slip1Wearing the right shoe type can make a huge difference. You should think of anti slip footwear as a tool that makes your job easier. On the other hand, ill-fitted or ill-suited footwear can make your job very difficult, which can have a negative result on your performance. According to research, footwear causes more than 20% of slips and fall injuries, in different work areas. If you work around slippery surfaces, such as professional kitchens and health-related environments, you will require a non skidding shoe, to keep you safe. Slip and fall injuries can lead to serious injuries such as broken bones, head traumas, back complications, and even death. Here are some considerations to make when looking for non skidding work shoes.

Know Your Environment

When selecting non slip shoes, it is important to identify what makes the floor slippery. Shoes meant for slippery outdoor and wet conditions may not be effective when subjected to floors coated with oil or chemicals. On the other hand, shoes designed for restaurant or hospital workers dealing with food-based oils or water may degrade quickly when exposed to industrial cutting oils.

The good news is that the market for non slip footwear has grown significantly over the years. Non slip footwear is now available for different work environments. You will just need to ask safety footwear suppliers and manufacturers to recommend a shoe for your specific needs. Most of them will test the footwear to determine whether it will offer the right traction for your work environment.

Sole and Tread Design

slip2The shoe sole is known as the outsole. This part of the shoe gets into direct contact with floor surfaces. Anti slip shoes come with a rubber outsole. The rubber used to make them is normally softer than that used to make other shoes and more resistant to slipping when subjected to oil, commercial greasers or water. This softer rubber creates a more effective shoe that doesn't let you slide. Shoes that have a stiffer or harder outsole do not grip well.

It is common knowledge that almost all tread patterns perform the same, only exhibiting very few differences. Most of the information out there about slip resistance is from manufacturers who just want to push their brands. With that said, it is important to understand how the features on these shoes help to counter slippery floors. Go for a sole that:

  • Has a firm grip on the ground. Super deep patterns or treads with many voids can be quite unstable.
  • Have channels to direct oil or water away from the shoe. Once you step on a liquid, it is going to choose the path with least resistance. If the tread features a lot of pathways or channels that facilitate this, then you are assured a safer step.
  • Come with circular grips. This helps to prevent hydroplaning much better than triangular or square-shaped grips.

Purchase Stylish Shoes with Good Support

As much as you are looking for good traction, your work boots or shoes need to give your body and feet good comfort and support. Without good support, you are most likely going to suffer from knee, leg or foot pain. Good heel and arch support on top of adequate feet padding is important for your feet's health. Therefore, do not overlook this crucial aspect.

You probably also want to buy attractive shoes. Just because you are purchasing shoes that prevent you from silpping, does not mean you have to neglect style. Numerous attractive and stylish shoes in the market today are anti slip. Find a shoe that has the right color, material options or style, to match with the rest of your outfit.

Benefits of Slip Resistant Shoes

slip3A great pair of anti slip shoes significantly reduces the potential of slipping on oil, soap or water. Since they are available in different styles, comfortable, and not more expensive than normal shoes, there is no reason to put your health at risk. Anti skidding shoes are highly recommended in kitchens and custodial environments since the sole of the shoe has been designed to prevent slips and falls.

A side benefit when it comes to anti slip shoes is the ability to reduce the amount of floor mats that are commonly used in kitchens. This results to reduced health risks and reduced costs at the workplace.

When buying non skidding shoes look for one stamped on the sole. If the shoe is only marked on the box, then it might be of lower quality and not as effective as it should be, in reducing slips. Skid resistant shoes are designed differently from others. they provide enhance traction on slippery surfaces through the use of special tread design and sole materials.

Slip Resistant Shoes For Women Reviewed

1. Skechers for Work Women’s 76536 Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe

Skechers for Work Women's Sure Track Slip Resistant Shoe, Black, 7.5 M US
  • Slip-resistant work shoe with athletic cushion and...
  • Stretch top panel. Heel pull-on loop

If you want to look stylish throughout your workday, then the Skechers Sure Track is a perfect choice. This non slip shoe comes with a smooth leather upper that is both easy to clean and maintain. A wipe with a damp cloth will be enough to restore the shine on this shoe. There is also a pull at the heel that helps to put on and remove the shoe easily and within the shortest time. The interior section of the shoe has been fitted with a fabric lining, together with a memory foam insole for cushioning. They shoes come from the line of Skechers Relaxed FIT that have been designed with a roomier fit, a wide toe area, and an instant fit. A FlexSole midsole is included to ensure that you go through your workday comfortably. The non slip rubber outsole guarantees traction, regardless of your work environment. These are ideal non skidding shoes for waitresses and nurses.

2. Mozo Women's Mavi Food Service Shoe

MOZO Women's Mavi Food Service Shoe, Black, 8 B US
  • SERVICE SNEAKERS: These sneakers in black leather...
  • WATER RESISTANT: It has a water-resistant...
  • CASUAL SHOES: We offer fashionable informal shoes...
  • SLIP-RESISTANT: All footwear at Shoes for Crews...
  • ALL YOUR FOOTWEAR NEEDS: Shoes for Crews offers...

If you are looking for a pair of work shoes that will get you through your workday in comfort and style, you should check out the Mozo Mavi Food Service Shoe. These slip-resistant shoes are designed for women who spend extended durations on their feet, working in fast-paced environments.

Their upper is made of 100% full-grain leather, which also happens to be water-resistant. Therefore, if you work in wet conditions or you normally encounter water or moisture in the course of your work, then these shoes will help to keep your feet dry. They also come with dual gel insoles, which ensure your feet remain cozy the entire day. On the other hand, the padded collar will help to prevent ankle chafing while the traditional lace-up closure will give you a custom fit.

You will also notice that these shoes are highly versatile. As much as they are engineered to be used as work shoes, nothing should stop you from wearing them to casual occasions. Also, they are incredibly stylish and you can wear them with a wide range of outfits in your wardrobe. Whether you work in a professional kitchen or you are a server, these shoes will help you to deliver your duties effectively. They are equipped with an anti-slip technology, which provides a firm, sturdy grip on the surface you are walking or standing on.

  • Pros
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Reliable traction
  • Stylish and versatile
  • Cons
  • A bit stiff when new

3. Skechers for Work Women’s 76551 Eldred Work Shoe

Skechers womens Eldred health care and food service shoes, Black, 7.5 US
  • Heel Height: 0.0 inches
  • Lining: Synthetic
  • Not Water Resistant
  • Leather: Smooth Leather
  • Eldred

These leather sneakers keep your feet comfy, fashionable and safe. For sure footing and comfort when you are on the job, you should try these shoes. They feature a roomier comfort design and memory foam cushioned insole. The outsole is anti skidding, which makes it a very suitable shoe for nurses, chefs, waitresses and medical students. The shoe has also been certified as electric hazard safe. The fabric linings provide a soft feel while the leather uppers provide you with the much-needed durability. A lace-up casual fit ensures that your feet remain grounded the whole day. The sizing is perfect and you are assured of durability, protection and top-notch comfort at your work place. These work shoes allow you to work with confidence, without having to worry about hazards and other risks. They don’t require any break and they are super lightweight. If you stand on your feet for more than nine hours and start having knee problems, then this is the recommended shoe for you.

4. Fila Women’s Memory Fresh Start Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Fila Women's Memory Fresh Start SR Training Shoe, Castlerock/Purple Cactus Flower/Cockatoo, 9 M US
  • leather / mesh upper
  • memory plus footbed with COOLMAX fiber
  • offers superior oil and slip-resistance protection...

Fila shoes are very versatile. They can be used as athletic shoes, as well as work shoes. Their cushion, stability and lateral support are ideal for people who are looking for a work shoe. The Fila Women’s Memory Fresh Start Work Shoe is light and airy. The traction is superb and the cushioning is just what you need, to get through a long working day. They come with a rubber outsole that provides good support and traction. The nylon mesh and the upper synthetic leather provide breathability and support. Your feet are able to breath and remain fresh, throughout out the day. The midsole, made from ethylene vinyl acetate absorb road shocks while providing great cushioning. This helps to reduce pressure on your arch. These shoes also feature a lateral support mechanism, giving you an easy and confident stride, each step of the way. The shoes feel good on your feet and are worth every dollar, since you get so much bang for your buck.

5. Dr. Scholl’s Women’s Inhale Slip Resistant Sneaker

Dr. Scholl's Shoes Women's Inhale Slip-Resistant Sneaker, Black, 10 M US
  • PERFORMANCE TESTED: In independent lab testing,...
  • MATERIALS: Water-repellent with majority leather,...
  • FIT: Lace-up front with padded tongue and collar.
  • FEELS: Insole Technology with anatomical...
  • INSOLE: Molded Memory Foam Cool Fit...

This inhale work shoe combines performance and exceptional style. The shoe features an anti slip rubber outsole for durability and traction. The upper part of this shoe is made of leather, giving a work-sneaker style look. A round toe is added to give it a stylish look, while keeping your toes protected from hard surfaces. The decorative stitching detail leaves this shoe looking attractive, and easy to combine it with your work outfits. The shoe is also vented, to promote the highest standards of breathability. Your feet do not have to feel suffocated anymore. An Aegis Microbe Shield has also been included in these shoes, to prevent accumulation of bacteria and control odor. Molded sock and memory foam insoles will keep you comfortable, as you handle your work chores. The shoe is lightweight, which allows you to move around easily. Take on the day with sporty style and support, with this no skid sneaker.

6. Skechers for Work Women’s Relaxed Fit Slip Resistant Work Shoe

If you are looking for amazing comfort, work-ready safety, and classic style, then you should try out this work shoe from Skechers. Designed with smooth leather upper, these shoes will ensure you look stylish, wherever you go. They are great anti slip shoes for work. They are easy to slip on and the back is closed which gives you stability during movement. The memory foam insole keeps your feet cushioned and comfortable, even after standing for ten hours. The outsole is also removable, which can be replaced with your own orthotic inserts if you prefer. The shock absorbing, flexible, and lightweight midsole relieves pressure on your feet, while giving your arch a great support. The non skid, flexible nitrile rubber outsole is also chemical resistant. The shoe is also OSHA compliant, meeting very high standards of safety.

7. AVIA Women’s Avi-Union

AVIA Women's Avi Union Service Shoe,Black/Iron Grey ,8.5 M US
  • Oil and slip resistant outsole
  • Defender scotch grad treatment for water and stain...
  • Removable molded ethylene vinyl acetate insole
  • Extended wear shock absorbing midsole for all day...

These non slip walking shoes come with a solid and oil resistant rubber outsole that provides high levels of traction. The shoe also features a padded tongue and collar, to keep out debris from your feet. A breathable mesh lining keeps your feet fresh and cool the whole day, even during high temperature environments. A removable sockliner has been added, for utmost convenience. Designed with a traditional lace-up front, the shoe offers breathability and comfort, which are two important features when it comes to non skid shoes for nurses. The stitched toecap overlay helps to protect the shoe, whenever you are moving around. The Lite midsole, crafted with Avia’s Cantilever system at the heel area provide stability and lightweight cushioning. With a specially designed tread pattern, this shoe is able to push liquids further from the foot while promoting grip in hazardous environment. They are great anti-slip shoes for work.

8. SR Max Malibu Women’s Black Slip Resistant Sneaker

SR Max Malibu, Women's, Black, Athletic Style Slip Resistant Soft Toe Work Shoe (7.0 M)
  • Features SR Max industry-leading slip resistant...
  • Suede and genuine leather upper
  • Slim-fit eurocasual design
  • Removable full cushion insole
  • Mesh fabric lining

There are several brands in the market today, claiming to sell non-slip shoes. However, most are clunky and uncomfortable. The Malibu is a sleek and lightweight work shoe for ladies who don’t want heavy shoes that can slow them down. These shoes can be used in healthcare, grocery, food service, hospitality, and manufacturing industries. The shoes feel and look great and the arch support is just excellent. The shoe fits perfectly in both size and width. The sole is made from rubber, making it light for easy movement. The shoes are also fitted with mesh fabric lining for keeping your feet comfortable. The insoles provide full cushioning and can be replaced with better ones if you want to maximize your support. The upper is suede and made with a genuine leather upper. It is easy to maintain and sturdy to serve you for many years to come. For quality, affordability, and comfort, the SR Malibu Women’s Shoe is the perfect selection.

9. Fila Women’s Memory Runtronic Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Fila Women's Runtronic Slip Resistant Running Shoe Shoe, Black, 8.5 B US
  • SOLID PERFORMANCE: Durable leather and synthetic...
  • SUPERIOR TRACTION: Solid rubber slip resistant...
  • ALL DAY COMFORT: Made with our specialized COOLMAX...
  • RELAXED STYLING: Perforations for breathability...

The Fila Memory Runtronic is a pair of slip-resistant work shoes, designed for all-day comfort. These work shoes feature an upper made of synthetic and leather, designed to keep the shoes flexible while making sure that your feet have adequate protection and support. The upper also features numerous perforations. Therefore, even if you spend the entire day on your feet, your feet will remain cool and fresh throughout. Both the collar and the tongue are padded for extra cushioning and ankle support while a traditional lace-up closure will give you a relaxed, custom fit.

These slip-resistant shoes for women are also equipped with a proprietary COOLMAX fiber sock liner, which ensures that your feet have adequate cushioning and arch support, regardless of how many hours you spend standing. Their outsole is made of solid rubber, which supplies reliable traction round the clock. This durable rubber outsole also meets applicable standards on traction, which means the shoes are applicable in numerous industrial applications.

  • Pros
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Adequate traction
  • Cons
  • Soles squeak on hard flooring

10. Skechers for Work Women’s 76550 Sure Track Trickel Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Skechers for Work Women's Sure Track Trickel Slip Resistant Work Shoe, Black, 7.5 XW US
  • Heel Height: 1.0 inches
  • Lining: Fabric
  • Not Water Resistant
  • Sure Track Trickel-w
  • Closed Toe

Skechers are shoes designed for better performance and a great feel. These shoes for the working woman are made of smooth solid leather. They also feature a lace-up design for casual work. These rugged work shoes have also been fitted with side mini perforated panels that provide a cooling effect to your feet. Memory foam removable insoles provide you with top-notch comfort. Just like other shoes from Skechers, the Track Trickel Slip Resistant Work Shoe comes with a lightweight, shock absorbing FlexSole midsole for durability and cushioning. These skechers give you the confidence you need at your work place. The insert can also be removed, if you prefer deep work shoes. Of if you’d rather have other insoles in there, ofcourse. They are affordable; their arch support is ideal and remains some of the most comfortable work shoes. They are some of the best non slip shoes for flat feet.

11. Fila Women’s Memory Workshift Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Fila Women's Memory Workshift Training Shoe,Black/Black/Black,9 W US
  • leather / mesh upper
  • memory plus footbed with COOLMAX fiber
  • offers superior oil and slip-resistance protection...

Fila have been making shoes for more than a hundred years. Throughout all those years, the company has ensured that their shoes come with the highest levels of performance, craftsmanship and comfort. The Fila Women’s Memory Work shoe complies with all industry standards, when it comes to slip prevention footwear. The memory foam sockliner has been created using DLS foam to keep your feet snug every time. The upper of the shoe has been made using leather, together with perforations and synthetic overlays for breathability. The lacing system is variable, depending on your personal preferences. If you are a server working for more than 40 hours in a week, you need a comfortable shoe like this. This shoe provides excellent arch support. The memory foam insoles are removable and replaceable. They shoes are true to size and your back pain will be no more. The shoes are easy to clean and affordable.

12. Alegria Women’s Keli Professional Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Alegria Womens Keli Professional Clog Black Nappa Leather 8 M US
  • Double elastic gores for easy on-and-off
  • Leather upper and lining
  • Stain-resistant upper
  • Suede leather insole
  • Slip-resistant outsole

Similar to other Alegria work shoes, the Keli Professional Work Shoe is designed to keep your feet happy. Offered in a wide selection of finishes and premium leathers, this closed-back, women’s professional clog provides a generous toe box, together with padding at the back collar and instep to protect your feet from chafing. Inside the shoe, you will find a replaceable, removable Perfect Fit footbed, combining memory foam, latex and cork to deliver support and personalized comfort. This professional work shoe has been finished with a polyurethane, non slip outsole anatomically designed to reduced pressure on the heel and central metatarsal area. The outsole also acts as a shock absorber while offering steady traction throughout your busy workday. The leather used to make this shoe is stain resistant, which makes it easy to clean and maintain. The shoe accommodates orthotics thus falling in the category of slip resistant shoes for plantar fasciitis.

13. SRM600 SR Max Rialto Women’s Black Slip Resistant Athletic Sneaker

SR Max Rialto, Women's, Black Athletic Style Soft Toe Slip Resistant Work Shoe (9.0 EW)
  • Tumbled PU upper
  • Nylon mesh with tricot lining
  • Molded removable EVA insole
  • SR Max MaxTrax slip resistant rubber low profile...
  • Soft toe; no safety toe cap

The SR Max Rialto is a non skid and budget friendly athletic sneaker that can also be used as a work shoe. This euro casual, low profile work shoe offers maximum performance at an affordable cost. Designed with a slim-fit feature, this shoe is ideal for women with narrow feet. This shoe is man-made and comes with a very thin sole for lightweight movement. The shoe comes with a removable interior cushioning pad for easier washing and replacement. The upper part of the shoe is also made with lightweight materials for ease of use and comfort, together with industrial strength. An outsole that prevents skidding, ensures that you can work confidently without worrying about slipping on wet surfaces. The fit is perfect and the feel snug. The width is great and the quality of the shoe is just excellent at that price. If you want to wear thick socks during winter it is recommended to order a size larger. Otherwise, they are very comfortable shoes to take you through your hectic workday.

14. Skechers for Work Women’s 76033 Soft Stride-Softie Lace-Up

Not every woman in the healthcare and hospitality industry likes slip on shoes. That is the reason behind the production of this design by Skechers, that comes with a lace-up. The durable laces on this shoe lets you tighten for more support. On the other hand, you can loosen them when you need additional space or when your feet swell. Designed to resemble some of the athletic shoes produced by the company, these shoes provide support and comfort all through. The lightweight midsole allows you to move around easily while the breathable lining keeps your feet dry and cool. For flexibility and comfort, the shoe comes with a smooth leather upper. The rubber outsole is ideal for different work conditions. The perforated accents allow the feet to breathe. Whether you spend a huge amount of your time standing, or you move around a lot, you will appreciate the comfortable fit, the cool style, and the versatility offered by this shoe.

15. Merrell Women’s Jungle Moc Pro Grip Slip Resistant Work Shoe

Merrell womens Jungle Moccasin Pro Grip Slip-Resistant Work Shoe Black 9.5 M US
  • Nubuck leather upper
  • Removable EVA footbed
  • SureGrip outsole
  • Mesh, M Select FRESH treatment
  • J61132

Merrell Jungle Moc offers comfort at its best. The shoe is designed to provide long lasting ease throughout your daily routine. It is manufactured using full grain, high quality leather for enhanced longevity. A breathable mesh lining wicks moisture away, giving your feet maximum breathability. The shoe has also been treated with M-Select Fresh to control and prevent unwanted odors. It eliminates sweat and odor causing bacteria, so you won’t have to put up with stinky footwear. Boasting a removable EVA footbed, you are assured of good underfoot support. Additionally, the air cushion reduces friction and absorbs shocks, to give you a more comfortable stride. A SureGrip outsole has been used to finish off the shoe, providing grip and long lasting traction wherever you go. The innovative tread design comes with a distinctive pattern together with specialized grooves, for wicking liquids away. The shoe is designed to be your favorite walking partner, giving you comfort all day. The Jungle Moc Pro Grip keeps you sure footed, while giving you a coveted, comfortable stride. The fatigue fighting cushioning will get your through your workday with ease.

16. Dr. Martens Women’s Soho Shoe

Dr. Martens Women's Soho Lace up,Black,9 UK(US Women's 11 M)
  • Constructed for comfort on the iconic dr. martens...
  • Classic doc dna, including yellow stitching,...
  • 3-eye shoe
  • Canvas upper serves up durability and flexibility

The Dr. Martens Women’s Soho Shoe is a trendy and slim silhouette, ready to impress with daily versatility and style. They are comfortable and cute, and live up to their hype. It is a highly attractive shoe, perfect for the woman who wants style and comfort at the same time. It features a lace-up design with three eyes. You can tighten or loosen the laces, just the way you prefer your fit. The canvas used to make this shoe comes with a traditional weave, leaving the shoes with a stylish appearance. The canvas upper also makes the shoe durable and light. The sole is sturdy and hard wearing together with good abrasion. The sole is therefore able to supply sufficient comfort and slip resistance. The cemented construction and the rugged stitching ensures that the shoe will give you dependable durability.

17. Skechers for Work Women’s 76553 Synergy Sandlot Steel Toe Lace-Up Work Shoe

Safety meets sporty style, with the Synergy Sandlot Steel Toe Lace-Up Work Shoe for women. The shoe features synthetic and nubuck leather uppers. Plenty of support is assured through the FlexSole shock absorbing and lightweight midsoles. Removable and cushioned memory foam insoles provide comfort while the nitrile non slip rubber outsoles offer flexible traction. Aluminum alloy toes are protective and lightweight while the padded tongues and collars offer additional comfort. Other awesome features of this shoe include stabilizing heel overlays, soft fabric linings, stitching and overlay accents and lace closures. The shoe is highly rated, in terms of electrical hazard safe design. These shoes provide convenient walking on both slippery and wet surfaces. The color of the shoe as well as the style is appealing. They are very comfortable non-slip shoes with good balance and support.

18. Skechers for Work Women’s 76567 Shape Ups Maisto Elon Sneaker

The Women’s Maisto Elon sneaker features a work shoe that promotes steady and stable walking on various kinds of surfaces. The upper is made of leather and synthetic for protecting your feet. The shoe comes with a traditional lace-up design for a secure fit. Just like other Skechers, the shoe has a padded tongue and collar for all day comfort. The fabric lining in the inside of the shoe gives the feet a comfortable feel and fit. A memory foam has been used to cushion the footbed for a long lasting support and comfort. The super soft midsole, with a kinetic wedge design absorb shocks for additional comfort. The rubber rocker outsole that is especially crafted, propels your feet forward while maintaining a stable gait and proper posture. The shoes fit as expected and they are some of the best when working on concrete or slippery surfaces.

19. Townforst Womens Slip and Oil Resistant Slip On Shoes Color Leather

If you spend most of your day working on wet or slippery surfaces, then the Townforst oil and slip-resistant pair of shoes is a perfect match. These shoes are specially designed for people working in professional kitchens, restaurants, facilities and other similar professions. Their outsoles have been tested to meet the highest standards of oil and slip resistance. Therefore, they will keep your feet firm on the ground, thus preventing slipping and falling hazards.

Apart from their excellent traction, these women’s slip-resistant shoes for plantar fasciitis also offer ample cushioning and shock absorption. Their interior features a smooth lining fabric, which prevents friction, blisters and hot spots. Furthermore, they are lightweight, which means that you can wear or walk in them for many hours without experiencing any fatigue in your feet.

  • Pros
  • Excellent oil and slip-resistant capabilities
  • Comfortable and lightweight
  • Cons
  • None

20. Aleader Women’s Running Shoes Fashion Walking Sneakers

ALEADER Women's Running Shoes Fashion Walking Sneakers Purple 10 D(M) US
  • Engineered one piece mesh upper that offers...
  • Your feet can breathe easy in the latest iteration...
  • Slip resistant razar EVA cushion sole
  • Arch surport insole and breathable lining give you...
  • Maximum Cushioned

Aleader Fashion Walking Sneakers are suitable for the professional woman who wants a stylish and comfortable shoe. The upper is made of breathable material that keeps your feet cool and fresh. It also offers the right amount of ventilation, in all manner of conditions. The outsole is made of rubber, with a specialized tread design for good traction. The EVA cushion sole is also resistant to slipping, making it perfect for women who work on wet, slippery floors. The breathable lining and the arch support provide you with exceptional support and comfort, for your performance. These shoes fit perfectly, are light and comfy. They are also perfect anti-slip shoes for babies. Overall, they are comfortable, breathe well and are, dare I say it… cute!


The shoes reviewed above are the best Amazon has to offer. You can't get anything better online at the momoment. At least, not that I know of.

Got questions? Got feedback? Got anything to say at all? Contact me and I will be happy to help you further! In the meantime, check out many more types of footwear on the walking shoes nav page!

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  1. I see that Klogs USA Women’s Springfield Closed Back Clog is really suitable for the waitress who is comfortable wearing a clog-style type of shoes. This pair of shoes is lightweight and stable so no one will slip or skid on wet and greasy floors.

    1. Tried Algeria, after 9 months of only 20 hour a week wear, the slip resistant stopped working. I just tried the KLOGS for the first time today in restaurant. In under an hour, I sent a SOS to my husband to bring my other shoes. I have no idea how but I could feel them slip. Ugh!!!!! So here I am researching shoes again….do they all have to be sooooo ugly?

  2. Brittany, I am in that same boat with you. I really like shoes for crews but they do not have much selection wise for casual/dress/flat heel wide width shoes. I’ve been in restaurant business for 40 + years and still struggling to find a wide width black shoe

  3. I work at Starbucks and need non slip shoes. I have very wide feet and bunions on the side. Pressure on the sides with firm material hurts my feet bad. I’m ok with soft mesh. Any ideas??

  4. Hi Brian,
    May I ask for your recommendations? I am not an elderly person, but recently had a fall where my shoes slipped on wet fog round. I broke my leg in three places. Could you please give your suggestions for shoes that won’t slip and will give reasonable support?


    1. Hi Kenzie,

      I recommend the Fila Memory Workshift shoes. They are said to have good support out of the box.

      If you are super serious about great support, then you should totally try out Tread Labs. I’ve worn nothing else since I first got my hands, er… I mean feet, on them!



  5. Hi Brian,

    I need your recommendation, I purchased a pair of sketcher relaxed foot memory foam non slip shoes for my job in a school cafeteria. I have worn them for 3 days now , and I don’t have bunions, but both of my feet are tingling in that area of my foot. Is there another shoe that you could suggest that won’t hurt my feet or do I need to give them time to break them in. I have never had a pair of sketchers that have hurt my feet as bad as these.

    1. Hi Cheryl,

      If your shoes hurt, don’t wear them so much anymore. It could be that you’ll break them in, although I have never heard of shoes giving a person tingling feet. It means your blood supply is being cut off, putting parts of your feet to sleep. It’s really odd that this would happen with a shoe that supposedly has a relaxed fit. I’d try other shoes to compare.

      I can’t recommend you a shoe that is guaranteed not to give you this very same problem. It’s too hard to judge your personal situation from behind my keyboard. If the problem persists, there might be an underlying cause, in which case you are best off seeking professional medical advice. Take foot pain seriously, because it can get worse if whatever-ails-you is left untreated.

      Please let me know how it went for you.



  6. Hi I’m really needing some advice. I’m a cook and in need of a comfortable non slip shoe. I’m 48 and for years I could be on my feet for hours with no problem wearing tred safe shoes from Wal-Mart. My feet hope to hear from you????

    1. Hi Dina,

      I’d give the Alegria Keli a try if I were you.

      You can complement them with the very excellent Tread Labs insoles. These are my personal favorite. Have been for well over 2 years now. It’s like walking on air!



  7. What would be a good shoe for someone with pain in the arch of your foot that is a food server and is on your feet 12 hours a day thanks

    1. Hi Cindy,

      Any of the shoes on this page will do well, since I don’t bother to review sub par footwear on Boot Bomb.

      And if you’re looking for more options, then you may want to have a look at this page as well.

      It helps to go with footwear that will allow you to put in the best insoles for you. I suggest having a look at these.



  8. I just got a job in a restaurant so I need non slip but I also have plantar fasciitis in one foot. I’m going to check out the townforst but they don’t look sturdy enough. I usually wear nike shox so what would you suggest?

    1. Hi Sarah,

      You may want to take a look at the 76553.

      They’ve got thick soles, which will make you feel plenty sturdy.



  9. Hi there,

    I’ve had to buy boy’s and men’s shoes for my daughter since she was quite young because she has wide feet and weak ankles so she needs high tops for support and some good sole/arch support. She is an adult now and we still struggle finding a black pair for her to work in a restaurant. Can you recommend anything?

    1. Hi Michelle,

      It sounds like your daughter is the ideal candidate for Skechers for Work shoes, for which I have a review page online.

      This line of shoes mostly comes in black, so that’s one requirement taken care of. I’d simply find the highest one I can find for the ankle support. If regular shoes aren’t high enough to give proper ankle support, then you could look into a casual looking kind of hiking boot in black.

      I have a few of those reviewed here, here and here.

      Do you think this helps?



  10. Hello hun I’m on my feet 40 hrs a week standing. A few years ago I broke my ankle. I noticed my ankles get bruised. I need slip restraint shoes for work. I noticed shoes with ankle support help me out. I’m a barista ????.

    1. Hi Laura,

      You might want to check out my reviews on standing shoes, which you can find here. Like this page, there aren’t too many high shoes on there. Just one at the time of writing.

      If you’re dead serious about ankle support and you want higher boots with lots of padding, then you might want to consider a hiking boot. Hiking boots are designed to keep you standing sturdy and comfortably out in the wild. So you’d think they’d be good enough for a barista.

      Have a look at some of these and see if you can’t find something that would be suitable for your work place?



  11. I am looking for oil and slip resistant in XXW wide width shoe in black I am on my feet for around 40 plus hours a week

  12. How warm are any of these shoes? Which ones are THE BEST slip resistant for women??? And, which brand is THE WARMEST for women?? I work in a wet, foggy, cold, wash bay in -40…. I NEED warm, slip proof, water proof shoes being a Detailer.

    1. Hi Candace,

      That’s a tall order. But if warmth is high on the priority list, then I’d say go with the Skecher’s. Those are pretty solid.



  13. I’m a dishwasher working fulltime I need a non slip shoe that’s not to heavy as I also have high arches

    1. Hi Sammi,

      Well, you came to the right place. This page is dedicated to non slip shoes especially for women.

      Take your pick and, if you care to have extra support, then you may want to get yourself a pair of the best insoles in the world.

      I’ve reviewed them here!



    1. Hi Sandra,

      All shoes on this page are non slip. In my opinion, the Skechers for Work are pretty darn warm.



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