If you have ever had the feeling like you’ve had a rock in your shoe, but nothing came rolling out when you turned that sucker upside down, then you might wanna check if the problem isn’t in between your toes. You see, Morton’s neuroma is a condition where the nerves in between your toes get irritated from pressure, swell up and make it feel like you’ve got a marble stuck in between your toes. If only it were a marble, because then you’d be able to take it out. A Morton’s neuroma is on the inside of your foot. It takes time to build up and takes time to be treated and to go away.

It’s best if you manage to entirely prevent a Morton’s neuroma in between your toes, but the reality is that you can always develop one, even if you are doing your hardest best not to. Once you have it,  it’s important that you wear good shoes in order to prevent it from getting worse. It’s a very painful condition and you have to take it seriously. If you don’t, it will become worse. So ignore this advice at your own peril. You absolutely need roomy, orthopedic footwear as part of your treatment for your Morton’s neuroma.

Men’s Orthofeet Sprint Comfort Sneakers For Morton’s Neuroma – Review

These synthetic shoes by Orthofeet come with orthotic support. They have a contoured orthotic insole that gives you anatomical arch support. The heel seat has gel padding and will form to your foot’s natural contours. It will enhance your comfort and help you in alleviating pain in your foot and your heels, all the way up to your knees, hips and your lower back.

Better Gait

You will find that you have a much more easy gait in these shoes. Thanks to their lightweight sole, which has air cushioning, your steps will feel softer than they normally would. It adds that little bit of extra kick to your step, giving you the feeling like you’re wearing shoes that are actually helping you out, rather than working against you.

If you’re looking for a shoe that has enhanced stability and will help you in facilitating your natural foot’s motions, then you’re going to love the Ergonomic Stride design that comes with these Orthofeet velcro sneakers.

Superior Comfort

These velcro sneakers aren’t only suitable for Morton’s neuroma, but also for plantar fasciitis, diabetes, bunions, hammer toes and whatnot. They come with a wide toe box, making them good sneakers for wide feet. They have an extra depth design and are non binding. They are roomy and will leave lots of space for your foot to chillax while you go about your day. All pressure points are eliminated and you will experience superior comfort while wearing these Orthofeets shoes for Morton’s neuroma.

Therapeutic Athletic Shoes

If you’re the sporty type and you want to make sure that you can continue to stay physically active, despite combatting foot health problems, then you are going to find a good friend in Orthofeet’s Sprint Comfort sneakers for foot pain. They’re extra wide, extra depth, non binding and simply look awesome.

These shoes have been designed to let your feet relax while you have them in there. Your toes can spread out naturally, as they would when you were walking around on bare feet. They can be used to relieve foot pain of all sorts, such as metatarsal pain, plantar fasciitis pain, arthritis pain, lower back pain, arch pain, knee pain, heel pain. They can also easily accommodate feet that have corns, bunions, hammer toes, etc.

Thanks to their excellent support straight out of the box, you can also use these to aid you in your pronation problems.

Walking Shoes

While these sneakers kind of make you look like running shoes, they are also suitable as simply walking shoes. As a matter of fact, some reviewers online are of the opinion that they are indeed shoes for simply taking walks. But I wouldn’t mind taking them for a little jog, provided that your current foot condition permits you to do so.


According to one online reviewer, these shoes come with an extra pair of insoles, so that you can more easily create the support that you want for yourself. It’s different with everybody, ofcourse. It doesn’t happen too often that shoes come with great support out of the box. Most stock inserts can’t hold a candle to third party inserts that you can buy from some place else. I love to wear Tread Labs myself and wouldn’t go back to anything else for anything in the world.


If you’re suffering from any sort of foot pain (especially Morton’s neuroma), but refuse to give up physical exercise entirely and you need pain relief to keep up your lifestyle… then these highly comfortable Morton’s neuroma shoes for you.

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