Top 15 Portable First Aid Kits For Hiking, Backpacking, Travel, Car and Survival In 2019 Reviewed

Going for a hike, are we?

You’ve got your boots, your backpack, your pants, your tent, your food, your water, your camera and everything else.

But have you also thought about taking a first aid kit with you?

Hiking is fun, but not if you have to walk around with a superficial, yet painful scratch on your skin.

A scratch you managed to get in the first hour of your hike, no less!

Be smart. Be prepared. Bring a first aid kit and don’t let minor injuries ruin your beautiful days on the trail.

Best 15 First Aid Kits For Hiking – Reviewed

1. Small First Aid Kit 100 Piece: Car, Home, Survival

This ultralight hiking medkit can give you the peace of mind that you deserve, when you are hiking or camping. It is now unique and upgraded from the previous kit. Stronger, bigger metal tweezers and scissors, a highly accurate compass and several other useful items. It is lightweight, efficient and durable, which means that you will not have to encounter those cheap, damaged or flimsy hard cases. The bag is flexible, versatile and compact. It takes very small space inside your hiking bag or car.

Additionally, it is designed in a way that you can carry it suspended, without weighing you down. In fact, you don’t feel like you are carrying it, until you need it. With this kit, you are always prepared when disasters strike. As a hiker, you don’t know the type of emergencies that you can encounter out there. That is why you need a medkit like this one. It is the perfect blend of emergency preparedness items and medkits. Since it is lightweight and durable, it is the preferable option for hikers and backpackers. The kit is also spacious enough, in case you want to add your own supplies.

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2. Small First Aid Medical Kit 100 Piece – Home, Camping, Hiking

Featuring some of the highest design standards, this medkit for a hiking trip comes with premium medical supplies and essentials for survival and emergency situations. It is designed with your safety in mind. Being FDA-approved, you are getting a first aid kit containing enhanced survival and medical supplies, for beginners and advanced hikers as well as avid outdoorsmen. It provides convenient and comprehensive care. Everything needed for cleaning and dressing up wounds and infections is contained in this convenient pouch.

It is your ultimate first aid survival kit. Its premium range of medical supplies and small equipment gives you that peace of mind. For maximum portability and efficiency, this camping medkit features a travel-friendly compact design. There are no warnings for emergencies when you are hiking. They can spoil your whole trip, if you are not adequately prepared. Therefore, this kit was designed just for you. Everything inside the kit is organized and neat. Moreover, the carry bag is constructed with sturdy nylon, for that durability. The bag is flexible and compact, making it easy to carry with you.

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3. Adventure Medical Kits Ultralight and Watertight Medical Kit .9

If you are searching for a waterproof first aid hiking kit for your next trip, this one should be your main consideration. It allows you to deliver effective and emergency medical care especially for outdoor trips. With dual-stage waterproofing, the bag features outer seam-sealed silicon nylon bags as well as inner DryFlex bags together with a water-resistant zipper, which keeps your first aid items dry and safe. It is compact and easy to carry. You can easily stash it inside your backpack, and you will not experience any noticeable change in weight. It can provide first aid supplies to a group of four people, for around 6 days.

Some of the contents include bleeding and wound care, sterile bandage materials, fracture or sprain care, blister or burn care, common tools, and other essential supplies, all contained in this waterproof bag. The good news is that the whole kit does not come with an expiration date. What you will just need to change are the medications after a year or so. If you don’t have any medical training, these medical supplies will provide emergency relief when you are hiking or camping, until you access advanced treatment.

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4. First Aid Kit for First Car, Survival, Bug Out, Hiking

Weight is a major factor when it comes to hiking or backpacking trips. However, this survival kit weighs almost close to nothing. This Northbound kit is designed to provide reliable and dependable protection needed, when you are out there in the wilderness. It can treat up to four people. Apart from that, it features high performance medical essentials, which are well protected from weather elements by the laminate waterproof packaging. This kit is MOLLE compatible and TSA compliant. This means that you can attach it to your belt or backpack. Additionally, it is spacious enough, to allow addition of other supplies.

It is lightweight and compact, which makes it easy to carry it with you, whenever you go hiking or trekking. It is lightweight yet rugged enough to handle the tough trail conditions. It is durable, versatile and reliable, not like one of those flimsy packs that break down fast. The zipper is highly rated to perform thousands of closures, without getting spoilt. There are plenty of pockets on the outside bag to ensure that the contents are organized. The bag also opens flat. This allows you to see all the contents without removing everything.

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5. First Aid Only All-purpose Kit, Soft Case, 299-Piece

Be prepared for all the emergencies you might encounter when hiking, with this first aid kit. With more than 299 essential medical pieces, you are ready to handle those bruises, burns, sprains or cuts comfortably. This kit allows you to attend to those minor injuries, keeping them in control, without disrupting your hiking. Supplies in the kit include bandages, cold compress, first aid guide, vinyl gloves, trauma pad, first aid tape roll, cotton tipped applicators, antiseptics and a host of others.

All the supplies included in the kit are physician recommended. If the expiration date of the medication nears, just replace them with fresh ones from a drug store. It is primarily focused on bandages, since you are likely going to use them most when you are hiking, as compared to other supplies. The supplies are contained in a double-zippered, soft case, which is also waterproof. It is designed in a way that you can easily carry it whether inside your bag or just suspended.

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6. Always Prepared First Aid Medical Kit, Reflective Strip, 100 Pieces

From attending to bug bites to providing diarrhea relief, this kit comes 100 pieces of essential supplies, to minimize incidences during your hike. The pieces are contained in a water-resistant soft bag, which is designed to last for long, regardless of the conditions. You don’t have to carry those heavy and bulky first aid kits anymore, thanks to the Always Prepared First Aid Medical Kit. Being so lightweight and small, you can perfectly stash it inside your backpack, without adding excess weight. With 100 pieces of essential supplies, you are more than prepared to handle whatever that comes your way.

Apart from the medical supplies, you will also find special items like poncho, compass, CPR mask, Mylar blanket, sewing kit, and whistle among others. As much as it appears small and compact, you will still find sufficient room inside, to carry your allergy medication, aspirin and other necessities that you carry when hiking, but not included in the pack. Although the products inside might not be premium, they will prove to be very reliable, when faced by an emergency. The quality is sufficient to handle a wide range of minor injuries, without breaking the bank.

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7. First Aid Only Outdoor First Aid Kit, Soft Case, 205-Piece Kit

Perfect for camping and hiking, this first aid survival kit comes with all the essential items and supplies needed to attend to minor injuries and aches. Supplies are perfectly arranged in the inner clear pockets, making it easy to find them. Contents include accident report form, first aid guide, vinyl gloves, ointment, sunblock, blister prevention, assorted bandages, sting relief pads, antiseptics, ointments, and burn relief products among others. Whether it is a cut, scrape, sprain or insect sting, everything is covered in this first aid equipment for hiking.

The items included are of good quality, designed to make sure that they can last you the entire time when you are out there hiking. Ensure that you check the expiration dates, especially for the medical supplies like drugs. You can also add your own items inside there, since the bag has enough interior space. It is a lightweight kit that is easy to carry around. If you are actively involved in sports or other outdoor activities that might expose your body to minor injuries and aches, then you should have this kit close to you.

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8. Small First Aid Kit Best for Hiking, Backpacking, Camping

Durable, compact and lightweight is what you get when you buy this first aid kit. Designed for hikers, campers and backpackers, it comes with some of the most important supplies needed out there. The bag itself is crafted using 600D polyester, which is one of the strongest and most durable materials. With large stainless steel scissors, you can cut through almost any type of seatbelt or clothing with ease. You don’t have to worry about those weak and flimsy containers that break down even before you hit the trails. This bag is designed for longevity, while keeping the supplies protected. It is compact, portable and light.

It is fitted with 100 vital lifesaving supplies and only weighs 1 pound. Featuring MOLLE compatible straps, you can easily wear it on your belt or even on your backpack if you prefer. Take it for your hiking and backpacking trips, and be ready to tackle those unforeseen emergencies. The bag is water resistant while the waterproof inner laminate protects all supplies against moisture. For easy access of the items, every inner sleeve is appropriately labeled based on its functions. This means that you can easily retrieve and replace them. It also comes with a separate zip pouch that can be used to carry your own supplies.

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9. Royal Medical Direct 180-Piece First Aid Kit

The Royal Medical Direct 180-Piece First Aid Kit offers treatment, prevention and protection whenever an emergency occurs. This pack provides quick treatment during emergencies, protects you from further injury and prevents further infection on the affected area. With 180 pieces of emergency relief, you get all the essential supplies needed to cover you during an emergency. The list includes band aids, antiseptic wipers, tweezers, tape, bandages and more.It is ideal for travel or home. This outdoor survival pack will come in handy when you are fishing, camping, hiking or backpacking.

All products inside the kit are FDA approved, and the quality is some of the best you can find.
You never know when an emergency will strike you when you are out in the wilderness and hospitals are miles away. However, with this kit, you will conveniently attend to your minor injuries, then wait until you can access advanced medical help and facilities. The case is compact and lightweight, meaning that you will have no excuse leaving it behind. With this kit, you are always prepared for disasters. Feel free to add your own supplies and nothing will take you by surprise when you are hiking.

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10. First Aid Kit Ultra-light, 130 Supplies Medical

If you are looking for an all-inclusive first aid kit, then you found it here. It is compact, lightweight and durable, a perfect combination for backpackers and hikers. Whether you are fishing or camping, the 130 pieces contained in this kit will take care of almost all emergencies that you might encounter out there. It is designed to be used immediately, whenever you are faced with an emergency. It is compact, which makes it easy to store it in your backpack. Crafted from nylon fabric and anti-tear vinyl, you get one of the most durable bags, which can handle rough handling.

Some of the supplies contained in the kit include: CPR printed guide, fingertip plasters, cotton swabs, normal plasters, butterfly stickers for deep cuts, white bandage roll, disinfectant wipes, adhesive bandage strips, and square sterile bandages, just to name a few. Also include is a mini-flashlight that allows you to take care of emergencies when it gets dark. Emergencies happen, and it would be best for you to remain adequately prepared, with this one. It is compact and would take very minimal space inside your backpack.

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11. 2-in-1 First Aid Kit, 120 Piece, 32 Pieces

This 2 in 1 premium first aid kit has more than 120 medical grade essentials in a flexible, compact and durable design. Weighing around 1.2 pounds, you can travel with it wherever hiking takes you. No emergency will be too big for you, as long as you have this kit with you. Crafted using the highest quality safety standards, this FDA approved kit contains medical grade supplies, that can even be used in clinics and hospitals. A 32-piece mini medkit is also included. This lightweight and amazingly small pouch includes sting relief pads, bandages, gauze and others.

It can fit perfectly in your lightweight daypack or even a pocket. The kit is multipurpose. Apart from hiking and camping, you can also use it at home or even inside your car. It is a very durable and compact kit. The supplies are neatly arranged inside, so that you can easily access what you need. There is additional space to include your own supplies such as prescription drugs. As much as the pack is not waterproof, it is compact enough to fit inside a ziplock bag, thus keeping everything protected from moisture.

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12. I GO First Aid Kit For Survival and Emergencies (85 Pieces)

Your health should always be a priority, whether you are relaxing at home or hiking. With this medkit, you will always be able to attend to minor health issues like bruises, strains, and aches. It prepares you to handle disasters and emergencies. Weighing only 10 ounces, this medkit for hiking trips is lightweight, allowing easy movement from one place to the other. It is also compact, easily fitting into your daypack or backpack, without displacing other essential hiking gear.

It can also fit on your belt, for easy access. The kit is crafted using high quality standards in FDA approved facilities. Therefore, you are guaranteed that the essential supplies in this kit are healthy for use. It is easy to find, thanks to the red color of the bag. Additionally, the items inside the bag are logically arranged, making it easy to find any item. Items have been upgraded from the previous versions. For example, you will find stronger, bigger metal tweezers, scissors and others. For enhanced safety, a compass and a safety whistle have been added. With this medkit, you will be prepared to handle any form of emergency or disaster that you may encounter during your hike.

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13. First Aid Kit By Adventure Aid

Don’t let minor injuries, bruises, diarrhea or aches ruin your adventure. The First Aid Kit By Adventure Aid is an essential kit for everyone going for a hike. It is designed in a way that finding the item you want is done within seconds. Items are organized in a thoughtful way. Each item comes with a clear label, which indicates the name of the product and its use. Therefore, you don’t have to be medically trained to use the items in the kit.
As a bonus, a first-aid booklet has also been included. The booklet provides clear guidelines on what should be done in case of an accident, as you wait for professional help.

It has more than 100 survival pieces, as well as sufficient storage to add your own supplies. The items selected can cover most of the accidents and incidents that are likely to occur during a hike. The extra empty pocket can also be used to carry any extra information that you feel is important. It is Compact and lightweight, with various exterior attachments. A carabiner loop, a belt loop and a handle are all available as carrying methods. A reflective band has also been included, making it easy to reflect during darkness. The kit is sturdy and strong, created using durable anti-rip fabric together with heavy zippers.

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14. 115 Piece First Aid Kit Ideal for Injuries & Medical Emergency

This outdoor medical kit ensures that you are always prepared to handle emergencies. It is packed with high quality items such as sterile eye patch, a cold pack and a CPR face mask to ensure that you are prepared for trauma, medical as well as survival emergency situations. It comes with a durable nylon case, which is compact and lightweight. Those bulky and heavy first aid kits are outdated. This kit is made from durable nylon perfect for carrying whenever you go for a hike. It can also fit in your glove box.

The accessories are high quality and there is still enough space for customization. The kits are produced in an FDA approved facility, guaranteeing you that you only get good quality supplies. You never know when you will encounter an accident or an emergency. The best thing is to be prepared always and that is why you need such first aid equipment for hiking. A free book is also provided as part of the kit, giving you insights on how to handle common emergencies. Be safe, be smart and be prepared with this 115 piece medkit ideal for injuries & medical emergency. A safety whistle and a compass have also been included.

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15. Elite Lightweight First Aid Kit 105 PC

This ultralight backpacking first aid kit features a water resistant case, protecting your supplies from moisture. Therefore, it doesn’t matter how wet or moist the trail conditions are, the items inside the bag will always remain dry. It also provides some additional space, where you can fit in your extra supplies. Weighing less than one pound, you can simply stuff it inside your backpack, and you will not even notice a change in weight. The case is easy to find, thanks to the bright red color.

A first aid booklet is also provided. It gives you all the insights and information needed to during those panic situations. The stitching is securely down while the zipper slides smoothly when shutting or opening. It is a sturdy case that does not break down easily. You also get some additional space to bring your own supplies like an ice pack, chewing gum or even a sewing kit. It comes with almost every accessory that would be needed to take care of your emergency medical needs, whenever you are hiking, camping or even backpacking. Ensure that you have this kit wherever you are.

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A Guide To Aid Yourself In Getting The Best Help

A first aid kit is no longer an option, when it comes to hiking. It is a necessity since you don’t know the type of emergency that you might encounter out there. As much as no one would want to get hurt, it is always advisable to be prepared instead of finding yourself in an emergency and you don’t have the right tools. If you are heading to the backcountry, pack the kit early enough. Chances are very high that you will need first aid in the course of your hike. However, your medical supplies will only be useful, if you know how to properly use them. Therefore, educating yourself on first aid care basics is equally important.

Selecting a Hiking Medkit

There are many available options, when it comes to choosing the appropriate medkit for your hike. There are pre-made first aid kits that you can purchase, based on the length of the trip and your intended activity. The kit you take for your daypacking trip is not the same as the one you take when going for a 3-week remote country trip. If you don’t feel like the supplies provided in the pre-made kits will not be sufficient for your trip or type of activity, then you can always put together your own kit. Portable medkits are available in different types and sizes. When buying one, you should consider group size, trip distance or length, trip activity, as trip risks and special needs. They can also be classified into day use models, overnight use models and expedition models. For the day use first aid kit, you will need the following items.

Day Use Models

Bandage Materials

bandagesFor the bandage materials, your kit should have at least 25 bandages in different sizes. Some of them are pre-packaged in the kits. Others can be obtained at the local pharmacy. Gauze pads are also required in different sizes. These cotton-made pads are mainly used for dressing wounds and injuries. They are usually preferred because they don’t stick to the wound. Purchase several for your day use kit. Another item would be non-stick sterile pads. They are used directly on the affected area for providing protection and cushioning. They also absorb any seepage from the wound.

Bleeding Control

Surgical or medical gloves will work perfectly in this situation. Avoid latex gloves as much as possible and use nitrile gloves instead.

Blisters and Burn Treatment

Blisters and burns are common occurrences during hikes. Therefore, you kit should have appropriate items to handle such.


For the CPR, go for a breathing barrier fitted with a one-way valve. This protects the rescuer from transfer of any infections.


Fine point tweezers will be sufficient for handling splinters or even other pointy objects like cactus thorns or needles. You might also consider safety pins.


medicationsPain relief medication is an absolute necessity, such as ibuprofen and acetaminophen. These are very effective in reducing pain. If you will be going for a day hike, two single-use packets will be enough. You can also encounter allergic reactions in the bush. Therefore, ensure that antihistamines such as diphenhydramine are included in your first aid kit. Insect stings are common that’s why you need a medicating relief like Sting Eze pen.

Wound Care

If you are going for a longer backpacking trip, then you will need to take good care of your wounds. Have some antiseptic towelletes for disinfecting and cleaning the wounds. Wipes with benzalkonium chloride base are most preferred. For protection against cuts, scrapes and burns, ensure you have antibacterial ointment in your kit. Compound tincture of benzoin is one of the most commonly used solutions on the skin, before the application of bandages. Butterfly bandages are very effective in closing deep cuts. You will also require some waterproof medical adhesive tape to keep bandages in place.

Emergency Supplies

Well, you don’t know what you might encounter during your day trip. That is why you need items such as a whistle, a bottle of sunscreen, a waterproof bag, some toilet paper and an extra flashlight or headlamp.

Overnight Models

If you intend to stay for more than a day, then you will definitely have to be self-sufficient. You will be further from the trail-head, which means accessing emergency medical care will not easy. Due to this, you will need an overnight kit, which will has more supplies than the one for day use. Apart from the day use supplies, here are more items that you should carry.

Bandage Materials

For your overnight trip, you will need rolled gauze, stretch to conform rolled bandages, as well as liquid bandages. Liquid bandages are preferred because they offer a waterproof, flexible and breathable protective barrier for blisters and small wounds.

Bleeding control

Gloves will be needed in large quantities as well as homeostatic gauze. It promotes blood clotting, thus preventing excessive bleeding. For the sharp items a medical waste box or bag might be needed.

Blister and Burn Treatment

For sun exposure relief, ensure aloe vera gel is in your kit. Hydrogel-based pads will provide cooling relief for burns. It can also be used to absorb seepage from wounds as well as preventing infections on wounds.

Fracture and Sprain

Fractures can end your hiking prematurely. That is why you need to attend to them immediately. If you can manage to reduce swelling and inflammation, then you can proceed with your hike safely. Make sure you have an elastic wrap for securing bandages and immobilizing joints. Two to three triangular cravat bandages should not miss out too. For immobilizing and supporting fractures, carry some finger splints. An athletic tape is a versatile item for taping injured ankles as well as providing joint stability.


As for instruments, what is needed is an irrigation syringe for flushing wounds, steel sewing needle, trauma shears, standard oral thermometer, multi tool or pocket knife, and a surgical razor blade.

If you’ve made it so far, then you must really want a first aid kit pretty bad. Should you be interested in creating your own from scratch, then be sure to check out how Tara from Back Road Ramblers does it. She’ll guide you through the whole process complete with pictures and everything!

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