Too many people out there are suffering from problems with their feet. Whether it be Morton’s neuroma, heel spur, plantar fasciitis, or whatever else may ail you. If you’re suffering from painful feet, then perhaps you ought to take a long, hard look at your footwear. If you’re wearing the wrong type of shoes, then you can almost be certain that this is a heavy weighing, contributing factor to your foot pain.

It’s also possible that you bought really good shoes 5 years ago. But now you’ve made a 1000 miles in them and they’re not so supportive anymore. Why is that, you ask? because shoes wear out and there’s not a whole lot you can do about that. Sure, you can buy higher priced ones and reasonably expect them to last longer than cheap ones. And you can even maintain them really well to make sure they last even longer.

But there comes a time where your arch support shoe is going to wear out and that’ll be the end of it. The same is true for boots, sandals and slippers. So if you’re looking for a good arch support slipper for standing up all day long, then you should probably have a good look at Dawgs’ women’s fleece arch support slipper.

Women’s Fleece Dawgs Arch Support Slippers Review

This fleece slippers by Dawgs sure is something to look at. Upon first glance, they may remind you of Crocs. But they’re not like that at all. Upon closer inspection, you’ll see that they don’t have the same design, nor are they made of exactly the same type of material.

They are designed with great arch support in mind. They do not have removable insoles. They’re meant to give great foot support straight out of the box!


These are synthetic and… as I’m sure the most observant of my dear Boot Bomb readers have already seen, fleece! And the fleece is removable as well, so if you don’t like it, you can simply strip it.

Although I’m not sure why you’d want to do that. If you want a good arch support slipper without fleecing, then you might just want to look at another slipper. The fleecing is kind of this slipper’s ‘thing’, if you understand what I mean.

However, if you are indeed going to take out the lining, then you could substitute the lining with, say, woolen socks. However, if you choose to leave the fleece lining in, then you will have to wear them with thin socks, most likely.


Some people will find these Dawgs’ fleece slippers for arch support are a tad bit on the small side. So you may want to consider purchasing 1/2 a size up. Buyers who have reviewed these shoes on the web, have stated that they can be worn comfortable if you have wider feet.

Heel & Sole

The heel measures around 1″, with the platform also measuring around 1″. It’s been made with a non marking outsole, meaning that you can easily wear it indoors all day long, and walk around on whichever type of floor you’ve got at your place. You won’t make any markings with it at all, so there’s that!


If you ever want to wash these shoes, you can just throw them straight into the washing machine. You don’t even need to remove the fleece lining. You can air dry them and they will come out not only smelling fresh, but also still in one piece!

Removing the fleece liner will see to it that they dry more quickly, though!


These fluffy fleece arch support slippers have been made with ultra comfort and great foot support in mind. The rubber sole is going to go a long way in keeping you standing firmly, proudly and tall for a long time to come. It won’t wear & tear easily. So you can rest assured that these Dawgs fleece mules are going to last you a long time.

They will keep your feet warm & cozy during winter time (for summer time arch support, just get flip flops). Just so long as you aren’t planning on wearing them during a hike. They might be suitable for both indoors as well as outdoors. But ‘outdoors’ does not mean ‘outdoor life’ in this context!


All in all, these fleece Dawgs are really good value for the money. They are low priced to begin with. They receive great reviews all over the web. They have rubber soles, meaning they’ll last a long time.

These will come in handy when winter arrives and you’ll want to keep your feet warm in the simplest way possible. They are easy to slip on. So if you simply want to go out and get your paper from the mailbox, then these fleece Dawgs are sure to come in handy.

Talk about bang for the buck. Sheesh!

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