised to see how strong and sturdy they are. In fact, they might even outlast some of the expensive shoes in your wardrobe. They are girly, yet have a certain edgy look. If you are looking for quality trainers that give you a fresh and cool look, you should get them.

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30. Reebok Women’s R Crossfit Nano 0 Training Shoe

When most cross trainers think of fitness shoes from Reebok, what comes to mind first is the Nano. As one of the first Nano models, the 2.0 laid a solid foundation for the newer models. The Nanos perform excellently across all areas of cross training. They support you through high impact movements such as double unders and box jumps as well as weightlifting. Apart from longer runs and sprints, another area that they excel is rope climbing. They are great shoes for intense workouts that involve moderate lifts combined with jumping, lifting or gymnastics. Similar to other shoes in the Nano series, these are low cut for extra mobility.

If you have not been able to perform squats and lunges due to painful feet and knees. These will save you from that agony. This wide and flat shoe comes with excellent lateral support, for heavy weight loading and weight distribution. And they are super cute too! As compared to other Crossfit shoes, these are very light. The toe is reinforced to provide stability and protection, especially during plank exercises. On the other hand, the flexibility of the outsole gives you a firm base during insanity workouts. If you are a rope climber, you will appreciate the RopePro protective wrap, which allows you to climb easier and faster.

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31. adidas Performance Women’s A.T 32 Prima Training Shoe

From strength training, studio classes, boot camps to dance classes… these are the perfect shoes. Even when your feet are snugly fit into these shoes, the stretchable, breathable and seamless upper will give them a wonderful breeze. Soles are non-marking and enhanced with lateral support for enhanced control and non-stop stability. To ensure that your feet are stable when training, the sole wraps onto the upper. They are great for any type of crossfit training. If you do a lot of planks and lunges, then you will appreciate how flexible their toe and arch is.

They bend with the foot. Since they are not stiff, you don’t need to break into them. Once you remove them from the box, slip them on your feet and hit the gym or your dance studio. You might be tempted to think that they will not last because the material is thin. You could not be farther from the truth. The thin material makes them super lightweight. However, they come with a silicone web covering the fabric upper. This increases their durability two fold. If you are prone to rolling ankles, these are also perfect for your training needs.

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32. Nike Women’s Flex Supreme TR 4 Cross Trainer

The Nike Women’s Flex Supreme TR 4 is one of the best cross training shoes for flat feet. They are comfortable and lightweight, allowing you to engage in different activities, thanks to their support and stability. The phylite outsole comes with rubber traction pods, which are strategically located at the heel and forefoot. These pods are placed in a herringbone pattern, to provide multi-directional traction. They are also placed in areas where the foot strikes the ground, which is of course the forefoot area and the heel.

The outsole also features flex grooves, giving your feet flexibility and free range of motion. Moving on to the midsole, it is made of EVA, for super cushioning ability, shock diffusion and impact absorption. The upper is mainly made of engineered mesh, specifically for ventilation and flexibility purposes. You can remove the insoles for easy cleaning and replacement. All in all, these are comfortable cross trainers, for everyday use or specifically going to the gym. They are super light, breathable, and flexible.

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33. ASICS Women’s Gel Acclaim Training Shoe

The Gel Acclaim is a multipurpose fitness shoe for utmost comfort. It is true to size and they do not require breaking in. The uppers are made of leather and synthetic material, allowing for both breathability and stability. In addition to that, the footbeds are properly cushioned with gel, for that extra walking comfort. A rearfoot gel cushioning minimizes impacts, while the high abrasion rubber offers the necessary traction on different surfaces. They also come with a wide toe box, which is great for those athletes suffering from bunions.

More and more cross trainers swear by these shoes. They combine 3 main factors, which are performance, fit and comfort. Finding fitness shoes with all the 3 key features is not easy. With this complete package, your feet will remain supported throughout your workout, giving you the freedom to enjoy your workouts and perform better. Also included in the design of these shoes is a rear pull tab. This makes it easy to slip them on and off. Weighing approximately 270 grams, these lightweight shoes are just what you need during those workouts that require fast movements.

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34. K-Swiss Women’s X-160 CMF Training Shoe

Stay comfortable but stylish while working out, using these cross trainers from K-Swiss. Its best feature is the tubes technology, which when combined with the memory footbed gives flexibility and superior cushioning. Apart from cushioning, they also provide a great deal of arch support. If your training involves lateral movements such as kickboxing, then you should consider these shoes. Uppers are made of breathable mesh, which keeps your feet cool even when outside temperatures are soaring.

In terms of fit, it is advisable to stick to your normal street size. These trainers are also recommended for athletes who suffer from any form of foot pain. Whether it is plantar fasciitis, Achilles heel or aching knees, that pain will no longer be a bother, once you’ve got these on. For more arch support, you can remove the insoles and replace them with your custom orthotics. They also come with two sets of laces, giving you options when it comes to customization. It is quite hard to find any flaws in these fitness shoes. With just a single pair of these cross training shoes, you can move straight from aerobics to cardio, without any change of shoes. Once you combine them with a thin pair of training socks, your feet will remain comfortable and stable. And happy, of course.

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35. adidas Performance Women’s Gymbreaker Bounce Training Shoe

The Adidas Performance Women’s Gymbreaker Bounce cross training shoes are great for circuit training, running and various other activities. These are super lightweight, bouncy, provide good arch support, very comfortable, they provide great impact absorption, they are stretchy and they fit around your foot like a glove. Constructed using synthetic and fabric materials, these shoes are very flexible, allowing you to maneuver through various training sessions with ease. They are designed with ABZORB technology, for shock and impact absorption with every step. These training shoes also feature an IMEVA midsole, which provides arch support during load bearing workouts.

In addition to that, they have a rubber outsole, which absorbs impact and protects the rest of the shoe from damage. If you have been suffering from arthritis and you always encounter problems, these cross trainers will allow you to train without any pain in your joints. They also come with an internal shank for better support. The adidas Performance Women’s Gymbreaker Bounce also looks great on your feet. It is easy to match them with different outfits. Don’t be surprised when you walk into your Zumba class and everyone wants a pair of these!

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36. Reebok Women’s Zcut TR Training Shoe

Hit your daily training targets with the Zcut cross training shoes from Reebok. Nike went a step further in the design of these shoes to make stability the main priority. From the forefoot to the rearfoot, your foot is supported from all angles. Due to this feature alone, they are recommended to those who do exercises that involve a lot of side to side movements. Featuring a general toe box, they give your toes a natural splay while giving the rest of your feet a glove-like fit.

They are also padded and flexible, making them ideal for Zumba, plyometrics and kickboxing. With ventilation in the right places, you can be guaranteed that you will not end up with sweaty and smelly feet during and after your training. If you have low arches and you are not flat footed either, you need a sneaker that provides both arch support and cushioning. That sneaker is none other than the Zcut TR. It is soft on the footbed, remarkably comfortable and super lightweight. As a bonus, it also comes with an adjustable Velcro strap around the heel. Apart from enhancing the design of the shoe, it provides the foot and heels with support, when you tighten it. They are great on your feet and they look cute. They are low to the ground and the sole has a nice grip, giving you a feeling of stability. These trainers are also reasonably priced. You are assured that you will get value for your money.

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37. Nike Women’s Flex Supreme TR 3 Cross Trainer

On the road, at the gym, on the track, these Nike cross training shoes will take your workouts to the next level. These low profile shoes feature a lightweight design, giving you completely natural motions while doing x-fit. They are so comfortable that you can even wear them without socks, and you will not experience blisters or hot spots. Although they might require a day or two for breaking in, they will give you a very soft and cushioned ride, once you get used to them.

Another great feature is their flexibility. This allows your foot to move easily, especially in exercises that require lateral movements. These babies are so lightweight. It feels like you are just wearing socks on your feet. It doesn’t matter how you train or where you train, the comfort and support provided by these sneakers will allow you to take your efforts to the extreme. If you are a regular gym-goer, expect excellent response and superb comfort when you slip these on. If you have balance issues, these will give you better support than normal running shoes. Take good care of them and you will never regret your decision to invest in these. After all, if your feet are happy, you will also be a happy woman in the gym, right?

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38. Nike Women’s Flex Trainer 6

These incredible women’s cross trainers combine a breathable and stable upper with a supportive platform, to give you multidirectional traction and flexibility. They are comfortable and lightweight, while their construction is solid. With a shaft measuring approximately 2.6 inches from the arch, combined with a padded collar, your ankles are sufficiently supported throughout your workouts. If your training involves many side movements, then you will appreciate having these on your feet.

The fit is perfect and they hug your feet like a glove. Their sole is also flat. Therefore, you can use them for weightlifting in the gym, and you will not end up with hip and joint pain. Due to their low profile, you can wear them with shorts on a summer evening, as you head to the gym. The tongue extends slightly to provide support to your forefoot, especially during exercises that involve squatting or forward movements. It comes with a phylon outsole, combined with rubber pods for traction. These trainers are so comfortable that you might forget to remove them when your training is over!

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39. adidas Performance Women’s Speed Trainer 2 W Training Shoe

The Adidas Performance Speed Trainer 2 is a women’s cross training shoe that keeps your feet comfortable during training. Apart from the grippy outsole designed for traction on different surfaces, these cross training shoes feature a stunning air mesh and breathable upper, for additional comfort, allowing you to improve your game. The padded tongue and collar and the synthetic overlays enhance functionality and performance.

Also included in their construction is an ortholite moisture-wicking sock liner. It wicks moisture away, keeping your feet cool and fresh. The midsole, composed of articulated Adiprene, delivers responsive and lightweight cushioning. Toe box area is wide, which allows your toes to splay naturally. Since the toes are also flexible, you can plant your feet firmly on the ground and obtain better stability, especially during weightlifting. You can also run and walk with them. Whatever you love, push yourself to the limits and increase your reaction time with these Adidas fitness shoes.

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40. New Balance Women’s WX409 Core Training Shoe

Regardless of your fitness routine, the New Balance WX409 Core helps you achieve your health and fitness goals. It is designed to provide extra support and a great fit. They offer support throughout the ankles and feet, which is great, especially if you over-pronate. The midsoles have reliable cushioning, which will provide balance and support. Due to this support, they are able to take the pressure off your ankles and knees. If you do lots of walking, jogging and workouts, these are great for you.

Their cushioning and support is also great for people who suffer from plantar fasciitis. The insoles are perforated for additional breathability. They are also true to size. These cross trainers also come with a pull-tab at the rear, which makes it easy to come on and off. Ventilation ports on the upper ensure breathability, while preventing bad odors from accumulating inside. Therefore, your feet remain comfortable throughout. The soles are non-marking, while the flex zone on the forefoot increases flexibility and gives you a smoother ride.

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Five Of The Best Cross Training Shoes For Men With Flat Feet (2016)

1. The Realflex Advance 0 From Reebok

Reebok’s Advance training shoe is both flexible and light. During vigorous activity, the feet are cooled down when air flows through the mesh located on the upper shoe. Extra support is proved by the durable heel and toe caps on the shoe. In order to adapt rapidly to directional changes and a variety of surfaces, the shoes are equipped with forefoot flex grooves and nodes to provide a more natural feel. Durability and increased traction is ensured by the fortified rubber outsole. In order to improve ankle mobility, a special low cut upper design is included. And, personal orthotics are a breeze to insert due the the removable sock liner provided by RealFlex. It gets high marks for comfort among men with flat feet. The feet are securely placed in a comfortable position due to the cradle created by the mid sole locks.

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2. The Air One From Nike

Perhaps the best men’s workout shoe on the market is the Nike Air 1 TR. Because of the air heel unit used for cushioning the heel and the super lightweight design, there is no need to hold back when training. For comfort, there is a padded tongue and collar. The Air One TR’s rubber outsole makes it a great shoe when it comes to stability and traction. You can rest assured that your grip on the surface of the gym floor will remain dependable. A smoother stride with increased flexibility is made possible by the flex grooves. When you are taking on a tough day of training, these x-training Nikes are the best ones to have on your feet. The pylite midsole and the cushioned foot bed provide shock absorption and lightweight cushioning. The side panels are equipped to breathe which provides outstanding ventilation. When you train in these shoes, you will be fresh and strong.

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3. The Men’s MX1157 NB Groove From New Balance

This popular shoe from New Balance offers open-cell, high-density foam shock absorption. For extra support, this beautiful black and orange shoe has both a padded collar and tongue. These New Balance x-trainers are designed to aid athletes gain their goals. The advanced technology used in this training shoe requires an intense amount of research. Customer comments are generally positive, with many noting the high level of comfort and super lightweight nature of the shoes. Many felt that they worked best in warm climates when people were highly engaged in outdoor activities. The toes remain cold even if you wear warm socks.

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4. The GEL-Craze From ASICS

Asics has made one of the best sport shoes for athletes who plan on taking their training to the next level with their GEL-Craze TR Cross-Training shoe. The foot gets the opportunity to move smoothly and naturally because natural rotation is made possible by the built-in flex grooves. Enhanced cushioning is provided by the midsole design. Athletes get better traction on many different surfaces with this model. Expect smooth transitions after an impact because the rear foot can better attenuate shock due to the system of gel cushioning. When it comes to side to side movement, the foot gets help from the lateral outriggers in the forefoot. Because of its extra heel support (great for the foot’s lateral movements) and wider base, a certified personal trainer gives these shoes high marks for training.

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5. The MX877 From New Balance

When it comes to the latest type of trend shoes for indoor fitness and activities, this new men’s training shoe from New Balance fits the bill perfectly. In order to impress the people in the gym and to perform at top quality, wearers love the appearance of this pair of fashionable sport’s footwear. The modern design of this shoe is available in yellow, orange, black, and blue. In order to prevent bad odors in the shoe, bacterial development is minimized by the breathable synthetic material used in the MX797v2. During long use, overall stress on the feet is decreased because of the stability of the unique midsole. The experience of the user is maximized overall during deadlifts, box jumps, and other sports because the footwear prevents injury. While there have been some complaints registered by users about the material’s poor quality, take a look at how they are made in countries like China to understand the difference.

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Five Of The Best Cross Training Shoes For Women With Flat Feet (2016)

1. Nike Flex Supreme TR II

The Nike Flex Supreme TR 2 is good for women that plan to head to the gym, go out on the road or spend some time on the track. They are not heavy on your feet and they help you engage in many different activities. The mesh on the shoe helps to let the foot breathe, and even though they are not very heavy, the lace-up closure gives the foot support. This shoe is also very comfortable. It features a padded tongue and collar, and there is also a cushion insole that is contoured to the foot. It can be taken out if you see fit. In addition, these shoes have flex grooves that make them easier to work with.

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2. New Balance WX711

The WX711 is made by New Balance, and this x-trainer not only looks great, but it feels great on the foot as well. It doesn’t weigh you down and there is a breathable mesh that helps the foot stay cool. In addition, it features a rubber traction outsole and bright overlays that add to the appearance of the shoes. The shoe fits well, in part because of the attractive lace-up closure. The midsole has a CUSH plush foam that increases the comfort level of the shoe, as does the heel pillow. Finally, there is also a mesh fabric lining and a rolled collar.

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3. Adidas Liquid 2

These running shoes help you feel free as you go the distance. They have extra padding and are perfect for women with either neutral feet or those that experience underpronation. The midsole has additional padding which means that runners will find that they can go for long periods of time and still not experience discomfort in their feet. There is a non-slip lining which helps to keep the foot from having problems as well. This product is meant to last for a long time; there are caps on the heel and the toe that help the shoe stay nice over time. Also, the shoe was designed so that it fits very well on the foot.

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4. ASICS Gel-Harmony TR

This training shoe made by ASICS makes you feel like you barely have anything on your foot. The shoe was created in such a way that it helps the runner to pick up additional speed. There is no shortage of support, as the gel cushioned platform works to provide the runner with what she needs while she is out. The shoe should fit perfectly on the foot; the seamless construction cuts back on issues with the feet that are often seen with regular stitching. In addition, the shoe feels good on the foot, which is due in part to the contoured cushion insole (which can be taken out) and the padded tongue and collar.

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5. Nike Free 0 TR Fit 5

This training shoe from Nike makes improvements over the previous version, featuring a lightweight traction. There is an engineered synthetic mesh on the top of the shoe that helps to keep the foot cool and supported during the run. There is also fly wire technology that helps with support as well. The rubber pods, which are environmentally friendly, help you run across various kinds of surfaces. This shoe is truly unique and is getting great reviews from customers.

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What Are The Benefits Of Cross Training Shoes?

If you are a cross trainer, then you will realize how incredibly important it is to have good footwear. Plenty of people have fallen arches and require more support than people who do not suffer from this problem. But even if you do not suffer from fallen arches, cross trainers can still be a good choice. So why are x-trainers so good for those with flat feet? It’s because they were made for providing a person with good support. And just because you do not require as much support as a flat footed person, that doesn’t mean you can’t still benefit from footwear that gives you a whole lot of stability and support.

Figuring out which is the best among a wide range of products has always been a somewhat tedious task. Picking out shoes when you have special requirements like flat feet, bunins, plantar fasciitis or high arches takes focused attention for both comfort and design. This article is written for the purpose of helping you find the best cross training shoes for flat feet.

Those that have flat foot often develop troublesome postural habits which may cause injuries. Since they lack the natural arch which supports or absorbs the natural shock in each stride, people with flat foot tend to put more pressure on their feet, causing injuries to their knees, ankles and back. Through the use of cross trainers (the sneaker kind, not the exercise machine kind), one can provide stability to their feet and ankle, as well as discourage pronation.

Shoes that have arch support absorb shock, providing enough stability to minimize pressure. They are appropriate for various activities, and prevent pronation by creating a natural arch in your feet. X-Training shoes have extra mid-sole support, in order to avoid strain on your feet when jogging, running and playing. The wedge helps stopping your ankles from rolling out, and it gives more lateral stability when you’re involved in sports such as tennis, basketball or running. Those who have flat feet should test drive shoes before buying, by taking a walk around the store in order to make sure feet are stable and ankles don’t turn inwards.

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Walking Shoes, Running Shoes, and Cross-Trainers

A while ago, all the choice you’d get when buying sneakers was black or white. Nowadays, since the athletic shoes science and technology has become advanced and sophisticated, there are many more choices for consumers to take into account, such as flexibility, cushioning, breathability of the internal and external materials, and orthopedic qualities. The distinction between running shoes, walking shoes and cross trainers from a single manufacturer can be small, but they are real and will affect the walking experience — they aren’t merely a marketing gimmick.

Walking Shoes

These tend to have flexible soles, and are often designed specifically to promote an easy rool from the heel to toe, easing the natural walking motion. Its cushioning is usually designed to absorb approximately one and a half times your body weight, regardless of shoe size. Walk shoes don’t need to be too rugged, so there’s more opportunity for the manufacturers to utilize light, breathable materials such as mesh on the outers.

Sweaty feet can be uncomfortable, and walkers will often appreciate the feature. Tread designs tend to be less deep, and its side walls and soles provide all-around grip. They are obviously the best shoes for walking – but it’s okay to walk wearing other types of athletic shoes as long as they fit well.

Running Shoes

Running shoes are usually designed to absorb stronger impacts — up to thrice as much as your body weight. They provide plenty of lateral stability in order to control pronation, and tend to have higher, more heavily cushioned heels.

Its treads and sides are designed in order to achieve the best forward grip possible. Trail running shoes usually have impregnated solid guards which prevent the sort of bruising sharp rocks may cause. Running shoes tend not to be as flexible at the ball of your feet as a shoe made for walking, even when they’re from the same manufacturer.


Cross-trainers are intended to provide extra versatility, being great for walking, or playing court sports such as tennis and basketball. These shoes generally have rigid side to side (metatarsal) support, and do not have much heel cushioning for running long distances. These shoes are ok if you’re only running a few miles at a time, but they’ll break down much faster than a shoe made specifically for running.

Which Cross Training Shoe Is The Best For You?

In order to be able to participate in all sorts of outdoor activities and adventure sports, it’s important that you have access to the right sort of footwear. It’s a very good idea to own a x-training shoe if you’re a sports person, since finding the correct type of shoe for each activity can be a daunting task.

Cross trainers excel because they can be used for a variety of different sports activities without causing you trouble. Good sportsmen need to have plenty of endurance and stamina — similarly, a good cross training shoe will be able to handle the strains and stress of whichever game you play.

There is a wide array of different for multi disciplinary training footwear in the market such as the Nike Free 5.0, the Rebook Athetic Sprint, the MizunoTokoyo Sprint Spike as well as new Basics shoes. All of these have been sparking the interest of those who enjoy different activities, and they became very popular with the masses due to its versatility and ample utility, since its design makes it long lasting and stable. The shoes are made up of soles which will sustain pressure as you run, making your feet muscles a lot more relaxed.

The interior of shoes for the purpose of cross training, gives a great cushioning effects for your feet, keeping them comfortable during any sort of sport activity. The shoe’s exterior, made of leather, makes it very sturdy and robust. These are great trainer shoes, made for men and women alike – in fact, they’re the same for both women and men, and usually differ only in their looks.

Good cross trainers are light in weight, making moving across all sorts of terrain a breeze. They are the best buy for any sort of sportsperson, as long as they’re used carefully, and handled with proper care.

Some More Useful Boot Bomb Bonus Information On Cross Training

Everybody is well aware of the fact that exercise is good for your health. However, sometimes it can be too much. That is why so many individuals are choosing to do cross-training workouts these days. X-Training makes it possible for you to get lots of exercises without all of the injuries, pain and boredom from performing the same exercise regimen every day.

So what exactly is all this x-training stuff? Technically, cross training refers to performing at least two different kinds of exercises during a single workout or alternating the kinds of exercise you do in successive workouts. However, x-training basically means that you mix up workouts up some in order to achieve a better workout over all.

As an example, if you are running currently, you might want to perform step aerobics on certain days, go for a bike ride or add in some weightlifting. Certain kinds of exercises provide various components that go into a total body workout through helping with flexibility, reducing body fat, building muscle or enhancing cardiovascular fitness. However, you will most likely need to engage in training in multiple sports branches, in order to realize all of those gains.

The changes that your body goes through when performing various sports makes it possible for you to overload or challenge your system much better than just doing one kind of exercise.

Cross training offers other benefits. Just the tremendous variety of exercise options alone provide both mental and physical stimulation – which really helps to protect against mental burnout. You avoid staleness when you try out new movements and use new muscle groups. Your fitness level might even improve simply due to the fact that with all of the different activity choices that are available to you, you will end up exercising more.

Reduce Your Risk Of Getting Injured

You might be convinced of why your level of enjoyment and fitness are increased by cross training. But in addition, probably one of the main benefits that this method of working out provides is that it helps to reduce the risk of you getting injured.

When your workout is focused on just a couple parts of your body, you run the risk of wearing those parts down. As an example, running works your heart and legs a lot. However, it also puts a lot of strain on your feet and knees, which increases the risk of stress fractures, shin splints and Achilles tendinitis. Or you could get chronic pain in your hips, heels or knees. Those pains are signs that the ligaments and tendons in those areas are starting to wear down.

Quite naturally, whenever exercise hurts, you have a tendency to do less of it. This method of physical activity helps you be able to still exercise even when part of your body is injured. Just because you have a sore elbow from playing tennis, that doesn’t necessary mean you cannot go biking or inline skating. One of the major benefits of training yourself in multiple sport branches, it that regularity and consistency are promoted. Individuals who cross train are able to keep exercising on a regular basis even when they have minor injuries.

How To Choose the Best Cross Training Exercises To Fit Your Needs

To choose the best exercises, the first thing you should do is determine what your goals are. Are you wanting to train for a specific event or sport? If so, you will need to select exercises that work certain muscle groups. Another thing you can do is talk with your trainer about getting a cross-training plan in place. Are you attempting to lose weight? If so, you should focus on doing exercises that burn the highest number of calories. The following are some basic guidelines for performing noncompetitive cross training.

Stretching is one of the most integral components of any x-training activity, especially crossfit. However it is often overlooked because people don’t appreciate all of the benefits that it provides or don’t feel they have enough time to do it.

1. Stretching helps your joints, ligaments, tendons and muscles prepare for activity that is coming up and to rest from intensive activity that you have just performed.

2. The preparation also helps your body with transitioning from an active state to resting state and then back again.

3. In addition, stretching reduces any soreness you may be experiencing within the first few days of exercising. It is critical for you being able to exercise on a consistent basis.

4. To find good stretching exercises, finding a video or book containing stretching exercises or ask a trainer who work at your gym for help.

Weight training is a vital part of all cross-training routines since it helps to build the strength that is needed for performing various activities.

1. If muscle tone is your goal, then lifting weights can help you achieve this goal through intensely working certain muscle groups. You can maintain or achieve muscle tone without building up bulky muscle through lifting moderate or low amounts of weight with many repetitions two or three time a week. To achieve bulky muscle lift more weight with not as many repetitions.

2. If your goal is to burn calories, lifting weights can also help to increase your lean muscle mass. In turn this helps your body burn added calories, even while you aren’t exercising. That means that your body will be burning more calories whenever you are sitting at your desk.

3. In addition, weight training strengthens your muscles you use (including some of the muscles you tend to not even realize you use) while performing endurance and aerobic activities like aerobics, tennis, basketball, soccer, skiing, hiking, cycling and running. As an example, individuals who enroll in an aerobics class are able to improve their stamina and strength for the leaping and jumping moves that are performed in class through adding high-repetition, light weight weight training.

4. For weight training advice that is specific to your personal needs, consult with a training that your gym where you are planning to train.

Aerobic activities are essential as well for anyone wanting to do cross training since they help to improve cardiovascular fitness. They are a mainstay of many calorie-burning workouts.

1. To burn calories and therefore reduce your body fat, it is necessary for you to raise and sustain your heart rate. You will eventually build endurance and have the ability to perform the aerobic activity for much longer.

2. Beginning exercises should be careful of attempting to exercise for too long during their first aerobic activities attempts.

3. Steady endurance training is especially effective at reduce your body fat. In addition, cross trainers can choose from various cardiovascular training options.

4. Consider which muscles you use in each of the aerobic activities that you will be performing so that you will be able to appropriately alternate activities. You want to avoid intensely working the same muscles each day in the same way. As an example, it is beneficial for cyclists to do a steady, slow run that helps to build up cardiovascular endurance in addition to stretching their legs out after being confined to pedaling. On the other hand, runners can benefit from riding a bike that provides them with some cardiovascular benefit while at the same time reducing the amount of wear and tear that running causes to the feet and knees.

5. Team sports such as rugby, soccer and basketball can help you with increasing how intense your workouts are by offering your competition and adding personal enjoyment to your workouts.

There is a wide variety of different aerobic activities that you can choose from. Just remember that your weight does help to determine the number of calories you burn. For any exercise level, people who weigh more have a tendency to burn more calories. In order to maximize the benefit from your cross training program, you might want to work with an experienced fitness coach or athletic trainer. Staff or professors at nearby universities or colleges might be able to help you discover the type of expertise that is needed for guide you through the exercise planning process.

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  1. I have issues with tightness in my calves. It has gotten to the point, I am nervous because about the 1.5 mile mark my calves will get real tight/hurt/afraid of pulling one or both. I played soccer all my life, along with other sports, but can no longer play because of my calves (I am 42, for reference). I am more of a crossfit workout type of guy now, with less running because of my legs. I do like to run when it isn’t painful.
    I have had surgery on my right knee for a torn meniscus, my left quad had a slight tear when I was younger, which is fine but I know it didn’t heal properly. My hips are out of alignment on occasion, more often than not 🙂 I have gone through PT for my knee and some for my back, and I use to go to a chiro, but have taken it upon myself to stretch, roller and hand roll my legs when I can, and have an inversion table as well. Of note, my calves are even tight when I wake up in the morning, and have had no input as to what may cause that.
    I do drink plenty of water, I know my desk job is part of the problem, and I know I need to stretch more, I am struggling/frustrated with my bodies failures, but I keep going. That said, I want to get the right shoes and was looking at the Reebok Men’s Yourflex Train 8.0 L MT Training, but thought I would ask your opinion? I also am looking at a versitile work boot (office, working around the house, and walking) if you had thoughts (looking at the Sketcher verdict)?

    • Hi Sean,

      Sorry to hear about the frustration from your body’s failing. Although I’ve never needed PT or surgery, my knees aren’t as strong as I’d like them to be either. Sometimes, I have to do stretch exercises for my back, or I will shriek in agony from just sitting.

      I understand your frustration.

      The Reebok Yourflex you’re looking at, is a really good one. No reason to not go for it.

      If you need flexible Skechers working footwear, then you’re in luck… I have a page dedicated to those.

      I also have a page for work boots that are less flexible, in the sense that you couldn’t really wear them to the office (assuming your office has some sort of dress code).

      Do you think this helps?



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