My Reviews Of The Slickest Military Watches Of 2017

Are you a military professional, an outdoor enthusiast or simply an avid hiker?

If so, then it is essential that you find the best military watch that will let you take yourself to the next level in your daily activities!

Keep reading to learn what makes for a good watch, or skip to my reviews of the top 15. I also have an in-depth review of the Casio Rangeman.

What Makes A Good Military Watch?


A good tactical watch comes with all the right features and a range of functions needed for survival. Impractically designed and flashy watches will only hinder your performance in the field. Therefore, you need a watch that can cope with extreme conditions. A military watch should be practical and durable in its design. This is because you might need to rely on it during dangerous situations, to save your life. A low quality plastic watch is not ideal for military purposes, since it lacks the durability, functions and durability, not to mention high precision time keeping. Apart from being important in the military fields, tactical watches are suitable for mountaineering, backpacking, and hiking, among other outdoor activities. Additionally, a useful military watch should be solar powered, for convenience.

What Kind Of Watch Can You Wear In The Military?

mw2When it comes to military watches, any watch can be worn, as long as it is conservative and not offendingly outlandish in any way. It should be dark in color. There are many watches out there, which have been marketed as military timepieces. But a watch for military personnel, should definitely be reliable and durable. Luminox and marathon watches are very popular in the military, as well as G-Shocks. Another watch that is very popular in the military, is the Citizen. Especially the airforce troops. Seikos and Casios are also widely popular, especially with those who are looking for higly durable, shock resistant watches. Depending on what kind of activities you undertake in the military, a good army watch should be waterproof, durable and have a long battery life. It should also come with all the advanced features that you need, when you are out in the field, performing your daily duties.

Best Military Watches For Men In 2017 Reviews

1. Casio GW7900B-1 G-Shock Black Solar Sport Watch

This multifunctional sport watch allows you to mix a little athletic pleasure with business. The bezel and the case have both been made using black resin, toning down your sophisticated look with a smooth feel and sleek look. With a black face and grey numbers, the watch appears even cooler. This means that when there is light, you can read the display well. But at night, it would be hard to read the numbers. However, that is why there is a big G. It depicts the illumination button. It comes with 4 alarms that can all be set individually. It also has a moon and tide graph. On top of that, it can be set to atomic time keeping. The coolest part of this watch is that it can be charged using solar energy. There is a solar panel on the face of the watch. Your watch can remain functional anywhere from 6-23 months. Once the battery is drained, it can be charged using different sources of light. Stronger light will normally take less time to charge it. For example, if exposed to sunlight, 5 minutes will be enough to charge it, while 20 minutes will be needed for recharging during a cloudy day. When using indoor lighting, you will need around 45 minutes. The battery level meter will indicate the amount of power remaining. If the watch drains past the minimum charging level, it automatically shuts off, in order to maintain its settings. This solid watch has been built to last.

2. Suunto Core Wrist-Top Computer Watch (Altimeter, Barometer, Compass, Depth Measurement)

The Suunto Core is one of the few watches in the market that combines an altimeter, barometer, depth measurement, and compass into one. It comes with three alarms that are loud enough to wake you up even during noisy conditions. It also has a timer and a stopwatch. The good thing is that when the timer and stopwatch are running, you can still see the current time. It comes with a barometer and altimeter combined together. It has the capacity of measuring elevation in one-meter intervals. Another benefit is that it has the capacity of calculating long term pressure trends, thus giving you a reading that is more accurate. The moment you stop gaining elevation, for example when you are sleeping, the watch automatically senses it. This feature is very effective. It also features an altitude log. This is one of the most used features in tactical altimeter watches. It has a capacity of logging your total ascent, descent and number of runs, for up to seven days. For skiers, it records the number of laps taken. For climbers and hikers, it logs the true vertical they have attained. It also comes with a graph that shows both barometric pressure and attitude trends, which are accurate and work very well. The core remains one of the few tactical watches that you can take with you for shallow diving or snorkeling. It is waterproof, with a depth of up to 100m. Sunrise and sunset indicators are other key features that you are going to find on the core.

3. Casio PAG240-1CR Pathfinder Triple Sensor Multi-Function Sport Watch

The Pathfinder is a fully featured and popular altimeter watch, which is easy to use. It comes with nicely labeled buttons and a bright backlight for easy viewing. One great feature about it, is that it can run for up to six months without light exposure. When the battery drains, it can be easily recharged with a laptop. It comes with five alarms, which is more than similar watches in the same category. It also has a timer and stopwatch These can come in handy, especially when you are training or undertaking time sensitive activities. You can set the sunrise and sunset times easily, since it comes with 31 time zones, which translates to 48 cities. It measures altitude in 5-meter or 20-foot increments. It is highly accurate, especially when compared to altimeters that are barometrically based. It has the capacity of storing up to 40 records of date, altitude, month and time. It features a compass that has adjustable declination, which you can set to follow and record compass bearings. Just like other tactical watches, it is solar powered, featuring solar cells on the outside of the screen. Whether you are infield or exposed to direct light, this watch has no issues when it comes to absorbing and converting light to energy. The buttons are nicely labeled, making it easy to read and identify function options. Menu navigation is easy and the presence of a strong backlight makes it one of the best, when it comes to display viewability.

4. Casio GA100SD-8A G-Shock Military Watch

This military inspired watch features multiple displays, a logo on the bezeland a ribbed resin band that comes with buckle closure. The display is both analog and digital, depending on what you prefer. It’s got Japanese quartz movement, making it very accurate. Featuring shock resistance, together with auto LED, it comes with 31 time zones, or 48 cities. Other features include a speed indicator, a stopwatch, and a countdown timer. It is water resistant up to a depth of 200m, which is a no mean feat. It is perfect for serious surface water sports and professional marine activity. However, don’t use it for scuba diving. The whole watch is made of resin and it is sand colored. Resin is a material used in the watch-making industry, due to its high levels of durability. The case is 29mm thick and 50mm in diameter. Despite the watch appearing large, it is very light. You’re going to feel as if you are wearing a wristband. Its dial has been covered by a window derived from a protective mineral to ensure ultimate protection during rigorous use. It comes with all the features needed in a tactical watch such a shock resistance, different time zones, a snooze, and 4 daily alarms. It is slick, low profile and very functional.

5. Lad Weather German Sensor Weather Forecast/Digital Compass/Altimeter/Barometer Sports Watch

The Lad Weather German Sensor Weather Forecast is a highly functional watch that will meet all your outdoor needs. The model is available in nine different colors, meaning that you have a wide range of choices. If you are going for rifle shooting, this watch has all the functions you need. It comes with a negative display, which is a unique feature. This negative display produces very good viewability, especially when used in areas of bright light. When you are working in average room light or dark rooms, you can easily switch to using the backlight, which will allow you to read the display better. Both the altimeter and the barometer are very accurate. It also features weather predictions, which are pretty accurate. You just need to know how a barometer works, and then you’ll get reliable weather predictions from it. If the the graph is steady, you should expect a storm. If it raises steadily, you should expect normal weather. The quality of the construction is great. It is easy to use, due to the simplified display and navigation. The alarm is loud enough to wake you up, even when you are in a noisy situation. The sensors are highly accurate and the watch itself is easy to configure. Additionally, the watch is very comfortable on your wrist. It is very light, cool looking and dark.

6. G-Shock Rangeman Master Of G Series Stylish Watch, Green

The Rangeman is another addition to the widely popular G series of rugged and tough timepieces. They have been engineered and designed to handle even the most grueling conditions that you can encounter. It has been equipped with triple sensors combining a thermometer, a barometer, an altimeter, and a compass. It is a perfectly functioning watch, that won’t malfunction on you easily. Its construction is something that is not readily found in other tactical watches. For example, it can fall from a height of 10m and will not incur any damage. The battery life is estimated at 10 years, while the water resistance range is 200m. Although it appears large, it wears perfectly on the wrist, leaving you with a feel of tactical comfort. In terms of design, it comes with a very attractive look, that is sure to look cool on everybody’s wrist. The case and the band have been made using high quality black resin, enhanced with grey and red accents. The plastic used is highly resistant and durable. It features a mineral crystal window that is very protective. In simple terms, only a diamond material or a similar crystal would be able to scratch that window. A digital window enables you to read the digits and records easily. The LED backlight, which goes on automatically whenever you approach dark environments, helps to increase the readability. The altimeter helps you in measuring altitude, which comes in handy, especially for mountain climbers. Additionally, a barometer helps you to measure atmospheric pressure and predict weather patterns. The triple sensor feature on the watch is easy to use with a simple push of the middle button. The first beep indicates the altimeter mode, two beeps indicate the compass, while three beeps will activate the thermometer and barometer together. Cylindrical buttons offer outstanding operation. It has improved impact resistance so that it will last long, even when used in the wilderness. The user sensor button, that is frequently used, has been covered with a metal casing to keep foreign matter out, while also protecting it against lateral impact. This is easily one of the best military watches the world has seen in a long time. With this watch, you get great functions and features, at a reasonable price.

7. Casio SGW300HB-3AVCF Multi-Function Sport Watch, Green Nylon Band

When it comes to tactical compass watches, very few can match the Casio SGW300HB-3AVCF Multi-Function Sport Watch. It features a sturdy and strong green nylon strap. It has been designed with multiple digital screens and a mineral dial window. It starts with a resin case of 42mm and four pushers, which control its different functions. These functions are also emblazoned on the bezel and case. Thanks to these features, the digital display has been greatly enhanced. The watch is designed to handle rugged and tough conditions. The bezel features screws that have been intentionally exposed, thereby reinforcing the structure of the watch. To ensure accuracy, the watch uses a digital display and quartz movement. On this watch, you are also going to find an altimeter, a thermometer, and a barometer, all of which function accurately. You can also set five different alarms, that are more than loud enough to wake you up even in noisy conditions. Another great feature is the water resistance. It has the capacity of resisting up to 100m of water depth. The LED backlight together with afterglow allows you to clearly see the display in dark conditions. There are 31 time zones for the world time, together with daylight saving and city code display. The green nylon band ensures the watch is comfortable to wear, while the buckle clasp keeps it securely locked.

8. Casio PRG-270 Pro Trek Triple Sensor Multifunction Digital Sport Watch

Casio is renowned for its ability to manufacture high quality standard watches, using the latest technological features. The PRG-270 does not disappoint. It belongs to the Pro Trek family series, which was specifically created by Casio to address the needs of military personnel and other outdoor adventurers. Like others in the series, it features triple sensor technology, durable packaging, and a solar powered battery. It is reasonably big, making it suitable for outdoor wear and conditions. However, its weight is low, making it a very comfortable timepiece to wear all day. Navigation is easy for the compass, altimeter, and the barometer. The buttons are easy and responsive, requiring very little effort to operate. The overall construction and build quality is decent. It has been housed in a resin case, with a diameter of 5.2cm, for that extra masculine feel. A buckle clasp and a black resin band help to secure it firmly on your wrist. It features a black digital display, that has been created using triple sensor technology. Therefore, you will be able to use a barometer, a compass and a thermometer, all in one time piece. The calibration is bidirectional and has a northerly calibration function. It is water resistant to a depth of 100m. This means that you can use it for snorkeling, swimming and other under water activities like scuba diving. Other features present include a full auto calendar together with a window protected with mineral crystals. Like other watches in the series, it is fully powered by solar energy, effectively removing the inconvenience of replacing batteries. It has been designed with automatic time zone tracking. This implies that you don’t have to reset time, when moving from one time zone to the other.

9. Garmin Fenix 3 HR

The Fenix3 is the ideal outdoor companion for people who wish to track their activities. It has a wide range of sensors together with the ability of linking up with your smartphone. The watch is extremely versatile with the ability to record activities ranging from running, cycling, skiing and mountaineering. This Garmin tactical watch comes with Bluetooth connectivity and a wide range of inbuilt sensors. Instead of following the current trend of touch screens, the Fenix3 employs five manual buttons located strategically around the bezel. The bezel itself is made of stainless steel. Thanks to the steel bezel, you can expect this watch to be highly rugged. It can survive regular skiing, rock climbing, canyoning and surfing, without any signs of wear. The basis of this unit, is its GPS functionalities. The watch can easily track your location as long as there is a signal in the vicinity. Additionally, this timepiece can use the GLONASS network for accurate data recordings. This can come in handy, especially during those situations when the GPS signal seams weak. With the Bluetooth connectivity, it can upload activities automatically with Strava. You can also be able to track other things such as sleep patterns and number of steps taken. The display is daylight visible and full color, showing brightly colored metrics. It is highly durable, thanks to its stainless steel construction, a comfortable silicone band and a sapphire glass window. Whether you are in night or daytime environments, the display will show clearly. One feature that you don’t see on many other tactical watches, is the heart rate monitor. It is water resistant, up to a depth of 100m.

10. Seiko SNE331 Sport Solar Black Stainless Steel Watch, Beige Nylon Band

Just like the military itself, this timepiece performs exceptionally well. Being one of the best military watches out there, it gets the job done with no room for failure, regardless of the conditions. It uses solar power, which means that you should not worry about the watch stopping, due to running out of power. You can also say goodbye to the inconveniences that come with replacing batteries. This makes it ideal for military personnel. Once it has been fully powered, it can store that energy for up to ten months, even with daily use. It has been designed to remain accurate with very high levels of consistency. This vintage army watch is elegant in its simplicity. The basics and the controls are right where you need them to be. The minute and hour hands are highly luminous, enabling you to see them clearly in the dark. The band has been made using olive green nylon. There is nothing too fancy about this watch, which makes it suitable for wear and use in both professional as well as casual situations. The watch dries very easily, once it gets wet. The band is also very secure, ensuring that it will remain firmly on your wrist all day long. The Seiko SNE331 military tactical watch will give you rugged dependability. Seiko has once again proven that it understands the needs of its customers, with this reliable and timeless timepiece. It is impact resistant, a feature that is enhanced by the ion-plated, jet-black stainless steel bezel and case. It is also water resistant, meaning that you can swim up to 100m below the water’s surface without affecting its performance. It is ideal for many different kinds of situations, whether it be hunting, swimming, fishing, or even work.

11. Seiko 5 SNZG09K1 Sport Analog Automatic Khaki Green Canvas Watch

Seiko 5 series features watches that are known to be affordable and sturdy mechanical watches. They are available in different colors and flavors. The Seiko 5 SNZG09K1 is a mid-sized men’s army watch featuring water resistance, diashock shock resistance, and automatic mechanical movement. With a diameter of 42mm, the Seiko 5 SNZG09K1 is an affordable tactical watch for someone who wants a highly durable timepiece. The case is clean and simple, with a brushed finish. The sides have a polished finish. A display window has been fitted at the rear of the watch, revealing the automatic movement of the Seiko 5 SNZG09K1. Like other watches from Seiko, this one also features the hardlex crystals, which are known to be scratch resistant. The dial displays considerable information, is clean, legible and well balanced. A raised internal bezel can be found on the outer rim of its dial. Large luminescent harsh markers display hours, while small markers, which are non-luminescent, display seconds and minutes. In terms of straps and wearability, it is very comfortable. The straps are easy to adjust, so they can provide you with a perfect fit. It also comes with a stainless steel bracelet, which provides a dressed look. It also makes it comfortable to wear. It is very attractive, highly durable and very stylish.

12. G-Shock GD-120 Military Black Sports Stylish Watch, Black

Designed for marine and professional military activities, the G-Shock GD 120 will hold up even under the harshest environments. It is impact resistant and damn near unbreakable. It is equipped with a 200m water resistance, world time and a battery life of up to ten years. It is incredibly stylish, with some red and black matte decorations, with loyal blue light. It features a low profile. You can expect to get many years of service out of it. It is suitable for different environments. Whether you are engaging in extreme sports, or just going about your daily grind, this watch is going to make every wrist look at least twice as awesome. This all black tactical watch is easy to use and setup. It features a multi-time zone feature, which comes in very handy if you want to keep track of what others are doing in different time zones. The resin band will hold up for long, ensuring that the watch does not fall off when undertaking those rigorous activities. Just like other G-Shock watches, the G-Shock GD-120 comes with shock and impact resistance, 200m water resistance, a stopwatch, a timer and full auto calendar.

13. Casio SGW-450H-2BCF Twin Sensor Analog-Digital Black Watch

A high-quality sports timepiece, the Casio SGW-450 H-2BCF Twin Sensor records, displays accurate barometric pressure readings and altitude measurements. This will help you to predict weather patterns, before nosediving into your favorite outdoor activity. Reliable temperature readings are provided by a built in thermo sensor. This bold black watch, comes with low temperature resistance and five daily alarms. So even if you fail to hear one alarm, you can always rely on the other four. A bright backlight enables a clear display of the readings. An hourly signal is also available. You can activate it optionally, if you so desire. Additionally, world time has been taken care of, due to the presence of 31 time zones, representing 48 cities. City code display is also available, together with a countdown timer, a second stopwatch, and an-auto calendar. The watch can display in both 12 and 24 hour formats. It has been encased in 52mm of steel, ensuring durability and ruggedness. A non-scratch mineral dial window, covers the front interface. A resin band featuring buckle closure ensures that the watch fits on your wrists snugly. It is water resistant up to a depth of 100 meters. This makes it suitable for use in scuba diving, snorkeling or swimming.

14. Suunto Traverse GPS Watch

The Suunto Traverse is a collection of five watches. They are renowned for their attractive design, as well as incredible design. They are designed for those who spend much of their time outdoors. With that in mind, they are equipped with numerous advanced features like a barometer, a GPS tracker, a Bluetooth chipset, and GPS navigation. Drilling deeper down into its specifications, it comes with a comfortable silicone strap and a sapphire glass window for protecting against scratches. On the outside, it features robust and tough features that can handle even the most severe conditions. Composite materials have been used to make the case of the watch. The bezel of stainless steel is scratch resistant. Despite the numerous functionalities offered by this device, it is incredibly lightweight. It has been equipped with a digital thermometer, barometer, altimeter, compass, and GPS navigating device. It automatically switches between the barometer and the altimeter mode, whenever a change in altitude has been detected. On top of that, it displays a weather trend indicator, showing the most recent pressure changes. The weather trend indicator will help you to predict the weather, so you can plan your activities accordingly. For connectivity, the watch uses Bluetooth technology. This allows easier connection to a wide range of Bluetooth enabled devices. You can connect it to a smartphone, whether it be an Android or iOS device. This allows you to receive your smartphone notifications directly to your device. Moreover, a Bluetooth heart rate monitor belt can be linked to the watch.

15. Tamlee Quartz Watches Auto Date Clock Leather Strap Army Military Sports Wrist Watch

Featuring a genuine leather strap, the Tamlee Quartz Watches Auto Date Clock comes with qualities that, most of the time, you can only find in high-end watches. Apart from being made of quality leather, the band is very thick and will therefore take a very long time before it starts showing noticeable signs of wear. It certainly helps in giving this watch a long lifespan. It also features other fantastic features, such as the date function. The design is unique and the face is lovely and stylish. Time adjustment is effortless and the watch is very lightweight. The date and numbers are clearly displayed, with a very clear window. The watch is water resistant up to a depth of 30 meters. It is suitable for swimming as well as snorkeling. A mineral crystal dial window ensures that the arms of the watch are not easily affected. Other special features include an auto date and luminous features.

Marathon Diver’s Military Watch Review

Bonus In-depth Review: Casio Rangeman GW9400CMJ-3

crm3Do you ever engage in military or tactical activities e.g. mountaineering, hiking, trekking, law enforcement, shooting and so on? Are you looking for the best military watch to help keep time and its related aspects when participating in the above activates? If yes, you’ve just landed on the right page. It’s right here that we’ll introduce you to Casio G-Shock Rangeman military watch, the most amazing military watch to watch today. It’s a watch like no other, both in terms of performance and durability. It has been professionally engineered to endure the most grueling conditions you can imagine.

Everything in this watch is military inspired! Just look at its camouflage theme colors and its great features such as a digital compass, altimeter, barometer, world time, time alarms, sunrise/sunset function, etc. Isn’t this the watch that you have been dreaming for all this time? The bonus solar power and multiband features provide the extra icing on the cake. With all these impressive features plus the great performance it has, this watch is definitely the ultimate time tool every military member, law enforcement officer, shooting enthusiast, and outdoor enthusiast needs! Let’s have a look at some of the special features and benefits of the Casio Rangeman GW9400-3 military watch. You’ll be dumping your current watch in no time.

Rugged, Tactical Design

crm2The Casio Rangeman GW9400CMJ-3 has style. It’s the first thing you’ll notice immediately you get your eyes and hands on the package. As I said earlier, everything in this watch is military inspired and the design isn’t an exception. It has a rugged design that makes it the most durable watch on the market right now.

First, its case/bezel is very sturdy. You can feel that this material is tough. It’s also able to resist abrasions really well. The carbon fiber straps are another thing that takes the durability of this watch a notch a higher. Overall, this product is the toughest of toughs – a characteristic that allows you to use it in the harshest, toughest, most challenging tactical missions.

Water Resistant Up to 200M

crm6Yes, that’s right. The Casio Rangeman GW9400CMJ-3 is water resistant and it goes as deep as 200m or 600 ft. This one is directly related to our first feature above. It’s part of the manufacturer’s mission to make the watch ready to face all the harsh environments you might be planning to subject yourself (and it) to. The fact that this watch can be used in waters of down to 200m (or 600 feet) makes it a pretty impressive device!

I’ve yet to find a watch that continues to work normally, with zero damage, when dipped into water of 30m only for a shortperiod of time. Let alone 200m. If your tactical activities are confined to wet environments, or at one time you find yourself in heavy rains when wearing this watch, rest assured that there is no reason to panic. Your watch will remain 100% safe and unaffected.

Auto LED Backlight Support

Another super cool feature about this first-grade military watch that you’ll truly fall in love with is the auto backlight LED support (with an afterglow). Simply tilt your watch and the backlight will come alive. This is a really great feature for you, especially when your hands are occupied and/or full and you need to check the watch.

Extremely Easy to Use

crm4If you thought that you need lessons on how to operate this great timepiece, you’re totally mistaken. This is the best army watch that you can easily operate without turning to Google or your friends for help. And the moment you start using it, you’ll realize it. Look at its cylindrical buttons. They’re so easy to handle, even when you’re wearing gloves or your fingers are totally numbed by the cold. This means that you’ll have an easy and fun time adjusting various time settings.

The center-right sensor button that you’ll frequently use has also been made extremely easy for you to operate. Press it in any mode and it will take you directly to the sensor screen. The button also comes with a metal cover that protects it from lateral impact and stops foreign matter from gaining entry. Each sensor button comes with its own audible tone such that you can operate the watch without looking at it. How amazing!

Solar Powered

When did you last enjoy a tactical watch that is solar powered? If you’ve never got to enjoy this experience, this military watch presents you with the irresistible offer to do so. It comes with a solar rechargeable battery which when properly charged, it will take you through 8 straight months without having to expose it to the light. This saves you the task of going from stall to stall looking for the best battery for the watch. And that means less maintenance cost.

Triple Sensor Technology Equipped

Another feature that qualifies this timepiece as the best tactical watch is its ability to help you navigate easily and accurately predict weather in any region. All this is made possible by the Triple Sensor Technology it’s equipped with. As many users of the watch like to call, it’s an awesome navigation/weather forecasting that you’ll find helpful in every tactical mission you’ll undertake for the rest of your life. The kit is comprised of the barometer, digital compass, and a thermometer. Needless to say, the barometer and the digital compass helps you with navigation. The barometer displays an easy to interpret atmospheric pressure tendency graph that you can use to predict the weather.

High degree of Time Accuracy

crm5An important feature worth noting. After all, you don’t want a watch that gives you misleading time information. As for this watch, it receives time calibration radio signals for around 6 times every day. And for this reason, it provides you with accurate time every day, everywhere.


  • Rugged and tough design
  • Comes with a digital compass
  • Super easy to use
  • Shock, mud, and water resistant
  • Solar powered
  • Military-inspired colors
  • One year warranty


  • Thermometer readings might be influenced by your body temperature if the watch is around your wrist
  • A bit pricey compared to its competitors (but this tactical watch is still worth every penny considering the great features and its excellent performance!)

Final Verdict

The Casio Rangeman GW9400CMJ-3 military watch has almost no flaws. This is a really great addition to the line of Master of G series watches. The product has been optimized to meet all your tactical time needs. It provides you with the accurate time and direction and its sturdy design enables you to use it in the toughest environments. All the military members, rangers, hikers, hunters, law enforcement officers and everyday watch-a-holics have turned to this watch for its incredible and reliable performance. You too can be part of the ride. This baby will solve all your tactical timekeeping needs, no problem!

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Table of Contents

What To Look For In Army Watches

mw10About 10 years ago military men and women and police men and women were the ones who usually wore outdoor watches, which allowed them to perform their missions. Military watches have excellent precision, as well as accuracy and they are extremely durable. They also have various functions, and best of all, modern tactical watches have many functions too, and they are available in various designs.

You might be surprised at how many features many of these watches have. They are very versatile, and people from all walks of lives love them, and this includes everyone from outdoor enthusiasts to consumers are are neutral to military personnel. With that said, below are a few features that many soldier watches for men may have.

1. Night Vision

Some of the top outdoor watches are equipped with H3 tritium technology. This allows for night vision, which means you will be able to look at your watch, even if it is extremely dark outside. What’s even more amazing than that is the fact that the watch can glow without using energy from a battery, and it can do so for more than 20 years.

2. Durability

Titanium watches are ideal to get because they are known for being durable. In fact, titanium can withstand many types of conditions. Also, durable straps tend to be made out of nylon or leather. Further more, stay away from watches made with low-quality plastic, and keep in mind that most of the time the price of the watch determines the quality of it.

3. Precise Chronograph Movement

Decent multifunction, tactical watches will have 3-4 sub-dials. With these features, you will have excellent accuracy and precision. Not only that, but most guys will love the sporty appeal it has, as well as the high-tech appeal.

4. Solar Powered

It’s also worth mentioning that many watches don’t need a battery in order to be powered on, as they work via solar power and they can run for around 4-5 months before needing to be charged. In fact, the Citizen Eco-Drive Watch uses artificial light or natural sun light in ordered to be powered on. What this means is the watch has unlimited battery life, which means you don’t have to change the batteries or worry about doing that.

5. Trip Sensor

This is a good feature to have and you can see it on many watches these days. You will love what the sensor has to offer. It includes a compass, barometer and an altimeter.

6. Water Resistance

mw11It is also important to go for a watch that is water resistant. Keep in mind that these watches have been designed for all sorts of outdoor activities. As such, water is one of the nature’s worst destructive force when it comes to technological doohickeys such as watches. If any gadget gets sogged in water, chances are that it will be ruined for good, with you having to spend money on a replacement device. As such, make sure you go for a water resistant watch. A good water proof watch should have the ability to resist water to at least 300 feet. Make sure that the watch you want to buy has great quality Swiss components. It’s always good idea to make sure that you end up with a watch that is Swiss engineered and designed… if quality is important to you. Swiss made stuff has a reputation that you just can’t get around.

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Styles & Functions

mw3As I’m sure you already know, the best military watches are available in many styles with many functions. They are also versatile, as previously mentioned. In fact, you might find them to be more versatile than many of the designer watches out there, as well as heart-monitor watches.

When soldier watches are produced, they are produced with precision, durability and effectiveness in mind. This type of watch is traditionally word and used by military officials. With that said, one of the best choices out there is a Swiss made watch.

You will love the fact that there are outdoor watches sold from various eras, which means you have many watches to choose from. This includes watches that are from the Korea area, Pre World War I and World War II, as well as Post Vietnam. Not only that, but watches are also available in association with various military branches, such as the foreign service, arm, navy, marines and the special services, as well as the air force.

There are a few things you want to keep in mind when shopping around for tactical watches, such as considering buying one that as a 24-hour dial with 3 symbols. This feature is highly desirable on a soldier’s watch because it represents military strength over sea, air and land. These types of watches go around the dial only once daily.

mw4Make sure you choose a watch that is durable. Military watches are designed to be worn, so durability is important. Also, consider one that has a back-light that lasts for a longtime.

Many companies sell army watches, but be picky when it comes to buying one. You want to choose watches such as Panerai watches because they will hold their value. If you buy a watch of low quality, then chances are it will quickly depreciate in value.

Always buy a tactical research watch from a seller that is a collector and has a lot of experience. Speak with dealers that have a great reputation too. It might be worth it to buy an outdoor watch from a private person, rather than from a commercial webshop or brick & mortar outlet.

A few years ago, outdoor watches for tactical use, were made and used for the armed forces; although over the last few years, these watches have evolved. Today, you will find many people (especially the young ones) are using these watches for fashion purposes. As such, it has been reported that the market for these watches have increased. Apart from their functionality, the manufactures of these military watches have factored in fashion into their designs.

mw6The truth of the matter is that these watches come in handy especially to those people involved in activities that require outdoor activities and explorations. Did you know that there are watches that can function as a compass? There are also others the can function as a light source. For this reason, it is quite evident that they come in handy for all sorts of outdoor activities.

At the same time, there are manufactures and stores that are offering custom made watches according to a customer’s specifications. This gives users the ability to select the features they want. However, even though you will be looking for a custom watch, it is equally important to ensure the watch matches your regular outfits. Choosing a suitable tactical, outdoor watch this day and age, can be a very challenging and daunting task if you do not know what you are looking for.

Finding The Best Military Watch In Today’s Market

mw5Well some of the best military manufactures today include Kobold, Hamilton, Orfina, IWC, MWC, Bell and Ross, Casio, Marathon Watch Company, CWC and Sinn.

The first and important thing to note is that when it comes to choosing an army watch, you have to make sure that you have selected a genuine item from known manufactures. Please do not be confused by convincing sales talk and all fancy terms. Without knowing what you want, you may fall victim to conmen who are only there to make some money. For this reason, you will need to learn how to differentiate between an original military watch from a fake one. The bottom-line is that you are looking for a product worth your money.

However, the question is; how do you do this? What are the things to look for?

For a watch to even be considered as a military grade, it should offer particular and specific qualities such as scratch resistance and unbelievable durability. Now because most of the military watches have the same qualities, the question is how can you get the best in the market?

1. Quality Over Quantity

mw7According to manufactures, the greatest and most expensive watches are made by hand. However, when it comes to tactical, outdoor watches, they do not have this kind of luxury but still get the job done. When it comes to choosing a watch, at times the price alone is not the main proof you can ask for. In a matter of fact, there are already several instances where a cheaper product offers better quality compared to those expensive ones. All that it takes is a few Google searches.

The good news is that a brand name and what it represents will give you a clear idea when choosing the most fantastic soldier’s watch. The main idea here is to find a watch manufacture that does not mass produce their products on a regular basis. The truth of the matter is that consumers do experience regular malfunctions if a gadget is mass produced. It does not matter how strict quality control and inspection standards is; there are times when defective products passes through.

2. Product Comparison

mw9When it comes to purchasing a well fitting military watch in today’s market, the most important factor you have to consider other than is the different features it has to offer. For this reason, it is advisable to compare different brands or tactical watches to get the best in the market. Moreover, you should also compare the quality and price.

By applying this technique, you will be in a better position to finding the brand and quality that matches you, personally. The good news is that there are a lot of information online regarding army watches which does also include manufactures reviews, customer reviews, articles, blogs and even forums. All this are sources where you could gain information on the best watch in the market.

3. Brand Selection

mw8One of the most challenging things that you will be faced with when selecting a good army watch in today’s market, is deciding the brand to go for. Well, the truth of the matter is that there are many brands or manufactures in the market who manufacture these watches. Therefore, finding a good brand is like trying to find a needle in a haystack. On the upside, a needle in a haystack can definitely be found if only the searches posesses enough persistence.

But you don’t want to have to research a watch purchase for months on end. For this reason, it is advisable to come up with a list of the best watch manufactures on the market and try to research the kind of outdoor watches they are manufacturing. Using this technique, you will be able to eliminate each brand and find the one that’s good for you in the end.

At the end of the day, when it comes to soldier watches, it all boils down to personal taste. It does not matter how interesting the product is; the first thing is to make sure that you like it and your heart is telling you to buy it. Generally, good research in combination with good instincts is the key to finding out which soldier watch suits you, personally.


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  1. Just wanted to drop a line. I haven’t wore a watch in years. I don’t wear any jewelry at all. However, been thinking about putting a watch back on. I appreciate your article very much. A lot of good insight and research. I look forward to your other reviews on other products. I’ve put about 6 watches on my amazon wish list while I decide.
    Thanks again, Seth.

    • Hi Seth,

      You put 6 on your wish list? Man, you must really like these watches!

      Glad you enjoyed the article, mate. Check the menu for many more extensive product reviews.



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